Cult Weddings and the Mind Games of “Forgiveness”

After the humiliating and repugnant mass, public expulsion of Ahmadis for participating in a wedding not-to-the-liking of the leadership of the Church of Mirzology, it appears that his highness Mirza Masroor has taken it upon himself to “forgive” a sub-set of the participants.

No doubt this comes as a result of the cult being shamed on this blog. One has to ask on what authority his Highness Mirza Masroor thinks he has the power of forgiveness?

We can only put this latest episode down to mind-control. Let’s hope Ahmadis the world over give up on supporting this cult and come back to Islam,¬†insha’Allah.

Letter from center

(With thanks to an American contact for the letter. Names have been blanked out to protect the “forgiven”)


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8 thoughts on “Cult Weddings and the Mind Games of “Forgiveness”

    • I seriously think that Masroor considers himself as a demi-god of sorts.

      On a more professional note, this is basic Ahmadiyya politics. Every year there are Ahmadis who get in trouble for doing this, that or the other. They beg and grovel to the Khalifa and he decides whether he wants their money or not. I rememeber that a son of a murrabi, who had become a murrabbi himself, he refused to go to Africa. He was removed from his post and later begged for mercy and subsequently remained as a staunch Ahmadi.

  1. This man really needs to check himself, before he wrecks himself!!! Can he please expel the shahnawazs’ too, then forgive them…just so we know all is fair in hate and war in Ahmadiyyat!!!

    • @ findings

      I know right…

      It seems to me that Masroor has this blog in his favorites, or in his secretary’s favorites. They watch us like you wouldnt believe. It seems like every friday sermon is directed at us.

  2. Do you have any idea about the impact this blog and and is having on qadiani leadership?? This is a great success and hard work of my brothers / sisters. I am laging behind but you guys are always on my mind and in my prayers.

    This shows that qadiani cult is being exposed and they are reactoing to it… Good, one day who knows Allah Tala give them hidaya and they announce that qadianiat is a fraud and deception and … that will be the day.. InshaAllah…

    Great work everyone…

  3. Definitely they must be watching. Especially their cult leaders and missionaries must have appointed some persons to watch and report. The fraud and deception of Ahmadiyyat and MGAQ is getting exposed. But rest assured these cunning liars and cheats will not change themselves simply they will try to change their “Modus operandi” and hide their evil doings………..and continue to deceive their masses!!!

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