An Ahmadi Elder’s Cry of Anguish

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

The brothers and sisters who run this site regularly receive emails from Qadiani Ahmadis, not so many from Lahori Ahmadis. Some of these are private, and some are public. Many are from younger people, but this is from a slightly older person and it makes for devastating reading. It is a response to the MTA3 leaks published by Fuad al-Attar a few days ago, which brought shock waves to the Ahmadiyya.

I had tears in my eyes and the hairs on the back of my neck were raised at the pain this poor man is feeling. Brother “Asad”, I say to you, the Muslim community will welcome you with open arms into Islam. Remember, once you take shahada and renounce Ahmadiyya, your whole life’s slate will be wiped clean! SubhanAllah!

As for the contemptuous, arrogant, lying bloodsuckers at the head of Ahmadiyya, you should read this and weep for the fraud you have committed in the name of Islam.

Mirza Masroor, I beg you, for the sake of Allah, become a hero of your jamaat overnight. How? Take the shahada and renounce the false prophet of Qadian. Then set your followers free. Turn your places of worship into mosques.

Do it, before you are held accountable by your Creator for the “pious fraud” you are committing. And when you do, I look forward to embracing you as a Muslim brother, insha’Allah.


Date: 6 June 2011 19:32:06 GMT+01:00
Subject: address to

Dearest beloved, the children of cult and Huzoor Sahib:

Asalaam o Alaiykum Wa’Rahmatullah Wa’Barakatahu.

I am penning this to you in a state of great distress and I am sorry if this correspondence in some way or form is indicating my distress of some sort as I am an elder and should compose my emotion before you children and before the Khalifa.

I am distraught after reading this MTA Al Arabiya leaks. I feel betrayed and distraught that so much emphasis goes into spinning the series of programmes but they do not deceive anyone but us as ahmadies.  It seems a sinister objective is involved when they speak of illegal entry to prevent a site and this has arisen again when illegal entry was reported for this cult [] site.This is a scratch on the surface there is no doubt in my mind a lot more is behind the curtains of this deceit.

I am now fearful that the same is most certainly 1000% sure an even more elaborate scheme of deceit is in place for Rah-E-Huda MTA1. Why the tactics if we are truthful? I am questioning the truthfulness of the claims of Hazrat Mesih e Maoud too because everything is too difficult to digest. Islam means Peace and Peace does not just mean Peace as a non violent sense it means Peace also for the restful mind but religion with some many motorways and exits and junctions does not give peace of mind.

I am nearing my akhira and my suitcase should be heavy with good but I am terrified I am going empty handed with a major sin which denying Muslimhood. Yes what will be my answer in my grave because if I die tomorrow I cant think of any answer apart of it is all I ever knoweth. Please children help me. I am not much older than many of your dearly beloved parents. You children are the light of tomorrow. Please reveal everything before them because I fear we are all heading for disaster and I must act to protect my children and their children and my siblings and nephews. If this is a deceit then please act quickly because the younger generation has time to save themselves but we elders are not afforded this luxury and revelations are benefit of younger generation because of the technology and the revolution of it but maybe we have found out to close to the end of time. Speed up please you do not realize there are many older people reading who are very scared and are very confused. We have no parents now to cushion our falls and rely on the Ahmadies for cushionin.

I am devastated. Huzoor Sahib please stand up and explain this to us please. Please explain why the injustice, inequalities, the betrayal, the deceit, the mental torture. Please explain why the change in actions now and please explain why even despite the complaints against key officials the public voice has not been heard.  Please explain why books are not translated even though we donate to book fund in the Chanda option?Please explain why little ladies are being allowed to have reputation damaged by crooked officials and why you are not helping their marriages? Please explain why you are ignoring official exposes why is no one explaining themselves why we have a right to know why is no one helping to ease our minds why are you not listening to the cries of so many?

Why are you not taking lead as Khalifa and standing before us and explaining to us every single accusation? Maybe it is over the top but there is no smoke without fire. Please. Huzoor sahib. Listen to the cries of your people and your youth. They cannot take this anymore we are hurt and upset by this.  Please for the sake of the people who have remained loyal to you offer us an explanation it is the least we deserve. Please help us to help ourselves. I am awfully confused but I can not sit back in my lounge chair anymore and not speak up against the bad and deceit tactics of the Jamaat.

Please explain the waste of money. Please explain why you refuse others some benefits but grant the same right to others. Please explain why the ‘one for all rule’ is not applied to everyone and a blind eye is turned to others. Children are revolting and turning into kafir style beliefs because no longer they can trust the system. In Allah we can trust but if Allah is for the Jamaat than we question if he is with such a corrupt organization.

We deserve the right to the truth because we are your loyal companions who serve you with our prayers. If you can open your heart to truth please shed this light on us.  Do not be angry with the children of the cult when their tongue is waspish they are hurt and upset with the injustice. A special Salam to Raja Nouman Sahib of Pindi.

Huzoor Sahib I do not trust Rafiq Hayat Sahib and I hereby declare I no longer wish him as my Amir Sahib please hire honest people as his desire for shirk is alarming and indicates who dictates us and then we worry why the children are revolting when our Amir adopts such a style.

Yours faithfully

The Devastated Mr. Asad of England, UK.

(Paragraphs were inserted, one explanatory bracket was inserted in reference to this site, otherwise, nothing was changed in this email other than the removal of some identifying information. Please contact us if you wish to contact Mr. Asad)
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40 thoughts on “An Ahmadi Elder’s Cry of Anguish

  1. I swear by Allah as my witness that has brought tears to eyes, it’s so sad to see how innocent humanbeings are being mislead and mistreated by a satanic cult which misuses the name of Islam.

    I request my dear uncle Asad, please for sake of your akhirah leave the cult behind and unite with us on the haqq in Islam. Wallahi, Uncle we will be your family, we will be your children, your brothers and we will be there to support you at all times Insha’Allah.

    Dear Uncle we ask nothing from you other than you accept Khatamun Nabiyeen, Rahmatullil Alameen, Sayidina Muhammad Mustapha Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalaam as the LAST & FINAL Prophet and that you reject those men who have deceived you for their own personal benefit throughout your entire life.

    • In all my born days as an Ahmadi, I have heard someone call our Khalifa “Huzoor Sahib” only ONCE. And that was by a non-Ahmadi!!! Ahmadis say “Huzoor” only. Never “Huzoor Sahib”…
      There are people in this world who will use any tactics, even impersonating Ahmadis, to turn people away from the truth. The truth never needs lies to help it. Lies and truth cannot coexist just as light and darkness cannot exist together. Not a single Ahmadi is going to fall for this dubious post.

      • It would be interesting to hear your response to the MTA3 leaks, as well as all the other leaks that have caused the Ahmadiyya cult irreparable damage.

        • what damage I have seen the so called leaks!!! it has not at all affected me and indeed all true Ahmadi Muslims,
          and I agree with greenparadise this letter was not written by an Ahmadi, and an elder for that matter,

          • @ Ahmad

            You could have witnessed Mirza stealing money, you would still call him innocent. It wouldnt matter to you.

            You are brainwashed. You need cessation treatment. We are here for you.

      • Typical. Deny, deny, deny! Have you ever heard a born and raised Ahmadi use four letter words against Mas? Lol. Grow up and appreciate people are fed up!!!

      • Mail has been quoted the mail as it was received

        so greenparadise why you think that every thing is so well in Jammat dont u see around ur self the situation

        • How ridiculous! Greenparadise is talking like a lot readers here are not non ahmadi ahmadis! All the elder generation of punjabs call Mas ‘Hus-sahib’ so that’s the whackest attempt ever to discredit this email. So don’t come here with your lies plz coz they won’t work. There r so many emails we receive that usually go up on forum or don’t go up at all but obvo admin saw this as extra spesh. Grow up greenparadise…and even, just even, if it is fake… You cannot deny the content! Mas should absolutely acknowledge these problems…. Coz all of them if not more exist.

          • @ greenparadise

            You are a victim of a pseudo-jim-jones society. We provide recovery. I am still recovering….
            We dont bite….

      • @greenparadise,

        The cat has come out of the bag and the fraud of Ahmadiyyat (which is not the real Islam) has been exposed.

        Please do not attempt to discredit this post. There are many elders who still have a chance to repent and come back to Islam before their souls depart. Please do not deprive them of the heareafter. What they have lost in this World many not be replaceable but atleast let their souls find peace in Heaven in the hereafter. So I urge you in the name of Allah s.w.t to speak the truth even if it goes against your jamaat.

  2. And I have you know “sahib” is very common to use when referring to Mas. HUS SAHIB ring a bell???!!!!!!!!!!!! The poor uncle was simply writing in English which is clearly not his first language! Now either respond to what he has to say or literally shut up….. Stop polluting with your dirty cheap diverts.

  3. لَآ إِكۡرَاهَ فِى ٱلدِّينِ‌ۖ قَد تَّبَيَّنَ ٱلرُّشۡدُ مِنَ ٱلۡغَىِّ‌ۚ

    ….Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path….[EMQ al-Baqara:256]

  4. There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path….[EMQ al-Baqara:256]

  5. Oh yes, “Hus” Sahib definitely rings a bell. You will find, if you are an Ahmadi literate in the Urdu language and had been listening carefully, that your “Hus” Sahib, is in fact “Hazrat Sahib”. It is NEVER said or written “Huzoor” Sahib. This provides evidence of the fact that the email is a fabrication. Moreover, the choice of words and phrases used are indicative of a relatively younger person, not an elderly gentleman, let alone an elderly person with an Asian background. Nice try though.

    • Looool he didn’t give his age!! We assumed he is elderly but he could be 50 odd… Get a grip! And my dad (good colleage of mas) says ‘husaab’ for short- all the men do. I am more ahmadi literate ythan you love trust me so pull the other one. Also pull the mouse down and defend ur arab ahmadis plz 🙂 no?? Awwwww. Accept people are fed up… Accept it.

  6. Loool provides fact does it?? Oh yeah ahmadis and their facts. Grip? Get one! I have heard plenty of people say huzoor sahib.. That to me is fact.. So what’s it to be? My idea of ‘fact’ or yours?? I go with mine… Sorry you lose love. Goodbye.

    • I embraced true Islam twenty years ago ” Ahmadiyyat” and I can tell you some stories about the on goings of various Mosques but I can tell you I have never heard some call Huzur (aba) Huzur Sahib!!!!!!!

    • clarification the Mosques I am talking about are non Ahmadi Mosques before I became an Ahmadi Muslim Alhamdulillah

      • @ Ahmad

        I agree…Muslims need help. However, Ahmadiyyat is not the answer. Ahmadiyyat is simply ‘selling Islam’. They are selling it to the world and misappropriating a portion of the proceeds, its a ponzi scheme like what Bernie Madoff did.

        Muslims never setup a system like what the Ahmadis have. When Islam reached Timbuktu is was thru trade and the people of Timbuktu were generally impressed by what Islam brought to the table.

        Ahmadiyyat simply trains punjabees and then sends them out to get converts. They did exactly what the Christians were doing. Fortunately, the Mirza is a pyscho, a simple cursory search thru his writings reveals that. Hence, Ahmadiyyat is not growing…it is dying.

        • Rationalist come on! Ahmadiyyat is not dying it is alive!,
          can a pyscho, create a remarkable Jamaat, and there are thousands of people all over the world who are deeply impressed by this Jamaat. and please remember I fully researched this Jamaat before embracing it. and this claim that it misappropriates a portion of the proceeds, is baseless all it records of it finances are transparent. this what confuses me I have observed this jamaat very closely and I have not seen any of the accusations that have been made. and I can tell you Ahmadiyyat is doing something right many English, Irish, and Germans, Dutch, American and many Arabs are embracing true Islam.

          SALAM AND LOVE

          • There is no such thing as a remarkable Ahmadiyya jamaat. It is a family run business of MGAQ and his successors. That is why you have many splits Lahoris………etc.

            MGAQ cannot be a Prophet, Messiah or Mahdi no matter how hard you try. His loose character (lust for Muhammadi Begum for 10years) lies, false prophecies and blasphemy are all recorded, and clear to any one who reads with open mind.

            If you are recruiting members by falsely representing your religion as Islam, you are only fooling yourselves. Allah (s.w.t) is watching over everything, and one day inshaAllah they are going to find out the truth and leave this cult!

          • @ Ahmad

            My dad told me just a few weeks ago that NO ONE is converting in the USA. Tabligh efforts are stagnant. Ahmadiyyat in the USA had no more than 50 converts.

            The same thing in guatemala and all other western countries. Ahmadiyyat as a brand is not attractive. Masroor is scaring people away.

            Show me the 2010 financial report. Where is it? How much money was received globally for chanda aaam? Where was the money spent? Where did they send the money? How much money did Pakistan turn in? What about India? Why are the Mirza families so rich? Have you ever seen a Mirza who was broke?

            Why is it that Masroor spent over 10 years in an english speaking African country, yet he cant speak english fluently? Didnt he learn english in Rabwah back in the 1970’s? Why is your Khalifa the most underqualified mullah of all-time? Can he speak and read arabic fluently? What scholarly books has he authored?

          • MK said ” There is no such thing as a remarkable Ahmadiyya jamaat. It is a family run business of MGAQ and his successors. That is why you have many splits Lahoris………etc.
            wrong! just becuase some of the successors of the Promised Messiah (as) were from his family does mean, it is family run business ” remeber all the successors of the Holy Prophet (saw) were all related also! was this also a family run business? with regards to the splits well, well, take a good look at early Islam, and today, Shia, 5,7,12, Imamer’s Sunni Wahabbi, Salafi, deobendi, Naqshbadi and much more.

            MK Said “MGAQ cannot be a Prophet, Messiah or Mahdi no matter how hard you try. His loose character (lust for Muhammadi Begum for 10years) lies, false prophecies and blasphemy are all recorded, and clear to any one who reads with open mind.

            please show one verse from the Promised Messiah (as) books or anybook that shows that (nauzubillah he lust after her) and where are the flase prophecies are? and the blasphemy ??? show us.


            Ahmad love and peace

          • Ahmad,

            Let me try this again.

            The proof you want is all there on this web site and even more…….. Since your eyes and heart are shut to the truth, you cannot see it!

            By the way see and listen carefully to the full video of Br. Shahid’s story “A Fracture in Belief” That should open your eyes if you are sincere!

  7. Sadly I have met many Ahmadis who after being presented with explicit authentic Islamic sources about the end of prophethood also feel a huge sense of bretayal from their leaders and community. The majority of Ahmadis speak urdu and Im sure they use the term ‘khatam’ in every day usage to mean something has ‘finished’. Yet they have been forced to fool themselves into believing a translation of the word ‘khatam’ in the Quran which contradicts every known Arab, Muslim scholar of Islam for 1400 years. I pray that Allah softens their hearts and help them break free of this misguidance.

    • About that…

      Mirza himself used the expression “khaatam al-walid” to mean “Last of the children” when referring to his family and a few other usages.

      While we can make the argument that in daily speech ‘khatam’ means ‘Finished’ (ie, Manai khatam kharlea) in very formal and classical Urdu ‘khatam’ has other meanings.

      But, Arabic is a different game. According to any and all classical Arabic dictionaries, the usage of ‘khaatam al-XYZ’ means “last of the XYZ”. Evidence here:

      But I’m sure they’ll say these are “Mullah dictionaries” or “lies”.

      • Also Mirza Ghulam called ESA(AS) Khatam al anbiyaa of Bani Israel
        (Rohani khazain Barheen ahmadiyya vol 5 page 412)

        We know according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad other statements that ESA(AS) was neither the
        best prophet of bani israel
        nor he was last law bearing prophet
        Nor from his stamp other ppl become prophet

        so that clearly shows that he used it as LAST PROPHET OF BANI ISRAEL

  8. If i may ask when you read this what was going through your mind and as a matter of fact i dont think this so called letter came from a Ahmadi Muslim. why do you use other means to get your message accross why cant you just be honest if no one is writting against the jamaat there is no need to make up stories. by the way to ‘Asad’ Sahib why dont you list what the amir does since you dont see him to be good enough for his post. and what things would you like him to do?

    • @ Ahmadi

      You can say and write whatever you wish. We know that Ahmadis are fed up with the institution of Khilafat. It actually started back in 1914 when the Lahoris left with that English Quran…they made millions and the Qadianis had to wait 50 years to cash in on the “Qurans for sale” marketing campaign.

  9. let see you will allow this every, thing is copied so if you dont I can show how you dont allow responses from Ahmadi’s . to M.K

     Response :If you are claiming that because the successors are family of the Promised Messiah (as) therefore it is a family run business. What about the successors of the Holy Prophet (saw) all his successors were family.
    With regards to the splits well take a good look at early Islam and today, Shia, Sunni (many) Deobendi, Wahabbi, Salafi, Sufism, (many) naqishbandi, Tablighi Jamaat Khatam Nabuaat and much more.

    Response: please show me anywhere in the books of the Promised Messiah (as) were he (nauzubillah) lusted after this lady?

    we are Islam


    • You are missing the whole point and writing rubbish which is not even worth wasting my time.

      You are accusing Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and comparing a person like MGAQ with him.

      It is quite a shameful behaviour, but something quite expected from an AHMADI like you.

    • Go to same source – Mirza Sb used to hug that lady in wet dreams and published that he saw her naked and in lustful clothes so he hugged her. We don’t want to repeat the filth of Mirza Sb owing to the respect of that lady but it is a matter of hell – so I give the reference:
      Section 3 & 4 at

  10. M.K I take that as saying you don’t have the Answers!
    it is obvious you are not acquainted with religious history most of the Prophets of God their successors were from their families ie Moses, Hurun, Joshuah / Jesus, Thomas, James and Ibrahim, Ismael, Isaac peace be upon them all, all were family members.
    all succeeded each other, some became Prophets, how shameful of you not me!. you made the accusations so back them up. if you can read Urdu, it should not be a problem for you to find them and produce them, if you need help just ask.

    last you don’t know what kind of Ahmadi Muslim I am but I am indeed a Muslim



    • Ahmad,

      Since you have no decency or knowledge of Islam and keep making false claims I need to put a lid on your lies.

      1) If you have some fear of Allah s.w.t and claim that you are a Muslim, please stop comparing a liar, cheat and a fraud like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani with true and noble Prophets of Allah s.w.t.

      2) NO! RasulAllah s.a.w.s did not create a family run business. You are a completely ignorant person if you don’t know this. You have no idea of the histroy of Islam. If this is what your Murabbis have told you, then too bad.

      3) Allah s.w.t appoints the Prophets and they themselves do not appoint. How come you don’t know this? Only in the case of Mirza he appointed himself as a Prophet, Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna,…………etc.

      4) You are talking about the different schools of thought within Islam such as Sunni, Shia,…………..etc. You have to agree with me that all of them believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and none of them went to the extent of believing in another Prophet like you do and as such went outside the folds of Islam. Our deen is completed with the advent of our final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) yours in not and you have your own so called Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, so call your religion whatever you want but not Islam.

      5) The following exemplify the false prophecy of this self-proclaimed prophet:

      “As a token of the Almighty’s favor to this humble person, Allah has ordained that, should Mirza Ahmad Baig refuse to wed his elder daughter to me, he will be considered Allah’s enemy and a disbeliever (Kafir). Additionally, as a punishment for his disbelief, Mirza Baig will die within three years of this refusal and any other man who marries Muhammadi Begum will die within two and half years of the date of his wedding. Muhammadi Begum is destined — by the almighty Allah — to ultimately become my wife.”
      (Tableeg-e-Resalat, Vol. 1 , P. 61 —
      Collection of Posters-102, Vol. 1 — Hashia; Feb. 20,1886)

      Once it became clear that Muhammadi Begum was promised to another man and a wedding was to take place within a few weeks, Mirza Qadiani intensified his threats. This is a sampling of the falsehood Mirza Ghulam Qadiani conjectured and attributed to the Almighty Allah(s.w.t):

      “I am making not one, but six predictions:

      I will be alive at the time of the wedding of Muhammadi Begum;

      Mirza Baig will also be alive at the time of the wedding of his daughter;

      Mirza Baig will die within three years of the date of the wedding;

      The Groom will also die within two and half years of the date of the

      Muhammadi Begum will remain alive until she becomes my wife;

      Despite disagreement of all her relatives, she will finally marry me.”
      (Aaina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam Dar Roohani Khazain, P. 325/57”)

      There is lots more to write, but I want to do some justice to this site and not abuse it by writing lengthy posts. But for any intelligent person this web site has all the proof that you need to see that Mirza was no Prophet of Messiah or Mahdi as he claimed, but a liar, cheat and a fraudulent imposter who took some gullible people for a ride.

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