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بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليما

In light of the Al-Jazeera programme tomorrow, we anticipate an increase in traffic to this site, especially from first time readers. If you’ve come here looking for some information on the other side of the Ahmadiyya, here is a short-list of interesting pieces:

1. Facebook/Social Media (Freedom of Speech)
Ahmadiyya leadership bans Facebook and other social media sites:
2. Child Privacy Concerns
Ahmadiyya use spies to snoop on children in their lifelong indoctrination programme:

3. Ahmadiyya Television Misdeeds and leaks

4. Self censorship: Controlling speech by only allowing official spokespeople to talk about Ahmadiyya in public

5. Humiliating public mass boycott:

6. Ahmadiyya Times founder calls for INCREASED drone strikes on Pakistan:

7. Ahmadiyya rejects the Arab Spring by declaring protest marches “haram” (forbidden)

8. Ahmadiyya makes its poorer members pay 10% of their benefits in cult tax

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May Allah continue to guide Ahmadis away from Ahmadiyya and to Islam
و صلى الله رسول الله و على آله و سلم
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9 thoughts on “Al Jazeera Stream

  1. Wow…things are truly getting interesting. I personally know both Harris and Umjad. Although, I havent spoken to them in years. They wouldnt be too happy if they knew that I was writing against the ‘A’. Both of them come from those Mukhlis Ahmadi families.

  2. Please let people know of the Ahmadiyya deception and fraud in the name of Islam. It appears that they have decided to escalate their campaign. So I first pray to Allah s.w.t. to let his true Deen of Islam prevail over the falsehood of Ahmadiyyat. Secondly, I note the following points from my own personal experiences with the jamaat. I am sure many who know about this jamaat will agree with the points made.
    1) Ahmadiyyat has nothing to do with Islam. They are just wearing it as an outer garment to mislead the gullible masses and serve their masters whoever they may be.
    2) It is a family run business of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani sahib and his successors.
    3) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani sahib made several false claims and prophecies.
    4) He has been proven to be a dishonest person according to his own teachings.
    5) He was arrogant person with abusive language, which is not befitting for a Prophet of Allah s.w.t.
    6) He claimed to be superior that Muhammad s.a.w.s. a blasphemy.
    7) He used obscene and vulgar language to hurl accusations against Jesus and his mother Mary, p.b.u.them.
    8) Him and his Son declared all Muslims as kafirs who did not believe in them even if they did not hear his name.
    9) He called those who did not believe in him as ‘children of prostitutes.’
    10) Most Ahmadis have never read his books and claims as such they do not know the truth about Mirza Ghulam sahib. They are only told that he is some kind of a GOD sent messiah, prophet, Mahdi and a pious person foretold by Muhammad s.a.w.s. which is completely false.
    11) He committed one of the highest level of sin which is to use Allah s.w.t. name to speak lies. He said the Allah s.w.t. promised him of his marriage with Muhammadi Begum and he unleashed almost a 10 year campaign due to this unsuccessful attempt in getting hold of this lady. Is this how Prophets, Messiahs and Mahdis behave?
    12) There are clear ayahs in Holy Quran and authentic hadith indicating that Muhammad s.a.w.s is the last messenger no new prophets will come after him.
    13) Due to misleading claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani sahib and further distortions by the jamaat, ordinary Ahmadis are confused and they do not know what his status is really?
    14) As we know after Mirza Ghulam they have already split into several groups each claiming to be right over the other.
    15) The prominent division is Lahori Ahmadis who do not believe that this man was a Prophet.
    16) There are many Ahmadis who think that more prophets will come as such their deen is not complete.
    17) Islam is a complete way of life. This Deen has been completed with the advent of Muhammad s.a.w.s and we do not need any new prophet to come. It is clear in the Quran and Hadith. Ahmadis are told to reject these authentic statements. On the contrary their murabbis have twisted the meanings of the Quran and played with the words to create their own interpretations to suit their agenda and the false claims of Mirza Sahib.
    18) Ahmadis are taught to hate Muslims, their Scholars and their Countries. They are tightly controlled in this cult. They are not allowed to pray, mingle and be social with them. There is no question of inter faith marriages as declared by their khalifas. If they do so they are expelled.
    19) Ahmadi murabbis, missionaries and political activists are running a full time hate and Islamophobia campaign against Muslims in the West, in public, private and in the media. They brainwash politicians and turn them against the innocent Muslims who have nothing to do with their self created problems.
    20) Ahmadiyya leaders pay heavy donations to these politicians to advance their agendas.
    21) This is all being done under the false and misleading banner of ‘love for all and hate for none.’
    23) Ahmadis falsely claim that they are the only saved sect of Islam while everyone else is wrong. How arrogant can they be? There is no limit.
    24) If any disaster strikes on Muslims, or their Countries, their Murabbis shamelessly claim that this is due to not believing in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and therefore Allah s.w.t. is punishing them.
    25) Ahmadiyya jamaat is creating lots of problems for itself and others due to these arrogant, careless and dishonest behaviour by their leaders.
    There is lots more to write. But I will stop here and let other brothers and sisters also share their views about this misguided cult that is falsely using the name of Islam.

    May Allah s.w.t reward all those who are putting in their time and effort to raise this awareness.

  3. @admin
    An explaination as to what you are talking about would be nice, care to clarify?

  4. Best of luck to bro Akber
    May ALLAH help him and bless him for his efforts.

    I hope Ahmadis will listen to him carefully with open mind

  5. The debate will be broadcasted live on Al Jazeera English on your local cable or satellite channel, on any broadcaster.

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