Mirza Masroor – “Don’t be shy about Mirza’s Prophethood”

It’s official. After the recent MTA3 leaks fiasco, where Ahmadiyya was once again shown to be rotten to the core with lies, hatred and deceit, we learn that Masroor tells Ahmadis to declare the Qadiani Ahmadiyya stance on Mirza Ghulam’s prophethood publicly.

I’ve got news for you Mr. Masroor, many of your followers don’t actually know this. It’s going to make them uncomfortable. There are two angles on this.

The first is that with the support of the Western media and with all eyes on every tiny mistake committed by Muslims, whilst those same eyes (I’m talking about you Mr. Embedded El-Ghamry) are blind to every Qadiani crime, Masroor might well be trying to inflame Muslims with this boldness. What you’re asking Qadiani Ahmadis to do in certain countries is inflammatory Mr. Masroor. So much for “loyalty”. We stick by our slogan for this reason.

The second take on this is that this is effectively an ultimatum to Qadiani Ahmadis on the fence. You see the way I see it is that many Qadiani Ahmadis harbour Lahori Ahmadi beliefs, without realising it. This would fit in with certain theories that the cult of Qadianism is collapsing, and taking as much money as it can from its gullible followers whilst doing so. In deference to the 80:20 rule, it’s probably 20% of the followers bringing in 80% of the Qadiani revenue and they could therefore afford to lose half of their followers quite easily.

Interesting times.

Circular 05 22 11  Letter from Hadhur on Promised Messiah

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34 thoughts on “Mirza Masroor – “Don’t be shy about Mirza’s Prophethood”

  1. I have come across couple of Qadiani Ahmadi who didnt know that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be Prophethood.
    but then they just accepted it suddenly when proofs were given instead of questioning it.

    I think in west there are many Qadiani Ahmadies who have similar beliefs like Lahori Ahmadi.

    One other thing by following Prophet (PUBH) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad became Prophet why Mirza Mahmud, Hakeem noor ud din Mirza Nasir Mirza Tahir or Mirza Masroor Ahmad didnt become Prophet? 🙂

  2. This was the first topic that I researched about 5 years ago. I was an Ahmadi from the Qadiani branch and I always wondered as to why we had a splinter group. When I got married to an Ahmadi I really started to research the Split. I wondered if I was in the proper sect of Ahmadiyyat. My thoughts were clouded.

    The biggest and most problematic issue between the two groups was on the prophethood of Mirza, it actually started with leadership issues (khilafat). One group said that he WAS a prophet whereas the other group denied prophethood after Muhammad (saw). I began reading…..

    After a few years of intense reading, I learned that the Mirza was a charlatan. He claims to have been a prophet since 1879 or so (see mahmud ahmad haqiqatun Nubuwwa [1915]). However, he wrote that he didnt get the realization of this office until later on during his mission (see Haqiqatul Wahy [1907], he writes that the realization in terms of prophethood was the same as his claim to be Esa (as).

    I was utterly shocked by this research. I thought…what kind of Messiah doesnt know if he is a prophet or not. I also didnt understand why I was never taught the ins-and-outs of the prophethood of the Mirza. Why was this hidden from me? Why did my jamaat hide the fact that Mirza denied a claim of prophethood for 20 or so odd years. And why did he finally resolve to make that claim in 1901?

    I began asking common Ahmadis about the prophethood of the Mirza. Everyone that I spoke to claimed that the Mirza must have claimed prophethood when he made the claim to be Esa (as). Nobody knew that he had a ‘tabdeeli aqidah’ (see Mahmud Ahmad, HN), or a change in beliefs in 1901.

    Muhammad Ali (the main lahori detractor) had written in one of his books that if there was any other prophet that was unsure of his prophethood in the history of the world, he would burn all of his books. This single statement pushed me out of the ‘A’ for good. I then pondered my next move. I decided to leave the ‘A’ and got myself removed from the officiall Tajneed list. Family problems followed….

    • Rationalist a simple question for even you, will there be a Prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw) a yes or no! would be fine.


      Ahmad peace and Love

      • @ Ahmad

        Even though you wont answer my questions, which is nothing new for ahmadis.

        YES. Esa (as) will physically NUZOOL. He is not a new prophet. None of the scholars that you have ever quoted disagree with me on this one.

  3. I honestly believe that most Ahmadis see Mirza as the Messiah. A lot don’t realize that they also consider him a prophet, much less the myriad of other things he’s supposed to be.

    If I was an Ahmadi strategist, I wouldn’t really emphasize to my followers that Ahmadiyya believes he was literally a prophet. Only time will tell how this works out…

    • Indeed is the Messiah and Nabiullah was not the Holy Prophet who said that the Messiah to come would be Nabiullah three times in the book of Muslim!!!

      • Yes, ‘Esa bin Maryam is a Prophet and is the Messiah.

        Ahmadiyya takes the status of Messiah away from ‘Esa bin Maryam (AS) and gives it to Mirza Ghulam.

        • so there is a prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw) Jazakallah for that so you believe in a Prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw). so what the problem Ahmadi’s also belive in a Prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw)


          • @ Ahmad

            We have heard all of the rhetoric and arguments from the Ahmadis. This isnt the minor league circuit in terms of relgious knowledge.

            Muslims believe that Esa (as) will return physically. Ahmadis believe that prophethood is still continous after MGAQ. Mahmud Ahmad wrote that even 1000 prophets can come. Ahmadi Qurans state that prophethood is open to the entire Ummah.

            Do you see the difference????????

          • Well that’s just it you believe in ‘a’ prophet meaning any tom, dick and harry and WE believe in THE prophet Jesus (as). Consider it is: one is universally recognised and the other a no namer…I know which one I’d rather place my bets with!

      • @ Ahmad

        Oddly enough, your Messiah denied to be a prophet in 1891 as he made his claim to messiahship. I guess in 1891 he hadnt realized what this hadith meant. He assured the Muslim Ulema that he didnt claim prophethood.

        After Nov. 1901, he claimed prophethood. I guess the light didnt run on until later for the Mirza.

    • That’s coz you believe prophethood after The Holy Prophet(SAW) is a cursing instead of blessing, to you there is no more spiritual blessing after The Holy Prophet(SAW). What a pity you have downgraded the highest status of The Holy Prophet(SAW) by believing that His(SAW) advent was to shut/close spiritual blessing avenues.

      • I said no such thing, nor did I imply it. I simply said the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS himself said he was the last prophet.

        You can take whatever implications you want from it, that’s up to you. I am simply trying to follow my prophet.

      • @ Syed Sulaiman

        You should simply ask yourself why the son of Muhammad (saw), i.e. Ibrahim (may all be pleased with him) passed away. And realize that 33:40 was revealed almost 5 years before he was born.

        The Quran is the biggest blessing that we could ever have. Allah knew well that we didnt need additional prophets to teach us the best way to live our life.

        Furthermore, MGAQ simply regurgitated a “christian-argument” that he probably heard in the 1860’s while he was in Sialkot. Im sure that the christians were keen to tell Muslims that they had been deprived of prophethood. And many Muslims in British India may have converted to Christianity based on this sneaky tactic of polemics.

        • Rationalist are you saying Almighty Allah (swt) caused Ibrahim to die because Allah (swt) knew he would be a Prophet? was it the Holy Prophet who said ” if he had lived he would! have been! a rightious Prophet of God” that means the possibility of a follower Prophet of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and think you will find that 33:40 was reveald after the death of Ibrahim other wise why would the Kuffar tease him about being childless ie no sons!!!! study your Islam!!!


          Peace and love

          • @ Ahmad,

            First off, read the text itself:

            (Its a short hadith)

            No one said Allah caused Ibrahim to die purely to terminate prophethood. I never said that. That’s a misrepresentation of our point. The hadith does not even elude to the reason of his death.

            What we are bringing your attention to is this:“…but there is no Prophet after him.”.

            What then do you think “no prophet after him” even means?

            Secondly, you are equating “If” with something being possible. If you say “if” means “something is possible”, what do you say about this verse:
            “If there had been other Gods”

            If you want to be logically consistent, then you have to open up to the belief that there could be other Gods. Is that Ahmadiyya?

            “If” does not denote that something is possible, it is merely a statement of conjecture.

          • @ Ahmad

            The point was that there is a thing called context. Ahmadis use thier own standards of context. They dont use universal standards.

            And…in the case of Ibrahim (may allah be pleased with him) ( the son of Muhammad saw), Mahmud Ahmad only shows one reference, that is from Abu Daud I think. He purposely and willfully ignored the story from Bukhari which is much more clear and thorough. This is another example of the gross negligence of Mahmud. And…MGAQ never mentioned the son of Muhammad (saw) as a proof of his prophethood.

            Another tidbit…33:40 tells us that Muhammad (saw) is not the father of any of our men. Then Ibrahim (may allah be pleased with him) ( the son of Muhammad saw) was born.

  4. There is no signature on this letter. It also doesn’t contain the letter that is used in letters written by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (Allah strengthen his hands).

      • Okay so there is an original scanned image. I am unconcerned as to what you consider me to be. But I would suggest using the name of the Khalifatul Masih with at least the minimal amount of respect when conversing with me in future. Otherwise there is no point in trying to hold a constructive dialogue.

        All that has been stated is that Ahmadis ought no to shy away from mentioning the real status as per Ahmadiyya beliefs regarding the position of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him). It should be borne in mind that this is in reply to a letter of the contents of which we are unaware.

        • Rehan, I understand that it hurts your feelings when I refer to Mirza Masroor in the manner that I did. I don’t want to hurt your feelings unnecessarily, but this is an environment where you will find people, like myself, who after years of research have discovered the truth of Ahmadiyya and will describe what we have learned, ugly or not. All of the adjectives I used were correct. When you visit this site, you surely know what to expect. That you’re here at all is encouraging.

          Does it not bother you in the slightest that just a few days ago we shared some leaks that show the extent to which the Ahmadiyya has gone in the recent past to hide the full prophetic status within the Qadiani Ahmadiyya of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? Surely, an intelligent man like yourself can see that there is some duplicity at play?

          Now he’s a prophet, now he isn’t. Now he’s a prophet in that sense, now only in this sense. I do credit Masroor with the guts to openly come out and be uncompromising in his beliefs. It’s about time!

    • put your fingers in your ears and keep repeating I m not listening, ….oh and I hear tin foil caps can help prevent mindcontrol, you might wanna make one in the kitchen………………OR you could start thinking with a free mind.
      What do you think motivates people to lie and cheat?
      money? power? wealth? now does that sound like your jamat or the people who run this website?
      who is asking you for bank details? income details? obediance? chanda? etc

  5. Hmm, they want their followers to believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi Qadiani was a Prophet (nauzubillah)?

    I do not think there was any true Prophet of Allah (s.w.t) who wrote books for money and that too books filled with lies, blasphemy and false claims……..!!!!!!!!!!

    Then these ignorant Ahmadis claim that Allah (s.w.t) is on their side.

    What is also evident is the arrogance of some Ahamadis even when clear proof is provided to them, they keep denying the facts. I guess this is what the cult brainwashing does to them and it completely shuts their eyes and ears to the reality.

  6. I actually respect Mas for this- he is being outright and honest about it for once in his life! Lol @ rehan- seriously man do you realise how pathetic you sound. What has jamaat done to you people- you are all pre-programmed to deny everything! Grow up. We don’t put fake stuff out here. Got no need. Jamaat is fake enough …

    • Everything is an anti-Mirzologist conspiracy theory! 1974 was a conspiracy theory. Rejection of that evil Mirza Ghulam by the scholars is a “mullah conspiracy”. Us publishing leaks is a “conspiracy theory”

      What on earth would we stand to gain? Truly pathetic.

  7. We want to cause havoc- just like people did in the times of the Prophet SAAW.

    These people… *sigh*

  8. I just wanted to thank brother Shahid for giving a talk about his journey to Islam in Sutton. It was important for the Sutton Islamic community to know about the beliefs of Ahmadis and why they are clearly outside the fold of Islam. Many Ahmadis do not disclose their true beliefs, which is understandable given their extreme misguidance and thankfully Allah has guided brother Shahid away from Ahmadiya and inshAllah through him Allah will guide many more to the true path.

    An active member of the Ahmadi group was also present at the talk and in the Q&A session was not able to refute a single point Shahid had made but only enquired rather lamely if the threats brother Shahid was getting from Ahmadis were from the ‘Ahmadi leadership’, conveniently overlooking all the points raised about the beliefs of Mirza and Ahmadiya.

    In a talk Shahid delivered in Morden Mosque a few years ago I saw an Ahmadi with whom I had previous discussions about Ahmadiya and had lost touch with him. I wondered why he came to the talk and when I asked him he responded by saying that he was getting doubts about Ahmadiya and secretly came to listen to brother Shahid. Im sure there are many Ahmadis who may keep their true belief in Islam hidden due to pressures from within the community and Im sure this website and the talks you deliver are a comfort to them.

    Keep up the good work and please keep in touch with our community.

  9. God bless all the people who are working to free ahmadis from the clutches of this cult.
    I would like to suggest to ahmadis who blurt out ‘lies and fabrications’ instead of being robots and kicking the messenger, read the message.
    no one wants anything from you from the people who run this blog
    they dont want your money or your bank details or chanda
    they are asking you to think, reflect and work things out for yourself
    i undestand you have alot at stake, family, social network and history etc but you owe it to yourself not to live the rest of your life caught in a trap.
    take those who spent decades in the cult before waking up i bet if you asked them would tell u they wish they had woken up decades earlier
    learn from their experience and advice
    wake up, study, investigate and free yourself.

  10. Dear brother Abu Eeman,

    It was my absolute pleasure and honour. jazakallah khayr for your wonderful hospitality, which left me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. The food, the company, the environment, everything was wonderful. I was so impressed with the brothers, such peace, such harmony, such understanding and knowledge. masha’Allah

    Brother, I’d love to stay in touch with your community, and insha’Allah would be delighted to see you again soon.



  11. The problem with you people you do not believe in the coming of the true/genuine Imam
    Al Mahdi(the guided) who would be blessed with prophethood, though, it is a prophethood that is subjected to Muhammad(SAW) prophethood.

    • Do you believe Ahmad ibn Abdullah of Sudan is Imam Mahdi?
      To his followers, you deny Imam Mahdi

      Or do you believe Ahmad ibn Abdullah al-Qahtani is Imam Mahdi?
      To his followers, you deny Imam Mahdi

      Or do you believe Baha’i’Ullah is Imam Mahdi?
      To his followers, you deny Imam Mahdi

      We Muslims do not deny Imam Mahdi, we deny false claimants to being Imam Mahdi, amongst whom are Ahmad ibn Abdullah al-Qahtani, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Baha’i’Ullah, and the rest of them.

      We believe in Imam Mahdi, who shall come. YOU deny this Imam Mahdi, and replace him with someone who suggested he became pregnant. (If you don’t believe me, ask for the reference because its NOT a misquote or lie)

      • If that’s the case you do believe in the coming of the true/genunie Imam(leader)? so again I like to pose the same question, what are
        the status of the present so called muslim leaders, the mullah, ulemak and scholars etc. are they true and genuine? if they are, why should believe in the coming of the true/genuine one? if those mulllah, scholars etc believe they are the true/genuine why
        don’t they make a claim? again as I said no point to prove Ahmadiyyat is wrong, yet, at the same time you people are also in the wrong. Pls ponder over my point.

        • Listen to the talks of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Yasir Qadhi, Imam Zaid Shakir, and Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. Then tell me what you think. YouTube these names, give them a listen.

          I recognize that there are some truly corrupt religious leaders. That’s undeniable.

          But, this is but a minority of the larger group. Yes, the majority are true, are genuine and are calling people to what is True.

          You are the equivalent of a Fox News (Sky News) correspondent who shows videos of a few truly radical Muslims, and attempts to smear the entire religion of 1.6 billion Muslims by the misdeeds of sections of a few.

          How do I break the stereotype of Muslims to a republican and the stereotype of a Shaykh/Imam/Scholar/whathaveyou to an Ahmadi? Same problem, different group…

  12. Hi guys, you doing a great work. More people are still been mislead by the wrong doctrines of the Ahmadis.

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