Thoughts on the Murder of Ahmadis in Indonesia

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Indonesia: The most populous Muslim country

For those who do not know, recently three Ahmadis in Indonesia were savagely beaten and killed by an angry anti-Ahmadiyya mob. The images are disturbing, as extremists continued to bludgeon to death a lifeless body.

TheCult repeats its consistent and on-going condemnation of acts of violence against innocent Ahmadis. No one should be harmed based purely on the religion he espouses. Many of the members of TheCult team have family who are still followers of the Ahmadiyya religion and we are personally offended that potentially even their own parents or siblings could be the victims of such heinous crimes. We pray that after a thorough investigation, all those responsible for the murders are arrested, tried and punished to the maximum extent of the law. Ameen.

I know that no amount of condemnation will stop the most extreme Ahmadis from associating us with violence. In the face of such a calamity, their hatred is directed at anyone who even peacefuly criticizes their faith. To such people we respond, say what you will, we refuse to be victims of your collective judgement. We refuse to be associated with violence and extremism. You might as well stop reading this article from here. Seriously, go away, it does no good…There, now that they’re gone, only the thinking Ahmadis remain!

We all know the verses against killing innocent people or against vigilantism, they have been repeated many times before. So allow me provide you with a unique motivation for condemning acts of violence against Ahmadis, a perspective you might never have considered…

…But first, a relevant predicate…

Imam al-Ghazali رحمه الله, in his The Decisive Criteria between Islam and Hersey, opined that while reason is useful, reason alone is seldom why people hold the positions they do. Rather, reason and logic primarily serve to support a previously-held conviction. Both Muslims and Ahmadis believe they possess a monopoly on reason, while the other is completely bereft. Both sides quote the Qur’an, the prophetic traditions, believe they are true and the other is baseless. So how do we determine who is upon Haqq?

Short answer: The Heart

While Allah does talk about the intellect, the Qur’an primarily speaks in terms of the spiritual heart (قلب). We hear the terms ‘soft heart’ or ‘hearts like stone’. Surah al-Baqarah says, “Allah has placed a seal upon their hearts”, not “intellects”. In other words, the primarily vehicle of accepting the Truth is not through rational arguments, though they do have their place. It is through guidance that Allah bestows upon those he wishes good for. All we have to do is open our hearts.

When an Ahmadi is killed, what is the response from other Ahmadis? Anger! Rage! Hatred! All of which is completely understandable and justifiable! Loss of life is no small matter.

But consider the result: Emotional Ahmadis who are completely unwilling to even consider traditional Islam. The thought cannot enter their minds. They think, “How could I accept the religion of the ones who persecute us? You want me to accept the religion of these savages? No, I will remain Ahmadi!” Thus, they become psychologically entrenched. At that point, its not about reason, its about the negative emotions they have towards traditional Muslims.

A single barbaric act wipes away years of da’wah efforts by those who call Ahmadis to Islam. What’s worse, anyone who peacefully argues against Ahmadiyya with kindness and patience is painted with the same broad brush as the actual extremists. They are the victims of emotion-based rhetoric such as “This is the true face of your Anti-Ahmadiyya!”

One of the biggest enemies in our da’wah efforts to current members of the Ahmadiyya religion is the violence that is done against them, sadly in the name of Islam. Not only because it is evil and sinful, we condemn acts of violence because they undermine our efforts and push Ahmadis further into Ahmadiyya.

It goes deeper than that. Considering that they claim their population is upwards of 200 million, how many Ahmadis have been killed in the entire world since its foundation? A few thousand? Maybe a million? Try 356. That’s 0.000178% of the current population (does not include members who have lived and died since then).

Compare that to the Muslim population in Chechnya (and increasingly now in Dagestan). The wars in the 1990s exterminated 25% of the Muslim Chechen ethnic group. That’s one out of every four people, dead. In Bosnia, the Serbian soldiers were ordered to systematically rape Muslim Bosnian women. Perhaps the most persecuted Muslim group in the world based purely on their religion are the Shi’as who have experienced a May 28th once every few months through masjid bombings, stabbings, beatings and other persecution.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni on violence in the name of God

This begs the question, if the numbers are so low compared to the Muslims, why are there websites like and Android Phone applications that seemingly advertise their persecution? Because it serves a very useful purpose: To inculcate the “siege mentality” which prevents an emotional person from ever considering traditional Islam with an open heart. The religious elders know emotionalism is an effective tool, and they exploit it.

It is sad what is being done to Ahmadis in various parts of the world. Even if we never come to any sense of agreement, we must always treat each other with kindness and respect, because just like what the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم said about Ta’if, perhaps from the children of the current Ahmadis will arise a generation of Muslims.

May Allah end all violence against all religious groups, including Ahmadis, and continue to bring them to Islam.

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد على آله و سلم

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27 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Murder of Ahmadis in Indonesia

  1. What a terrible and heinous crime!!! My heart goes out to all those Ahmadis who are suffering around the globe. I wish I could somehow explain to the masses that violence against minority groups is totally out-of-line and unfounded in Islamic thought.

  2. Brother Farhan,
    A very good post MashaAllah. I also agree that innocent people should not be killed no matter what religion they belong too. Having said that, the cult and its leaders themselves bring upon these sort of problems by their actions and this is my first hand experience. Further, their cult missionaries have no remorse whatsoever for millions of innocent people especially Muslims dying in these so called fake wars on terrorism. How can we forget what happened in Gujarat in India. Over 2000 innocent Muslims were butchered in the worst form of killing you can imagine. Do you think these cult leaders had any remorse whatsover? Their cult leaders openly and secretly support these wars while shedding crocodile tears in front of TV and camera screens and sometimes openly say that these wars should continue. For some of their so called leaders and activists it is a full time job to spread poison and hatred in the society by instigating non muslims to hate and cause harm to Muslims. There is so much I can write here but time and occasion does not warrant this. I will only leave my sincere condolences to the families of those killed and hope that ordinary Ahmadis realize that they are not in Islam but a cult that has basically mislead them in this World and God knows what they will face in the heareafter unless they return to Islam.

    • Yes, the Gujarat riots were a clear-cut case of religious persecution against Muslims.

      It is true that their leadership is antagonistic towards Muslims and Muslim causes. But we’re not hunting for their sympathy.

  3. I would like to condemn any acts of violence against any innocent persons. Unfortunately, the Ahmadiyya cult will make huge propaganda of this situation to get the maximum advantage. But they will not realize that it is they who provoke people to such an extent that they react like this.

    • M.K.
      Your first sentence “I would like to condemn any acts of violence against any innocent persons.” is contradicting to the rest of your reply. On one hand, you are saying that you condemn violene against any innocent people and on the other hand you go on to say that these innocent ahmadis provoke people. How can an innocent person (in your words) provoke someone to react the way these culprits have reacted? Or better yet, let me reword the question for you, what would it take for someone to provoke you to the extent that you would react the way these culprits have reacted??????
      Its people like you who condemn attacks but at the same time back up these culprits. If you are a muslim, then you should very well know that what Kuran refers to such people!!!!!
      Forget about any religion, what gives any one the right to kill someone based on their belives. These so called muslims only know how to act superior on these minorities. If they think ahmadi’s are kafir, then what about the Jew’s, Christians or Hindus. When was the last time you heard these Muslims are going after other religions. The fact is that they can’t. Further to clear your limited thoughts, Ahmadi’s do not advertise such attacks, they peacefully raise their concerns to the appropriate authorities simply by writing and not by yelling, swearing, firing and killing. After expressing my opinion, I still belive that people like you can never be changed as Kuran says about such people that they are “blind”,”mute”, and “deaf”.

      • Nothing you wrote I disagree with. Except one thing.

        Ahmadis DO advertise their persecution. If you deny that, you might as well deny that the sky is blue. There are websites, emails, facebook groups, TV programs, google-android applications, and endless conversations about every incident. That’s above and beyond alerting the authorities (which they should do) If that is not advertising, tell me what is.

        The reason why they advertise it is because it cements Ahmadis with anger and rage against traditional Islam, entrenching them further and further.

        Muslims generally don’t hate Serbians or Orthodox Christians, despite what the Serbs did in Bosnia. This might be because THOUSANDS of Muslims were killed or raped and it became a mere statistic. But when you have only 5-6 killed a year on average, it becomes easy to personify each individual person.

        This makes Ahmadis hate traditional Islam and “those dirty Mullahs”.

        • Br. Farhan I agree with your views about Ahmadiyya persecution claims. Based on my experiences so far, the Ahmadiyya cult uses the propaganda warfare which is second to none, and often they go way overboard with it. What Luqman has written is nothing more than rubbish and part of this false and misleading propaganda…….

      • Luqman,

        You have falsely accused me of so many things and used harsh language………..and thank you for abiding by your jamat’s slogan of “Love for all and hate for none………….” It is perfectly proven here! After reading so many posts of brainwashed Ahmadi’s and interacting with them, it does not surprise me anymore……..

        I would like to draw your attention to both of my above posts. Please go back and read them.

        I do not support any acts of violence against anyone. I agree that the killers acted in a wrong way and I am not supporting them. But on the other hand the truth has to come out too.
        All I am saying is that their LEADERS, ACTIVISTS, MURABBIS, and MISSIONARIES have not only mislead their masses in the name of ISLAM, but they have also tried to HIJACK ISLAM, and are one of the most important causes for the AHMADIS, who end up in this situation.

        I have come across some AHMADIS and the amount of trouble I have suffered due to their actions is quite deplorable and shameful, and all along I have prayed to my Creator for his help but never acted violently or advised anyone to act that way. But like it is said if you provoke the wrong people then who is to blame. Like it is mentioned if you play with the bull then you get the horns…………!

    • As Muslims we also condemn millions of people dying in so called fake wars on terror which some Ahmadi cult leaders are wholeheartedly supporting. You also know how many people have been persecuted and killed in Palestine. Do you know what the cult leaders say…………they say that these people are killed because they did not believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (the self proclaimed false messiah). To top it off they also claim that Jews suffered holocaust because they did not believe in Jesus Christ (pbuh). This is what their murabbis claim. Any problem that comes to Pakistan or any Muslim country they shamelessly declare…..see they gave us hard time and did not believe in MGA and now Allah (God forbid) is punishing them. That means all these killings and deaths are attributed to only their twisted logic and mentality. As if they have exclusive access to read the mind of our Creator. What a shameful and disgraceful cult is this?

      • Having material “success” is not a sign of Truth or Falsehood.

        It is easy to make the claims their leaders do because there is no Ahmadi State and the country where the vast majority of Ahmadis hail from, Pakistan, is in complete disarray.

  4. To
    murderers of noble ahmadiu muslims of indonesia
    you are firowns and we are the followers of Muhammad SAW .u are foolish and kafirrs as the muslims are those who cut their neck in the name of Allah while kafirs are those who cut the neck of others so we are muslims and u are kafirs or firown

    • Jamaat of Allah?? What jammaat is this? The Lahoris? Green Ahamdiyyat? Red Ahmadiyyat? What offshoot do you represent?

      Who do you follow Muhammad Ali’s version of Ahmadiyyat? Or Mahmud Ahmads version? Or maybe its Mirza Rafi Ahmad’s version?

      Please explain

    • @arsal choudhry
      Jamaat of Allah? or Ghulam Ahmad’s Ahmadiyyat. Find me the Name of your
      jamaat in the holy Quran or hadis and I will become an Ahmadi immediately.

    • If you really were a jamaat of Allah (s.w.t), then you would be following Muhammad (pbuh) as his last and final messenger, and not following another lying and cheating person like M.G.A as your prophet.

  5. I asked to those pepole who demied to Ahmadi, If this jamat is falls then why not Allah is grip on this jamat who is denied the deen of Muhammad(SAW)

  6. I am Indonesian. We know better than all of you about what happened in Indonesia. All victims from Indonesia all are my friends. And I know better that they just want to defend their property from the attacks of angry mobs who try to represents islam. Shame on them.

    • @ sedemir

      I am apologetic in terms of the recent events in Indonesia. However, I think there is a small percentage of blame that the “A” must take responsiblity for.

      Masroor had retreated from attending a jalsa in Qadian just a few years ago because there were threats of violence. Masroor set a precedent! These Indonesians Ahmadis should have done the same.

  7. 1. “When an Ahmadi is killed, what is the response from other Ahmadis? Anger! Rage! Hatred! ”
    False. We are told to be patient, pray to God etc. We are told to have a positive attitude. I am witness.

    2. The whole world strictly condemn this act. However, you are very right when you say they use this persecution as a strong tool for emotional blackmail. They make us feel:

    We are the ‘ONLY’ ones suffering. All non-Ahmadis (includes Muslims,Christians,Atheists etc) have shoot-on-sight orders to kill us. Seek refuge with the Jamaat. The whole world is against us.

    Well, we are not the only ones suffering. Why aren’t the suffering of our Iraqi, Afghan brothers not mentioned in khutbas and gatherings?

    Answer(as per ahmadis): They are non-Ahmadis and therefore, not our brethen. They are kaafirs afterall! (They didn’t say this but this is what i feel from their talks. Please ignore this if you cannot understand the irony behind this. I apologies for it)

    The fight going on in Iraq and Afghanistan etc are STRICTLY for material gains. Therefore, they cannot be said to suffer in the cause of Allah. Ahmadies are the ONLY ones who die because of their faith! (they repeated this over 5 times atleast)
    I went on explaining to them that “Mullahs” made the Fatwa that Ahmadis are eligible to be killed so as to gain political power. There is nothing more.

    Why would the Pakistani Amy General take out the President after they both worked together to gain popularity by spreading hate about Ahmadiyat? When they finally reached the top, now they fight among themselves to gain superiority. Ahmadis were only abused in the process. They are indeed innocent.

    Now ask yourself. Are Ahmadis killled because of their Faith or political power or personal purposes???

    My comment was to condemn the act of emotional blackmail and not to promote persecution. My sympathy to the Indonesian and to all people suffering in the world.

    Remember Allah in times of hardship and happiness. Indeed, he tries his followers in whatever way he wants. May Allah gives us patience.

    May Allah show mercy to the oppressors as well and guide them to his path.


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