Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

An Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

Dear Rafiq,

The administration team and some of the members at would really appreciate it if you would instruct your membership to stop attempting to hack forum accounts. Not once has any Muslim attempted to compromise the security of any of your cult’s sites.

Might I remind you that what your cult is doing is illegal. I’m not writing to you to appeal to your morality, because after you were exposed attempting to clumsily cover your tracks in the mumbojumbo affair[1][2] which we are quite happy to bring to the attention of the Charity Commission given the background evidence we have compiled, we think it better that we appeal to your sense of publicity. Several key people have been copied, some are on your high-profile contacts list. It’s about time you stopped bullying people Rafiq.

We know that your colleague in the US, Nasim Rehmatullah has used the heavy-handed DMCA approach to getting any discussion around Ahmadiyya shut down, including getting the personal Facebook accounts of Muslims closed down merely for citing your founder’s out-of-copyright books, but what your members are doing in terms of hacking is actually illegal. We have it on good authority that you personally at one point ordered the hacking of our site. You are also attempting to compromise the identity of certain individuals who have exposed the hypocrisy rampant in your organisation, some of it at the highest levels.[3] These people would become quite unsafe as a result of their identity being exposed. The least of all punishments would be a public and humiliating expulsion, of the type we exposed recently.[4]

We have contacts in the police, the same ones you talk to when trying to exaggerate a purported threat to Ahmadis in the UK, when no such threat has existed in the many decades that your small community has lived in the UK. If your members are falling foul of the law, then they must be brought to account, If you do not publicly ask your members to stop, I will be forced to involve the police for the second time. The first time was when one of your members sent a credible rape threat directed against my daughters. I have faced much abuse, harassment and threats of sexual violence towards my daughters since. As an Ahmadi for 38 years, I never experienced any persecution, nor knew of anyone else who experienced it in the UK. It is only since leaving your cult that I have experienced the full force of the kind of behaviour Dr. Robert Lifton described so well.[5]

Rafiq, we have plenty of leaks we are holding back for three reasons. First, that we want you to be shaken into reforming your cult yourselves. Second, insurance, but third and most importantly because what we really want to happen in Ahmadiyya is the same thing that is happening in Egypt. For the people you financially, socially and spiritually control to rise up and demand – and receive justice. If you continue to act with impunity, we will have to release more leaks, some, like where Dr. “Basha” was trying to game Darshna Soni[7], would be hugely embarrassing, I can assure you. Please stop bullying ordinary people.

In the meantime, we also ask that you remember your obligations under your registration with the Charity Commission and not threaten to eject your poorest and most disadvantaged members for failing to pay a monstrous, obligatory cult tax. [6]

You should feel free as a charity to raise money for your PR activities. There is no law against you misrepresenting yourselves as Muslims. But there are clear regulations about obligatory contributions and there are even clearer regulations about the blurring of lines between charity and financial interests.

I have blind copied several key people.


Best regards,



Shahid Ahmad







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8 thoughts on “Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

  1. Nice letter brother Shahid, let’s hope he reads it and takes action. Rafiq we’re getting sick of these hacking attempts, first the blog and now the forum. Keep it intellectual, no need to resort to illegal activities. We hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Dear Mr Hayat,

    The death threats and hate campiagn levelled at brother Shahid and his family is truly shocking and on going. I hope you don’t actively encourage this behaviour, and will do your best to investigate this. It does seem ironic that a so called “persecuted” sect engages in the act of presecution itself. You cannot continuosly cry wolf, when you are the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. Salam , Brother Shahid.

    The doings and dones of the Jamaat, the threats towards Your family
    the threats towards You, the threats towards other muslims in real life
    and even on internet/telephone as we have been wittnessing,
    -the hackings on the Forum

    ALL this is EXPOSING the Jamaat !!!

    They are showing their true face.

    We are many whom have been saying that this motto of thiers ;
    “Love for all ……………….” is nothing but words empty,
    -just how many times have they (the Jamaat ) been able to `walk the talk´….? hmm

    Regarding the attempts of hacking ; this is serious matter, and I will classify it as
    THEFT !
    -and the only right thing is to deliver the case to the Authoritites to take appropriate action.

    And indeed its only when words are not in their power that people tend to such pathetic “options” as hacking.

    • THEFT is not something alien to them, afterall their Grand Daddy MGAQ did make an attempt to steak “Nubuwat”!!!

      • So right You are Brother.

        This man Mr.Mirza Ghulam (the man claiming to be KRishna amongst soo many other things)

        …..did he not by the way STEAL and RUN AWAY with the pension of his old daddy……???

  4. Brilliant letter brother!! Raf Hayat is nothing but a self made nobody thug, scared to become just another ‘ex amir’ so he wants to shut the mouths up of those who have caused him this agro in the first place!!!

    Brother Shahid you also forgot to tell Raf that another reason the leaks are not being published is that there are far too many to get through! LOL! Good times!! 🙂

    • I pray for the day that Masroor has the guts to SHUT DOWN Ahmadiyyat. That day I will get my family back. I feel like the brother of the Nottidge sisters who were ripped from their family by Henry Prince. I feel like a family member of Ruth who were shocked that their sister had been brainwashed.

      Come on Mas…its OK…you can be W.D. Muhammad and Malcolm X. Tell your family members to get jobs and work like eveyone else..capiche?

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