Ahmadi Girls Told to Boycott Muslims?

We received this message from a contributor to the forum today. We’d very much like to hear from the Ahmadiyya whether this is authentic or not. If it is authentic, and we have no reason to doubt its authenticity, then the level of fear-mongering contained in the email speaks volumes about the status of Ahmadiyya as a cult.

Dear Sadr Sahiba

Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu

May Allahtallah grant you and your family a long life in good health and happiness. Amen. In the wake of recent opposition by non Ahmadi Muslims, in the UK, against our Jama’at, this is just a reminder for all of us to be aware of the circumstances and to take extreme caution, especially the youth who can be easily targeted by the opposition. Hence, Ahmadi girls, especially those in universities, should not join any Islamic unions or groups on campus, as such groups can also begin to spread hatred against our Jamaat. Young girls should be extremely cautious when making new friends at colleges and universities. They should also not be over confident and trusting with friends they have known for longer. As we all know, the internet can have positive points but we should also keep in our mind the dangers then can arise. A girl’s honour, respect and dignity, is very precious and difficult to get back once lost. Girls should be strongly discouraged from uploading their pictures on the Internet or giving them away otherwise, for example as part of a group picture. Girls should be discouraged from joining any social online network, as anyone can pose as an Ahmadi in order to try and befriend Ahmadi girls with the sole purpose of influencing them negatively against the Jama’at. Please continue to pray that Allah may protect all of us against harm, Ameen. Jazakallah. Wassalam,


Shmaila Nagi

Sadr Lajna Imaillah UK

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39 thoughts on “Ahmadi Girls Told to Boycott Muslims?

  1. “Hence, Ahmadi girls, especially those in universities, should not join any Islamic unions or groups on campus, as such groups can also begin to spread hatred against our Jamaat. Young girls should be extremely cautious when making new friends at colleges and universities.”

    Sounds like a boycott. I wonder what omar oakes would have made of it if it was a Muslim who wrote that against the cult?


    • DA MULLAHS!!!1!!1!
      Everyone! Be afraid of DA MULLAHS!
      Don’t think, just hate them!
      Burn forever in HELL you Bearded Jahil Mullahs! We hate you! Die slow painful deaths! Love for All, Hatred for None!

  2. LOL @ Mirzais trying to safeguard the “honor” of their girls. This is quite funny since it is well known fact that Mirzai women have the worst reputation if you know what I mean. For a group that claims to be the “Renaissance of Islam”, they can’t even control the bad behavior of their girls.

    As a former Mirzai, I can testify to this fact that most Mirzai women don’t observe veil, wear Western clothes (pants and shirt), and most of them don’t pray, many of them don’t even fast during Ramadhan. Same with their men, it has no been revealed that in Bait ul Futuh, the so called largest mosque in Western Europe, not even 5% of the local congregation attends Salatul Fajr!

    So much for being the “Renaissance of Islam”.

    • This is very true. Although i disagree with the dressing, all ahmadis i know of don’t pracitse ANYTHING. I have never seen an Ahmadi girl wear hijab. I once asked an Ahmadi girl if she’s fasting and she just replied ‘i tried but i can’t make it’. Watching Ahamdi temples, when i see how their women have their head scarves (i dont even want to call it hijab), 3/4 of their hair is exposed. They even pray with nail polish! I find it ridiculous how they boast so much about being the ‘saved’ sect and the ‘true muslims’ but they don’t pracitse anything! And they only reply i ever get is ‘Islam is in the heart’.

      • Salafee, Shahid, Alec.. have some shame.. Some of your “reverts” have sisters and mothers who are still Ahmadis. Are you suggesting that they also have “reputations”?

        This is cheap.. And I am glad that you keep on showing glimpses of your mentality every now and then..

        • What have I said Lutf? How dare you accuse me!

          It’s disgusting that you haven’t addressed the post and your comment is misdirected and hypocritical considering your past blanket condemnation of Muslims.

          • You are also responsible Shahid. You did not deny or correct anything that your friends have said. Knowing your background, if you had any regard or respect for your mother and other female Ahmadi relatives, you would have stopped them.

          • I’m not on the site 24/7 at your beck and call Lutf. You do not respond to the majority of things here, do you? My silence is not even evidence of my having read the comments, never mind assent.

            Do you ever correct your co-religionists when they smear, defame or abuse me and my female relatives? I don’t even know many of the people here, so don’t assume that everyone with a different opinion is my friend. You do understand that it is possible to share a platform with people whose views you do not agree with, without subscribing to those views yourself, right? It’s called pluralist democracy, remember?

            We allow a large spectrum of opinions here (unlike the mind control of the Ahmadiyya) so it should be very clear that we are not all in agreement over every single issue. After all, I don’t correct you on everything disagreeable that you write! I ask again, where is the official Ahmadiyya forum where you are given as much freedom and latitude as you get here? (Never mind Muslim involvement!)

            For the record, I don’t agree with every opinion of every Muslim, I certainly don’t agree with your co-religionists who have threatened repeatedly to rape or kill my daughters and I don’t hold you responsible for that either. Do you have any comment on that matter? Even as a man?

            Wake up Lutf. You’re on the wrong side. You don’t have to agree with every Muslim (I don’t), but you should agree with Islam. (You don’t) Come back to us.

  3. Shahid can you explain to us what Islam you believe in? Is mudoodi, Wahabi, taliban or some other sect. Do you believe ahmadis are wajibul qatl? Can you answer this question?

    • Which Islam we follow: Islam version 1.0, the original, the first kind, Day 1 Islam, Orthodox, traditional, etc.

      We don’t feel the need to say “Islam-XYZ” or “ABC Islam”. We just say Islam and that’s it. Adding a name is a sign that the Prophet SAAWS didn’t teach it.

  4. I mean are you a mudoodi follower, wahabi or some other sect. Do you believe in Jihad against all non- muslims? Do you have sympathy for suicide bombing?

  5. LOL! Wajib Ul Qatl, our Kid here must need very long time in straight jacket!
    Lutf- you are right son, not all ahmadis are like this one. But remember A LOT of them do behave bad. Sex before marriage not uncommon- but pls I don’t blame them because poor girls have not real faith just jamaat faith. Satan leading them . Heartbreaking. U know shahid posted bbcc news link one day of 8th dec. On here ahmadis ladies were in bait ul futuh mosque and weaing BAD head covering. Very bad.

    Pls explain what uk universy student union for muslims is spreading hate on ahmadis? This lady is a liar and is brainwahed shame on her as german she should know this is wrong.
    Very sad times. Ahmadi girls if u find muslim boy plz marry and leave this bad ppl behind.

    • most muslims dont even know who the ahmadiyya are, and those who do couldn’t care less about them!

      • Years back a friend of mine told me some things regarding the ahmadiyya. He told me some of the things written in the books of Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani, and I was like ; “whaaaat???”.
        As time passes (and especially seen in light of the things going on Youtube and in generel on internet) I personally think its necessary for us muslims to be aware about and even inform others about just what this Cult is about.
        I have in real life met ahmadii whom are not even aware about basics from their Aqidah (Ahmadii). And some muslims are not much aware about them either.
        Personally I think it`s an obligation we have to try , to contribute with whatever we can to get the picture straight, InshaALLAH.

        • Ahamdis live in a paki punjabi bubble. It’s a harsh thing to say but it’s true. Their communities are basically in the south asian diaspora..ie where indian and pakistani communities are established. There are few tolken Africans, just to show they’re not a brown sect. They maybe have one or two white or arab converts and puppet them around like celebrities. Ahmadiyya has not spread in mass into other muslim groups. How can this be a saved sect when it only inclues a certain ethnicity?
          Islam on the other hand, has spread accross many many lands, peoples and religions. It’s 100 years after Ahmadism, yet this has not happened to them!
          I have Muslim friends of different backgrounds; Albanians, Bosnians, Morrocans, Palestinians, Malays, Turks..etc..not ONE of them have ever heard of ahmadiyya.

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  7. A/A

    In answer to the question about which universities spread hatred against Ahmadis, I was one of the founders of the Kingston University Ahmadi Society. Immediately after starting one, the Mullahs banned me from the Kingston Uni prayer room, I was physically by them in the prayer room as well as in corridors and the canteen. Of course they were threatened by the Students Union after doing that and began behaving to a certain degree.

    That didn’t stop them from tearing down our posters for events we held with other societies. And every year they invited your ‘brothers’ from the Khatmun Nabouwat centre, well it carried on for 3 years and then they too were banned by the Students Union. I was quite sad they were banned, since seeing them only strengthen our faith, but the university felt they were preaching hatred.

    And I’m shocked to see the level of in-depth knowledge you guys have on Ahmadi girls. And then you say they have the ‘reputation’ of misconduct? All you have to do is flick through facebook and other pakistani online forums and sites to see the huge amount of misconduct of your sisters. I see ‘your’ sisters dressed pathetically in the streets all the time, and I’m shocked that you complain about our Rishtah Nata, what do you have?

    Before your start attacking us, I suggest you look at your own back yard, you complain about our Rishtah Nata, yet have nothing in comparison except a few silly marriage sites, most of which ask for money. Is that what you invite us to?

    You seem to complain that our women wear pants and shirts, oh dear! Well at least we don’t publicaly whip our women like you do. There was a recent article in the news about your guys doing just that in Sudan. And lets not go into what you guys do to your sisters in some area of Pakistan, your so called leaders punish them via rape, and you often have the habit of stoning them and beating them too. Not to mention countless acid attacks.

    So yes, Ahmadi girls just flick through the news and look around and see what these Mullahs invite you too, they attack us using some anonymous report. Shahid, why not use the sermons of our Khalifa? As he is the official spokesman for our community as you well know.

    And why was Talha banned? I recall you complaining about received nasty emails from Ahmadis, yet what does our leadership tell us? Has Huzoor ever told us to fight back? To attack you? Have any of our missionaries said that? Yet, can you say the same about your leaders? They’ve openly condoned killing Ahmadis on TV, wasn’t it on the same channel that you appeared on?


    • If you’d signed your post “Nick Griffin, EDL”, I would have been surprised at the depth of anti-Muslim vitriol; written by an Ahmadi, I am not in the least surprised.

      Qadianis had my video on “Masroor’s fans” removed, because whilst they were happy showing their faces to over 60,000 group members, they were not so happy to have their faces exposed to an audience less than 1/20th that size.

      As for Masroor, your leader, yes, he promised to “tale care of me” when my activities were mentioned to him after my departure, this was reported to me by a reliable source. The resulting flood of hatred and abuse towards me and my family, of which you represent just the slightly less vulgar tip serves as testimony to your cult’s actual position vis a vis its dissidents.

      Hatred, hypocrisy, smear, Islamophobia, double-standards and cry-wolf-tactics – for over a century, this has been the hallmark of the Ahmadiyya.

      We invite you only to Islam.

    • Mashood, Salam to you and Sajeela. Hope you daughter is also well!

      Now tell me,YOU LIVED IN SAUDI FOR 10 YEARS, what harm came to you then?? Come on, don’t be shy with the truth, tell us all of the horrid tales of torture at the hands of the Saudi Govt and Mullahs alike? You are spreading lies yet again!!

      Oh Mashood, you know I know you all too well, actually you know me all too well too! Can I ask, are you not in the least bit worried for your daughter that she may end up ‘on the shelf’. I know your mother was very picky in plucking out daughter in laws for your family, but will your wife been awarded the same luxury? Will you not feel let down or are you not feeling let down, by the near non-existent prospects there are for your child?

      Do not laugh and mock too soon my brother, you have a child. Have some shame and stop with the lies, I see you came back from Saudi in the best of health without any criminal records for being an Ahmadi.

      • For the sake of everyone’s privacy and safety, its best we not get into peoples’ families and personal matters. We should avoid name-dropping and other such disclosure, as it could lead to problems offline.
        Jazak Allahu khayr

    • “The Mullahs” banned you? Are you serious?

      The Kingston Prayer Room 10 is a room administered and setup by the Muslims of that university. You belong to a separate religion. As such, you are actively creating a disturbance where we pray. Did you attempt to lead Salah for the Muslims, and then insist YOU are the Imam? That is like me going to a room used by Jews and getting in their way as they attempt to pray. If you want a space, setup a space for Ahmadi religious services. That’s your right. Don’t try to take over the one by the Muslims, and then complain about it.

      Secondly, its hilarious that you said “the mullahs” banned you. It was probably some British-Born Paki Muslim kid. FYI, a “Mullah” is a Persian term for Shari’ah scholar.

    • ‘What do you have’?

      The matrimonial websites may require a fee; but then does Chanda not serve a similar purpose, helping with the running costs of departments?

      You are clutching at straws Mashood. Oh and another thing, those websites DO NOT represent Muslims as a whole, it is a service for Muslims, should they wish to use it! RISHTA NOTA on the otherhand, is a department that represents Ahmadis and is wholly associated with central Markaz and Jamaat- and what a shambles it is!!

      You really need to get a life mate…

    • Its the truth- lets see what stupid sob stories my mate Mashood can come up with about his time in Saudi.

      He knows he is lying; no such harm has ever come to him and this Kingston University story is over exaggerated and he knows this! Mashood or ‘Shoodi’, we know this was over exaggerated so stop with your Bogey Man Mullah lies.

  8. A/A

    Shahid, surprised you haven’t banned me. Good on you.
    Anti-Islam? Nah I’m not Anti-Islam, I am anti-Mullah though, Mullahs have given me enough grief in my years here. And majority of my Tabligh to non-Muslims is attempting to undo the damage you guys cause to Islam.

    Huzoor saying ‘he’ll take care of you’? I see, you gona interpret that as a death threat now? It’s been how long since you left? 7 years?
    You’re family been abused? I’m fully aware of that, and believe me if you passed me details of those abusing you, and if they lived in London, I’d be the first to knock on their doors telling them to back off. But what about my family? Your Muslim brothers burnt my mum’s house down in Pakistan, all my Mamoos were arrested and beaten in the streets. You really can’t put things into perspective can you?

    Bad people are in every community. But the question remains unanswered, Huzoor nor any Missionary has never threatened you, has never told any Ahmadi to attack you or any other non-Ahmadi. Can you say the same regarding your leaders? It’s the leadership we care about, if the followers of a religion chose to ignore the advice of the leaders and founders, that’s not the fault with the leader/founder. So I ask you again, can you say the same as we do, when we say that our leadership condemn all forms of violence and have never threatened you not told any Ahmadi to fight/kill you? And can you say the same regarding your leadership? Why is it that your leadership openly say that Ahmadis are to be killed? they said this openly on TV! And the group you love to much, they too are guilty of this.

    Not only that, but it is your leaders who also kill the blasphemer, they advocate the killing of apostates, making Islam into a mouse trap, that once you’re in, you can’t leave. If Christianity did that, how would you feel? I’m not talking about little people here, I’m talking about your leadership.

    Ahhh Findings, I see you’re back. Glad to know that you know me and my family, but not too well, I don’t have a daughter, but a son. So you’re not too acquainted with me.

    Yes, I did live in Saudi and yes I came back fine, just in time. You should know very well what happened to the Saudi Jamaat, majority were caught, arrested and deported. They were considered criminals, and now you’ll hardly hear of a Saudi Jamaat. When we were there, we held our meetings and Jumas in secret, because the version of Islam you advocate does not tolerate any kind of freedom of religion. Something you take for granted over here and would cry and scream if the British practised what you do.

    My mum being picky? Isn’t every mum picky? What’s that got to do with anything?
    Am I feeling let down about my son’s marriage? Not in the least, unlike the non-Ahmadis we at least have a system, and I’ve seen numerous people get married via the system. Why do you condemn a system, when you have nothing in the alternative? Those Muslim sites which charge are ‘Muslim’, therefore they represent you. Likewise does all the violence and hatred preached by your Mullahs represent your version of Islam. All the acid attacks, the Mullahs ordering such and such girl to be raped as a punishment, the beating of women who wear jeans under their abiyas in Sudan, and the numerous stoning of people. These all belong to your version of Islam, so they do represent you. Likewise does the Khatmun Naboutwat academy and all other Mullahs who openly advocate violence towards us.

    Farhan, tell what do you know of the Muslim prayer room in Kingston Uni? Were you there? Was it set up by the IS? No, the student union confirmed this, and the president told me that it was given for anyone to pray in, even Christians. But the IS pretty much hijacked it, and when attempting to force others out, were warned heavily. Ask the president of the IS during the years 2001-2004.
    I didn’t want to be the Imam, I just wanted a quite stop to pray, as it was a Prayer room, not a Muslim prayer room, but a Prayer room for anyone. It you your reps which threatened me, ganged up and removed me.

    Jazak Allah


  9. Dear Mashhood,

    First of all, I deeply respect people who say things with their own name, and own up to their identity. This is commendable, and insha Allah, such traits for the truth will eventually lead you out of the cult. I had a fleeting thought that maybe you were the author of this leaked document.

    Muslims do not blindly follow someone, and being a diverse group — like Christianity — have their own reactions to events. Can you blame the Iraq war on Christians, or more to the point, do Christians have a uniform view on it?

    Regarding the confusion that the Ahmadiyya have caused, groups of Muslims have adopted different reactions. There are those who will not let Qadianis set foot in their mosque, and there are those who will entertain them in their homes. Saudis have their own way due to some applying the strictures for Mecca to the whole country, and Pakistanis have their own way due to the Islamic nature of the republic. Here in the UK, it is more a question of Muslim identity, and the approach is different, and in my two decades of residence in the West, I have yet to come across a Muslim scholar advocating violence.

    Ahmadiyya is a religion that necessitates total belief in an alleged God-appointed person — to my knowledge, no Muslim ever thinks of that. That puts it in the same league as the followers of Bahaullah, Guru Nanak, Joseph Smith (Mormons), etc. — all of whom believe in a God-appointed ‘prophet’ in which belief is necessary.

    When Ahmadis decide to separate their religion just like these groups eventually did, this confusion will go away.

  10. Mashood you are a confused ahmadi. One hand u want to b called muslim and world to accept u n ur jamaat. Difference is- we don’t want 2be accepted by ur jamaat so we will raise critiscm and objection to ur pathetic rishta programme. U on other hand insult those who u want to be part of ur group. Stupid joke. N those “paid” marriage sites r a good idea bt so what if they ask for a fee- its a business like sellin halal food is. Dnt be so small minded- u r a minority going nowhere group lashin out in frustration and a huge islamic society.

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