Ahmadiyya Wedding Nazis – Mass Public Expulsions

Our good friend the Rationalist intercepted this quite remarkable letter revealing a huge list of expulsions and boycotts in America. This is quite disturbing and shows the cult-like mentality of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya.

One has to ask, in mixed gatherings, why is Mirza Masroor so frequently on the ladies side? One has to ask, until we at this site pointed it out, why was Mirza Masroor so fond of eyeing up girls, looking at them straight in the eyes and making them uncomfortable? We’re not talking about just little girls, we’re talking teenagers.

The Qadiani Ahmadiyya has expelled people for mixed gathering weddings for decades of course, but it’s about time their friends in the media were made aware of this less savoury side of their “Love for All, Hatred for None” cuddly character. Although we’re in no position to Islamically condone mixed gathering marriages, a public humiliation of a bunch of families is a particularly cruel way of dealing with the issue. Shame, shame, shame on the Ahmadiyya leadership.

Ahmadis, this is yet another reason for you to leave the cult that does this to keep you afraid and enslaved and for you to join us in Islam.

Respected Amir Sahib observed, “It pains me to share the happenings at a recent wedding in Virginia. On the Thanksgiving weekend this year, children of distinguished families, descendants of Sahabiyan-e Masieh Mou’oud as, were married. The marriage / Walima / Mehndi ceremonies included happenings of dancing, mixed gender gathering etc. These are aspects repeatedly emphasized as wrong for Ahmadies by Hadrat Khalifatul Masieh Al-Khamis as well as Khulafa before him.”

As a result of the above happening, disciplinary actions have been taken which should be announced at a monthly Jama’at meeting as well as at Juma.

I regret to inform that as per the instructions of Respected Amir Sahib, the following individuals are no longer considered the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:

1. Col. Z B, of Research Triangle Jma’at, s/o late A B sahib.

2. Mrs. T B of Research Triangle Jama’at, dlo M Y A sahib.

3. Mr. H B, (the Groom) of Research Triangle Jama’at.

4. Mrs. S M Q (the Bride) of North Virginia Jama’at.

5. Mr. S M Q, of North VA. Jama’at, s/o A M sahib.

6. Mrs. M S Q, of North Virginia Jama’at, dlo K M sahib.

The other individuals, whose list is attached, are disciplined as follows:

1. No Chanda will be accepted from them.

2. No service to the Jama’at will be accepted from them.

3. They will not be allowed to participate in Jama’at functions.

Kindly inform these individuals of the decision and take necessary administrative steps to record and implement this decision.

December 30,2010

(The emphasis is the editor’s, we’ve redacted the full names, leaving initials only)

This embarrassing leak demonstrates once again that the Ahmadiyya is a controlling cult that uses public humiliation and the practice of social boycotts to instill fear into its membership. I would invite all those expelled to turn their backs on this cruel “jamaat” and enter Islam en masse. Let us know if you need any of our American brothers and sisters to support you, we will be happy insha’Allah to welcome you back into the fold. We will recommend that you do your best to follow the sunnah, but we will not expel you from Islam or our communities for not doing so. We will just invite to good, insha’Allah.

This cult is no good for you or your families. Islam is your birthright. Come back to the fold.

ahmadiyya wedding expulsion page 1.png


ahmadiyya wedding expulsion page 3 redacted.png

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168 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Wedding Nazis – Mass Public Expulsions

  1. This took place in Virginia. I have mutual friends with people on that list.

    Here’s my analysis:

    In simple Islamic law, a nikkah has 4 essentials:
    * The proposal;
    * The acceptance;
    * The mahr; and
    * The witnesses.
    There is no need for a religious authority to preside over this function, you could just have the groom propose and father accept on her behalf (with her acceptance, of course). If you wanted, you could have a nikkah in your own house and it be Islamically binding.

    Marriage is a right that Allah has given to us in accordance with the way of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم. You don’t need “Huzoor” to approve anything, nor is that his right. If you find someone you like, marry him/her. And if “Huzoor” gets in the way, tell him to mind his own business.

    • I dont think you are conversent with the Authority vested in the Khalifa by Almighty Allah.

      • Allah has vested the authority of marriage between the parties mentioned above. Not “Huzoor”.

        During the time of the 2nd Khalifah ‘Umar bin al-Khattab (RA), he requested the Sahaba to separate from their Jewish/Christian wives. Some of the Sahaba obeyed him, but others said that he was not allowed to make haraam what Allah had made halaal. In other words, the Sahaba challenged their respected Amir (RA). It was not the authority of ‘Umar (RA) to do so, Allah had given that right.

        THIS was the greatest generation of Muslims ever.

        NO ONE has the right to change the laws of Allah, not even “Huzoor”.

    • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Bases the Excommunications on the following Hadith, from Bukhari and Muslim:

      You could find the whole Hadith anywhere online… but here are some of the main points:
      “Some men of the children of Salimah followed me out of the mosque and said: ‘We have never known you to err before this, why did you not offer an excuse to the Prophet (sa) like the others who had held back from the campaign – your error would have found its forgiveness through the supplication of the Prophet (sa).’

      (POINT 1) – They persisted in reproaching me so harshly that I almost went back to the Prophet (sa), to withdraw my confession.
      Then, I asked them: “Has there ever been a case similar to mine?” They replied: “Murarah, the son of Rabi’a ‘Amiri and Hilal, the son of Umayyah Waqifi (sp).”
      When they mentioned these two righteous men who had participated in the Battle of Badr, and possessed many good qualities, I was strengthened in my original resolve.

      (POINT 2) -The Prophet (sa) directed the Muslims not to speak to the three of us. (Said it to ALL of the Muslims – Publicly)

      (POINT 3) -People avoid us as if they were strangers, and it felt as if I was in an alien land. This state of affairs continued for fifty days.
      My two companions were so overcome by misery and shame that they retired from the world shutting themselves away in their homes.
      Being the youngest and more resilient of the three, I would go out and join my fellow Muslims for prayers and walk in the streets

      (POINT 4) -although no one would speak to me.

      (POINT 5) -I would wait before the Prophet (sa) when he sat in the mosque after prayer and greet him and wondered whether he had moved his lips to return my greeting.

      (POINT 6) -During the prayer, I would stand near him and noticed that he would glance in my direction when I was occupied with prayer and look away when I looked in his direction.

      (POINT 7) -Feeling anguish and deeply hurt by the harshness of Muslims towards me, one day I climbed over the garden wall belonging to my cousin Abu Katadah (s) of whom I was very fond.

      (POINT 8) -I greeted him, but he did not return my greeting.

      (POINT 9) -I said to him: ‘Abu Katadah, I ask you in the Name of Allah, do you not know that I love Allah and His Messenger (sa) ?’ But he remained silent. I repeated my earnest question, but he still did not reply. I asked a third time and he replied: ‘Allah and His Messenger (sa) know best.’ When I heard this, I could not restrain my tears and returned home.

      (POINT 10) -One day I was loitering in the market-place of Medina when I heard a peasant from Syria, who had brought grain to sell, ask: ‘Would someone direct me to Ka’ab, the son of Malik?’ The people pointed in my direction so he came to me and handed me a letter from the King of Ghassan.
      Being literate I read it. It read: ‘We have heard that your master has treated you unjustly. Allah has not made you to be neither Humiliated nor maltreated. Come to us and we shall receive you graciously.’ Having read it, I said to myself: ‘This is another trial,’ and threw it into the oven. (This seems like some of the guys here, no?)

      (POINT 11) -After forty days of the fifty had elapsed without any indication in the Revelation concerning us, a messenger of the Prophet (sa) came to me and said: ‘The Messenger of Allah (sa) directs you not to associate with your WIFE.’ I inquired: ‘Should I divorce her or what should I do?’ He replied: ‘No, just do not associate with her.’
      I understood that my two companions had been directed likewise, and I told my wife to go her parents and remain with them until Allah determined the matter…
      (POINT 12) -To complete my repentance, I offered to give the Messenger of Allah (sa) all my possessions as charity (This is besides Zakat, obviously) in the cause of Allah and His Messenger.(sa) He told me: ‘Retain part of it – that is better for you.’ So I said: ‘I shall retain the portion which is in Khaibar.’ Then I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah (sa), Allah, the Exalted, has delivered me only because I adhered to the truth, and as part of my repentance I shall speak nothing but the truth for the rest of my life.’
      Ever since I declared this before the Prophet (sa) Allah, the Exalted, has not tried anyone so well in the matter of telling the truth as He has tried me. To this day, since my declaration, I have never had an inclination to tell a lie, and I hope that Allah will continue to safeguard me against it during the rest of my days….
      It continues from here, too long to present all of it…

      • Everything you said here was already addressed in my previous comment.

        A) I acknowledge that a temporary boycott occurred. I even specified the incident. That is not what is in dispute. What the WhyAhmadiyya team fails to recognize is these took place in times of military battles (ie, times of life and death). This is when the sin no longer affects just a few people, but potentially the entire community, resulting in death or severe military defeat.

        Even in modern times, situations of life and death can result in a military executing its own soldiers. Unless you feel that a wedding involving dancing is a case of life and death, your analogy fails.

        B ) How did the Prophet SAAWS generally fix such problems? It was the way of the Final Prophet to not avoid exposing the faults of others directly. He would give speeches where he would say:

        “What is wrong with men who….”

        Notice that he did not specify the names of the people involved. This happened many times, such as when Aisha wanted to buy a slave to free her, and the owners refused to unless they maintained control over her. (Sahih Bukhari)

        In another incident, a man spit in front of himself while praying. The Prophet SAAWS gave a speech and said:

        “What is wrong with one of you that he stands to face his lord and spits in front of him?…” (Sahih Muslim)

        C) In other situations, he would even tell people to cover up their mistakes and NOT expose it to the public. For example, the situation of the woman who committed zinnah. She came to the Prophet SAAWS on multiple occasions asking for punishment, and he refused, telling her instead to cover it up and not speak about it.

        See how beautiful the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS is? Compare this to the way of Mirza Ghulam. WhyAhmadiyya, we would have been brothers in faith had it not been for Mirza. Leave his false teachings and embrace the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS. We would be honored.

        • so it is proven from Hadith and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammat (saw) that he did excommunicate or boycott a few people because they did something that the Prophet did not approve of. So Ahmadis excommunicating someone is not a new phenomenon. if you’re gonna call it wrong and inhumane, then first you’re gonna have to say the same about the Holy Prophet (saw) himself.

          Second, Farhan, who made you the judge of deciding that this type of excommunication can only take place during time of war and in the matter of life and death. did Holy Prophet (saw) personally tell you that?

          you yourself have admitted that this type of thing should happen if the committed sin potentially can hurt the entire community.

          and this wedding could be just that. it was a very public wedding, many witnessed it. and this could have set very bad precedent for others. people would have thought that since these people got to do this and got away with it, maybe we can do it too. this kind of behavior would have become common.

          for about 100 years Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been admonishing Ahmadis to stay true to teachings of Islam, and there is no room for indecency, dancing and vulgarity in Islam, especially at weddings. which is thought to be a very sacred occassion. our Khalifas have again and again admonished us to be busy in the remembrance of Allah and prayers during weddings, because two people are about to embark on a very important journey of their life together, and they need as many Allah’s blessigns as they possibly can get. that’s why Ahmadis are strictly admonished to refrain from un-Islamic wordly activities like dancing and playing vulgur music. These admonitions became even more frequent in the recent years by our current Khalifa. These people, who are expelled and disciplined, deliberately and blatantly ignored these instructions about weddings, and BOLDLY defied teachings of Islam. They had to be disciplined. it’s that simple.

          and on several occasions the Jamaat has overlooked, forgiven and covered up minor faults of it’s members. this kind of indecency whether it be at wedding or at any other occassion is on a rise in Muslims these days because of the western society that we are surrounded with. Jamaat Ahmadiyya wants to make sure that its adherents don’t get sucked into this indecent culture and society. thus those who openly and blatantly defy Islam, get reprimanded.

          • Baring the standard rhetoric, a great comment, but it appears that you are not reading mine. I’ve addressed this many many times now.

            We are in agreement that dancing with the opposite gender at a wedding is wrong. No disputes there. The question is, what is the best way to deal with this situation?

            There were many mistakes that the Sahaba made. Depending on the severity of the mistake the Prophet SAAWS preferred not to point out people in public. I cited the ahadith above, he would say “What is the matter with SOME people that they do XYZ sin…”” or “Why do SOME people do ABC mistake…?” He avoided mentioning names.

            But, Ahmadi-apologists are quick to point out the incident of Ka’ab ibn Malik (RA) and his boycott when he did not participate in Tabuk. We can see that in general the Prophet SAAWS did not expose others’ sins or humiliate them in public. But, because Tabuk was a military battle, with the possibility of loss of life, the Prophet SAAWS ordered a boycott of Ka’ab ibn Malik until Allah revealed to him what to do. Later, it was the Prophet SAAWS who took back Ka’ab. (RA)

            Do recognize that this wedding function was a PRIVATE function, not for the public. I live in Northern Virginia and have mutual friends with the groom. I was not made aware of this wedding- and had it not been for the Ahmadiyya authorities exposing others’ sins and judging them, I would not have known about their mistakes.

            This differs from the Ahmadiyya boycotts. In their system, they expose minor sins to the public. Their boycotts deny them the ability to perform obligatory actions (Chanda is a new obligatory law in Ahmadiyya) and do not allow them to pray Jumu’a (yes they do, I can bring you stories). The way to get re-admitted back into the religion is by begging the leader and paying a lot of money.

            In this situation, the way of the Prophet SAAWS would be to reprimand the act, but focus on increasing the people’s emaan so that they themselves do not want sin.

            The Prophet Muhammad SAAWS or Mirza: Pick One.

        • (POINT 10) -One day I was loitering in the market-place of Medina when I heard a peasant from Syria, who had brought grain to sell, ask: ‘Would someone direct me to Ka’ab, the son of Malik?’ The people pointed in my direction so he came to me and handed me a letter from the King of Ghassan.
          Being literate I read it. It read: ‘We have heard that your master has treated you unjustly. Allah has not made you to be neither Humiliated nor maltreated. Come to us and we shall receive you graciously.’ Having read it, I said to myself: ‘This is another trial,’ and threw it into the oven.

          “Leave his false teachings and embrace the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS. We would be honored.”
          King of Ghassan

          • “The way to get re-admitted back into the religion is by begging the leader and paying a lot of money.”

            The Sahabi did the same exact thing, Hazrat Kaab bin Malik (ra), anyone who attacks Islam could point out the same thing, that Hazrat Kaab bin Malik (ra), God Forbid, was only allowed back into Islam once he begged the Holy Prophet (sa) and paid a lot of money.

            (POINT 12) -To complete my repentance, I offered to give the Messenger of Allah (sa) all my possessions as charity (This is besides Zakat, obviously) in the cause of Allah and His Messenger.(sa) He told me: ‘Retain part of it – that is better for you.’ So I said: ‘I shall retain the portion which is in Khaibar.’ Then I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah (sa), Allah, the Exalted, has delivered me only because I adhered to the truth, and as part of my repentance I shall speak nothing but the truth for the rest of my life.’
            Ever since I declared this before the Prophet (sa) Allah, the Exalted, has not tried anyone so well in the matter of telling the truth as He has tried me. To this day, since my declaration, I have never had an inclination to tell a lie, and I hope that Allah will continue to safeguard me against it during the rest of my days….

          • We are followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), more than you can ever think. I kindly request that you reexamine your stuff, and embrace Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam. The t Islam that has obeyed the command of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) to accept the Promised Messiah and Mahdi in the latter days.

          • There is no “promised messiah”. Perhaps you’re thinking of Isa (as)?
            Our prophet is Rasulullah (saw), we are not going to throw our Islam away to join a parasitical, hateful cult that follows a man of dubious character from a still insignificant village in the east Punjab.

            Ahmadiyyat is not “true Islam”, it is “true mumbo jumbo”

            Islam is already true. We don’t need a cult to rebrand it for us, thanks.

            All the rest of your garbage has been answered repeatedly. You ignore it because you are in a cult and don’t think for yourself, or even read for yourself. Stop wasting time and start thinking, before it’s too late.

          • First remember according to ur jammat there is no ahmadi outside jammat so u basically throw them out of religion

            secondly Are you seriously comparing ditching a war with mixing up in marriage? 😀

          • @ EMK

            Have you ever mixed an apple with an orange? Does it create opium or mercury?

            There is no paralel here whatsoever. Kaab was an able bodied person who should have went out for Jihad. He had no legal reason to remain behind. Ahmadis dont even believe in Jihad. The Battle of Tabuk WAS NOT EVEN self-defense. The circumstances of this battle destroy the Ahmadiyya doctrine on jihad, not to mention about 10 other things.

            Come to Islam, we dont bite…

  2. Secondly, lets suppose for the sake of the argument that this marriage function was the worst possible function on the planet. I agree, that’s wrong, and un-Islamic.

    But so what?

    There is a rule in Islamic law that what is done in private is not to be exposed to the public. We don’t go around exposing the sins of others, we make excuses and hide other’s misdeeds. May Allah have mercy on the ones who sin in private and feel shame about it.

    This wedding function was invite-only. It wasn’t in the streets or out in the open. I myself live in Northern Virginia, and didn’t hear about it. As far as we’re concerned, it was NOT a public event. So what goes on there, no matter how bad it was, was their business. Publicly exposing one’s sins itself is a sin. We call this Gheebah (backbiting). And this is exactly what is being done here. So, the sin falls upon the Ahmadiyya authorities for exposing them.

    As for the ex-communications…wow. Just wow. If someone is struggling with a personal problem, the solution is not to push them away, its to bring them CLOSER. Explain to them in the nicest possible ways why what they are doing is incorrect. Maybe start with Emaan in Allah before everything, and have them understand themselves why these things are wrong. But to issue 20-blanket and public ex-communication notices is…quite frankly, a pretty “mullah” thing to do.

    May Allah guide these 20 away from Ahmadiyya and to Islam.

    • “There is a rule in Islamic law that what is done in private is not to be exposed to the public. We don’t go around exposing the sins of others, we make excuses and hide other’s misdeeds.

      It’s interesting that you mention this, because I’m not sure how “intercepting” private emails, and exposing private matters that you claim are another’s “sins” is any different?

      • In fact this whole site seems to be devoted to publicly discussing and deriding others for their supposed “sins”. The people here are running a fine tooth comb through any private email correspondence you can get ahold of to find any iota of controversy to publicly decry Ahmadiyyat. This site seems to be devoted to creating suspicion and parsing through half-baked conspiracies which have little to no basis in truth.

        • Every document and email here was used by the leadership of the cult to prolong their hold on their flock. This is not ‘private’ communication between two individuals.

      • This was not a private email between two individuals. This was a ‘name-and-shame’ letter that went out to be publicly read everywhere. We have been members of this cult and we know how they use this technique to keep their flock in thrall.

        • According to that logic, a marriage would not be considered a private matter between two individuals either, in fact by that token it would be more on the level of a public matter.

          If by “prolong their hold on their flock” you mean, to cause a community to adhere more closely to Islamic values, then yes, this is what it will achieve. I agree that every individual should ultimately stride to become righteous of their own volition, but sometimes some boundaries need to be made clear. The punishment may seem harsh, but it is rarely permanent, and only really stands as a slap on the hand.

          • You wrote about this site — ‘publicly discussing and deriding others for their supposed “sins”’ — which this letter was intended to do. Please read it: every president in the whole of the US was to read it out at the monthly meeting AND the Juma.

            Was the goal to punish the individuals for a minor infraction? Or was the goal to intimidate the thousands of others?

            If the punishment was not ‘permanent’ it again proves the point: it is just intimidation, and not punishment. Ask those who have been expelled once: their lives and the lives of their future generations are ruined and scarred.

            This kind of name/shame on minor matters has two goals:

            a) being minor, the bigwigs can always pretend not to do this, i.e. if it was alcoholism or spousal abuse, then small people would point fingers at the bigwigs. Since the bigwigs are careful not to publicly dance at weddings, this particular offence has become the touchstone. It can be used at will, and the bigwigs are smart enough not to commit this specific offence.

            b) It sends a warning signal to complainants and whistleblowers, and to those who are slack in paying their chanda: watch out, you could be next.

            Qadiani Ahmadis have nothing to lose but their chains, and I wish they all would — sooner rather than later — and walk out into the just sunshine that is Islam — the religion of truth and fairness.

          • The argument you are taking by saying “we are doing this, but look, that is what they are doing too in this letter” is leading down a circular path.

            If a letter is addressed only to certain people, which does not include you, whether or not it will be read aloud in public… it is a private matter. If you are an Ahmadi, you would have heard this news, but I take it that most of the people posting ravenously on this website are not Ahmadis, you would not have heard this material in any form without your “interception”… So this behavior is most certainly infringing on some level of privacy. And then going on to discuss it to disparage another group is sinful behavior in itself.

            That letter may or may not be doing the same, depending on your particular point of view, but that sort of debate will never be resolved.

            The only thing that you have is control over yourself, if you choose to publicly decry others for publicly decrying others, it is a huge circular mess of hypocrisy.

            Also this kind of name/shame as you put it does not happen on minor matters, in fact it rarely happens, and for you to assume that it is a minor matter is just that, mere assumption on your part. The only thing this serves to do is to remind everyone of what our true Islamic values SHOULD be.

            Some of the individuals on these lists were in fact fairly major names in the nearby community, and were not “small people” comparatively…

            This “intimidation” as you put it, is not only meant to simply keep individuals under the fray of Ahmadiyyat, but even more obviously under the fray of Islamic values. To my eyes it is less intimidation and more the setting and maintaining of certain rules, those of Islam.

            Now you may have a different way of handling the situation, wherein progressing generations are moving further and further from Islam, to the point where they are removed from any fold of the religion (Ahmadiyyat or not) entirely… but to maintain a certain set of rules and enforce them in some way only serves as a reminder to help people find their way back to Islam.

            Now all of that talk about “big-wigs” doing this and that is just a mere flight-of-fancy on your part, you are creating conspiracy stories in your head to make your obviously bigoted attitudes have meaning.

            The so called “banishment” is not permanent, and only precludes the individuals from participating in community events and meetings, and from paying chanda… They are not in any way hampered from participating in their religious duties.

            In a perfect world there would be no gossiping or disparaging of a person’s reputation for their misdeeds, but we all do not live in a perfect world. This site is an obvious testament to that. To address this situation openly WITHIN the Ahmadi community and not have it spread through the corrupting channels of gossip, is in my opinion, a decent way to handle things.

          • It’s read out in public, across halls over the whole of the USA in order to reach every Ahmadi household in the US and beyond, and it’s a private matter? Is “doublethink” your middle name?

            This is why Ahmadiyya is a cult.

          • @ shahid

            Can you please make a note that Lutf hasnt commented on this thread at all. He is as quite as an Ahmadiyya mosque during the early morning hours.

            @ Lutf

            Come to Islam! It’s much much better than Mormonism..*cough cough*, I mean Ahmadiya.

            Its not hard either, all you have to is pray 5 times a day, pay zakaat, hajj, fast during ramadhan, and Tauwheed. You could be a shia, sufi or follow the orthodox version of Islam.

            You dont have to worship a punjabbee man. Its not a requirement!

          • I was merely pointing out that you were criticizing a group of people for doing what you do here every single day, it is your bread and butter to publicly disparage people.

            The only difference is that the letter referred to in the post actually had a purpose to serve, whereas the only purpose most of the stuff on this site serves is to spread bitterness and hatred.

            Ahmadiyyat is a cult because it is a group of people who share common values, at least those common values are those of decency, tolerance and love. Look your own group of people who spend so much of their precious time on this Earth obsessed over how to further explain their hatred of a group of people. If you people had any true sense of spirituality, this sort of trivial nonsense is not what you’d waste so much of your time on.

            You guys fill your lives with all these half-baked conspiracies, but for what? All this indicates to me is that you guys are lacking true faith in God and need to look elsewhere to fill your lives with meaning.

            I’d love to discuss actual matters of spirituality or of theology, but discussing the matters of humans organizing their cultures on this Earth, and agreeing or disagreeing whether how they handled it was right or wrong is futile and pointless. It has little or nothing to do with actual faith.

            All I can say is that I urge you, reevaluate what you perceive as meaningful behavior on this Earth.

  3. My question for Ahmadies and Ex ahmadies:

    for exahmadies and Muslims:
    Can a person be Ahmadi out side Jammat?

    for ahmadies:
    Can a person be Ahmadi(so called muslim) out side Jammat?

    • This is the million-dollar question that has never been answered.

      Technically, the Qadianis will say: yes, you are outside the ‘nizam’ but you can still believe in MGA. OK, so where does this guy go then? The expelled one is in no-man’s land — Muslims shun him for his beliefs, and Qadianis have ostracised him/her. That is the absurd impracticality of what they say, and we know of people who have died from the pressure.

      The reality is that Mirza Mahmud instituted the ‘ikhraj’ and ‘muqatia’. Ikhraj means ‘struck off the rolls’ and ‘muqatia’ is ostracisation — walking like a zombie among the Ahmadiyya — people will literally look through the ‘muqatia’ person, i.e. not acknowledge his/her existence.

      In this letter, the first 6 are ‘ikhraaj’ and the rest are ‘muqatia’.

      • Have any of you ever read any Hadith? According to Hadith, three men were also excommunicated during the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), by the Prophet (sa) himself. This lasted for about 40 days. No Muslim was to talk to them, their wives werent allowed to serve them. They were genuinely excommunicated. Now you tell me, Where they Muslims during those 40 days? What is your answer. You will be forced to say, yes, they were Muslims, but they were excommunicated from the “Nizam” of Islam for those 40 long and gloomy days.
        Oh, and just to let you know, Muslims also did not even utter the words of Salam to these men, seems to me like your so-called zombie example. Before you lay blame on Righteous communities, please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  4. Disgusting. But now we’ve got it black on white that public humiliation is official policy of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

  5. I do think that mixing of female and male should not have
    been permitted unless off course they were family members. Dancing
    and music again should not have been done, personally I think it’s
    not of good taste but that’s just my opinion. I remember going to a
    wedding a few years back, ( Ahmadi wedding) there were no mixed
    genders and they had some beautiful nazms at the background I
    thought that was quite good and could not cause any objections, the
    mixing of male and females were only permitted later where
    relatives were present. I totally agree with brother Farhan on this
    matter, I think that publically humillating people is not a way to
    build good relations with your fellow Ahmadi or for anyone for that
    matter. I think it’s a cruel way of doing this, they are not
    criminals, I really hate the fact that the Ahmadis control every
    aspect of your life, I also believe that physcologically this can
    cause a lot of problems for families.

    • I agree, “free mixing” (as we call it) is not acceptable behavior in Islam. I’m not disputing that.

      But, when a person commits a sin, you don’t kick them out of the community. Instead, you conceal their sins, bring them closer to you, and counsel them with wisdom. You focus on increasing a person’s emaan, and helping them through their problems.

      I’ve heard stories that they do this, but I’m genuinely shocked to see it in action.

    • There’s nothing wrong with free mixing, unless you are a member of the Taliban or a fundie.

  6. Love for All, Hatred for None? Or is that a marketing scheme hatched up by Mirza Inc.? This isn’t new guys….they do this quite often, it’s modus operandi.

    Now…these people will beg for forgiveness to the Pope..umm..Mirza Something Ahmad I mean…bin-as-rul-azeez.

  7. It’s great to be exposing this BS, but why put the poor
    peoples’ names up? Maybe at least block out the last names. It
    comes up in google. For Christ’s sake.

    • Good point. Our apologies. Will fix this today. If you were part of this list, or knew a person on it, our sincere

      If I were on this list, I would take this up with the Ahmadiyya too. They were the ones who did this publicly in front of their whole community.

  8. As salam walaikum This is sad/happy news in one go, sad coz
    these people understand islam, at such peripheral levels and good,
    coz thank God that these lucky 26 now have a chance to accept the
    real islam, where u are under ur Creator Allah swt and not under a
    certain huzoor or his Corporate assocation private limited ma as


    • That right! You got nothing on Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdi. Be my guest and turn your attention to picking out so-called administrative mistakes, its not a problem, since the Kharji during the time of Hazrat Ali did the same, but we can clearly see they accomplished nothing either.

  10. @Xia: According to Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, ‘Ahmadiyyat’
    is a thought process. So people have and continue to hold beliefs
    and understanding of Islam (including that of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam,
    Ahmad) the way LAM has. So such people are AHMADIS. They do NOT
    have to label themselves as such. Neither they have to sign ba’it
    (allegiance) forms of LAM. Nor they have to make financial
    contributions to LAM in its propagation of Islam. There are many
    such Ahmadis even today in Pakistan. One famous person in USA was
    Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, leader of African-American

    • You can defend the LAM all you want to be ‘acceptable’ to Islam, but the LAM is an isignificant cult by its own. You still follow MGA, his books etc. It’s either he’s a prophet or not, yes or no. One group says yes while the other says no. The LAM dont follow any shariah or hav any real taqwa in their heart just like mainstream Qadianis as far as i’ve observed.

  11. I agree with Samia- this is torture and torture messes with the mind!

    May Mirza Masroor do the right thing and lead Ahmadis to Islam. He would be hailed a hero if he did, if only he had the guts to cut the apron strings and let Ahmadis go!

    • When Elijah Muhammad died……..W.D. Muhammad became the new leader of the Nation of Islam. A few months later he TOTALLY DISBANDED the nation of Islam, it was over, he shut it down. He said that this was not Islam…..I am waiting for the day that an Ahmadi Khalifa announces the same.

      If you were kicked out of Ahmadiyyat recently…please contact us, we can help in your transition to normal Islamic life. Mirza Inc. might not love you but we do. Mirza Inc. might think it’s OK to publicly disgrace people..but Muslims don’t!

      I remember being in Rabwah in my early 20’s and hearing announcements at Juma that such and such people were no longer members of Ahmadiyyat.

      It should be noted that the victims here are actually somehow related to MGAQ. May Allah help these people in their lives.

      • Ahmadiyya needs a W. Deen Muhammad, May Allah have mercy on him, and grant him the highest places in Jannah

        He was the one who took the Nation’ers from the misguidance of Elijah Muhammad to Islam.

  12. Wow,, It amazes me the Ignorance of the People who are
    commenting here. First of all this was an Official Letter addressed
    to the CONCENED OFFICE BEARERS ONLY,, and not a Public NOTICE…
    The fault for it being gone public is not Ahmadiyya Jamaat but the
    ” HYPOCRATE” or your favouratly called “INSIDER”, who leaked it to
    you guys,, otherwise only the CONCERNED PERONS would have known
    about it.So the Jamaat cant be held responsible for that.
    Gheebat???????/ O Really????????? So you mean when Rasoolullah(saw)
    used to issue Orders for people to get Flogged or Stonned to death
    PUBLICLY,, was it as Cult behaviour and public
    Humilation????????Why didnt you issued your WARNING to
    Muhammad(pbuh),, That he should be Hidding the sins/Mistakes of
    people and invite them to Emaan rather than give FATAL
    punishments??????????? Secondly ,,, The letter also tells us that
    this is against the TRADITIONS of Rasoolullah(saw) and we shouldnt
    be engaging in these sorts of Activities which results in nothing
    Good morally. Thirdly,,, It makes me laugh , how Ignorant you guys
    are,, saying Mirza MasroorAhmad (ATBA) Financial corporation ,
    Enslavement,, etc… The BIGGEST PUNISHMENT the ones feel recieving
    is to STOP TAKING CHARITY(Money) from him,, Stop taking Volunteer
    SERVICES From HIM FOR JAMAAT ,,etc… And you call it a Financial
    Corporation?????? a Cult behaviour??????? People give the Charity
    HAPPILY and by thier won will, not Forcibly,,,, and Biggest
    punsihment for them is to be stopped taking money from them(for
    organisational and humanitarian causes). If Ahmadi’ s would be
    Worldy people like you, then they should be HAPPY than sad for
    having thier MONEY saved.. Another thing An Ahmadi remains an
    Ahmadi,, as that ONLY means that he has accepted the Mirza Ghulam
    Ahmad(as) as Promissed messiah,,, Just as whoever has Recited
    Shahadah, that means he is a MUSLIM… Disciplinary Actions Only
    Means that There wont be any Volunteer services taken from him, No
    money will be taken from him for Charity, and they wont be INVITED
    to jamaat Functions. Now That means they can still come to Jamaat
    Functions on thier own and wont be barred from it, but they wont be
    sent an invitation for it. They can come and pray in mosques like
    before,, no body stops them for this, They are still AHMADI, But
    with SUSPENDED MEMBERSHIP of the Organisation.UNLESS someone
    pronounce himelf that he has changed his beliefs to sunni, shia, or
    whatever and doesnt consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) as Promissed
    Messiah,, The People who get SUSPENDED from thier membership,, can
    ALWAYS Request forgiveness and be sorry for thier actions with The
    Caliph and NORMALLY they get pardoned. This is the Essence of Islam
    and not a CULT Behaviour.

    • @ shehzad

      Did it hurt you that bad that the world was allowed a glimpse into the inner workings of Mirza Inc.? Do you wonder who I am? Maybe I’m an office-bearer?

      It’s no secret that Ahmadiyyat is a punjabee country club, membership is exclusive, it has nothing to do with Islam at all. Wake up and smell the Chai my friend!

    • @shehzad
      I assume by your post that you have difficulty reading or maybe its an ahmadi trait to only read what you want to read. Firstly, although the letter was probably adressed to certain people is clearly says that an announcement is to be made not only at juma but also at monthly jamaat meetings, so there you go, it was going to be public knowledge anyway, shahid and rationalist are just proving that these PUBLIC HUMILIATIONS to happen!
      Secondly, the letter doesnt say that those whose ‘membership’ (because islam is some county club and to be a muslim you need an id card!) have been suspended wont get invited to jamaat functions(again, didnt knw that in islam one has to be invited to talks and gatherings, thought it was open to one and all!), it clearly says they cant PARTICIPATE in them!
      Thirdly, when one has to apologise and ask the khalifa for forgiveness, does the khalifa recieve an revelation from Allah (swt) that they have been forgiven, like our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw) did or does he wait until they have begged like dogs and then decide by his own will to forgive?

  13. Isolated, nothing is wrong. Taken together with the fact that complete isolation from Muslim society is enforced, and a tradition that Qadiani Ahmadis should not keep contact with those expelled:

    1. The expelled people have no more friends, adverse business relations, and no family support.

    2. They will be writing to Mirza Masroor, begging for forgiveness. That is utterly disgusting, as it brings to mind the scenes of Punjabi serfs begging for forgiveness and mercy from Punjabi feudal lords, a legacy whose symbol is kept alive in the turban worn by Mirza Masroor.

  14. Someone should pursue litigation, and sue for defamation of character. This is illegal in the United States.

  15. Ok…. but whoever would like to turn to you will just leave Jamaat and do that regardless of so called “leak”, on the other hand those, amongst suspended members, who will read this candy dose of yours which is presented in effort to bring them towards Islam (not to mention that they are already Muslims) will not keep them from pardon requests to Huzoor. I know it hurts but this is reality. As for those who sense Jamaat Ahmadiyya as punjabi club, though I am not a punjabi, should consider this…We, as Jamaat, are Alhamdolillah gathered under Khilafat Ala Minhaj e Nabuwat, a true leadership, you are missing it that´s obvious but you are welcome to enjoy it with us. We have chosen to live our lives in accordance with Khalifa´s direction which are derived from teachings of Hazrat Mirza Gulam Ahmad(a.s), who has extended (not modified or not brought anything new as you force yourself to believe) the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) who had direct supervision of Allah Subhan-Wa-Taala. I am sure several of you will try to fiddle with the word “extended” and feel free but this will mean that you have got the message and you are, yet again, forcing to make your own meaning out of it….been there, seen that.

    ” We will recommend that you do your best to follow the sunnah, but we will not expel you from Islam or our communities for not doing so”….Guess what, you have already done that by keep telling Ahmadies that you are out of Islam, seriously you are being ridiculous here, hope not may people have read the article so you can change that, as changes were made on the notice of Agnostic about the names, and post another apology. You put on a message, addressed to a community, on the internet with clear names and you are whining about suspended people being humilitated in public and call it an Ahmadiyya act of installing fear…. props to you for making it a global announcement now. This whole article is based on hypocrisy. My conclusion to this article, which is a suggestion to Shahid… join some tabloid since you are good in putting up a story and gossiping without knowing the facts.

    • Fair comment.

      The real issue is not that they have been kicked out, because as you said, they will likely beg to be let back in and will return. The real issue is that the faith does this in the first place.

      I don’t deny that mixed-gender dancing is wrong. They are correct to point that out. But, when a person commits a sin, the response is not to publicly shame that person and humiliate his family. The way of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم is to cover up those sins, make Du’a for that person, and bring him/her CLOSER to Allah. He صلى الله عليه و سلم gave people the benefit of the doubt. When he pointed out a mistake, he did so in very indirect ways and didn’t specify who the sinner was. The way of Mirza was to kick people out. Which way is superior?

      If you consider this gossip, perhaps you should take up that same complaint with your leadership that is openly committing gheebah (backbiting) aka gossip. Or are they allowed to backbite? And FYI, backbiting is a major sin.

      Its always worth citing that official Ahmadiyya teachings do not hold Muslims to be Muslims. This is available in both their English and Urdu books (ask me for citations).

    • Gossip rag? Believe me, if it was about gossip, I would have left the names in; and I have stacks of stuff here like you wouldn’t believe, but I’m not using it.

      You are a cult that has been hating on Muslims for over a century, since your prophet Ghulam Yalash started the unholy business of Ahmadiyya. Forever telling us how backwards and barbaric and inhumane we are. Now we are showing you the mirror, don’t blame us if you don’t like what you see. Remember, Ahmadiyya is not Islam – and Mirza and his sons have declared us non-Muslims for over a century. I’d urge you to ignore your conditioning and read your own literature. If you are sincerely after the truth, you will see it for yourself, insha’Allah

      You really need to understand something: We have no problem with the ordinary Ahmadi. We do have a problem with the cult of Ahmadiyya that pretends to have a theology, but when that theology is discussed, starts dialling the fearometer up to max. Why do you use dirty tactics to prevent people talking about Ahmadiyya? Why not actually talk about it?

      We invite you to join the growing number of Ahmadis who are leaving the cult to become Muslims. They are happy. So would you be, insha’Allah. Peace unto those who follow the guidance.

      • I am not upset because I am not perfect and neither is anyone else accept Allah hu Akbar. Considering that, we as Jamaat are open for talks, in fact the Promissed Masaiah has called up on other Muslims for talks. From your comments its obvious that you are upset because holistocally your self satisfaction platform isin’t being sufficient since your perfect idea isn’t coming to life. First and foremost, dare to talk to your ownself i.e are you really fighting against evil or you are trapped in it and promoting it? I, being an Ahmadi Muslim, ask this to myself everytime I have something undigestable and I am not afraid to ask. Who do I ask? anyone, my non-ahmadi and ahmadi friends, jamati scholors and I go under brainstorming and seek guidance of Allah. What is the outcome? Alhamdolillah, Alhamdolillah, Alhamdolillah I have always been satisfied. I know this is what upsets you that every sensation you “leak” is neutralized with a simple answer and you go back to biting your nails looking for another one. I am telling you, you are addicted to gossip, you did not get the chance to do that among us to you left. So ask your self what are you striving for, satisfy your gossip addiction or the love of God? And…..can you tell me how to become a Muslim? is the process similar to that of practiced by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and Sahaba Karam (r.a) or you have modernized it?

        • Maaz its ur jammat which has modernized it (as u claimed to be real Islam) by adding new conditions, new bait conditions
          but declaring all non ahmadies kafir and non muslim and out of pale of Islam
          so get ur facts right, and learn

          I dont remember any muslim being kicked out of Islam by Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) coz of dancing 😀

          • Off course you don´t kick anyone out, you just kill them. The recent example is Ahmadiyya massacre in Lahore, be honest and tell me, how pleased you were? Earlier in my comment i mentioned that we are the example of the community, which people like you have believed to kick out of Islam. Now, coming back to my question, what do I need to do to become a Muslim?

          • 25,000 Pakistanis of all denominations (less than half a percent of that number were Qadiani) have been murdered since the “War on Terror” began. Why were you so silent on other ordinary Pakistanis being killed? Or did you think they all killed themselves? Oh wait, they deserved it because they didn’t follow your multi-urinating, tonic-wine merchant? You defenders of this unholy cult are beyond the pale sometimes.

            You must be burning inside to be filled with such hatred of Muslims. God help you.

          • @ Maaz, Let me get this straight…

            Pakistan is a country in political turmoil
            There are masjid bombings on a weekly basis
            Christian churches are attacked
            There is political instability
            Lots of problems…
            Its okay if 100 innocent people are killed…

            But, the moment an Ahmadi center is attacked, its purely because they’re Ahmadi and no other reason…
            I’m not falling for you crocodile tears.
            (Attacking an Ahmadi center is of course wrong and evil, all people should be safe)

            Historically, when a Christian accepted Islam, he was asked to explicitly reject the belief that ‘Esa was the son of God.
            Nowadays, when Ahmadis became Muslims, they are asked to explicitly reject the belief that Mullah Mirza Ghulam was a prophet.

          • May Allah´s help be with me always, but Shahid it seems like you don´t need His help its just me isn´t it? That is how much selfsufficient and correct you think you are, specially when you are dealing with us. Strange that you haven´t realized yourself making my point firm again and again by putting us out of Islam yet keep insisting that you don´t kick out anyone from Islam, or maybe it is your next year´s resolution :s?. As for being silent, you are following that typical mullah approach i.e. the ones who think they own Islam (like one Mullah said on TV that Islam is patent to Muslims as Coca Cola is patent to someone else, Subhan-Allah) and whoever is practicing Islam against your way is just wrong and the default punishments are from Fatwa of termination of Nikah, announced on media, to bullets to those who are in the middle of practicing faith, be it Ahmadis, Sunnis, Shias etc or Non-Muslims.

            We just do not sit back and condemn, as you have expected, Alhamdolillah, instead we reach out to the people from all walks of life and present true picture of Islam, i.e. peace. Our men, women and kids go door to door as well as stand in the middle of busy streets and present true teachings of Islam. Not only that, we have initiated the first Islamic TV channel to spread the message of Islam, which has fulfilled the prophecy of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s). So in fact we are leading you and you are following us as you start to understand matters after we bring them into action, which is painful for you but since you do not have the courage to stand it, you will just ignore your pain and instead of addressing it talk about something else. So earlier during heinous attempt of Quran burning, we gathered Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other religious clergy together in Mosque to openly condemn the plan. What did you do? Burn US flag, who would have guessed that?

            And yes, many Muslims have killed themselves because they were suicide attackers killing other Muslims in the name of their faith.

            Farhan, let´s make things straight rather for yourself. Whenever a sect in Islam is attacked, it demonstrates violently that is one of the causes of turmoil in Pakistan. However, when an Ahmadi or a group of Ahmadies are attacked, we never disturb peace. We are facing target killings on daily to monthly baises,
            depending on the rubbish that mullah pukes during religious gatherings. Just one, among several, example is Dr. Amir Liaquat of Alim online when he hosted program in which hatred was spread via GEO against Ahmadies which resulted martyrdom of an Ahmadi Dr. in his own hospital while on duty of healing
            humanity regardless of their faith and race. You are questioning me whether we condemn? Tell me, did you ever intellectually reached for condemnation to an individual or group of responsible of peace and security of the impacted region in reaction to any incident happened against Muslim around the globe regardless of the sect? No you did not, instead you boycotted goods of that country and came out on streets to threat the beliefs of those who provide you place to stay in peace and practice your faith because you could not live your life peacefully in your native land. We face similar problems to a much higher degree yet when we migrate we contribute to the host society rather than shouting on their faces “convert or be killed and don´t be mad at us, we are just preaching Islam and willing to enforce Sharia”. So communicate with yourself before others, I made this point earlier in one of my comments.

            When an Ahmadi is killed, he is threatened days or months before his martyrdom that is how we know that lives of Ahmadies were the short cut to paradise for your fellows.

            We cry tears of joy when we lose someone because in most cases that person is a martyr, Alhamdolillah, throughout the Ummah, Ahmadies are blessed and chosen by Allah hu Akbar for continuous martyrdom, not by surprise rather by showing His signs to those who were sacrificed. This is the sign of Ahmadiyyat´s truthfulness, what is yours?

            A Christian holds faith contrary to Unity of Allah i.e. the 1st pillar of faith “Belief in God” whereas 3rd pillar states “Belief in Allah´s Messengers/Prophets” so Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s) is messenger/prophet of Allah hence any Muslim who believes in him is complying with the pillars of faith. THINK! (a suggestion is to do it when you are calm)

            Now a question for the 3rd time, since you think I am out of Islam, tell me what do I have to do to be part of it?

  16. I have a question. when there people are expelled from the jamaat, what do they do? Live in solitude?

  17. Ever since the world of religion has been created by Allah, there have been groups of momineen, kuffar, and munafiqeen. They were there in the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW, khulfa-e-rashideen, and they are now in the time of Promised Messiah AS and khulfa-tul-messiah. Satan has been let active by Allah to try to make ppl his followers. This cycle will keep going on till Qiyamat.

    Ahmadiyyat is by choice not by coercion, as kuffar and munafiqeen try their utmost to make others believe. It is fine, those who are not steadfast or true in their belief have right to leave jama’at anyway.. All others are happy and feel blessed to stay within Ahmadiyyat. Shahid and company, you will keep finding points to criticize Jamaat. You will probably find some growth in your company too, because again, satan has been let free until Qiyamat. However, you will never find that true source of comfort in your heart / soul by doing what you are doing, because your soul has been created by the same creator who sent Promised Messiah…the deepest core of your heart knows it.

    Why people have been disciplined, whether it is right / wrong / appropriate / inappropriate that is really meaningless in the long run.

    • Deep down, in the deepest core of my heart, I know Mirza was false. That is exactly why I left Ahmadiyya and I have found peace in Islam. My teacher is Muhammad (saw) – I am satisfied with him as my role model, I don’t require somebody who in no way measured up to his peerless example.

      If I didn’t want Ahmadis to share in the peace I’ve found, I wouldn’t be inviting them to Islam. To call us kuffar and munafiqeen is really quite shocking. Perhaps you should reflect on the words you are using for Muslims.

  18. “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is ) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets, and Allah has full knowledge of all things.” (EMQ 33: 40)

    It is those who believe not in the Signs of Allah that forge falsehood: it is they who lie![EMQ 16:105]

    I would hope that the individuals who have been mentioned in these statements, their family members and friends still within this jamaat, should ponder over this whole situation. Instead of seeing this as detrimental, they should truly turn back to Allah(subhana wa ta’ala), and take this oppurtunity into Islam. All these rules that this jamaat has made like chandaa aam etc are not from Islam, so why carry on following rules which are not from Allah?

    I would like to take this oppurtunity to invite the people in the jamaat or not to come enter into the Islam of Prophet Muhammad(sallAllahu alaihi wassallam) leaving and rejecting the false unislamic doctrines of mirza ghulam

    May Allah(subhana wa ta’ala) guide you all

    And Allah knows best

  19. السلام علیکم و رحمة اللہ

    Before coming to the actual topic, I’ll just say this much that the following things about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community should now be very clear to our Muslim brothers and sisters:
    1. We do not care about numbers coz if we did, we wouldn’t be excommunicating people like this.
    2. All allegations regarding Chanda are wrong coz as you saw, the first punishment given to them is that Chanda won’t be accepted from them. And obviously if Jamaat was all about money, then such punishments wouldn’t be given.
    3. Jamaat tries to follow the instructions of The Holy Prophet (saw) as closely as they can and anything seen against his Sunnah is severely dealt with.

    Even though these are side topics, but I thought that at least from this issue many of our Muslim brothers would be able to understand the reality of such allegations raised against Jamaat.

    Now as for this issue, our Muslim brothers should remember that for those crimes that are committed openly, Islam gives such punishments which should serve as an example for others. I agree that if you witness someone committing a sin, then you should try to adopt the attribute of Allah ‘As-Sattar’ and not disclose his weakness in front of others. But if such unislamic actions are committed openly in public, then the punishment should be such which should serve as an example for the rest of the community. The example of Hadhrat Kaab رضی اللہ عنه can be used here to understand the stance of Jamaat. His incident is also mentioned in The Holy Quran. He was also excommunicated for about 40 days in the lifetime of The Holy Prophet (saw). I hope this will answer your questions !!! والسلام

    • nonsense! if that is the case, and you follow the Sunnah of
      our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), then why has Mirza Masroor let his
      right hand man Rafiq Hayat get away with an absolute heinous crime
      of shirk? Rubbish…and if you were following the Sunnah, you would
      also know that Mendis and Rukhsatees are by no means Islamic and
      are cultural functions. The fact they have thrown people out
      because a cultural function did not live up to Islamic standards is
      a JOKE! Oh, and does Mirza Masroor not attend mixed functions when
      he entertains English ladies? And why are Mendi songs allowed to be
      sung, but Music isn’t allowed to be played- what is the difference,
      and I mean the REAL difference? Its hypocritical and sickening. Oh
      and FYI, members who had their chanda payments suspended will HAVE
      to make the payments up, for that period where they were ‘banned’
      from offering payments. So in essence, your point just saw itself
      out of the window…

    • Excommunication from Jamat = Kafir
      according to your jamat anyone outside the bait is a paka kafir.
      The Prophet (saw) never declared anyone kafir in this manner, nor did excommunication mean they became kafir.
      Your cult as always takes the normal and pulls it to the extreme.
      Why dont you have the spine to call a spade a spade?
      you believe that people out if bait are kafir
      why you hiding your beliefs like munafiqs?
      do you want us to show you quotes from your mullahs showing how they call people out of the bait and jamat kafirs?
      how long are you going to continue with these lies?
      If you dont care about numbers why are your mullahs lying about numbers?
      why did you boast on your wesbite you had 200 million followers and then 3 days later you only had 80 million?
      If you are not bothered about money why have you made people who dont pay chanda kafirs by excommuniation?
      If you not bothered by money why are you stealing lunch money from children?
      If you not bothered about money why are you stealing money from people on state benefits?
      your corrupt decaying jamat stinks all over the world we dont need to see it to know its moral decay

    • و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

      Lets address these points.

      For those who don’t know, he’s referring to the incident of Ka’ab ibn Malik (RA). Basically, the Prophet SAAWS ordered everyone who was able to to go out in the battle of Tabuk. Ka’ab ibn Malik (RA) went out in every battle except for Tabuk. He later told the Prophet SAAWS of this. Ka’ab was basically ignored by everyone until and told to wait until the decision of Allah came. In the end, Ka’ab was forgiven. (I learned this through our masjid’s Riyadh al-Saliheeen class, so I don’t know which primary hadith book its in)

      WhyAhmadiyya is attempting to draw a parallel between that incident and their frequent kicking out and public exposures of people. Lets analyze.

      First, the Prophet SAAWS did not go around “kicking out” people for their sins they committed. He was more wise than that. Even in cases of Zinnah, he would tell people to conceal their sins, not talk about them, and ask Allah to forgive them privately. Sins do not result in an expulsion from the Muslim community, nor have they ever. In this way, Islam differs from Ahmadiyya, in that in their faith they are allowed to publicly expose the sins of others and kick them out.

      Secondly, to directly address his parallel, there are two types of sins: those that are individualized or done in private (ie, a closed door Shaadi/Walima/Mendhi function) and those that harm the community. With regard to the former, as mentioned, the Prophet SAAWS specifically told us to conceal them. But, the slip of Ka’ab ibn Malik (RA) was in the context of a military campaign that had the potential of harming the entire community. And, Ka’ab was not kicked out of the religion, nor was he prohibited from doing any of the fara’idh (mandatory actions), such as giving Zakah or going to Jumu’a. So there are two points of dispute here:

      A) In Islam, we being tough with someone is done in extreme cases (ie, military battles) while in Ahmadiyya they are kicked out for minor sins that can be expunged through asking Allah for forgiveness.

      B) In Islam, Ka’ab ibn Malik was not prohibited from doing any of the mandatory actions (fara’idh) such as giving Zakah or going to Jumu’a, while in Ahmadiyya, expelled members cannot give Chanda (mandatory in Ahmadiyya) and reports tell me they are not allowed to attend Jumu’a anymore.

      Your parallel fails. Islam wins, Ahmadiyya loses.

      As for boasting about numbers and chanda, lets talk about that:
      Boasting about Numbers: Wasn’t it Mirza Tahir who setup the scheme to double membership every single year? That seems pretty concerned about numbers. I know you know that your religion does not consist of tens of millions of members, I know you know that is false. But, they frequently boast their large patronage as a sign of their truth.
      Chanda: You’re right, you lost 26 Chanda payers. On my desk, I have the book “An Introduction to Financial Sacrifice”. That book outlines the different types of payments to the religion. They are:
      1) Chanda Shart-e-Awwal – To be buried in a specific area.
      2) Chanda Ai’lan-e-Wasiyyat – To give 1/10 of one’s money to the religious authorities after death
      3) Chanda Hissa Amad – Must pay 1/3 of your income to the religious authorities if you’re a “Musi”
      4) Chanda Hissa Ja’idad – 7 additional amounts a “Musi” must pay up
      5) Chanda ‘Am – 1/16th of your income all Ahmadis must pay up
      6) Chanda Jalsa Salana – 1/10th of your monthly income you must pay up for the Jalsa Salana functions
      7) Waqf-e-Jadid – Yet another scheme
      8 ) Amamat Tarbiyyat – Payments for MTA
      9) Buyutul Hamd Scheme – Payments for poor people’s housing, something we Muslims call Zakah.
      10) Yatama Fund – Money to take care of orphans, again Zakah (http://www.islamicreliefusa.org/what-we-do/orphans)
      11) Buyutul Dhikr – Money to build more Ahmadi centers
      12) Maryam Shadi – Chanda money to pay for weddings (literally)
      13) Sayyidna Bilal Fund – Money to pay for martyrs’s families
      14) Tahir Foundation – To continue stuff Mirza Tahir did
      There’s more, even one called “Sacrifice of Animal Hide”, but this just goes on and on…

      Wow, that’s a lot. Ahmadiyya is complicated.
      In Islam, the Prophet SAAWS required us to pay 2.5% of your income directly to the poor (not to our religious authorities). Anything in addition to that was optional and considered Sadaqa. Simple.

      The fact is, Ahmadiyya religious authorities DO care about money. I’m really sorry that you lost 26 Chanda payers, but I’m pretty sure that in the greater scope of the immense money you take from your followers, 26 people isn’t much.

      As Allah says in the Qur’an:
      “Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided”

      May Allah guide our brothers and sisters in the Ahmadiyya religion away from the false teachings of Mirza to the true teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAAWS.

        • I agree. Ahmadis often use the example of Ka’ab bin Malik to justify the unislamic policy of the jamaat. Let’s clarify that once and for all.

      • @ Farhan

        You killed it akhi! These people were guilty of not fighting when Islam needed them. These people didn’t have a legal excuse for not going to Tabuk. The paralel doesnt exist!

        They werent dancing with white women at a marriage somewhere in the hills were they? Were they hanging out with non-related women and dancing?

        Nice try Ahmadis…its not working. Didnt Muhammad (saw) conduct an investigation? Naseem Mahdi and his group of cronies havent published the notes of their investigation. We have no idea if these people are guilty or innocent..all we know is that they are guilty.

      • Great post brother Farhan
        may that help ahmadies in seening the truth of Islam and falsehood of ahmadiyyat

  20. Ha! seems like you anti folks are trying to capitalize on something, where nothing exists.

    Let me clarify some things for everyone’s knowlege:

    1) Social Boycott: It seems like many of the commenters on this site have a huge issue with this, and the so called “public humiliation.” First of all, this is not something that the Jamaat invented, rather numerous such incidents occured during the life of the Huzoor (SAW) time, where he had names of those inviduals who had commited treason or disobyed him called out, and hence ex-communicated. Yes, the circumstances were different back then, and many of these individuals posed a legitimate threat to the welfare of the Muslims, and thus a need to publicly announce such inviduals was justified.

    The Jamaat follows the same precedent.
    Lastly, such an outrage over this could be just because the ten people whose life is this site were themselves “publically humiliated” and so this is a topic very dear to them. I’m sorry.

    Moroever, someone mentioned aboved that some of the indivduals listed on above are memebers of Huzoors own distant family. Huzoor by taking disciplinary action against them has sent out clear statement to all Ahmadi–the impartiality of the Khalifa.

        • Yes, which they choose to. And that is why it is a cult.

          Abdul Aziz Khalifa gets disbarred by the Upper Canada Law Society because of co-ordinated fraud on countless mortgages, and he is Naib Ameer Canada.

          A few kids dance at a wedding, and they get kicked out. In fact the #1 reason for expulsion from Qadianism is wedding songs. You can be a fraudster, human smuggler (Mirza Fareed son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad KIII did time in jail for this) or anything else — you will be honoured. You can meet in mixed gatherings at any time, and dress however you want, and listen to whichever music, but if you dare to do what you always do in front of elders at a wedding, you’re out.

          A similar event occurred in Calgary a few years ago: Mirza Manzoor and his family got kicked out, and they had to grovel for weeks until they were let back in. That is the whole power trip — and it is a hallmark of cults.

          Where is the rulebook that says what things are prohibited and what is the punishment for each? Every serious religion has it. Why? Because then half of the rich financial supporters of the cult would be out.

          And once out, I have seen people hover between life and death for weeks, and some even die — because of social isolation, they feel like a fish out of water.

          Incomprehensible and inhuman.

    • Excommunication from Jamat = Kafir
      according to your jamat anyone outside the bait is a paka kafir.
      The Prophet (saw) never declared anyone kafir in this manner, nor did excommunication mean they became kafir.
      Your cult as always takes the normal and pulls it to the extreme.
      Why dont you have the spine to call a spade a spade?
      you believe that people out if bait are kafir
      why you hiding your beliefs like munafiqs?
      do you want us to show you quotes from your mullahs showing how they call people out of the bait and jamat kafirs?
      how long are you going to continue with these lies?

        • what I heard from other ahmadies that is not possible
          for them only those ppl are ahmadies who are part of Jammat. thats why they say it is must for every ahmadi to do baait of khalifah and obey the orders of jammat.

          ur the first one who give this different answer or are u giving it just for sake of argument?

          • This is what I would call a “situational answer”; the answer is manipulated to fit the situation in keeping with their head mullah(MGAQ)’s mental make-up. LOL!

        • How does that figure Nanno?

          If a female Ahmadi was to marry a guy who says he is Ahmadi, but is not registered with the ‘Jamaat’-
          the girl would be thrown out, possibly with the family in tow! If the guy says he is Ahmadi- end of? No!! He would not be considered Ahmadi unless he was registered, but what if he chooses not to register? Why is the girl punished, when the guy says he is Ahmadi? You cannot be Ahmadi and not be a member of the Jamaat, simples!!!!!!

          • Oh please go right ahead, and then some!!
            Its all basic logic (maybe I am just mad and have too many conversations with myself), but all they need to do is break it all down!
            Its not enough to say you are Ahmadi, you have to PROVE you are Ahmadi. Even the Ahmadis who are not well known within the Jamaat have some person or another vouch for them! For example, at the time of the Niqah, a local president signs the forms (this is simply to confirm the person is Ahmadi) and they will have someone who knows them, or their parents’! If a president cannot vouch for the guy, in other words, if he can’t be sure he is Ahmadi- then the Niqah will not go ahead!! You have to wear your religion on your sleeve as an Ahmadi- if you ain’t on the database- you ain’t no one and as good as Kafir!!

          • You have to wear your religion on your sleeve except when you go to the media – then you have to hide the filth of Mirza and the lies, fraud and outright hatred of the leaderhsip, right?

            Excellent point about proof though.

          • @ findings

            1. You are 100% correct. When I got married I needed my local president to sign off on the marriage.

            2. All Qadianis must sign the bait of the NEW khalifa. If they dont then they are not considered Ahmadis.

            3. Then they have to start paying. Membership is judged in terms of how much you donate. If you donate lots of money you will be considered Mukhilas and you will get top positions within the organization.

  21. Jamaat members (usually girls) who marry outside of the Jamaat to MUSLIMS are also publicly humiliated like this, as are their family members, unless they do a fake conversion (which essentially is just lip service). What happened to freedom to marry by your choosing within Islam? Why do they feel threatened? It’s the 21st Century and people from different faiths marry all the time–yet the Jamaat feels threatened with someone marries a non-Ahmadi Muslim. Do they have such little faith in their members that they believe their religion will be lost just by marrying someone who is a non-Ahmadi Muslim? Such close-mindedness, such backwardness, such arrogance.

  22. Yes, what jamaat did was wrong and I agree that the big criminals are let off whereas small offences are punished.

    But I hope all those who condemn Jamaat here are honest to their sayings and also consider socially opressive regimes as found in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan just as bad. But I don’t think they do. very double faced ppl.

    • The Ahmadiyya is dying….I estimate in the USA that 50% of the children who are born Ahmadis in the USA are leaving every 10 year period. You see in every jamaat their is a dominant set of families. These famililes are losing their children every 10 year-period.

      I have witnessed this. When I was growing up….over 50% of those kids that I saw at tarbiyyat camps and jalsas are gone!!!!!!! They are replaced with immigrants from Pakistan. Ahmadiyya needs Ahmadis to come out of Pakistan if they want to survive. This is their game-plan. This is why they spend so much time on sensationalizing some type of persecution.

      • I didn’t know it was ‘dying’, but I know its definitely in a period of stagnation and decline. People aren’t becoming Ahmadi en masse. The growth is mostly organic (ie people having children) and many in the west are shedding the title of ‘Ahmadi’ for ‘Just Muslim’.

      • Salam Brother,

        I find Your comment very interesting.

        And it can “justify” the Ahmadi community to some extent wanting a / drawing a , external structure , or so to say,
        a we- versus- they-mentality.

  23. Brother Mamoon Khan,

    I think it is safe to say that anyone who genuinely wishes to live an Islamic life and strives to do so would object to any practices that are wholly un-Islamic. To assume that non-ahmadies condone any acts that are un-Islamic that happen within the borders of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or any other country on this planet smacks of ignorance. I mean that in the most respectful way. If you engage in dialogue with Muslims you would see the folly of your assumption.

    • Muslims in general may do I know. All Muslim friends of mine are moderate and sick of this kind of behavior.

      but not anti-ahmadis or old-ahmadis who tend to be overall extremist in views and closet supporters of taliban and wahabbis. I don’t make fake accusations. I see and read their opinions and thoughts.

      • Mamoon Khan – any lies or trouble making or provocation will result in you being banned instantly. You’ve had one comment deleted. Don’t abuse your privilege.

      • Firstly its gross generalization like FOX NEWS

        secondly according to ur jammat (mirza Ghulam and Mahmud) non ahmadies are not muslim

        so u was wrong two times in one post.

  24. Brother Mamoon Khan,

    You simply go too far with these generalisations! Are you honestly telling everyone reading this that 1. You have a significant number of ex- and non-ahmadi friends/acquaintances and 2. The overwhelming majority of these friends/acquaintances are supporters of the taliban?

    I can appreciate your passion for your beliefs but it should be tempered with honesty. I find it hard to believe that is the case. The ex-ahmadies I know left for reasons of racism, marriage, the whole zakat -v- chanda issue. None of them went to Afghanistan to support the taliban nor are they wahabbis!

  25. Brother Truthseeker,

    I try to respond but they deleted my reply. I don’t know how to do reply now.

    Love and Dua


    • Your reply was deleted because it was a gross distortion and mischief-making. Read our About page and read our Rules page.

      • Brother Shahid,

        Truth hurts I know. Sachi baat….

        I expect this msg to get deleted. But I also expect you do to dua seek forgiveness for yourself and pray for humility. Yes, pray for me as well.

        many prayers,
        Mamoon Uncle

        • I always pray for forgiveness, every single du`a, and I will pray for you too, insha’Allah, if I actually knew your real name.

  26. Brother Shahid,

    Can I ask you one question?

    Why you insult Ahmadis with nicknames on your forum like “Qadiani’ and “Mirzologist” and “Yalashis” but then try to pretend to be nice and call them “Ahmadis” when you write the blog?

    No MISCHIEF! Fact! Is this not two-facedness? I know you don’t want website and self too look bad so you delete things, but I don’t care. I concerned for you beta and have no ill wishes. I just want you to think and be consistant, and not deceptive. Is this not what your Islam says? Delete if will.

    Mamoon Uncle

    • It’s a good question, if a little disingenuous.

      I use Mirzologist here too. But I don’t use it towards individuals as a rule. I use Mirzologists towards the top brass, or the defenders of hypocrisy. Qadiani, I am happy to use anywhere. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself signed himself as Qadiani, not such a big deal. If I don’t use Qadiani, Lahoris get upset. So if you look at one of my most recent posts, you will see me using “Qadiani”.

      When I speak about ordinary individuals within the community, I nearly always write “the common Ahmadi”. I write that on the forum and on the blog. I don’t recall using the term “Yalashi”, but if I ever have, it is only the personal name of the god of Mirza.

      We don’t delete things if you’re not making mischief, but I can assure you, my position is consistent.

      • One of the most important things I’ve learned from this site is not to insult a common Ahmadi. JazakaAllah khair Shahid

        • Exactly!
          Don’t insult the common anyone.

          We don’t hate Ahmadis, We want our brothers back that Mirza stole from us!

        • That’s vital. I say that in every one of my mosque talks. “How will you invite Ahmadis to Islam if you are hostile to them?”

          I said it on TV and I say it at every opportunity – every single one of my Muslim brothers and sisters is aligned on this – Akber, Farhan, Fuad, Tahir, everyone – we do this because we want Ahmadis back in the fold. We are against evil, and Mirzology is evil, because it is a cult and it is not a religion. It has no theology at all, that is the biggest con-trick the Ahmadiyya ever played.

          We want to welcome Ahmadis back into Islam. We have a lot of work to do – let’s do it!

  27. Brothers Shahid, Farhan and Mamoon Khan, I can understand
    Ahmadis getting upset with some of the comments but I cannot say
    that I have seen anything that is targeted as hate towards the
    ordinary Ahmadi. The forum is here for free speech and in an
    atmosphere that is courteous. For the most part this has been
    maintained and the only times I have seen a deviation from this has
    been on personal attacks on brother Shahid. Totally unnecessary.
    There is no need for cheap shots labelling people as ‘taliban
    supporters’ etc. This can be seen as slander/backbiting when there
    is nothing substantial to support your claim(s). I decided to
    follow this blog site because of questions of theology that I have
    within myself and will continue to do so. Let’s always have that in
    the back of our minds and Allah (swt) will guide us all to the
    practice of his true and final revealed religion.

  28. It must be very sad for people for some people to spend their entire lives in bitterness and hatred by developing and expending all their energies on sites such as these. I appreciate that there will be those who were Ahmadis once but no more but whatever the reason for no longer being part of the community surely it is time for them to move on. Those who seek to ‘reform’ Ahmadis might do well to reflect upon their own character and see whether that needs improvement before embarking on a mission to save others – “physician, heal thyself first”.

    • It must be very sad for people to malign all Muslims as ‘violent’ and judge other people’s character whereas they can be reading Roohani Khazain and teaching it to others, and inviting Christians to the Messiah who has come for Christians as well.

      I haven’t yet met an Ahmadi who has read MGA writings once, let alone three times, which is the criterion MGA set for his followers if they are not to be ‘hypocrites’.

      Our goal is to expose Mirza Inc. as a cult that has nothing to do with religion, thereby freeing the suffering Ahmadis who are trapped in it. We are good at it, and we do it as a community service.

    • Saleem makes a valid point that deserves to be discussed.

      In general, Muslims should not focus on arguing against false groups. Br. Saleem is right on that. Groups like the Nation of Islam, Baha’i, Ahmadiyya and Mahdaviyya, etc will always exist. Endless debate can harden the heart and make one devoid of a spiritual connection to Allah.

      But, three quick points:
      A) Recognize that for 100~ years, Ahmadis have attempted to spread their faith primarily focusing on getting Muslims to convert to Ahmadiyya. The majority of Ahmadiyya literature is directed at Muslims.
      B) Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya religion to be a religion distinct from Islam. Allah has commanded us to call people to Islam. As such, our Da’wah efforts are a fulfillment of that command of Allah.
      C) In the US, there is an increase in Ahmadis taking prominent positions on internet e-zines, portraying themselves as representatives of Islam. Honestly, I have no problem with this. If the Shi’as did the same thing, I would take no exception because Shi’as generally write about topics that are general to all Muslims. The agenda of Shi’as is the same as the agenda of traditional Muslims in the US. The problem is, Ahmadis routinely (intentionally?) take positions that undermine the Muslim community and even condemn them as “soft on terrorism” (untrue), while promoting themselves. Americans (and probably the Brits) are not literate enough in Islam to understand that Ahmadis are like our Mormons. They see “Muslim” and stop there. Hence the need for a degree of awareness.

      Even if you don’t agree, does this make sense to you?

    • @ Saleem

      We are only news-reporters. I am reporting on the happenings in the Ahmadiyya or Mirza Inc, whatever sounds better I guess.

      I have over 40+ cousins, brothers, sisters, etc that are still Ahmadis, I am very friendly with all of them. I give Dawah to all of them. None of them debate the merits of Ahmadiyyat with me, nor did the Murabbis while I was an Ahmadi. They all know that I left and I am in constant contact with them.

      This recent leak has caused an un-precedented “Awareness”! It seems that Ahmadiyya leadership is very upset about this. Why doesnt your leadership meet with us and discuss/debate their religion with us?

      I will continue to work, I will continue to research and reveal the true face of this cult. I have heard whispers from my cousins that this wedding was just the icing on the cake. These people were targeted by Ahmadiyya leadership…they were watched…Ahmadiyya leadership was just waiting for them to make a mistake. It wasnt just this wedding…there were other factors involved…these people had fallen out of favor with Ahmadiyya leadership, hence the mass expulsion.

      If this isnt a cult than what is?

  29. Brother Saleem,

    You raise an interesting point which in gist states that we should all look to our own faults before ‘attacking’ the institution of Ahmadiyyat.

    If that was the case brother there would be no Dawah! The Holy Prophet (saw) did state that humans are constantly making mistakes. So who is anyone to question the Ahmadiyyat hierarchy, you might ask.

    I think that is missing the point of many brothers and sisters who have left the Ahmadiyyat community or are on the fringes. The community styles itself as the one true sect of Islam, the saved sect. This will instantly draw attention. For those who have left and are on the fringes there are many questions on the teachings of Ahmadiyyat that do not sit right with them and upon further research many leave. After all we are talking about the hereafter as our ultimate goal in life and so it shakes many to their core that Ahmadiyyat may be false and as such this is an avenue to communicate the grave concerns many people have about the teachings of MGA.

    So although you say ‘physician heal thyself’ I remind you of another saying of Holy Prophet (saw): one is not a believer until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.

    I wish for the Truth and Guidance of Allah (swt) and I wish that upon all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters and all my Muslim brothers and sisters. When you consider that saying one cannot sit idly by against propogation of aparent falsehood.

  30. Expulsion of 40 respectable family memebers of Jamaat Ahmadiyya under the leadership of Mirza Masroor Ahmed is a big blow to the Ahmadiyya Cult in Islam. Certainly we do not appreciate free mixing of males and females if they are not related to each other and dancing in the public. Expelling them from the Jamaat for this minor reason is unjustified and we condemn this action of Mirza Masroor Ahmed and his paid kotries. The Ahmadies who have been expelled must not fear about Mahmudi Khalifas and his PAID MULLAHS. Infact they are lucky to be free from a Cult like that of David Kuresh of Waco, TX or Jeff Warren and his Cult of Utah. They should join a Muslim Group who will be very happy to welcome them. They should not forget that by the Grace of Allah SWT they are Muslims and Allah SWT has made them Khair-ul-Ummat. There is not position of these so-called Mahmudi Khalifas in Islam. They are using the Mission of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani for their selfish worldly motives. They are Vultures, Swines and monkeys and we should stay away from such Cancers of Society. The Imam-e-Zaman Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani himself stated in his writings that it is not obligated for Ahmadies to accept all his claims and his claims are not part of Iman of Muslims. PERIOD

    • If no one is expected to accept his claims, then what is the point of his claim?
      Lahoris are trying

  31. I know a VERY PROMINENT family on the list, residents of Potomac. It did make me some sad to see what the elderly Father of the Household had to go through at this age. The guy is the top family in Washington/ Maryland area. I spend good time at their home.

    • @ rashid and Mushtaq Malik

      Why do you blog as two seperate personalities? We all know that you are the same person. Does Zahid blog under your name?

      • Rationalist
        This is not ahmedi.org who has blocked Rashid Jahangiri because of fear of something. I allowed him to use my ID to express his views. I am the actual Mushtaq Malik on this forum of ahmediyyagazette/ahmediyyagazette1 of youtube channel.

        • Such dishonesy only comes from the LAM. I also hypothesize that Zahid Aziz uses the same ID.

          You people claim that MGAQ was a bumbling idiot when he presented his views on the immaculate conception. ALI quickly published his Quranic Tafsir in 1917 wherein he proved that MGAQ didnt know Islam at all.

  32. Ahmadis strive and will always strive to do their best to please Allah and need a khalifa to guide them every step of the way. Even as children make mistakes, parents discipline out of love and so are members of the community disciplined. if one is a true servant of God, this will not result in defiance or anger, but in humility and a hope to better oneself in Iman. This is the time of trial and suffering for any member, and certainly does the greatest pain, because of their intense love of the Jamaaat and nothing else.

  33. We cannot say AlhumdolillAllah enough for being part of the
    Jamat of the Promised Messiah who’s advent was prophesied by the
    Holy Prophet. While in these dark times the rest of the Muslim
    Ummah continues leaderless we have a Khalifa to guide us and keep
    us on the right path. I’m sure these people will repent on their
    sins and come back for the better.

    • Brother in Humanity

      My intention is not to offend but merely an observation.

      I with my restricted knowledge am noting that there is indeed a BIG difference between the first Calipha`s of Islam
      -and the followers of Mr. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

      -and even this significant difference ought to be a thread for starting some cerebral processes and start reflecting about …….just what it`s all about..
      (Jamaat ahmadiya)


    • And this Khalifa is stealing all your money and SELLING Islam to you. This is our gripe, this is our genuine concern. We want to free you from the shackles of this punjabee country club where you worship a khalifa but never see how he is elected. I was once an Ahmadi…I know the psychology…NO MIRZA is divine!!! Recent research has revealed that Mirza lusted after Muhammadi begum…when he lost her he went INSANE. This religion of Ahmadiyyat stemmed from a family feud. MGAQ only claimed to be Esa (as) (nauzolbillah) in an attempt to please his cousins and secure a beautiful bride. His failure in this attempt created Ahmadiyyat. Mahmud was born in Jan 1889, 2 months later MGAQ started accepting bait. Get the picture?

      • Since the Promised Messiah was nothing but a humble slave of the Holy Prophet (saw) all the allegations he was accused of, his master was accused of before him. Not just in his life but even know after 1400 years they keep on coming. So it’s no surprise that his humble slave would be accused similarly in fact I would be surprised if he wouldn’t. In fact if you didn’t accuse him of these allegations I might be more willing to consider leave the Ahmadiyya Jamat.

        The ‘stealing money’ allegation, the holy Quran tells us that the Holy prophet (saw) was accused of stealing money from Muslims not just by his non-Muslim enemies but even the Muslim munifiqeen. And so were his Caliphs. So no surprises there.

        As far as ‘lust’ is concerned I’m sure you’re aware no other prophet of God has been accused of lust more than the Holy prophet (saw). A LOT of ‘research’ has been done by non-Muslims ‘scholars’ on the ‘lust’ of the Holy Prophet (saw). In fact books upon books have been written on this subject for the last 1400 years and they still keep coming with new data.

        Let’s see what’s next, ah it’s insanity. I don’t think any prophet was accused of insanity more than the Holy Prophet (saw). Calling him majnoon was one of the most favorite ways of deriding him.

        • Wow, now I get it! Since Barack Obama was accused of being a racist, if I get accused of being one, I can say, ‘nothing new’ — Barack Obama was accused of it 🙂

          No, no, wait a sec. We’re talking about prophets. Since MGA had things alleged about him, and other prophets have been things alleged, so MGA must be a prophet.

          Naah, that looks fishy. Let’s try this once again. Having accepted MGA as a prophet, there is no need to look into his character and credentials, for things alleged about him make him a prophet.

          I’ll try this later, my head is hurting now.
          Round and round and round . . . .
          On the cult merry-go-round we go . . .
          We call it logic, though may be circular . . .
          Round and round and round . . .

          • yes thats ahmadiyya logic

            Coz MGA was opposed and QURAN tells prophets were opposed so MGA is prophet 🙂

            they forget that even fake ones were opposed as well

          • So now that we all agree that the characters of all prophets are maligned by their enemies and Even after more than 1400 years Muslims have not been able to convince the non-Muslims of the good character of the Holy Prophet (saw).

            So what if Mirza sahib did have a ‘great’ character i.e. a character ‘worthy of belonging to a prophet’ (you’re obviously very knowlegable of the kind of character prophets should have, the kind of things they should do and not do)? Would you have accepted him as a prophet of God?

  34. Who gives you the right to decide who is muslim and who is not. Mr. farhan you are at even more fault for posting this and passing your own judgement on the situation, than those people attending this affair. Are you God? Because only God can decide if what has been done is correct or not. But thanks for your opinion. And I will pray that God saves you.

    • Sulman Khan, read the following quotes by Mirza Sahib:

      “God Almight as disclosed to me that whoever has been apprised of my advent and does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God.”
      – Essence of “Islam”, Volume 4, Page 87

      Mirza Bashir Ahmad goes on the deep end:

      “Thus, according to these quotations, not only are those deemed to be kuffar, who openly style the Promised Messiah as kafir, and those who although they do not style him thus, decline still to accept his claim, but even those who, in their hearts, believe the Promised Messiah to be true, and do not even deny him with their tongues, but hesitate to enter into his Bai‘at, have here been adjudged to be kuffar.” After this, some more quotations were given in support of the main contention, and the weakness implicit in the overture for friendship was exposed, and the Promised Messiah’s fatwa (pronouncement) which forbade Ahmadis to pray behind non-Ahmadi Imams was quoted. And lastly, it was argued from a verse of the Holy Quran that such people as had failed to recognise the Promised Messiah as a Rasul even if they called him a righteous person with their tongues, were yet veritable kuffar.
      – Truth about the Split, Page 148

      Both of these quotes are available in English, they are not my custom translations. I never called anyone a kaafir, not once.. Instead, I say that the religion Ahmadiyya is kufr, but it is possible that people who are upon it just don’t know any better.

      But, these two Mullahs went off on the deep end. Perhaps you should criticize them before you criticize Muslims…?

      Thank you sincerely for your Du’as. I need them.

      • They will revise that edition and remove the quote just like they did with Tadhkirah i.e. it used to be in Tadhkirah before they decided to remove it, how long before they do it with this edition of EOI.

  35. Am i the only one here picking up much jealousy from Non-Ahmadies here. Alhamdulilah! Brother Farhan is grossly misinformed on what the purpose of what took place is. Come on Farhan you ask the world to forgive Sunnis and look beyond stereotyping… yet here you are turning the same face on Ahmadies. I mean at first you people here took time to muster the decency to hide the names… Allah knows how much more exposure you gave the people….. and the only people supposed to know the names were Jammat members since it would only affect them. Not the general PUBLIC. CLEARLY your whole side has been hypocrite….. And like i said… you’ve been misinformed about why this happens.. and you allowed one incident of somebody’s parents being very distressed from this to drive you to conclusions …….. very nice … i also suppose Sunni “prayer centers” have a bad influence on American Teens seeing the little boy from Portland just a month ago about to blow up christmas celebrations. Like I said ….. you ask the world to forgive your religion for the atrocities it commits in overblown proportions, yet you change faces on Ahmadies.

    If i was LIKE YOU Id be saying ” Look at the sunni group… today a girl was decapitated in Arab world for behaving unIslamically, or today 2 women were shot to death for taking off their burka in front of passing sunni taliban fighters.”

    🙂 you should look up on Psychology: Behaviour and Learning… and remember one thing….before you compare Sunni and Ahmadiyya…what seperates the two………. INTELLIGENCE (logic). And iNTELLIGENCE=Progressive people.
    Thus, please stop associating us with you.
    The Pakistani Laws are true in the broader sense!

    I know you guys are jealous, but please if you have some decency leave us alone.
    And it is not Ahmadies who dont know sunni clerics, it is you, “American idiot”! Why dont you travel abroad before you tell us we dont know sunni muslims and how non-terrorist they are…

    you say in your video “we should bring them closer to Allah (swt) rather than pushing them away” i suppose what you implied here being a modern sunni (taking everything litterally) that we should strangle them to death for not wearing hijab(RIP) … BRING THEM CLOSER- is that what you meant Farhan? wow(im not serious here of course but you(sunnis) can see how foolish you’ve been on this page).

    • Thanks for the comment. So, a series of compound criticisms.

      Your main criticism here is that we made this public. Consistent is the hallmark of truth. If you find this exposure problematic, do you also find it problematic that the Ahmadiyya religious authorities initially exposed it? Likely you will say no. If not, then there’s a double-standard:
      Its okay for the Murabbis to expose Sins.
      Its not okay for Muslims to expose the Murabbis.

      Intelligence is not logic. Logic are a set of rules that anyone can learn and apply. What I say is that the Ahmadiyya refuse to accept what’s plainly in front of them. The Prophet SAAWS says “I like squash”. Mirza Sahib says “Squash is evil”. So, you reinterpret what the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS says to conform with Mirza. It takes logic to do that: logical gymnastics.

      Likewise, the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS says “I am the seal of the prophets, there are no prophets after me” (exact quote). Mirza Sahib says “I am a prophet after Muhammad”. So, they employ complex logical gymnastics and mix in different concepts to conclude that “no prophets after me” really means “no law-bearing prophet after me”.

      And, we traditional Muslims are not literalists, nor have we ever been literalists. But, metaphoricalization of the entire Qur’an is also a problem, as there ARE some things that are literal. So, how do you know what’s literal and what’s metaphorical to verify if Mirza’s interpretations are correct? You look at the interpretations of the earliest Muslims. they were upon the truth. If they conform with Mirza, then Mirza was right. If they don’t, Islam is correct.

      • Number 1) I have heard couple of announcements of expulsions. And never was it mentioned exactly what has happened. Only the names are read. and that “no chanda will be accepted from them nor are they allowed to partake in Jamaat events. Second of all… this myth that if somebody is expelled from partaking in Jamaat events means they are bullied… is your own steroetypical thinking.

        CounterExample 1: My Qaid (leader) of jamaat was once expelled himself for a serious fight he got into at a sports event… alhamdulilah he took time to think over and repent over what he did in his own prayers to Allah and he didnt have to beg anybody(human authority figure) to come back to come back into jamaat. . . and today hes not the same person at all.

        CounterExample2: Another older friend of mine did something which got him expelled for a rather short period of time… and at the time he was at the mosque for one of his occasional visits. He was so distraught by what happened ……. not because his parents or family were going to carry out honor killing ( a sunni tradition since time) or because they were going to “socially boycott” as you and your biased friends put it… but he realized that he was no longer following the ten condions of Bai’it to be apart of the Jammaat to which Rasoolulah SAW had ordered Muslims to do no matter where he appeared … even if you had to travel across mountains of snow, etc.
        And so my friend the next day was at namaz (even to my surprise) Wallahi… and from that time he became regular.

        you can say i made this all up because clearly there is no document i have to prove this nor would i spill more detail in fear of exposing a sin. So its cool to not believe these accounts, believe what you want because as an AhmadiMuslim I believe in the verse of the Quran “There shall be no compulsion in religion”

        Like i said you are no different from those who say all muslims are terrorists because some sunni factions actually are. YOU Steroetype and your coming off with a tonne of PREJUDICE.

        I also have a school-class mate friend who is a female with sunni parents… i could get her to come here and expose the sotries of what she saw and heard at Sunni prayer centers that brought her to becoming an Athiest but thats not my style …. Im an AhmadiMuslim not a Fox news Affiliate.

        Congrats Farhan… Im not going to start with you on Khatme-nabuwaat youve probably spent every day of your life on that (no offense).

        Theres only so much you can do to hide the truth about the serious threats to modern civilization that arrogance and ignorance from the sect of Islam that you adhere to pose to humanity at large…

        “Moderates” “Extremists”….. there just words with no meaning in reality…. because we know the only difference between the two so called types of people is overt expression of what lies in the heart. The beast can come out at any given time that the window of opportunity is open. Please travel abroad so you can clear up your own thinking.


        • Not all Sunni leaders Osamas but as well not all are Hamza Yusufs 🙂 THIS IS THE whole STATEMENT. There is no pluralism in truth and it is also WHOLE.

          • Goher, this part of your message I agree with.

            If you like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, do a YouTube search for the following names:
            Hamza Yusuf
            Zaid Shakir
            Muhammad al-Shareef
            Yasir Qadhi
            Yaser Birjas
            Nouman Ali Khan

            Let me know what you think over MSN.

        • If you read the papers, you would see that it *does* mention what sins they committed. That destroys any defense of “not exposing sins”. Expulsion from a community has a valid time and place. I don’t disagree. But, that’s only in life-threatening situations (ie, war, fighting, etc). I’m sorry, but dancing at a mixed-gender wedding does not warrant expulsion, or even exposing others’ sins. That’s haraam.

          No offense taken about the “Khatme-Nubuwwat” comment Goher, but I do not research arguments against Ahmadiyya. Instead, I study Islam itself and see how stark Ahmadiyya contrasts with Islam. I’m sorry, but Pakistan is not the Muslim world. And the grave mistakes of a minority of loud idiots in Pakistan do not make Islam false.

          When Ahmadis see Islam, they are either drawn to it or accept it.

  36. I am sorry but I have to ask a question here as I can’t seem to log into the forum!

    What happens if Ahamdis are invited to other faith weddings, I am invited to a Christian wedding of one of my best friends and another is a Hindu wedding who have been family friends for many years.

    I cannot simply say to them I do not attend mixed gender gatheration and please do not have music at your weddings because they know I would be a hypricate and also not all Muslims observe segration of male and females, I remember going to a Jordian wedding and that was not the case. I know if I don’t go that would most certainly be rude of me if I didn’t, and furthermore, I don’t think there would understand as some of my sunni friends are all attending and they will ask why I cannot go if other Muslims are going.

    To me a wedding ceremony that is a private affair of two families, off course there are going to be friends of mixed race and Ahmadis and Muslims and we cannot always perfect a ceremony to the likes of Ahmadis completely. I personally would not invite some of the jamaat members if I know I am going to be spied upon and the fear that I might not please them even though I keep to the Islamic values of the wedding.

    • Thanks for asking this question Samia! From the best of my knowledge, you have every right to attend a wedding of another faith, be it mixed or segregated, no one- not even the Jamaat can stop you from attending this function!

      Where they become hypocrites is that they cannot physically apply this rule to all aspects of one’s life; they can’t stop anyone from working where no purdah is available and nor can they stop anyone going to a restaurant where other males/females willl be there. They (Jamaat) only seem to apply this sinister and rather sick rule to Ahmadi on Ahmadi functions,by that I mean, Ahmadis who attend another Ahmadis mixed wedding function! Does that make sense??

    • No, you’re not allowed to attend even weddings of other faiths if they’re not properly segregated etc. But you can always leave Islam Ahmadiyyat and attend as many weddings as you want.

      • Even if a person drinks, commits zinnah, curses, and does other terrible sins by night…

        …he should still pray Fajr in the masjid and beg forgiveness for the last night.

        Not kick him out. May Allah have mercy on the sinners.

  37. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:

    “Those who hear of my advent and do not accept me are not Muslims and are accountable to God”
    – The Essence of “Islam”, Volume 4 under the section “Acceptance Obligatory”

    Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen:

    In his book “The Truth about the Split”, he calls everyone who doesn’t accept Mirza Ghulam as a “kaafir”, “not Muslim”, and “out of the pale of Islam”, even those who accept Mirza Ghulam but don’t verbally testify it.

    Pretty extreme stuff…

    • Asalamu Alaikum Farhan,
      I’m by no means learned enough, so just wanted to ask, when the Messiah does come, and the Imam Mahdi, those that reject them, will they be counted as Muslims?

      If not, then technically Ahmadis, who believe the Messiah and Mahdi to have come are allowed to say it?


      • @ student

        Your question in itself doesnt make sense. When the Messiah/Mahdi arrive they will create an atmosphere in which all people and nations will join Islam. You should read the narrations closely. This is what is meant by the famous hadiths wherein the phrase, “jizyah will come to end” refer to.

        When Jizyah comes to end that means that there are NO non-muslims left to pay it. Did you get that?

        • Well it seems that your Warrior Mahdi and supernatural Messiah will be better than the Holy Prophet (saw)? Innalillahe wa inna ilyhe rajioon

          And ending Jizya means that the politics of the world will change so no wars will be fought based on faith. Thus there will be no need to impose Jizya.

          • Do you mean like our warrior Prophet Muhammad SAAWS, who fought in
            * Uhud
            * Khandaq
            * Khaybr

            And did supernatural miracles like:
            * feeding all of Ahl al-Suffa with a single cup of milk
            * having water come from his hands
            * having inanimate objects speak in front of him
            * seeing things others could not see
            * having a body so blessed, he could heal people by touching them

            Or do you reject all of these as just “metaphors” because they contradict your idea of Science?

            You said:
            “And ending Jizya means that the politics of the world will change so no wars will be fought based on faith. Thus there will be no need to impose Jizya.”

            Explain to me in detail how you changed “Jiziya” into “Wars”. Be precise. Do not simply tell me “Its a metaphor you Mullah! Ahmadiyyat Zindabad!”

  38. I found this article very humorous. “Leaked” letters as if you are running some sort of spy agency. Please!!! Let’s look at this issue sensibly. The Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s behaviour is as close to the manner in which Allah was with His prophets. In the very beginning, Allah commanded Adam (a.s.) not to mingle with certain people as they would be a bad influence on them. Is this not what the Ahmadis have done? After many words of warning, the jamaat took some action. It is only appropriate that the action taken was the correct action as it was necessary to protect the current and future generations from being corrupted. It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the west has destroyed their morality. It was a process where a little look the other way led to another look the other way until finally it reached a point where all sorts of social ills is now the norm, even accepted behaviour. Sometimes you have to put the hammer down. Should it not be the responsibility of a religious organization to protect it’s membership, present and future, from falling ill to these types of social ills? Even Noah (a.s.) lost his sone in the floods and Allah told him that that was not his son because his son would not behave in that manner. This occurrence is no different than the examples we have been given by Allah. Those who have evil in their hearts find fault and wrongdoing where none exists and this illness has existed since time began.
    Now, the accusation of public humiliation is quite hypocritical on behalf of the writer. This letter was an internal jamaat correspondence. For the most part, only office holders had seen it. That is until the writer of this blog posted it for the world to see. See what Allah says about hypocrites and you will see your reflection. The writer attempts to put down an organization which acts in a holy manner by committing unholy acts.

  39. Jazakallah!

    Yeah I follow what you’re saying. Because everyone will be Muslim, there wont be any non-Muslims to call non-Muslims. :).

    Aren’t there narrations that also say that many people will also oppose the Messiah / Mahdi? (Once again, this is based on hearsay, and so I may be completely wrong).

    • @ student

      Ahmadis present some type of references to the effect that Muslims will reject the Messiah/Mahdi. I have never seen references from the Ahamdiyya outfit.

      Even recently I see them quoting hadith on banners…instead of giving a reference they just write that Muhammad (saw) said it.


    • hold up, are you saying that the forum was wrong to put it up? what so these people should suffer in silence? here, even ahmadis are backing them…. huzoor is reading all these messages… some good will come out of it Maryam!!!

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