The Waqf-e-Nau Scandal

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We have received a damning inside report on the state of the Waqf-e-Nau youngsters in Greater London. It raises serious questions about the way the Ahmadiyya relates to its children and the unhealthy way in which it spies on some of them. Whilst some of the activities described are un-Islamic, the evidence is scant. What is of grave concern is how the privacy of these youngsters and their parents has been breached by the Ahmadiyya, and how the leadership is planning on making an example of them. This report goes right to the top, so “His Holiness” Mirza Masroor Ahmad is implicated.

What is Waqf-e-Nau? The Ahmadiyya has many buzzwords and phrases that separate it from Islam and the rest of society. There is regimentation at play here which is hierarchical and makes Ahmadis feel like they are part of a special club. This is quite typical of a cult. In Dr. Robert J. Lifton’s eight criteria for Thought Reform, item 6 is “Loading the Language”

6. Loading the Language. The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand.  This jargon consists of thought-terminating clichés, which serve to alter members’ thought processes to conform to the group’s way of thinking.

Akber Choudhry describes this phenomenon as it relates to the Ahmadiyya succinctly. The simple truth is that the thought-stopper “Love for All, Hatred for None” is used as a cover for a multitude of sins. The Waqf-e-Nau scheme is not the only mechanism by which Ahmadiyya isolates its members from the rest of society. By using the threat of expulsion from the tightly-knit group, it makes it very difficult for Ahmadis to show dissent, thus making them easier to control. Examples of control include:

  • Mass public expulsion of a group of Ahmadis for attending a wedding in which mixing of the sexes was permitted. On the other hand, the leaders, like Rafiq Hayat are permitted free mixing at public functions. Other senior families escape punitive measures.
  • They exploit their poorest members for compulsory donations to what is ostensibly a charity, whilst its more senior officials are less than squeaky clean in declaring their income for the purposes of their heavenly graveyard scheme.
  • The Press Secretary Basharat Nazir and other senior officials telling its members to lie about their identity to the media.
  • Ahmadi girls have been prevented from joining or mixing with Muslim associations at universities on the grounds that Muslims spread hatred! Imagine the outcry if a far right group was at a university, telling its members in an official email to avoid mixing with Muslims.
  • The requirement that coveted “office bearer” posts are only to be filled by those partaking in the lucrative Wassiyat scheme. It is interesting to note that senior members, like Nasser Khan appear not to be as open with the status of their income as their positions might require.
  • As shown in the recent MTA3 Leaks débâcle, the Ahmadiyya tries to shut down free speech about its dubious cult-like practices through hacking its opponents and its dissidents in an attempt to uncover their identity. This site has suffered more than its fair share of attempts, as have others spreading awareness on the cult-like nature of the Ahmadiyya, with no media outcry. Physical threats, intimidation and spurious DMCA claims are also frequently employed tools in the Ahmadiyya arsenal, reminiscent of the “Fair Game” practices of other cults. AK Sheikh, a former Ahmadi himself has been the victim of no fewer than 135 death threats from the Ahmadiyya. The author of this piece has had his person and his family threatened by the Ahmadiyya and abused to the point where police have had to be involved.

Meanwhile, in a Kafkaesque turn of events, the Ahmadiyya hosts parliamentary debates on extremism.

It even operates its own parallel legal system out of view of the British and American justice systems which they claim to honour. Disputes, including serious crimes are referred to the “Qadha Board” for settlement. Since betraying the Ahmadiyya leadership by going through the democratic legal process typically results in social ostracism or expulsion, many Ahmadis will choose not to report even some serious inter-Ahmadi crimes to the authorities.

Waqfe-nau is a scheme initiated by the charismatic fourth caliph of the Ahmadiyya, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, in 1987. The objective is for parents to “promise” their children to the service of Ahmadiyya for the whole of their childhood. The children get the option to renew the promise made by their parents on their behalf (or not, but that is a different story) once they reach their mid to late teens. There is an associated intense syllabus that the kids have to cover, which includes aspects of Islam and aspects of Ahmadiyya. If there isn’t already enough mind control in the Ahmadiyya, the Waqf-e-Nau scheme takes it to the next level.

Waqfenau twitter

The Ahmadiyya’s Waqf-e-Nau Twitter account describes the adherents as “The keepers of the new world”. It really doesn’t get more Orwellian than that. In short, the Waqf-e-Nau are the cream of the Ahmadiyya crop, the intellectual foot soldiers of the Brave New Ahmadiyya World. They are a crowd apart, special, conferring status and privilege on the kids and their parents, having close access to their spiritual leader, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. It’s an elite corps. That these kids don’t have a say in their participation until they’re in their late teens doesn’t really tally with the Ahmadiyya’s calls for “religious freedom” in other parts of the world. As we shall see, many of the Waqf-e-Nau participants end up rebelling anyway.

The brave new world that the Ahmadiyya would have run by the alumni of the Waqf-e-Nau scheme requires an adherence to an uninformed mutation of Islam that demands an unrealistic level of purity. This goes beyond madrassa-style training, which is available to ordinary Qadiani Ahmadi children as well. (It should be noted that there is no Islamic requirement for such purity in children or in adults. There is no equivalent scheme in Islam.)

The “inside intelligence report” we received on some of the Waqf-e-Nau youngsters contains pictures of boys and girls at shisha bars and other locations. These youngsters might rightly ask why it is one rule for them and another for the adults when it comes to mixing with members of the opposite sex. Here then, are some extracts from this report on the state of some of the Waqf-e-Nau youngsters. We’ve redacted the names for the sake of privacy. The introduction to one of the two similar reports we have, addressed to the spiritual head of the Ahmadiyya, Mirza Masroor Ahmad reads:

For Beloved Huzoor’s Attention:

We have noticed a new trend amongst some of the young girls. They deceive their parents and the public by covering their heads with a scarf. However they are still carrying out very un- Islamic acts.

There is also a shisha Bar owned by an Ahmadi family in Tooting (on Tooting Broadway). This is called xxxxxxxxxxxx and is a bar that is regularly visited by Ahmadi Children.

The question is, how do they know this? The answer is chilling. They spy on the youngsters. Now if the parents were spying on their own children, that would be a family matter, but it is Ahmadiyya spies who are doing this through nefarious means. Who gave them the permission to do this? Further, do Ahmadi businesses in Tooting and other parts of South London know that they are being monitored by Ahmadiyya officials? There are plenty of other establishments caught in the dragnet of the Ahmadiyya spy-ring too, which we will not name here.

Let’s have a look at case 1:

Case 1

Name: Person A Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: Person B (President of xxxxxx Jamaat)

Mother’s Name: Person C (Works of Lajna xxxxxx)

Jamaat: xxxxx

Accusation: Is reported as having a boyfriend (Pictured below), and spending large amounts of time carrying out un-Islamic acts.

We have warned Person A and her parents of this issue, however we have seen that it has made no difference she is still seeing her boyfriend and sneaking out of the house when her parents are unaware. She has been telling her parents she is leaving for revision however has been spotted at xxxxx and some other Shisha Bars.

The question is, what on earth are Ahmadiyya officials doing taking photos without permission of these youngsters?

Those being pressured into participating in the Waqf-e-Nau scheme should know that you are living in a free country. You should not be controlled, pressured, or spied upon. Indeed, one of the parents on hearing these reports threatened to send the youngster involved to Pakistan. I’m sure the authorities would be very interested in the details of this case.

The Ahmadiyya talk of freedom of religion, and yet go against the Qur’anic commandment of spying on their own people!

We make no comment on how you choose to live your life. We would invite you to Islam and you would be free to make up your own mind. Don’t believe the lies you have been told about Muslims. It’s time to wake up from the brainwashing this scheme has put you through from a young age and to rejoin a free society and live your life without fear of punishment or social embarrassment, a cult tactic that is abhorrent anywhere, but particularly in the United Kingdom with our rich tradition of liberty and robust free speech.

Let’s go on to case 2:

Case 2

Name: Person D- Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: Person E (xxxxx)

Mother’s Name: (not given)

Jamaat: xxxxxx

Accusation: Is reported to have had several different girlfriends one of which is Person F (also Waqfe Nau). His present girlfriend id pictured below.

How did they get the pictures? (Obviously, we are not going to put pictures of these victims of spying on a public forum). The victims need to ask how these pictures were obtained. Were they obtained through deception? Isn’t that creepy? Again, contact us, or complain to the jama’at, or better still, go to the authorities. Ahmadiyya is going to lie to you anyway.

Case 3

Name: Person G – Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: Person H

Mother’s Name: (not given)

Jamaat: Was in xxxxxx

Accusation: Is reported to have had many different boyfriends and regularly

seen visiting shisha bars (Below picture is in a shisha bar).


We find such “accusations” scurrilous and demeaning. The pictures do not prove much, but it is typical of the Ahmadiyya to make accusations without proof. The Ahmadiyya Hate Campaign of 2010 is a good example of that, where an entire campaign to malign Muslims was concocted on the basis of manufactured evidence.

A few more cases are presented below without comment, but with identifying details redacted:

Case 4

Name: Person I Waq’fe nau

Father’s Name: (not given)

Mother’s Name: Person J

Jamaat: xxxxx

Accusation: Is reported to have many different boyfriends (Present boyfriend is pictured below) and is using drugs regularly (weed in particular) and drinking alcohol.


Case 5

Name: Person K Waq’fe nau (Centre of picture below)

Father’s Name: Person L

Mother’s Name: (not given)

Jamaat: Mordern

Accusation: Is reported to have had several boyfriends and is also thought to have lived with many different boys. She abides by no rules of parda and is said to be out of the control of her parents.

Siblings: Person M is her brother and also out of control. Jamaat has warned him on many occasions (previously he was caught in the gang: xxxxxxx) and is also said to be heavily involved with drugs.


Case 7

Name: Person N Waq’fe nau

(Is pictured in the centre below)

Father’s Name: (not given)

Mother’s Name: (not given)

Jamaat: xxxxx

Accusation: Is reported to have been in a street gang, and due to this police have visited him on several occasions. He also is involved with lots of different girls.

And this goes on and on. One of the reports we have contains 16 cases, but there are other reports.

If these youngsters are not in the “control” of their parents, that’s sad, but it’s a family issue. If the family wishes to pursue counselling, whether it be within the Ahmadiyya, or outside using conventional family therapy, that is a decision for the family. And if there is a criminal dimension to the activity, then that is the domain of Social Services and the Police. The Ahmadiyya introduces a thought-police element that crosses a boundary that is dangerous and creepy. What right does the Waqf-e-Nau department have in spying on these children and on Ahmadi business establishments? One of our anonymous sources tells us that the Ahmadiyya has set up fake Facebook accounts to “befriend” the youngsters in order to get the “incriminating” photos. If this is true, it’s incredibly worrying.

That the so-called “keepers of the new world” are not measuring up to the highest standards according to these unproven accusations in an internal report is of grave concern to the Ahmadiyya cult. No doubt their self-image of being a “saved sect” will be harmed by these revelations. That is of minor import as compared to the damage they are doing to their own members.

If the accusations (and they are only accusations) are true, then the cream of the crop of the next generation is rejecting Ahmadiyya. We know that hypocrisy and evil in the Ahmadiyya runs all the way to the top. The recently published MTA3 leaks show this very clearly, as do many other leaks. What we didn’t know until we received this leaked document is just how much spying goes on. And if I were a youngster growing up in the Ahmadiyya, especially in the West, I’d be asking a lot of questions right now.

As for the parents, they should be concerned that an organisation that they have devoted their lives, their wealth and their offspring to should be seeking to punish them for the alleged indiscretions of their children. This is yet another example of cult milieu control. In other documents we’ve received, we see that the Ahmadiyya is recommending that the parents be punished. Here are two such examples.

Waqf e nau example 1

Why should the parents come under “some sanction”? For the record, such punishments are un-Islamic.

Waqf e nau example 2

So here are parents that have a very long history of serving this community and their efforts will be denied, causing immense humiliation and shame? What kind of justice is this? It certainly isn’t Islamic justice. A source tells us that Ahmadis are told to report non-observance of hijab to their leaders. This is also un-Islamic. One is reminded of Nazi Germany in fact. A recent incident in which two Ahmadi women saw each other in public not fully observing hijab resulted in a tacit agreement to “cover up” for each other’s “indiscretions”. These ladies were actually observing an Islamic principle, that of covering up for the deficiencies of your brothers and sisters.

In Islam, we are not judged by our moral lapses, rather, Islam is a system for improving the individual. If these children have done wrong, there is a proper procedure that should be followed, based strictly on the evidences, bearing in minds at all times that forgiveness and guidance and counselling is better than spying and reporting and fear and control and threats. In Islam, we are not meant to be so judgmental, we leave judgment for Allah alone. So the actions of the Ahmadiyya cannot be justified on any moral compass, be that Western secular or Islamic.

In recent times, there have been numerous outcries in Britain by various communities over the ingress of State surveillance into the lives of ordinary people. Can we allow a state within a state to operate a parallel justice system that violates the sanctity of privacy of children in a manner that would enrage ordinary citizens?

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77 thoughts on “The Waqf-e-Nau Scandal

  1. Sad story. Please put the whole report online in image form, pixellating faces and blacking out names. We need to see the whole thing to see how bad this is.

  2. I think there ar two points to take aaway
    firstly the jamat has such a strangle hold over its followers it can spy on them and they wont complain, i dont think the spying thing is news to ahmadis.
    infact it happens in an unorganised way with most communities, so people from a local community might see daughter/son of son and so and gossip about them, which causes problem for the parents. But this seem organised and cult like.
    The second thing which is more important is that there is a clear indication of the lack or religousness amongst ahmadi youngsters, i havent done a survey but I cant remember meeting an ahmadi that was actually religious.
    so here is the issue the jamat collects money in the name of religion and spreading of religion, if this isnt happen then the money collection is a meaningless exercise (except to the one taking the money) ahmadi really need to ask, why does their jamat lack in religiousity? lessen then mainstream muslims, and when you understand that then ask what then does the jamat have to offer? You can control your own kids how you can educate other peoples?
    The jamat is going to dig itself in hole, the second and third generation ahmadis are going to be more and more irreligous and more and more rebelious, the more pressure the jamat applies the harder they are going to kick, thats young people for you,
    so something is going to give either the cult will win or the kids will walk, and i think it will be the later.
    what then of a jamat that has no future? no kids no future?
    internally ahmadis know they have a crisis but they wont admit it openly.
    my suggestion is for people with any sense they should leave the cult and teach their kids real islam and see how that works.

  3. Brother Shahid an excellent piece and yet another example of the wretched and corrupt underbelly of the Ahmadiyya community.

    Waqfe Nau children and their parents need to wake up and see what Ahmadiyya really is – a mind control cult masquerading as a peaceful, tolerant organisation.

    Even their suggested methods for tackling their internal issues is shocking. Every ex-Ahmadi knows that their old community love to use social exclusion as a tool to keep its members in check. It is disgusting.

    May Allah grant each and every sincere Ahmadi the hidaya to reject the liar Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and embrace Islam. Ameen.

  4. Great work team

    I hope truth seeking non Slave Ahmadies will condemn such act by Jammat.
    and will think about it that what they are following

  5. Subhanallah! Who needs more evidence that this whole bogus creed is intellectually and morally bankrupt! And what is compulsion in religion if this is not?

    This brilliant post also shows the actual progress these useless schemes have made so far in terms of improving the basic Islamic manners of these kids.

    May Allah (SWT) open the eyes and hearts of the average innocent Ahmadis for the truth. InSha’Allah – with posts like this – it is about time that they will decide to stop and think about the debauchery of this ridiculous cult of corruption.

  6. Wow…. The scale of the intrusion in people’s private lives is unbeliveable. Someone should report this to the authorities or to privacy campaigners. It’s best if the victims do it themselves.

  7. but, what if the cases that youve presented are made up??
    i dont know i find it hard to believe, please be more specific in the article…

    • It’s a good question. How can I convince you without breaking the privacy of these youngsters?

      Ask yourself, how do I benefit from posting this?

      1) The Waqf-e-nau youngsters who read this might have a good idea that it’s them
      2) If they write to me from a legitimate address giving their name, I can confirm either way, without breaking their confidence
      3) Nothing we’ve ever put up has been faked. If it had ever been discovered to be so, we would have pulled it.
      4) Ahmadiyya routinely threatens me and my family, and threatens other blog members too. Why would we do this if not for Allah’s pleasure?
      5) We don’t get paid for doing this! We take our time out, we research carefully and we present the truth.

      Why? Because we want Ahmadis to come to Islam – and we want the Ahmadiyya leadership to stop being tyrannical towards its membership. They need to stop humiliating, controlling and robbing people just for the sake of property, politics and propaganda.

      • Shahzad wake up your very site is doing the very same thing!!!! you think you are doing good, but your not! your site is backbiting which is unislamic. lastly don’t be fooled you are also being watched by your community! do know how many of your Bilal Mosque brothers and sisters are involved in unislamic behaviour, so tell me dose not your community do their tarbiyyat? come on! I know some who have been warned by your Imams

        • To be fair, such behavior is emblematic of all faith-based communities facing the onslaught of modern culture.

          Few differences:

          1) Actively SPYING on youth, taking pictures, and reporting misdeeds to others.
          2) Ahmadiyya boasts this false notion of how pure, holy and righteous its members are, while Muslims are all soo backwards and corrupt. Its all part of the Pakistani-culture notion of being excessively critical of others, but trying to hold yourself on a pedestal. It lacks humbleness.
          3) KICKING PEOPLE OUT! Masjids are supposed to invite people, overlook faults, and help people, not threaten to kick them out for being sinful. Again, its part of that backwards notion that religious people have to be perfect or completely out of the faith.

      • Shahid sb this not correct there may have been some members of low behavior who threatened you, and indeed that is still wrong!!! and not acceptable by any standard but yo say that Ahmadiyya threatened you is incorrect. and never mind the fact an unfair accusation! I saw your talk about a news paper about Ahmadi girls being raped by an non Ahmadi and how you claim that some members of the Jamaat sent it to you, implying that your daughters would be raped nauzubillah if any Ahmadi has sent you this, then it unforgivable, but please do think that all the Ahmadi’s in the world would accept this behavior not at all. I have been threatened many times by non-Ahmadi Imams and their followers I have been told I should be killed, I have be told to leave a certain country when I was there or I would be dealt with. should I blemish the whole Muslim ummah for this no! so don’t accuse the Ahmadiyaa Jamaat for those who claim to follow Ahmadiyyat True Islam. I pray may almighty Allah keep you and family safe. Peace and Salam

        • That’s a positive attitude and I can appreciate that.

          You do not like your entire religion smeared because of the actions of a few.

          Why then do you say things like “Mullahs” are all violent, terrorist, etc based on the actions of a few people in Pakistan – a non-representative sample, as its in social, economic and political disarray and in such situations people behave irrationally.

          Meaning, if you don’t like being painted with a broad brush by saying “Ahmadis threaten Muslim girls with rape”, then perhaps you shouldn’t do the same and imply all Muslims are evil, and prone to extremism.

  8. On a higher level, is this legal in UK? Why not report this to THE government?

  9. Wow, well, well, well… Look what we have here, yet more cult like aspects from the “true” religion. Spying on your youth? Sharing their activities which you should be hiding not exposing to each other? You guys are unbelievable. Even if you didn’t claim to be a religion and instead branded yourself as an organisation with members, who would want to join such a sick organisation? Ahmadis, leave this cult and come back to the freedom of Islam where no one judges you except Allah (SWT). Of course, your mum and dad would have words but no one else has that right, hypocrites. That’s what this organisation is, a bunch of hypocrites. From weddings scandals to waqf-e-nau scandals. You make me sick.

    • All the comments that have been made, all condemning the spying on young Ahmadi Muslims who are being led astray and getting involved in perhaps anti Islamic practises which of course many of the Non Ahmadi youths are doing also. are you saying no community should discipline them? and I don’t mean beating, or anything like that but, there must be away to show them, that no Muslim Community would allow such un-Islamic behaviour will be tolerated. plus if you have a Son or Daughter who might be doing something unislamic like drinking, drugs, or going to night clubs. please don’t tell me you would not like to be told!!!

      On the spying accusation these are the words of Shahid Kamal ” You can’t hold any position of office unless you pay your dues. Once again, it’s all about the bucks (Thanks to our American brother for these leaks) is this not spying!!!

      Also Shahid Sb, how do you explain when after the Holy Prophet (saw) passed away, and certain tribes refused to pay Zakat, tell me were they not ordered to pay or else they would be punished by Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra), and wars.
      started because of this!!!
      please rethink about some of your concepts which are all wrong!!!!

      • May God bless and honor you. I genuinely appreciate your tone and manner.

        Few concepts:
        (A) Lets suppose I was drinking alcohol in public. Under an Islamic system, I would be disciplined. But, if I was drinking alcohol in the privacy of my house, the authority of the state ends at the door. They have no right to monitor what I do privately – Such sins are between me and God.

        (Some theorize the wisdom behind this is that sins done in public harm society at large, and thus the state is obligated to step in.)

        If an Ahmadi boy…erm…young man is dating, I agree that is wrong. But, unless he flaunts it around, it is NOT your business. The Prophet SAAWS said “From the excellence of character is to leave that which does not concern you”.

        By following youth around, spying, taking pictures, etc, they are violating the right of privacy that Allah has given them.
        Respecting Privacy according to MuslimMatters:

        (B) Islam is a complete way of life, not just a personal system. Part of life includes state/government authority. There are certain aspects of Islamic law that cannot be implemented except with state authority – for example, Abu Bakr (RA) fighting those who refused to pay Zakah.

        State authority is a requirement to discipline a person. You can’t just go around yourself putting people into prisons.

        (C) Lets suppose I had a son or daughter who was going astray. I would want to know. But, I have the right to know, because I would be the parent of the child. The parent has the authority.

        But, Murabbi Saab, with his Jinnah cap and lack of education has no right to know anything other than what I disclose. He is not a parent.

        • Firstly: Farhan I agree to a point that what you do in your home is private, but just think about this for a moment, if somehow just like gets its information by someone informing them, if parents get wind of immoral activities in someone’s home and ultimately are given the evidence, is not there right to firstly rebuke their child, and if an Imam or Murrabi is also informed about this in the same way is informed, should they not act and try to advise those who are involved in unislamic behaviour to refrain and follow the commandments of Allah (swt) and to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw)
          The holy Prophet said “
          Firstly: Farhan I agree to a point that what you do in your home is private, but just think about this for a moment, if somehow just like gets its information by someone informing them, if parents get wind of immoral activities in someone’s home and ultimately are given the evidence, is not there right to firstly rebuke their child, and if an Imam or Murrabi is also informed about this in the same way is informed, should they not act and try to advise those who are involved in unislamic behaviour to refrain and follow the commandments of Allah (swt) and to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw)
          The holy Prophet said “ The case of a person who observes the limits set by Allah
          As compared to the one who breaks these limits is like that
          Of a people who cast lots about reserving places in a boat.
          Some of them are allotted the upper deck while others get
          The lower, when those on the lower deck need water they
          Have to pass by those who are above them. They suggest,
          ‘ if we make a hole in our part of the ship we will not disturb
          Those above us,’if those on the upper deck let them do as they
          Intend, all of them will be destroyed, while if the stop them, all of them
          Will remain safe. (Bukhari)
          If the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat allows it youths those who continue to take no heed to Islamic teachings then it has the right stop them.

          According to this we must forbid anyone from doing evil, so the Ahmadiyya Muslims jamaat when it is informed that there may be member acting and behaving in an unIslamic way, it indeed has the right to take action.

          According to this we must forbid anyone from doing evil, so the Ahmadiyya Muslims jamaat when it is informed that there may be member acting and behaving in an unIslamic way, it indeed has the right to take action.

      • @ Ahmad

        FYI: if you dont pay your taxes here in the USA. You will go to jail!!!! See the story of Al Capone for further details. You see, Zakah was a tax of sorts. It was for the betterment of the govt. Non-Muslims paid Jizyah at the same rate as they were previously paying tax or tribute, and it was rated less in some instances as well, and we all know that Jizyah was less than Zakat.

        Furthermore, Ahmadiyya markets itself as the best Muslims in the world. They also call all other Muslims groups as stupid, ignorant and repulsive to the basic standards of human rights (see How to be Free from Sin by MGAQ, 1902).

  10. Mirza Tahir Ahmad is just as much as a wolf as his father Mahmud and his grandfather Ghulam. I seriously hypothesize that he didnt flee Pakistan in 1984. It was a planned move. In the 1950’s he went there and scoped out the landscape and the culture. He planned accordingly. Mahmud Ahmad wasnt happy with the state of affairs in the newly formed Islamic republic of Pakistan. He wanted a backup plan.

    After becoming Khalifa in a private election, Mirza Tahir Ahmad pounced on the young children of his flock. He wants them brainwashed. He wanted to control their thoughts. Its really sick. The Mormons dont even operate in this fashion. This is straight up cult stuff. Then…in the mid-1990’s he developed MTA into a mass brainwashing mechanism, he must have noticed that western media had a distinct affect on the minds of the youth and used this avenue to control his flock.

    And what is Waqfe Nau anyways? Was Muhammad (saw) waqfe nau? Were Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman or Ali’s (may allah be pleased with them) offspring Waqfe Nau?
    Waqfe Nau has no example in Islam whatsoever. In Islam everyone is dedicated to the cause of Islam. There are no exceptions, unless there is a legal excuse (see the battle of Tabuk). In Islam, all young men were enlisted in the military. There was equality, there was respect. There were no differences in creed or cast. Everyone dressed the same and looked the same. When young men join the US military the same standards apply.

    I remember vividly in the late 1980’s how people were dedicating their children to the jamaat. I wasnt dedicated so my position was lowered. I was a second class citizen so to speak. I was less..I was missing something, I was lacking in piety and righteousness because I wasnt Waqfe Nau. I got the impression that only the really good Ahmadis were in this elite group. I felt like I wasnt doing enough for the progress of the ‘A’. I felt like I was nothing because I wasnt Waqf Nau, the psychological effect was enormous on my charachter.

    In conclusion, Waqf Nau is an elite group of country club Ahmadis. They are mostly Pakistani. Their parents pay lots of chanda and they get promotions accordingly. The best Ahmadis are the ones who have at least 1 Waqfe nau child, and they are also in the wassiyyat program. These are the ingredrients to sustain relationships in the ‘A’. These relationships in turn give these Ahmadis oppurtunities to get their children married into the supposed ‘good’ families.

    In the end, the ‘A’ is nothing more than a Punjabi country club. Ahmadis want status and prestige. They dont care if its un-islamic. I estimate that 90% of Ahmadi youth are irreligious and drink alcohol regularly. Simon Ross Valentine even wrote in his book on the ‘A’ that many Ahmadi youth told him that they regularly had long friday nights wherein the were active in ‘clubbing and pulling’. They even admitted to visiting the red light district of Amsterdam regularly.

    Is this Islam? Is this even a religion? What are the Mirzas other than CEO’s and money grabbers like Bernie Madoff? How much longer will this ponzi scheme last?

    • Well said brother. This ponzi scheme would not have lasted so long if the people in this cult had opened their eyes. It looks like lot of people are still not aware of how big of a fraud Ahmadiyya is.

        • MGAQ sahib was a liar, cheat and a fraud. He was no Prophet, Messiah or Mahdi. He took money from people to write books on lies, rubbish and blasphemy. These are never the qualities of a prophet!

          Now his so called Khalifa under guidance of his murabbis and missionaries are spreading lies, hatred against muslims and false teachings in the name of Islam and gouging money from the ignorant followers…….!!!

          What more do you want to know before realizing that this is a complete fraud under disguise of piety?

          • MK I know many Murrabi’s (Missionaries) never heard them or seen them saying Ahmadi Muslims should hate other Muslims or telling any lies!!! please remember fire and water cannot come together, therefore a liar and a truthful one cannot not share the same space.
            peace we love you all

          • @ Ahmad

            I had Ahmadi murrabiis tell me not to call them ‘Maulvi Sahib’. They hate Islam. I know, I was there. They always critisize Islam. In fact, Ahmadiyyat has been critisizing Islam since like 1880. Ahmadiyyat has been an enemy of Islam for a loooooong time. This is not breaking news.

            MGAQ blamed Muslims for almost every problem in the world. He never blamed his white master for stealing Australia, USA, South America or South Africa. As far as MGAQ was concerned, the whites wer really good people. It time for you to wake up.

          • MK Come on! have you ever met a Murrabi? they don’t lie what benefit would any Ahmadi Murrabi who has spent seven years learning to proper Urdu, Arabic and so forth, which would have enabled them to find the very faults and lies you keep talking about but instead they find that what all is being said about the Jamaat are lies which strengthens their Iman

    • Salaam,

      Your argument is not totally correct that there is no example of this Waqfe nau in Islam because in Surah Al-Imran, we see the Quranic model that it seems Waqfe Nau was patterned, which is the example of the mother of Mary (as) who dedicated her in the womb for the service of Allaf and thereby gained great blessings for her progeny. But I highly doubt the Jewish priests (as) were spying on Mary (as) and threatening to sanction Hannah (as).

      • @ Gizmo

        I appreciate your inquiry, and yes I have read where Ahmadiyya doctrine equates the WQF program with this specific verse of the Quran.

        This is just another example of Ahmadis taking the Quran out of context as they push their business endeavor in the 21st century. Ahmadis are very keen to twist any verse of the Quran to further their franchising. This is nothing new. They learned these programs and procedures from Mirza Ghulam and now they are simply creating new programs and giving them Quranic references.

        The Mormons are not even as bad as these Qadianis. It seems that they will stop at nothing in their pursuit of a global empire.

        • Rationalist this show your ignorance on the subject I say with respect no insult intended, firstly in Surah Maryum
          it is quite clear and indeed not out of context at all, it is a known fact by those who study historical theology, that the Jewish people use to dedicate their children mostly male to service of the temple, and the Qur’an supports this. So Jamaat Ahmadiyya is only following the teaching of the Qur’an.


    • I am not a Muslim. I was referred to this site by a friend. I have no particular leaning, one way or another, to either side of these fascinating discussions. But, I do have one comment: There is not a single religion that does NOT contain:

      drug addicts
      drug runners

      So, what is the difference between an Ahmadi who goes “pulling” and an ordinary orthodox Muslim who goes “pulling?” NONE. ZERO. And there are tons of sunni Muslims, some of whom I’ve met in my life, who solicit prostitutes [I personally had a prostitute friend who was given a Holy Qur’an, by an Arab, sunni Muslim, IN EXCHANGE FOR…]

      Here’s my point. The discussion that Shahid has raised is strong enough, in my opinion, without having to ACT as if Ahmadi Muslims are the ONLY ones who like pussy.

      Shahid is speaking about the issue of CONTROL, and how corrupting that is. These attempts to caste Ahmadis as somehow MORE corrupt than others, by citing instances of bar-hopping and ho-hopping, actually take away from the discussions. Also, they are totally UN-INTERESTING.

      I mean, why is it MORE interesting that an Ahmadi drinks liquor, as opposed to a sunni drinking liquor? IT AIN’T

      So, although I have some questions about possible underlying reasons that Shahid is waging this Jihad (despite his claims that he’s merely trying to bring Ahmadis to “Islam”), I must admit admit that these discussion are absolutely fascinating.

      Quite seriously, someone could probably submit this to his thesis advisor as a topic for a dissertation. The focus would be: the struggles of an eastern, hierarchical religious system, Ahmadiyyat, in adjusting to the environment of the West.

      My guess is that Shahid was born in England, not in Paksitan. So, he’s born WESTERNER, as are many young Ahmadiyyas in England. It seems very clear to me that, though I also DETEST spying and hierarchical authorities, the Ahmadi authorities are struggling with HOW to maintain their particular religious culture.

      In this regard, let’s not be hypocritical here. I viewed a 60-Minutes episode, in the U.S., years ago. In that episode, Mike Wallace went to Jordan. There he interviewed a woman, and her two sons.

      The woman’s daughter had “disgraced” the family by engaging in fornication. When the mother found out, she ORDERED her two sons to KILL her own daughter. Mike Wallace asked her: “I mean…This was your own daughter. And did you not hesitate to have your own daughter killed?”

      She answered, “No! She disgraced herself. She disgraced our family. she disgraced Muhammad. And she disgraced Islam!”

      Now, granted, it’s definitely a BIG extreme to whack your daughter, on account of her having hot pants. But, what I see is the SAME stuff that you can find EVEN IN AMERICA, amongst groups that are NOT cults.

      Again: This is not to sanctify spying, brow-beating, excommunicating and all that. But, I would like to see Shahid (or somebody) become a little broader and smarter in analyzing this situation. I mean, that’s just ME.

      I am TOTALLY unimpressed by attempts to tear shit down, whether it’s an organization or somebody’s character. Even when someone claims to be doing it, “in the interest of children,” I pretty much abhore this kind of thing.

      What really needs to happen is that, as I said, the discussion become broader. Where it can be admitted that your community is suffering from culture shock; where it can be admitted that your community is groping and struggling with the SAME issues as other, even less-structured, communities are dealing with, then such things should be admitted, and intelligently discussed.

      That would be more interesting to me.

      What is freedom? My mother had the “freedom” to leave our family when I was 5 years old. I’m an American–born and raised. And all my generations before me, in my family, were Americans.

      My “free” mother got hooked on the glitter and glammer of urban life; urban street life. I have the divorce papers. I have them. So, no one can tell me that dad was telling a lie. Because it all came out, in official court documents: She cheated on my dad. She loved to drink liquor, and stay in the bars.

      As a consequence, I suffered all of my life, in school, with bad grades. This is a common thing when a mother isn’t around.

      So–and again, I ain’t Muslim. I ain’t Christian. None of that; So, when I was invited to check out this site, and started reading, I immediately saw that the discussions, though good, were not full enough–not NEAR enough.

      Your community, quite frankly–like many communities–is scared shit-less of this MADNESS in the West. In my day, if I had had the “freedom” to tell my father to “go to hell,” he would have knocked me into next month! In fact, that was a favorite saying of our parents: “Boy, if you don’t get off your ass and clean that room, I’m gonna knock you into next weeek!”

      I never had a clue as to what it FELT like to be knocked into next week, and I had NO desire to find out. But the generation MY kids’ age? Absoutely INSANE. I won’t go into the gory details.

      But, while we laud the supposed superior “benefits” of freedom, we better look a whole lot closer. Because, “freedom” has brought the U.S. to ABSOLUTE RUIN. And, perhaps that’s as it should be. After all, if you’re gonna be free, then you can’t put CHECKS on it. You have to trust in human nature.

      And I understand that. But what I ALSO understand is a community that gets absolutely frightened when its girls get on the Internet [I’ve read your beef about that], and the next thing you know, little Aisha’s belly is sticking out, and folks is going, “When did Aisha get married?”

      Okay, get this straight: I am NOT siding with your organization. No, sir. But, I’m too old NOT to look at this stuff from various angles. When you get older, the word “nuance” begins to have a special meaning.

      Also, you begin to realize that NOTHING is black and white.

      You see a prostitute. And you think, “Dirty whore!” Or you think, “Look at her! She’s SO materialistic that she doesn’t care about anything but money!” But then, when you look a little bit closer, you discover that she uses her earnings to HELP HER 80-YEAR-OLD NEIGHBOR pay her bills, because she feels love for her; or she goes out, in the middle of the night, and takes clothing to the homeless.

      I ain’t talking about stuff that I heard. I’m talking about shit that I SAW; that I witness.

      Conversely, you can look at the “saint,” who, whenever you see him, is walking around with half-closed eyes, a long beard, and alwasy mumbling something–AS IF he’s praying.

      But, come back later that night, and guess what? He’s with that SAME prostitute that, earlier, you dismissed as a heartless whore? This is the reality of LIFE. It ain’t black or white; good or bad. It’s way too complicated for that.

      Far be it for me to tell you how to run your shit. But, the one-dimensional approach, personally for me, is boring; it’s un-intellectual; it’s LAZY, even, and I don’t mean to sound harsh when I say that. But, there are too many people who ARE lazy.

      And, Shahid, you don’t seem to fall in that category–yet. It would be interesting, for me anyway, to hear the other side. Because, I don’t like ONE side of ANYTHING, I don’t care how “true” it sounds.

      In fact, that’s WHY I took the time to find out what a ho (prostitute) was REALLY like. And, in the process, I found out something about street people in general that, prior to that experience, I didn’t know: MANY of them will LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR YOU, long before your “religious” brother will. That’s right. There is a kind of honor amongst them, that is almost WEIRD. But it is also STRONG.

      Very interesting discussions here. But, some of it is a bit too shallow for REAL life.

      Nevertheless, very interesting, Shahid.



      • @ Dennis

        If you were an ex-Ahmadi you would be able to see things clearer. We are not claiming that the Muslim community around the world is innocent and pure. Every community has its issues.

        We are simply highlighting the real story of Ahmadiyyat. Ahmadiyyat is not what it is marketing itself to be, i.e. the saved sect of Muslims. Ahmadiyyat in some cases has more problems than many cults.

        The reason that we exist is to provide awareness on Ahmadiyyat and help the innocent masses come out of this Cult. I have many family members that are stuck in the ‘A’. I want them back. The Mirza family has been stealing money from innocent Ahmadis for over 100 years. It simply needs to end.

        The Rash

        • Hey, don’t take my words too seriously. I like to learn stuff. I used to occasionally go to Christian, Atheists, or whatever forums, just to fuck with folks–and to learn. It makes me think. And I also hope I can help others to think. I respect your perspective.

          I have friends of all kinds of beliefs, and one of them (as you have guessed, I’m sure) is an Ahmadi. He asked me to check this blog out to see what I think. And me, being the born American ASSHOLE that I am, decided to come here and ACT as if I know something. 🙂

          Well, I probably know more about Ahmadis than most people, that’s for sure. American’s don’t know SHIT, except which color underwear that Lady Gaga is wearing this week.

          I know about your founder. I know that orthodox Muslims are pissed because he said he’s a prophet, and all that.

          But, as I said, I really like to know both sides of something. Nevertheless, I understand what you’re saying. I appreciate that you replied. Thank you.

          • @ Dennis

            This is a serious blog. Ahmadiyyat is a serious problem. Im sorry, but, I dont share the lax attitude that you have. Its compelling that Ahmadis are fast friends with you. It tells alot about their character.

            Ahmadiyyat is robbing my parents and brothers blind. They have been robbing us circa 1940’s…or at least thats as far back as I can ascertain. I simply want the ‘A’ to get shut down. Thats all my friend.

      • I love the oft repeated ‘neutral persona’ character that ahmadis created. Its so hilarious that they keep doing it.
        “…er im neutral, see, and I just think you sunnis are wrong, and the ahmadis are misunderstood, even when they do creepy criminal things, im neutral you understand, neutral’
        Dennis…… eff off!

        • I know right. He’s just a blatant ahamdi ‘disguised’ as the neutral person who is neither sunni or ahmadi. First of all any sensible person would realize Ahamadiyya is a cult. Secondly what’s with all the prostitute talk? Sunnis know we aren’t perfect…and, how does it make Ahmadiyya any less of a cult? And the cussing wasn’t really necessary wasn’t it? Is this a new tactic as an undercover neutral person? Oh please…maybe they need acting lessons to be more convincing.
          This guy is an ‘expert’ because he watched a 6o minutes about a family in Jordan? I mean really! Why all the Arab bashing? Maybe cuz most don’t care about Ahmadiyya?

          • I recently watched a 60 minute episode wherein a Sikh family murdered their daughter because she was having an affair with someone she loved in India. The family was so disgraced that they decided to pay someone to murder their own daughter.

            Here is a similiar story:


            Moral of the story…lets not confuse culture with religion. And remember…Ahmadis market their brand as “the saved Muslims”, or “the best Muslims”.

      • Dennis in summary Ahmadiyya founder MGAQ sahib was no Messiah, Prophet or Mahdi. He was a liar, cheat and a fraud beyond doubt. It’s proven and there is no need to open that subject again and again.

        Ahmadiyya’s organization’s so called Khalifa Masroor sahib and his murabbis, missionaries and leaders are spreading lies, hatred and false teachings in the name of Islam.

        Do we not have a right to educate people to realize this and do we not have a right to help the gullible Ahmadi followers to open their eyes.

        • Dennis “Dennis in summary Ahmadiyya founder MGAQ sahib was no Messiah, Prophet or Mahdi. He was a liar, cheat and a fraud beyond doubt. It’s proven and there is no need to open that subject again and again.”

          please, produce the proof!!!

          • I suggest you should read book written by MGAQ.
            There is abundance of proof there.
            Our job is to deliver the message and guidance is only from Allah s.w.t.
            We hope and pray that one day you will come to Islam InshaAllah.

  11. As with most other accusations around the organization of Jamaat, these are of no concern to non-members. If a person joins the Jamaat, they have to follow rules.

    You are most welcome to ask these stray youths to join your club.. I am personally not aware of the cricumstances of collection of this information (pictures and other data), but could it be from social media and not through any active “spying”?

    • First and foremost, no one is condoning this behavior. Opposing immoral behavior is inherent to all Muslims, and does not require “joining a jamaat” or extra “rules”. But, that’s not the issue at hand.

      There is a principle in Islamic ethics and morality of assuming Good in people – Husn al-Dhun Spying and suspicion itself is a sin. Taking pictures, following people, “seeing what people are up to”, all of that is not only none of their business, it itself is a sin. Backbiting has its own rules/exceptions around it, but in general you don’t go around REPORTING peoples’ mistakes.

      Imagine a person with a drug problem. That person might be actively trying to defeat the addiction, struggling with himself, crying at night, and feeling ashamed. The worst thing to do to this person is tell others. Imagine the FURTHER embarrassment and the feeling of worthlessness that will create! As we say in the US, that person has “demons to battle”. May God help him in that issue. So, officially REPORTING sins is…jaw-dropping.

      • Muslim approach to problems with the Youth:
        “And scholars, you have to understand that growing up in the west is hard. These young people don’t live in Living in Karachi, Cairo, Kaula Lampur, they’re living in the hood! And believe me, its difficult. And we understand as Imams, that you young people are going through difficulties. And our message to you is keep struggling, we support you. You’re going to make mistakes. If you make mistakes, we’ll be there for you. This is the message we need to give to young people. We’re not here to indict you but to invite you, and to tell you that we’re proud of you and we believe you, because you represent the fusion of the western Muslim identity. And indeed the painting that lies before this community, this empty canvas will be painted by the youth!”

        Ahmadi Approach:
        Spy on them, document their sins and if necessary publicly shame them.


        • @ Farhan

          Imam Suhaib Webb is definitely a role model for the youth in the West. 25+ years as an Ahmadi in the USA, there was never any Imam that I was impressed by. Most Ahmadi Imam’s are paid murrabis and dont care about connecting with the youth. I guess they take after Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who was also a paid mullah. In 1894 or so, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad hired Syed Maulvi Amrohi as the first paid Mullah of Ahmadiyyat (see Dard).

          I vividly remember talking to local Ahmadi Mullahs and they just didnt care. Their sons and daughters were given free education by the jamaat, they were married into good families, they were given cars to drive, vacation time, medical and dental, etc etc, the list goes on and on. Why would they care to answer any questions or concerns by the rank and file? The big time Chanda payers were the only ones that they cared about…and for obvious reasons..

          And I was humiliated all the time. This is standard operating procedure for the Ahmadi heirarchy. This is what they do. They have their elite membership which is about 0.1%, then they have the middle members which are about 10% and then the rank and file members.

          They dont have anyone like Suhaib Webb. There were a few white-american-Ahmadis but they werent charismatic nor were they promoted thru the chain of command like the pakistanis who came to the USA 20-30 years ago.

          • rubbish Rationalist, it is obvious that you are an ex Ahmadi ,but it would seem you don’t know what you are ascertaining firstly Murrabi’s and waqf are not given cars! they don’t get free medical care unless living in Pakistan, if someone humiliated you then that is wrong, and any Murrabi I have ever met has always given time and were always kind

          • @ Ahmad

            Murabbis are given cars, I have seen it myself. They also get cars fro their children. They might be loaners…I never said that WQFN kids get cars.

            And Murrabbis in the USA, Canada and Europe get free medical fromt he jamaat. They dont make enough money to pay their own bills. They even pay chanda with the small allowance that they get.

            Every Ahmadi Mullah that I ever met never did any kind of manual labor work around the mosque. They were all stuck up and conceited. And so were their children.

          • I agree Ahmadi murabbis are paid by the jamaat. They have so much money which is obviously not earned by any hard work, but came from jamaat.
            They may have even hidden it somewhere in the name of their family members. For one day I the gullible followers opened their eyes and started taking account of their chanda they would not be able to go after them.

        • this is not correct! I know that if their is any issue with any youth it is dealt with great care and love. I know this for a fact, what I also know those youths who behave in such a manner and don’t change their ways and they are eventually considered not belonging to the community because of their misgivings, it is they and some times their families who announce this and complain about the Jamaat.

          • @ Ahmad

            You are trying to tell an ex-Ahmadis what its like to be in the ‘A’. You cant tell me anything. I was there. I experienced it firsthand. I lived the life of a young Ahmadi in the USA. I didnt pray with Muslims. I didnt hang with Muslims. I got in trouble as an Atfal and Khuddam, like everyone else. I experienced almost every aspect of life as an Ahmadi in the good ol USA.

            Rich kids get treated better and with less yelling and embarrasment. There are many stupid/extreme Ahmadis who treat people different based on their chanda status and family. I was a bottom of the barrel Ahmadi. My dad was a laymen. He was treated accordingly, and still is, its suprising to me that he is still an Ahmadi. I pray that Allah guides him away.

            Furthermore, Shahid gave the best reason why MGAQ was a fraud. Instead of praying for his enemies, he wished death and destruction. Whereas Muhammad (saw) the model of life, prayed that Allah bring them to Islam. And Umar (may allah be pleased with him) came running. MGAQ was nothing more than badmaaaash. He only wanted to be a paid mullah. And he got paaaaaaaid!!!!!!

        • Faran I like what you wrote and indeed we should help the youth, but this accusation of spying on youths is totally exaggerated I am this Jamaat and involved in it, and believe me this is not the case, we care about our youth the good, bad and ugly we are there for them. that’s why this spying accusation is over the top I know what I am talking about.

          love and peace


    • Let’s start with the collection of data – it was achieved through deceptive means. That’s spying. The bigger problem is whose hands this information is in. You see, it’s not just data, it’s information, it’s pictures, photos, of kids, that people other than the parents should not have access to. It’s truly vile and it’s a hallmark of your cult to spy on and control the activities of their members.

      You are part of British society, are you not? These are British children are they not? Then their welfare is very much the concern of the rest of society, as are the rest of your cult’s dubious activities.

      On the other hand, your hateful cult is in the habit of making vile, generalising statements about Muslims that are wholly inaccurate. Perhaps you should mind your cult’s own business?

      Interesting, don’t you think, that you portray yourself as loyal to Britain, but when the lens of inquiry is turned onto your cult, you cry foul and try to run back under your rock. See Lutf, when you came out of that rock to start maligning Muslims in an Islamophobic context, you opened yourself up. It works both ways, but you don’t like that, do you?

      Finally, and most importantly, as is typical of you, you have cast judgment when you are in no position to do so:

      “You are most welcome to ask these stray youths to join your club.. ”

      First, how do you know they are stray? And second, yes, insha’Allah we will. And we will support them, and help them and guide them. That’s what we do with kids Lutf, we don’t do it Mirzology style, spying, grassing, lying and humiliating. You want to keep that up, you’re welcome to your un-Islamic and un-British approach.

      • So Shahid Sb, then you agree then that the British Government can’t take pictures of possible terrorist’s and therefore they cannot spy, keep an eye on criminal activities and seen that most of them are British i.e. 7/7 those Muslims who had kept young girls for sex, they to were also British, so the law enforcement agency’s should not spy or keep an eye on them this is your words
        ” You are part of British society, are you not? These are British children are they not? Then their welfare is very much the concern of the rest of society, as are the rest of your cult’s dubious activities.

        As far the hate issue we hate don’t hate you, or any other Muslim. but indeed we are Muslims

        • Ahmad I don’t understand your line of questioning. Are you agreeing to this alleged surveillance of waqfe nau children and liking them to terror suspects? Because that’s the impression I’m getting from you. Even if they were is it the job of the elders in the Ahmadiyya community to ‘monitor’ them or maybe the UK counter-terrorism organisations?

          Why make such a flimsy analogy? What crimes under UK law have these waqfe nau children allegedly committed?

          • TruthSeeker it is not flimsy at all, spying on someone who you have no complaint is perhaps wrong, or if you want get something on some one you don,t like ( this what is doing ) but if information is given to you that someone in your community is committing unislamic practices, which may cause harm and influence other Muslims to do the same, then therefore it correct to inquire and and try to advise them that they should change there ways and follow the teachings of Islam and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw) surly this the correct thing to do, or course with love.

  12. Rationalist I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experience but there are thousand more with good experience’s if Office bearers weren’t treating you and your father well that is wrong and not in line with Islamic teaching. As far Shahid sb demonstrating the fraud of the Promised Messiah (as) I have yet to be convinced in all the arguments presented on this site! but Iam a good listener. it would seem you have a lot of hate and anger let it go.

    • @ Ahmad

      Ahmadis have different social classes that exist inside the walls. I was in the bottom class. Hence, I was treated differently. I was an Ahmadis for the better portion of my life. I know what its all about. You got rich ahmadis and poor ahmadis, then you have the mullahs and their children, who occupy the highest rank. The rich Ahmadis and the Ahmadi Mullahs are all in cohoots with each other. The poor Ahmadis are the ones working endlessly. Just like in the Agapamone. Thats why I normally refer to Ahmadiyyat as the ‘A’.

      I even asked Ahmadi Mullahs many questions and they were all very upset with the questioning. They never admitted when they didnt have an answer and were simply stuck-up and didnt want to answer questions.

      • Rationalist would care to name one such Missionary, who could not or would not answer your questions! I know most of the them in USA so I find it hard to believe that they could not or would not answer you. again if? you were treated differently then it was wrong as we are all equal in the sight of Almighty Allah (swt) but I just cannot accept that you could not find one single pious Ahmadi Murrabi who did not help you.

        Peace and love


  13. This blog is merely try to highlight amongst others, the serious issues Ahmadiyya has in regards to the cultivation of the young. I have met many delightful young Ahmadis and it saddens me the way they are brainwashed and manipulated by the organisation.

    Yesterday I spoke to almost 4 different Ahmadi youths at one of their ‘love for all hatred for none’ dawah stalls and they all seemed very pleasant. I started going into the issue of the end of prophethood and the discussions were bearing fruit as they were surprised by the explicit verses within the Quran and sunnah. Before I got any further there was an elder amongst them and he interupted telling me to leave in no uncertain terms.

    The rest of the youth were willing to talk to me but were also ordered by the elder not to talk to me anymore. One youth then politely replied saying, ‘he is our elder we have to listen to him’. I applauded the sincerity and manners of the youth and out of respect for him turned away but not before mentioning that you really have to question why hes telling me to go away, for merely stating the truth? The elder had no reply.

    This elder had no regard for the well being of these youth, he was merely interested in protecting his reputation amongst them so that he could control them. Truth for him, is neither here nor there, its a game of control. I pray Allah guides those youth, they do not deserve the rotten elders that have been assigned to them by the organisation.

    • Abu Eemaan this is a fantastic story but I hold Tabligh stalls every week with many youths and we have many Arabs discuss with us all the issues and our youths who are with me are well able to defend Ahmadiyyat True Islam from the Qur’an and sunnah and Hadith and to date no convincing answers from them even their Imam. would care to put the question to me what you put to them.



      • @ Ahmad

        What books of MGAQ have u read? Can you read urdu? Have you read the history of MGAQ? What about books by his sons?

      • I dont know why you think this is a fantastic story? Its hardly that, its a sad truth. There is no argument under the sun to refute the unanimous and explicitly clear verdict that prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was the last prophet. Anyone who claims otherwise has to go against 1400 years of well established explicit proof. Recently I agreed to meet with an Ahmadi claiming he had ‘explicit proof” that prophethood did not end. At the end of an hour where he couldnt present a single argument he finally admitted that he was not aware of any explicit argument. Please present an explicit ayah to counter the clear explicit ayah ‘Khaatam un Nabiyeen’. There isnt (we all know there isnt-even Ahmadis admit it, so just accept the ayah and practise Islam, why lose your faith by denying an explicit ayah in order to gain nothing.

    • Abu Eamaan,

      This is exactly what we are tyring to say. Ahmadiyya elders and so called murabbis are playing a tight control game over their young ones, obviously because if they find out the truth they will leave. Now you can imagine the condition of these elders, do they have no fear of Allah s.w.t that they sold their deen for worldly gains and keep misguiding their own people in this cult.

  14. you know what, this freedom was the cause of the malign of every religion that has existed. so any things that you are objecting on Shahid hav been ordered by the Holy Quran itself. I AM A WAQFE NAU, and you know what, waqfenau children are a little more superior than others in every field, believe it or not. me n my younger sibling r both waqfenau. whilist my youngest sibling is not. me n my younger sibling r the only waqfenau at school and believe me or not we r the two best students in academic achievement and we r studying in the 2nd very best school of the country and at the same time i captain my football team amd lead the basketball and volleyball team. my youngest sibling, although smart actually very smart aint that good in her studies and some other things and before you think he is sick or smth , he is not. i have many times witnessed myself being helped and felt superior on many occasions.
    as far as this stuff you ve posted above is concerened, well if i was one of them i would be happy to be guided back to the right way if i was astray. i wouldnt mind if someone reported me if i wss the one wrong and mind you there r only a few who hav a problem with this, all of my friends agree atleast.
    and chanda, well it happens in every religion, hinduism, christianity, and other sects of islam all involve donation or chanda. so i dont see any point there. Wasiyyat is not forced upon anyone, so one more issue is gone. and you know we make these sacrifices from our contention, as it is part of zikaat. i guess you couldnt cope with it Shahid thats y u left, anyway.
    and your comments about you receiving the death threats. well im sure jamaat has betr things to do than to send you death threats. every year millions of people join this community and it wont make a notch of difference if someone like you leaves, i dont see y wud jamaat threaten you. y wud they do it? can u answer? you arent any loss for us no. so y?

    • Visitor I’m amazed you cannot see the point concerning chanda being such a self-professed intelligent individual. Chanda is not Zakat. Chanda is made compulsory in your religion. Ipso facto chanda is innovation when viewed from an Islamic perspective. You would claim to be part of an Islamic sect and yet your main body of financial contribution is unislamic. Do you see the point in the chanda issue now?

    • If u are good at studies and sport that ur coz of ur self
      not coz u are waf-e-Nau

      Wasiyat is also not even Islamic so its not the issue gone 🙂

    • @ visitor

      Keep coming here and things will begin to become clearer for you.

      1. The Quran did not order WFN. That is false. Mirza didnt even advocate it, neither did any of his sons. Neither did Noorudin. WFN was introduced into Ahmadiyyat by Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Hazrat Maryam (may allah be pleased with her) had a special mission, that was the birth of a prophet. She was Waqafaed as per the Jewish doctrine. In Islam, we are all Waqaf. There is no special class of citizens. Everyone is treated the same. There is equality. This is the beauty of Islam.

      2. In Ahmadiyyat there different levels of believers. WFN kids are always treated better than the other kids. At the WFN ijtemas the kids get pizza and soda, whereas at Atfal and Khuddam Ijtemas young men and children live off of daal and roti.

      3. There is a huge portion of the Indian/pakistani population that are gifted in academics. It doesnt all stem from some program called WFN. Many hindus from India are really really smart. Have you ever checked the national spelling bee in the USA??? No AHmadis there, but lots of Hindu boys and girls. Ever wonder why? And they dont even have a Khalifa. Its genetics!!

      4. Even in christianity there is no such mandatory contribution. Even the Christians pass around a basket and ask members to willingly donate whatever they wish.

      5. Muslims in the USA dont even have a mandatory donation rate. If we want to build a mosque we raise the funds locally and get-er done. We dont send funds to some Punjabee in England so that he can decide where they go. Thats utter stupidity.

      6. Wasiyyat is not forced upon people? Is that even a serious statement? When the Khalifa makes a speech wherein he says that he wants 50% of the jamaat as Wasiyyat members..what does that mean? Its like Hitler motivating his country….

    • Br. Shahid may not be a loss for the misguided Ahmadiyya cult and its evil doers, as some of the Ahamdis have expressed here. But he is worth more than a million for us. Firstly, we thank Allah s.w.t. for guiding him to Islam and opening his heart to the falsehood of Ahmadiyyat. Secondly, I wholeheartedly believe that while making highly exaggerated claims of persecution for themselves, the Ahmadiyya jamaat never ceases to cause trouble and create problems for people like Br. Shahid who are exposing this fraud in a very educated manner. Shame on this cult and its leaders and so called murabbis. I have experienced it myself how their missionaries are cunning liars and have no limits of hatred against muslims.

  15. mk said I have experienced it myself how their missionaries are cunning liars and have no limits of hatred against muslims.

    MK please show evidence of this!!! you accept the reports of someone who has left, yet you are not accepting all Ahmadi’s who have come on this who reporting that what is being reported is not true with the possible exception of some misguided Ahmadi’s perhaps out of the love for the Promised Messiah (as) act in a way which is wrong!!! have you not read about Hadrat Umar (ra) how he would become angry with anyone who insulted the Holy Prophet (saw) he wanted to kill them, even though it is indeed wrong of any Ahmadi to threaten anyone,

    I have heard this accusation over and over of how Missionaries lie, cannot answer, creating hate towards other Muslims, I have sat in hundreds of Tabligh sittings and watched Mullahs abuse, shout insults to wards the Promised Messiah (as) and never have I heard or seen a missionary insult back.

    • I’ve seen videos of Mirza Tahir using harsh language and spreading lies about Islam. In English, he was very nice and polite. In Urdu, he was arrogant, insulting, nasty.

      My father is no Ahmadi, but he has sympathy for what happened in the 70s. But even he said he thought Mirza Tahir was really foul in his speech.

    • @ Ahmad

      You are a convert so they treated you differently. Born Ahmadis are treated like yesterdays news. You see, Ahmadiyyat parades its converts all over town. They are treated with more respect internally. In the USA, the convert count for 2011 is not more than 50. Masroor doesnt care because he is funneling the money wherever he wants.

      Ahmad, you must understand, Muslims are terribly shocked that Ahmadiyyat is selling Islam globally. This is a sick and hienous crime. The Mirza family has run this ponzi scheme long enough.

    • Whatever I have said, I 100% stand by it. I do not want to reveal exact details or names of people to maintain confidentially and do not want to give you more ammunition to shoot us.

      I repeat again, Yes the murabbis and missionaries that I have seen and met across several parts of the World are dangerous, cunning liars, they have no remorse, or heart and are going full throttle and relentlessly after innocent Muslims who have never heard the name Ahmadiyya. They call themselves as true Muslims shamelessly and others as terro…, fana….., extrem……, etc……..anything but Muslims! Such is their hate campaign and propaganda of (exxagerated persecution)………that is mind blowing to even my non-Muslim friends, who have advised me that it is better to stay away from such people. What more proof can I give you except my first hand experiences. You have to trust someone when they are confidently telling you something. Now how come you have not experienced this at all. Either you are so naive or you are part of the game and trying to keep it down because it brings grave insult to this organization.

      • @ Ahmad

        “I have heard this accusation over and over of how Missionaries lie, cannot answer, creating hate towards other Muslims, I have sat in hundreds of Tabligh sittings and watched Mullahs abuse, shout insults to wards the Promised Messiah (as) and never have I heard or seen a missionary insult back.”


        Not to argue with you, but I have also sat in 100`s of Tabligh sittings but never had heard any Scholars ( you call them mullah ) say even a mention of your so called Promised Messiah leave alone shouting insults……….!

        Please don`t forget that it was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who started this tirade and cursed, abused and insulted Muslims, Christians, Hindus and even did not spare the most noble Prophets of Allah s.w.t. like Jesus s/o Mary (peace be upon them)

        What more do you want to say. Please leave this cult and come back to Islam to save your life in the heareafter.

  16. TruthSeeker Chanda is not Bidah!!!! it is mentioned in the Qur’an and was practiced by the Holy Prophet (saw)


    • Where is it mentioned in the Qur’an. Be precise and provide 1 verse (not multiple verses/hadith or a long post).

    • I hope the world can now see the plight of Ahmadis worldwide. They have brainwashed to believe that Muslims were instructed to pay chanda in the Quran (nauzobillah). I was also told repeatedley whilst an Ahmadi, that chanda was an order of Allah in the Quran. The Ahmadis Mullahs would give this sales pitch all the time. I would always wonder as to why they cared so much about people paying. NOW I KNOW!!!!!!

      NEWFLASH: the word chanda does not appear in the Quran at all. As far as Zakat is concerned…to the best of my knowledge, Muslims were ordered to pay Zakaat until there was an islamic state established in Medina.

      Chanda is nothing more than a membership fee. No such fees exist in Islam. When the Muslims were less than 300 in Mecca, Im sure they helped the poor amongst them. Never, and I mean never, whilst in Mecca, did the money go to Muhammad (saw) to be spent at his discretion.

  17. subhanna ALLAH each day some new scandals appear and when u face poor belivers of MGAQ they said directly (OH HOW LIES MUSLIMS CREAT ) so for god sake ahmadis show us the true explain about each scandle!

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