Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

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On Wednesday 18th May, there will be a policy debate on “the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain” hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” in conjunction with the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK” held in the House of Commons.

In order to register your interest in attending this event, you’ll need to write to the Ahmadiyya. That’s right, Kafka couldn’t have dreamt this up. In order to register your interest in attending a debate that will in all likelihood tar British Muslims with the brush of extremism and even terrorism, you have to write to a cult whose leader, Mirza Masroor in 2007 labelled all those who reject its founder (and self-claimed prophet) as Satan-worshippers.

Of interest is the panel. We have Jemima Khan, who is known for her humanitarian work, but whose engagement with Muslim groups seems limited to patronage of the widely discredited Quilliam Group. We have Lord Avebury, who was flown out to Pakistan to enjoy the hospitality of Ahmadis, but not Muslims as far as I’m aware, and who last year preposterously talked of an impending “holocaust” of Qadiani Ahmadis, a conclusion he arrived at with scant evidence. Finally, he called for  a review of the Religious Hate Speech laws because the CPS didn’t find any actionable evidence in the “Ahmadiyya Hate Campaign” of 2010. They didn’t find any evidence because there wasn’t any. Kingston Police and the local council found the Ahmadiyya to be troublemakers. The press and media didn’t report the breakdown of the “Religious Hate” case with the same fanfare that they originally announced it. This was partly because they were complicit in the concoction of a flimsy case, openly talking of a leaflet that they’d never seen whilst misleading readers, viewers and listeners into believing that another quite ordinary leaflet that they did see was the leaflet that they were making the fuss about in the first place.

In his blog post, Lord Avebury refers to a leaflet in a shop window in the UK encouraging the murder of Ahmadis. This was absolutely false. He’s conflating the “Deception of the Qadiani” leaflet, the contents of which were not hateful, never mind illegal according to the CPS with another alleged leaflet, which we know now, thanks to the Kingston Police, never actually existed.

And we also have Ziauddin Sardar, who referred to Ahmadis in his 2006 article in the New Statesman as “British Muslims” and demanded “Islam must embrace different sects”. In a particularly uninformed passage, he wrote:

The major difference comes in the shape of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), the Punjabi founder of the sect. Orthodox Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last Prophet, and there will be no prophets after him. Now, Ahmad did not call himself a prophet, but “claimed to be the expected reformer of the latter days, the Awaited One of the world community of religions” – in other words, the Mahdi and the Messiah rolled into one

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in 1839, not 1835, no matter what the Ahmadis say. And Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did repeatedly call himself a prophet, violating a fundamental principle of Islam, that Muhammad (saw) is the final prophet. In fact, the Qadiani Ahmadis proudly refer to Ghulam Ahmad as “A Prophet to Unite Mankind in the Latter Days” on their website. Sardar is a fairly liberal Muslim, who is respected in some circles, but is by no means a scholar of Islam. More importantly, Sardar is dangerously unfamiliar with the esoterica of the Ahmadiyya cult. It’s rather like offering up a 16 year old to an experienced Scientologist. The latter will have the former hooked up to an e-meter before you can say Xenu.

The premise of the Ahmadiyya campaign to malign the law-abiding Muslim community is that the same extremism that sees murder of Ahmadis in foreign lands is on its way here, to the UK, and that Muslim thought leaders are inciting the “hatred” that will lead to (in Lord Avebury’s spectacularly disgraceful language) a “holocaust”. Muslims, by and large, abhor persecution, particularly given that they are more often than not, the victims of it. That this event should be held on the anniversary of the attacks on the Qadiani places of worship in Lahore is opportunistic and selfish. Over 30,000 Muslims have been murdered since the War of Terror was launched by America and its allies. The Ahmadiyya’s losses are broadly in proportion with the sad and tragic loss of life of all Pakistanis, Muslim, Ahmadi, Christian or otherwise. The point is that their suffering is not unique and to exploit that horrible day to continue to attack Muslims in the UK is short-sighted and its aim is to undermine the tolerance between the tiny Ahmadiyya community and the Muslims of the UK.

That the entire foundation of the “hate campaign” alleged by the Ahmadiyya was found to be baseless seems to have been ignored by the same people who promoted the lies in the first place. The alleged “Kill a Qadiyani” leaflet imagined by a young Ahmadi girl in south London never existed. The arrest of a “young bearded man” she so vividly described as distributing these imaginary leaflets in a sworn affidavit never happened. There is no hate campaign, except by the Ahmadiyya towards other Muslims. Their motive, like any cult, is power and prestige. This makes it even easier for them to continue to extort money from their captive membership, who are kept in a state of constant fear of Muslims.

What there is, is a growing discomfort amongst Muslims that the media gives a platform to the Ahmadiyya to voice in absentia the views of Muslims. It’s rather like letting 7th Day Adventists speak on behalf of the Church of England. Muslims are therefore quite rightly, educating each other on the true nature of the cult and its routine deception tactics. After all, if a Muslim girl marries an Ahmadi boy, the marriage is not Islamically valid. This has happened, and Muslims need to know why in 1974, the Ahmadiyya sect was declared a non-Muslim entity by consensus of all the leading Muslim scholars of the world in a meeting in Mecca, as well as being declared a non-Muslim minority by the National Assembly in Pakistan. This was not a measure taken lightly, as by nature, Islam is inclusive and encompasses a broad range of views.

That it took a press release of a document two days before the event for Muslims to become aware that such a session is being held without adequate Muslim representation should be of deep concern to us. We don’t hate the Qadianis. We just want them to be honest about who they are and to stop promoting Islamophobia at the highest levels. We also want the government to be keenly aware of the cult-like nature of the Ahmadiyya, a group that claims to be for “freedom”, but doesn’t allow freedom of opinion in its own ranks, that claims to be for “peace”, but creates an enormous fuss about a purported extremist threat in the UK based on a tissue of lies, that conflates deeply difficult issues in foreign lands with the markedly contrasting environment in the UK in order to curry political favour; a cult whose claim to be for peace rings hollow when their members rejoice at Muslim suffering and whose senior members call for more drone attacks on Pakistan. So much for loyalty then.

Muslims are against violence towards minorities, we abhor it. We are also victims of violence abroad and at home in the UK. To have the constant barrage of Islamophobia bolstered by a vociferously anti-Muslim cult who claim to be the only true Muslims is especially galling.


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25 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

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    To the admn,

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    • I am one of the admins. I do not know what you mean. Can you please clarify?

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  2. Excellent article.House Negros must be confronted and shown their place whenever and wherever and however.There are lot of them in Pakistan as well but for this blog theme its valid as well.But good job and keep it up.

  3. Like most of muslims dont know that
    its was ahmadies who declare non ahmadies to be Non muslim and Kafir

    those ppl who are there should raise that point as well

  4. Excellent entry. A very important and relevant post. These guys are taking Islam for a joyride. We can sit back and allow this crime to continue. It’s ridiculous that this minority group is pushed forward as though it represents the Muslims at large. This meeting is nothing but propaganda on the pretext of the tragedy of Lahore to raise a climate of fear. If they truly cared for mankind they would question the foreign policy but no, they prefer butt service 101 to serve their own interests.

  5. This is a very balanced and factual article. Muslims do not hate Ahmadis. It is the other way round. It is sad that Ahmadis are behind this meeting, which is nothing but an exercise in propaganda aimed at maligning the mainstream Muslims.

      • How many Ahmadis do you believe there are worldwide, and how many cases of violence/persecution are there (feel free to use the official statistics off ThePersecution.org)

        If we go by the figures they provide, from 2000 to 2003, the number of innocent Ahmadis murdered only for their faith was 0.0000135% of their total population.

        Now consider just one city in Palestine, where the residents undergo daily abuse by the Israeli terrorists; preventing them water, sexually abusing young women, beating the young men, making them wait long hours in endless lines to travel short distances, random searches, destruction of infrastructure, etc, etc. The suffering from one small village alone in Palestine is worse than the entire Ahmadi population combined.


        Look, the persecution is sadly real. I’m not denying that. But once you put aside your emotions and you realize how overblown this INTERNATIONAL PERSECUTION CAMPAIGN IS THAT IS THE NEXT HOLOCAUST you’ll realize that they’re playing you by your emotions and blanket judging all the Muslims by the insane actions of a few.

        I’d like to take this opportunity to once against condemn violence and persecution against innocent Ahmadis. And may Allah guide the Ahmadis away from the false Ahmadi-specific beliefs to pure Islam.

  6. Its very sad that the Ahmadis are presenting Islam as this type of barbaric instrument that is used by the extremist to excite the passions of men.

    The UK is the most densely populated Ahmadi location in terms of Europe, Canada and the US. Because of this density, they are trying to make major in-roads in the political climate of the UK.

    I get the impression that the ‘A’ is making a major push to malign all groups of Muslims as anti-moderate. They are publicizing this in an unprecented manner. Hopefully the Islamic groups in the UK will be able to deflect the on-slaughts of this cult.

  7. Everything in this article is word for word true and worth paying attention to. It is sad that it is Ahmadiyya who had initiated and is carrying on this hate campaign against Muslims. There are some so called murabbis and missionaries in this cult who have great enmity against the Muslims and their Ulema. This is all due to their pious fraud being exposed. They are leaving no stone unturned in their jealousy and hatred to deliberately smear Muslims and brand them falsely as extremists, fanatics, etc. and portraying themselves as champions of moderation, tolerance and peace etc. But we know the truth. This cult is a pious fraud and their slogan of “love for all and hatred for none” is a false propaganda and in reality they never follow it.

  8. It is of particular concern that the Muslim community was not kept in the loop of this session. However, I am not surprised. Whilst still within the qadiani community I saw little to no discourse with the Muslim community and I saw no encouragement for this from the qadiani side. What I did see was a lot of scare-mongering and an encouragement that every qadiani should be writing to their local MP to raise awareness of the atrocities of Lahore last year. That it was an attack that cannot be condoned goes without saying. But I wonder whether the qadiani group are really, and sincerely, doing all they can to include the Muslim community in this matter.

    Taking a quotation from the ‘love for all hatred for none’ website.

    ‘Part of this awareness about the values of Islam, is doing more and making more people aware of actions and activity in society – thus helping the spread the postive aspects of Islam and build the bridges within our society.’

    I just wonder whether the qadianis really wish to build bridges between themselves and the Muslim community and to engage in open and fair dialogue.

    • The truth of the matter is that Qadianis had an opportunity to build bridges with Tooting Islamic Centre and refused to do so. The police were not impressed with the Ahmadiyya and regard them as troublemakers.

      Qadianis will not build bridges with the Muslims because their focus is on victory over the Muslims, which insha’Allah can never happen. If they were to build bridges, they would lose their cash-cow; the lucrative chanda business, which helps fund the continuing expansion of their empty property empire.

      Ahmadiyya is property, propaganda and petty politics. It has nothing to do with religion. Even a cursory examination of the writings of its founder with a neutral mind is sufficient to condemn it as a cult founded on hatred of Muslims. That’s what makes its thought-stopping slogan so sinister and disingenuous.

      • Brother Shahid,

        To me it just seems like another opportunity for the qadiani cult to thrash out all the seemingly nice buzz words of ‘cooperation’ ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance’ where in fact they wish for no cooperation with the Muslim Ummah, they get off on disturbing the peace within the Muslim Ummah and they will not tolerate genuine, intelligent, evidence-based criticism of their beliefs and techniques of getting a platform within the upper echelons of the UK political society.

        As seeking knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim, it is important that, wherever we can, we educate our fellow Muslims who have little or no knowledge of this qadiani fitnah. This site is crucial in helping educate the Muslim masses to the real face of the qadiani cult.

  9. “….. Whose senior members call for more drone attacks on Pakistan …..” Who are these senior members? Where is this information sourced from? JazakAllah in advance.

  10. A reference from Allama Iqbal sheds light on the Qadiani aspirations circa the 1930’s:

    “It is equally obvious that the Qadanis, too, feel nervous by the political awakening of the Indian Muslims, because they feel that the rise in political prestige of the Indian Muslims is sure to defeat their designs to carve out from the Ummat of the Arabian Prophet a new Ummat for the Indian Prophet.”

    • Rubbish!! you are full of junk, Arabian prophet? where does it stated so in the Quraan? this racial line is your own idiotic.

      • Do you have a problem with identifying him صلى الله عليه و سلم as an Arab?

        Stop your anti-Muslim hatred. What ever happened to “Love for All”?

        • Stop your inciting and instigating act, I’ve no problem to identify The Holy prophet(SAW) as an Arab, you seems to have problem to acknowledge His(SAW) mission is for all mankind that’s far more important the racial boundry He(SAW) himself has crossed.

          • You said:

            Rubbish!! you are full of junk, Arabian prophet? where does it stated so in the Quraan? this racial line is your own idiotic.

            I suggest you calm down.

            Yes, he was an Arab prophet sent to all humanity.

          • Ahamdis are so insecure with your own race. Prophet Muhammad saw was an Arab…so what? He was sent for all of mankind. Islam is not an Arab religion, it is for everyone. Just because I’m Indian I need an Indian prophet, or a holy book from Urdu? Just because my ethnic language is Hindi/Urdu it doesn’t mean i have to treat it holy. Do Turks need a Turkish prophet? Do the Chinese need a Chinese prophet?

        • If you have no problem to acknowledge or accept that His(SAW) mission is for all mankind, you would have no problem to reject the believe that Jesus (AS) is still alive bodily in heaven coz his coming back is irrelevent as his mission was only for the Israilite.

          • No, because Muslims are already guided concerning ‘Esa bin Maryam عليه السلام. He isn’t God or the son of God, but a prophet.

            But let me turn the tables.

            If you believe he is only for Bani Isra’eel, and you believe that Mirza Ghulam was ‘Esa bin Maryam عليه السلام, then you should have no problem believing that Mirza Ghulam was not for the Muslims, but for Bani Isra’eel…? Or would that be too logically consistent for you?

            pwned and off topic.

      • @ syed

        Allama Iqbal hit your guys hard. Thats riveting! He hit the nail on the head there and I was sooooo impressed. I thought i’d share with it the world..sorry..

        Its no secret, Ahmadis are after political power. Zafrullah Khan was miraculously chosen for an appointment into the Executive Council of the Viceroy on India..or something to that effect…He lobbied…we know he lobbied..

        However, the new wave of Ahmadi businessmen is upon us..

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