Ahmadiyya in the World’s Most Influential Muslims

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم بسليما

The Royal Ahl al-Bayt Institute of Islamic Thought has released its 3rd edition of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World. Individuals on this list are ranked based on their influence in 14 metrics of influence:

  • Scholarship;
  • Political;
  • Administration of Religious Affairs;
  • Preachers and Spiritual Teachers;
  • Philanthropy/Charity and Development;
  • Social Issues;
  • Business;
  • Science and Technology;
  • Arts and Culture;
  • Qur’an Recitors;
  • Media;
  • Celebrities and Sports Stars;
  • Radicals; and
  • Issues of the Day.

The report has other useful information, such as an essay on the Arab Spring, the Amman Message, and a breakdown of theological, political and political persuasions.

The list does not shy away from controversial figures, such as Hasan Nasrallah or members of pseudo-Islamic leaders, such as Shah Karim al-Hussayni, the current Aga Khan. It simply presents influential self-identified Muslims of considerable clout.

Now for a Short Analysis:

In 2001, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed that the worldwide Ahmadiyya population was roughly 200 million worldwide. With the “World Most Influential Muslims” report approximating 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, that means the Ahmadiyya population would account for 12.5% of the world’s Muslims. Ahmadis are required to formally pledge allegiance to their leader. In theory this means 12.5% of the world’s Muslim population currently pledges to Mirza Masroor Ahmad. So a curious question arises…

…Why isn’t Masroor on this list? With 200 million followers and millions of Chanda pounds (ahem, and dollars) at his disposal, he would certainly garner worldwide recognition. Surely all that money does something!

And before you say “persecution!” or the like, this analysis did not take not factor in one’s theological positions. In fact, it opens with the Amman Message, which speaks of acceptance. After all, Aga Khanism no longer even performs Salah (Namaz) as Muslims do, but their leader is on the list!

Perhaps Masroor is not on the list because the world’s fastest growing, most dynamic, and active Muslim community is not the fastest growing, most dynamic and active Muslim community. To repeat a statistic earlier mentioned, according to leaked statistics, the Ahmadiyya population in the UK is roughly 22 thousand. The number of British converts to “regular” Islam from the UK alone exceeded the entire UK Ahmadiyya population. Its worth considering.

If you are a current Ahmadi, take a look at your local Muslim community. Not a mere isolated visit, meet people, talk, and pray with us. Perhaps get involved in a project or two. I would love to hear what you find.

May Allah bless all those who love the Prophet Muhammad

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه و سلم

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18 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya in the World’s Most Influential Muslims

  1. Every ahmadi centre is deserted of worshippers on most of the daily prayers. On the Friday prayers you get a sense of the community, and what do we see? Punjabis and punjabis.
    An ahmadi boasted to me that their jalsa had 20,000 attendees, in the UK. wether thats true or not is debatable, but it would be worth mentioning in the recent riots 3 muslims died, at their janazah in Birmingham, (which wasnt advertised as a formal event) 20,000 muslims attend the funeral prayer.


    and it is true that the number of converts to mainstream Islam outnumber ahmadis in the UK.
    Infact everywhere you go in Muslim inhabited cities in the UK in public and mosques you see converts, its pretty mundane now because there are so many of them, alhmadulillah.

    The impact of the convert in mainstream is such that they are now forming the leadership of muslims in the west.
    Dr. Ingrid Materson, Hamza Yusuf, T J Winters, Siraj wahaj, Zaid Shakir, Suhaib Webb, etc are now leading muslims in the west.

    They are people who have converted, trained and educated by ‘born muslims’ and are now leading the entire community.

    Where as the so called progressive ahmadiiya are still stuck in a backward feudal style system complete with the land owner leader and his big punjabi turban. denying rights to women, banning facebook, and still speaking in urdu/ broken english.

    The muslim community is far from perfect, but we dont make a claim, unlike the ahmadiyya, which claims to be the leaders and champions of Islam, yet all they have is publicity stunts and zero growth.

    Muslims have a duty to protect non-muslims from this cult,
    Ahmadis, despite what your leaders have told you, muslims dont hate you and we would welcome you back to our fold.

    • It was when I began going to local mosques and meeting Muslims when I realized that I was never a Muslim.

      Ahmadis have been in the USA longer than any group of Muslims. Yet they have nothing to show for it. Most of the mosques were funded by millionaire Ahmadis. Most Ahmadis have a hard time paying chanda. Furthermore, progressive Islam is alive and well and will continue to progress, meanwhile Ahmadiyyat is stuck in 1889-era.

      A few years ago, my ex-mother-in-law told me that Mahmud Ahmad was one of the richest people in all of the punjab, circa 1947. Its surprising that Punjabbees still flock to his loins.

      • Small correction: Muslims have been in the US longer than Ahmadiyya existed.

        Some ~20% of the slaves who came to the US were Muslims. This is before Ahmadiyya was invented. Its theorized that some of the Native Americans were Muslims, but its highly speculative.

        • @ Farhan

          You are correct. Muslims were here a loooong time ago. There are even theories that Muslims had made contact with natives before Columbus began his murderous campaigns, while the flag of Christianity was waving in the backround. And they call Islam as violent???

          Ahmadis were a registered body circa 1920 or so. They were even close to Deerborn. Michigan where the bulk of Muslims were immigrating to in those days. However, those Muslims knew better and scoffed at this make-shift Islam wherein all the money was being sent to Qadian for the pockets of Mahmud.

    • “Muslims have a duty to protect non-muslims from this cult”
      This “message” is the essence of scholarly analysis by Brother Hameed. We should not allow them to rob Islam and present their false religion as Islam. Moreover, we should counter their propaganda for being “better Muslims”. We should prove the wrorld that their prophet had declared all Muslims not believing his as Kafirs and these Ahmadis are not following Islam but Mirzayyat and should not be mistaken as Muslims.

  2. Majority of the Ahmadis would leave the cult, if they do an independent study and find out how big of a fraud Ahmadiyya is, and how grand liar MGAQ was, and how this cult murabbis are trying to hide all this, and pretend to be Godly men.

    • Feel free to disagree with me: I do believe that many would leave Ahmadiyya if they did they double-checked the Murabbis, and took a critical look at the codified Ahmadiyya arguments. However, for the majority this will not necessarily do anything.

      Take for example the Sultanul Qalam They’re native English speakers, and know full-well that “God is coming by his army, he is with you to kill enemy” or “We can what we will do” are ungrammatical English sentences. But I have no doubt that they will find ways to rationalize these sentences and accept them. If someone wants to believe in something, irrespective of how absurd, he will perform the necessary logical gymnastics. So, its not about “who has the better arguments”, its about the guidance Allah gives people.

      What’s why we have to make Du’a for their guidance.

      • As we make Du’a for our and your guidance too brothers and sisters. May Allah guide us all to the right path. Ameen.

      • Absolutely right Farhan! The arguments only work when heart and minds are not sealed. If they are because of constant denial, arrogance and transgression, then only Dua will help, not the arguments. And Guidance is for the seeker, not for the self-righteous arrogant.

  3. why are you expecting ahmadis amongst top 500 MUSLIM when you dont even cosider them muslim

      • Actually the article very clearly says it does not include those of the Druze or Ahmadiyya, which it says do not constitute traditional Islam, and thus inadvertently calls non-Muslim.

  4. Also in 2009 claim dropped from 200 million to 80 million (although even that is fake) but still if we take the claims to be true then 120 million just disappeared 🙂

  5. Respectfully, I think you misread that statement. Its saying Ahmadiyya and Druze are not part of Traditional Islam, meaning that their conclusions are not based on the normative scholastic tradition (ie, they’re break-away movements)

  6. Aaoozobillah hi minashaitaan nirajeem,bismillAllah ar rahman ar raheem. us zinda khuda ki qasam jis k paas hum sub ne jaana hai aur jo iss duniya mai bhi aur akhrat may bhi haq ki rah pe chalne walon k saath hai,light does not always reach everyone especially the blind but to whom it has once touched nothing can darken his way. ur meaningless gropling in the dark is not hurtful to anyone but u my dear brothers.Allah had promised guidance 4 his creation and he will continue to do so our holy prophet was the stamp of all prophets he is the best of the bestest,the holy Quran is the complete msg but my dear brethren we r still the same humanity being plagued by the same evils n ills .and Allah has been kind and still not 4saken us he has fulfilled his promise as he always has.close ur eyes to all that we the wretched r doing with our selves abandon us and let us get destroyed but at least b fair to urselves.when u sleep at night and are all alone with ur self ask ur self where u stand.we will not b there to haunt u but only u and ur restless souls,there n then b true to ur selves and ask urself are u not looking 4 ur saviour and where is he.u have no fire inside of u but of hatred light a fire of truth and ask only Allah if ur true to urself he will answer u with the truth,cause my dear unless there is an inch of insincerety spare us these discussions even Allah does not reply to such falsehood ,we r mere mortals trying hard 4 sirat-e-mustaqeem we can only inform u and only Allah(swt) can save u.what number ahmadis are in!!! hmmmnn if they r little no worries to u haan,if they r greater in number no care to the truthful as allah is not fooled by properganda neither is he concerned with numbers.as it is said only quality not quantity.our fight is not with ppl but evil and 4 that u dont need numbers . i am a muslim and an ahmadi and even if i were the only ahmadi i still wudnt follow the shaitaan.inshaAllah.fi amaan Allah all my brethren.may Allah save usall from our selves nour demons and shaitaan mardood .Ameen

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