Qadiani Jesus

On Christmas Day, I attended the “Arise and Warn” event at the Memon Centre in South London, hosted by iERA. There I met Shaykh Suliman Gani, who invited me to give a talk at the Tooting Islamic Centre on Boxing Day. I accepted. Here is a large extract of that talk, but for the full version, properly recorded and edited, I recommend that you wait for the version filmed by MessageTV, in which you will find the proper beginning and full ending. For now, this should serve as a taster.

My apologies for the rustiness, I had not much time to prepare and this was my first public talk in quite a while.

Please note that the video source is 720p, so going full-screen should give you reasonable quality insha’Allah.

[Update: January 2, 2012, 2:39 PM – the server is getting hammered through demand, so we are uploading the video elsewhere to make the streaming experience a bit better, insha’Allah]

[Update: January 2, 2012, 4:42 PM] – we are still getting reports of slow streaming speed, so we have removed the video and we will fix the error and repost within the next 6 hours insha’Allah, thanks for your patience in the meantime]

[Update: January 2, 2012, 10:15 PM] – good news – the video has been shrunk a little and uploaded to a faster server, it should be OK now, insha’Allah]

[Update: February 25, 2012, 4:24PM] – the video is now from The Message TV, jazkallah khayran to all of the brothers there]

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6 thoughts on “Qadiani Jesus

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  2. Masha’Allah great job Shahid bhai. Very nice clear points that have been well explained, hopefuly free thinking qadianis will take note of differences between Prophet Isa AS and the fake indian jesus Mirza.

    Excellent point was about money, how Isa AS turned down the pleasures of the world and how Mirza chased the bling bling! What did Prophet Muhammad Sallalaahu Alayhi Wassallam say when the pagans offered him wealth?

    “Even if they place the sun in my right-hand, and the moon in my left-hand in return for giving up this matter (Dawah to Islam), I will never stop until either Allah makes it (the religion of Allah) triumph or I die defending it.”

    It’s a real pleasure to see you back bro, may Allah swt reward you for your efforts. Aameen

  3. You are not wrong about the server getting hammered
    it is taking a long time just to look at articles or move to the forum.
    How about you guys upgrading, it seems that your website is very popular.
    No doubt Rafiq hayat will one day say ‘I would have carried on robbing ahmadis, had it not been for those pesky kids at the’
    just like scooby doo villians!
    well done chaps”

  4. Awesome video BRO BRO.

    Ahmadis and science!!! Thats a complicated topic. You see, Ahmadis are trapped in the 20th century science era. This was before humans went to the moon or even sent up satellites. MGAQ figured that reaching the moon or sky was literally impossible. However, as science continues to advance, we are learning more and more about flight and supernatural events.

  5. Peace be upon you,
    the video cuts short right at the end, any link to the final conclusion?

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