Leadership Crisis in Ahmadiyya

(This post originally contained a link to a picture. After further internal discussion and potential third party legal implications, we have decided to remove that link)

We have recently been exposed to a leaked picture of the Qaid of Hertfordshire in what appears to be a nightclub, the details of which we have decided not to discuss.

What the Qaid gets up to in his own time is his business. We’re not passing judgment on him. And yes, we know that Muslims get up to this kind of thing too. So let’s get this clear from the outset. Nobody is claiming moral superiority here. What we’re calling out is the hate speech of the Ahmadiyya when the facts show that they are morally no different to any other strand in society, which just leaves the cult aspect. Frankly, if Ahmadis aren’t saved, what do they need to pay a cult for?

We’re saying the following:

1) You claim that people who left Ahmadiyya to speak up against it were “kicked out”. Even if that were true (and it is not, and we have proof), you “kick out” ordinary people for attending weddings, but the same so-called “sins” go unpunished at the highest levels. The “Shehzan” family and Rafiq Hayat at another mixed wedding celebration, but this time for the Royal Couple, didn’t so much as get a reprimanding look from the spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya.

We felt back then that socially boycotting and ejecting ordinary people from their social group (the cult aspects notwithstanding) given the brainwashing you’ve put them through was unnecessarily cruel and humiliating. We still feel that way now, so we wouldn’t want you to “kick out” the “Shehzan family” or Rafiq Hayat for their part in mixed events. What we object to, and what ordinary Ahmadis object to, is the stench of hypocrisy. The stench of double standards. It’s one rule for the royal families and it’s one rule for the ordinary Ahmadis whom you keep in fear and whose money the likes of Mirza, his children and his grandson live off in increasing luxury. Have you read Orwell’s Animal Farm? When you read about the pigs in that book, you will recognise them very quickly. Many Ahmadis already do.

2) You call yourselves the “saved sect”. The so-called “saved sect” has been exhibiting the most hateful and hypocritical behaviour of late. On the one hand, you gossip and backbite about Muslims, but your own business and manners are beneath contempt. You accuse Muslims of terrorism, moral turpitude and extremism, whilst indulging in repeated hatred and abuse yourselves, the many examples of which populate the pages of this site, as well as many others.

If you’re the “saved sect”, then why are your leaders, including some of your “Qaids” so publicly depraved? If this man were to have indulged in this behaviour in the privacy of his home, there would be no issue except between him and his Maker, but to brazenly allow such pictures to be taken in a public place meant that there was a strong possibility that he felt he was beyond consequence. Sadly, that is a trait of many Qadiani leaders. More to the point, if he was an ordinary individual with no authority or leadership role, we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

You will be surprised as Qadiani Ahmadis to hear that we consulted many Ahmadis about this post before we went ahead with it. We consulted Muslims who know about the issue and Muslims who don’t. We got a consensus. So the question is, with leaders like the Qaid of Hertfordshire, who supposedly is an example and a leadership figure to the 15-40 year-olds of his region, and who has according to our information been a secretary of the “Sehet-e-Jismani” function (physical health) for younger boys – and who is due to be given a senior Jalsa post, and with leaders like Rafiq Hayat, despised by many Ahmadis, a man who brazenly asked people to use credit cards to pay for a mosque scheme if they didn’t have cash, a man who happily calls Muslims extremists whilst dangerously conflating charity and private interests and taking shirk lightly, how can you possibly be saved?

Ahmadis, you are, as my reverted friend puts it, re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We urge you to take the lifeboats of Islam.

3) Finally, a twist in the tale. There is another leader who fails the test of the “saved sect”. The so-called “Khalifa of Allah”. We are talking of course, of His Holiness Mirza Masroor, who personally approved the Qiadat of the pictured gentleman.

Ahmadis should ask Mirza Masroor one question, because nothing else in this post is as important as this single point:

Was his hotline to God broken?

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129 thoughts on “Leadership Crisis in Ahmadiyya

  1. Shahid do you expect us to shocked!!!! I have seen worse in non Ahmadi’s have your heard of somthing called Munafiq, there were there at the time of the Holy Prophet and they are here today. but the fact that you have shown this photo is a contradiction of everything you have complained about.


    • Point is if u say that there are Munfiqs then will these munfiqs get punished in ur Jammat? NO
      coz they are high ranking officers of ur party

    • so what you are saying ahmad is that your saved sect, jamat or God, Jamat of messiah, jamat of mahdi, jamat of mirza qadiani are as corrupt and sick as the rest of the Muslims (who you call kafir) so just what return are you getting for the money you are shoveling out? Apart from paying for the rich life of the Mirza Masroor family, you know the £20,000 per annum he pays for his grandchildren’s education, yeah thats right your money. they should call it chanda they should call it stupidity tax

        • Salam,
          Just want to ask, what do you get out of exposing this individual? You claim to have returned to the true Islam. So you tell me, are these the actions of our
          our beloved prophet SAW.
          I dont want to have a go, but lets use logic. Im certain none of you know this individual, what makes you think that the picture was not taken 5 10 15 years ago?
          None of us are perfect by any sense, but exposing ones weaknesses are a grave concern. IF you were so concerned about the youth this individual is incharge there are other methods than EXPOSING an individual on an Internet site for the entire world to see.
          Have you considered what effect this will have for his family? On the one hand you claim Ahmadis spy on WafeNau, yet you post these things?


          How can you call ahmadis hypocrites etc when you have just exposed an Individual after complaining that

          as I do not understand the need to expose ANY individual, whatever he does in his spare time (thats assuming he does that and the picture was not taking 10 years ago) do you not think Allah will deal with him in his own way?

          Recently in another blog on Waf e Nau you make the point QUOTE
          What is of grave concern is how the privacy of these youngsters and their parents has been breached by the Ahmadiyya, and how the leadership is planning on making an example of them. UNQUOTE

          Then you make a whole speach about privacy rights etc. Whats the difference between YOU exposing this individul and the apparent exposure of waf e nau kids?

          • wa `alaykum salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh Zee, and thank you for your comment.

            The point was not to expose the individual, but the hypocrisy. He is in a leadership position and the point is that he was personally approved by Mirza Masroor. That means that Mirza Masroor’s claim to being a mujaddid and having a direct line to God is completely false.

            As you know, we removed the photo almost immediately. We decided that it was the right thing to remove the photo after an extraordinary amount of discussion. We listened to all views, many times, including the views of many Ahmadis who really wanted us to show it. We make no judgment against this individual. It’s not us that were spying on him. The photo, which doesn’t exist on our web site was taken in public. Not in private. In public. So the exposure question is moot.

            The Waqf-e-nau case related to privacy concerns of children, which is of grave importance to their parents and in many cases, such actions are criminal.

            We constantly review our editorial policy. Not everything has smooth edges. Trust us when we say that if we revealed everything we were leaked, the shocks would be incredible. We won’t do that. I hope this addresses some of your concerns and our thanks for writing to us. Remember, we make no judgment on this individual. You’re right, it is Allah who judges. Please bear in mind that the point of the post was not to judge the man, but to cast a lens on the abhorrent hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya leadership.

          • Why are you angry at Shahid Kamal and not at your own Mullahs? Can you explain that?
            It is not as though you are sending your dinner money to Shahid, you are sending it to the Qaids so go and ask them how they claim to be ISLAMIC LEADERS , while attending night clubs!?
            You are loosing your mind because your mullahs have been defrocked and exposed on the net!
            If it were me, I would put that crooks picture up so everyone can see his mug.

          • Personally, I have nothing against the individual in question. Seriously. I don’t want him punished in any way, I don’t want him to lose his “post”, I don’t want his family to be cross with him and I don’t want anyone to judge him. I was very clear in the original blog piece that people make mistakes and those within the Ahmadiyya are no different. It’s the hypocrisy I despise – that they can claim to be better than Muslims, that they can freely publish hatred and lies against Muslims, that their leader personally approved this post.It casts doubt on the validity of Mirza Masroor’s claim to holiness, doesn’t it?

            As for material, we have so much on so many leading Ahmadiyya figures that it would make people have heart attacks, but we simply will not publish it, no matter what.

            It’s interesting to see these people come here and threaten us with legal action, to attempt to smear and intimidate. It shows the shallowness and weakness of their position. The attack dogs of Ahmadiyya are no different to the Zionist hasbara brigade and in some ways, worse.

          • I want him out of his post and will say it loud and clear over and over. I can’t tolerate this hypocrisy anymore and cannot bear these kids being led by people they feel obliged to, look up to etc. Na ah.

          • Zee,

            Please do not shoot the messengers. Almost all Muslim Brothers and Sisters here have noble intentions which is to invite Ahmadis to Islam.

            In order to do that one has to expose the fraud of MGAQ and his followers to show that they are not following Islam but a Cult that is using the name of Islam and at the same time abusing Muslims.

            How many times on this post and many other places have you not seen Ahmadis ask for proof. Everytime, we tell them the truth they do not believe us and ask for proof. So sometimes this proof has to be given to open their eyes.

            So you see there is a reason for providing this information with photos so that Ahmadis can see for themselves that their jamaat has deceived them in the name of Islam.

    • Ahmad, this seems like a story which is pretty close to Shahid’s heart. I don’t think most of the people who are on here would remember the time Shahid was an Ahmadi, held a position and then got up to all sorts. You could write a book on it.

      • I was so hoping you weren’t going to resort to defamation 😉 I was beginning to like you.

        The point I made very clearly in the post is that we claim no moral superiority over anyone and the post is not about that. But Ahmadis do. You claim to be superior. And we have shown that you aren’t superior. We’re all human beings, prone to mistakes, but cults thrive on hypocrisy, double-standards, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. If you are close to me (I mean, if you’re a friend) I will tell you my side. In the meantime, unless you have actual evidence, like we do, I suggest you focus on the issue at hand, which is – was Mirza Masroor’s hotline to God broken?

        If you want to go down the ad hominem route, I’m afraid your contributions will no longer be welcome here.

        • Shahid if these are the house rules then I shall be more then happy to follow. My point wasn’t defamation, it was simply to state that many Ahmadi’s know about your history with the jamaat and perhaps you aren’t being as truthful about your history and you’re reasons for leaving Ahmadiyyat.

          • Look at the rules section.

            If you want to take the ad hominem route with your fantasies from the safety of an anonymous and Orwellian user name, you can exercise your right to freedom of speech on your own blog. Last warning.

          • Ahmadiyya would still be misguidance whether Bro Shahid left Ahmadiyya or not. Ahmadis should be trying to refute the arguments stacked against the belief that another prophet would arise after Khaatam un Nabiyeen, Muhammad(pbuh), rather than wasting all their energies against brother Shahid.

            No Ahmadi has been able to refute any of the points mentioned by Bro Shahid in his talk. I feel in their frustration the Ahmadis resort to unfounded personal attacks instead.

            Bro Shahids reasons for leaving Ahmadiyya are for him alone, the important part of the story being that he left the misguidance of Ahmadiyya.

            That is what this blog calls you to, not a personality, not to a group of people but to the truth of Islam.

          • Precisely. They’re trying to attack him as a person.

            But, I suppose the pre-Islamic Arabs in Jahiliyya hated the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم too…

          • So what your telling us lots of people who hold office in ahmadiyya do things are up to no good?
            I dont remember Shahid telling us he was a Regional Qaid? We are talking about a person put into office undemocratically by your khalifa the fifth who you think is chosen by God and is guided by God, putting a person into office OF REGIONAL QAID, and he is going to night clubs?!?!?!
            And your explaination is, what about Shahid??
            Well what about him? Is he your khalifa or your REGIONAL QAID?
            When are you going to wake up to the fact that your whole jamat starting from the Khalifa is corrupt downwards??? rotten to its core?
            Once you have come to terms with that, then ask why are you spending so much money on making mirza family fatter through your stupidty??
            Shahid Kamal is a very honest guy, you can watch his videos and he says very openly he was a very staunch ahmadi but was not very religious, he admits it, and that in itself encapsulates the point being made, if the senior people have dettached themselves from religion then it is all theatre!
            The great thing is Shahid says since he converted to Islam he has actually become religious for example his understanding, faith and practice has increased immeasurably.
            So trying to mud sling on shahid kamal is only digging yourself deeper.
            Stick to the topic, explain to us why your jamat is rotten and corrupt!
            Tell us when you going to kick this regional QAID out to demonstrate you are serious about religion
            If you dont, your jamat, khalifa and messiah are exposed as a fraud.

          • @ everyone

            These regional Qaids are chosen based soley on chanda status, family and favoritism. The regional Qaid in my region knew nothing of Islam. However, he supported the Khilafat and paid his chanda. Plus, his family was well known in Ahmadiyya circles.

            This process of appointment for these positions is where the ‘A’ really blows their cover. All of these punjabbees are money-hungry and cant push away the temptation to steal money, Masroor included.

            For example, I just read the story of the Ahmadi who claims to be a mujadid in Mauritius, he relates many stories of misappropriation of funds. They all do it. I remember in my local jamaat, the jamaat would give the ‘langhar-khana” secretary over $1000 per month to serve food. However, he would only spend $200 of that and use the rest on his own life.

          • Shahid was truthful about his reasons for leaving- you just deny him and the reasons!!! Ahmadis never accept the truth and want to twist, add metaphors and ifs and buts! Even if shahid left because he was offered money for example (this is for arguments sake by the way DO NOT jump on it) what’s it to you?? He left and that’s that. He has explained his reasons.. Not that that’s ANYTHING to do with you and you still choose to believe he was expelled and thus: bitter, twisted and angry. Even if he was expelled you’d still whimp and moan about something or another. Here’s a newsflash: I’m very much in the jamaat, held in high regard by many and am probably more ‘anti ahmadi’ than anyone out there..so that reasoning of yours is right out of the window MATE. What’s it to you anyways…why don’t you focus on the issue at hand: your hanky panky-ing khuddam? Are you ok with this man ‘guiding’ and lecturing your brothers and sons?? Are you?? I don’t care if he has changed or if its an old photo it is what it is: he was not a suitable candidate and Mas screwed this right up! Admin were actually very considerate removing it, if I was them, I would have pulled a DJ Malik stunt and left it up there until he was removed but see, Shahid has a conscience as does his team (Farhan etc) and removed it within moments of it going up. Trust me, I know how anxious Shahid was and I know it was something he was most uncomfortable with so contrary to popular belief.. I was encouraging him to leave it up there and he was insistent on taking it down and guess what, I am the one you rub shoulders with as an ahmadi not him..so direct your anger over here if its got to be aimed at anyone- He isn’t vicious or a hypocrite- he wanted to prove to blind cultees like you just what sort of filth run the jamaat and he did so in a well thought out manner. So if you can’t defend your R Kelly Romeo AKA Bump n Grinder then go away and write for artofmisinformation or something. .. You can huddle together and back each other up and feel better about it all. Here we talk real and it is what it is: your khuddam fellow was caught biting a woman’s breast and had his hand on the thigh of another… No feed off that and not why shahid left the jamaat. Its pathetic and you are doing him (your khuddam) no favours right about now! Where are his soldiers at????

          • The point is, there is a crisis in leadership. The evidence is clear. The question is, what are Ahmadis going to do about it?

            I shared this post with some of my friends who are not Muslims or Qadianis and have little knowledge of the Ahmadiyya. They were horrified at the sinister and illogical behaviour of the Qadianis. When I told them that the slogan of the Ahmadiyya was “Love for All, Hatred for None” they laughed. They have no problem in accepting that the Ahmadiyya is a cult.

      • Truth: yes you are correct! I know Shahid and I remember everything, I knew him in North London!!!!!

        but then we could tell all and let this site decide but we are Muslims

        love and peace

        • Shahid sb

          I shared this post with some of my friends who are not Muslims or Qadianis and have little knowledge of the Ahmadiyya. They were horrified at the sinister and illogical behaviour of the Qadianis. When I told them that the slogan of the Ahmadiyya was “Love for All, Hatred for None” they laughed. They have no problem in accepting that the Ahmadiyya is a cult.

          that funny I had a similar conversation with my non Ahmadi friends and they said the same thing, one said ” truly they are Munafiq”

          Love and Peace


    • Indeed it is you who are deluded!!!!!

      Hadrat Umar (ra) son commited adultery, and other companions sons pulled the beard of Hadrat Usman (ra) before they martyerd him, they where munafiq, should we say Islam is not true?????


      Love and peace

      • Again Hazrat Umar(RA) punished his son
        what Mirza Masroor did about this guy.

        infact he praised him before these leaks 🙂

  2. Growing up as an Ahmadi (my famous first line)…

    I knew many many Qaids that were dirty and spent their time ‘clubbing and pulling’. You see in the ‘A’, leadership doesnt care what type of lifestyle any memeber is living, all they care about is chanda and volunteer time. They want rich people to occupy their leadership positions, irregardless of piety.

  3. excuse me, but there is no qaid of hertfordshire, there are qaids of towns/cities, in hertfordshire…… unless you talking about the regional qaid?

      • @ Farhan

        This was a regional Qaid??? WOW. This is big. Local Qais are voted in by election. However, regional positions are given by headquarters. They are not democratically elected.

        This process inside the ‘A’ proves that only HEAVY chanda payers get the prime positions inside the walls of ‘A’. Its the same picking and choosing for regional president, regional lajna president, etc etc.

    • so now that you have established it isnt a hoax, what you gonna do?
      get your cheque book out and write another fate cheque for a morally bankrupt???

    • The Qaid is the youth leader. He is in charge of the young men in his particular jamaat between the ages of 15-40. He is under the wing of Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya (MKA) USA or whatever country he is in. The local president doesnt really have jurisdiction over him. The local president has a general jurisdiction over him, but thats it. He works directly for the president of MKA.

      The president of MKA in England was Tommy Kallon. This guy works for him. We should send Tommy-boy this info and see what he does about it. Tommy is the african who’s sister was adopted and taken to Rabwah in the 1970’s by the then current Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad. Very strange indeed.

      The Rash, aka The Ahmadiyya Almanac

        • Correction? Thought you were the Ahmadiyya Almanac? Looks like your info was pretty outdated.

          • @ The_Truth

            Tommy must not have donated 1 million to the cause this year. It seems that there is new high roller in the ‘A’. I saw it all the time. Only the rich kids or the sons of famous Ahmadis got the promotions.

            And…..I’m just happy that I’m on your radar. Listen to me….you are getting sleeeeeeeepy..lol Islam is the way, not that punjabee stuff.

      • He beats but no ahmadi will object to this, its okay for the elite to do this kind of crap

    • Er I dont think Qaid means judge, i think it means leader, I think a Qadhi is a judge. But I am probably wrong

  4. Is it just me Shahid or do you have some kind of vendetta against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The ‘Love for Tyranny, Hatred for Muslims’ slogan sits more comfortably with the organisation your associated with – Khatam-e-Nabuwwat – an organisation that’s sole purpose is to promote hatred, malign, slander and instigate violence against Ahmadis. I hope this isn’t your day job as I would hate to think that my taxes were being spent funding your time on here.

    ps. I really do hope you post this and back up your arguments without resorting to censorship.

    • Vendetta is a strong word. I get on very well with many Ahmadis. They never once thought I’d conducted a vendetta. If you have time, please do listen to my talk and you’ll see that very clearly. Unless you’re here for distraction of course. Wouldn’t be the first time, would it? 😉

      Listen, Khatmenabuwwat is not an organisation, it is a principle subscribed to by 1.6BN Muslims. There are many organisations that take their name from this principle. (BTW, did you see that the recent leaflets attributed to one of the KN orgs in Pakistan was faked? Interesting, no?) – I’m not affiliated to any of the organisations, here or abroad. I’m completely independent.

      To answer your irrelevant questions out of sheer politeness, despite your vulgar insinuations elsewhere:
      1) No, this isn’t my day job.
      2) I pay plenty of taxes.
      3) Check out our About page – we absolutely deplore and condemn all violence and hatred against Ahmadis, be they Qadiani, Lahori or any other Ahmadi sect.
      4) Censorship? Are you serious?
      a) See my comment elsewhere about REAL censorship
      b) This blog belongs to Muslims, you are not censored. You are free to put up another Qadiani propaganda outlet site. That’s your freedom of speech.
      c) You come here talking of defamation suits, then you defame me, your comments are up, you don’t abide by the rules and you spread lies like this? Tssk tssk
      d) Comments are moderated by a team of four people. Of which I am one. In fact, this year, I have barely done any moderation here at all. Farhan runs the blog, not me.

      We really affect you, don’t we?

      Our arguments have been backed up for 1400 years. Yours never amounted to anything that anybody could explain, or understand, let alone defend without resorting to ad hominem distractions.

      I thought you were rational and decent, but you’ve sunk to the same level as the rest of them. Oh well. Nice chatting.

      • Our arguments have been backed up for 1400 years.
        immm that questionable ( with respect)


        Love and Peace

        • 1400 years where was ahmadiyyat 120 years ago?

          where was prophet name Mirza Ghulam 120 years ago? THINK PLZ

          May ALLAh guide u to right Path

  5. Jess – Could you please provide some evidence as to your claim that funds are being misappropriated by the Ahmadiyya jamaat. I mean in a court of law you would have to prove such libellous claims. Perhaps you fail to realise this?

    • @ The_Truth

      Ahmadiyya doesnt publish its monies received. Nor do they freely publish thieir monies spent. What other proof do you need?

      • They don’t publish it for people like you to see mate. Ever heard of something called a budget? It’s approved every year. Stop making generalist statements about an issue you know nothing about.

        • They dont publish it because Masroor shows expense of 1 million for a bag of Hammers and Nails. Not to mention a big-boy waste belt for another cool million.

          Who audits your records anyway? Let me guess…his name starts with Mirza and ends in Ahmad. Maybe not…

          Its obvious that Ahmadiyyat is dying in the USA. I estimate that there is at least 3 in every household in the USA who have left the ‘A’. Unless more immigration happens…your gonna die a natural death. I just want it to happen sooner…thats why I’m here. I want you to stop robbing my people.

          • Rationalist

            I was talking to some brothers in USA who know you and guess what, Ahmadiyyat true Islam is not dying!!!!! everyone is just laughing at you, right now!!!


            love and peace

        • I think somebody who pays money into a charity has every right to ask for complete transparency on expenditure, don’t you?

    • Funds are being used to extend Masroor’s residence at the expense of prayer space at Gressenhall Road.

      Jalsa costs £1.5M a year, with a lot of that money going to favoured Ahmadis.

      Masroor takes cash “nazrana” when people see him for mulaqat.

      Masroor received a £1M gift from his followers.

      Now prove all of the above materially wrong and I will retract. If you have proof, and I don’t retract upon request, then you can pursue libel in a court. I presume you actually know how libel works in this country, or does your cult just make videos about “freedom of speech” for a complete laugh?

      • Shahid quite clearly your not a lawyer. A defamatory statement is presumed to be false unless the defendant can prove its truth. Just because you’ve stated something doesn’t mean it’s true. I know you have grievances against the Ahmadiyya jamaat but some of your statements are beyond ludicrous, truly.

        • @The_Truth, you’re quite right, I’m not a lawyer, never claimed to be one. You’re also quite right, whoever made the allegation, if it were brought to court, would have to prove it. And you’re also right that just because someone has stated something, doesn’t make it true. However, the point you were making was not relating to an individual, we’re very careful about that, but about an organisation and specifically, a charity. Perhaps you can “defame” a charity, I don’t know, and perhaps you can tell me where British law stands on that. Further, taking a website as small as ours to court over such an issue would make Ahmadiyya look like a bunch of bullies, but it wouldn’t be the first time they used the power of the chilling effect to stifle speech it doesn’t approve of. Nasim Rehmatullah once had all my videos pulled using DMCA. That was particularly heavy-handed and cultish. They were re-instanted. Imagine, a “religion” that doesn’t like its books being quoted. I think if you’re rational, and you sound like a really smart person to me too, you’d agree. Recently, Rafiq Hayat put in a claim on behalf of MumboJumbo on a video in which I showed shirk on his “conflating Ahmadiyya with business” web site.

          I think these threats to go to court make Ahmadiyya look bad personally, what do you think?

          • Shahid, I wasn’t aware anyone was taking this website to court. Infact I don’t even think it’s on the radar so lets not give this site as higher profile then it actually warrants. I’m a champion of free speech, but I believe people should be responsible for their actions and should use logical arguments rather then baseless assumptions which many of your posters use, recycling the same tired arguments. You have in your possession a photo. Would you be willing to send this to me so I look at this for myself?

        • Instead of harassing Shahid Kamal, why dont you people grow a back bone? If that was the guy at my local sunni mosque or organisation, the punk would know what I think of him and I along with others would demand he get sacked. But ahmadis are sooooooooooooooo brain washed that they could literally catch their leaders with the pants down and they would think nothing of it.

          • I 100% DISAGREE with you. This lack of understanding shows that you have NO idea/knowledge on how Islam Ahmadiyya functions. If individual who bears a responsibility is caught doing anything immoral, something that is completely against Islamic values – he will be reprimanded.

            I think its simple. Ex Ahmadis come to people like Shahid because they have a grievance with some Ahmadis who may/may not have treated them in a bad way. Nonetheless their head explodes and they get manipulated by this site to a completely different level.

          • 1) We have proven, with evidence, that it’s one rule for the top brass, one rule for the ordinary people. Leaders almost never get punished.

            2) Thanks to this site, Ahmadiyya has changed its behaviour and its output.

            3) This site is open to ex-Ahmadis, current Ahmadis and Muslims. It’s an environment that doesn’t exist with the cultish petri dish of the Ahmadiyya. For you to describe the process of people airing their legitimate grievances against a manifestly corrupt organisation like the Ahmadiyya as brainwashing is hugely ironic, don’t you think?

            4) It is not “IslamAhmadiyya” – don’t pervert the name of our religion. It is Islam. Ahmadiyya is a different thing altogether.

            5) Stop spreading lies. People don’t come to me. We have an open environment, they come to the site. They do that because CultAhmadiyya doesn’t provide them with a suitable forum. The site is run by a team.

          • I agree with Br. Shahid and Jess. Those who are harassing them here are brainwashed Ahmadis who are afraid that their cult has been exposed even though it has been done in a very educated manner. Now it is time for the sincere people in this jamaat (if any are left) to open their eyes and realize that there are in a trap in a cult and they are paying money to support this. Is this what you want to do with your life? You only live once and if you have wasted your life following a misguided religious cult, then remember you have spoiled your eternal life as well.

      • Come on Shahid now you know you are lying!!! come on you can’t go that low,!!!!! immm maybe you can, you did once before????


        love and peace

    • You people are unreal, dude! its your money being swallowed up not mine.
      But here is some thing to think about, mirza ghulam ahmad started life off poor, yet his descendants are millionaires, with huge acres of land in Pakistan full of horses and stable, mirza tahir boasts about this in his biography. Yet mirza tahir was not a businessman and failed in education, so how did he become a millionaire? your current chief mullah want drink water unless its evian, he drives arround in s class mercs and his grandchildren go to schools that have an annual fee of £20,000 a year.
      Does any of this sink into your head?
      What are you getting for your money?
      corrupt leaders who go to nightclubs?
      Corrupt leaders who break rules of morality but impose them on poor ahmadis?
      corrupt leaders who have no knowledge of the sciences of Islam?
      your morally depraved cult is the champions of islam?
      the save sect? Gods sect? sect of the messiah? sect of mahdi?
      The Qaid appointed by your khalifa who you say is chosen by God is ‘out on the pull’ in night clubs!
      I have to give credit to the owners of this website, if it were me I would have that rats picture on full display so all people around the world become aware of these so called chosen elite of God!
      You are trapped in a sick morally depraved cult run by a hand full of crooks and thugs, save yourself and your family before your regret has no weight!!!!

      • Well said!
        Just want to add a few things. This is a mafia cult too……..!
        and these thugs go relentlessly after people who are speaking the truth and exposing their fraud, which is distortion of true teachings of Islam and trying to replace it with false and misleading teachings of the self proclaimed lying and cheating thug of Qadian called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani who claimed to a prophet.

  6. Bro if not image can you at-least name the guy?

    And I hope common ahmadies see how differently these leaders are treated and how common ahmadies are treated

    May ALLAH help ahmadies get free from this organization of Mirza Ghulam, Sons and grand sons

  7. Rationalist, if you have such issues with the jamaat, what’s stopping you leaving. It’s a free world.

    • Its a free world, not a free cult.
      You and we know what your cult goons do to people who want to leave.
      You and we know what your cult goons and thugs threat family members with if an individual wants to leave.
      Your cult is sick and twisted, it doesnt allow people to leave freely
      It uses threats, abuse, boycotts, intimidation and blackmail, lies etc
      You know this and we know this.
      If this cult oppression was lifted alot more ahmadis would announce their departure
      many ahmadis dont speak out because they dont want to hurt their parents or family
      But give half a chance they would scream from the hills that they are leaving this dungeon.
      Just listening to one of the boring boring nonsense speeches of mullah mukrook akmad is enough to drive anyone out

  8. Shahid Kamal if I was to renounce Ahmadiyyat Islam and Khilafat, could I ask where I should turn? Is there an alternative out there that would convince me that Ahmadiyyat isn’t the true Islam for me. Should I become a Shia or an ‘orthodox’ Sunni Muslim. Perhaps look at Sufi Islam? Any suggestions? My Kalima is the same of yours, my beloved prophet SAW is the same as yours, I preach and worship to the same God as you. I am Ahmadi Muslim from birth, I am by the grace of God content with my life so what is this ‘truth’ message you’re trying to convey. You say that we are not Muslims, but I say lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu-llāh so who made you supreme judge on who is Muslim and who isn’t.

    • Good questions, but not relevant to the topic.

      However, I will happily answer them for you on this one occasion. In future, I hope I can ask you to stay on topic.

      I’m not asking you to renounce Islam. I’m asking you to turn to Islam. The scope of your comment is enormous, and is the job of the blog in general. Ahmadiyya cannot be the true Islam because it isn’t Islam at all. You can have Islamic rituals, but that doesn’t make it Islam. You are attaching labels to groups within Islam in an attempt to show that Ahmadiyya has the same status. It does not. Ahmadiyya is not Islam, but plenty of other things are.

      I would ask you, what was the sect of Rasulullah (saw)? Follow that.

      As for the rest of your comment, which has been answered many times before, I think it’s about time it got answered once and for all in a post, so that is what I will work on, just for you, now let’s please come back to the topic.

      Finally, I do not say you are not a Muslim. I do not have the authority to make takfeer on you. For all I know, you might well have thee `aqeeda of a Muslim. I have to say though, that Ahmadiyya is kufr and it is indisputably kufr. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but that’s just how it is. If you’d watched my talk, and I would urge you to do so, then you would see what my position is on takfeer.

      Look out for my post on your questions, but give me a week or two. All the best.

      • Jazakmullah. Looking forward to your answers in a few weeks. It doesn’t hurt my feelings that you refer to us as Kafir. I guess that’s ‘just how it is’. Good to know that you’re so well versed in telling people about what ‘is Islam’ and what isn’t. Anyone as you say, I’ll keep on topic from now on.

        • Stop playing games. You’re being smarmy and I’m still being nice to you. I haven’t got time for these stupid games, do you? Be civil or get lost.

          Now – for the last time – I did not refer to anybody as kuffar. I specifically said I do not make takfeer on you as individuals. Nevertheless, Ahmadiyya, the “ideology” if you can call it that (personally I don’t, I think it’s a cult founded by a charlatan opportunist who sold quack medicine and used dead chickens for healing) is kufr.

          I’ve entertained you politely long enough. One more deliberately misrepresentative remark like that and you go straight to spam.

          • Mate, calling a creed Kufr is the same as calling its followers kufr. Are you honestly that hell bent?

          • I’m not your mate. (At least not yet.)

            And no, if you knew anything at all about Islam, you would realise that calling a creed kufr is not the same as calling its followers kuffar. Please learn the differences in the terminology if you really want to talk about this with any authority, because it appears that you are really out of your depth.

            1) Kufr (the act of kufr)
            2) Kaafir (an individual)
            3) Kuffar (collective)
            4) Takfeer (calling someone “kaafir”)

            Got it?

          • I’m not playing any games. It’s not misrepresenting and I have been nice to you. I did say that I’m looking forward to your blog. By saying Ahmadiyyat is Kufr, you’re essentially saying that it’s followers are all Kafir. By saying you want them to return to the fold of Islam, you’re essentially saying that are operating outside of Islam hence Kufr. If I can say that I’m not offended by you’re remark then you should be big enough to except some of my comments made in jest. I think you’re readers would find it odd that you would ‘ban’me for posting responses to your arguments which I find baseless and unsupportive. I hope it doesn’t come to this brother.

          • You haven’t posted responses, your opening has been to go down the ad hominem route. You started off being nice, which was why I was nice to you, but then you did the stupid, cultish, Qadiani gossip crap and I realised you were as obviously hypocritical as the rest of your mob sent here. Now if you want to apologise for that, I’m happy to continue engaging with you. You wouldn’t have a clue what our readers think.

            Watch my video – I’ve talked about takfeer there. You obviously don’t know much about the issue of takfeer. Funnily enough, I’m not ashamed to admit that neither did I until a couple of years ago. 99.9% of Qadianis don’t get it. And actually, I don’t think that many Muslims get it either. It’s a technical, theological issue, but once you study it carefully, you understand the difference.

            It is entirely possible to follow an ideology and not adhere to, or even consciously believe in some of its tenets. Anyway, I’ll probably do a post on this at some point – that is if you’re not playing games. Can we please get back to the leadership issue?

          • Its not your fault you don’t understand.. Blame your Jamaat who taught the name Chirag Bibi alongside Hadrat Amina RA.. Ahmadis know very little about Islam…and this is down to your Khalifa and your precious Jamaat you insist on defending…

          • AHMADIS,

            Please stop playing mind games and harassing brother SHAHID for speaking the truth about Islam and Ahmadiyya cult. I did not intend to take the space on this post as I know Br. Shahid has promised to post on this subject. But just to keep you informed that look whatever Brother Shahid is saying is from his first hand experience. He has been on both sides. You cannot see the truth right now, as it is either hidden from you or you have been blindfolded due to the brainwashing done by the jamaat to you.

            Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian and Mirza Mahmood have said this to the MUSLIMS and other non-believers:

            1) “Except for the CHILDREN OF PROSTITUTE, whose hearts have been sealed by God, everyone else believes in me and has accepted me.” (Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)

            2) “God has revealed to me that anyone to whom my message has reached and he has not accepted me , he is not a muslim.” (Letter of Mirza to Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan Patialvi)

            3) “I have God’s inspiration that he who does not follow you and will not enter your Ba’ith and remain your opponent, he is disobedient of God and His Prophet, Hellish.” (Advertisement in M’ayaar-ul-Akhyar by Mirza Ghulam p.8)

            4) Question: Huzoor-e-aali has mentioned in thousands of places that it is not at all right to call KAFIR a Kalima-go (one who recites a Kalima) and an Ahle-Qibla. It is quite obvious that except those Momineen who become Kafir by rejecting you, just by not accepting you no one becomes a Kafir. But you write to Abdul Hakeem Khan that anyone who has received my message and he has not accepted me, he is not Muslim. There is contradiction between this statement and the statements in previous books. Earlier in Tiryaq-ul-Quloob etc you had mentioned that no one becomes Kafir by not accepting you and now you are writing that by rejecting me he becomes a Kafir.

            Answer: This is strange that you consider the person who rejects me and the person who calls me Kafir as two different persons, whereas in the eyes of God he is the same type; because he who does not accept me is because he considers me a fabricator…. apart from this, he who does not accept me, he does not believe in God and His Prophet as well, because there is God’s and his Prophet’s prophecy regarding me” (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol.22 p.167)

            5)”It is our obligation that we do not consider non-ahmadis as muslims and do not pray behind them, because for us they have rejected one prophet (Mirza Ghulam) of God. This is a religious matter and no one has any right to do anything in it.” (Anwar-e-Khilafat, by Mirza Mahmood, Khalifa 2, p.90)

            5) “All muslims who are not included in the initiation of Maseeh Mowood, even if they have not heard the name of Maseeh Mowood, they are Kafir and out of the fold of Islam. I admit that these are my beliefs.” (Aina-e-Sadaqat, by Mirza Mahmood, 2nd Khalifa, p.35)

            6) “Every one who accepts Moses but not Eesa or accepts Eesa but not Mohammad or accepts Mohammad but not Maseeh Mowood, he is not only Kafir but a hardened Kafir and is out of the fold of Islam. (Kalimat-alFasl by Mirza Basheer Ahmad s/o Mirza Ghulam p.110)

            There is tons of information to be shared, but I will leave it to Brother Shahid who is doing an extremely great job of educating both Ahmadis and Muslims.

          • This is when Ahmadis will play with the words spoken by their Messiah. No respect for him…

          • Ahmadis this man has made being an ahmadi so difficult for you: everyday you people are having to defend his words/beliefs/principles. Islam isn’t that complicated…wake up! Remember hindus had same problem defending Sai Baba… He was also controversial. Don’t say “but Mohammad saaw was the same” NO its never been this bad…ever and he NEVER said anything like this! So my advice is follow Muhammad saaw NOT Mirza and you cannot fail.

      • Dear Shahid,

        I find it very hypocritical that you delete my comments for being ‘offence’ yet you are allowed to call Ahmadiyyat Kufar. I thought one was not allowed to offend the other ?

        Nonetheless back to the topic. Can you please answer a straightforward question without dilly dallying, how do you know that picture you have was not taken 10 years ago? and do you believe people can become better human beings?


        • Your comments are not getting deleted unless they break the rules. And for the last time, I am NOT the only admin, though I am on duty today.

          The picture was a few years old, yes. And can people become better human beings? Yes of course. Does that change the argument? No. We actually have a lot more that can’t even mention or share though. You should accept that the guy is not suitable. For example, the one comment you wrote that I did delete referred to my past. You know nothing about me, I am not claiming leadership, but you think it’s OK to apply one set of rules to me, an ordinary person, but ignore those rules for your own leaders. That’s just brainwashing at work.

        • It probably was but the fact remains… He was appointed Qaid and should be as close to blemish free as possible. End of story. Stop beating around the bush. There are plenty of better Ahmadis out there who don’t perform ‘bump and grind sex acts’ with white females… but they chose him and that says it all.

  9. So “the truth” have you seen the pic? What do you think? Is this guy in any position to lead a group of 300 plus khuddam?!

    • Do you kindly send me the picture so I can see if it’s actually him?If it is your right it’s not good.

      • How can we get this to you??

        Perhaps make any old email address up and I will forward you it….

        It is him. You have my word.

      • LOOL
        what you gonna do when you see the pictures?
        well if you are spineless coward nothing!
        Ahmadiyya is a cult, its not even a sect of islam
        its a cult
        wake up!

        • Wow seriously calm down, no offence everyone’s talking on this and you’re just getting overly excited every-time


      • Here is the picture:

        [Administrator Comment: The image was correct, but we have decided not to disclose the comment]

          • search for ‘qaid’ ‘hertfordshire’ keywords on the site favoured by Lulzsec for anonymous pastings. You should find the URL once Google spiders it.

            Admins, am not pasting the URL 🙂 Never knew that anonymous communications could be so hard. 🙂

            In order to limit the damage to him, I have set the paste to expire after 1 month.

  10. Dear Shahid,

    I would really appreciate if you can publish my comments, as I am saying anything contrary to the rules.

  11. It is hard to get the right balance on these issues but Shahid has done very well. The goal is to show a morally bankrupt system that does not have any documented defensible ideology, and without that, a corrupt nepotic internal system.

    1. When I left the ‘A’ (thanks rationalist foo this term), my close ones told me to try to reform from within. I had reached a point where I thought it could only be reformed from without, as the cause lay with MGA, and had been exacerbated by his offspring.

    2. Contrary to what the ‘A’ say, Islam is not divided into sects. There are 11 main schools of thought that are united on basic creed (Amman Message).

    Ahmadiyya is not a school of thought – there is little literary activity or enunciation of position. They are intellectually dishonest and dodgy. Believing in another binding prophet after Muhammad(saw) is like believing in Vishnu as the second manifestation of Allah (God forbid) — just as the latter goes against the grain of Tawhid, the former goes against the grain of Risalah.

    3. There is no pre-cooked meal for you. If you revert to Islam, do a little bit of digging and find where your natural inclination lies. If you are traditional, but rationalist and logical, and can’t believe in Eesa (as) being alive, read what Ghamidi has to say. If religion is just a straightforward set of rules that bring order to everyday life and not much discussion, subscribe to any one of the Sunni Arab or Deobandi organisations.

    Try to stay clear of the Takfeeris and self-proclaimed ‘salafis’. Salafism is an orthogonal cultural movement across schools that is more of a resort to the past in the face of the modern than a real school of thought.

    Barelvi and Shia would not appeal to ex-Ahmadis but nothing stops you from them in case you have family roots among them or you marry among them.

    Ahmadism has nothing left to offer human beings. It had potential 90 years ago, but that potential was cashed in when a cult was formed around it.

    • I believe that MGAQ was no Prophet, Messiah or Mahdi, but an imposter who mislead some gullible masses in Punjab, India and served his colonial masters.

      As we say, you can fool some people sometimes but not all people all the time. When people realize this fraud they leave this jamaat. In order to protect their seats and keep a tight lid on their followers, the leaders created this cult!

      But InshaAllah by the will of Allah s.w.t. Ahmadiyya will fail. It is the Sunna of Allah s.w.t. that he exposes the fraud through the persons own mouth, just like in the case of MGAQ.

      Whatever happens to the jamaat the most important thing is for the common Ahmadis and their future generations, to realize they have to meet Allah s.w.t on the day of judgement, and if they are on the wrong path then no one will be able to help them! Do they think that MGAQ will be able to defend them. He will have a hard time defending himself (if he is given any chance)…………….!!! The way I see it, its a clear cut case of MGAQ committing shirk, lies, and blasphemy in the name of Islam………!!!!!

      Ahmadis you really need to OPEN your EYES……………………..!!!

        • Very thought provoking. Ahmadis are so used to being a collective but need to remember and realise that on the day of judgement, there will not be Mas, no ameer, no local president, no qaza board, no jamaat to help them… And subhanAllah your words ring so true for so many of us! InshaAllah they will wake up and fix up before its too late.

  12. You’re digging a hole for yourself Shahid. So Ahmadi’s don’t understand Takfeer, nor do many other muslims, yet you’ve suddenly become an expert in Takfeer after studying a few articles on the internet? If you’ve studied it, you’ll also know there are many fatwas against it?

    • No need to be a smartass whenever I’m nice to you.

      I didn’t learn about takfeer on the Internet. You have made an absolute fool of yourself, you don’t even know how to use the word and I said it’s wrong to make takfeer as an unqualified individual. You haven’t come back to the topic, you’ve continued to be mocking, so all the best.

    The ahmadi khuddams posting on this website are wetting themselves!!!
    Wake up and smell the coffee, you are stuck in a sick morally depraved cult that is sponging off ahmadis life blood.
    your leaders are corrupt and immoral
    what are you waiting for?

    and the cult.info you guys are to nice to these goons!
    you have hidden so much stuff out of decency
    good job its not me with those pics I would have plastered them across the internet
    you kuddum ul thugs should count yourself lucky that these people are not exposing you fully
    God only knows you creeps deserve
    and to the average ahmadis………….HAS THE PENNY DROPPED YET??


    This is something we come across all the time, whenever we speak with ahmadis and provide proofs they cant refute they change the subject.
    Now it doesnt surprise me, to look at something that has a hold on you, your life and your family and realise its all a sham and fraud most be unbearably difficult.
    I sympathise with ahmadis, I really do.
    and it is the hardest thing to face, your entire reality shattered,
    at least you have be shown the truth before it is too late.
    If you look at the comments on this page not a single ahmadi is saying that the accusation is a lie, slander or false.
    So it means they actually know its true, for example if someone made an accusation against my Imam I would instantly assume its a lie, because he has such good character
    but if they made an accusation and I didnt even flinch, it means I already know there is something wrong, so that is what we have here folks!!!
    Ahmadis here is some more advice stop taking your anger out on Shahid Kamal, he has never taken a penny from you, he is not asking for your money or bank details, he is not asking you how much you earn, he is not your leader or QAID or Murabbi or Khalifa, He is just an average Muslim. The people you need to direct your anger and rage towards are the people who are taking your money in every single shape or form in the name of religion , WHEN THEY ARE THEMSELVES DETTACHED FROM RELIGION.
    Its like paying£150,000 to buy a house from somone. who infact doesnt even own a bootlace himself, he TRICKED YOU, HE CONNED YOU, HE ROBBED YOU, HE FLEECED YOU, HE PULLED THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES, YOU HAVE BEEN HAD, PLUNDERED, STOLEN FROM, HOODWINKED, am I getting through to you??

    wake up
    you have two choices
    1. Rise up and demand standards, you know some return on your ‘investments’ of all that chanda money you took from your kids and handed over to night clubbing “bump and grind” Islamic leaders of the Islamic saved sect, champions of the world.


    • What they should be worried about is the absolute mountain stuff on loads of them we have that makes the single photo we were given look like nothing, and we are not releasing it. That’s what they should be worried about.

  15. Lool qadiani agents and their diversion tactics. This truth guy and mrniceguy seem to be a tag team and then boost each other when their posts are not approved. Lol.. Now one of their own are up here caught in a compromising situation as Qaid and they change it to the topic of Kufr Kalling! Soooo typical and it shouldn’t be entertained but what can you do eh…. It has to be.

    • Where are you looking at the picture? We removed it from our servers.

      For the record, this was a leak sent to us by a current Ahmadi.

      • As far as the relevance to this question goes, certainly not like the person in the image.

          • How does anything I said imply that? I’m not making any judgmental remarks about the person in the image. I’m only mentioning that the person in the image doesn’t match any of the regional qaids.

          • Sorry it was meant to be a question rather than a statement. So let me ask you, as Qaid of a huge region, is this out of line?

          • @ anonymous

            I knew many many Qaids who behaved in this manner. And didnt some Ahmadis tell Simon Ross that they were active in clubbing in pulling? And didnt some other Ahmadis tell the same guy that they regularly visited teh red light district of Amsterdam?

            You act like Ahmadis are good pious people…sorry, thats not reality.

          • [Note from Admin: Your comment was deleted. The picture(s) have been authenticated by multiple sources. No more comment on the authenticity of the picture is permitted, pure distraction. Further, we will decide if something is off-topic or not. Thanks.

            Considering that you read my comment, so if the image is not of the Qaid, how does could that ever imply that this is “out of line”?


            offtopic and no reason to trust your rumors. I could easily turn around and claim the opposite but I am confident enough to say that I have never met such Ahmadis as you claim to have met.

          • [Note from admin: We already told you the picture was authenticated. The only sad person here is you for refusing to recognise that. You were also warned that wasting time denying it without proof was not going to be tolerated]

            You guys are really sad individuals. You deleted my comment second time now. This just goes to shows fallacy of this article.
            It tores this post apart and cuts its roots off. The guy in the image if i’m not mistaken is not any regional qaid.

          • [Note from admin: We have always presented accurate information. Always. We have produced authentic documents. We were good enough not to show the picture, yet there are many corroborating pictures and other corroborating evidence we didn’t show. You are betraying your brainwashing. Please, no further discussion on this. Ahmadis are quick to say how good they are at following rules. It would be better for you if you were to do that here.]

            How do you expect me to prove? I’ve seen the photos of the Qaids, they as far as i’m aware don’t match.

        • Looooooooooooool get the hec out of here bruv!!!!!! You’ve got his email via khuddam.org… Ask him if its his photo or not…. Go on!!!!!!!!!!

          • Will you admit that this is all fake if I do ask and he claims in the negative?

          • Let’s talk when you’ve emailed him, report back here once you have, together with screen shot of the email. Until then…. Stop making pathetic excuses for him! Ask him… Go on… Be my guest!!!!!! Actually do email him… Let’s see him deny it! I’ve got plenty more where that came from if he insists on denying his clothed 3some…

          • Why should I bother wasting my time when I know you will not admit if he claims to in the negative.

  16. The guy ex-Ahmadi muslim by the name Shahid Kamal Ahmad is yet to prove he is not
    FAKE!! rather than attempting to prove Ahmadiyyat is fake. What was his SHAHADAH
    when he was Ahmadi muslim what was his conviction when he recited the SHAHADAH
    at that time.

    [Note from Admin: Sulaiman, for persistent abuse of your hosts, you are banned]

    • Why do ahmadis start talking jibberish when confront with truth?
      Is there anyone who has any idea what this guy is talking about?

  17. To ‘anonymous’ and all the other ahmadis who doubt the truth of this blog piece.. watch this space.. your cognitive dissonance has really riled me up..

  18. I don’t see the problem. Isn’t it Ahmadi philosophy that they can do whatever they want because Islam is in the heart? I don’t know if you guys get this excuse in the UK but every single Ahmadi I have spoken to they give this excuse! So why is it any different with the leaders, they have to follow someone right? :p Don’t worry this guy, Islam is in his heart, everything is OK…

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