Announcement from Brother Shahid

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

The following is an announcement from Brother Shahid, the creator of TheCult team.

As-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

I am suspending my activity in the field of Ahmadiyya Awareness for the time being. I will likely return insha’Allah, but I don’t have a date for you yet.

After over 6 years of this important work, I am pleased to say that there are many people well able to continue the cause in my absence, with the blog ably managed by brother Farhan and the forum by brother Tahir and other supporters working behind the scenes. I am appreciative of the immense work they have put in over the last year. There are of course many other people working in the field, alhamdulillah and they all continue to make massively important contributions. May Allah (SWT) reward them.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me through the blog and forum, your messages will get relayed to me insha’Allah.

I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to my brothers and sisters in Islam for their support, especially the ones who have joined Islam from Ahmadiyya recently – your reversions were what this work was all about. To the Ahmadis, I say pray for guidance, and insha’Allah may you receive it.

As for me, I will be pursuing Islamic studies insha’Allah.



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8 thoughts on “Announcement from Brother Shahid

  1. Brother Shahid,
    What you have started is a very important work on a noble cause. I have not enough words to express my sincere appreciation of your efforts. May Allah s.w.t reward you and bless you. We hope for your return soon InshaAllah.

  2. I left Ahmadiyya and joined Islam. Brother Shahid was instrumental in my reversion.

  3. Indeed brother, what you have contibuted inshallah will be written as hasanat in your book. You were…ARE…brave for standing up and speaking the truth. It’s nice to hear that you are on a journey seeking knowledge. Inshallah you will be back soon enough to use your knowledge to spread light. Go with peace brother.

    Your brother in Islam and ex-Ahmadi…R.O.L.

  4. May Allah aid you in your studies and give you goodness in this life and the next.

  5. May ALLAh help bro Shahid in learning Islam more
    I am sure many ppl will get benfit of ur work in future.

    Thanks alot and I hope to see you back soon Inshallah

  6. Brother Shahid, we will miss you. But I am sure you will return with more knowledge and words of enlightenment for both Muslims and Ahmadis, Insha’Allah.
    We love you.

  7. May Allah bless you for standing up to this fitna – Ahmadiyyat, and may you be instrumental in its downfall! Ameen!
    Best of luck in your quest for knowledge!

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