Arabic MTA-3 Leaks

I was knocked for six when I read hundreds of shocking MTA3’s confidential correspondences. With that letters, emails, tapes and faxes, all the following conclusions about the Ahmadiyya Leaders are confirmed true:

  • Most of the leaders of the Ahmadiyya cult are hypocrites who do not fear Allah (SWT). e.g. the head of Ahmadiyya-Morocco does NOT pray at all, and a senior Egyptian Ahmadi leader wrote dozens of love letters to a married Ahmadi woman.
  • These leaders are certainly experts in dirty and dishonest tactics.
  • Money and UK visa are the real motives of most of the MTA3 (Arabic Ahmadiyya TV) members.
  • Hatred against every Muslim is the real message of the Ahmadiyya leaders.

Some Ahmadis may think that I have got these confidential correspondences by hacking into the MTA3 website. No, I am not a hacker. I had simply received these leaks some time back through postal mail. When the sender felt my reluctance to publish them, he decided to send some of them to the well-known Arabic newspaper, Al-Wafd, which wrote the following article about the MTA3 leaks on 10-May-2011:

Since Al-Wafd has already exposed the content of some of these correspondences to its Arabic readers, I finally decided to translate few of them for the English readers of

MTA3 Leaks: Anti-Anti Tactics

The vast majority of the leaked MTA3 correspondences were written in Arabic. However few of them are in English, like this one in which MTA3 members discuss the best tactics for answering a new Ahmadiyya Awareness website. Indeed hacking was the first option:

The second interesting tactic is to avoid mentioning the names of the opponents, even if they are just translators like me. According to the secretary of the Arabic Ahmadiyya Section, this tactic is enough for killing the opponents’ arguments. In this letter, Hani Taher wrote the following to the Ahmadi writer, Fathi Abdussalaam, who is the host of many MTA3 programs:

((Dear Fathi, As-salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

These are my comments on the article which you wrote against the Muslim priest Fuad. I suggest that you should amend your article accordingly:

1- Try to avoid lengthy arguments; otherwise it would be difficult for the reader to understand.

2- There is no need for commenting on every single line. For example, Fuad has answered Deedat, but this has nothing to do with us.

3- When you say “The damage caused by Fuad is the greatest damage”, this would be considered as flattery. You should not give Fuad such certificate; for he is not more than a translator in most of his writings.

4- You should not mention the name of Fuad Al-Attar too much. By this you would increase his degree. You have mentioned his name more than 120 times in your single article. I suggest that you should not mention his name at all.

5- Your lexiconical research is too long, and I am not sure about its accuracy. As you are aware, the dictionary meaning for a word is not the whole argument.

6- It is not possible to understand most of your article without referring to Fuad’s article and reading it carefully. This causes two problems: First it is an indirect request for reading Fuad’s boring article. Second it makes things more complicated for the reader)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

Yes, this is the same Hani Taher who considers demonstrations against tyranny as a sort of backbiting. For God’s sake, he is calling me here a “priest”!

The third tactic is to avoid discussing the meaning of Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen in the beginning of the TV programs. According to MTA3 key members, this issue shall be shifted to the end of the programs in order to avoid losing the attention of the Muslim listeners. Here are the directions sent by Mustafa Thabit to the Ahmadis who host MTA3 programs:

((I would like to bring to your attention that our programs do not address the members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat only, but also the people who do not accept our beliefs. Most of them indeed do not believe in our master al-Imam al-Mahdi (as). If we start our program with the meaning of Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen, I am afraid that many people will not continue watching the program. They may think that we want to present our beliefs against the high degree of our master Rasulullah (saaw). Therefore I suggest that the subject of Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen shall be addressed at the end of the program only, not at the beginning)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

The fourth tactic is “Hypocrisy” by hiding your true beliefs. Here is an example in which the most senior MTA3 member Mustafa Thabit (died in Aug 2010) was asking the other members to avoid mentioning the Takfeeri belief of “All non-Ahmadis are Disbelievers and Kafirs”:

((Dear Hani Taher,

As-salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

I suspect that this person, Haj Farooq, is working for the secret Egyptian intelligence. This is what br. Amru concluded after speaking with him. Amru is the one who answers all MTA3 callers, and he is the one who can judge their honesty or intentions to deceive Ahmadis.

Amru has talked many times to that [Arab] person; [Haj Harooq is a liar], he claimed that he had read the book of Baraheen Ahmadiyya! There are also some other things which indicate that this guy lied when he claimed that he is an Ahmadi.

I do not have any objection against the Tafseer of Hazrat Second Khalifa which you mentioned [that all non-Ahmadis are Kafirs], it is definitely the truth. However the truth should not be told all the time. Part of the truth is to do Dawah to Allah, but the truth should not be told to everyone unconditionally. The truth should be revealed in the best way. Many Ahmadis, especially the new Ahmadis, do not follow the wise and good way for telling the truth, this has caused so far a lot of problems for them and for the Jamaat.

Yes sir, Allah says in His Holy Book: “Certainly they disbelieve who say: Surely Allah is the third of the three”. But does this mean that we shall announce on our TV that these people are Kafirs Kafirs Kafirs.

Also, Allah Almighty says “Certainly they disbelieve who say: Surely Allah, He is the Messiah, son of Maryam”, does this make it lawful to publish this verse in our programs, or to announce that whoever says that “Allah is Issa ibn Maryam” is Kafir Kafir Kafir)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

However, to be fair to both Hani Taher and Tamim Abu Dakka who are the hosts for most of MTA3 programs, they did not agree with this tactic. They both replied to Mustafa Thabit that Ahmadis must make it very clear that “All non-Ahmadis are disbelievers and Kafirs”. Hani Tahir who belonged to a Takfeeri group before joining Ahmadiyya replied:

((We should make it clear for people that Kufr and disbelieving the Promised Messiah (as) is not different from disbelieving any other prophet. And that whoever disbelieves any single prophet is a Kafir who does not believe in Allah Almighty; his belief is useless even if he believes in other thousand prophets. Indeed disbelieving a prophet is the same as disbelieving Allah, since it means rejecting the revelation of Allah….

The second Khalifa made it very clear that the degree of the Promised Messiah (as) is higher than all previous prophets, except Muhammad (saaw). Therefore how could we consider disbelieving the first Messiah as Kufr, but refuse to announce the same clearly about the second Messiah! Since we are saying it clearly that the Jews are Kafirs because they disbelieved the first Messiah, why don’t we announce the same about those who disbelieve the second Messiah)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

MTA3 Leaks: Romeo and Juliet

I will not use actual Ahmadis names in this part since the subject is very sensitive. Many of the leaked MTA3 correspondences reveal the true motives of some Arab Ahmadiyya leaders who appear on MTA3 screen on daily basis.

In this part, we’ll read the story of “Romeo”, a 65 years old Arab Ahmadi. Our Romeo was very eager to receive easy money and to get UK residence visa through the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Here is the summary of his successful struggle to live in UK and to receive some money from Masroor:

In 2006, Romeo wrote persistently from Egypt to the head of the Arabic Ahmadiyya Sector in UK. In his letters, Romeo kept asking the UK-Ahmadiyya leaders to help him to leave his country Egypt claiming that he had been facing various forms of persecution and discrimination. However, the UK-Ahmadiyya leaders did not pay much attention to his frequent requests; apparently they knew that most of the Egyptians had never heard about Ahmadis, let alone persecuting them.

Here is a sample letter sent to Abdul-Mumin Tahir and Dr. Hatim. Romeo was trying here to give a clear example about that so-called persecution.

((This is an update to the conspiracy against me: Today 3-Jun-2006 a lady called me by phone; she got my number from a Salafi doctor who opposes me. The name of this lady is Sanaa Rustum, she works as a journalist. She asked me about Ahmadiyya and about the reason why I joined it… After I explained my beliefs she asked me to visit the offices of her magazine “Aakhir Saah” in order to interview me. I told her that the Salafis used to confuse Ahmadiyya with Bahaism, and now they want to confirm this confusion since there is a lot of discussions nowadays about Bahaism. Accordingly I refused to be interviewed since I didn’t want my name to appear in the newspapers, otherwise they would call me everywhere a Kafir, and after that a volunteer will kill me …. She replied that my real name will not be mentioned; I told her if there would be no mention for names then you can get whatever information you need through the internet…..

… To this end, brother, please help me to leave this country since I may fall in some of their traps … I hope you’ll take an action soon to save your brother)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

When the persecution game didn’t work, Romeo decided to try his luck in getting UK-visa through marriage. So he started sending love letters to “Juliet” (UK-resident) who hosts her own TV programs at MTA3.

Juliet is an Arab Ahmadi lady who got married to “Rafiq”, an Ahmadi from Qadian. She moved to Qadian to live with Rafiq and his family. However she could not bear up what she called “the Hindu culture” of the families of Qadian, therefore she decided to go back to London against her husband’s wish. When Rafiq insisted to stay with his wife, she asked the fourth Qadiani Khalifa to get her divorced from Rafiq. But the later said NO to the Khalifa, accordingly he was kicked out from the Jamaat. As a result, Juliet considers herself now as a divorced woman but Rafiq is still considering himself as an Ahmadi and is still considering Juliet as his wife.

Our Romeo was supposed to coordinate with Juliet for some of MTA3 programs, however after few coordination letters, Romeo changed his tone 180 degrees and started a long series of love letters trying to convince Juliet to marry him. Juliet replied that she cannot marry him because of two main reasons: (1) Rafiq is insisting that she is still his wife since he had never accepted any “Divorce” or “Khulu’a”. (2) She does not want to marry a married man.

Romeo was of course not happy with Juliet’s final decision; therefore he continued sending letters to her with a lot of “My Sweetheart” and “My Soul Mate” stuff. (Click Here) to see sample of his love messages mixed with some of his blasphemies. Here is the translation.

((My Sweetheart JJJJ,

Don’t be angry because of the following light teasing:

Your pin pricks a lot, it pricks you, and pricks me more and more. Mercy to the earth residents brings mercy from heaven, so let us reduce the sharpness of the pin. Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmadtullahi wa Barakatuh, for you and your children who are like dazzling jewels. Please teach them Arabic. May Allah bless Muhammad and his family, bless the Muhammadi Messiah and his family; a blessing that changes the billions who do not bless them so that they would bless them.

May Allah bless JJJJ, a blessing that brings tranquility to her soul, and strengthens her heart. May He protect her and her children. May Allah bless his servant RRRR, a blessing that would cause me to marry JJJJ.

My darling, you are a Muslim Ahmadi knowledgeable mother, a revolt believer who opens the doors of understanding. You are the one whom Allah teaches the women of the whole Arab world through her.

I cannot resist talking to you because you are my soul mate. It was necessary for me to find a person to love from the bottom of my heart, a person who understands me very well, and discusses with me the acceptable and the unacceptable things. You are that person, because you are the only Egyptian Ahmadi who can hear the words of my heart. I allowed myself to talk to you about my strong feelings after I left London. My feelings are getting stronger day after day. When I talk to you, I feel like I am talking to the daughter of the holy prophet Muhammad; she talks to me and encourages me whenever you talk.

Didn’t you see our Lord when He caused water to descend from the sky? Thus the black soil became green. I am confident that someone who has had your qualifications would have seen our God when He was doing this magnificent thing. If you didn’t see our God, then you are making a mistake. Anyway, if you have seen Him, please let us know the feelings of someone who saw our God (I mean through mind).

My darling JJJJ, have you seen the beauty of the Jalsa and the preparations for it? Of course you have seen that, but I meant to say: Have you seen the thing behind all of this?

If I could have the power to make wonders, and your soul descends inside my existence, I could have done whatever Allah does. I would have created a planet for you; I would have made the creations servants for you; I would have made the heaven a shelter that sends greetings to you. I would have made the earth an appreciation carpet for your feet))

After sending around 454 pages of love poems and love letters, Romeo gave up the idea of getting UK-visa through Juliet. As a result, he decided to proceed with Plan (B), which is getting UK-Visa and some money from Mustafa Thabit and some other Ahmadiyya leaders.

Although he was earning enough money from his work as a senior engineer, he kept writing letters to Ahmadiyya-UK asking for money, money and more money. For example, in one of the letters, he asked Mustafa Thabit for sending him 2,000 Egyptian Pounds (Click Here). Later he asked him to pay all the future university fees for his daughter and his son (Click Here). In fact, he even asked his old sweetheart Juliet herself to send him some money; unfortunately she could only send him 600 Sterling Pounds (Click Here).

Later Ahmadiyya-UK decided to use Romeo’s services for MTA3 programs. They sent him the visit visas which he was looking for (Click Here).

However, he didn’t swallow the idea of “Dawah for Free” when he received the visit visas, as a result he asked Mirza Masroor for compensation against the deductions which have been applied to his salary due to his frequent visits to UK. In this sample Arabic letter to Mirza Masroor he wrote:

((My master Ameer-ul-Mumineen Masroor Ahmad (aba).

With reference to my discussion with Mr. Mohammad Shareef, he asked me to inform you about the expenses which I pay for visiting London and participating in the TV programs, these expenses are as follows:

1- Visa fees plus the cost of airline ticket.

2- I don’t take vacations, and I work after the age of 60 years, accordingly my company deducts 3 days salary against every single day of leave. Please be informed that for each program of Hiwar Mubashir, I spend one week in London, and three days in Egypt for preparation, which means a deduction from my salary equivalent to 450 Sterling Pounds)) Click Here to see the leaked document

Finally Masroor decided to keep the guy in UK as a full-time MTA3 key-member.

MTA3 Leaks: Ghulami Wahi

It seems that some of the Arab Ahmadis are not aware that the Wahi and Ilhams should be only received by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his Khalifas. MTA3 leaks show that some Arab Ahmadis are receiving Ilhams and direct Wahi as well. Here are few examples:

This is an Ilham received by Fathi Abdulsalam who hosts some MTA3 programs:

((Today, Sunday 18-Jun-2006 12:00 noon, I slept for two seconds at the office. I saw the armies of Rasulullah (saaw) after they won the battle of Badr. They did not give the enemy any time for resting. They attacked him time after time. The army did not get any break until they ruined him completely. [Arabic] “I am Allah, the kingdoms of heaven and earth are in my hands. I am saying and repeating to you that you must leave this world, you must call me and be with me, so that we would reorganize this world together. I do not mean organizing the universe because my universe is already organized. Nonetheless I do not mean organizing the earthy world because that is not in your hand. But I mean organizing the world which is connected to you, on which you have impact. I will use you to turn them upside down. I will guard you, I will defend you. Be with me, and I will let you be a star in the sky. I do not forsake, so do not forsake me)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

This is another Ilham received by Samer al-Sabbagh, a new Arab Ahmadi:

((I was waked up early morning by a voice which I heard inside my body. Allah is my witness about this. The voice said: O Abdullah wake up and have a bath. Accordingly I went and got a bath… then I prayed two Nafil Raka’ah.

The same voice instructed me to face the Kiblah, and when I did so, the voice inside me repeated the first four verses of the attached Arabic poem….)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

There is another interesting Ilham by Ekirima Najmi, the Arab Ahmadi who is the Head of the Arabic Translation Department of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. According to Mr. Najmi, this Ilham is supposed to be about me personally  (though its actual content has nothing to do with me); however the worthy of note point is that the Head of the Arabic Translation Department admitted in this letter that his Arabic is very poor. This is good for you Masroor; the right man is in the right place.

Ekirima Najmi wrote to Fathi Abdulsalaam in 2008:

((My dear teacher, I need your help at this stage by focusing on Arabic Language. Since the time I reached London, I used to translate and read with my own voice the Khutbas of our master Ameer-ul-Mumineen in Arabic. However the vowels are not inserted inside the texts which I receive for the Khutbas. Furthermore, my Arabic is poor, but I could still find some mistakes in the texts although the same texts have already been reviewed by some Arab and non-Arab Ahmadis.

I am trying to avoid making grammatical mistakes, but my Arabic is weak. I didn’t focus earlier on learning Arabic Grammar although I do have the necessary books. I feel some improvement, but I still cannot read 100% correctly. It is indeed not appropriate to read the Khutbas of Ameer-ul-Mumineen (aba) in this wrong way. I would therefore appreciate your help. Some of my teachers advised me that I should strengthen my Arabic first before going deep inside Urdu, otherwise my Arabic would be affected.

On the other hand, I need to know your view about a dream. I supplicated to Allah and I asked him to show me and to give me good news about the demolition of the life of the so-called Fuad Al-Attar. Accordingly I saw in a dream that my son Yasir was watching the motions of his sister Bushra who was born on the anniversary of establishing the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. She was happy and was jumping just to show me that she has grown up and became clever. Before this I saw “Akabir Awali”, my uncle Muhammad’s wife. Then I shifted to Egypt and I saw Mr. Khalid Jalal Izzat who was happy and asked me: “From where you have arrived?”. I replied: “I came from my house of Madinat Nasr”)) – Click Here to see the leaked document

For the record, I do not watch MTA3; I wonder why its senior hosts are holding such loyalty and love for me!

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51 thoughts on “Arabic MTA-3 Leaks

  1. The cronies that are pulling the strings of Ahmadiyyat are only concerned with selling Islam. They sell Islam as if it is a product on ebay or craigslist. The Ahmadiyya CEO will do anything for arab converts. They are desperate for the Arabs to join. In 100 years barely 1000 arabs have been hoodwinked by the ponzi scheme called Ahmadiyyat, and hew trends show that they arent getting any new arabs.

    Good work Fuad!!!! These MTA arabic shows dont even discuss the Arabic books of Mirza. These books were filled with the 1000 lanat and other incessant cursing by the maniac of Qadian.

    On a side note, Mirza used to lie about getting Arab converts all the time. He would boast that some arabs had joined him…and so and so arab had written him a letter. He even claimed that the grave of Esa (as) was in the arab world based on a fake letter that he fabricated.

  2. I hope these arabs realize that what they are following is nothing but fake stuff.

    But these mails shows that this Ahmadiyya JAMMAT is nothing but a CULT

  3. SubhanAllah!

    The Ahmadiyya is intellectually and morally finished. This shows their rotten underbelly so clearly.

    This is your finest post brother, because it also shows how obsessed with you they are and how filled with hate.

    Truly a masterpiece and this needs to be circulated widely. I’m going to do that now insha’Allah

    • AssalamuAlaikum Brother…

      I was reading on the ahmediya belief system in your website (thecult) and I read many times its mentioned “HAZRAT SB” said this and explain this and that.
      Who is this Hazrat SB? Is it Mirza himself? or someone of their top cult? Please let me know asap as I am going to put these mentioned points(in to one of my ahmediya friend. InshAllah they be guided to the truth.
      JazakaAllahu khairan

      • wa `alaykum salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

        I don’t know, I guess the context would make it clear, but my guess is it’s a Qadiani referring to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

    • P.S. Lol@”It seems that some of the Arab Ahmadis are not aware that the Wahi and Ilhams should be only received by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his Khalifas.”

    • I’m even shocked there are Arab converts to this stupid cult. Who in their right mind wud even convert to such a thing?

  4. Brother Fuad its seem u does not fall in ALL of “Love for All” 🙂

    They are obsessed from u … u should become more active 😀

    May ALLAH bless you and protect you.

    Once again proven that this Jammat is nothing but the cult and just see what kind of ppl are running the MTA channel

  5. Ahmadiya toward its Fall

    Interesting Sharing Loved it 🙂 well Actually The More Interesting Thing to notice is that How Hypocrites are the Follower of this cult that They inside knew they are using bad means still they are just following because of the Ego and Blindness of Heart….!!

    • Yes. Great work and thank you for helping regular non ahmadi ahmadis like myself.without people like you many of us would still be trapped in the mindset of a cultee. Thank you and may Allah reward you endlessly, and help you so that you may help thousands of others.

    • From left to right:

      – Mohammad Sharif Odeh (Palestinian – Ameer of Jamaat Palestine)
      – Masroor Ahmad Qadiani (Indian – Khalifa V)
      – Abdul-Mumin Taher (Indian – Head of Arabic Section)
      – Hani Taher Hussein (Palestinian)
      – Tamim Abu Daqqa (Palestinian/Jordanian)
      – Mustafa Thabit (Egyptian/Canadian )

      • Thanks bro! So Hani Taher, a regular on this programme is now clearly involved in the deceit and scamming of innocent ahmadis and muslims. At least I can put a name to a face. Thanks. Now… I’m waiting on the others to be implicated esp this Sharif Odeh whose name is among the ones who was emailed by Rabeah Odeh. This guy was the one who partied with Ariel Sharan right?! ….. Jeeeeez they have some explaing to do!oh sorry, there’s nothing to explain.. Lol. Busted!!!! Oh this is just brilliant. Allah is finally turning the tables on this perfect liars.

  6. Amazaing stuff akh Fuad.

    Qadianist is nothing more than a Mirza family business that runs on lies and decepting coward, scared and stupid ahmadis.

    Wake up qadianis, reads with your own eyes, Mirza’s lies and fraud is out in the open now.

  7. The sincere people like Mahmood Odeh left the cult, and such people took their place. The biggest sign of decay from the top is that the leadership encourages crooked people because they can control them easily. The more crooked one is, the farther ahead he is in the race towards the bottom.

    This is historic, once again. Fuad Al-Attar, with the help of the Almighty, you have single-handedly taken on the most troubling aspect of this cult’s nefarious agenda: the Palestinian people as Palestine becomes a state.

    Despite material weaknesses, the language, culture and tribal links of the Arab people puts a certain pride in them that they will never side with manifest fraud. This expose establishes the Arab venture, and the whole cult, as a manifest fraud.

  8. I find the “Do not talk about Khaatam al-Nabiyyin until the end” very telling.

    Of course modern Arabic is not like classical Arabic. But, saying to a native speaker ‘Khaatam al-Nabiyyin’ doesn’t mean ‘last of the prophets’ is like going to an Englishman and saying dog means tree.

  9. so sad to look at this..
    does the guy who posted this even have any proofs?
    or is he just blabbing from his head?
    as for the rest of you people, if you hate Ahmadiyya, why dont you all just mind ur own?
    Allah is the one to judge…not you.

    • I like your name, and you make a valid point.

      First, the emails are his proof. I think the newspaper confirming that are pretty solid.

      But, I don’t think its about “hating Ahmadiyya”, I think its about preserving and spreading Islam. Ahmadiyya has many arguments that are against mainstream Islam. But, surely you don’t see this as “hating Islam”, do you? Would you say to such a thing “Allah will judge, not you”?

      Likewise, supporting and propelling Islam over Ahmadiyya isn’t hatred or the sort.

    • Lol here we go. Ready, set..DENY! Yeah its very sad to see this… Very, very, very sad indeed.let’s go wild for a moment and aSsume his sources are genuine… What have you got to say for this all??

  10. فؤاد العطار أنت تتبع عورات المسلمين بالباطل و الله ليفضحنك الله و لو في جوف بيتك لكنك فاشل و المعلومات التي أوردتها عن الأشخاص ليست معلوماتهم الحقيقية كما يعرفها من عاشها و عاشرهم سمعها و عرفها منهم و من الأوراق الرسمية و الأحداث و ترتيبها خف الله يا فؤاد و كن أكثر ذكاء في المرة القادمةمن سيحميك من غضب الله أكلما ازدادت حجتنا نصاعة كلما ازددت طغيانا حتى وصلت إلى الأعراض و العورات الآن يا فؤاد ماذا ستقول لله عن من اعطيتهم معلومات كاذبة فصددتهم عن الحق ربنا يخلص منك يا فؤاد

    • Why u say it is false information? do you really think these ppl are really that hold?

      So think before it gets too late for you.
      Repent and Return to ALLAH and his Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

  11. Personally, i don’t trust you or the guy who posted this.
    i mean COME ON, surely calling a Muslim Sect ‘cult’ is a sign of hatred isn’t it?
    you guys call yourself Muslims, but really, did the Holy Prophet (saw) recommend this?
    i know Munir Odeh better than you guys..i work with him.. and honestly, its stupid and sad how you guys can make these proofs..hmm, not only is it stupid and sad, it quite clever too, a good idea to degrade Ahmadiyyat. Like we, the Ahmadies care about you guys. we’ve got Allah on our side, what have you got? hmm?
    As for your point Farhan, on Ahmadiyya’s beliefs being against Islam, do abit of research.. this is the REVIVED ISLAM the world has been waiting for this since after the demise of the Holy Prophet (saw). no point twists the Islamic beliefs, at all.
    thats all i wanna say, not because im runing out of speech here, but becasue i know this argument can go on forever with you guys not even taking into consideration of what i as a Ahmadi say.
    God bless you all, and yeah, one more thing,
    grow up please, his name’s spelt as ‘Munir Odeh’ not ‘Muneer Odeh’. the emails made up, trust me.
    peace be upon you!

    • Revived Islam? what they revived?

      and why u have issues with Muslim have arguments against Ahmadiyya?
      but ur ok with ahmadiyya arguments against Islam? infact whole Ahmadiyyah religion is based upon comparative religion stuff

    • Oh boy!! The ‘muneer’ oder is how he is stored in her address book- this means nothing! Once again IF this is real… Then what?!! Huh?? HMMMMM? Don’t trust me- but there is a reason the jamaat hate me- coz I tell the truth! And they know it.

      • And what part of you aint a ‘MUSLIM’ sect don’t you understand? So no we are not calling a Muslim Sect a cult, we are calling a cult a cult.

      • My bad** it is actually spelt correctly in the address list.. Take a close look! In the actual email so what- 2 ‘ee’s or 1 ‘I’ same difference.. You are desperately trying to lie to yourself and others here. Munir Odeh might be a lovely guy.. But this is what it is.

        Come back DOWNTOEARTH please bro..

    • Great post!

      The lies, deception and fraud of Ahmadiyyat are clear.

      MGAQ fooled some people but as someone rightly said:
      “You can fool some people sometimes, but not all people all the time”

      Those whom Allah guided successfully came out of the clutches of this cult. Those remaining should open their eyes, MGAQ was not a Prophet or a Messiah or a Mahdi. His claims were bogus and his teaching were contrary to what the noble messenger of Allah s.w.t brought to us. After the advent of Muhammad (pbuh) the religion of Islam was completed. No new Prophet or a reincarnation was predicted. Also those who claim that MGAQ brought a new Islam are treading on the wrong path. No, the World is not waiting for a new Islam. Islam is already there and will be till the end of times, the World needs to know the truth and accept it. MGAQ tried to actually hijack this noble religion of Allah s.w.t and corrupt it with his agenda to serve his masters, but it is the Sunnat of Allah s.w.t that the liar of Qadian got exposed by his own teachings and lifestyle.

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  13. This is great but proof must have been presented in a better manner. somethings looked to me as if somebody wrote it on its own, I dont know. but until something’s going on all is good.

    1974 case is out, inshaAllah we’ll see the combustion of this cult.

  14. im not a ahmadi, but im sorry some of these comments are just too far…
    theyre still humans right, so treat them like that..
    im a christian n i dont like it when even the people that i know and love, come out and call this sect a ‘cult’..
    ive got loads of ahmadi friends and i can assure you guys, theyre not promoting any hatred at all, i even go to their Mosques sometimes, honestly theyre good people.. and to be honest, i think you guys are the one spreading hatred.. no hard feelings at all, im just a bloke telling you guys what youre doing wrong. and one more last thing. i think you guys are mistaken, its not qadiyanis, its officially ahmadies =) me and my ahmadi friends always discuss these things, fun times..
    you guys showing hatred would make others love ahmadies even more! like me!
    i didnt mean to offend any1, please forgive me if i did.

    • You seem to have a beautiful, soft heart. May God increase you in this life and the next. Allahumma Ameen (O God, accept)

      There’s a difference between criticism and hatred. Mixing the two is one of the tricks of the devil – ie, “oh, you’re just hating” even if its a respectful, proper articulation.

      I am sure that the average Ahmadi, such as your friends, is a good person. But, there is a difference between their leadership and their rank-and-file. The true hatred comes from their leadership towards Muslims. For example, in my local area, a former regional executive-director of CAIR told me they (Council of American-Islamic Relations) helped the Ahmadiyya faith secure a permit to build one of their centers here in VA (to be intellectually honest, he said he thinks they have, but not sure how the process ended- but recognize that CAIR is willing to do such things). CAIR is not sectarian or even theological.

      But, the VP of Ahmadiyya in the US went on Fox News and said CAIR is wants to “appease the terrorists”, and implied that they do not condemn terrorism. They have a VERY large anti-Terrorism campaign.

      The point is, the hatred actually comes from one side. But, they can deflect that reality by citing their motto: Love for All, Hatred for None. The question is, is this motto actually adhered to by the leadership or are they actively trying to undermine the Muslims?

      But at the same time, I agree that Muslims should approach Ahmadis with genuine affection. Our intention shouldn’t be “I’m going to win this debate”, it should be “I want to please Allah”. This automatically makes a person soft, removes his ego, and helps him accept whatever the out come is.

      Hope that all makes sense.

      O Allah, may you honor the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم by bringing more Ahmadis into his Ummah.

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  17. MashaAllah! Keep spreading the awareness and Allah will expose their deception from inside inshaAllah.

  18. I am a sunni but what i only want to say is pls do show and tell All you Can that proofs that Ahmadiyyat is not right but brothers pls Watch what you r saying because calling Them kafir u r only dooming your self because if a person read the kalima then he or she is as muslim as you and it really doesnt matter about the others things because its up to Allah to decide WHO is muslim and WHO is not.. So dont Call Them kafir its not the muslim way and dont be childish when it comes to islam like the scholours from 1974 i cant belive people like Them WHO r supposed to be fill with deen Will do such its not are right nor any human living to Call some one WHO belives in Allah and Muhammad saw and reads kalima a kafir because of This and Reading many of my own brother sunni comments i wish there was an other the one and only firkha that didnt Call other muslim kafir and followed the Quran for All its word i mean we use the Quran to conterdict ahmadis but not when we should use manners and love instead of showing haha we r right u r wrong we should be sorry that how many innocent ppl r following the wrong path and show Them love try to be sorry and help Them not cheer thts not the islamic way and u All know tht and As Alec says i do as sunni fell shamed by the way u brothers comment May Allah have mercy on us ALL and make us muslim the way we r supposed to be cause i Will bet my life Muhammed saw never glowted(cheered or Said hahah u were wrong we r right) because when i read comments like urs and Think thts how non muslims are and tht how come ahmadis have been existing for 100 years and lieing in Allahs name cause Allah have Said no one Can Lie on Allah or Quran tht make me Think how they came This far and keep on exeeding i mean go ask anyone person name the ppl WHO have stated they are prophets and have a firkha thts known All over the World or just name anyone Else then MGAQ.. But All i wanna say dont Call anyone kafir if they read kalima it says so in Quran May Allah help us All on the right way to islam AMIN

    • But what if their beliefs are totally unislamic? Its hard to marry up the 2 but you are right… Ahmadiyyat is Kufr but the people are simply misguided not disbelievers (except the crooks)

    • Thats actually incorrect with respect with someone being kaffir. Ahmadiyyah/Qadiani as a group is kufr group, their beliefs are such. Those people who expound such beliefs are kaffir. Emaan is composed of belief in the heart, sayings and actions.

      Believing in Allah or Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) does not constitute necessarily you are a Muslim if you do actions which nullify that emaan. Example the quraish at the time of Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) did indeed believe in Allah and you can find verses in the Qur’an informing us of such, however at the same time they were mushrikeen(polytheists) because with the belief in Allah they put partners. In that they worshipped idols along with believing in Allah.

      Those people who say they believe in Allah and Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) while at the same time nullifying that with belief in false prophet can not be classed as Muslims because of such beliefs. This non-takfeer stance is actually pushed from certain sections who do not want takfeer done on themselves, and for their false beliefs to be accepted.

      Just because I am saying someone is kaffir does not constitute that they can not become Muslim, however at the current time if someone has beliefs which are kufr like the qadianis or christians or jews they are kuffar.

    • I do not want to disrespect your opinion. But are you sure you are a Muslim? By your statements you sound more like an Ahmadi to me!

      In case if you are an Ahmadi, please try to be open and do not hide behind a Muslim identity.

      Secondly, if you are a Muslim, I suggest you go this web site and all the postings as much as you can so that you fully become aware of Ahmadiyyat and its teachings. Once you have done a thorough study you will be shocked that how Ahmadiyya has mislead people in the name of Islam. Its founder and one of their Khalifa have already declared Muslims as Kafirs and outside the fold of Islam. Those Muslims who have not even heard the name of MGAQ have also been declared are Kafirs. Do you believe in these kind of people? Do you consider such opinions as belonging to Islam? No we have not started this. Ahmadiyya jamaat is based on a new prophet called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his teachings some of which are quite contrary to the teachings of Islam. Islam is a completed deen which happened upon arrival of Muhammad p.b.u.h. Whereas Ahmadis think that there will be more prophets to come like MGAQ and their teachings will differ from Islam. Therefore, a new religion has been born and which direction it will go, nobody can say for sure. So here you go a new religion with a new prophet and teachings, what would you call it? Just by stating that we say the kalima but believe in something which is quite contrary to the kalima one takes themselves out of the fold of Islam. This is what we are trying to explain to them that you have taken yourself out of Islam due to your non-islamic belief which has no basis or support in Islam.
      Hope this is clear.
      Peace be with you.

  19. pkease tell about qadian ,only u tell london news why ahmadiya people not show about qadian darvesh ,darvesh in qadian mirza masroor only telling pakistan but most important qadian people

    • I have a contact with a not-so-Ahmadi Ahmadi in Canada, and have a contact in the US (not Farhan Qureshi)….but most of the time I’m told I cannot reveal information and that its only between the contact and I.

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