My Journey from Ahmadiyyat to Islam

It started with a ‘throw away’ comment, not likely to offend those present.

Zakat doesn’t matter.”

This was said amongst scores of Ahmadi members at a meeting discussing all matters to do with finance. It was innocuous for two reasons.

  1. The comment was quickly rebuked by another attendee of the meeting who said that Zakat did matter; and
  2. Zakat, on a practical level, didn’t matter because it is rarely discussed beyond being a topic or sub-topic of a speech at Ijtemas.

But the dye had been cast and the comment had really hit home with me. I started to wonder whether Zakah really did matter to the ordinary Ahmadi.

It is certainly recognised as a pillar of Islam. There is no denying that. But on a day-to-day basis Zakah is on the very periphery of the Ahmadiyya financial objectives.

So I looked in to the whole issue of financial obligations within Islam and could not get beyond the following.

The Prophet [saw] said, “(In order to enter Paradise) you should worship Allah (Alone, and none else) and do not ascribe any partners to Him, perform Iqamat-as-Salat (prayer), pay the Zakat and keep good relations with your kith and kin.”

Bukhari, Vol. 2 Hadith No. 1396

That is so simple and yet the reward is so great. There is no mention of chanda, no mention of 1/16th of your income! Just 2.5%!

Why would elements of the Ahmadi community consciously (or unconsciously) consider one of the routes to Paradise as an irrelevance? I could not understand it.

I felt that chanda as a concept was diametrically opposed to Zakah (and to Sadaqa, for that matter. Chanda is obligatory, thus taking it totally out of the scope of Sadaqa. The rate of chanda and what type of your income is considered chanda-payable is also contrary to the criteria of Zakah.

At this point there was no way of satisfying myself that the concept of chanda had any foundations in Islam. This was worrying. I already knew the standard argument that some would raise; ‘there is nothing stopping you from paying Zakat.’ This was true. However, that is only half the story.

That I should pay Zakah was no issue to me. After all, it is a pillar of Islam. But the same cannot be said about chanda. It is not a pillar of Islam and yet shares the compulsory element within the Ahmadiyya community that Zakah has within the Islamic community. By this time I was convinced that there was nothing supporting the paying of chanda.

Although this was unsettling for me, I was not ready to leave a community that I had known all my life. This was despite the fact that I would often recall a public statement made by one of the leading figures of the Ahmadi community in the UK who encouraged ordinary members to use credit cards to help pay for the purchase of land for the building of a Mosque. Even then I found it astounding that such a statement would be made.

It is wonderful how Allah works! In His infinite Wisdom, I was ready to retain those comments but not to act upon them (i.e. by leaving a community that encourages waging war against Allah in order to build one of His houses).

However, what had happened was a spark that started my journey in to Islam. By Islam, I meant the Islam outside of the confines of the Ahmadiyya community.

I started to read non-Ahmadi published versions of the Qur’an. I started expanding my reading of ahadith beyond Riyadh-us-Saliheen and it was one particular hadith that brought me to a place that would eventually find me leaving the Ahmadi community.

The particular hadith is from Bukhari, the most authentic compilation of ahadith. This is in no dispute amongst the scholars of Islam. The hadith is as follows.

Narrated Abu Hurairah (ra): Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, “My example and the example of the other Prophets before me, is that of a man who has built a house nicely and beautifully, except for a place of one brick in a corner. The people go round about it and wonder at its beauty, but say: ‘Would that this brick be put in its place!’ So I am that brick, and I am the end (last) of all the Prophets.”

Bukhari, Vol. 4 Hadith No. 3535

Instantly I was reminded of the often quoted passage of the Noble Qur’an:

Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Last of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things.

Surah Al-Ahzab (33rd Chapter, verse 40)

Many have the translation as ‘Seal of the Prophets’. However, this made no difference to me and to my understanding of this passage of the Qur’an. In addition with the hadith about the brick, this passage made perfect sense to me now. Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the last brick, the last prophet, the seal of the prophets.

The hadith from Bukhari was so powerful for me that it was what has been described as my ‘fracture in belief’ of the truth of Ahmadiyyat. I felt any further association with the Ahmadi community would be hypocrisy.

I began to watch channels on TV that were considered dangerous to watch for the devout Ahmadi; Iqra TV, The Islam Channel, Peace TV.

I would listen to programs featuring Islamic scholars such as Dr Zakir Naik, Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and the late Ahmed Deedat and would find myself immensely impressed with the depth of their knowledge and their willingness to have their beliefs challenged by non-Muslims, something that had all but disappeared following the death of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 2003.

Soon thereafter, I decided to attend a local Mosque to read prayers and to observe the behaviour of those non-Ahmadi Muslims that I had been brought up to have an irrational fear of.

I found that these were sincere individuals dedicated to their daily worship and submitting themselves to the Will of their Creator, Allah (swt). This is not to say that there are not genuinely decent people within the Ahmadi community and rather less decent people outside of the Ahmadi community.

One finds good and bad everywhere. I still consider my friends within the Ahmadiyya community as just that; friends. I sever no ties with them and should they wish to do so there is no animosity on my part. For them their religion and for me my religion.

I am now an ex-Ahmadi and with the utmost sincerity I am grateful to Allah (swt) for granting me hidayah. I only wish for the same to all those still within the fold of Ahmadiyyat who are genuinely seek closeness to Allah (swt) and those who accept the truth that Allah has blessed humanity with through the Qur’an and Sunnah.

It is important to note that being an ex-Ahmadi doesn’t mean one is anti-Ahmadi. I have no animosity whatsoever towards individuals within the Ahmadi community. I simply cannot accept what they consider to be the truth against glaring evidence within the Qur’an and Sunnah against their sets of beliefs.

I am aware that there are many brothers and sisters on the fringes of the Ahmadiyya community who no longer believe in their ideology and are seeking some encouragement before taking those final steps out of the Ahmadiyya community once and for all. I pray that this may be of some comfort and inspiration to you simply because I believe it is their right to live their lives in the state that they were born; in the state of Islam.

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66 thoughts on “My Journey from Ahmadiyyat to Islam

  1. TruthSeeker

    Welcome to Islam. May Allah shower his mercy upon you and bless you with the success of this life and hereafter.

  2. Truthseeker,

    After your “conversion” to Islam, would you care to imbibe us with your views on the following:

    1) Do you agree with the Ahmadiyya viewpoint that there is no religious punishment for apostasy or do you subscribe to the mainstream Islam viewpoint that leaving Islam is punishable by death?

    2) Do you believe that the Quran and Sunnat is enough to guide Muslims and make Islam prevail in the world, or do you believe that Jesus will descend some time in the future?

    3) What is your viewpoint on a married Ahmadi lady “converting” to Islam? Does she have to divorce her husband immediately, as marital relations are now haraam for her?

    • Sister Surayya,

      I find it strange that you ask me about apostacy, Jesus (as) and your marriage issues when these are not issues I have raised within the article. What I am beginning to learn is that within the Muslim Ummah there is a wealth of differing opinions over many topics within Islam. But I lay emphasis on the word ‘learning’.

      In my opinion, when one leaves ahmadiyya and joins Islam they will not be in a position to answer every differing point within Islam. Why? Because they are at the early stages of learning Islam. You might not like to hear that but that’s the truth.

      If any revert to Islam was to be sufficiently satisfied with the Islamic viewpoint on apostacy, Jesus (as) and marriage, I wonder what other issues he or she would need clarifying before she joins the fold of Islam. How long would it take? Would they eventually join the fold? What would be the position of non-ahmadis wanting to join the fold of Islam? They would have to deal with the concepts of existence of Allah and acceptance of Prophet Muhammad (saw) as a messenger of Allah. What a conceivably endless journey to tarry before accepting Islam!

      Why don’t you search on youtube the reversion stories of people who joined Islam. They don’t go in to a plethora of the issues they needed clarifying before they took their Shahada. Often, there is just a handful of questions on how their lives should be in which they find the answer in Islam.

      That is the beauty of Islam, sister! It is a way of life and as such it is so complex in its understanding and yet so easy to accept if your heart is open, and your mind rids itself of misguided pre-conceived notions of what is Islam.

      • My dear brother Truthseeker,

        What a wonderful post where you beautifully failed to address a single point I made.

        Islam is perfect, wonderful, lovely and all that. Yes, I have never denied this. My problem is with mainstream Muslims, and their strange views – never with Islam.

        Friendly advice for you.. If you do all what you say you can do in your post, and “explore” and “grow”, and then you come to the conclusion that killing people who leave Islam is probably not exactly what God ordains, do yourself a favor and keep quiet and keep your views to yourself. If not, you’ll find all these wonderful “Muslims” who are welcoming you into the loving arms of their muddled up version of Islam will suddenly accuse you of having Ahmadi baggage, and might not be so friendly any more.

        I do hope you grow in Islam, and examine critically the mainstream views in light of the Quran, just as critically as you examined Ahmadiyyat. If you do so, and follow your conscience, you’ll be surprised where you end up (no don’t worry, not back as an Ahmadi).

        • Surayya,

          You nor I need to worry about any ahmadi baggage. That was left a long time ago. Like I’ve said before, I prefer guidance to misguidance.

          Thank you for your well wishing. Insha’Allah I will grow to learn more about my faith Islam.

          You seem to have a hang up with ‘mainstream Muslims’ as you put it. I don’t have any problem with mainstream ahmadis. So here’s a suggestion, take a lesson out of the wonderful Noble Qur’an in the 109th Chapter.

          For you, your religion and for me, my religion.

          • The trouble with ahmadiyya is shown by this person named surraya. Allah(subhana wa ta’ala) showed signs, miracles, proofs when he sent for example Prophet Moses or Prophet Jesus and finally afcourse Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) came with the miracle that is the Qur’an itself.

            These are there to show that the revelations are truly from the Creator and not from man. Once man accepts that these laws are from Allah, why would he then not submit and accept them.

            The ahmadiyya(so called) are themselves in doubt, therefore tell others to not submit but question following Islamic revelation on the basis on the basis of their own whims and desires.

            This just shows clearly the type movement brought by mirza ghulam, one which contradicts and disbelieves in core islamic beliefs due to their own whims.

            Surraya think about following Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) as opposed to the “quilliam” foundation of the late 1800’s led by mirza ghulam.

            Islam is submitting to Allah, not submitting instead to and trying to look good for the british government.

            And Allah knows best

  3. Salam unto Thou, Brother TruthSeeker

    Welcome to The Brotherhood,
    Welcome to The Ummah of Muhammad (S.A.W.) The Last and Final Prophet.

    Allow me to show my appreciation for You having shared this !
    May THE CREATOR protect and bless You continuously and keep You standing firm.

    The Ahmadiyat has given many “things” new Panjabi names
    -….and even given them new meanings….., well invented new things so to say.

    Islam has been completed, according to QURAN MAJEED and The Last Sermon by
    Rasul `ALLAH , Muhammad S.A.W. ,
    -the ahmadiis need open their eyes and read, the writing is on The Wall.

    By sharing Your journey You have contributed great in Dawaah.

    Thanks Brother, and once again ; Khush Hamdeed, WELCOME !

  4. A retrospective account is always convenient. You can pick and choose what you want to narrate, and maybe add to your stories. You and I know very well that there are facts which you will not divulge here which were the actual cause of your apostasy.

    • You don’t even know this man, how can you smear someone when you don’t even know them? Is this your “true Islam”? What awful manners you have.

      Someone becomes a Muslim and you call them apostate? That’s interesting, and an implicit admission that you have your own religion.

      No wonder people are leaving your cult every day. And it is really burning you, which is why you continue to amp up the hatred. Keep taking the “Love for All, Hatred for None” homeopathic scam medicine, there’s a good chap! 🙂

    • Lutf,

      It’s good to see you back here brother. Could you give me the Ahmadi response to the brick hadith? Also, I’m still waiting to hear from you with regard to the voluntary/involuntary dichotomy of tahrik-e-jadid.

      As for the ‘facts’ which I would not divulge, my heart is clear and Allah knows the truth that is in my heart and that is in yours. Nothing has been left out. But you won’t accept that and you don’t like to hear that Lutf.

      There is no amount of dialogue that will convince you that a simple idelogical analysis of the ahmadiyya teachings forced me to leave your community.

      I look forward to hearing from you concerning the hadith in particular.

      • Lutf,

        One small clarification. I am not waiting for you personally to explain to me the dichotomy within tehrik-e-jadid ‘blessed scheme’ but it is an open request to all ahmadis who may happen to follow this site.

        Regardless, I look forward to hearing your perspective on that hadith.

        • “Brick” Hadith is explained, like many others, by the concept of the return of Jesus (as).

          Let’s interpret the hadith according to your understanding. The building is complete, but one brick was taken out 2000 years ago, which will be placed back (in future) after the last brick which technically completed the building 1400 years ago.

          According to the Ahmadiyya interpretation, the building in this hadith is Shariah, and it was completed by Holy Prophet (saw). Now there will be no addition to the sharia, nor any subtraction.

          What makes more sense to you?

          • @ Lutf

            All prophets brought LAW or had the ability to amend any portions of the law as needed. It was upto Allah as to whether these prophets exercised their respective ability.

            All prophets were independent as well. In other words Allah made them prophets. Prophets did not have the ability or the right to make anyone a prophet.

            Mirza Inc claims that MGAQ is a “type” of prophet that can be explained as a singularity. He is the first Ummati-Nabi as well as the last.

            Hazrat Aaron (as) is the closest example that Mirza Inc gives…..but Aaron (as) was also independent…See chapter.

            And read the Quran again…all prophets are the same…the whole “no-distinction” thing.

          • What does ‘Esa (AS) have to do with anything in that analogy? It has nothing to do with taking one brick in or out.

            Simply put: each prophet represents a brick. They’re all there. Muhammad SAAWS is the last brick, ie, last prophet.

            ‘Esa (AS) was a prophet from before, so he would be included in that building, he was never “taken out”. However, Mirza would be yet another brick.

            And, NOWHERE in this analogy does it talk about Laws or Law-Bearing anything. You’re just making that up.

          • Luft ESA(AS) is Prophet and Always a Prophet so he is not an addition to the building GOT IT?

            for example when Abraham(AS) died that does not mean that brick goes away 🙂

            But if ur Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is prophet then there is ADDITION of BRICK which goes directly against the HADITH

  5. MashaAllah! brother. Welcome to the beloved religion of our Beloved Allah SWT sent unto our beloved Prophet SAW.

    God must have some special plans for you. Keep striving and spread the message.

  6. Welcome to Islam. The grass is much much greener on the other side. I recently researched the Dearborn, MI area and I was astonished at the results. They have the largest mosque in North America…and I doubt that there are any other mosques that are bigger in central and South America.

    33.4% of that city are Arab Muslims. The Ahmadiyya mosque is not too far away…Ahmadiyyat hasnt been too successful with the Muslims of any area, but in Michigan it totally failed.

    Close by is another mosque called the “Dearborn Mosque” which has been in existence since 1937. In the early 1980s the mosque obtained a court order permitting it to broadcast the call to prayer using loudspeakers, overruling objections from some of its neighbours; it was the first mosque in America to do so. The court ruled that it was the Muslim equivalent of church bells. I guess Ahmadiyyat didnt think Adhan was important.

    See “In the Way of the Prophet: Ideologies and Institutions in Dearborn, Michigan, America’s Muslim Capitol”, The Next American City magazine, October 2003. Retrieved March 23, 2010

  7. Subhaan’Allah! Welcome to Islam my brother. The Islam which does not carry a label, it is simply Islam. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, may Allah (SWT) continue to bless you and bring other Ahmadis back to Islam through you, insha’Allah.

  8. Masha’Allah brother TruthSeeker, may Allah (SWT) keep your feet firmly in the right path. I am very happy to read your story. Welcome to Islam brother.

    As for the “last brick” hadith, you may know that Mirza Ghulam had claimed that he himself is the last brick. He wrote: ((Allah wanted to end the matter and to complete the building [of Islam] through the LAST BRICK. Oh you who witness, I am that LAST BRICK)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 178

    • Salaam Fuad,

      Thank you brother – so that is in direct conflict with the teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw)?

      Jazak’Allah to all who have welcomed me in to the fold of Islam, the fastest growing family on earth. Alhamdulillah!

      • Dear beloved brother TruthSeeker,
        Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

        Allah SWT has been merciful to you by showing you the HAQQ!
        May he have mercy on your family to and also show them the HAQQ!

        Welcome to Deen ul Islam.





  9. welcome to islam my brother. but i ponder a lot on as to why there are more converting in UK than America. i havent heard a lot of people converting here in USA. but majority of the converts are in UK . what the reason for this ?

    • Sister Maryam,

      I am not aware of the numbers or the rate of people leaving in the UK or the US and so I am unable to add to the discussion of that topic. But what I will say is that in countries where there is a greater access to independent research (i.e. reliable internet access and relatively afordable publications) many are finding many of the teachings of ahmadiyya to be in contradiction with the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

  10. Jazak’Allah to all who have welcomed me in to the fold of Islam, the fastest growing family on earth. Alhamdulillah!>>>>>>

    A strange family it is which declares you worthy of killing, if you leave don’t you think?

    • Based on your comments, it is clear to me that you have been heavily influenced by anti-Islamic sentiments, the kind that smears the Muslims with short phases. Hatred of Muslims seems to be common amongst those who are extreme followers of Ahmadiyya.

      You brought up this issue, not us. So lets talk. Tell me honestly, what more do you know about this topic? Have you ever looked into the details of this aspect of Islamic law?

      (No, NOT broken countries like Pakistan, Islamic law itself.)

      • Farhan,

        Have you ever looked into the details of this aspect of Islamic law?>>>

        Errr yes, this is my point!

        As emphasized by the Ahmadiyya jamaat (and as it appears you believe as well), there is no Islamic basis for any punishment for one who leaves Islam.

        But unfortunately, that is not what your mainstream Muslim or cleric believes, is it now? You bring this issue up, and cognitive dissonance takes over, and people would prefer to change the topic rather than acknowledge that Ahmadi Muslims have it right!

        • Okay, you said you’ve looked into it. I’ll take you at face value. Now lets see what you’ve heard. Give me details. Under what situations is an apostate executed? Why? When was this last established, etc? When was it first implemented?

          Again, you brought up this issue, not us. So be precise.

          • Let us assume I’m ignorant. I claim that most “Muslims” believe that apostates from Islam should be put to death.

            It is up to you to deny this and tell me what the correct protocol for getting this done is, if at all.

            I’m not going to fall for your delaying and diverting tactics.

          • “I’m not going to fall for your delaying and diverting tactics.”

            YOU are the one who is diverging from the very topic at hand. YOUare the one who is bringing up irrelevant topics on apostasy and the death penalty. YOUare the one who is trying to change the topic. This topic had NOTHING to do with apostasy, and yet you decided to change the topic to it. So lets address it since YOU brought it up.

            You are clearly getting your information from anti-Islamic sources- those sources that try to smear Islam by presenting half-truths. So lets address this issue.

            If you read books on Islamic law, yes, you’ll see that apostates are killed. But, apostasy was not merely ‘I am not a Muslim anymore’. Apostasy was leaving Islam and then actively taking a stance to support the anti-Islamic governments against the Muslims. That’s why Shafi’i books of law demand the Sultan to know of the case and make the decision. The ahadith quoted are in instances of WAR, not just everyday stuff.

            Since you are in the US, let me express this in terms you can relate to. If someone is a US citizen, and then fights against the US government, we call that “treason”, and it is one of the few instances were we execute people.

            Maybe you should look into Khilafa Uthmaniyya and how they implemented these laws. Get your facts straight. Or is this what your “Jamaat” teaches you? Half-truths to inspire hatred against Muslims?

  11. Can anyone also please give me a fatwa on what my status would be, as a married Ahmadi Muslim, if I God forbid, were to become a Sunni? Would I have to immediately divorce my fitna-loving Ahmadi husband who prays 5 times a day, and would my children be illegitimate?

  12. Mashallah brother Amazing how u came to Islam

    May ALLAH make ur and our faith strong and make u source of Inspiration for many others.


  13. Farhan,

    Err.. this topic does have something to do with leaving one set of beliefs for another.

    I don’t disagree with everything you say. But my point here is that regardless of what you think Islamic law says on the matter, if brother Truthseeker here were to visit random mosques all over the world and ask the clerics and the believers: “If, in an Islamic state, a Muslim were to convert to Christianity, would he be deserving of death?” , the answer would be a resounding YES, and not an “It depends” like your answer.

    And that is the sad state of your Ummah today. Better to remain in the jamaat than to identify with the people who believe in such nonsense which is peddled off as Islam.

    • If you insist on bringing up irrelevant issues yourself, then don’t accuse me of “going astray” of “delaying”.

      What I’m telling you is after visiting masjids. There are something like 10-15 main Islamic seminaries throughout the world and hundreds of smaller ones of prominence. Islamic law between them is the same. With the exception that one might teach Hanafi law and one might teach Shafi’i law, 99.999% of what they say is EXACTLY the same- this is a demonstrable fact. And if you visit anyone who has properly studied Islamic law, you’ll get a repeat of what I just told you. Have you visited masjids and sat in the circles of knowledge? Or are you just repeating what you were taught?

      It is clear to me that your knowledge of mainstream Islam is roughly the same as a Fox News pundit whose job in life is to attack and insult Islam. You were taught half-truths and mis-information, perhaps intentionally, by your religious authorities. And like most Ahmadis, you refused to double-check their statements. You trusted whatever they said, without verification, and use it as ammo against Muslims. And again like most Ahmadis, when you are taught things properly you tend to agree…but hey, them Mullahs are all evil, right?

      Better to remain a Muslim than a religion that started by an enemy of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS.

      • You still have not answered the question. Think of all the poor Ahmadis like poor me reading this blog, who have been brainwashed into believing that mainstream Muslims unconditionally believe in death for apostates. Why don’t you openly put our supposed misconceptions to rest, and say it isn’t true.

        Why can you not follow Allah’s guidance, speak straight to the point, and say that in a true Islamic state, a Muslim can freely convert to Christianity and not face the death penalty? You have yet to say this! Is it because you don’t believe it to be true?

        • Oh no! I haven’t condemned the oppression of Christians in Pakistan either! Does that mean I support it?! (sarcasm)

          Maybe because this is not the forum to condemn random things that are done in the same of Islam…? Have you ever thought that might be an answer? This blog is not dedicated to condemning oppression of Hindus or Jews or condemning whoever. This is a blog dedicated to calling Ahmadis away from the false beliefs of Mirza Ghulam to the true beliefs of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS. Of course I haven’t condemned half these things, because this is not the forum to do so.

          Someone talks about converting to Islam from Ahmadiyya and you randomly change the topic.

          Strike three!

          • Are you really so daft that you cannot see the relevance of this topic to the blog post?

            I’m not asking you to condemn all evil ever done by anyone.

            Truthseeker has supposedly “converted” to mainstream Isam. My very relevant question is that what would most Muslims think must be done to him, if he were to change his mind and convert back to Ahmadiyyat.

            Your refusal to address the question speaks volumes of your forked tongue and the darkness perpetuated by so-called “Muslims” like you.

          • actually, i know a sunni who married to an ahmadi and hence became ahmadiyya. she still has connection to her family and they talk. do they like it? no. Do they like Ahmadiyya? no! do they want to kill her for it? NO.
            i dont get why people bring up this apostasy nonsense. many Muslims turn away from Islam, unfortunately, but do the majority want to kill them for it? NO. Why? Because we know in our hearts Islam is pure and if one leaves, Allah would increase iman in another.

  14. Shahid,

    If your mother “converted” to “Islam” the night before you conceived, would that make you bastard?


    • Surayya,

      Is this the manners that your community encourages? Openly casting abuse and mischief making? Does this question help you towards guidance? Is this the correct behaviour of a Muslimah?

    • you’re exactly why this blog is called ‘the cult’
      ‘true islam’ is not to kill apostates but sit behind a computer, insult and make remarks about someone’s mother.
      but then, your prophet did say anyone who didn’t believe in him were children of prostitutes, so technically slandering mothers is in your cult…
      or maybe just watching pointless and endless ahmadiyya videos on youtube which half are just attacking us ‘mainstream muslims’. You all are like dogs, only bark but with absolutely no teeth whatsoever.

    • That was a pretty crude remark. But lets give it a fair response.

      First off, Islamic recognizes the marriages of other religions. That’s why if a couple embrace Islam together, they don’t have to get a nikkah. They’re already married.

      A lot of people think of Islamic law as just a set of unbreakable rules. While that’s definitely true at times, what people don’t realize is that Islamic law has certain maqaasid (objectives) that are taken into consideration. A prime example of this is when ‘Umar (RA) suspended the punishment for stealing when there was a famine in Madinah. People were not stealing for fun, they were stealing food to live, and that superseded other laws.

      Likewise, Islamic law aims to preserve emaan (faith). If a lady converts to Islam, but her husband remains Ahmadi, one could make the argument that her relationship is null and void. That’s true. But, if she is at least remaining a believing woman, despite being in such a relationship, is that not better than disbelief? Both are bad options, one is a sin while the other is rejecting Islam.

      That’s why the Fuqaha on the two SunniPath fatwas I posted earlier mentioned a “grace period”. Like a transitional period. And who knows, in that time the guy might embrace Islam! Sometimes, you have to go easy on people…

      But don’t mind people like Surayya. Mirza himself called all Muslims “Children of Prostitutes” (exact words).

      • A comment that was made praising my “liberal views”.

        If I didn’t know this comment was made with good intentions, I would have taken that offensively. Islam does not conform to the labels “liberal” or “conservative”. Islam is as it is and other things wrap around it.

        What I said are not my own views I made up. I’m not qualified to give my personal opinions. I quoted mainstream scholars of Islamic Law. The “objectives” thing is from al-Ghazali’s Maqaasid al-Shari’ah (the objectives of the shari’ah) conveyed to me by MODERN ‘Ulema. I’m not just making this stuff up, I’m getting this from the ‘Ulema– the very people they are taught to hate as “the worst people under the sun”.

        But, did you see that? When they are actually taught what Muslims believe, they literally praise it. They don’t hate Islam, they hate what they think is “non-Ahmadi” Islam taught by the Ahmadiyya religious authorities. Misinformation!

        This is such a frustrating reality. We can’t deny that stupid videos and fatwas of death exist. Undeniable fact. What we have to do is convey to Ahmadis:
        A) The vast vast vast majority of Islamic scholars (Mullahs) are so good that if they were to spent time with them, they would convert to Islam. In fact, a running theme amongst revert stories is that they actually went to a masjid and saw how Islam was, as opposed to what they’ve been told. We need to overcome the campaign of hate they have against our religious figureheads.
        B) Ahmadiyya is entrenched in Desi culture, so this is going to be really hard but…have them recognize that Pakistan is not the world. Pakistan is just one country and does not represent the entire Muslim world. As Ibn Khaldun observed, when the economy/society/politics of a region are in turmoil, the Islamic scholarship of that area suffers. Conversely, when things are going well, the Islamic scholarship prospers. This is why it should come as no surprise to us that Ahmadiyya was able to come out of Pakistan and not, say, Malaysia. In the west, we have the advantage. We can take Ahmadis to masjids that they themselves will LOVE. Nabeel Qureshi (ex-Ahmadi-turned-Christian) told me that if he went to ISNA while he was an Ahmadi, he would have converted to Islam.

        I guess A and B are the same point…but whatever 🙂

        • Brother Farhan,

          My knowledge is limited but I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made on visiting a masjid as this did a great deal for me to break down the misconceived notions I had about Muslims and their mosques when I was still part of the ahmadi community.

  15. ‘Sister’ Surayya,

    Don’t worry about the hypothetical question of going back to ahmadiyya. I prefer guidance to misguidance so there’s no chance of me being a chanda paid-up member of your community.

    By the way you failed to see the relevance of the blog piece. You seemed so obsessed with issues of apostacy, Jesus (as) and divorce when they are not mentioned even indirectly within the blog piece.

    You have failed to answer the issue of the seal of prophet and you have failed to deal with the Zakah -v- Chanda issue and by that you have been able to represent what the ahmadiyya community continue to fail to do with their teachings when questionned by the Muslim Ummah. At least you are in sync with your community!

  16. Lutf,

    “You and I know very well that there are facts which you will not divulge here which were the actual cause of your apostasy.”

    Please refrain from insinuations. It is very distasteful.

    “O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, in deeds some suspicions are sins. And spy not neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah, verily, Allah is The One Who accepts repentance, Most Merciful” (Qur’an 49: 12)

  17. Well done bro! Umra vacation is on me…its about time too May Allah accept our repentance, bless you with more hedaya and make all believing muslims die as muslims and attain janna:)!

  18. dear brother TruthSeeker, Asalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
    i welcome u into the fold of Islam, u r now my blessed brother in Islam.

    let me tell u, i am also an Ex-Ahmadi. i reverted on 11/07/2009.
    i was invited into Khatamenabuwat a few months back, where i made some very good terms with the brothers there

    i am willing to declare my iman as a Muslim, in front of all the people here at
    i wud love to giv u a hand

    • as-salaam ‘alaykum Br Ameer,

      May Allah reward you with the highest levels of Jannah and continue to guide you upon the straight path.

      I’m thinking of writing an article on the subject of declaring oneself a Muslim. Here’s a sneak preview:

      In Islam, if someone says “I am a Muslim”, we accept that person as a Muslim, no questions. To say the two Shahadahs is called Tasdiq (تسديق), affirmation and we accept such a person. The opposite of Tasdiq is called Takdhib (تكذب), or rejection. If someone says “I am not a Muslim”, that’s simple rejection.

      So, that’s our general rule and what we should hold people to. At the same time, there are statements that you can make that invalidate the two Shahadahs, even if a person is saying them. For example, if someone says “Allah is an African-American man living in Chicago” or “Allah was a man named Fard Muhammad”. In other words, this new belief about Allah has has invalidated his Tasdiq, and is a form of Takdhib. Ibn Taymiyya (RA) called this Tahrif (تحريف), distortion. Even if this person yells the two Shahadahs, that belief has invalidated them.

      Al-Ghazali wrote a book that I am currently reading called Faysal Tafriq Bayna al-Islam wa Bayna Zandaqa (The Decisive Criteria between Islam and Heresy). He outlines what specifically constitutes Takdhib while still outwardly declaring the Shahada.

      But yes, if you say you’re a Muslim, no one here is going to be suspicious of you.

  19. The issue is about Zakat. Just want to say that as an Ahmadi I Learned, believe and practicing that Zakat is first and foremost financial sacrifice. All other donation comes later.
    I see this article as one’s perspective, not the teachings of Islam Ahmadiyyat.

    • @YBT
      But other donations are compulsory on ahmadies like Zakat
      infact they come first as they are on NET INCOME and Zakat is on SAVING

      and if not paid then person is answerable in Hell

    • @YBT,

      I’m afraid that you may believe and practice that Zakat is first and foremost when it comes to financial sacrifices. Allahamdulillah! Unfortunately, this is not the practice of your community on an official basis. Every member is obliged to pay chanda in your community and in the auxillary bodies (ansar, khuddam and lajna) they all have compulsory chandas that must be paid. Employed or unemployed, of working age or of retirement age. All must pay for fear of being kicked out of the community.

      So your claim that all other donations come later is totally baseless. To even call the other payments ‘donations’ is a fallacy because to be a donation there must be an element of voluntary gifting. That is absent with chanda.

      In conclusion, my perspective is precisely as the true teachings of your community. I have just seen these teachings for what they really are. Innovation.

  20. Myself being an Ahmadi now, the point on Chanda and Zakaat is more than true. I really do not like this

    Zakaat is never heard in Ijtemas or Jalsa. Chanda and other jamaat financial plans are indeed given much more priority than basic Islam pillars such as Namaz itself.

    The amazing humanitarian works done by Ahmadis is by the group Humanity first which is totally separate from the Ahmadiyya Association. The Jamaat Ahmadiyya does NOT sponsor that group. They operate on their own cost. Jamaat Ahmadiyya only takes full credit of it.

    All i can recommend Ahmadis for now is not to pay a single penny more in Jamaat funds. Just pay so as for your name to appear in the registers. Spend as much as you can in Humanity first(might be considered as Sadqat). They are the ones working for the poor, needy etc. The chanda aam is NOT collected for the needy, poor or social welfare. Chandaaam is ONLY for Jamaat administration fees or other running costs.

    I may be into deep trouble by posting this comment but anyways, i am doing it as it would make my heart lighter.

    Hope Allah show me a sign that would make me progress. (Therefore, your comments on this is NOT welcomed)

    • May Allah (SWT) bless you. This is the characteristic of the righteous, never fear speaking the truth. I look forward to hearing more from you with your recent registration at the forum. I have no doubt from your above post that it will be beneficial for both you and me (as well as our other readers). I hope this blog entry will create that spark for you to investigate further the reality of Ahmadiyya.

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