Ahmadiyya Bans Facebook!



In one of the most amazing setbacks in the history of the Ahmadiyya, the leadership has ordered a ban on Facebook. In fact, the ban appears to extend to all social networking activities. All accounts are to be deleted immediately. Mirza Masroor, the supreme spiritual head and it appears, Führer of the Ahmadiyya, delivered his edict in Germany, of all places, just two days after we exposed one of his rising and personally-approved stars as, well, a bit of a jack-the-lad really. With egg on his face, and realising that the Internet has damaged Ahmadiyya perhaps irreperably, His Holiness in a fit of pique threw out the baby with the bathwater. Surely the irony of a supreme leader claiming to be leader of a single undivided nation, banning free speech on a social network with “book” in its name couldn’t have been lost on at least some of the Ahmadis present?

The move beggars belief. Other than the obvious sign that the Ahmadiyya leadership, intellectually bankrupt, is on the run from the rational arguments that have shattered its cloistered, cultish worldview and logically incoherent theology all over the Internet, the clear signal here is that when a cult cannot control the discourse, it prevents its members from engaging in that discourse. When Ahmadis start to see the truth through these social networking sites (and surely, blogs, like these, like some of the Ahmadiyya propaganda sites also fall under that category) they begin to turn away from Ahmadiyya and towards freedom. The leadership can’t afford to lose its cash cows. One recent revert to Islam from Ahmadiyya was paying thousands of pounds a year in cult tax. He simply can’t believe how brainwashed he was.

Disingenuously, the Ahmadiyya mouthpiece and serial DMCA-filer Nasim Rehmatullah is taking questions on this latest astounding move. The first question is tellingly, why is the Ahmadiyya Organisation allowed to have its own Facebook page? The less than satisfactory answer is that it exists to counter anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda and that it can be accessed without an account. So wait, you are allowed to visit social networking sites, you just can’t use them. Please tell me if you can spot the flaw in that one. It appears that all Facebook accounts are equal, but that some are more equal than others.

I think the lady doth protest too much. Here is a man who filed multiple DMCA notices to have Youtube videos, which included quotations from “holy books” a century old removed for “copyright violations” (they were all reinstated, much to his chagrin). Here he is again, fronting an operation in which tens of thousands of Ahmadis the world over have effectively been cut off from the most important advance in the history of communications – social networking.

Rehmatullah’s reasoning suggests that Ahmadis are being banned from Facebook because they are not equipped to answer anything put to them. One has to search a little more carefully to find the real reason. Every social interaction of Ahmadis, or engagement with the real world, leaves them vulnerable to making the “saved sect” look anything but saved. It also leaves them vulnerable to the truth – there are the continued efforts of many Muslims to calmly rebut Ahmadiyya canards and present the truth, with no personal or collective agenda other than the betterment of the ordinary Ahmadi’s condition. The option is stark. If you want to use social networking, you’ll have to leave Ahmadiyya to do it.

The Ahmadiyya ban on Facebook extends to all “similar sites”. No Facebook. No Twitter. No LinkedIn. No nothing. Remember, YouTube is a social networking site – will the Führer ban that too? The Ahmadiyya has basically shut down all free speech within its movement. Nobody is allowed to say anything to anyone, to be anything, to have an existence on-line. One of Masroor’s reasons for banning Facebook and social networking is because “shameful things happen there”. Well, shameful things happen in bedrooms too, will he be banning those?

Muslims are free to use Facebook or any other social network as they see fit. There isn’t, and  probably never will be a centrally controlled singular Facebook group for Islam or Muslims. The Ahmadiyya move is the most retrograde and extremist attack on the free speech of people anywhere in the world. Even the Saudis haven’t banned Facebook. Even the Taliban use Twitter! Let’s be clear, this move by the Ahmadiyya is the biggest infringement on civil liberties ever made by a cult that has the brazen temerity, the Orwellian gall to boast “Freedom” on its bus adverts, paid for out of the pockets of its victims. It is rank extremism and needs to be declared as such by every clear thinking person in Britain today.

Ahmadiyya is an extremist cult that pretends to be cuddly. Some well-meaning people in parliamentary circles have been temporarily fooled by this shallow front. The police and certain councillors in South London have not and the sooner everyone wakes up to the routine deception of the Ahmadiyya, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the better.


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130 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Bans Facebook!

  1. Well written, and with a perfect perspective. Well done. To all clear-headed Ahmadis who think this is absurd and an infringement of one of the most basic freedoms:
    1. Take a screenshot of the official page.
    2. Publicise the ban so that they have to reverse it – they have reversed almost all Internet-related bans in the past.
    3. When they reverse it, publicise the pattern.

    Repeat 1-3 until these bans are history. Then, begin the countdown.

  2. point 3 and FAQ clearly shows that no FB accounts… so the excuses of smart use etc is finished

    I hope common ahmadi stand against this ridiculous ban and think freely not as slaves

  3. This reminds me back in 1998 or so when mirza tahir Ahmad shut down all THE ahmadiyya sites including THE official site due to THE success of Irshad.org and other s in exposing mga

    Subhana Allah

  4. A well written piece brother Shahid, good job. Freedom, peace and loyalty? It’s just another slogan. For people who are not on Facebook or at least not part of the Ahmadiyya groups that have been set up by brothers Zia Ahmed, Mehboob Ahmed and Rizwan Alam, all I can say is that Ahmadis are being exposed to their true beliefs and have no sense of debating past the ‘we are the truth’ emotive persuasions.

    In addition to this, their confused beliefs are displayed when they are asked specific questions relating to their “prophet” and his beliefs as well as those of the Jama’at. They contradict the Jama’at in what they think they are told to believe. They are shown the evilness of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his deceitful nature. This is damaging to the cult business.

    Any cult which has its priority as money making has to protect its customer base, thus they are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that this is the case… What next? Ban the Internet? After all it is more harmful than Facebook.

  5. A beautifully articulated article, well done Shahid.
    Here are my thoughts, it appears that the impact of the people engaged in exposing the cult, despite their small numbers, is huuuuuuuge. It seems this ban comes directly on the back of the sexual scandal pictures of the regional qaid of the jamat.
    The other important thing that I want everyone to watch out for very carefully is how much ahmadis actually conform to this.
    If you go to facebook you will see hundreds of ahmadi pages and even after this ban from the ‘God appointed’ dictator, hundreds of ahmadis WILL NOT DELETE THEIR FACEBOOKS, I can guarantee it!

    We put this challenge to the Ahmadi Murrabis show us the loyalty of ahmadis to your dictator by ensuring ALL AHMADIS SHUT DOWN THEIR FACEBOOK, if they dont it means they are openly rejecting mullah masroors command!

    watch the face book world! ahmadis will still keop their pages

  6. Shahid is right about the other sites, twitter, myspace, youtube, wordpress etc
    All of these are social networks and I think we can agree that youtube has more vices then facebook. On facebook you get photos but youtube we have sound and movement, that is obviously worse, right?
    So to be consistent the dictator needs to ban ahmadis using all of the above,
    and when he does he is going to get the same response as he gets with facebook and the same response he gets when he tries to force women to wear hijab, everyone is going to ignore him and the more people ignore him the clearer it becomes that he is a nobody and to ignore him doesnt make a difference.

    Ahmadis, can you now claim that your jamat is a progressive and dynamic jamat? It is more backward than the mullahs, the mullahs have not banned these things.

    And as Shahid points out, if facebook is evil and full of vice, what right do the murabbi goons have to create and own an official page? shut it down you hypocrites!
    Yet again one rule for the murabbi goons and another for average ahmadis.

    I think its brilliant, it will yet again show young ahmadis what a crazy and crack pot cult they have had the misfortune of being born into!

    Ahmadis, it doesnt get any better in the cult it gets worse, please read, research and investigate you will see that you are being conned!

    • Jess if you have a face book account please tell us your face book acct. and let us have a good read!!! of who you are, after all its great way to socialise right!

      Are you saying women should not wear hijab? therefore you would accept Muslim ladies Girls without Hijab? so lets get this right An Imam can ask or remind ladies to wear Hijab, but cannot order? this correct? please tell me.


      Love and peace

      • @ Ahmad

        You have to understand that the ‘A’ is a backwards charity. They are living in 20th century british India. They are trying to keep everything the way it was 100 years ago. The ‘A’ doesnt have the ability to change with the times.

        However, Islam is dynamic and has existed without a ‘charity’ sending murrabis to Africa. Islam in America is thriving. Progressive Islam is at the forefront of Islamic unity in the USA. Ahmadiyyat is not. Ahmadiyyat tells the woman to stay in a seperate hall and listen to the speeches of men.

        • so you are saying that men and women should mix? like some American Islamic communities are doing? so why don’t you tell women to become progressive and remove hijabs or why don’t appoint women Imam’s as I believe this already happening in the USA in the name of progressive Islam.


          Love and Peace


  7. Extract taken from Alislam.org

    “After Prophethood, Khilafat is the most important institution in Islam. Khulafa are ultimately appointed by God through His Divine guidance. …”

    High profile members in defiance of FaceBook ruling

    Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon

    Qudsi Rasheed, International Human Rights Lawyer

    What will happen to them?
    Will they be thrown out of their respective jammats…..
    What do you think will happen to them …….. go on have a guess…. thats right you’ve got it ….nothing
    Yet they have chosen to defy a ruing from their Khilafah and hence undermine him. Do you imagine these people would lay down there life for him, and they have pledged to do so…

    • Qudsi’s profile seems down… Could be my connection or sign in settings though!

      • He is the Khalifa of the ‘A’. Nothing more and nothing less. He is just like the Piggot. He has a flock and he controls their thoughts. He will soon falter and the ‘A’ will need to be disbanded as a Charity. Are you ready for that?

  8. LOL! Only less than a year ago Masroor told his Khuddam to go on to the internet and spread the truth of Ahmadiyya… (Ijtema of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya 2010)

    Their whole propaganda campaign of 2010/2011 has failed and now they’re running back to cultish isolation. Pathetic!

  9. Mas is a stark raving lunatic for even thinking people will listen. Why invent bans if he knows people wont follow! I know your Qaid was dry-humping chicks in some pics but come on Mas, not ALL ahmadis are like that!!!!

    • @ Findings

      I have about 15-20 nieces and nephews who are teenagers. They are nothing without their FB account, or at least thats the impression that I get. lol. I wonder what will happen when my brothers and cousins tell them to turn off their accounts?

      Thank you Allah…we have progress. I thought Ahmadis said that Islam was backwards???? Seems like the ‘A’ is turning into a zoo that doesnt allow visitors.

      • they’ve started. ‘obeying khalifa is important’. what happens when the khalifa tells the goree next to him at his next peace/multi faith conference how he is all for liberalism and freedom? liar. cheat. fraud.

        • Sometimes I think that Allah sent us Masroor. The way he’s going…the ‘A’ wont last much longer.

          Here is an awkward moment that he had…its 27 seconds of silence…it seems that his ghostwriter fumbled on some words…


          from 51:10 to 51:37….. 27 seconds of awkwardness.
          1. he says…”some words were cut off”

          2. And ..did he pull his glasses out??

          • LOL @ the camera trickery… Zooming out so Mas could compose himself. Mind, when he put his glasses on, I felt a tinge of sympathy for this man. He really is just a budda baba..being run by corrupt kenyans. If only Mas could turn back time…

      • try following Islam!! come to Islam


        love and peace ” wa galoo sami wa ata’naa”

  10. Nice work Shahid. Here is the video for those who like face-to-face dictators:


    At about 21:00 in. He says some other things too…about freedom.

    I have contacted about 50 Ahmadis and they arent taking down their FB accounts. I wonder if Masroor will send out his official letter…only time will tell.

    • Looks like Qudsi removed his page after you exposed it, and now Shahnawaz has done the same. No doubt they read the blog. No doubt also that they find this new directive embarrassing, especially in light of Qudsi’s work as a Human Rights Lawyer. It will be interesting to see where he stands on this particular issue, or whether the cognitive dissonance he is now feeling, might lead him to realise that I wasn’t the mentalist he and his family cultishly and naïvely imagined me to be, nor are those from North London who have left Ahmadiyya since, especially those it was utterly impossible for them to fling mud against. (They know what I’m talking about) – not that mud-slinging is Islamic, but then neither is Ahmadiyya.

      Leave the Ahmadiyya cult gents, come back to Islam. Your preconceptions and prejudices are wrong. You used to respect me before, “I lived a lifetime amongst you”, none of us are the monsters that you believe us to be. Think gents, if this was all about the garbage you’ve been fed about me, why would I carry on doing this publicly, relentlessly, without fear, despite so much hostility, hatred and threats?


        • Technically speaking there was no change but more of ‘making things clear’. Common sense reveals that by the phrase “The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted” means the ‘normal’ type accounts that are just created for “individual social purposes”.
          Personally speaking I would probably extend business/education to people who would need/benefit heavily from facebook pages for due to their career path, for example politicians, advisors etc.

          • It seems like Masroor is backpeddling, sorta like MGAQ on prophethood, jihad, and many other things…you cant, you can, etc, etc….the majority of young Ahmadis in the West dont care what Masroor has to say anyways, they are only in the ‘A’ for social and family reasons.

      • ahh we could mention a lot but it is unIslamic!!! and as we are Muslims following Islam we don’t



  11. Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK Pledge
    “…I solemnly pledge that I shall always be ready to sacrifice my life, wealth, time and honour for the sake of my faith, country and nation. Likewise I shall be ready to offer any sacrifice for guarding the institution of Khilafat-e- Ahmadiyya. Moreover I shall deem it essential to abide by any “Maroof” decision made by Khalifatul Masih Insha’Allah.”

  12. Whats wrong Shahid? Do you love you precious Fitnabook so much? On the one hand you argue that Ahmadis have no choice but to bin the book but on the other you exclaim that Ahmadis are still on Facebook. Hazur (aba) has advised Ahmadis to avoid Facebook but that it not any Fatwa. Sheikh Abd al-Hamid al-Atrash of Al Ahzar has also condemned Facebook are a doorway onto evil. Like Alcohol not everyone who drinks it will develop a problem but it presents more harm then good. Likewise with Facebook.

    Peace bro..

        • if he tells u to stop drinking water you’ll do it…that is how you sound. The same can be said for the Internet, music, tv…y not ban all those?

          • Submission is a good thing. What’s problematic is creating new laws and rules. No one has that authority, save Allah.

    • Ban Youtube, Twitter etc as well
      infact ban internet secondly still 99% ahmadies are running their accounts on Facebook 🙂

      • Didn’t they already ban YouTube for Ahmadis and said they should only the MTA official account? That’s why that one guy I debated removed all of his videos…

          • He personally told me that he removed his videos because he was ordered to do so by the leadership.

            I really do believe he lost the argument, but his bravado and condescension lead me to believe his nafs thinks he won.

        • Nope youtube twitter are allowed.

          He just made up the excuse i believe there are 100s of other channel

          I am sure for this FB account they will add some loophole to the ban coz hardly any ahmadi has deleted their account

  13. Yusuf Pender the first thing you need to get into your head is when a Muslim scholar provides us with a fatwa we are not obliged to follow it, because a fatwa is merely an answer/opinion. On the other hand when ‘Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore’ A.K.A Mirza Masroor gives you an order you have NO CHOICE but to oblige by it. Masroor has clearly stated:
    “The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted.” Jalsa Salana Germany 2011, June 26th 2011

    The thing that makes me laugh is, on one hand you claim
    “we are righlty guided because we have a khalifa” yet on the other you completely disobey him. What a JOKE!

    You guys are getting torn appart on facebook and the biggest fear for your cult is the FACT that many Qadiani girls engage with Muslim men 🙂 that is the real problem because Subhan’Allah, Allah-Akbar recently many young girls have left the cult and married Muslim boys. Everyday Qadianis are exposed to the truth on facebook by articles, scanned pages from qadiani text and videos. This frightens the life out of your seniors because the only thing that masroor/rafiq hayat worry about is the monthly collection of TAX-AAM and how they will have to ‘budget’ their lifestyle!

    Your the same guy who tries to challenge Muslims to debates and then runs away from them, like you ran away from me on facebook last year when I exposed mirza’s writings. Your all trained the same way ‘don’t talk about mirza just ask the non-qadianis where’s your jesus’ and when a Muslim exposes mirza….
    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. [Note from Admin: Don’t misdirect, the post is very clear on the order, as are the directions on alislam.org, as are the extrapolations from the directions. Please address the issues, not people.]


    You seem a bit flustered there brother. You seem very angry. Thats not good for ones health. In a narration by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him man said to the Prophet Muhammad (sas) Advise me. The Prophet Muhammad (sas). Said :” Do not become angry “

    Yes your right when the Khalifa of Islam gives an order we aught to follow it. But Hazur (aba) did not give an order. He was speaking in general about the dangers of social networking. Of course Facebook falls under this also. It comes down to Tuqwah.

    Hmm you say that I am the one who has run away from you? Interesting I do not recall that. Well here is your opportunity sir to run me out of town. I would advise that you take it.

    • well we can all see how your murabbi training has come into effect:
      1. When a Muslim provides an argument that you cannot address directly, resort to such personal attacks as:
      a. you are angry
      b. you sound angry
      c. you look angry
      d. i can sense your anger
      e. copy the above changing anger to frustrated
      f. you lie

      When the Khalifa of Islam gives an order so long as it does not contradict with the Quran or Sunnah then the nation is under obligation to obey him. Masroor is not the khalifa of Islam, he is just the ‘desi’ version of Dumbledore and maybe your harry?

      I dont know what dictionary you use but you must try the oxford or merriam webster dictionaries checking the definition for the words ‘NOT’ and ‘PERMITTED’ then putting the two together will clearly explain what he has stated.
      If masroor has banned facebook due to it (supposedly) effecting your ‘Taqwa’. Then it goes to show what level of Taqwa the cult has even after claiming to have accepted the ‘messiah’.

      • Mehboob and to all, I have been away just got back, wow!! you guys have been busy, bot still lack understanding.

        The Holy Prophet (saw) has said ” ismu u wa ati u wa instu’mila
        alaikum abdun habshiyyan ka’anna ra ‘sahu zanbibatun”

        according to this hadith we must obey!!! even if the leader has a head of like grape is in authority over us, the essence of this Hadtih is obedience. alhamdulillah Khalifa tul Masih (aba) is the Khalifa of Allah (swt) so we ” hear and obey”


        Love and peace


        • @ Ahmad

          What is the exact reference for this statement by Muhammad (saw)??

          What is the context of this statement? Was it given before a war? Have you even been in the military? Have you ever taken orders from a senior officer?

          When Muhammad (saw) asked those Muslims to secure that hill at the battle of Uhud? What happened? Could this hadith be in reference to that event?

          • Rationalist

            Well if you have studied Islamic theology you should know which book of hadith this from it is quite famous!

            have you served in the Army?

            have you taken orders from a senior officer?


            peace and love

          • @ Ahmad

            The point is that when you post a reference you MUST give the origination point. This is isnt an Ahmadi controlled board where they wouldnt care. You need to learn how to understand hadith. You need to learn the basics of academic/archeological research.

            It seems that you dont know what book this comes from. I’ll tell you something…99.9% of the aggressive verses of the Quran were directed at soldiers of Islam, those who were fighting with swords in their hands.

            The same rule applies to other verses of the Quran. You must understand the CONTEXT. Islam was a military society. Most of the Quran gives Muslims orders on how to behave during war. This is the foundation to understanding the Quran.

            The Mental Ghulam Ahmad version of Islam that you follow has a shade of British India in it which has diluted its entire content. Get the picture?

    • @Yusuf: Firstly Mehboob didnt sound angry to me, his exclamation marks were more to emphasis his point rather than an anger issue. One should give your brother the benefit of doubt. I can give you a hadith about this.

      Secondly the said quote “The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted.” Jalsa Salana Germany 2011, June 26th 2011. What is that other than an order? If one told you zinnah is not permitted, would you take that to mean its ok to have some type of fornication and you were not obliged to follow?

      Thirdly, since you mentioned a hadith and used it as proof let me narrate you some more hadith.
      “The tribe of Israel was guided by prophets. When a prophet passed away, another prophet succeeded him. But no prophet will come after me; only caliphs will succeed me.” (Bukhari)
      “The chain of Messengers and Prophets has come to an end. There shall be no Messenger nor Prophet after me.” (Tirmidhi)
      “The Holy Prophet (PBUH) observed: And there will arise Thirty imposters in my Ummah and each one of them will pronounce to the world that he is a prophet, but I am the last in the line of the Prophets of God and no Apostle will come after me.” (Abu Dawud).
      So in the same way you proved how one shouldnt get angry, I have also proved that propehthood ended with the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). All I ask is that you follow your own principles of proofs and run away from Ahmadiyya and embrace Islam.

        • @ Ahmad

          It doesnt matter what offices he holds. MGAQ had a terrible charachter. He was fit for a straight jacket. Nothing more and nothing less. He only wanted free money and didnt want to work for it. He planned everything, circa 1876.

          • that was not my question?

            Abu Emaan say ” The tribe of Israel was guided by prophets. When a prophet passed away, another prophet succeeded him. But no prophet will come after me; only caliphs will succeed me.” (Bukhari)
            “The chain of Messengers and Prophets has come to an end. There shall be no Messenger nor Prophet after me.” (Tirmidhi)

            so my question was will Jesus be a Prophet?


            love and peace

          • @ Ahmad

            This is an off-topic question. Go to the forum and ask me whatever question you wish.

            When Esa (as) returns….we will see what offices he holds. It’s a ‘wait and see’ situation. As you know every Islamic scholar before the 19th century believed in the physical Nuzool of Esa (as) towards the day of judgment. If you find one who didnt…let me know.

        • @Ahmad Do you deny all these ahadith about the end of prophethood and Esas (as) ascension? You ignore explicit hadith about the end of prophethood and then ignore other ahadith about Esa ascension when you know they exist. Rather than understand the issue by using all the hadith you just follow one man in qadian for your beliefs and deny 1400 years of scholarship.

  15. Whats all of this Harry Potter and Dumbledor talk? I thought you were going to throw some Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) writing at me not J.K.Rowlan. That’s the second time you have used that analogy. You must really be looking forward to the new HP7 Part 2 then…

    Alhamdoillah I am not on Facebook myself. If any other Ahmadi Musliman is then that that is between them and Allah Aza wa Jal. I’m not their guardian.

    • It’s all sci-fi like the ‘organisation’ you belong to and still your avoiding the point, what does not permitted mean?
      If being on facebook is between qadianis and Allah why has masroor NOT PERMITTED them to make or maintain accounts?
      You keep avoiding the points once again

  16. Abu emaan you are off topic. But perhaps that topic rule only applies to Ahmadis.

    As i said Hazur aba told Ahmadis to avoid facebook. And to answer your direct question yes he did say that facebook is not permited. But if someone does not cancel their facebook then they have Allah t-la to answer to.

    • Actually, they don’t. I can respect someone who deletes his Facebook out of obedience to his leader. I genuinely admire that kind of humbleness. But, Facebook isn’t a sin, so you don’t have to obey anyone.

      I believe it was Abdullah ibn Abbas who said the Khalifah of the time (‘Umar bin Khattab) has no right to order us to divorce our kitaabi (Jewish/Christian) wives. The 2nd Khalifah once ordered that women not set their mahr so high, and an older woman argued with him and said it is our right from the Qur’an.

      Point is, Allah has given us rights and no one has the authority to take away those rights.

      We filter out irrelevant or meaningless comments from both Muslims and Ahmadis alike. But, I have found Ahmadis changing the topic from anything and everything to “Jesus” dying in India at the age of 120.

      • Alcohol isn’t a sin is well. The sin is in its misuse, i.e. drinking. Alcohol has many beneficial uses as well such as fuel and antiseptics in medicine.

        In the same way true it is to say “Facebook isn’t a sin” but its misuse is a sin or to better word it, its use is a sin. Why did I just say its use is a sin rather than its misuse? I needn’t need to explain this to you but Facebook inherently targets the younger generation. It overwhelmingly attracts teenagers, young adults and also the tweens. Now such young people are unaware of the dangers facebook holds or at least they undermine its potential dangers. Facebook and its issue concerning privacy of its users has lately been on several media headlines and reports, often on frontpage newspapers too. Moreover, facebook certainly undermines the Islamic principles of ‘Purdah’ mainly due to its privacy issues and the facility to upload personal details such as photos, age etc. Well why did I say that its “use is sin” rather than “its misuse is a sin” as a better description? facebook ‘inherently’ undermines ‘purdah’, afterall it is ‘face’book. Its name clearly describes itself.

        Now off course you could use the facebook ‘smartly’ and avoid such instances that undermine Islamic principles, though technically speaking your account wouldn’t much of a ‘face’book account. Though it may seem to be a subjective conclusion, its dangers in my opinion and also in the opinion of our Khalifatil Masih (May Allah strengthen his hands) who I love and will always love and obey (Insh’Allah) are greater than its benefits. It may be for that reason that under the guidance of our creator Huzur (atba) may have decided to put a limitation to it and this time more strongly.

        And on your last point, just shortly, Allah has given you free will, off course no one has the right to take it away, whether you want to offer your fove daily prayers or not, whether you want to fast or not, and in this case whether you want to obey the Khalifatul Masih appointed by Allah or not. Its another matter how you will judged on Last Day.

        • Excellent comment and great points!

          What you seem to be against is not the Facebook site itself, but the harm that can come from it. But, couldn’t this logic be extended to literally everything? For example, TVs aren’t a sin but it can be misused to be sinful (ie, pornography). Extending that logic, we should ban all TV as well? Same SMS text messages. Should we ban it all?

          Facebook is a communication medium just like any other medium.

          I hear about a ton of the local Islamic talks through Facebook. I heard of this Afghan Educational development institution through Facebook. In my space time, I help people find jobs. I do a lot of the networking through Facebook. I am trying to reconnect to my extended-family in India who I have zero contact with through Facebook. Are you really going to disregard all of this…?

          Blanket banning a site is an extreme solution to a problem. And doesn’t he realize people are going to still use it? Instead, he should have banned just the misuse. But, that too is unnecessary as the last prophet (SAAWS) already did so. And whatever he (SAAWS) says, I must obey – unquestioned.

          Instead of just banning a very popular internet site to create a facade of piety and moral uprightness, he should work to increase a connection to Allah amongst his followers.

          • No this logic could not be extended to everything, TV is not inherently designed for e.g. pornography, which is an example of a misuse of TV, not its inherent property, whereas facebook is inherently designed for just that “face”book (as it describes itself) undermining the principles of ‘purdah’ in Islam. This I have explained before, in more detail, shouldn’t need to expand.

            You are correct that when you said that I am not against “Facebook site itself, but the harm that can come from it” but this applies to every concept really as far as I am aware. But the reason why this limitation has come forward from Huzur (May Allah strengthen his hands) is indeed because its damages are greater than its benefits, which itself I suppose is due to its inherent property.

            You may describe your personal benefits here in this post, and I have no reason to doubt that but notice everything that is bad or is spiritually disadvantageous has advantages too even its under conditions of usage too. Take for example, alcohol. Alcohol is thought to reduce risk of heart disease medically speaking provided it is drank in moderate amounts. But notice that Islam has forbidden drinking of alcohol irrespective of the amount taken in, simply because its disadvantages massively outweigh its advantages. So telling personal stories is all good, but its the overall society that matters and hence the potential individual risks too.

            Again in response to your 5th paragraph, why should Islam do a blanket ban on alcohol? Blanket ban may seem like an extream solution but it may be the best solution too. Again I wouldn’t term “misuse” towards facebook. “use” seems to better fit the definition according to me (see earlier explaination). So yes huzur has put a heavy limitation towards “use” of facebook.

            In response to your second to last para, you state that as if Huzur re-iterates the limitation on his sermons repeatedly. Off course not. Huzur spends most of his sermons, and i really mean most on guiding Ahmadis and other Muslims and non-Muslims towards piety, spiritual connection, love, with his creator and indeed our holy master Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) .

            The last para is a mere assumption, for which there is no real basis. I have heavy doubts about that so called picture. I have checked very carefully myself and the image of the person in the picture doesn’t match to that of any regional qaid.

          • I see that you have removed your last para which discussed the possible connection of the person in the picture which you presume to be the regional qaid to this Facebook discussion, so my last comment which says “In response to your second to last para” should now read “In response to your last para”.

          • “The last para is a mere assumption, for which there is no real basis.”

            Its a conclusion from a strong correlation. We’ve also posted articles/videos and 2 weeks later they have MTA talks on the very topic we brought up. Wanna see 🙂

            I don’t think even you would disagree that there is a degree of control of speech in Ahmadiyya. In the past that was easy to maintain, but the internet and sites like Facebook make it a ton harder. Solution? BAN IT!

            Regarding the picture being fake:
            de·ni·al (d-nl)
            Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

          • This is getting a little offtopic here, but anyway…

            Right, so denial is a case of defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud. Taking this to be true, that doesn’t make every form of denial to be necessarily due to ‘the evidence being presented’. That denial could be due to lack of evidence in eyes of the reader and the process of self-investigation.
            Here the self-investigation is the part where I have repeatedly claimed that I have checked the the images of the regional qaids and they as far as I am not mistaken, do not match with that of the image presented.
            Another thing that led me question that particular image/post was due to the fact that you claim that there is a potential risk of third party copyright infringement claims, but then on the other hand you or your buddies freely place copyrighted images related to Ahmadiyyat including those from alislam.org particularly on your forums.

            Finally, I do not understand what you mean by “control of speech” by Ahmadiyya, if you could clear that up that’ll be great help. Secondly please go ahead with providing MTA talk links, I may have missed/don’t remember.

          • 1) When Br Shahid first disclosed grammatical mistakes in Mirza’s English “revelation”, at first all of the Ahmadis denied it, saying Shahid was making it up.

            2) Then it was denied as an editor’s error

            3) Then they said that kind of English is actually acceptable.

            4) People deny that Shahid was never an Ahmadi. The new story is that he was “kicked out”.

            5) People deny references from Mirza’s books that he could ever have said such terrible things, even if we give exact references and underline them.

            6) Now the new denial story is the person is not a Qaid.

            Do you see the pattern of behavior? At some point, its just “I will close my mind and deny anything, because Mullahs are evil and Muslims believe in fairy-tales.”

            The article said nothing about copyright infringement. It was an executive decision by our team to have the picture pulled. Referencing other sites falls under Fair use. Ahmadiyya challenged us on this before, we counter-filed and won.

          • [Admin: We are fully aware of Fair Use issues and we don’t need to consult Wikipedia for them. You don’t learn copyright law from Wikipedia, you ask lawyers or speak to people experienced in copyright law. Members of our team are well versed in copyright law.

            We’ve warned you to stop questioning the authenticity of the photo, you’re now creating noise. We have validated the identity from multiple sources. Stop behaving badly, your religion tells you to obey rules, well we have rules, so obey them or find somewhere else that doesn’t mind you breaking the rules.

            You can’t simply turn up here and shout “bogus” without a clear rebuttal. Otherwise you’re just being rude.

            We were careful to say “Third Party legal issues”. We were not referring to the Ahmadiyya, or even the person who was the object of the post and it’s childish and churlish for you to pursue this point doggedly when you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. So please, no further discussion on authenticity, or on Fair Use or you will lose your posting privileges. You’ve had fair warning.]

            Right, so this is getting too far from this post and I think I have attended all the issues raised here, so…

            Actually Wikipedia states that fair use “allows limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders”. So my point still gets intentionally or unintentionally avoided when you said “Referencing other sites falls under Fair use”. I was not discussing here about referencing but rather pasting of the material, in this case images. There are copyrighted images that still exist on your site without any fear of “third party legal implications”. But now when this so called qaid scandal comes forward, there is a sudden adrenaline rush of “potential third party legal implications”?
            Anyway my point is here that’s what led me to question the validity of that post. My main point is that I have checked the images of regional qaids with that of the image presented by you and they do not match. It could be that I am mistaken, afterall I am a human, but I’m quite sure that its not.

            Right, so you try to link previous happenings in this blog with that of other happenings. However, remember that one event cannot validate another event. The listed points that you have raised all require individual attention and I am sure many of such points have already been attended to heavily particularly those concerning the revelations of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) such as Rahe-Huda programme and other sites. Chances are they are just as bogus as allegations raised on this and the other posts I have been busy with.

          • You probably have more experience in Fair Use issues than me. I’ll take your word for it.

            May Allah bless you this Jumu’ah

          • @ anonymous

            Was the Mass Explusions letter a fake too? Come on BRO, give it up, give it a rest. You live in fairy-tale-land. You live in some weird paranormal facade of reality…I know…I was there toooo. We sued to think that the entire world was on the verge of becoming Ahmadi.

            I just watched a video wherein 30,000 people were hoodwinked to believe in MGA. Once they were educated on what the ‘A’ was …they all left.

            I also recently read about MGA and his eyes. MGA couldnt even keep his eyes open. They just never opened even 20%. The photographer for his famous picture had to urge him to keep his eyes open.

            And this is your Imam/guru/prophet/messiah??? Dont you feel embarrased when presenting MGA to the world? I would.

          • [Note from admin: Stop spamming or you will be banned without further notice. Please move on now.]

          • Why is anyone entertaining this anonymous diversion? Very well done Anonymous…. You have successfully diverted the last 2 blog posts.

    • @Yusuf perhaps I did stray a little from the topic.

      However to be frank, I dont really care if you use facebook or not, my real concern for you is to avoid the Fire by having the correct belief and action. The belief in a prophet after Muhammad(Khatam un Nabiyeen- The Last of the prophets) is so serious that it takes a person outside the fold of Islam. So please dear brother forgive me for going off topic but all I sincerely want is for you to abandon this misguided belief and follow the truth. Using facebook wont leave you in the Hellfire for eternity but believing in a prophet after Muhammad(pbuh) after the proofs have been clearly explained, ultimately can. Please reflect.

  17. Dear brothers Facebook is neither inherently evil nor is is inherently good. It is indefinite, inanimate. “Qul auzu berebil falaq. Min sharil makalaq” meaning “I seek protection from the lord of the Dawn. From the evil of that which he has created”. So as our anonymous Ahmadi brother has said although yes Facebook does indeed serve the individual in keeping contact with loved ones and friends and also acts as a platform for self expression yet we can see that Facebook also is a format where members of both sexes and also those whom are married find themselves in contact with the opposite gender. There is ample scope for committing sin. Remember Rasool Allah (sas) said that when a man and a woman think that they are alone together that they are not for Satan is the third person there. He also said that when a man and woman who are not married nor related touch hands Satan comes between them. We see today that there are so many reports of how people are having affairs sparked by meeting people on social networking sites. So I commend the bravery of our humble Hazur (aba) for taking such a pious and brave stand. Remember that just because something is popular does not mean that it becomes Halal.

    And as for Ahmadis not deleting their accounts on Facebook? Many may simply not know how. You cant delete your Facebook account just disable it. Also many may have had an account and just not forgotten about it.


    • Thanks for your excellent comment.

      You acknowledge that Facebook is neither inherently good or evil. It is like a TV or phone, just another medium of communication. But, quite literally any and all mediums of communication can be abused exactly as you described – with inappropriate gender interactions.

      Why is Facebook deemed haraam, but a TV, phone, even the Internet itself not? And at least Facebook has restrictions, there is far more inappropriate stuff out there by just using a Web browser! Why not ban Web browsing all together?

      My theory is because TVs, phones and such are normative and therefore socially acceptable to our parents generation. And lets face it, Mirza Masroor is a desi uncle.

      There are a lot of Muslim scholars who advise people not to watch TVs. That’s fine. But, they can’t go as far as saying “this is haraam and you will be in hell-fire for doing it”. Only Allah is al-Haakim (Law-Giver). Likewise, no one can arbitrarily declare Facebook sinful or haraam.

      I see this as another attempt to keep Ahmadis away from interacting with Muslims, and have their knowledge of Islam exclusively from Mirza Masroor.

      May Allah guide us all.

      • Where has the Khalifatul Masih V (aba) haraam in the way you are suggesting? he has pointed out its evils and its benefits, and its evils out weighs it Benefits. 2ndly he has requested with love, he has not forced anyone not to use it!!!!!. But those of us who obey almighty Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saw) believe he is the Khalifa of Allah (swt) so we choose to obey!!!



        love and Peace

    • I dont think that they are not deleting or Disabling it coz they didnt know they are active user and educated enough to find how to disable and delete account

      by the way account can be deleted as well on facebook go to help section and search about it 🙂 the ahmadies that I know allmost all of them are still on Facebook 🙂
      infact other group owners said that they will disable the group but later they didnt

      So Mirza Masroor order and been ignored badly by ahmadies… I am sure now they will change the ban to careful use of Facebook

    • Yusuf, are you trying to convince us? because you are preaching to the converted. Incase it hadnt occured to you, you are not arguing against us but against your own khalifa. You know the guy who is appointed and guided by God. Your post was great, because it is exactly what are thinking and demonstrates the absurdity of your khalifa.
      But his nonsense has a root cause, and that is his complete lack of educationa in islam sciences, in this case his complete ignorance of Fiqh.
      Your post Yusuf is the best one on this article, because it captures the counter argument against Mirza Masroor and what makes it so precious is that it comes from you, an ahmadi.
      We can ask Mr Masroor when he would like to ban TV, radio, DVDs, youtube, satelites, mobile phones, Ipods, Ipads, infact any piece of technology that can transmit any information audio or visual or what about books they are hot potatoes of vice??? He needs to take them down.
      But the wonderful morality of cult ahmadiyya is that it is good for khalifas and murabbis but evil and naughty for little ahmadi lambs!
      awwww how sweeet, he is protecting you.
      I say he needs to stop beating around the bush and get to where he wants you, in cages watching and listening to nothing except his boring monotone pseudo urdu khutbahs! Its literally out of a sci-fi horror movies about a cult, except very very real.
      think, breath and sneeze cult.
      Did you you just break wind???

      Did you seek permission from the Qaid to do that? tut tut tut!

      Ahmadis, for the love of God wake up, it is a cult, spelt C. U. L. T look up the definition, let the penny drop.

  18. Facebook has been around for around a decade, why did it only suddenly get banned? One possible reason Mirza Masroor banned facebook just now is because the leaked picture of the corrupt Ahmadi Qaid with the two girls was leaked to us by an Ahmadi who saw the pictures VIA FACEBOOK.

  19. Brother Farhan so basically you agree with the principle of what I have said but your main area of concern is that why only Facebook and not T.V, the wider Internet etc which can also be a source of immorality?

    Hazoor (aba) has not just spoken on Facebook but all other smiler socially interactive sites. They are those sites that have been expressly created for people to commune socially. The fact is that on a social site people are engaged in communications with members of the opposite sex and their natural sense or morality is compromised because they feel that their is a sort of film or screen between them both. They may say things and proceed in a manner and quite often do that they would never do face to face and proceed on a path that normally they would not entertain. In fact on a social site this type of behavior is even incuraged.

    As for Television and the internet in entirety, yes this presents its own challenge to the Moomin also. But this is not about banning everything which one feels may enable misbehavior for in this case we should also ban knives as they are can be used to kill. There are certain trials which we must wrestle with and contend with in life for even a book can infuse immoral ideas in ones mind. Rather when there is a medium which goes so much over that line into being an open invitation to engage in behavior which is unislamic and harmful then one must seriously investigate whether this is now no longer justifiable as a social tool. Especially as Facebook is the most widely used medium of leisurely social interaction globally. In this case Hazoor (aba) has taken this decision and I welcome it.

    In saying all of this I am quite aware that whatever I say will be objectionable to you as your reason detre is to object to anything and everything that associated with Ahmadiyyat.


    • wa salaam,
      No, I don’t agree with the principle. That’s what I’m saying. The logic behind it is inconsistent.

      First things first, there are a near infinite means to commit haraam. Rather than blanket banning them all (which is not enforceable anyways) you instill people with Taqwa so that they don’t commit sins despite being surrounded by it. That’s a better solution.

      You said: But this is not about banning everything which one feels may enable misbehavior for in this case we should also ban knives as they are can be used to kill

      That’s exactly the point. Why then do you ban Facebook but not knives? You cannot go around making haraam what Allah and his Prophet SAAWS did not make haraam. Just like you can’t ban knives, you can’t ban TV, and you can’t ban Facebook.

      Again, you may argue that sin through Facebook is common. Understandable. But I guarantee you sin through Internet Explorer is far more pervasive.

      In saying all of this I am quite aware that whatever I say will be objectionable to you as your reason detre is to object to anything and everything that associated with Ahmadiyyat.
      In saying all of this I am quite aware that whatever I say will be objectable to you as your reason detre is to object to anything and everything that [is] associated with Islam.

      • Facebook has been around for around a decade. Why did Mirza Masroor uncle suddenly decide to ban it?

        Ahmadiyya leadership read this site. In the past we’ve had issues that they otherwise buried suddenly brought up in response to videos/articles we’ve done.

        My theory is that they banned Facebook because the Qaid whose picture was leaked to us was done so over Facebook. Its a medium they can’t control and therefore is banned.

        • the Issue of face book was discussed long before the photo of the Qaid was ever in question!!!, many Ahmadi’s were not quite sure about face book, so many Ahmadi’s where asking for it to be clear!!! and now it is.

          Bro Yusuf has given an excellent explanation!! but it would seem you guys just want to pick!!! rather then accept that perhaps the Khalifa of the Time! was correct!!!

          If face book is not haram or that it can lead many Muslims astry and indeed it has, and all your guys points or arguments are that it becuase of Ahmadi ‘s are more exposed to the proofs against doctrine, it is a fact many Muslims around the world are not well versed in its doctrine and that includes Sunni Islam or Shia Islam and other’s just go hyde park and see how many Muslims are being destroyed by Christians preacher’s becuse they don’t have knowledge of Islam, and so in the case with Ahmadi Muslim youths, therefore for them to be debating on facebook is pointless until they study more!!!. I have been on face for a long time and have yet to be convinced by the Sunni, Shia, and others of their arguments against the Promised Messiah (as). so please! this is not the reason for requesting Ahmadi Muslims to abstain from using facebook!!!!.

          why dont some of you guys request a meeting with Ahmadi scholars and come face to face and debate the issues and let Shahid and other ex Ahmadi’s and let the rest of decide who is right and whi is wrong!!!


          love and peace

          • Most of ahmadies are still on FACEBOOK

            and why only facebook? why not Youtube Twitter or internet it self

            yahoo, MSN, Gmail etc as well 🙂

          • @Ahmad. Every year we have a multitude of Khatam e Nabuwat conferences all over the UK, why does your ‘khilafah’ never appear? Why does he never attend, so he can inform people of his ‘greater knowledge’ and prove to the masses that we have all been deluded for the past 1400 years, even the Sahabah? He should be at every conference proving his ‘love for all and hatred for none’. Where is he? He is invisible.

  20. I am an Ahmadi. I would describe myself as a liberal Muslim on many social issues, particularly women’s rights (no, I’m not a woman). This latest instruction is simply bizarre and caused me to lose even more of a connection with Ahmadiyyat.

    The Jamaat takes pains to show that it is a group of normal, well-adjusted middle-class Muslims who mean no harm to the US, the UK, Canada or other Western countries. Lately, the Jamaat has become very active in projecting this image on the FOX News website, an idea I agree with, albeit not with FOX, though I can see how it would find a welcome home there.

    There is no shortage of people who don’t use Facebook. Most of my closest friends (all non-Muslim), ironically, either don’t have an account or use it so rarely that there’s no point in ever contacting them on it.

    However, an obvious litmus test for Ahmadis who think that there’s nothing wrong with a religious group that bans Facebook is to imagine how this would look in the same press that reports on our jalsas. “Muslim group bans Facebook”, the headlines would read, and all impartial observers would have a field day with this backward group.

    That backward group, in this case, are Ahmadis. Islam is about submission to the will of God, but I don’t see how Facebook undermines anyone’s faith anymore than cell phones. Facebook might be a more effective way to do so than cell phones, but then cell phones are a more effective way of doing so than landlines, just as cars make it easier to be a sinner than having a bicycle.

    As I write this, there are over 4,000 people, all of them presumably Ahmadis, who like the Ahmadiyyat Facebook page.

    • @Someone else

      You may be an Ahmadi, but I have personal experiences where non-Ahmadis have pretended to be Ahmadis, but anyway lets move on with the discussion…

      I’ll start off with the possible news report “Muslim group bans Facebook”. But wait the question is, is there really just a simple ban? Notice there are instances where the use of Facebook is permitted. So no such a headline would be unrepresentative of the true picture.

      But lets put forward another proposition, what about “Quran in breach of human rights”. Here I would be talking about hijab and purdah. Here, please don’t take me wrongly, I don’t think wearing a hijab is in breach of human rights. But notice quite a significant perception in Western society is that women are forcefully told to wear hijab by their fellow men, rather than their own personal choice of following Quranic injunctions. So headlines are just that ‘headlines’, they do not go into the detail, the benefits, the disadvantages, the ‘in context’ etc, if you get me. Headlines are merely there to gather attention.

      Back to “Muslims ban facebook” untrue it may be as I explained before, it may be put ahead in tabloid news reports. So what is your point? This unrepresentation applies to every concept.

      Are Ahmadis really backward for limiting the use of facebook, really? You go ahead and make full use of facebook that is normally expected of tweeners, teenagers in this day and age. But again I would bring up the following possibility of our fellow non-Muslim citizens who may say ‘Muslims are backward for banning alcohol’ or ‘Muslims are backward for banning homosexuality’. So no a simple ban doesn’t make someone or a group backward, though in this case there is no blanket ban.

      • @ anonymous

        Should the title be “Masroor bans individual Facebook accounts”? Would that satisfy your fancy? Is that all you are requesting in the above post of yours? Is that all you got? Wake up and smell the fraud. Masroor thinks that he is still living in Rabwah and the Mirza family can get away with anything. Stop worshipping the Mirza family.

        • @Rationalist

          Except for the sense of disrespect implied by such a statement, I wouldn’t exactly say its incorrect. But as i said to @Someone else, I would ask you the same, “What is your point?” by that statement.

          No that’s not what all I’ve got, If you haven’t realized I was responding to @Someone else, so my responses are going to be on the topics opened by him. The rest of what you just said is worth ignoring, because it say anything meaningful.

          • @ anonymous

            You appear to have made this blog apart of your daily surf.

            Again…what should we call it? Whats the proper wording that will explain the FB policy of Masroor and company?

            Do you prefer, “Masroor gets ignored by teenagers”? Will that work???

            What about: “The Khalifa is wrong, Ahmadiyya youth revolt”?

          • Right, by the so called questions raised, I think there is one more issue left to discuss here on this post. So your point is that Ahmadis are not listening to their Khalifa (atba).

            Notice facebook at the current stable rate, is the second most visited site after Google, though I may be wrong I have noticed it overtake Google at times. It has been labelled as addictive by many and issue of facebook being addictive keeps popping up with many people spending hours on this social network. However don’t get me wrong here, I understand that people can get an obsession with the internet too. But that doesn’t mean that internet should be banned, because technically speaking people can get an obsession with anything. It’s not the overruling reason for defining what should / shouldn’t get banned.

            Anyway my point is that it is not something necessarily easy to detach oneself with. Now I wouldn’t like to equate alcohol or other bad habits with facebook that existed in pre-Islamic arabia. But to make my point, notice that when Hadhrat Muhammad (sa) bought Quranic injunctions to the arabs at that time, it wasn’t that they all got rid of such bad things at once, though they recognized Hadhrat Muhammad (sa) as their Prophet, their master. Similarly, you shouldn’t expect everyone to necessarily to dormant/disable their facebook accounts in a day or two. It may take time, like a week, a month, a year or longer. Moreover, notice that Hadhrat Mirza Masroor (atba) is subservient to Hadhart Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who himself is a subservient to Hadhrat Muhammad (sa). Indeed the authority of Hadhrat Muhammad (sa) remains the highest but that doesn’t mean Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba) doesn’t have God given authority, on the contrary he indeed does. So if it can take time for the Muslim contemprories of our holy master (sa) why should it take neccesarily take a day for the Ahmadi Muslim contemporires of Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba)?

          • @ anonymous

            You are comparing two eras that shouldnt be compared. Ahmadis simply have to click about 7 times with a mouse and they would have implemented the order of their Khalifa.

            In the times of Muhammad (saw) they didnt have radios or the internet. Ahmadi youth simply dont care what Uncles Masroor has to say this week or any week for that fact. I know firsthand..I have about 15 nieces and nephews who are Ahmadi. And guess what…they arent taking down thier FB page Masroor. And…I bet you they will be Muslim (not Ahmadi) when they grow up.

            I just want Masroor to give me my family back. LET MY PEOPLE GO….

          • Early followers of Muhammad (sa) simply had to “avoid” their pre-Islamic arab habits. That requires doing nothing extra, whereas facebook actually requires that you do something, as you said “click about 7 times”. Unfortunately you either did not get the crux of the argument or are simply avoiding it. Please re-read.

            If you by mentioning “radios or the internet” you mean that there was lack of information being spread around about Quranic injunctions in early times in arabia, I am sorry that was not the case. It’s not that when the information reached them, they instantaneously avoided their habits.

            Hence your unfounded conclusion that “Ahmadi youth simply don’t care” is baseless or at best in my opinion mocks early Islamic spiritual reformation at the same time.


    “The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted”

    Facebook account is not required to access the AhmadiyyaMuslim page.

    so they are PROHIBITED the ones which should be used carefully for those it is said that Caution while using the non prohibited social media wesbite (Linkendin Twitter youtube)

    So this carefully usage is not for Facebook…. and Please search on Facebook helpcenter how to delete the account 🙂

  22. There is a perfectly open and free medium available for Ahmadis to discuss on – the Al Huda website.

    Shahid and others are too scared to come on to it, as non-Ahmadis are routinley getting completley out-witted with logical arguments over there.

    The issue is many, many, many Ahmadis do not visit the cult.info site.

    But many, many are visiting the Al-Huda website.

    This is why the responses being given to non-AHmadi allegations on that site are new to so many. The non-Ahmadis don’t know whats hit them.

    Come and debate there – if you dare. Unfortunately up until now we can see how the rational arguments of Ahmadiyyat has completely destroyed the foundations of baseless allegations.

    • @Submission, the usual Ahmadi baseless rhetoric. No evidence but just hot air.

      There is no proof for the belief in prophethood after Muhammad(pbuh). There is no explicit ayah from the Quran or explicit hadith to suggest another prophet will come. There is a consensus amongst the sahabah that Muhammad(pbuh) is the Last prophet (law bearing or not). There is no argument to have. Ive been waiting for any Ahmadi for years to present an explicit statement for their belief and its never appeared. Just all pathetic rhetoric.

      • I agree with Abu Eemaan. Ahmadiyyat is a pious fraud, put forward on baseless arguments, to defend the lies and fradulent claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qaidani. For those who do not know, MGAQ established a new religious teaching, by himself (MGAQ) being the new Prophet with possibility for more to come…………and at the same time fooling the gullible masses by claiming that these are the teachings of Islam a new Islam and the rest is orthodox. But for those Muslims who are aware of their religion and have studied it, the Ahmadis can’t fool them. That is why education is important here for both Muslims and Ahmadis. We have no malice towards Ahmadi brothers and sisters, we just hope that they open their eyes, there is glaring evidence that Ahmadiyyat is not Islam but a covert operation from within to change this religion into something else.

          • @ Ahmad

            20-30 years ago Ahmadis would send in their murrabbis with the message of conversion to Islam in any particular country. Some people would convert to Ahmadiyyat not knowing what it was all about. This is exactly what happened in Africa and Indonesia.

            Nowadays….people arent fooled so easily. Unless they are out of touch with the internet. A person can simply go to google and search for Ahmadiyyat and subsequently learn how much of a fraud MGAQ was.

            Even in the USA, in the 1940’s, many blacks converted to the ‘A’ and then subsequently left after they learned of beliefs.

    • Yes saw thats why mod dont even allow the posts and thread to go through 🙂

    • well said!!!! come shahid why dont we you guys on that site??????


      love and peace

  23. There are serious problems with the assertion that Ahmadis have been defeated through logical arguments on the Internet.

    There is an absolutely fundamental flaw in this theory.

    Which is that up until now the medium for debate has been ex-Ahmadi websites, which obviously have a certain agenda to push. They also regulate the sites according to their own rules, and naturally there is a bias towards their own agenda.

    The Al-Huda site us moderated very reasonably. You still find many slightly insulting comments from non-Ahmadis let though, and also many threads that would not be in the interest of Ahmadis to start, but are allowed.

    The people from the Ahmadiyyat side who now visit Al-Huda forum many of them never visited the cult.info site.

    This is why some of the responses you find, filled with truth and rationality, were never found on the cult.info site.

    This is why you need to look at things with balance. Saying that Ahmadiyyat was defeated on the internet, when the mediums available were anti-Ahmadi sites that edit comments according to their own policy, and which many Ahmadis would not contribute to, is a flawed perspective.

    We now have an Ahmadi open forum on which many non-Ahmadis also participate – this is the litmus test. And so far, the Ahmadiyya viewpoint is destroying the arguments of the other Muslims.

    • @ Submission

      FYI: Many of us were there with our arguments blazing. Ansar Raza wouldnt discuss any other topic except the possibility of prophethood which shows that he had an agenda and was bias. Almost all of us were banned or left because posts would not be approved. I was banned 3 times. Once for not discussing the possibility of prophethood and 2 other times for not calling the Mirza as (as). So please…Dont come here spreading lies…

    • That’s a complete lie. Huda is one of the worst forums I have ever dealt with. If you made one post on Monday and one on Wednesday, the Wednesday post would get approved before the Monday post and then they would claim they are too busy to push all posts forward yet a post you made after your initial post would somehow pass moderation first.

      No comments were allowed through unless your referred to MGA as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, not even an abbreviation was allowed. The rules and regulations for how you refereed to him kept changing. You had a section for prophecies yet on numerous occasions I was told that this will not be discussed unless finality of prophethood was discussed first. For these reasons I just stopped posting. It isn’t a platform for discussion or to build bridges so as brother Rationalist said “Dont come here spreading lies…”

  24. Very funny…

    Its been 2 weeks since FB was made Haraam my uncle Masroor….and none of my cousins, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or Ahmadi friends have taken down their FB page.

    Ahmadis dont care what Masroor has to say anyways. They are only in the ‘A’ because they were born into it. Sorry Masroor.

    • What kind of Ahmadis are your brothers, sisters etc? You should tell them to shut down their Facebook accounts.

      • @ Mahmood

        They are Ahmadis like 99.9% of Ahmadis. They dont really care what Masroor has to say. They were born into this occult/ponzi scheme. They are stuck…I am slowly working on introducing them to Islam.

        I have nieces who are like 13-14 years old…and if they have to shut down their FB account they will just open a new one with a fake name, get the picture??

        FYI: not even the mullahs have banned FB.

      • If ahmadi dont listen to mullah masroor why should they listen to their brothers and sisters?
        Long live freedom!!!

    • iiiimmmm

      why dont you ask your family to state this on the cult site. As I feel its just your words, please ask your father to state on this site that he won’t close his FB. the fact is they believe in true Islam Ahmadiyyat, and you cannot handle it it.


      peace and Love

  25. Why can’t I see the raunchy pics of the Qaid? Atleast provide me some link or something. Really interested in seeing and verifying them.


  26. I think that it is only a matter of time before people start to realise the damage that Facebook can inflict on young people. I believe that I read something in the national press in the last couple of weeks that 4 out of 5 parents (possibly 3 out of 5, I’m not sure) are worried about the damage that is caused by fb. The wisdom of the Khalifah is already becoming evident.

    • I do not deny that facebook can have negative effects. That’s not in dispute. But again, that’s not the point…Do you understand the reason behind the criticism?

    • @ Abdus Salam

      What will he ban next? The internet? TV and radio? Growing up as an Ahmadi I was brainwashed to believe that only the mainstream Muslims behaved like this…

      It’s obvious that Masroor is a backwards Punjabbee from Rabwah. He doesnt understand new inventions nor he able to adapt to new environments. I remember when he went to Australia…he had commented about the International date line and just couldnt wrap his brain around the concept.

      Moral of the story: It must be de-moralizing to have a leader who doesnt have forward thinking on his daily agenda.

  27. On the official policy link they have given the way how to delete the FACEBOOK account as well

    now ahmadies got no excuse what so ever 🙂

  28. Dear Shahid Sahib,

    you might have noticed that Facebook ist a complete contradiction to the Islamic concept of Pardah: On Facebook, you can get into contact with the other sex much more easily than in real life. You can chat with them anonymously. And this all can lead to a real-life-relationship which Islam clearly forbids. So don’t you think that – in the light of this – Facebook-accounts should be banned by any decent Islamic organization?

    • This is also true of cell phones. Obviously, the only intrinsic difference is that Facebook is not considered appropriate by Ahmadis. It’s one thing for Ahmadis to leave Facebook because it was ordered by the man who is a representative of God, it’s another to defend it as somehow harmful in a way that working in a mixed-gender work place, cell phones, drivers licenses, passports, bicycles and televisions are not.

      Spare me the hysteria about Facebook being designed to facilitate the mixing of genders or other nonsense like that. It’s designed to do nothing other than to allow you to contact other people, much in the same way as a cell phone.

      Terming Facebook some sort of unholy abomination just leads us Ahmadis down the road of whackjob sects who aren’t seen as part of the moderate mainstream.

  29. hmmm… first time I hopped on this blog. so, Salam to all,

    but really, hasn’t anyone read the ‘facebook’ ban policy entirely before accusing it? everyone know there is more Harm than good on the internet (You in twilight zone, if you don’t admit this), more waste of time than actual research, more PORN than POST. It’s usually the young ones who have facebook. so

    “The practice of making and maintaining individual facebook pages/accounts is not permitted.””. it has been said as a general rule, because only a few more lines down it says, PROFF: (Ref: Concluding address Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V, Jalsa Salana Germany 2011, June 26th 2011).

    Q. Does this prohibition against individual Facebook accounts extend to business/education Facebook accounts, as well?
    A. No. The design and purpose of Facebook Business/Education accounts is different than individual accounts and do not fall into the scope of this directive. Cautious use is advised.

    Many ahmedi main a facebook page for business purposals and invitations. It’s a good tool for that purpose. but kids use facbook to show off girls or boys, stack them, show off friends and talking random crap about random shit, showing random pictures about places they’ve visited etc… u get the gist.

    I mean, any parent that is smart wouldn’t want their kids (age dependent) to hop to hop on site like these. So, Huzur is looking out and warming against the harm just like any parent would.

    AND NO, HUZUR DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING AGASINT MODERN MEDIA (facebook, twitter), it’s just that many ppl like ‘AhmadiyyaChannel’ on Youtube Deceive Ahmedi by pick names like these and spread hatred about Islam and Ahmadiyya.

    • From someone who probably disagrees with you, thank you for this comment. I genuinely appreciate it. I hope we continue to receive substantive, thought-out, and respectful comments like this.

      May Allah bless and honor you in this life and the next.

    • Thethinker:

      Ban is even on account which were used for discussion and debate even.
      I saw that in one image uploaded by some guy in which he had reply from Nasim Rehmatullah

      So it seems that Mirza Masroor Ahmad wants to cut the developing ties between ahmadies and non ahmadies

  30. Assalamu Alaikkum my brothers.
    Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. I am very happy with all of your great efforts. May Allah reward paradise. Qadiyaniat is dangerous than poision. I think I will get good english books of qadianiat. I have so many malayalam books about this cults. “Qadianism a complete study” 7 volumes by IPH kerala, India. Nice books. I read these books 15 years before. Now I am planning to make a youtube videos about this cults in malayalam and english. So you can contribute the books for me.
    shahid, farhan,etc…,,, sorry I cant remember other names. thank you for your great efforts. It is giving us more importance to do the works against this cults. Wallahi. I will do. InshaA.llah
    Jazakallah ul firdous.

    • You should check bro Farhan’s book “With love to Ahmadies of the World”
      Then there is book by Mufti Shafi Usmani “Khatme-e-nabuwat”

      keep up the good work

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