The meaning of خاتم (Khaatam) in Lexicons/Dictionaries

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

(This is a re-post of an article by the same name in 2008, but given our now much larger readership base, its worth bringing it back up)

Malik Ghulam Farid, an Ahmadi Murabbi, compiled his own dictionary of the words of the Qur’an titled, Dictionary of the Holy Qur’an. Under the Publisher’s Note (page 5 on the pdf), it claims to be entirely based off of Lisan al-‘Arab, Taaj al-‘Aroos, al-Mufridaat fi Ghareeb al-Qur’an, Arabic-English Lexicon by E.W. Lane and Aqrab al-Mawarid. On pages 222-223, regarding the word خاتم, Farid wrote:

خاتَمٌ also means the best and most perfect; embellishment or ornament; the hollow of the back of the neck: وَلَكِن رَّسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ But he is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the Prophets (33:41)

I openly challenge the validity of this entry by Farid.

خاتم has many meanings, but ‘best’, ”most perfect’,’ embellishment’ or ‘ornament’ are not amongst them, nor can they be directly implied by any classical lexicon Farid referenced. All of the referenced lexicons say خاتم means ‘last’ in some form or another, and some specifically give the example of Surah Ahzab verse 41 as listed above to mean Last of the Prophets.  Below are the original Arabic texts and English translations of these dictionaries/lexicons.  Notice that none of them, without exception, say خاتم means ‘best’, ‘most perfect’, ’embellishment’ or ‘ornament’.

Lisaan al-‘Arab لسان العرب

وخَتَمَ الشيءَ خَتْمًا بلغ آخرهُ
والقرآن والكتاب قرأَهُ كلَّهُ وأَتَّمَّهُ
والصكَّ وغيرهُ وضع عليهِ نقش خاتمهِ حتى لا يجري عليهِ التزوير والتبديل
وخَتَم العمل فرغ منهُ
والإِنَاءَ سدَّهُ بالطين ونحوهِ
ومنهُ في سورة المطفّفين يُسْقَوْنَ مِنْ رَحِيقٍ مَخْتُومٍ خِتَامُهُ مِسْكٌ وَفِي ذَلِك فَلْيَتَنَافَسِ المُتَنَافَسُون
الخاتِم والخاتَم الخاتام وآخِر القوم ج خواتم
الخاتمة مؤَنَّث الخاتم. ومن كل شيءِ أقصاهُ وتمامهُ وعاقبتهُ وآخرتهُ كخاتمة الكتاب وغيرهِ وهي نقيض الفاتحة

Khatama [v.] Khatman [n.] something: reached its ending
the Qur’än and a book: read all of it and comleted it.
a document, or others: put on it a pattern of his seal so it would not be forged or edited
Khatama a job: finished it
a container: sealed it with mud, or so forth.
Also in Sürat AlMuṭaffifïn Qur’än [83:25]
Khätim, Khätam, Khätäm, and the last of a group, pl. Khawätïm
Khätimah, fem. of Khätim
Of anything: it’s farthest limit, its completion, its end, and outcome
Such as a Khätimah of a book or so forth
and it is the opposite of Fätiħah (opening/opener)

Taaj al-‘Aroos تاج العروس

من كل شيء عاقبته وآخرته كخاتمته
و الخاتم : آخر القوم كالخاتم
ومنه قوله تعالى وخاتم النبيين أي آخرهم
وقد قرئ بضم التاء وقول العجاج
مبارك للأنبياء خاتم

The Khätam
of any thing is its conclusion and its end as Khätimatihi [its closing]
and the Khätam is the last of a group
and of it is the saying of [Allāh] ta`älä “wa-khätama n-nabiyyïn” [and the Seal of Prophets], meaning their last
It was also recited as khatum with a damma on the ta’; and [the poet] al-‘Ajjaj said
A blessing to the prophets, this khatam is!

Al-Mufridaat fi Ghareeb al-Qur’an المفردات لغريب القرآن

وخاتم النبيين: الأحزاب/40، لأنه ختم النبوة، أي: تممها بمجيئه

“and the Seal of the Prophets” [Quran Ahzab:40], because he is the seal of prophet hood, that is: he completed it with his coming.

Arabic-English Lexicon by E.W Lane

† The last of a company of men; (Lb, TA ; ) as also ختَمُ and ختِمُ: (K:) whence خَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ † [The last of the prophets], in the Kur [xxxiii. 40]; accord. to one reading, خاتُم, with damm to theت; (TA;) or الأَنبياء خاتِمُ, i.e. Mohammad; (S;) also called الخاتَمُ and الخاتِمُ.

Aqrab al-Mawarid أقرب الموارد

خَتَمَ: صاحبهُ تَخْتِيمًا: البيهُ الخاتم في اصبعهِ: الاساس
خِتام كل شربٍ: آخرهُ: التاج
خِتام الوادي: افصا هُ و خِتام القوم آخرهم: التاج
زُفَّت اليهِ بخاتم ربّها و ختمها و خِتامها ايوهي في بكارتها: الاساس و التاج بلا تفسير
الخَتْم: بالفتح: لغة في الخاتم ج خُتُوم: التاج
اعطاني خَتْمِي: اي حسي لان حسب الرجل آخر طلبهِ: التاج

“Khattama”: to wear the ring on one’s finger (or place it on someone else’s finger)
“Khitaam” of a drink is its last drop
“Khitaam” of a valley is its endpoint (end of the valley) “Khitaam” of a people (qawm) is their last member
“she was delivered in a wedding procession with her “khaatim” or “khitaam” – (meaning with her virginity intact)
“al-Khatm” is another word (with same meaning) for Khaatim, and the plural of that is khutoom
“he gave me my Khatm”: means my fill/sufficiency, in other words, the last of his desire.”

The following dictionaries were not referenced by Farid.  But, I am providing them only to show that indeed, all classical lexicons completely reject with the Ahmadiyya invention of the meaning of ‘best’, ‘most perfect’, ’embellishment’ or ‘ornament’.

Al-Muħït المحيط

العملَ: فرغ مِنْه
القُرآنَ أو الكتاب: قرأَه كُلَّهُ
اللهُ له بالخير: أتمّ عليه نعمته، وجعل له عاقبةً حسنة
من كلِّ شيءٍ : آخره
وَلَكِن رَسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ
إنَّ محمداً علّم فواتحَ الْخَيْر وخواتِمهُ
الأمورُ بخواتمها

Work: Finished it
The Qur’än or a book: Read it all
Allāh has concluded for him with what is good: completed his blessings on him, and gave him a fare outcome
of anything: it’s end
Qur’än [33:40]
Muħammad knew the openings of goodness and its closings
Issues are (judged) by their ends [an Arabic version of “All’s well, that ends well”]

Muħït Al-Muħït محيط المحيط

ومحمد صلي الله عليه و سلم, خاتِمُ الأَنبياء , عليه وعليهم الصلاة والسلام
التهذيب : والخاتِم والخاتَم من أَسماء النبي
وفي التنزيل العزيز
مَا كَانَ مُحَمَّدٌ أَبَا أَحَدٍ مِنْ رِجَالِكُمْ وَلَكِنْ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ
أَي آخرهم
قال : وقد قرئ وخاتَمَ
وقول العَجَّاج
مُبارَكٍ للأَنبياء خاتِمِ
إِنما حمله على القراءة المشهورة فكسر
ومن أَسمائه العاقب أَيضاً ومعناه آخر الأَنبياء

and Muħammad PBUH, is the seal of prophets upon him and them be peace and blessing.
Out of respect: AlKhätim and AlKhätam are among the names of the prophet PBUH
and in the Glorious Revelation: Qur’än [33:40]
meaning their last
he says: and it was also read “wa-Khätam”;
and the saying of Al-Àjjäj:
“A blessing to the prophets, this khatam is!”
for he based it on the famous pronunciation [Qirä’ah], so he (ended it with or used) a Kasrah
and among his names is AlÀäqib also, and its meaning is the last of the prophets.

Al-Ghani الغني

خاتِم، خاتَم
وَلَكِنْ رَسُولُ الله وَخَاتِمُ النَّبِيِّين
قرآن) آخِرُ الأنْبِيَاءِ
خَتَمَ عَمَلَهُ : أنْهَاهُ
خَتَمَ الْكِتابَ : أكْمَلَ قِرَاءتَهُ، أتَمَّه
خَتَمَ الصَّبِيُّ الْقُرْآنَ الْكَرِيمَ : أكْمَلَ حِفْظَهُ وَقِرَاءتَهُ
خَتَمَ لَهُ اللهُ بِالْخَيرِ : جَعَلَ نِهَايَتَهُ سَعِيدَةً

(Khätim, Khätam)
Qur’än [33:40]
(Qur’än): the last of the prophets
Khatama his work: Ended it
Khatama the book: completed reading it, completed it
The lad khatama the Noble Qur’än: Completed memorizing and reading it.
Allāh khatama for him with goodness: made his ending happy.

AlWasït الوسيط

الخاتِمُ الخاتامُ… و- من كل شيء: آخره
وفي التنزيل العزيز :مَا كَانَ مُحَمَّدٌ أَبَا أَحَدٍ مِنْ رِجَالِكُمْ وَلَكِنْ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ
الخاتِمةُ: من كل شيء: عاقِبتهُ وآخره

(Khätam): Khätäm… and – of anything: it’s end.
And in the Glorious Revelation: Qur’än [33:40]
(Khätimah): of anything: its end, and last

AlQämüs AlMuħït القاموس المحيط

كالخاتِم والخاتامِ والخَيْتامِ والخِيتام والخَتَمِ: محرَّكةً (والخاتِيامِ) ج [ج] خَواتِمُ وخَواتِيمُ
وقَد (تَخَتمَ) به ومن كلٌ شيءٍ عاقِبَتُه وآخِرَتُهُ (كخَاتِمتِه) وآخِرُ القَوْمِ

(as Khätim, Khätäm, Khaytäm, Khïtam, Khatami) voweled (Khätyäm) [pl.] Khawätïm, Khawätim
Has (Takhattama) with it –
And of anything, its outcome and its ending as. (Khätimatihi), and the last of a group

As you can see, not a single one of the lexicons Farid referenced provide the alternative definition the Ahmadis insist on. This begs the question, where did he get this definition from? Did he just make it up?

My initial thought is that he fabricated this entry so that in the future, when ordinary Ahmadis reference his work to double-check Surah Ahzab, they conclude that this verse has nothing to do with no more prophets.

In reality, all of the classical interpretators of the Qur’an have concluded that Khaatam an-Nabieen means Last of the Prophets, there are no prophets after Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم.

Current Ahmadi-readers have three options:
A) Deny this evidence and continue to insist that Khaatam does not mean ‘last’ of any sort.
B) Acknowledge that it means last, but argue that it means ‘Last of the Law-bearing Prophets’, or the like. This avenue is often taken by more sophisticated Ahmadis

But, there’s a 3rd more reasonable option:

C) Question what the Murabbis say, and recognize that Khaatam an-Nabiyieen means Last of the Prophets, therefore, Mirza is not a prophet.

May Allah guide us all, including the writer of this post.

صلى على رسول الله و على آله

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71 thoughts on “The meaning of خاتم (Khaatam) in Lexicons/Dictionaries

  1. Nice post Bro Farhan. They still won’t accept it and now Mas has declared MGA to be a prophet very recently, the 3rd option is out of the window for many. Option 2 is the one nearly all Ahmadis are going with these days, though most don’t even know what the Jmaat mean by ‘non law bearing’ . They can never seem to grasp the fact that he called off Jihad (new law), he introduced Chanda (new law) and also declared no marriages between ahmadis and non (new law). Option 2 is not feasible either. So they will stick with option 1…its the safest bet all round.

  2. Dear Brothers the reason ahmadis wont accept it is because most ahmadis used to be sunnis – but they changed for a reason. They did not change their religion for fun or because they were bored or because like shahid they were refused money when they begged for it – they done it because they saw something in that appealed to them. We need to accept that.

    • Mash, Your assertion that most Ahmadis used to be Sunni is appallingly incorrect. Most Ahmadis are born Ahmadis. While there are very many converts to Ahmadiyya, especially in the US, most of these converts come over from Christianity or no religious affiliation at all. And Ahmadi-converts from thirld-world countries are converting from their thirld-world patrilineal religions (due to Ahmadi social welfare programs), not Sunnism. Regardless, every convert to Ahmadiyya has one common characteristic; they were searching for truth and they think they found it. So accept that. That is why these guys on this site are constantly trying to prove the falsity of Ahmadi teachings and practices and that is really the only way to get an Ahmadi to convert into traditional orthodix Islam- by bombarding them with truth and then letting them decide for themselves. Ahmadis do not know what they believe. For example, many of them do not think MGA is a prophet or that the jamaat claims him to be a prophet. Others think that he is a non-law giving prophet, and his “prophethood” derives from his complete submission to the Holy Prophet.
      They ignore the subtle realities that Ahmadi policies of Chanda, Jihad, praying behind-Non-AHmadis and marrying Non-AHmadis alone should allow one to see MGA did institute new “laws”. They ignore that their newly articulated propaganda “Loyalty to resident country is a part of faith” is a blasphemous perversion of the Quran and that they are misrepresenting the words of Allah. (They think the verse “obey Allah, obey the Prophet and those in authority amongst you…” requires complete obediance to not only rightfully instituted Islamic leaders but to political state as well and they completely ignore that Allah prefaced this verse with the phrase “you who believe” meaning of course Muslims have to obey Allah, the Prophet and those who believe pput in authority by virtue of their relationship with Allah and the prophet-i.e. Islam. The idea that Allah Swt would require a Muslim to obey a non-Muslim political state as a condition of islamic faith is so appallingly absurd that it I cannot see how anyone would ever take such a position. And if you argue with them about this they will try to engage you in the red herring argument that if you don’t belive this verse means what they say it does, then you are supporting terrorism. They even present the hypothetical that one Ahamdi from another country killing another Ahmadi from another country is perfectly fine if the two countries are at war and the Ahmadis are commanded to fight. Is that Islam?)
      They ignore these things for cultural reasons and for the simple reason that it is hard to to accept that one’s beliefs, etched upon the brain and conscious from birth, can be wrong. Fact is- you can only present true Isam to them and allow them to do with it as they will.

    • something like what???
      yes Jammat and MGA and his sons were able to trick few people

      that does not change the fact that they are wrong in their beliefs and it has been proven wrong over n over again

    • mash,
      your comment has nothing to do with farhan’s article. respond to farhan’s article please.

  3. findings do you watch the ummah channel? – the fat furry mullah on there also talked of Jihad – said jihad of the pen is the way forward. Please verify it yourself. Does that mean he is an agent of RAW / Mossad / or MI5? – silly me I almost forgot it must be the CIA.

    [Administrator: Wow, I don’t know how this got approved. Must have been automatic. Further hate-speech from Mash will result in a ban. This is your second warning.]

    • According to Islam its not just randomly fighting with sword 🙂
      it is done when it is required…. this Mulla hate will not gona take u any where.

      and it is still better than ur MTA channel on which ppl like Masroor are sitting and lying about stuff or praising them self

    • Lol thanks Mash. Bring forward video so I can check this fat, furry Mullah out for myself (LOL hope you were watching Ummah Channel and not MTA and Mas) and then we’ll talk. Even if he had said it, he said ‘way forward’ and didn’t call for an end to jihad (I’m going on what I think was said). SO… AND… Your point is????????????

  4. Nice work Farhan. Its amazing that Ahmadis beleive in Prophecy continous yet they reject new claimants to prophethood within the ‘A’. Its almost like a double standard, I feel that the Mirza family reserves the right to claim prophethood only….

  5. A question aside from the topic, where has the link to the “Forum” gone on the new website?

    • Please ignore my above question as I have found the link to the “Forum”. It is on the right hand side under Blogroll.

    • …what? How is this an argument? You literally cited me showing that it means ‘Last’, but then ignored that very reference.

      Then when you are forced to acknowledge it means ‘Last’ (there’s only so much cognitive dissonance a person can take), you take option B and say it means “Last of the Law-Bearing Prophets”. Where the words “Law-Bearing” came from is anyone’s guess.

      Regular Ahmadis are smarter than that, and won’t fall for the murabbis’ tricks.

    • The funny thing is
      Khalid first try to argue that its not last but then end up admitting that it can mean last but its LAST last bearing prophet (every one knows that law bearing part is ahmadies own addition)

        (Sorry for the caps)

        If they say khaatam means ‘best’, why don’t they interpret it as ‘best of the law-bearing prophets’? Why do the words ‘law-bearing’ only get added to the meaning when the murabbis are forced to acknowledge that it means ‘last’?

        A lot of games being played here which the average Ahmadi is not foolish enough to fall for

        • well I could not have expected this response from you Mr Farhan .

          it suggest me that you have not read my article at all.

          keep in the mind
          1) خاتم has the fundamental meanings of the producing impression on something else.
          2) خاتم do have the meaning of Last, completion etc

          but depending upon the context and hadith , which I have quoted in the article, the only meaning which can be given in the verse خاتم النبین , is that of a prophet who has the ability of producing the impression on the other prophets and who has given the other prophets their quality of the prophet hood.

          According to hadith , hazrat Muhammad (saw) had this quality even before the human were started to evolve.

          this quality of خاتم النبین has given prophethood to every other prophet and can still make people prophet.

          but with one condition which is

          And whoso obeys Allah and this Messenger of His shall be among those on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings, namely, the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And excellent companions are these.

          When I say that خاتم الننبین also has the meaning of the LAST OF THE LAW BEARING PROPHET then this was said only because Quran tells us that God will protect the law of hazrat Muhammad (saw) from corruption till the end of this world.

          hence no prophet can come who will come with new law
          also no prophet can come who will not be the follower of hazrat Muhammad (saw) .

          this makes hazrat Muhammad (saw) LAST LAW BEARING PROPHET.

          here meaning of Last Law Bearing prophet are necessary outcome of the fundamental meaning of خاتم i.e the prophet who produces the impression of prophethood on other prophets

          and there is no funny thing in stating the خاتم does not have the meaning of LAST in this ayyat and hazrat Muhammad (saw) is Last Law Bearing Prophet.

          this is because I have taken the fundamental meaning of the word خاتم and showed you that this fundamental meanings of the word خاتم necessitates that we believe hazrat Muhammad (saw) is the Last Law bearing prophet and there shall come no other prophet having new law.

          I did not said that use meaning “Last “ of the word خاتم but take it as the Last Law bearing Prophet.
          I just said that fundamental meaning of the world خاتم i.e producing the impression on other things , gives rise to the meaning of Last Law Bearing prophet.

          it would be a nice exchange of views between you and me on this matter , after all it was you who led me to search and write this article. hope you will take time to fully understand my view and then rebuttal it . please do not pick just one thing out of many things

          • All you have done is ignored these dictionaries and created your own custom definition. Insisting on your own custom definition without any proof is not a response. My friend, evidence is simply not on your side.

            Perhaps you did not read these. One of the definitions clearly says:
            ومنه قوله تعالى وخاتم النبيين أي آخرهم
            As [God] the most high says, Seal of the Prophets, as in the Last of them.

            If I wanted to show you that Khaatam al-Nabiyyin means last of the prophets, there’s literally nothing more that I could say.

            And you know what the strangest part of this whole thing is? You later admit it means ‘last’. That part really boggles my mind. But for some reason, when you admit it means ‘last’, you say ‘last of the law-bearing prophets’.

            Okay…so when your cognitive dissonance tells you it means ‘imprinter of the prophets’, why don’t you say ‘imprinter of the law-bearing prophets’? Why do you say ‘law-bearing’ some times, but not other times?

            Its so simple: The dictionaries all agree. Muslims scholars for 1400 years agree. The Prophet SAAWS agreed. Everyone says the same thing: Muhammad SAAWS is the last prophet. Mirza is a false prophet…though I imagine it would be hard to accept…

          • Khalid if u try to argue that it does not mean LAST then why u even give it the meaning LAST LAW BEARING PROPHET????

            Come on seriously ur argument holds ground and is self contradictory

          • Khalid impression also dont means best so ur still stuck and all u have to do is ignore all these Lexcions quoted by Brother Farhan.

            So plz come out of denial

          • Khalid,

            I agree, words changed based on their context/usage. Concur. And the context/usage provided by the dictionaries say it means ‘Last’.

            All you did was say “I disagree with the definitions the writers produced” and provide your own custom definition. That’s not a response.
            You can disagree with them all you want. That’s not the point. You can come up with your own custom definitions, so can I. I can go ahead and disagree with Merriam-Webster. That proves nothing. The fact remains, the authoritative dictionaries are not on your side. The problem is, you have zero evidence on your side…except for your own custom dictionaries. Repeating “It means impression” doesn’t solve the dilemma Ahmadiyya faces.

            These are authoritative definitions that were written before Ahmadiyya was even invented. Or were they also “jahil bearded mullahs”?

            You say “Last of the Law-Bearing prophets” or “Best of the Prophets”. Why don’t you say “Best of the Law-Bearing Prophets”? You never once answered why you selectively throw in “Law-Bearing”, even that word does not exist anywhere. Are you just making it up?

            Lastly, Mirza himself in several of his writings used the expression “khaatam al-XYZ” to mean “Last of the XYZ”. Want to see examples? Shall I make that my next post?

          • The Prophet SAAWS said “I am the seal of the Prophets, there is no prophet after me”. Want to see the Hadith, or will interpret it away?

            Or do you believe Muhammad SAAWS was not being clear and Mirza needed to clarify…?

        • @Farhan there are lot of things which I wanted to say .

          1) you agree with me that a word can have many meaning , then you said

          And the context/usage provided by the dictionaries say it means ‘Last’.

          this is what you believe , but I disagree with it and the reasons which I gave can be read in the link provided in my first post.
          what I wanted to say is that if some dictionary author says that here خاتم means LAST , then he has the right to say . but does his view becomes binding on all of us ?

          I disagree with this, I believe that out of different meanings of the word خاتم , the best meanings which can be put in the term خاتم النیبن are “Producing impression of prophethood on the other prophets “

          I agree that my this view should not be accepted blindly , that is why I have given reasons that why I am right in claiming that in the term خاتم الننین , we should use the meaning of خاتم as “Producing impression on someone else. ”

          Mr farhan said
          “All you did was say “I disagree with the definitions the writers produced” and provide your own custom definition. That’s not a response.”

          My dear first thing I did not made any custom definition, I used the standard meanings of the word خاتم and give reasons that why this meanings holds true. And this is the best thing which one person can do.

          I am not saying you to agree with me without saying any word, I have given the reasons, if you find those reasons wrong, break it. Else you should agree with me.

          Not only this meaning is the best meaning according to the context , but it shows such a high status of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) that I was literally bewildered when I started reading this research.

          compare it with meanings of the LAST PROPHET. you will find the difference of hundred thousand time.

          Authority of the dictionary writer and mufassarian

          My dear quran tells us that prophets were rejected by quoting the statements of ancestors
          Nay, they say, ‘We found our fathers following a certain course, and we are guided by their footsteps.’

          And thus has it always been that We never sent any Warner before thee to any township but the evil leaders thereof said: ‘We found our fathers following a certain course, and we are following in their footsteps.’[43:24]

          These ayyats tells us clearly that we should not stress very hard on the understanding of ancestors/ dictionary writers / mufasarian .
          They did good work in their time, but they are not the authority on those things which were to happen in future.
          There were guided for those things which were happening around them, but considering them authority on how the future prophecies will be fulfilled is a dire mistake.
          GOD almighty does not make every thing clear in this world. There are the things which are kept secret for certain time so that people can be judged.
          The death of the hazrat Essa (as) , Dajjal, Yajoj Majoj, خاتم النبین etc etc were the things that were to be cleared in our time . these things were to be used to judge the future generation , how can you expect that such things were to be made clear in past for you.
          Should not you and me and all the word be judged like the past generation had been ?

          Do think on this thing and do not present to me that because in past people did not agree with ahmadiyya view, then its mean we are wrong. We are on right path because God almighty have shown us the right things , His revelations testifies our believes and we do not need at all the support of old mufassarian , dictionary writers etc etc.
          We need the support of quran and hadith and I am ready to talk to you on these grounds.

          They( old dictionary writer , mufasarren) understood these things correctly or incorrectly did not harm their spirituality, but it shall harm yours because a prophet has come to show you the right path.
          Merely following old scholars blindly cannot help you at all.

          However best thing will be to come forward to prove those scholars’ meanings “LAST PROPHET” are the correct meanings.
          Had those scholars alive, we would have showed them the right path and I hope all of them would have accepted it.
          They are not alive , but you are . So its your duty to come forward and defend them.

          You allege me that by repeatedly saying that خاتم means “impression” cannot help me.
          I agree with it , that merely repeating one thing again and again does not make it true.
          But this thing applies to both of us.

          I did not just presented خاتم meanings and said accept it blindly, but if you read my article I have given the reasons why I consider it to be the most perfect meanings for the term خاتم النبین
          If you do not touch those reasons and fail to prove those reasons wrong, then my meanings will hold majestically. And I am waiting for that day

          Last Law bearing Prophet
          My dear, I have told you earlier that LAST Prophet is the natural out come when you use the meaning of خاتم as impression of prophethood .
          Quality of the خاتم النبین , when ever shall give a prophethood to any person it will make a prophet who will always be non-law bearing and Follower of hazrat Muhammad (saw) .

          I have never said that I am using the خاتم in the meaning of LAST and then confining it for the Law bearing prophets.

          I really wonder when you say
          “You never once answered why you selectively throw in “Law-Bearing”, even that word does not exist anywhere. Are you just making it up?”

          I really wonder that why I am unable to make you understand why I have said خاتم النبین also means
          Last Law bearing Prophet .

          I told you earlier and tell you again that meaning of خاتم النبین are
          • The prophet who has the ability to produce the quality of prophethood on the other prophets
          This quality of the خاتم النبین gave prophethood to all the other prophets and still it can give the prophethood to other peoples
          But now there are few conditions which must be met .
          a) Such a prophet cannot come with new Law because Law of hazrat Muhammad (saw) i.e. Quran is complete and will never get corrupted
          b) Such a prophet must be a follower of the prophet hazrat Muhammad (saw) .

          Keeping these two conditions in the mind we learn that hazrat Muhammad (saw) is the LAST LAW BEARING prophet as well.

          But again, this meaning i.e. Last Law bearing prophet is the natural and necessary out come of the meanings of the word خاتم as that of producing impression on other things.
          I really hope I am able to transmit clearly what I wanted to say.

          I am selective due to the fact that law of the hzrat Muhammad (saw) i.e quran tells us that it is a complete law and it will never get corrupted. This thing will never let any prophet to be made who terminate the law of hazrat Muhammad (saw) . This is the reason of my being selective.

          Regarding the usage of term خاتم in the meaning of LAST by the promised Messiah (as) , I must tell you that last part of my article dealt with the same issue.
          You need to read my article again and yes if you want a separate post for this , you will find me there inshallah

          Sorry for long post as I think I should write every thing in detail to the best of my knowledge.

          • Let me address this point by point.

            1) “this is what you believe , but I disagree with it and the reasons which I gave can be read in the link provided in my first post.”

            The entire point of this article is that your custom Ahmadi defintions have no basis in any classical dictionary or lexicon. Once you acknowledge that, can believe whatever you want to believe, and make up your custom definitions of “impressions of future prophets”.

            But know that you have zero evidence to support Ahmadiyya. You just made up this definition..

            2) You said:
            “My dear first thing I did not made any custom definition, I used the standard meanings of the word خاتم and give reasons that why this meanings holds true. And this is the best thing which one person can do.”
            If that were the case, at least one of the references above that say Khaatam al-Nabiyyin would have said it means “Imprinter of the Prophets”. Instead, they say “Last of the Prophets”.

            3) “My dear quran tells us that prophets were rejected by quoting the statements of ancestors
            Nay, they say, ‘We found our fathers following a certain course, and we are guided by their footsteps.’ [43:23]”

            By this logic, do you reject the statements of Mirza Tahir et al? The interpretation of this verse is the rejection of Islam out of the sake of following your ancestors. That has nothing to do with a well-researched intellectual response to distorting the Qur’an.

            4) “We need the support of quran and hadith and I am ready to talk to you on these grounds.”

            I did. The Prophet SAAWS said “I am the Seal of the Prophets, there is no prophet after me”. Yet you still reject that and make a custom Ahmadiyya interpretation of that.

            5) “”You allege me that by repeatedly saying that خاتم means “impression” cannot help me.
            I agree with it , that merely repeating one thing again and again does not make it true.
            But this thing applies to both of us

            There is a difference between repeating oneself to agree with Ahmadiyya and providing authoritative source references. Again, you have literally zero evidence on your side.

            6) “I really wonder that why I am unable to make you understand why I have said خاتم النبین also means Last Law bearing Prophet .” You wrote an explanation after, but I don’t want to copy-paste the entire thing.

            Several problems here:
            A) Again, this is a custom Ahmadi defintion, with no basis elsewhere.
            B) Your combination of “no more laws” with “law prophet” does not logically produce “no more law-bearing prophets”. Instead, it would produce “No more laws and no more prophets”.
            C) Earlier you said it means ‘Best’. You never once explained why you don’t conclude with “Best of the law-bearing prophets”.
            I am selective due to the fact that law of the hzrat Muhammad (saw) i.e quran tells us that it is a complete law and it will never get corrupted. This thing will never let any prophet to be made who terminate the law of hazrat Muhammad (saw) . This is the reason of my being selective.
            Allah also says No more Prophets, yet you are willing to modify that statement. Why aren’t you willing to modify the finality of laws? That’s a double-standard of what parts of the Qur’an you’re willing to change.

            May Allah bless us all. The main problems here are:
            1) You are rejecting authority
            2) You are inventing definitions
            3) Your definitions are not logically sound (See 6C)
            4) You are inventing your own custom definitions

            Not of these charges were once refuted or responded to. Its very simple, reject the religion of Mirza and only follow the religion of Muhammad SAAWS.

        • Farhan

          Maulana Rumi has said ” strive hard in the path of virtue in a manner so that you may be blessed with prophethood while you are still a follower (Miftah ul ilham vol 13 p 98-152)


          • Lets suppose I take that statement at face value. Do you believe that Maulana Rumi was right, and the Qur’an is wrong?

          • @ Umar

            What else did Rumi have to say about prophethood? Do you know? What about the return of Esa (as)? Did he believe in this concept? Was he a sufi?

  6. Any person who is sincere will realise the meaning of khatam means last from this article.For a person to argue it doesnt mean that or means ‘last’ only for law bearing has no basis for his belief and is merely following his desires.

    Dictionary definitions galore have been presented here, its like a person typing a word in google and checking out all the dictionary definitions, they all confirm the same meaning but yet denying them. One wouldnt do that for any other word, yet when it comes to a word which negates ones belief the desires for some take over.

    There is nothing in hadith to suggest non law bearing prophets will arise and there are hundreds of explicit statements from the last prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his companions that no prophet will arise. Its unanimous, without doubt, clear. May Allah soften our hearts that we may all submit.

    The argument has been completed, I dont think theres anything more that needs to be said, Ahmadiyya has been utterly refutted.

    • For the record, some were easy, but most of these dictionaries were NOT easy to find. I went to George Town University’s Library, the Library of Congress and the Cordoba Institute’s Library (and some other places I don’t remember right now).

      One day I left work early to go to the LoC and got in trouble 🙂

  7. @khalid nawaz. The meaning of khatam un Nabiyeen is unanimous amongst all the scholars of Islam, that of meaning the ‘last’ of the prophets. As bro Farhan and others have pointed out, one cannot deny the meaning of ‘last’ and only insist it meaning ‘best’. That is denying the clear meaning of an ayah which is tantamount to kufr.

    Also there is another riwayah for this ayah, ‘khaatim(not khatam) un nabiyeen’. In the same way there are 2 riwayahs for ‘Maaaliki yaw mideen’, ‘Maliki yaw mideen’. Khatim does not mean best at all and only means ‘last’.

    For anyone trying to determine the meaning of this ayah one has to take all the riwayah, it is the only fair method. Using this methd one can only come to the conclusion that the verse definitely means last as that is the only meaning which agrees with both riwayahs(khatam and khatim).

    Brother there are hundreds of arguments that support the idea of all the muslim scholars that have ever lived about the end of prophethood.There is not a single explicit ayah or hadith that supports any other stance.

    May Allah soften our hearts and guide us

  8. Even if there was such a distinction between “Law bearing” and “non-Law bearing” it wouldn’t matter because Hazoor (saw) is the Khatam of ALL prophets

    There is no distinction made in the ayat itself, meaning it covers all kinds prophet-hood.

    There has never been any disagreement in the history of Islam over Khataman Nabiyeen, it is unanimous .. if Musaylimah Kazzab claimed to be Isa (as) or a non-Shari’ Nabi do you think the Muslims would’ve accepted his claim? Of course not

    • thats what I also believe dear that hazrat Muhamamd (saw) is the خاتم of all the prophets .

      being the خاتم of all the prophets , all the prophets were given prophethood via the hazrat Muhammad (saw).

      however, prophets in the past did not have to be the follower of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) to become prophet because at that time law of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) did not existed.

      but after hazrat Muhammad (saw) came in this world, it became necessary that no new prophet is to be made who
      a) cancel that law of the hazrat Muhamamd (saw)
      b) is not the follower of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) .

      this gives rise to the necessary outcome that hazrat Muhamamd (saw) is the Last law bearing prophet

      but remember this “Last Law-bearing prophet ” is not the translation of the word خاتم النبین ، but is the out come of the meaning of the word خاتم as “producing impression on other prophets “

      • “but remember this “Last Law-bearing prophet ” is not the translation of the word خاتم النبین ، but is the out come of the meaning of the word خاتم as “producing impression on other prophets”

        Baseless statement. You are not even able to say khaatam means impression without citing something. And the only thing you could cite (dictionaries) rejected Ahmadiyya’s interpretation 1300~ years ago
        What you provided is merely a custom definition.

        Repeating a statement does not make it become fact.

        • I have shown that word خاتم has the meaning “Producing Impression on something else. ”

          if someone in past has not used this meanings then its not my issue. This shows that they did not paid attention .

          but no where Quran tells us that if some dictionary writer has not stated something , then it will be wrong.

          when this is not the rule then how can you bring this again and again .

          you will be welcomed if you show me that my meaning are logically wrong
          else just pointing that old mufasareen has not taken this meanings is totally wrong.

          • No, you haven’t.

            All you have done is repeat a custom Ahmadi-specific definition and rejected previous ones. Do you at all find it odd that no one holds the definition your faith does?

            Conversely, I am provided you authoritative sources that were written centuries before Ahmadiyya was invented (so it could not have been written just to attack it)

            All you did was reject them and repeat yourself again and again.

            What would you do if someone said Merriam-Webster or Random-House Dictionary are wrong, and started making up his own definitions?

      • Khalid Nawaz Again u got it wrong and disagreed with your own belief:

        According to your belief other Prophets received Prophethood Directly
        its was only MGA who claimed to received it through Prophet Muhammad

      • And your own jammat refutes u Khalid:

        “Now, to obtain this gift of grace called Nabuwwat, which came to the earlier Prophets directly, the only way open was in the manner of buruz, of zilliat, and self-effacement in loyalty and love of the Holy
        Prophet….. door, Allah can extend the gift of grace called Nabuwwat to whomsoever He pleases – the self-same gift which went to the earlier Prophets directly.
        (Book Truth Prevails page 48)

  9. Farhan is again making false arguments. He banned my brother Yusuf from Ireland becouse he could not counter his arguments. That was wrong. And again this is another classic moment where he has made a post that is wrong, wrong and wrong. Any Arab knows that Khatam, Khatama or Khatim, Khatima in the plural for a human being can not mean LAST but rather that a thing has been brought to its completion by this person and now they can not be superseded or replaced. Just as Rasul Allah (sas) said that “as this brick is the completion of this Masjid like wise I am the completion of Prophethood”. Ahmadi Musliman believe that Muhamamad (sas) is the last and final Messenger of Shariat and now no new Religion or Kitab or shariat or Sunnah can come. Allah SWT used to sent Prophets to different people at different times with various Shariats but now there is one shariat and one Book and one Prophet the Rahmatul alameen. Now that Prophet who Muhammad (sas) said would come can only come from his Ummat bearing his SEAL and wearing the mantle of Muhammas sas.
    Remember if Allah SWT wanted to just say that Muhammad sas is the last then he would have used AKHIR and not Khaatam. Please reflect.


    • wa ‘alaykum as-salaam wa rahmat Allahi wa barakatahu,

      Thanks for your comments,

      A) Regular Arabs are not a source of interpreting the Qur’an.
      B) They will say “Seal of the Prophets” means “Last of the Prophets”
      C) Modern Arabic evolved, just like every and all languages evolve. The spoken usage of the word in the year 1432 in the streets of Cairo is not the same as the Arabic 1400 years ago.
      D) The original dictionaries and especially lexicons are more authoritative/correct
      E) They concur with Islam, not with Ahmadiyya
      F) HE DID use aakhir, but Ahmadis still throw in ‘law-bearing’. Its as if they don’t think that thought is even effable.

      I understand your explanation, but with the evidence we’ve brought forth in the original article (not even the comments) Ahmadiyya has no leg to stand on.

      The mere fact that I approve your comments should show that I am not banning people out of fear. I only ever ban people if their behavior is hostile. This is not a personal dispute, I see us as being on the same team, the search for truth.

      If I thought otherwise, Khalid Nawaz’s comments would never get approved 🙂

    • Everybody knows how good Ahmadis are at digressing the real issues by posing hypothetical & irrelevant questions when they run out of steam defending their false claims. Again her you are posing a hypothetical assumption to defend your “Khaatam” mischief. Just to answer your doubt, can you guarantee that Ahmadies would not have changed the meaning of the word AKHIR, had Allah SWT would have used AKHIR and not Khaatam. Anyways, your purpose was to make Mirza Ghulam Qadiani a prophet and your history shows you would have gone to any extent to prove your false claims, changing the meaning of a few words or for that matter changing an entire dictionary would not have been any issue for you.
      Mirza had claimed that he was a reincarnation (Avatar) of Lord Krishna of Hindus, Just a question, Have you guys conveyed the same to Hindus? Because I do not see Hindus replacing their Krishna pictures/ statues with that of Mirza….. Maybe you have not been able to push your point well with Hindu brethren.

      • Well, one of their leaders said if Allah had said “Khaatim”, it would have meant “Last”, but he said Khaatam.

        However, in the other qira’a of the Qur’an, Allah DOES say “khaatim al-nabiyyin”. When I presented this to one of their top missionaries against Muslims, you know what he respond with? You guessed it! He randomly threw in the word “law-bearing”.

        I bet if the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم went up to them right now and said “I am the last, the final, the seal, the last in a chain of succession, there is no prophet whatsoever after me”, they would still say “that refers to law-bearing prophets”.

        Arbitrarily inserting words…

  10. Another argument. The Ahmadis are predominantly Pakistani and their spoken word is urdu. In every day usage they also use the term khatam, meaning the end of something. So not only do Ahmadis have to reject all Arabic dictionary definitions of ‘khatam’, they also need to fool themselves into believing the meaning of a word is not what they themselves use it for in every day usage. Its like a double proof against them which Allah has presented to them.

    No scholars held this belief that they project, no arabic dictionary supports their attempts to deny an explicit ayah. They have nothing but made-up arguments by laymen who have no interest in Quranic tafseer. They merely hold this belief so that they can believe in Mirza. They need to believe Mirza is a prophet so they will deny/explain away any ayahs, or hadith which report contrary to that. This method is not truthful nor is it sincere, its completely the opposite.

    • That’s true, but I don’t think that argument in valid.

      Urdu is not a valid source of Tafseer for the Qur’an, EVEN if that Urdu word originated from Arabic – which it undoubtedly did.

      They merely hold this belief so that they can believe in Mirza. They need to believe Mirza is a prophet so they will deny/explain away any ayahs, or hadith which report contrary to that.

      This is absolutely the true. Their starting point is not objective neutrality, their starting point is “Mirza is a prophet”. Anything that goes against that, such as the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم himself saying otherwise, is reinterpreted (they don’t say they deny it).

  11. @Farhan I concur it is not an argument for the meaning of khatam in arabic but it is another ‘point’ for them to fool themselves into believing. They not only have to fool themselves into believing that all arabic dictionaries and quranic mufasireen are wrong but they also have to go against their own innate(urdu usage derived from arabic) meaning of the word khatam. The extent to which they have to fool themsleves into believing this falls into utter madness or perhaps a ‘split personality’.

    • I’d take it a step further:
      They have to even go against their OWN 3rd LEADER, Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen who said:

      But many seem to forget that in the divine text the word khatam is used by God with a fatha, that is, a stroke above t, not with a kasra, a stroke below t. Khatam means ‘seal’. Khatim would mean ‘the last person’ or ‘the last one’.

      Despite their own leader saying otherwise, they still arbitrarily insert the word “law-bearing” into the text. Subhan Allah!

  12. Those who believe that hazrat Muhammad (saw) is خاتم النبین in the sense that no prophet shall come after him , they are being given a challenge.
    challenge is

    hadith says

    صحيح مسلم. الإصدار 2.07 – للإمام مسلم
    الجزء الأول >> 5 – كتاب المساجد ومواضع الصلاة
    فضلت على الأنبياء بست: أعطيت جوامع الكلم. ونصرت بالرعب. وأحلت لي الغنائم
    . وجعلت لي الأرض طهورا ومسجدا. وأرسلت إلى الخلق كافة. وختم بي النبيون.

    In this hadith hazrayt Muhammad (saw) has called himself supirior to all the other prophets with respect to 6 qualities
    and one among them is his (saw) quality of being خاتم النبین .

    now if خاتم النبین means Last prophet , then how can his (saw) coming in Last made him (saw) superior to all the other prophets ?

    very important question …

    does a last child of any family becomes superior to all of his/ her brothers and sisters ???
    think on it and answer …

    this is the hadith which gives a direction to give خاتم such a meanings which makes hazrat Muhammad (saw) superior to all the other prophets .

    this was the second reason , which I presented as a proof that giving خاتم meanings of LAST is wrong. and only meanings which can be used for the word خاتم in the term خاتم النبین is “Producing Impression on other prophets ”


    • Two responses:

      Meanings of words do not change because you come up with an argument. This argument doesn’t make ‘last’ no longer mean ‘last’.

      But to directly address your argument ‘last’ is not inherently good, nor inherently bad, but it can be good or bad depending on the context. For example, the last warrior on a battlefield, or in English “the last man standing”, etc.

      Muhamad SAAWS has is one of the prophets, a very high rank, and of the prophets he is the last such that all of the previous prophets have to follow him, as well as all humanity. You don’t shows any honor?

      “I am the Seal of the Prophets, there is no prophet after me.”
      Try as you may, you will never break this hadith.

      • Odd you’d even present this argument of ‘last’ not meaning ‘good’, considering the Ahmadiyya position is that ‘khaatam’ actually means ‘last law-bearing’. Wouldn’t that Ahmadi custom interpretation be destroyed by the argument you just gave…?


  13. Farhan@
    “However, in the other qira’a of the Qur’an, Allah DOES say “khaatim al-nabiyyin”

    What are you talking about? There were other qira’t (6) plus the Meccan qira’t but they were not different texts but rather diffferent pronouncments. Rasul Allah (sas) ordered that the Meccan qira’t be the only autherised one near the end of his life. Can you provide a scan of your Qur’aan of this Qira’t where it says “Khatim” in the interest of truth. this argument is only used by Christians to prove the “different versions” (evolution) of Qur’aan. Khaatam means completion, something finished and brought to its enth.

    Do you believe that Khatam means “last in time” as in linear timeline? If so then no Prophet can come after not even Isa (as).

    If you say that it means that no Prophet can come after then please show this from the meaning of Khaatam. you cant.

    This emans that “A” Prophet can come in the future and will come. And that this will not injure the Khataniyyat of Rasul Allah (sas) becouse this Prophet Isa (as) will be Muslim and will teach from Qur’aan and rule by shariatul Islami. He will be a follower and subservient to Rasul Allah (sas).

    Remember Al Nur 56 says that (this is the Jist) – That allah SWT will establish the religion of the Muslims and make their successors from AMONG them. Khalifas and of course Prophets are Kulefah also and Mijadids in the sence of that they are successors to Muhammad (sas).

    • wa ‘alaykum as-salaam Sajid,

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. You have several comments here at once.

      1) You’re mixing a few topics together. This isn’t well-known amongst modern Muslims, so the mistaken is understandable. Here’s the explanation:
      The Prophet SAAWS brought the different Ahruf. AFTER he left this life, the different Ahruf were eliminated except the Makkan Harf. From that one Harf come the 10 (not 6) Qira’at (recitation styles) of the Qur’an. That’s why you have this:
      The 10 qira’at of the Qur’an are still all recited to this day. If you want more detail, check this out:

      2) What I’m bringing attention to is that Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen, in his book “Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” (note: Not Invitation to Islam) said that if khaatim was used, it would mean last in time. Then when we bring to your attention that that’s what it means, Ahmadis are quick to still insist that its impossible to express the word ‘last’ in Arabic without inserting words that don’t exist in the text.

      3) ‘Esa bin Maryam (AS) made a prophet before Muhammad SAAWS. When the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS said ‘I am the last of the prophets, there is no prophet after me”, it is not speaking about order of death, but order of prophetic ordainment. In other words, no one is made a prophet after him. ‘Esa (AS) was made a prophet before, so his return towards the end of time does not create any contradiction.
      Let me know if you want more clarification on this last point, as it arose amongst the Sahaba as well.

      4) To your last point, I suggest you read this:
      Narrated Abu Huraira:

      The Prophet said, “The Israelis used to be ruled and guided by prophets: Whenever a prophet died, another would take over his place. There will be no prophet after me, but there will be Caliphs who will increase in number.” The people asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What do you order us (to do)?” He said, “Obey the one who will be given the pledge of allegiance first. Fulfil their (i.e. the Caliphs) rights, for Allah will ask them about (any shortcoming) in ruling those Allah has put under their guardianship.”

      May Allah bless you in this life and the next

  14. Dear brother just one point please remember that Ahmadi Musliman believe that Rasul Allah (sas) has completed Religion and has brought Religion to its end point. He is the Last Prophet in the line of Prophets who brought Shariat, Sunnah and now untill the day of judgement the only Religion acceptable and the Only Ummah acceptable to Allah SWT is Islam. Only a Prophet (Isa for arguments sake) can come who is a servant of Muhamad (sas) and owes his mission to Islam and his actions to the Shariattul Islami Muhammadiyyat.

    Now please show from the words Khatim or Khatam, as you were saying where it is demonstrates that Rasul Allah (sas) is the Last to be given Prophethood and not that the meaning is that he is the Last Prophet in time as you have been asserting all along. It can not be both. For if you say there is more that one maning (and these are two different meanings) then how can you attack us for saying that Khaatam has more then one application?

    Which is it? Is he (sas) ;
    1. the last in time to come or
    2.the last to be given Nabuet where as one can come from the past and be the last in time but not the last Prophet. (which is close to what we say mash’Allah)

    You say Mirza(as) Mesih claimed to be the Last Prophet becouse he claims to come after Rasul Allah SAS but then when Isa (as)will come after he is not injuring the finality of Nabuet?

    Also and this is a different but related subjecy the Qur’aan is clear that Isa (as) ibn Miriam has died in the past.

    • Difference is that ESA(AS) is already a Prophet.

      Where as Mirza Ghulam was not a prophet infact he himself is addition to the Shaiyah.

      Question is simple do Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) and companions believed in Prophet name MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD? NO

    • May Allah reward you too,

      From this question, I take it that you acknowledge that Last means Last.

      No one will be or has been made a prophet Muhammad SAWS. He is the last one to ever be given this station.

    • As Prophet (PUBH) said:

      The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) affirmed: “The chain of Messengers and Prophets has come to an end. There shall be no Messenger nor Prophet after me.” (Tirmidhi, Kitab-ur-Rouya Babu Zahab-un- Nubuwwa , Musnad Ahmad, Marwiyat-Anas bin Malik)

      Chain has come to an end why ahmadis want to keep adding to it?

      • xiaahmad

        you said ” The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) affirmed: “The chain of Messengers and Prophets has come to an end. There shall be no Messenger nor Prophet after me.” (Tirmidhi, Kitab-ur-Rouya Babu Zahab-un- Nubuwwa , Musnad Ahmad, Marwiyat-Anas bin Malik)

        Chain has come to an end why ahmadis want to keep adding to it?

        If last means last, finished, end, complete.

        No Messenger! No Prophet! after the Holy Prophet (saw) therefore why do you brothers insist on adding Jesus as a Prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw) ? last means last! right!

        • You see chain has been ended ESA(AS) is already part of that chain.

          so he returning does not make him 124001st prophet like Mirza Ghulam

  15. Brother Farhan.

    indeed your article is correct in that Khataam can infer last, but in its root meaning it is ” Seal” and it is all based upon the use of the word, and in what context is it being used. for example the word date, this word can have many meanings according to its use, i.e1- would like to eat a date, 2- what time and date will we meet, 3- if non Muslim boy or girl want to ask each other out’ they will say ‘ can I take you out on a date’.

    So Khataam has to be understood according to its use. it is a well known fact that the Holy Prophet (saw) called his uncle Abbas (ra) ‘ Khatamul Mohajireen ‘ does this mean he was last of those who migrated?, or perhaps in this case it means he was best of those who migrated! anyone who knows Arabic konws that this is its meaning here, with relation to ibn Abbas (ra)
    last point, it is wrong to accuse Ahmadi’s do not believe that Khatam means last, that is wrong, you are always attacking the Murrabi’s, do you think that they don’t understand Arabic! they have spent seven years studying it, it is not the case that Khataam has only one meaning and that is last! Khataam has many meanings according to its use, the very lexicons you have used also show other meanings.

    your accusation on Farid sb ” Lexicon by E.W. Lane and Aqrab al-Mawarid. On pages 222-223, regarding the word خاتم, Farid wrote:

    خاتَمٌ also means the best and most perfect; embellishment or ornament; the hollow of the back of the neck: وَلَكِن رَّسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ النَّبِيِّينَ But he is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the Prophets (33:41)
    in these very lexicons Khataam has be shown to mean also , best, perfect, and greatest.
    I must thank you for article it indeed very important to have open disscussion.


    • Umar
      Yes he was the Last Muhajir from the Hijrat.

      and thing is other Qirat has Khatim in it which according to Mirza Mahmud himself means LAST.

      So Jammat excuses will not work on that…then Mirza Ghulam said name of Khatam al anbiyaa of Bani Israel is ESA(AS) and khatam al anbiyaa of Islam is Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

      now you can neither apply best prophet of bani Israel meaning to ESA(AS)
      nor last law bearing prophet of bani Isreal meaning to ESA(AS)

      There you have to admit that its LAST.

      Thing is for 1400 years people understood Khatam un nabiyeen as LAST PROPHET

      so think about it
      May ALLAH Guide us ALL

      • Brother xiaahmad

        you have missed the point does Khatamul Mohajireen here mean last? is it being used as last? was he the last to perform migration? the answer to all the above is no! if you understand Arabic here it means best!.



        • sorry umar but u got it wrong

          coz he was the last one to migrate

          Abbas (RA) sought permission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) regarding Hijrah so the Prophet (PBUH) wrote to him: ‘O Uncle! Stay at your place for with you Allah has put Hijrah to end just as he put prophethood to end with me.’
          (Kanzul Ummal 13/519 H. 37339 & 37340, with reference to Ibn Asaakir, Tabarani, Ibn Nijjar, Abu Naim etc. Classified as Daeef by Hafiz Haithmi in Majma’ Al-Zawaid 9/269)

          “He migrated shortly before the Conquest [of Makkah] and was present at the eve of conquest.” (Al-Isaaba 2/98)

          So he was infact the last of the Muhajireen as the Prophet (PBUH) said;

          لا هجرة بعد فتح مكة

          “There is no Hijrah after the conquest of Makkah.” (Bukhari H.2849)

          • Xiaahmad

            Indeed I have not got it wrong I am going according to the useage of the word,

            when the Holy Prophet (saw) said ” Fani aakhirul annbeyahh wa innahu aakhiru almasajid” I am the last (aakhirul) of the Prophets and my mosque is the last (aakhirul) of the Mosques. (Sunan Nassai vol 2 p 35)

            now when we read about ibn Abbas (ra) we read ” ya um fa anka khatamul almuhaajireen fil alhijrat kamaa annaa khatamul nabiyeen fi al nabiu” o uncle you are as khatamul Mohajireen in hijirat as I am khatamun nabiyeen in Prophethood ” Kanzulummal vol 13 p 519.
            here we see the use of two arabic roots akhirul (last) Khatam ( seal but infering best of those who migrate).
            To say that ibn Abbas (ra) was the last to migrate before the conquest of Mecca, therefore he is last, well I dont buy that, and im sure you know that after the battle of Badr he sought permission to go to Mecca and then he came to the Holy Prophet (saw). and bearing inmind an argument you made with regards to Jesus being already in the chain of Prophets, therefore he is not last, as he came before the Holy Prophet (saw) then so is the case with Ibn Abbas (ra) as he was already in the chain of those left Mecca for Badr therefore he was not last to migrate, as he already had done so. so the only meaning according to Arabic is he was best of those who migrate.


          • When ESA(AS) is already part of chain of Prophet how can u say that he coming again so how makes him NEW PROPHET….

            I just gave you explanation of that narration which is considered Daeef. as his Hijrat was never completed.
            as it is said:
            “There is no Hijrah after the conquest of Makkah.” (Bukhari H.2849)

            Secondly you quoted narration about mosque that means that no mosque of Prophet will be built after that so that narration support us rather than ahmadis. here is another narration which prove our point:

            قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أنا خاتم الأنبياء ومسجدي خاتم مساجد الأنبياء

            Holy Prophet (PBUH) said; “I am the last of the Prophets and my mosque is the last of the mosques of the prophets.”
            (Kanz al-Ummal 12/270 H.34999. Albani authenticated in Sahih Targheeb wa Tarheeb H. 1175)

            so u see Last mosque of Prophets so it support us rather than ahmadis

        • Sorry u got it totally wrong Umar because:

          ESA(AS) is neither Best prophet of Bani Israel
          nor Last Law bearing Prophet of Bani Israel

          even according to your own Jammat.

          So can you explain the meaning of ESA(AS) being Khatam al anbiyaa of Bani Israel???


        • Here is the reference:

          The name of KHATAM AL ANBIYYA of Bani Israel is ISA(AS) and KHATAM UN NABIYYEEN of Islam Muhammad and Ahmed (PBUH). These two names were also given to me.”
          (ROOHANI KHAZAIN, vol 21, page 412 in Barheen ahmadiyya vol 5 Nusrat ul Haq)

          So please explain what khatam al anibyaa of Bani Israel means?

          • immm was not Jesus the seal of the Prophets of Israel? did any other Israeli Prophet come after him? the is no! he was the last of Israeli Prophets, but did another prophet come yes! The Best the greastest of all Prophets Prophet Muhammad (saw) came, if he was greatest why do we a Israeli Prophet to come a revive Islam?



          • Umar so u agree agreeing that Khatam al anbiyaa of Bani Israel mean LAST PROPHET OF BANI ISRAEL?

            Was he Best prophet of Bani Israel? NO
            Was he Last Law bearing Prophet of Bani Israel? NO

            so can you explain if u got any other meaning for it. coz for us it is clear that it means LAST PROPHET OF BANI ISRAEL and it seem ur agreeing

  16. xiaahmad

    Tell me was he the last Prophet of Israel?, did another Prophet come after him? and that Prophet who came after him was he the best Prophet?


    • Yes he was the last prophet of Bani Israel
      And we consider Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) the leader of all Prophets

      So do u accept now?

      that Khatam al anbiyaa of Bani Israel means LAST PROPHET OF BANI ISRAEL
      not best prophet of Bani Israel
      or Last law bearing prophet of bani Israel

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