480,000 people convert to Ahmadiyya?

 بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Mirza Masroor recently claimed that 480,000 people converted to Ahmadiyya this year alone. I’m sure that was met with excitement and joy. Lets analyze.

Here are their reported conversion statistics between 1993 and 2001.

1993 – 204,308
1994 – 421,753
1995 – 847,725
1996 – 1,602,721
1997 – 3,004,575
1998 – 5,004,591
1999 – 10,820,226
2000 – 41,308,376
2001 – 81,007,631 – Yes, they reported 81 million converts in 2001
2002 – 20,654,000
(source: http://wiki.qern.org/ahmadiyya/ahmadiyya-as-a-cult/the-200-million-figure, removed from the official website)

Notice they reported that their numbers were routinely doubling every year. In 2001 alone, they allegedly doubled their entire population. The rumored reason for the sudden drop was because a tribal chief became an Ahmadi, so it was presumed that his entire tribe followed suit.

This year, Mirza Masroor claimed 480,000 conversations, around the same number who converted in 1994. I’m not saying he’s lying, this could be accurate. But, given that they have played numbers games, it does seem highly suspect.

Just some things to think about:

  1. If a chief leader converted to Ahmadiyya, it was merely presumed that the entire tribe followed suit;
  2. Why is it that this faith reports millions upon millions of worldwide of adherents, and is growing beyond all conceivable leaps and bounds, yet is largely unheard of outside academia and the Indo-Pak community?
  3. When people leave Ahmadiyya, even if publicly or en masse, they are maintained on the Tajneed list;
  4. Between 1995 to 2005, despite boasting millions of converts, an internal leaked document revealed that in the UK they only secured 218 converts to Ahmadiyya; whereas Islam has spread quite rapidly.
  5. For a faith that claims its about quality not quantity, they sure do a good job of boasting their numbers!

About a decade ago, if someone embraced Islam at our masjid, there were jubilant shouts of takbeer, hugs, exchanges of contact information and invitations for dinner. We still have that, but now now so many people convert to Islam that its, frankly, routine. Its not uncommon at all, easily several times a week. Its not something we boast about or advertise either. Instead, we have our New Muslims Support group (which other masjids are copying now) and keep doing what we’re doing.

To our Ahmadi readers, think for yourself, use your God-given mind, and question the Murabbis. May Allah bless us all.

و صلى الله رسول الله

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10 thoughts on “480,000 people convert to Ahmadiyya?

  1. Nice post Farhan! It seems like Masroor sahib has been coaxed by his management team to begin the ballyhooing of the baits again. I know for a fact that not more than 100 people in the USA converted to the ‘A’ in 2010. Thats reality. And…we also know that the ‘A’ has a penchant for fooling innocent people into joining their community. Just recently, here in the USA they paraded some of their new converts at their Jalsa. Pretty soon these converts will get punjabbee women from either Rabwah or Qadian to marry, and thus finishing the conversion process.

    In conclusion, it will be interesting to see how this particular ballyhooing of baits turns out. Masroor is running a charity/ponzi scheme…not a religion.

  2. Exactly, Mr. Masroor is just a puppet. The real show is being run by the Ahmadi missionaries or so called murabbis who are behind the scenes guiding/misguiding him. He is just like a robot who does the job for them.

      • He is the kind of leader who reads speeches written by his so called murabbis/missionaries. Sir, I have witnessed it myself how he is being brainwashed by his people under him whether right or wrong, he is following their advice. For the sake of confidentiality I am not going to disclose who are guiding or misguiding him, but I have seen it all. Their missionaries and murabbis are the main gang of misguided people who are driving this cult. Then there is also their political activists who take their misguided messages and hate campaign against Muslims to the politicians and the media. I have seen so much wrong doings from these people, that I just pray to Allah s.w.t. to protect us all from these evil men and their fitna. Yet they claim to be peaceloving and Godly persons. What kind of a fraud is this?

  3. From 80 million to not even 0.5 Million really makes no sense at all … with all the technological advances support with them

    that is why in 2005 the claim was of 200+ million Ahmadis around the world and in 2009 it was 80 million :O

  4. Is it 1994 all over again???
    Stand by for another “doubling” of new converts every year!!!

  5. After I left the ‘A’. About a year later I was still getting emails and letters in the mail and what not. I had to personally call the local president and get my name taken off of the Tajneed list. This was 2008. I couldnt believe it. The Ahmadis system for erasing their numbers is not setup properlym for obvious reasons. And the phone call wasnt enough, I had to write a letter to my local president.

    I remember seeing converts…and then they were gone (1995). My brother told me that most of the converts stay on the Tajneed list until they get an official request for removal. BUt since these converts leave the ‘A’ without telling anyone…they never get taken off the Tajneed list.

    Im sure that the ‘A’ has records of its Chanda paying members. Also, I was told that Wasiyyat in the USA has a bigger financial intake than Chanda Aam. So figure that out.

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