Aljazeera Debate – Behind the Scenes

Now that I have had a chance to catch my breath: First of all, all praise to Allah who has ordained that falsehood shall never stand a chance when the light of truth shines on it. It may take years or decades, but it is inevitable.

Many people have asked: what was it like?

First was the interview with the producer. Some people think that one just shows up. No. The producer vets you to make sure that the participants are not an embarrassment to the programme.

Second, we made sure we had backup computers and a wireless Internet connection, proper background and lighting. Then the preparation – I had my daughter and assistant, Sarah, sitting on my left tweeting — she was to signal to me if my facial expressions got too agitated (can’t stand liars) as this was a ‘social media’ young crowd who like ‘cool’. Although I am getting old, she can relate to the younger crowd. Then, AK Shaikh was sitting far away and had to do a ‘timeout’ signal whenever he thought I was going off-track. He did not have the benefit of watching the stream as we did not want to bog down the Internet connection, and there was a time delay as well.

Shahid, Xia and others sent notes on specific topics. These were accumulated into notes I had in front of me on half the computer screen. I also had about 12 slides printed out and spread across the table. If more, I would have taken time to find them when needed, and if less, we may not have covered everything. Then, I had to be prepared for personal attacks: ignore or parry or throw back to gain points. Thankfully, the good-mannered Amjad Khan, although he lied through his teeth for his master, never went as low as other Qadianis.

The Ahmadiyya is a vast subject, and with persecution and aqeeda and social media etc., no debate can be covered in 20 minutes, especially if the questions are being picked up randomly from a Twitter stream. My goal was: get the truth out about the PR tricks that the Qadiani Ahmadiyya are playing on the West and the younger generation. And alhamdu lillah, from your generous feedback, I think I absolved myself – my shoulders hurt for a day, perhaps from the expectations of 1.5+ billion Muslims. I would commend the hosts, please do not criticise them: they raised serious issues on both sides, and one cannot expect hosts to be experts on every topic. Do not judge them as Muslims – for very few Muslims know about the Qadiani PR lies. They were hosts, and much better than any other international channel. Why would they give this issue time in the future if all Muslims can do is get on their backs for giving us time on this critical issue?

The questions we raised are out there, and they will be discussed for days and weeks. Alhamdu Lillah. Now, my raw notes below and then some answers to your questions:


- The position of Islam vis a vis Ahmadiyya is not contrversial or extreme, it is a mainstream position backed by unanimous consensus.
- They have a new prophet and they don't consider those who don't believe in the new prophet as not Muslims
- Individual takfeer is beyond the pale
- Lahoris are Muslims?
- Sikh, Bahai, Mormons
- countries that are founded on religious identity have such laws
-- Israel determines who is a jew or not
-- Saudi Arabia determines who can enter the Holy places
-- UK determines the religion for inheritance


- I am an ex-cult member and I left it because it was a personality cult and I really loved Islam
- banned Facebook for crying out loud
- don't translate their books
- say they are progressive while women do not have a vote in their general elections nor can stand for office
- believe their head is the Khalifa of all Islam
- if this is not cognitive dissonance, what is?
- leaks - documents
- snooping and spying
- MTA3 leaks
- censorship and control of student organisations
- humiliating mass boycotts
- increased drone strikes
- rejected the Arab spring


1. Every murder
2. 'Facing' - not convicted
3. Far far below the national average of 6.8 murders per 100,000 population per year
4. Head of FIA - like FBI - just retired - Waseem Ahmad
5. IG Traffic of Lahore - Waseem Kausar
6. Fake cases in London and Faisalabad
7. Choose to be ostracised - marriage and funeral
8. Declared all Muslims as Kafir
9. Dr. Salam institute - safar chaudhry
10. Their head offices, publications, printing presses, all there. Just restriction on public usage of certain epithets - like Arch Canterbury or Vatican
11. they persecute their own and dissidents, those who show the true face of Ahmadiyya are silenced

Thank you all of you for the incessant calls and emails of praise and support. Thanks for the support but I don’t need the praise: it is Allah’s deen that does. There have been a few concerns as well, and I have not been able to reply to all of you personally, so I chose to group them and talk about them here.

Collective Answers to Some Questions

Q1. Should we combat anti-Muslim PR in the media? Definite YES – this is the battlefield of the day. If not, what are you doing on this forum? Stay locked in your monastery.

Q2. Why always Akber Choudhry? I may be the least-qualified and least-prepared person in the world. Whenever I come in front of the media, it is on the insistence of others, and I will never say NO to defend my faith and the Quran, especially against the Qadiani PR machine. The lament is that when our younger people learn law and learn good English and educate themselves on politics, they: do not want to spend the time to follow and learn Qadiani history and PR tactics, do not want to risk their careers, do not want to be seen as ‘persecuting Ahmadis’. Even Pakistani Ambasssadors (except one – you know who you are) never defend some good Pakistani laws as their posting in UK or US would be in jeopardy. Such is the PR choke of the Ahmadiyya. It will take time for the PR lies to be overturned.

As of today, my biggest fear is that who do I train for tomorrow, and I express this fear in every gathering, next one on Aug 1 in Canada. So, train the younger people around you and your children, for this crucial task. This is fard-e-kifaya — not everyone has to do it, but someone has to do it.

And such media debates have nothing to do with theology – they are all about politics and PR – and theology is one part of that, not the other way around. I have done theological debates as well, trust me 🙂

Q3. Ahmadis lie, what can be done? Nothing 🙂 Follow up. Make follow-up videos. PR people lie all the time on the hope that they will not be caught or those who catch them will not have the perseverance to follow up. George W. Bush lied – took years to expose him. Colin Powell lied – was exposed – it ruined his career. Learn how to deal with lies and persevere — it is not without cause that ‘sabr’ is mentioned so many times in the Quran.

Q4. We hit the Ahmadiyya too hard. Alhamdu Lillah we did. The initial reaction from incredulous poor Ahmadis is ‘liar’ but it gets them thinking and following up.

Stay together and defeat the ‘big bad beast’ of the Ahmadiyya leadership. Let us free poor simple Ahmadis from the clutches of this cult and its PR machine.

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53 thoughts on “Aljazeera Debate – Behind the Scenes

  1. Dear Mr C Akbar,
    You did a great job in this talk, ALLAH bless you, I am surprised no other channel have such guts like Aljazeera to hold such Munazaras.
    Anyhow, according to my some sources still in Q Ahmadiyya, in some cases of girls the dar-ul-qaza have issued their TALAQ, without their consent and information. It is sadly occured in western fields and not in Pakistan. These poor girls cannot do anything due to family pressure.
    I strongly reject such nizam, which has nothing to do with Islam.


    keep it up

  2. I have watched the longer version of ‘The Stream’ on subject of Ahmadiyya, on Al Jazeera English online. Both Amjad representative of Qadiani Jamaat, USA and Akbar Chaudhary representative of Khatam-e-Nabuwat, UK have made FALSE STATEMENTS.

    Previously, I have watched youtube videos prepared by Qadianis in which Pakistani Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmad (marhoom), Dr. Mahdi Hasan, Dr. Mubarik Ali, Dr. Javed Iqbal discussed subject of Ahmadiyya. Today for the first time I came to know and watched longer version of the same program on youtube. Compared to both representatives on ‘The Stream’ Dr. Israr Ahmad has better presented the truth about Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib and has explicitly presented Lahori-Ahmadis (Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement) beliefs regarding HMGA, and their social practices.

  3. “abdullah ahmed” has been posting this same comment for a while under different aliases. Replies from the author of the post in bold
    it seems to me as if someone is blowing their own trumpet because ‘1.5 billion muslims’ did not have their hopes rested on you.
    That is how it felt to me. Took me a day to recover. Not a case of trumpet.

    to be honest yes you answered well at times but at others you avoided answering the key points.
    Oh. Thank you for being upright at least

    what i don’t understand is why you are not open when asked on the grounds of, why are the qadianis declared kafirs?

    they were very simple points:
    1. mirza claimed to be a prophet
    2. he claimed to be the re-incarnation of prophet muhammad pbuh
    3. he claimed prophet jesus pbuh to be dead
    4. he claimed claimed to be the second coming of prophet jesus pbuh
    5. he claimed to be the mahdi
    6. he claimed god-hood
    7. he claimed all those who reject him are not muslims

    1 and 7 were discussed. 2 and 6 is right but needs a lot of talk and ‘re-incarnation’ would be indefensible in post-debate discussions that have been going on. 3. He is not the only one and is not unique to him. 4. He claimed, so? Why should I tout his claim? 5. Mahdi is very contentious, our audience included Shia.

    Why don’t you help out with the post-debate discussion. I have to stand up to what I said.

    the above are the key points to as why they are not muslims. why do you continuosly hide these issues from the media when they are the main difference between muslims and qadianis? it seems as if you avoid these points due to being fearful that if ‘1.5 billion’ muslims found out, that your beliefs are not in accordance with the majority you will lose your temporary limelight in the media. it is for that reason you cannot defend the ummah on the issue of qadiyanism.

    I have stated the reasons above. My personal beliefs have nothing to do with it. I consider Eesa(as) coming back or Mahdi totally unrelated to my work. It is a peripheral/apcryphal issue and as you well know, and as I have said it hundreds of times to you, disputed and I am OK with whoever believes in what.

    you seemed to put your foot right in the mud when you brought the point upon marriage. you claimed that a muslim can marry any woman aslong as she is not a mushrik according to quran. so does that mean that you can marry a qadiani woman? what about a sikh woman who doesn’t convert to islam?

    Yes, my view is that Muslims have to accommodate new religions, not only the religions of the past. Quran uses ahl-e-Kitab and Mushrika in different situations. Read it.

    it was a yes or no answer and you avoided it because if you had said yes then you know there would have been tons of fatawas against you and if you said no then you would have looked like holding a double policy. that is a complete irrelevant issue.

    At least I had the presence of mind and the help of Allah on the most difficult question put to me, and I was reminded to answer it.

    the point on israel…. is it really worth me going into that?

    I am the only one on the record defending some Pakistani laws in the media

    I think it’s about time you start being honest to yourself and to others and tell muslims what you really do believe in.

    My views are well known and consistent for last 8 years

    I know the admins will not approve this comment so I will deal with this in my own way after seeking permission from those in authority amongst the muslims. I will not allow a person to continue to spread misguidance and be two faced about his views.

    Can you stop obsessing over me and please go ahead and do whatever you want to do, or serve the deen for a change. There is some improvement in your behaviour – may Allah keep it so.

  4. Bro Akber could have just fired these short references quickly it would have proved Amjad Khan liar then and there:

    Mirza Ghulam said:
    “At any rate, when the great God has revealed to me that every body
    whom my Call has reached and who has failed to accept my claim, is not a Muslim
    (Truth About Split Page 147)

    Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad Writes:
    “Every person who fails to accept him(mirza Ghulam) is not a Muslim”
    (Truth About Split Page 147)

    “I wrote that as we believed the Promised Messiahas to be one of the Prophets of God, we could not possibly regard his deniers as Muslims”
    (Truth About Split Page 146)

    “not only are those deemed to be kuffar, who openly style the Promised Messiahas as kafir, and those who although they do not style him thus, decline still to accept his claim, but even those who, in their hearts, believe the Promised Messiahas to be true, and do not even deny him with their tongues, but hesitate to enter into his Bai‘at, have here been adjudged to be kuffar.”
    (Truth About Split Page 148)


    • You said you don’t want praise, but you still deserve it!!! Great post brother.

      • Proof are in my last posts 🙂

        He said that jammat does not consider non ahmadis kafir

        and I showed that not only kafir but also consider them out of pale of Islam and non muslim

        so what u call such a person who deny the facts?

        • xiaahmad

          I am an Ahmadi Muslim and I do not call all other Muslims Kafir and the majority of Ahmadi’s do not call the rest of the Muslims Kafir, this the fact! and the truth! so Khan sb did not lie! or ignor the facts. How many Ahmadi’s do you need to hear it from, before you realise that perhaps you and the other have got it wrong!


          • Perhaps you should read the books by the sons of your prophet from 1911 to 1922. Then reflect. Then realize that in the 1930’s they backpeddled out of these pronouncements of Takfeer.

          • There’s a difference between what you’ve been taught and what the books say.

            The official dogma is that Muslims are all kufaar.

          • @ Umar

            And FYI: Technically, per the fatwa of MGAQ, you dont have to call them Kafir. You consider them Kafir because of a hadith. Ahmadis are really good and complicating matters. Do you what hadith I’m referring to?

            You see, in 1905, MGAQ called every person on this earth as a Kafir, then Dr. Khan exposed him in his book entitled “ad Masih al Dajjal”. This came as a great shock to MGAQ. He subsequently backpeddled and said that, “If a Muslim calls a true Muslim as a Kafir, the Kufr reverts to the sender”(Haqiqataul Wahy 1907). This was how MGAQ solved the error on his part.

            His sons, however, were more aggressive, they used the private letter as steam for their declarations of Takfeer from 1911 to 1922.

  5. After speaking to my older brother (he is president of his local jamaat) and my eldest sister (she is the Lajna president [womens auxilary] of her local jamaat), they have both told me that the FB policy is basically a ‘soft-policy’. In other words its not really banned.

    It seems to me that Masroor messed up. He gave his jamaat a policy that was impossible fo the membership to follow. Because of this problem….the administration of the ‘A’ has backpeddled. However, they will not change the verbage on their websites. I have heard that they dont want to change the verbage because it may upset their beloved Masroor.

    Oh the irony….in the 1930’s, Mahmud Ahmad backpeddled similarily on his earlier pronouncements as quoted by Xia in the above.

    Good hunting!

    • @ Umar

      Check this out bro. Masroor accidentally banned FB. There’s no doubt about that. Once his staff told him that it wasnt going to work….they decided to backpeddle. If you had ever read the history of the ‘A’ you would know that is a common practice.

      For example: In 1891, MGAQ claimed to be the Messiah. He published his revelations wherein his God called him ‘Prophet and Messenger’. The ulema of India said that MGAQ was actually claiming prophethood. In late 1891, MGAQ begin issuing clarifications wherein he denied any and all claims of prophethood and even called any claimant to these offices as Kufr. However, just 10 years later he made his claim of prophethood.

      Another example: In 1906, MGAQ accidentally revealed to his follower (Dr. Khan) that all people who didnt accept him were Kafirs…a year later he backpeddled into a hadith that would make Muslims as Kafirs without any fatwa from MGAQ. 5 years his later, his sons had other plans and began their declarations of Takfeer. It was in the 1930’s when they backpeddled out of that.

      Note: Masroor had this particular revelation deleted from the new version of Tadkirah.

      Moral of the story: Ahmadis backpeddle all the time.

  6. The people on here seem digusting and uneducated. No wonder Islam has been given a bad name across the world. No other religion persecutes it’s own. Who has ever seen a Catholic persecute a Baptist or go after a Protestant. The backward thinking of many Muslims has led them to where they are which is stuck in the past. Has anyone seen a Muslim on TV called for good or do we not see how even the Muslim “leaders” are being defamed in the Arab spring. Instead of reformation and fighting Islam’s connection with terrorism, you guys are busy fighting amongst yourselves. Protect Islam all you want but at the end of the day, your words aren’t going to choose whose a Muslim and whose not. It’d be best to leave the Ahmadi’s alone and allow them to pray as they wish and continue to work for a better future in the rest of the fields of the world. What the hell ever happened to religious freedom and who has made us God to determine if an Ahmadi is a Muslim or not?

    • as-salaam ‘alaykum Sr Irtiza,

      Thanks for your comments. I agree with the first part of your comment.
      Here’s where I respectfully disagree. Islam means submission [to Allah]. By definition, we do not define our own versions of Islam, that’s essentially submission to one’s own lower-self (nafs). The Ahmadiyya faith declares all Muslims to be kaafir. This is explicitly written in their books. A denial from an Ahmadi is usually out of sincere ignorance, because they do not teach that anymore. Likewise, the Ahmadiyya religion believes in a new prophet, that changed much of Islamic belief. Its akin to the Baha’i Faith.

      As Muslims, we do not judge the individual, but we say that the Ahmadiyya religion is distinct and separate from Islam.

      • @ Irtiza Shaikh

        The reason that Islamic countries were faced with the issue of declaring who is and who isnt Muslim was simply because of TAX purposes. Muslims paid Zakaat, whereas non-Muslims paid Jizya. This is a very touchy subject. I wouldnt want to be the person to have to decide these cases. Here in the USA we have the Nation of Islam, created by Elijah Muhammad. If they were in Pakistan would be there distinction?

        In my opinion, it is the Ahmadis who have benefitted the most from the rulings of 1974. Ahmadis have fled Pakistan and setup shop in Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA. In fact, the major selling point of the ‘A’ is the ‘persecution-card’. They dont even mention their beliefs anymore.

        People always told me that half of Rabwah was in Germany.
        I remember…in 2003 when I went to Rabwah, Pakistan to get married. I actually visited my dads village….. oeople would spread rumors that if you converted to the ‘A’ you be able to leave Pakistan easily on asylum. Many of the young kids that I met were avidly discussing this many times over.

      • So what does that have to do with persecuting them? If you are infering that they are not allowed to decide whose Muslim then why are mainstreams Muslims allowed to? Why not leave it up to Allah as you infer and we bring peace to this arguement. What good are the mainstream Muslims of today then of the times in the Crusades when forced conversions or killings happened on both sides.

        • No one said anything here about persecution. Do not equate academic criticism of a faith to persecution. We here at TheCult condemn persecution left, right and center.

          But, if persecution is really what you are against, you should condemn Ahmadiyya persecution of former Ahmadis who embrace Islam:

          • So, if i go on youtube and make a video saying that I converted to christianity and the mainstreams Muslims now persecute me, does that make me a truth teller? Does that make all of Islam evil?

          • And you disgust me calling this an academic criticism..when you have people slandering the name of MGA left and right without any sources..academic criticism includes cited sources, proof, evidence..debate from both sides, not biased, picking and choosing of what to blame the Ahmadis for..if you want to criticize, make a pro and con list of the Ahmadis and look at both sides of the issue

          • @ Irtiza

            NO sources? What are you talking about? Give me an allegation and I will give you the source in a few hours. You are in denial. When I was an Ahmadi the leadership would tell us the same thing. They would say..these Muslims lie, lie lie lie…they never asked us to do the research ourselves.

    • @ Irtiza

      Have you heard of the Spanish Inquisition? What about the feuds between protestants and catholics? What about the persecution of Mormons? You need to read up on American history.

      • Look at the rationale of your comment…The Spanish Inquisition? What happened 500 years ago? Great job, trying to teach me American history when we live in Modern times. Are you saying Muslims are that far back in time that they havent been able to learn from history..Or is it ok to persecute because these groups did. Please give specific examples, and give me the source. You need to read up on stats and reasoning.

        • @ Irtiza

          Im not saying its Ok. Im not saying that the ‘A’ is provoking Muslims to behave this way.

          You said that christians dont persecute their own. I kindly proved that your assertion was against the history of the USA.

          Ahmadiyyat dis-respects Islam in many ways. Your Messiah claimed to be equal with Muhammad (saw) (naozobillah). He also claimed to be greater than Esa (as) (nauzobillah) the first Messiah.

          Then… he said that whomever calls him (MGAQ) a Kafir, they automatically become Kafirs. Keep in mind that the entire Ulema of India called MGAQ a Kafir in 1891. So what does that make them?

          The list of complaints is lengthy…Do you need to hear more?

          • When I said Christians dont persecute their own, I am talking about the present times. And once again for the charges you bring, please state the evidence. But tell me this, would you consider the Ulema wise?

          • @ Irtiza

            Really…they dont persecute their own? Warren Jeffs from the splinter sect of Mormons is headed to jail. He is claiming that his religious rights are being trampled on. Do you see how the state has to step in at times?

            You see, society has to protect itself against the likes of Warren Jeffs and MGAQ. Both of these people were the same. MGAQ lusted after a married woman…his son was accused of the same + 1000. There are famous companions of your messiah that feel that Mahmud was a detriment to society at large.

            Furthermore, MGAQ did nothing but caused communal strife in a diverse India. Death threats, promised sons, chasing women and a big ponzi scheme, what more is the ‘A’ about?

          • irtiza u need to get ur facts right and also history right.

            Firstly its Ahmadiyya which is BASED upon refuting the Islam coz without that they are nothing. so its the core of ahmadiyya religion that has cause muslim to counter them.

            Then u just generalize about muslim on tv not calling for good… like common ahmadis ur generalizing for u muslims are only those example of which are given by ur jammat 🙂

          • Rationalist….where’s your proof of those charges..and where as Warren Jeffs is concerened, even you must know that the laws of the land stand higher than the religion…no law says its ok to rape young women…and had the laws of the land not been superior, muslims would be walking around with multiple wives

          • Xiahamed—

            Who ever said i was ahmadi? Why are you stereotyping now? I may have been generalizing which is wayy different than stereotyping, check the then, how do you know I am not just concerned Muslim looking to better the ummah through acceptance and peace?

      • And c’mon my friend, you were unable to refute any of the points I provided…You’re faring just like you’re friend Akbar who was unable to tackle points head on..Not a good look tsk tsk..

        • What do you wish that I respond to. Give me a list. Without persecution the ‘A’ will die a natural death. If you dont already know, 90% of the youth in the USA, Canada, UK and germany dont care about religion. And the Ahmadi heirarchy doesnt care….as long as the chanda continues to roll in.

          I was an Ahmadi since birth to about age 25. I know all about the ‘A’. I was actually close friends with Umjad Khan and Harris Zafar, I was a part of the new generation of Ahmadis. Luckily I left…

          • This particular stat is based on my life in the ‘A’. Ahmadis would go to the club at night (during Jalsa) and show up for Tahujjad in the morning, only because their parents expected them to be there. And khuddam ijtemas are party central.

            I wasnt born a Muslim. I was one of you. Thats why I know soooo much.

  7. It’s a tad bit too much to equate MGA with a confirmed pedophile (Jeffs). And please cite to something where the allegations against his son are kept, these are serious allegations.

      • @ Gizmo and Irtiza

        You need sources? Havent you read about Ahmadiyyat? Have you heard of Bashir Ahmad Misri? What about the Haqiqat Pasand splinter group of Ahmadiyyat? They wrote many books in the late 1950’s.

        Furthermore, your brothers in religion, the LAM, there is an author by the name of Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi, he was the son-in-law of Muhammad Ali. He accused Mahmud Ahmad of sex crimes as early as 1907. Have you ever read that story? Have you heard that there was an inquiry commission that looked into this matter?

        Faruqi was an Ahmadi…

        • I have read about Ahmadiyyat, but I have never read where MGA ever was associated with a pedophilia scandal. I know he desired to marry a young woman who was bethrothed to another, but again, I never heard of him being associated with the vile acts that Jeffs character has been convicted of. If you are saying that both men used religion and persuasion and scare tactics to move people into satisfying their personal whims, that is one thing, but it is quite another to just boldly equate MGA with a man of Jeffs irrreputable deviancy and perversion. As for the other things you state, I confess I never heard of those things. Can you provide a link or something? I’m not challenging the truthfulness of your assertions, I’ve just never heard of Haqiqat Pasand, Misri or Faruqi before or heard their stories. Its seems to me even the Ahmadi propoganda machine wouldn’t be able to dismiss or quiet sexual misconduct scandals.

          • @ Gizmo

            You are correct. MGAQ wasnt accused of the EXACT same thing that Jeffs was accused of. However, he did chase a married woman and gave death threats to her family and husband.

            His sons, more specifically Mahmud Ahmad, he was involved in some sketchy activities. The very first one was the allegation of 1907. Please note that the Qadiani side of the house has never commented on this entire event, this book contains info of Misri as well. Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi wrote in his book very specifically:


            Page 40. I had actually done in-depth research on this. And remember…this is an Ahmadi who is accusing Mahmud Ahmad of this. This book was published in the 1960’s. Almost 40 years after the incident. The Ahmadiyya movement never published this incident, TO THIS DAY.

            Email me with further questions on references: Or come over to the forum.

  8. So, what is the point of settng up a forum to bash Ahmadis of slanderous remarks? Shouldnt muslims be busy trying to fight the depiction in the world that they are violent and Islam isnt a religion of peace? Maybe working on priorities will help make progress which Islam hasnt done for the past hundreds of years.

    • every thing goes hand in hand and 4 ahmadis its not bashing its proofs there. and ppl though …specially though of ppl who were or still are part of this system

    • @ Irtiza

      If you havent noticed, I am an ex-Ahmadi. It is my responsibility to help expose the ‘A’. Ahmadiyyat is similiar to Mormonism in many shapes and forms. There are even “Mormon-Awareness” sites.

      Most of my family are still in the ‘A’. I pray that my nieces and nephews come to websites like these and learn the truth about the cult that they were born into and subsequently leave.

      Any other questions?

    • Dear Irtiza,

      For your convenience I quote you from books of Mirza the way he was chasing a married woman and watching her naked in his dreams and hugging her and then publishing these filthy dreams to defame her. Shame on him:

      This morning at dawn I saw myself in a house where my wife (Mahmud’s mother) and another woman were sitting in a haveli at 4:30 AM. I filled a white water-skin with water and carried it into the house and poured the water into an earthen vessel. When I had finished, the other woman came over to me suddenly wearing a beautiful red dress. I saw that she was a young woman and was clad in red from top to toe. The cloth was possibly net. I thought to myself that this was the woman for whom I had advertised but she appeared to me to have the features of my wife. She said or perhaps she thought: I have arrived; and I responded with: May Allah cause her to arrive. Then she came into my arms and as soon as she hugged me I woke up. Thank you Allah for all this. (Tadhkirah 249)

      I saw in my dream today that Muhammadi Begum, concerning whom a prophecy has been made, was sitting outside with some people and perhaps her head was shaven and she was naked by body and looked very repulsive. I said to her three times: The interpretation of your head being shaven is that your husband will die. Then I placed both my hands over her head and again pronounced the same interpretation in the dream. At the same night Mahmud’s mother saw in a dream that my marriage with Muhammadi Begum had been performed and my wife had a document in her hand which specified that the dower for the marriage was one thousand rupees. Some shirini was arranged and Muhammedi Begum was again standing near me in dream. (Tadhkirah 251)

  9. @Irtiza The reason we need websites to expose Ahmadiyya is the threat their belief poses to the muslims at large. Posing as muslims when they believe in another prophet is a threat to our vulnerable youth. The Ahmadi belief needs to be exposed so that muslims understand the misguidance and stay clear of it. Ibn Masood always used to ask the prophet about misguidance so that he could stay clear of it. In the same way we need to be aware of the misguidance of Ahmadiyya.

    Islam is based on having a correct belief. Without the correct belief all ones actions are useless. Ahmadis have a belief which denies a clear explcit ayah from the Quran which is also understood in the same way unanimously by all the scholars of Islam. This incorrect belief of prophethood negates one Islam and renders all their actions useless.

    May Allah guide us all to accept the truth and submit to the Quran.

    • So the threat that the Western world exposes to Islam is less than the threat posed by a group practicing religious freedom..that makes no sense…Islam has more of a problem as being portrayed as violent religion with no respect for the western world than it does with others worried about who the Prophet is or not…Ask any American, German, non-Muslim, what’s the bigger problem: Ahmadiyya or the fact that Islam is seen as disfaborable as a whole in the world?

      • The Muslims (may Allah (swt) increase them) that run this blog/website are doing their Islamic duty in defending Islam’s name and belief structure from an attack from another religion (the Ahmediyya).

        Just because you feel that Islam has a ‘larger enemy’ from the western media – doesnt mean that a group should stop their defence of the deen, however ‘small’ it is.
        In the long run, all defenders of Islam are doing the same job – just their specialities are used in different fields.

        Alhumdulillah – There are other Muslims who are defending Islam the Western media – articles are written, debates are had etc…
        And may Allah (swt) give them tawfeeq and allow those living in the West to come closer to Islam through their hard work

        Much like, some other Muslims for example (mostly in the middle east) and if you ever watch Arab television, you will find that there are programs defending the Islamic creed against Shia doctrine.

        There are other Muslims who spend their time dialog-ing with other religious figures from the Christian/Jews/Hindus and spend their time trying to convince them that Islam is the truth where their religion is falsehood (e.g. Zakir Naik and Ahmad Deedat (ra))

        Islam has many followers and they need to spread their specialities and use their gifts in defending it from any attack – the brothers on this forum have decided to make sure that the Ahmediyya religion is given its right and exposed for what it is – a new faith that is not Islam.

        If you want to help Islam by defending it against the Western attacks as you feel it is more of an important issue that exposing Ahmediyya – I dont think you will find anyone who will stop you – but do not belittle those who are there making a struggle for the religion just because you feel it is not as important as something else…
        You never know – Allah (swt) sometimes looks at a small action (in the eyes of a human) yet it is major with Him (swt)

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