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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I’d like to share something private with you, one of my diary entries from many years ago, shortly before I reverted to Islam from a life in the Ahmadiyya.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

If we’re agreed that there is no new Shariah – no addition or subtraction to or from it – then why is it obligatory to pay Chanda? If I don’t, I’m not allowed to vote, or bear office. 

Why is it that everyone bar the first Khalifa was in the Promised Messiah’s family? Is no one else good enough? I don’t believe in democracy. It’s a bullshit notion. Democracy throws up leaders like George Bush. A type of Democracy allowed Adolf Hitler to emerge. So I’m not saying the Huzoor should be voted. But if it is Divine Intervention that elects a Khalifa, why is Allah favouring only the one family? 

Why is there huge emphasis on Chanda, and none on Zakat, which is a pillar of Islam. And why do we talk about Jalsa Salaana more than Hajj? 

Why has the present Huzoor forbidden us from engaging in online discussion with non-Ahmadis? I won’t conjecture on this point – after all – I don’t engage with those morons who have cast judgement on me. Better just to leave them alone, there is after all, a seal over their hearts. But I wonder if there isn’t truth out there that has been hidden from us? 

We are mostly a very nice jamaat – but are we really just a family-run-tax-paying-messiah-cult masquerading as Muslims? I’m not judging, but I’m asking some hard questions and I am studying hour after hour after hour after hour. 

May Allah guide me.


And alhamdulillah, He did guide me. Most of my diary entries from this period end with “May Allah guide me”. Remember, back then I was a very ordinary Ahmadi, with very little religious knowledge, but I was a cultee, even if I was wondering if I was in a cult! You can see how at this stage, I was still referring to Muslims as “morons” with a “seal over their hearts”. And yet, my belief was being fractured. Despite criticising Muslims, I was wondering if truth had indeed been hidden from us. And how can we have been mostly a nice jamaat if we were so judgmental about other Muslims? Back then I didn’t even know what a jamaat was. As I look back at this, I realise that although I was hugely ignorant (and am still a long way from where I want to be), I was at least being guided.

If you’re reading this and at a similar stage. Make the leap. Come to Islam. It’s worth it. You’ll never look back.



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23 thoughts on “Jamaat Thoughts

  1. Subhan’Allah may others look at this and reflect. I can’t relate with you or other reverts from Ahmadiyya on how the struggle must have been to leave all that you know, all that you knew, the community you’ve been raised in, the family relations and so on. May Allah (SWT) help all those searching for the truth.

    I must emphasise, you can’t sit around saying well if Allah (SWT) is the one that guides then I’ll sit around because He ultimately will guide me. That’s like me sitting here saying it is destined for the light in my room to go off but since Allah (SWT) controls everything, I’ll just get in to bed and it will switch off. This is me testing Allah (SWT). The slave does not test his master, the master tests His slave. Therefore please try and research and read like brother Shahid did as well asking for guidance. Allah (SWT) only helps those who help themselves. So I will make the effort and switch the light off, the same way you should make the effort and search for the truth.

  2. Dear Shahid,

    I NEED YOUR HELP. A QADIANI HAS CHALLENEGED ME TO PROVIDE REFERNCE. Now you have given refernce in your post. So, please help me. Thanks.
    A Qadiani nephew of mine, he is highly educated. He holds degree in CPA (accounting), and LLB (Law). He works in multinational company in Dublin, Ireland. He does Qadiani jamaat accounting. He has challeneged me to provide reference where Qadiani Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad prohibited his followers from discussion with non-Qadiani Muslims.
    If we provide reference to my nephew, he might leave Qadiani Jamaat and with it he also BRINGS TREASURE TROVE OF QADIANI CULT ACCOUNTING/ CHANDA FRAUD. I can provide you his contact in private email.
    You wrote:
    “Why has the present Huzoor forbidden us from engaging in online discussion with non-Ahmadis? “

    • Brother … Tahir Ahmad was not the Khalifa in 2004. He had passed away in Apri of 2003. The Khalifa at time of Bro Shahid’s entry was and still is Masroor Ahmad.

    • @ Fair Mind

      You should ask your nephew as to where all the converts went that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was announcing. Did they ever exist?? What does that say about the truthfullness of Tahir Ahmad?? This is the same guy who created MTA in an attempt to brainwash Ahmadis to pay more chanda. He must have seen the effects of the media on society and decided to use it to his advantage.

      @ shahid

      That was an awesome read! I sometimes go through my old emails and am astonished at my mind-set from the 1995–2005 era. Furthermore, the family business entitled Ahmadiyyat is nothing more than a con-job.

      Fortunately, it appears to be ending very soon…the most qualified Mirza in 2004 has dissapointed…I think the Mirza family are ALL really Atheist, they appear to have slowly moved on…the few that are left dont appear to be interested in keeping this family business thriving.

  3. Assalam o alikum Shahid Bahi,

    You said the key words… “May Allah guide me”.

    May you keep saying them again and again and may Allah purity your heart further. We all need guidance continuously.

    May Allah bless you and all the muslimeen and all the muslimaat. May Allah help you in your endeavor.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Interesting set of thoughts.

    And ‘seeker’ are you the same one that posts on the Rah-e-Huda forum?

    Findings, I was highly surprised to discover your confused sexuality. Ah well, what can be said?

    All the best,
    Allah Hafiz.

    • Usually better to say nothing than to write filth and garbage. Still, what more needs to be said about cult mentality, eh?

      All the best and Allah Hafiz. 😉

      • Assalamu Alaikum,
        Oh no it was meant in an offensive manner. Apologies if it hit the wrong nerve.

        You mock Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who many Ahmadis hold very dear, when he compared himself to being like Hadhrat Maryam (ra), saying he has biopolar disorder, shizhophrenia, sexually confused etc etc. Here Brother Findings lied about his gender and made many people believe he was a female. And you’re getting all huffy and puffy about it. Surely Brother Findings has simple knowledge of the male and female anatomy. What would you like to call him? I don’t think he has biopolar disorder / schizophrenia / or any of the things mentioned about above, and may Allah keep it that way. But anyway….

        Sorry if it offended anyone.

        Allah Hafiz.

        • For your information, I made it very clear that Findings is actually two people, one of whom is male. Who lied about gender? You drew that inference.

          You make a mockery of Allah when you talk about your founder in reverential terms, but then go on to abuse a member here. As you know, the rules state very clearly that you can’t do that. You’re banned.

          • Student when you read this you should be very ashamed of yourself! You just compared your hold leader Ghulam Ahmad to a mere internet renegade like me?????actually more to the point I am really offended!! Also who did I lie to? Its cyber space baby!! Sometimes you people should read between the lines! Question everything!! Why did I have so much info on Khuddam? Like duh! Lol. Also yes there is a girl me too 🙂

    • Salam Student,

      No i dont post as seeker at that forum. Is it a good forum? Actually what are some good islamic forums?


  5. Lol thanks bro! That’s the blessings of the internet- be who you wanna be, when you wanna be! Your brother in humanity, Findings.

    • Well said findings. They simply haven’t a clue and will come after you with bs and filth. That’s what cults do.

      Remember, religions don’t have slogans, businesses do. 🙂

  6. Br. Shahid, you were a sincere person in search of truth, and Allah s.w.t. has guided you. May Allah s.w.t continue to shower his mercy and blessings upon you. Ameen.

  7. @Findings,

    Dear sister,
    As far as i remember, Qadiani Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad prohibited his Qadiani Cult followers from discussion with Shahid Aziz and Dr. Zahid Aziz (both brothers are Lahori-Ahmadis) way back in year 2000.
    It is very much possible Qadiani Khalifa 4 may have stopped his cult followers from discussion with other Muslims too. And perhaps Qadiani Khalifa 5 Mirza Masroor Ahmad also stopped his cult followers from discussions with non-Qadianis in 2004.

    Hopefully, brother Shahid is able to find reference. Thanks.

    • Dear FairMind, this is a diary entry from the time I was an Ahmadi. I don’t have a reference, perhaps you could find one? It is not a bold claim, there have been other such bans.


  8. You are still follower of the Number 2 Imamist and Hadithi Islam. (N2I). No better or worse than Ahmadiyyat. Stop trying to sell fake jewels again to those who have already been duped. Pray that you are continue to be guided. You have still not reached the final destination.

  9. Oh Dr. F jumped in as well with his very own ‘Angraizi version’ of Islam aka “DusNumbriIslam” or “10NI” ……..lol….I guess he’s angry that MGA could get hundred thousand followers and lot of money and he’s only getting few with not much money and even that on the internet only.Over that the main stream angraiz sarkar is not picking him up while he’s been active on the internet for ages!!!

    This experience must be suffocating

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