The Pursuit of Happiness

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليما

This religion is so beautiful, so pure, wondrous. The illumination that our honorable Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم brought is sufficient make the darkest night brighter than the day at ‘Asr time. But living in West, we see that the perception of Islam from the outside is incongruent with what we see ourselves. Sadly, this perception is fueled by scattered yet powerful spouts of injustice committed by the Muslims. But our job as Muslims is not to fall into despair, but to serve as the ambassadors of this religion, from soul to soul, heart to heart, through your unique role in society. In my opinion, the best way to dispel this perception is to show them our community.

This same perception exists amongst the Ahmadiyya. From speaking with my Ahmadi friends, it is crystal clear to me that the perception they have of Islam, of our beliefs, of our Shaykhs and of our communities is all but reality. Sadly, the Murabbis spread half-truths or misinformation, and the sincere Ahmadi accepts it. Yet again, we find ourselves in the position of ambassador. The best way to dispel this perception is to show them our community.

The following is just a short taste of Islam. It is a short presentation on The Pursuit of Happiness by Shaykh Habib Kazim al-Saqqaf, one of the teachers of Dar al-Mustafa from Tarim, Yemen. He speaks about the purification of the soul by following the trodden path of the noble Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم.

If any of our readers reside in the Virginia, DC or Maryland areas, and are interested in observing the classes at my local masjid, feel free to drop me a message below with your email address.

May you be blessed.

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و سلم

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15 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. A Typical Sermon by imam of any mosque in Pakistan especially under Mullah-Mafia control:

    Advice, advice, advice…..but only for others!!!!!!!!!!

    • What did you think of his short talk? Anything you liked in particular?
      Do you mean to say he should follow his own advice? If so, what in particular is he not following?

    • Fair mind why such knee jerk reaction?

      what this Imam is talking and the way he is talking is far far better than Mirza Masroor

      try comparing for once

  2. Farhan, what’s the whole idea? purification of the soul is only part and parcel of religions,
    at the end of the day, does the heart and soul really pure when we see the ummah are fighting each other due to factions? they are so confused as they have too many leaders
    to listen and follow, they keep pin point fingers at each others and calling each others KAFIR!! is this the hard core teaching of The Holy Prophet(SAW)? was this not the concerned of The Holy Prophet(SAW) towards His ummah in the latter days? if it does, whay are we taking the matter of ONE COMMUNITY ONE LEADERSHIP in Islam as something not important? why are there so many religious figures in Islam
    harbour an ambitious to be leaders? in the process of doing so are not their heart and soul turned stale and IMPURE?

    • This same perception exists amongst the Ahmadiyya. From speaking with my Ahmadi friends, it is crystal clear to me that the perception they have of Islam, of our beliefs, of our Shaykhs and of our communities is all but reality. Sadly, the Murabbis spread half-truths or misinformation, and the sincere Ahmadi accepts it. Yet again, we find ourselves in the position of ambassador. The best way to dispel this perception is to show them our community.

      What did you think of this excerpt?

  3. I agree with your views. Just want to add a few things. Sadly in the West, media plays an important role in influencing peoples thoughts. Only when it comes to Islam, the actions of people are tied to their religion. You will not see this phenomenon with crimes committed in any other communities. For example, Hitler killed so many million people, but his religion will not be used to blame for the killings. The World needs to see things in the proper perspective and media has, to play a major role. But so far it has failed. We should not judge a religion entirely based on mistakes of some of the followers. The fact is that it is not Islam or Muslims who are sinking the ship of humanity. Islam has solutions to problems facing the World today. Maybe there was not enough effort to propagate or learn those ideas. But if it came down to accounting the killing of fellow humans and destroying the planet, there are others who will take the first, second and third place……. in history books. But, the Ahmadi murabbis like to bash Muslims and blame for every problem, why because they are enemies of Muslims, and they never have good intentions for them to begin with……..!!! So leaving aside these ‘hate for all and love for none’ Murabbis, there are those common Ahmadis whom we would like to convey that you are our brothers and sisters in humanity. Use your common sense and educate yourself to learn the truth about Islam and Muslims. In the end if you remain misguided and blame it on your Murabbis for misguiding you, it will not help. Every soul has to answer for itself in the hereafter and give account of his or her actions in this World, so it would be wise to learn and obey the true teachings of Islam and save yourself from hellfire.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Wallahi, its a breathe of fresh air compared to some other ones…My response is a bit of a rant.

      I do believe the matra “Islam is the solution”. But while slogans sound nice, there needs to be a reality behind it. Each individual doesn’t have to be a leader or have the master plan. Yes, Islam contains in it guidance for all of life’s problems, but the average person cannot read the Qur’an and derive Economic policy. Rather, the common person must work on himself, on destroying his ego and cleansing himself. Every day I go into the world and find myself falling short of the commandments of Allah. At the end of the day, I think about all the stains on my heart. Its comforting to hear kullu banu Adam khataa’ wa khayr al-khatha’een al-tawaboon (Every son of Adam commits sins, and the best of sinners are the ones who repent).

      Shaykh Habib Kazim’s talk is about purifying one’s heart from the stains of life. To get rid of the countless wrongs we have done. What strikes us in the dunya is decreed by Allah, and will hit us no matter what we do. But when your heart is pure, even though you may be physically and emotionally destroyed, your heart is connected to God and able to handle it. Dunya is made to break your heart, and once it is broken, then can the light of Allah penetrate.

      I wouldn’t say Islam is sinking, I would say it is we Muslims who are failing. But, rest assured on two things.
      A) There is a worldwide religious revivalist movement that came about spontaneously in the last decade. Even in the foothills of Central Asia, where communism crushed and secularized Islam to a mere ethnic identity, you see Muslims relearning their Deen. Its really beautiful.

      B) Never forget the Muslims have been in MUCH MUCH MUCH worse times than this. To be honest, this is mild. When the Mongol Tartars swept through the Muslim lands, they destroyed…everything. They crushed the Mamluk and Ayyubid dynasties, and swept through Damascus. Its said when the killings in Hirat (present-day Afghanistan) were over, only 17 survivors came out of the city. In Baghdad, they killed Muslims day and night for 40 days. The entire city was scattered heaps of dead bodies that rotted. They went to Bayt al-Hikmah (a HUGE Islamic library) and threw the books into the Tigris until it turned black from the ink. The Muslim leaders in Egypt were extremely rich while the poor literally ate other humans (cannibalism). The Muslim world was utterly divided into hundreds of small states that there were dozens of self-declared Khalifahs. The last Abbasid Khalifa Al-Musta’sim was rolled up in a carpet and beaten to death. It was only after ‘Izz al-Din ibn ‘Abd al-Salam convinced the Egyptian leaders to fight was the tide turned. But, this was a complete destruction of the Muslim lands.
      However after the cleansing of our historic brothers, the Tartars accepted Islam, and eventually led to the Ottoman Khilafah that carried the banner of Islam for 600~ years until WWI. So while things look bad now, recognize its been worse and that they will get better, in sha Allah. That’s why this notion that some of the Ahmadi missionaries paint of “Never before has Islam been attacked as it is now” simply are not in line with Islamic history- but then again they are disconnected from Islamic history. Their religion only began 100 years ago, not 1432 years ago. “The first khalifah” in their religion refers to Hakim Noorudeen, not Abu Bakr (RA).

      Yes, the Murabbis are obsessed with arguing against Islam, specifically against Islam. That is why they argue over what are otherwise trivial topics in Islamic belief- they teach their religion in the form of opposition, and constantly try to put down Islam and the Muslims on Fox News and such. Thats fine, many have devoted their lives to this. But, Ahmadiyya seeks to represent itself as Islam, to usurp our identity. Its easy to identify a Christian as such, but when the religion claims to be Islam, it creates an even greater problem.

      The common person doesn’t live in a fantasy world, he has to deal with the problems that affect him on a day to day basis. Thus, as Shaykh Habib Kazim reiterates, we have to work on purifying ourselves from the ocean of sins that we have fallen into. And ultimately it is Allah who accepts.

  4. @Farhan,
    All that preacher is saying is nice and dandy. Question is how you know you have achived purification of soul and heart????

    To get the answer, I will advice you to follow the advice and yard stick to measure your purification of soul and heart given the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib, the Mujjaddid of 14th Islamic century. He said, “your soul and heart is not purified until you accept all reciters of Kalima-shahada are Muslims and nothing but sincere well wishes even for your worst enemy comes out of your heart?”
    Does you and your preacher has achieved these milestones????

    • Feel free to double-check these quotes, because they are NOT out of context.

      Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:
      “Those who hear of my advent and do not accept me are not Muslims and are accountable to God”
      – The Essence of “Islam”, Volume 4 under the section “Acceptance Obligatory”

      Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen:
      In his book “The Truth about the Split”, he calls everyone who doesn’t accept Mirza Ghulam as a “kaafir”, “not Muslim”, and “out of the pale of Islam”, even those who accept Mirza Ghulam but don’t verbally testify it. Even the Lahoris who accept Mirza, but not as a prophet and such, he calls them kaafir too. He was extreme in his Takfeer.

  5. @Farhan,

    My dear you quoted:
    “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:
    “Those who hear of my advent and do not accept me are not Muslims and are accountable to God”
    – The Essence of “Islam”, Volume 4 under the section “Acceptance Obligatory””

    My dear if you want me to spend MY VERY PRECIOUS TIME TO PROVE TO YOU that what conclusion you are drawing by quoting and out of context, then i want you to fullfil my ONE CONDITION:
    You read 10 pages before and 10 pages after the said quote and KEEPING ALLAH SWT as witness and inviting His wrath and punishment, for misrepresenting and hiding the truth, please tell us WHAT YOU SAY, YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT HMGA IS SAYING!!!

    Does you and your preacher has achieved these milestones????


    • Lahori-Ahmadi,

      Yes we hear heard loud and clear about the questionable character of “MIRZA BASHIRUD DIN”…….the so called Qadiani Khalifa ……..!!!

      But this is problem for Ahamdiyya jamaat that they do not realize this truth and in fact keep calling those people liars who are trying to open their eyes.

      By Allah s.w.t. mercy we neither believe in this person nor need to follow his teachings.

      Just like you do not believe in this person, we do not believe that “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” was a Prophet or Messiah or a Mahdi. The apple does not fall from the tree. In fact if you read the books and claims of “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” Sahib sincerely you will arrive at the same conclusion.

  6. Really nice speech. 🙂

    I see ahmadies are fast in judging others that they speak well but their actions are not coherent with it. I do not know the shayk personally. But he said wonderful words. I respect him for that. Who are we to judge him BTW?

    I ask ahmadies 1 question. How is your jamaat different? Do your mawlanas and officers adhere by their words? Do i need to give examples here!? LOL 😛

    Corruption is everywhere buddies. everywhere!!! Thats why prophet SAW has ordered Muslims to seeks guidance from the Holy Quran and follow Sunnah. It is ONLY them who would be on the right path. See the farewell sermon of Rasool SAW.

    Can we alone get hidayat from Quran? No!

    Thats why we need to listen to the opinions of Imams, Mawlanas and also the opinions of the muslim population. We need to discuss each and every topic. Everyone should has his right to voice his opinion and to listen to others.

    However, today, people take fatwas(opinions) by great personalities as core beliefs of Islam and therefore they get the ground to tell others kaafirs as they think they are rejecting a core belief.

    Islam is a beautiful religion guys. Please don’t spoil it. Learn how to listen and speak. If you do not agree with something, then say it. And others should have the humility of listening to your opinion and either refute back or take appropriate action. But high personalities do not do this because they are arrogant and would feel humiliated if they listen to someone not of their status. This is not Islam.

    Islam promoted freedom of speach! No one can impose fatwas on you!!!

    • We can get hidayah from the Qur’an alone. Millions accept Islam by just reading Surah al-Fatihah IN ENGLISH. But we cannot derive our own independent legal rulings and such. That requires background knowledge.

      I’m sure you meant that, just the way it was phrased…

      • I read my statement again with a different tone. It might seem that i am saying that the Quran is insufficient. I didn’t mean that.

        I meant to say that we need to collectively understand the Holy Quran through free open discussions.

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