Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In another embarrassing leak we’ve obtained, it has again become clear that the Ahmadiyya leadership prevents its members from enjoying their right of freedom of speech. All public writing has to be sanctioned by the Ahmadiyya top brass. Ahmadis are forbidden from writing to the media without prior approval and censorship. This amounts to thought control and is practiced only by oppressive cults. Further, Ahmadis are required to disguise their affiliation to the Ahmadiyya cult by using the deceptive front “Muslims Writers Guild of America”.

In a covering email, the chairman of “Majlis Sultan-ul-Qalam, USA”, Anees Ahmad writes:

“There have been incidents of MSQ members mistakenly sending pieces that include the Jamaat’s name without approval to newspapers – and being published. This is not allowed. Please review the attached document to understand protocol.”

(The leaked document is attached, below)

Cults should not be allowed to control the free speech of Ahmadis.

MSQ USA review protocol

A simple question arises: How can a group that claims to respect and promote freedom be allowed to actively curtail the freedom of speech of its own membership?

The media, which has been unwittingly complicit so far in promoting the Ahmadiyya agenda in its drive to make money out of Islamophobia, should note well that it is dealing with a cult whose business it is to make enormous sums of money out of its membership whilst touting itself as a progressive organisation.

The media should not support an organisation that lobbies for laws in foreign lands to be changed whilst preventing its own membership’s females from voting in their own leadership elections; that prevents its members from engaging with Muslims in universities; that prevents its members from having discussions with Muslims on social media; that prevents its members from mixing with the opposite gender at weddings whilst allowing the same for its more privileged members.

The media should not promote an organisation that extorts money out of its poorer members in insane property-acquisition drives out of all proportion with its actual needs.

The media should not allow itself to be used by a cult that seemingly supports values such as freedom whilst ruthlessly suppressing the social, economic and spiritual freedom of its own members.

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19 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

  1. someone just posted this on Qasim Rashids blog at the huffington post, hmm..

    • The Ahmadis have been trying to steal the title of Muslims for a very long time. Since the inception of the ‘A’, in fact (1889). It is troubling to see Ahmadis continue to claim to be Muslims that are moderate and have freedom. That is simply not the case. The ‘A’ is nothing more than a brainwashing school of punjabees. They only want converts so that they have more money to invest in thier hedge-funds aka Africa.

      As an ex-ahmadi, I have witnessed first hand the way that women are treated with the 4 walls of the ‘A’. They have less rights and power than the Atfal. They arent allowed to even talk in-front of a crowd of men or teach a class. The “A” should be investigated for mis-treatment of women. In the USA, women were given the right to vote almost 100 years ago..yet these punjabees still disallow women to have a voice in the ‘A’.

      And…Ahmadis cant do whatever they want…there is no way..the article above proves that all articles must be approved. They dont want Ahmadis posting thier personal ideas anywhere as that negatively affects the cult. If Ahmadis start posting thier own thoughts..they might leave Ahmadiyyat..and the Cult will starve..that is why all articles must be approved before submission.

      They need Ahmadis to obey the Nizaam and obey and officers in-front of them and subsequently obey their pseudo-khalifa, who cant write anyways. He, himself has never written any piece of data on his own. They fear that because he cant write or read too good, he might accidentally spew the wrong ideology.

      Anyways..great work Shahid.

      • @rationalist – I did the easy part bro – kudos to yet another source in the USA for leaking the material to us!

        BTW your analysis is spot on.

  2. Br. Shahid great work, mashaAllah. May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen.

    • Brother jzk for your prayers, but credit for the post goes to the Muslims within the Ahmadiyya constantly providing us with leaks. It’s a wonder the Ahmadiyya top brass has anyone left within the ranks that they can trust!

  3. Well, well, well… Yet more evidence of the cultish characteristics of Ahmadiyya. Seriously Ahmadis, can you not see this? You can’t even express yourself in this cult and you believe this is leading you to salvation? A thank you to the source of this information and to brother Shahid for writing this piece. Ahmadis, reflect over this.

  4. Salaam,
    You have some valid points about Ahmadiyya being a heretical cult but this letter does not seem to support your arguments. The letter is clearly seperating writings into two groups: offical Ahmadi stuff and none official. The letter is directing the members who write official stuff to submit their stuff for review and the people who do not publicize that they are representing the group officially can submit their own publication free from review. So, your argument that the group is monitoring the members’ publications is not valid. It is however, comical that they strive to identify themselves without reference to Ahmadiyya.

    • @ Gizmo

      Ahmadiyyat doesnt want to give their members total freedom in any sphere of activity in general. This would hurt the cult. That is the point of the article. Also, they have a motto that they are running nowadays that states Freedom as a concept that the ‘A’ supports.

      the pitfalls of freedom in the ‘A’ is that most Ahmadi writers will eventually write contrary to Ahmadi doctrine, this will eventually happen if they are allowed FULL freedom in their writings. This is contrary to all mission statements that the ‘A’ is publicizing. You see, the ‘A’ is a company, it is a business that is run by CEO’s from the Mirza family.

      Furthermore, they want Ahmadis to be robots. They want 100’s of Ahmadis to write the same thing..over and over and over again. They want 10000’s of writers to spew the same rhetoric. They want 100’s of writers to write the exact same thing and get it into the press. They have an objective and they have mobilized the brainwashed masses to support this scheme of media propoganda.

      This article proves that there is no freedom of speech or freedom of expression within the ‘A’. This article proves that the ‘A’ is a cult that controls the movements and minds of all of those poor souls that are trapped therein.

      The Rash

  5. From the Huffington post:
    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s book, who sounded the call to reform Muslims — not Islam — over 120 years ago. Ahmad established the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in 1889 and laid claim to be the long-awaited Messiah, commissioned to re-unite all Muslims through love, logic, and peace. He condemned every type of religious violence as completely un-Islamic and instead championed the Jihad of the Pen. Among his 82 books and thousands of essays he wrote, “that faith which uses the sword to spread itself needs no other proof of its falsification. It slays its own throat before reaching others.”

    They are completely against us.

    • Obviously that was written by an Ahmadi…but isn’t really anti-Islam.
      Not everything Ahmadiyya is anti-Islam and we can’t be foolish enough to mistake it as such…

      And also, there are many Muslim contributors to the Huffington Post including a personal friend.

  6. Asalamu laikum Wa Ramathulahi Wabarakathuhu
    In respect of the comment by Brother Omar. In my discussions with certain Ahmadies. There is a branch that belongs to the “Lahori movement”, and they do not regard Ghulam Mirza Ahmad as a prophet or Mahdi, only as a “great reformer” and “guide” of sorts. However my understanding and experience of them, is that they too have various cult like features and are deceptive in propagating their beliefs. Its like they are a lesser Ahmadie version. may Allah guide these people.

    • I also wanted to mention that the “Lahori Ahamdiyya movement” regards Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the The Promised Messiah. So they are a misguided cult most defenatly. Perhaps there should be a discussion on this sect within the Ahmadiyya cult on this site??

  7. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

    I do not see what is wrong with this “leaked” document. It is important to ensure that members of Jama’at Ahmadiyya in Islam do not post anything contrary to the Jama’at’s teachings by mistake. I constantly respond to newspaper articles against Islam, and many, if not all Jama’at office bearers are aware of this. They have never demanded an edit, nor demanded to see it. We are only and only answering from the beautiful example of the Holy Prophet (saw) through letters to the editor, etc. This document was clearly placed to prevent some Ahmadis from portraying the Jama’at in a manner that does not reflect Islamic beliefs. In fact, the writer’s guild was simply an idea to bring writers in the community together. The official spokesperson, Anees Ahmed Sahib, always declares that he is representing the Jama’at.

    • That’s a valid point. In theory, I agree with that. You obviously don’t want random people misrepresenting the religion.

      Coming from an outsider looking in, that isn’t the criticism the former Ahmadis are levying. They argue that even questioning the religion itself is forbidden. For example, questioning the decision of a local leader, or publishing something critical of a decision, etc. Could you publish a letter that said “Mirza Masroor, your decision to excommunication these individuals goes against the teachings of Islam, and here’s why…”?

      All ex-Ahmadis I know speak of this kind of treatment. Ex-Ahmadis, would you like to comment?

      • Brother Farhan you are correct that no Ahmadi can question a decision made by Mirza Masroor. Speaking as an ex-Ahmadi I can also confirm that every time an Ahmadi recites their pledge they are reminded that they are pledging to abide by any maroof decision made by their khalifa.

        • Thats a clear different between Real Khalifah like Hazart Umar(RA)

          and fake one like mirza masroor

      • Farhan is totally correct. Ahmadis cannot question the decisions of even a local Qaid, not to mention the local president. And, they dont even call the president by his name. They say that Sadr sahib said this or that. And you wont hear any public discontent. If there is..that person will be out of the jamaat soon.

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