Ahmadiyya and the Mumbo-jumbo Business

After I watched br. Shahid’s video about “Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism”   I sent the following email to Rafiq Ahmed Hayat on 9-Dec-2010 and I copied the same to Mirza Masroor himself, Hani Taher of the Arab Ahmadiyya and Mirza Mudassar Ahmed of Majlis Khuddamul Akmadiyya UK. 

Regrettably they neither responded nor took corrective action. As a result I tried to reach Rafiq Hayat at his mumbojumboworld telephone number on 17-Dec-2010. His secretary asked me to call later since he wasn’t available that time; however she confirmed that Rafiq Ahmed Hayat is a director for the company.

I realized later that the secretary was wrong since Rafiq Hayat is not a director for the group though he is a director for all the UK companies which belong to the Mumbo Jumbo group. It seems the secretary herself was confused about this mumbo-jumbo business since all the sub-companies have had the same address and telephone number of Mumbojumboworld. 

I was puzzled more and more at this mumbo-jumbo thing when I noticed that all the mumbojumboworld companies are related to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat itself and to Al-Shirkatul Islamiyyah Company where Rafiq Hayat works as accountant.


I wanted to ask Rafiq Hayat:

–       What is the nature of the business relationship between Mumbojumboworld and Ahmadiyya Jamaat?

–       Is Mumbojumboworld the place where the Jamaat invests the Chanda money? Do they use the charity arm of Mumbojumboworld to collect a sort of Chanda from non-Ahmadis?

–       What is the opinion of Rafiq Hayat about those cartoons published at the site which he had chosen as official website for the companies related to MTA and Ahmadiyya business?

–       Why does the charity business of Mumbojumboworld support organizations like Hineni Jerusalem Committee which focuses on Jewish unity? Is it the same reason why the Mumbojumboworld’s logo is the Star of David?


I could finally talk to Rafiq Hayat by phone on Monday 20-Dec-2010. However, he denied receiving my email though he was aware about the cartoons issue since he didn’t ask me about their content. When I asked him to comment on the bad cartoons published at the website of his company he sputtered in a  throttled voice:  “I am not the owner, this is a big company”.

I asked him to comment as a director of all Mumbojumboworld subsidiaries and as a national president of Ahmadiyya UK. However, before I continue with asking my remaining questions, he said that he cannot give such information through phone! and that I should send my questions to him in writing. Then all of a sudden, the line was switched off after I asked him to confirm his email address since he claimed that he didn’t receive my earlier email.

After few hours I received two emails from Mumbojumbowrld; the first one was from the Admin who apologized about the cartoons and promised that such mistakes will not recur. The second email was from Rafiq Hayat himself.

Unlike his behavior during our telephone conversation, Rafiq Hayat was polite in his email; he claimed that he didn’t read my email earlier since it went to Junk; he also apologized by claiming that our call was accidently dropped. Most likely he realized that his written response would be published.

Rafiq Hayat also clarified that he is not a director for the group. However he said that he has taken up the matter with the management who informed him that the cartoons will be removed immediately from the website.

I sent the following email response to Rafiq Hayat on 21-Dec-2010:


Unfortunately he didn’t reply till date; however, soon after I sent a reminder on 23-Dec-2010, the cartoons were removed from the website. Interestingly they also removed the email address and the name of Rafiq Hayat from the contact details. Apparently they wanted to keep Mr. Hayat in the shadow; but they forgot to remove the photo of the little Rafiq Hayat and the other photos of Mumbojumboworld great team members.


Why is Rafiq Hayat hiding? Why doesn’t he want to be connected to Mumbojumboworld though all the companies of this group are related to MTA and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat? Why didn’t he check the content of Mumbojumboworld.com though he had accepted it as the official website for his Ahmadiyya-related companies? Why does he claim now that he doesn’t accept personifing his God in cartoons though he had already accepted the same God Yalaah to be personified in reality?


Finaly if Mumbojumboworld is in the business of properties, why was their Youtube channel only busy with supporting Rafiq Hayat’s Islamophobia?

Interestingly they have also closed the account of Mumbojumboworld at Youtube on 23-Dec-2010. Apparently they didn’t know I have taken a snapshot.

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23 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya and the Mumbo-jumbo Business

  1. OMG…..

    Rafiq and Masroor have not an iota of Islam in them. Islam has never vibrated the hearts of men from Qadian or Rabwah, or any Ahmadiyya investment in Africa. These people have disrespected the honor of Muhammad (Saw).

    In the past Islam was spread through trade and truthfullness. Also, Muslims didnt charge interest, the dealings of the Muslim world circa 1400 years ago revolved around honor and peace.

    Ahmadis appear to think its OK to make money off of interest. Rafiq appears to be a Real Estate guru who makes millions of off interest. And Masrooor…his old buddy from Africa have cashed in on Ahmadiyyat.

    Allah will punish these people, we dont have to do anything but be news-reporters.

    • Rafiq Hayat, Raf, Rafiq Ahmed Hayat, Raf Ahmed Hayat the Peter Mandleson/Mandy of the Ahamdiyya. Hand picked and groomed within Ahmadiyya organisation for the last twenty years, the Amir of the UK….surprise surprise. An example of the “inner circle” at work.
      You shamefully cry wolf again and again to the western media. Creating spin and twisting the facts to suit your “persecuted sect” agenda.
      Now the spotlight is on you.
      How can you and others like you point the finger, when you fall so short of the standard by which you use to judge other people. Issuing edicts that this person is “thrown out of the Jammat” for what ever reason. Isolating families for daring to question where the Chanda money goes….or simply declaring someone out of the fold of “Islam” for non payment. Your arrogant behaviour may work in the insular world of Ahamadiyya, where you are surrounded by “yes men” ready to serve at your beck and call.
      Do the hourable thing; resign.
      You are a disgrace.

  2. brother Fuad Al-Attar may Allah SWT bless you & reward you immensly for your hard efforts. You have exposed the dirty nature of the seniors of the Qadiani Cult!

    Many Qadianis before said to me that brother Shahids video dosn’t prove that Rafiq Hayat has anything to do with that website (standard Qadiani defence stay in denial)… you’ve just rubbed salt into the wounds!

    Allahu Akbar!

  3. Ground-breaking and fantastic stuff:

    First plagiarism, and now mumbo jumbo — brother Fuad, you are one of a kind.

    This is the fruit of the Ahmadiyya ‘hate campaign’ against Muslims of UK.

  4. I went on to the Charity Commission website to see if Rafiq Hayat has been open with his association with Mumbojumboworld and the Ahmadiyya Community. He has not.

    The following link should take you to the trustees of one of the many Ahmadiyya charities.


    The following one is for the Cyril & Eve Jumbo Charitable Trust.


    You will note that when you click on Rafiq’s name on the Ahmadiyya charity page on CC site it states the following:

    There are no other charities to display for MR RAFIQ AHMED HAYAT

    On the Cyril & Eve Jumbo Trust CC site it states under Raf’s name:

    There are no other charities to display for MR RAFIQ AHMED HAYAT

    This is simply not the case! We have seen from recent submissions on this site that Rafiq is associated with both charities. AS TRUSTEE. Why fail to disclose this Mr RAFIQ AHMED HAYAT?

  5. Guys, for your sake – honestly, get another hobby in addition to the Ahmadiyya-bashing thing. And I’m seriously not trying to be sassy or anything. But it amazes me how much time and energy you devote to this. You dislike Ahmadi Muslims, that’s fine. You want to accuse them for every kind of sin out there, fine. But to make it your main priority – don’t you think that’s a bit much? If I did something similar, maybe about Christians, I’d get sick of it after a little while. I understand you are driven in your agenda, but there are far worthier agendas to attend to I am sure. Poverty, prostitution, crime, etc that plagues the Islamic world. If you want to help Islam, isn’t that also something that proud Muslims such as yourself should be discussing first? Would prophet Muhammad (pbuh) truly be happy about the kinds of things being said on this website, think about that genuinely please….

    Which by the way does not mean I am suggesting by any means that you should stop saying things about Ahmadis or Ahmadiyyat – and I say this as an Ahmadi Muslim that loves every part of her deen. This website has actually HELPED me to understand why it is I love Ahmadiyyat and Khilafat so much. So from the bottom of my heart, jazakAllah for that.

    But it just saddens me that you would spend so much of your energy on this. Read a book, take a walk, enjoy the holiday decorations and don’t be so grumpy. Live and let live, la-qum deen o-qum va ‘leya deen, and leave the rest to Allah, no?

    And one more thing, you have every right to say whatever you want (fact or fiction) and nobody else has the right to take that away from you. Especially not Ahmadi Muslims. What *you* do not have the right to do is act like you are the custodians of Islam by saying things like “Ahmadis, stop calling yourselves Muslims” which I have seen on the site a few times. Nobody, and nobody, has the right to decide who is and isn’t Muslim. And certainly not some bloggers. I will call myself a Muslim because I believe that there is No God but Allah and Muhammad (saw) is His messenger. God alone will decide whether I am genuine in that claim or not, not you. You don’t have to agree with me but you don’t have the right to take away my right to say what I believe I am. Am I right?

    happy holidays.

    • Nope, you’re not right.

      Priorities: It’s lakum deenu kum wa liya deen. There is no “v” sound in Arabic. And there is no ‘qaf’ in that ayah either. We do wish you Ahmadis would take care when transliterating Arabic, because you take no care in translating it. You might not think the Word of Allah important, but Muslims do. While I’m being careful, I’d also remind you that there is no ‘o’ sound in Qur’anic Arabic. The sound is ‘u’. It’s precisely this kind of sloppiness in thinking that let Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fool some of our ancestors.

      Your cult’s kalimah includes Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, ours doesn’t. (I can provide the reference if need be…) and Mirza himself considered himself the last Messenger (again, reference available on request) – now given that Muslims recite the kalimah without the conditions that the Ahmadiyya have deceptively imposed, and given that your cult is so tiny, no more than 20k people in this country, your home, who are you as a group to tell 1.5BN Muslims what does and doesn’t constitute Islam?

      Ahmadiyya might be a hobby to you, but Islam is not our hobby. Da`wah is not our hobby. It is an obligation on Muslims. We all have very busy lives outside this area, far richer and more full of joy than the life of most Ahmadis, we can assure you of that. You’d know if you joined us.

      BTW, your message is completely off topic. Why are you wasting your time here?

      • thank you for the correction, I never claimed to be an expert on the transliteration of Arabic, which has always been more difficult for me than actual pronounciation. Which does not take away from the importance I give to the Word of God, in any way. And my own “sloppiness” does not indicate a lack of Arabic understanding on the part of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), Shahid.

        But in any case, I know my message was off-topic, sorry about that. But that’s all what I wanted to say. And for the record, I don’t think my time here is wasted at all. I thanked you for the way in which you helped me, right?

        • Nothing more important than the Word of God sister.

          You’ve surely seen plenty of evidence, including a recent article that shows Mirza’s Arabic knowledge was restricted mainly to plagiarism and poor grammar with Punjabi mistakes?

          Can you present a single argument in defence of Ahmadiyya sister?

        • @ K

          Like the common Ahmadi you know nothing about your own religion. I was in the same boat 4 years ago. The reason these websites were created was to simply put out the word on Ahmadiyyat. The Muslim-world needs to know as to who you people really are. Islam is not a punjabee country club.

          Secondly…Ahmadis who want to learn about their own religion can get their best education here. Trust me…I was an Ahmadi for like 25 years, they never told me about Muhammadi Begum, they never told me the truth about the eclipses, they never told me why the split happened.

          The Mirza family keeps Ahmadis sooooo busy doing “jamaat-work”, that they never have time to discuss the doctrinal divide with Islam.

          FYI: Has their ever been a white-european murrabbi inside Ahmadiyyat? I know of one african-american.

          Get the picture?

    • As I have said in a previous post, this is standard ahmadi tactic, when faced with an avalance of facts do the following

      1. Start using abuse (such as the videos demeaning of ak shaikh on you tube) and / or

      2. Start shouting slogans…’we are the saved sect, you can defeat us’ and / or

      3. Start trying to convince muslims that they should ignore ahmadiyya and spend the time with more productive things.
      Right??? and this is coming from a cult that is obssessed with muslims, every speech and leaflet is about demonising muslims and creating hatred towards them, every boring punjabi scripted khutabah of mirza masroor and his murrabi goons, revolved around attacking muslims. Mr Akber is spot on, why dont the go and preach to jews, christians, hindus etc about their messiah instead of coming on fox news to attack muslims?? As long they continue to hijack our religion and demonise us, we have the right to expose their cult.

      4. oh and lastly, if all the above is not working they pretend to be muslims and infiltrate muslim groups, forums etc. Which is described in the Quran about the hypocrites, along the lines, when they come to you they say we are muslims. That is exactly what they do, to the letter.

      Ahmadis you will notice we dont have any hang ups with Bahais? Why is that? Because they are not a cult and not hypocrites. They say we have a new prophet and that means we have a new religion, honest straightforward deviant religion but not a hypocritical cult.

      Ahmadis, no one, an let me repeat, NO ONE, in the world is creating as much hate towards you as your murabbis, because they are attacking muslims on the media without just cause and this is creating immense hatred towards average ahmadis, who dont deserve to suffer because of the actions of liars and hypocrites like rafiq hayat and naseem mahdi. You best get these dogs on a lead if you dont want people to hate your community even more.

      • Jess

        I do have to express my appreciation for Your post,
        and as I have been a Youtuber for some time and engaged in or might I put it more appropriate ; “trying to engage” in communication with followers of Mirza Ghulam, I have to say ;
        “Bull`s eye” !

        A number of my good Brothers in Islam and me have been facing threats and the alike in our mail-boxes on Youtube…….
        and this is indeed sad that they go around shouting ; “Love for all……….” and it is too often shown to be lip-service and not ; “Walking the talk”

        And another thing I have noticed is they are good at hitting the “dislike-button” on Youtube-videos exempla gratia of AK Shaikh Saheebs or Brother Shahids ….and then they run away with a speed that not even their backs are seen (even without commenting on why they disliked it….)
        A thing that is also seen is their giving “dislikes” to comments on videos so they the comments get “invisible”.
        In my eyes this is nothing but the doings of a Cult-mentality.

    • For 100~ years, the likes of Mirza Tahir Ahmad have spread hatred against Muslims and argued against Islam, using smear-words like ‘Mullah” and spreading misinformation about our faith.

      But, the moment the Muslims respond back, its “bashing”?

      What I find most ironic is that the Ahmadi religious authorities have been calling Muslims kufaar for over 100 years, but if the Muslims do it back, that’s wrong…

  6. K,
    Technically, yes, privately you can call yourself whatever you want — like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses may call themselves Christians. Having said that, there is no reason for the Qadianis to try to speak on behalf of Muslims or publicly confuse people with ‘Muslims for Peace’ and ‘Real Islam’. Your real mission is to spread the good news that the Messiah has arrived: please go and sell your wares in front of Christians and Jews and Hindus — after all MGA was the ‘Promised Messiah’ and Mahdi and Krishna and (. . . ) for them all. If the Qadianis stick to their core mission, there would be few issues and people would generally leave them alone.

    Like any cult, Qadianis are a ‘greenfields’ organisation: strike where little is known about them, confuse simple Muslims, journalists and politicians. When people come to know the reality about them (as in India, Pakistan, Gambia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia, Albania, Iran, Syria, Saudia . . . ), move on to greener pastures. As such, with us specialising in the Ahmadiyya, there is no cause more worthy of our time than clarifying Muslim Identity — which is the best use of our collective experience. We enjoy it, and it gives us great satisfaction that we are supporting justice and truth by exposing a corrupt and opportunistic cult.

    When does your cult plan to drop 10,000,000 leaflets in Italy asking Catholics to believe in the return of Jesus? What better tabligh than that?

    Muslim charities are doing phenomenal work throughout the world, and not by collecting £25 from the pocket money of nine-year-old kids.

  7. Brothers, if you spent more time in Istikhfar, less time trying to dig the dirt on Ahmadiyyat, then may be Allah will forgive your sins. This is what we should all focus on. And if you want to spread the truth about our beloved deen, then perhaps you should focus on practicing it first, by not attacking people who recite the same Kalima as you. I also have two questions:
    1) Why has brother Fuad not published a single response from Mr Rafiq Hayyat, although he very much likes to refer to a response in his own words?
    2) Brother Shahid, perhaps with all your rhetoric published on the web, you may one day truthfully, and with evidence, share with us the true reason for your expulsion from Ahmadiyyat? Or was your crime so heinous, that no true Muslim would commit such an act? Brother, do you miss your blood family, your wife and your children, who have all disowned you?
    May Allah take the pain of hatred from your hearts, and extinguish the fire that burns within you, so that you may be able to live a life of peace….after all Islam does mean peace.
    May Allah always bless those who follow the right path, Ameen

    • Omar,

      This blog does not “attack people” anymore than Mirza Tahir used to attack Muslims. It criticizes the false faith called Ahmadiyya that masquerades as Islam. We criticize the religion, not the individual.

      I cannot address question 1..
      But, your question #2 was pretty offensive and unbecoming of anyone who claims to follow the way of the Prophet SAAWS. Br. Shahid was never “kicked out”, he left the religion on his own accord. The rest of that comment is factually incorrect. Its pretty despicable that you would write such a thing to begin with (unless Ahmadiyya is unable argue against Islam with facts and reason). You have lost the moral high ground.

      FYI, Islam does not mean “Peace”, Islam means “Submission”. And its not “Istikhfar” with a kha , its “Istighfar” with a ghayn. I was not going to correct you on that until I read the rest of your comment against my brother in Islam Shahid. But you don’t learn these words in Ahmadiyya, do you? You just learn “Jesus” is a deadman and “I hate Mullahs”.

      May Allah bring the followers of Mirza back to following the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS.

    • @Omar

      Please be informed that Rafiq Hayat’s email has included a confidentiality disclaimer prohibiting publishing his email. This is the reason why I asked him in my above-shown email dated 21-Dec-2010 to allow publishing his response. I sent him a reminder on 23-Dec-2010, but still didn’t receive his permission till date.

      If you think that Rafiq Hayat would say something else, you may send him a reminder yourself at Rahayat@mumbojumboworld.com

  8. Brother Omar,

    Why all the hostility and hate? You criticise brother Shahid for attacking people and then you go and attack him and make a blatant reference to his family. You know nothing of his home situation. Shame on you brother to bring his wife and kids in to this discussion.

  9. Dear Brother Fuad,,,,

    You meet so many people every day… you forget most of them but few are still remaining into the heart of your memory….. humans spent too many moments before and they are still counting them till their lives are finished …. again most of these moments will be eraced but few will last ….. Dear brother Fuad,,,, you will be among those hard to be forgotten or eraced from the memories.

    I should admit that I am totally ashamed of not doing part of your wonderful jobs in protecting Islam from such disbelievers … from qadianis and their allies … hypocrates, jewish and chrestians.

    Your brother for ever …. Abo Mohammed

  10. This is by far the dumbest post I’ve read. Truly, you guys have nothing better to do then to bash Ahmadiyyat. First of all, Rafiq Hayat is the Ameer of UK. He is not a wafe zindagi or life-long devotee to the Jamaat, and hence is allowed to carry on his professional career as a investor or w.e he does. Some Ameer Jamaat of other countries are lawyers and others are doctors etc.

    I dont know Mr. Hayat personally, but as you have posted above, he is the director of mumojabo…but only ONE of the directors..and not the sole.

    Anyways, as far as the other companies that come up along under MTA international as “related or similar” it is merely because Rafiq Hayat is listed under the Board of Trustees of all the companies that are in the list, including MTA Int. Yes, these might include ones he is personally involved in..So what?

    These lists are generated through a “match” system run by computers.

    We all know what you guys are trying to imply by such posts.. That the Jamaat leaders are somehow funneling money to their personal investments. C’mon on guys? Seriously. Any money that is collected under a charity is strictly monitored, and audited by government agencies…and so such actions would be impossible.

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