Ahmadiyya Cries Wolf: Sensationalism and Subversion

We just intercepted this email sent to the Khuddam of Ahmadiyya. It makes for interesting reading:

Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,

Following Sadr sahib’s instructions to Khuddam this afternoon I have some humble requests to make.

1) I have spoken with Dr. Basharat Nazeer sahib (Jamaat’s Press Secretary) regarding the feedback to C4. Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4’s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job done by Darshana Soni (who is under serious distress as a result of an unexpected backlash by the mullahs of KN). Can I humbly request that all Khuddam up and down the country should be encouraged to respond to the call by Sadr sahib as it is our moral duty to show support to Darshna Soni for her excellent work. Our support should greatly outnumber the feedback of criticism from KN and its followers.

Please note that KN already have been asking their followers to write to C4 in opposition to the presenter/programme. Dr Nazeer has promised that he will soon send some sort of guideline regarding the type of language that could be used for the support of the programme.

2) Also Basharat Nazeer sahib with the help of his team is going to email a standard response for any potential interview by any of the radio/TV channels. I am waiting on his guidelines which I will forward to you on their receipt.

3) May I also suggest that with sadr sahib’s permission each region can contact their local radio channels and show willingness for being interviewed regarding the hate campagin. This should be done in an organised manner and the interviewee must be well briefed in light of the guidelines. i have also requested Dr Nazeer to send us clear guidelines for the interview. Dr Nazeer is of the view that if we proactively contact the local radio channels for being interviewed in this regard then chances for success are quite bright.

Time is of the essence in this regard, please act swiftly in light of Sadr sahib’s instructions. May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.

Farooq Mahmood
In-Charge Press and Media Committee MKA UK

(Please note in particular the area I have emphasised.)

If you’ve seen the misleading and sensationalist reports, which have caused grave offence to Muslims, and smeared many by association to a leaflet that nobody seems to have seen, then you will be surprised at the content of this email.

1) Dr Nazeer, the Ahmadiyya Press Secretary is suggesting that Ahmadis lie about their identity so that it doesn’t seem that emails in support of Ahmadiyya come only from Ahmadis. Other than this technique being straight out of the Zionist Hasbara playbook, it is also deceptive and proves a coordinated attempt from the top down to subvert the feedback to the press.

2) It mentions that Darshna Soni is under “serious distress”. The only distress that Darshna might be feeling, if at all, since I doubt she is in the habit of telling the Ahmadiyya of her feelings, is that of the gnawing realisation that she’s been had by the Ahmadiyya. Darshna is otherwise a really good journalist and I would expect at some point that she will seek to create a balancing piece. When she does, we will show her just what the Ahmadiyya is really like.

3) The email implicitly criticises KN for a coordinated response. Obviously, KN is entitled to respond. It has broken no laws and there exists no evidence linking KN with any crime. Some serious allegations were made that smear Muslims and it is right that Muslims should object to these smears, instigated as you can see by the media-savvy Ahmadiyya. The interesting point is that there was no coordination as such – the first email that I’m aware of was sent by a Muslim unconnected to KNA.

4) They refer to a “hate campaign” again. The only hate campaign I know of is being conducted by the Ahmadiyya against Muslims, in smearing them by associating them with one leaflet that nobody seems to have seen.

5) Once again, Muslims are smeared as “mullahs” and there is reference to an “unexpected backlash”. We are Muslims and if you smear us, we are entitled to respond to that. We do so openly and decently. In fact, we are within our rights to complain to OfCom about being tarred with the “hate” and “terror” brush again and again and again. Ahmadiyya has now confirmed its place in the Rogues’ Gallery of Islamophobes.

Muslims are open about who they are. Channel 4 should be aware that if they receive pro-Ahmadiyya propaganda from supposedly unaligned sources, that it is likely to be manufactured by the Ahmadiyya. If I was a broadcaster, I would now begin to pay serious attention to the repeated accusations by former members of the Ahmadiyya that it is a cult. Many of us at this web-site speak for Ahmadis who do not have a voice within their community. It is simply shocking that in 21st Century Britain there should exist a community whose members simply don’t have a voice. The rank and file of Ahmadiyya, some of whom are my good friends, do not care much for their leadership, but tribal codes and cult-like antics keep them scared, and trapped.

If anyone saw the BBC piece today, they would have been struck by the simply disgraceful antics of the shirk-master Rafiq Hayat, who shamelessly raised the spectre of “suicide bombing”. This was in stark contrast to the balanced and rational answers given by Akber, who once again was a credit to KN and the Muslims. Ahmadiyya membership should know that broad Muslim support of the awareness activity of KNA is perfectly legitimate. At least we are open about it.

There is a consensus view in the Ummah that Ahmadiyya is not Islam and this was made plain by the MCB in a recent press release. For the last time: Muslims do not condone persecution of the Ahmadiyya, but we are within our rights to define the boundaries of our religion – and we are within our rights to safeguard ourselves against routine deception. The CPS looked at the evidence and decided that there was no case. We Muslims love Britain, we are peace-loving, hard-working and we resent being smeared by the Islamophobes of Ahmadiyya (with media complicity) just as much as we resent the Anjem Choudharys of this world for the damage they are allowed (with media complicity) to inflict on our good name.

The press would do well to look at how Ahmadis treat their own membership, forcing their poorest, oldest and sickest to give 10% of their benefits to an outfit whose Amir seemingly endorses shirk and sexism, whilst foaming about demons that simply don’t exist.

Raising awareness amongst Muslims of the routine deceptions of the Qadianis (note proof of deception above) is not hatred, any more than warning people not to be taken in by Scientology is.

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73 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Cries Wolf: Sensationalism and Subversion

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is awsome! Hope ordinary Ahmadi’s realize at this stage what damage and misleading propaganda their cult missionaries and leaders are conducting?


  3. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Sister Findings, the ordinary Ahmadi has had enough of this nonsense. They are tired of being under the yoke of Ahmadiyya. Every day, 58,000 people enter Islam. Our fervent prayer is that Ahmadis join that throng. insha’Allah

  4. I mean clearly telling your people to resort to deception should make one think, if we are truthful then what’s the need. The irony is I remember the Channel 4 report showing us a poster reading “The Deception of the Qadiyani”, well now everyone knows why it was there.

    • Well said. They do deceive people. It is not a crime to alert the Muslim communities to that. That said, we also make it clear in our communications that we are to invite them to Islam nicely. And that is what we have been doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be joining us, would they?

      It’s telling that in 38 years of being an Ahmadi, I never experienced any persecution at all and I had Muslim friends. I have only faced hatred, hostility, boycotting, slander, backbiting, smear and threats since I left, by Ahmadis. It’s worth bearing in mind that Ahmadiyya is the only religion in the world with the word “hatred” in its motto. 🙂

      • Indeed, this is the only reason we are here doing what we do, taking time out to inform people of the reality of Ahmadiyya and to call them to the beauty of Islam. I’ve never understood why Ahmadis have such hatred when all we ask is for them to follow the way of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

        Your experience will only match that of other ex-Ahmadis. These people have no shame but masha’Allah many Ahmadis have seen your work and it creates that spark for them to investigate further, this is what burns the Ahmadiyya officials!

  5. I will say this email is TOP SECRET stuff because two cousins have confirmed they DID NOT receive any such MKA correspondence, despite both being on the mailing list and the other getting internal ’email emails’! So it appears its come from the top…

    Oooops. I think its high time they apologise for their manipulative and vicious campaign against Muslims, in particular those who speak out against them!

    Its also high time top-brass Ahmadis resigned from their posts, starting with the biggest chump, Raf Hayat.

    • I think it was meant to work its way around the other khuddam organisations, but I doubt they will be doing that now. 🙂

        • You see when the cult leaders are planning they are doing it internationally. I would not be surprised if some of their cult leaders from other countries were involved in the planning too. Some of the top brass is so corrupt and vicious that when they are caught they simply do it in hiding or change their tactics but never stop spreading their evil mafia cult’s agenda. Only those Ahmadis whose hearts are soft and are common people, they are the ones whom we hope and pray that one day Allah s.w.t. will guide them to Islam.

  6. Shahid,

    You argue that this whole thing is being over-hpyed by Ahmadi Muslims, and that there is no real hate campagin.

    Handing out leaflets in Kingston saying Ahmadis are liable to be killed is not hatred, or will not incite hate-filled acts?

    Even one of the journalists on perhaps Channel 4 picked up one such leaflet – so they do exist.

    • Show me the leaflet. (And tell me who gave it to you). I find it hard to believe that you caught a single Muslim doing such a thing. If you did, that person should have been arrested. Bring forth your evidence. And yes, it is being over-hyped. There is no argument about that at all. At a time when Islamophobia is rampant and Muslims all over the UK are suffering such attacks, it’s staggering that the media only chooses to focus on notional attacks that have yet to occur, God forbid. That’s sensationalism. Muslims object to that as much as they object to persecution of anyone.

      And finally, the important thing is this: Your organisation is telling you to be deceptive. To lie. To deceive. Address that.

      • Good reply mashaAllah. In addition, the Ahmadi missionary’s are wholeheartedly taking part in spreading hatred and Islamophobia whereever they can.

    • Oh here we go! Who sent you here? Raf? Nasir? Basharat? Fahim?

      Stop with the spin, and lies for that matter! No such leaflet has ever been seen, bar your tooting ‘rude-girl’ who apparently, it transpires, lied about it from day one! Shall I tell you how I know? Ask her nicely and she might even tell you!! LIES ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What sympathy does your jamaat have to thousands of innocent people dying due to the unnecessary wars? What answer are you going to give to ALLAH s.w.t when your jamaat khalifas and missionaries support the wholesale slaughter of Muslims around the World. In fact your so called murabbis shamelessly blame that this is happening because of not believing in the grand liar M.G.A.

  7. It just goes to show how far these ahmadis will go to get what they want. Have to admit, Ive never met a bigger bunch if hypocrites in my life, they go on and on and on and on about how they are persecuted, hated and victimised but yet their the ones causing all the comotion. Has anyone even mentioned that over 90 muslims were killed in pakistan, north west frontier i think, from bomb blasts? No, because its only ahmadis that are persecuted! makes me sick.
    Why are they suprised if KN are organising a response, they themselves are doing exactly the same and they take every opportunity to respond and complain if their precious cult is ever critised so why cant we muslims stand up for our faith?

      • “Any person who believes in Moses but does not believe in Christ, or believes in Christ but does not believe in Muhammad or believes in Muhammad but does not believe in the Promised Messiah (meaning Mirza Qadiani), is not only a Kafir, but he is a confirmed (Pakka) Kafir, and out of the fold of Islam.”
        (Kalimat-ul-Fasl, P. 110, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad Qadiani)

  8. You gave yourself the right, or rather you took away your right to be called Muslim, because it is true, Ahmadiyyat IS NOT ISLAM. Why is it so hard for you to swallow? No one is stopping you from practicing your faith, by all means please do! Just do not hijack and use Islam as your business name, for then the world would be a happier place! Those pakis, my family included, were so easily fooled by that Messliar of yours, that you could have been a religion dedicated to Bollywood and they would have followed like sheep.

  9. What do you think they meant by ‘chances for success’?

    We know criminal investigation was denied by the Police and they have decided to look into it further.

    There is only so much coverage the press will give them, organised or not, as they are beginning to sound like a broken record.

    Perhaps they wanted to provoke an attack? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • I totally agree. I wrote about this somewhere too. People are getting gunned down all over the world in millions..and Ahmadis make front-page news?

      The white man needed a friend…and they found a punjabee guy, who was high of opium and wearing a straight-jacket.

  10. I’ve grown up in this country and was never aware of issues between Ahmadis and Muslims. We were all respectful towards each other in the full knowledge we were from different sects. At school or uni not once did I ever feel there was antagonism towards me because I was an Ahmadi.
    Fast forward 2010. Ahmadis in the UK are being fed information by their own Jamaat and there is persecution of Ahmadis in the UK. (Accepted this may be the case in pakistan) BUT when, where and why did this start here in the UK.
    The AMA Ahmadiyya Muslim Association are themselves playing an “US” (innocent victims,true Islam, peaceful non hate) and “THEM” (hate fuelled, terrorist, Muslims who want to kill innocent Ahmadis) game. It has now gone one step further and started to involve the media and politicians in this dangerous and unnecessary game.
    Is it a method of wanting to make Ahmadis unite because there is no other method by this weak leadership to hold on to or control members.
    OR Is it to isolate Ahmadis from Muslims as in Rabwah so that control and brainwashing of its members can continue.

  11. As Salam o Alaiquum

    I am just wondering……….. if this could be shown on Youtube ?
    It could InshaALLAH have a big impact.

  12. Wow… nice one brother Shahid.

    Have you forwarded this to the BBC and Channel4? Send them the link, they should also read your commentary. It summarizes the whole affair nicely. The awareness campaign here and the Lahore bombings are not linked at all. This campaign started only after the Ahmadiyya bus campaign and Naseem Mahdis attacks against Muslims on FOX News.

  13. Asalamoalaikum 🙂

    I got the email.
    On the topic of deception, did you hear about the Wikileaks relating to what the Saudi king / president (correct me if I am wrong) said to American about Iran? “Cut off the snake’s head before it is too late”. The custodians of the Holy Land say one thing in public and say another when they’re drinking tea with the Americans.

    And let me assure you, that not ALL Ahmadis are anti-Muslim.

    This is how I see it. Muslims have their own big boys club. The Shias, Sunnis etc etc. Ahmadis aren’t allowed to call themselves Muslims. Fair enough. Ahmadis don’t go round bombing Sunni mosques, or Shia mosques etc etc. The Big Boys are fighting among themselves. It’s become a bit of a norm in places like Pakistan now hasn’t it? We’re not part of this Big Boys club and we’re not involved in this mosque bombing. When we are attacked, we’re allowed to scream right?

    And I can only talk about myself. I pray for Muslims all over the world. It hurts me so much seeing those poor innocent Muslims being killed in places like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc etc.

    Apologies if this caused offence or hurt anyone’s feelings.


    • First of all you trust Wikileaks and I do not. Stop playing the innocent games here. No your murabbis and cult leaders are not upset with the killing of innocent muslims around the World. In fact your cult leaders silently and publicly support these wars. If you dont now this fact too bad. You are talking about bombings in Mosque and you dont know who is behind all this? All the violence in the World intensified after these unnecessary wars started and if you dont know let me assure you your cult leaders are involved in plotting problems in Pakistan. Shame on your cult and its leaders. May Allah protect all of us from this evil mafia cult of Ahmadiyyat that is nothing but a pious fraud and hateful punjabis. But the worst part is they are using the pure religion of Islam for their evil doings.

  14. I find no issue with the content of the email that you have “intercepted”. I have to take issue with your methods.

    O you who believe, avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is sin; and spy not nor let some of you backbite others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You abhor it! And keep your duty to Allah, surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), Merciful.

    I haven’t seen many islamic virtues displayed on this website. so no surprise here.

    • @ Lutf

      You dont object to anything that Ahmadis do, thats the cult mindset. I know firsthand..I used to think the same way.

      You quote the Quran…have u ever thought of who this verse refers to?

      I just checked the 5 vol commentary by your dad and this verse is in terms of Muslim vs. Muslim behavior.

      Obviously…Ahmadis dont fall into the realm of this verse.

      Try again BOY.

      • @Lutf

        You quoted the meaning of the verse which says إن بعض الظن إثم ((suspicion in some cases is sin)) and you shamelessly want us want us to apply it to this case!

        Tell me Lutf, if a dirty woman became pregnant, is suspicion a sin in her case? If a serial killer was caught red handed with his victims’ blood, is suspicion a sin in his case?

        Your Dr. Nazeer is plainly asking Ahmadis to hide their identity to deceive the media! If we don’t call this deception as deception, what should we call it! If we don’t call a pregnant woman as pregnant, what shall we call her!

        It is evident that your cult had taken deception to be its religion. This fact is based on solid proofs in black and white, not based on suspicion.

        • so do you think that I should start all comments on any forum, message board with a disclaimer.. hello, i am an Ahmadi..

          No one here seems to identify themselves as wahabi, barelvi, hadith rejecotr, deobandi in all of their posts. Yet their writing style betrays their hatred and arrogance.

          • Animal Farm.

            A radio program in a forest decided to go for an opinion poll. The voters should call the program to make a choice between: Option1: Arrange some special protection for the child rabbits. Option2: Keep the child rabbits without any protection.

            The leader of the wolves instructed his followers to vote for Option2. He was also suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only wolves who vote for Option2. He said: not every message needs to be “Hi, I am a wolf”.

    • Suspicion is a sin? Ok, then our beloved Huzoor ABA has plenty to his name. Not only does he suspect members of ‘bad behaviour’, he also punishes them (without investigation – bhatti case is an example) and then claims it in the Name of Allah.
      So not only does he suspect suspects’, he also punishes suspects. Please read this Hadith to him next time you go for a Mulaqaat in his lavish office! Give me the Mars bar afterwards too please!! 🙂

      • What Lutf is doing is suggesting that all suspicion a sin. This is incorrect. Allah (SWT) is asking us to avoid *much* suspicion. When a suspect has been caught with his hands in the till so to speak, as in this case, as Fuad says, suspicion doesn’t come into it.

        As usual, Lutf is behaving amorally. Whatever his cult does can be justified. And that is precisely why it *is* a cult.

        • From the email I can understand that someone is suggesting that the journalist in question has been overwhelmed by negative feedback from fundamentalist extremists. And Ahmadis should support her by sending comments/emails/messages etc.

          As I have said before, not every message needs to be “hi, i am an ahmadi”.. Not writing this does not make it a lie.. I post comments on many forums/message boards etc. I never introduce myself as an Ahmadi. I expect people to read my message with an unbiased mind. It is my experience that a bigoted extremist will automatically assume that I am an ahmadi after reading my messages.

          • Is everyone who takes issue with your deception or your views a bigoted extremist Lutf? You are defending an attempt to subvert the media. Obviously Ahmadiyya has a vested interest in the smear campaign against Muslims, all of whom you are tarring with the brush of “bigoted extremism”. Parties with vested interests shouldn’t be hiding that interest in an attempt to give the media the false impression that you have wide public support for your campaign of fear-mongering and fitnah.

        • No case thanks Lutf, you presumptious lovely Ahmadi you!!!! 🙂

          Bhatti case? ask Dr Shamim Bhatti and Raf Hayat…they will happily tell you.

  15. “Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4′s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job”


  16. @Fuad and @Shahid;

    You seem to understand the parables in western literature very well. But are blind to the most profound metaphors of the Quran.

    And a current affairs question for you both..

    What is the punishment for blasphemy?

    • Come back to Islam Lutf. Give this game up, it’s no good for you and I sincerely don’t believe you are a bad person. As for profound metaphors, well, you would focus on those, wouldn’t you?


      “He it is Who has revealed the Book to you; some of its verses are decisive, they are the basis of the Book, and others are allegorical; then as for those in whose hearts there is perversity they follow the part of it which is allegorical, seeking to mislead and seeking to give it (their own) interpretation. but none knows its interpretation except Allah, and those who are firmly rooted in knowledge say: We believe in it, it is all from our Lord; and none do mind except those having understanding”

      I believe in all of it. Including and especially in your case, 33:40

      • [admin: Off topic, deleted. Address the topic, further off-topic messages will be summarily deleted, as will complaints about “censorship.”]

  17. I think you ahmadi haters are a bunch of pathetic, sad losers. You are full of hate. Your dream world is a world of talibanization, murder, savergry and butchery. What are you known for but murder and terrorism? Satan himself would be happy with you. The Holy prophet( saw) said himself that the Mullah is the worst of all creatures on the earth. Have some shame but you are shameless. Fear of God because he exists and is our God . He hates you with all his might. This is why you always lose. This is why despite all you prayers the Ahamdis win and you lose. Burn your foreheads in prayer and it will not be accepted. How can you stand against God’s own chosen one?


  18. I have evidence that Khatmi Nabuwaat is evil. I myself in Pakistan was the target of a hit squad in Karachi 6 years ago. Fortunately I managed to survive. I am still alive. I did not die. Fear God. I will ask him for help for he is all powerful. I know he listens. You ahmadi haters are nothing.

  19. I think you ahmadi haters are a bunch of pathetic, sad losers. You are full of hate. Your dream world is a world of talibanization, murder and butchery. What are you known for but murder and terrorism? Satan himself would be happy with you. The Holy prophet( saw) said himself that the Mullah is the worst of all creatures on the earth. Have some shame but you are shameless. Fear God because he exists and he is our God . He hates you with all his might. This is why you always lose. This is why despite all you prayers the Ahamdis win and you lose. Burn your foreheads in prayer and it will not be accepted. How can you stand against God’s own chosen one?

  20. All Muslims believe ahamdis are Kaffir.
    All Mullahs believe all other Mullahs are Kaffir.
    i.e There are no Muslims who are not Kaffir.
    The Kaffir idea of getting rid of Islam has been fulfilled.

    Love for all. Hatred for none

    • * Official Ahmadiyya dogma is that all Muslim are kufaar
      This was said by both Mullah Mirza Ghulam and Mullah Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen. Ask me for English-citations if you don’t believe me.

      In my masjid, there are 3 main Shaykhs, one from Afghanistan (studied in Pakistan and Egypt), one from Sudan (studied in Sudan), and one from Tunisia (studied in Tunisia and Egypt). There are other teachers, who are very learned, but not ‘Ulema from Palestine, Pakistan and Morocco.

      News flash: ALL of them get along, respect each other, and pray behind each other. Why? Because despite minor and insignificant differences here and there, Islamic belief has remained consistent around the world and throughout time. Mullah Mirza Ghulam, the enemy of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS, was the only one who rejected the Prophet SAAWS.

  21. If you lot don’t believe the truth then go to the Khatmi Nabuwwat website in Pakistan. There you will find leaflets saying Ahmadis need to be killed. It is done in an well thought out fashion. Why do you Mullahs claim then that Khatmi Nabuwwat does not want to kill Ahmadis?

    • Talha, we (the site, most of the writers and probably you) are not in Pakistan, and all Muslims believe in the finality of prophethood of Muhammad (saw)

      If you call us mullahs again, you will be banned. Don’t abuse your right to free speech to spread hatred.

  22. You can’t defend the Khatmi nabuwaat organization can you then? Why don’t you denounce this ‘hatred’ then. You won’t because you sympathise with it yourself. When someone wants to kill a human being it is free speech.

    • I am on the record on TV and in every talk i have given denouncing persecution against Ahmadis. Next time you want to spread your lies, find another outlet. In the meantime, if you have any shame, an apology would be in order.

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