Welcome to Islam!

I’m delighted to report that a friend has reverted to Islam tonight. I will leave him to make his own comment on his situation when he is good and ready, but he joins a long list of reverts.

Ahmadiyya is crumbling, from top to bottom. The good people are leaving to rejoin Islam. And the one who has just rejoined me and a billion and half others is one of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to know. It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that this bright and compassionate young person has seen the light of Islam and embraced it. Islamophobia may rage on, but the truth is the truth!

Allahu Akbar!

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50 thoughts on “Welcome to Islam!

  1. Subhan’Allah! May Allah (SWT) bless you brother Shahid and this brother who has reverted to Islam. To find that another brother has come in to the fold of Islam is always heart warming but it makes it so much more pleasurable when it is from Ahmadiyya. Why? Because how I think they mix the Hanafi fiqh with Ahmadism, which basically blurs the line and for many it is hard to see when you are told you’re following the prophecy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and how you’re victimised for it. It is very deceitful and masha’Allah to finally see through the fog is something I can only admire. Thus my brother in Islam, welcome! May Allah (SWT) bless you immensely and grant you all the happiness in the world. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you are ready to post. Bye bye Chanda! Welcome Zakat!

  2. Yup.. they definitely need time to forget why they actually left (were kicked out), and then some more time to replace it with “murtad” formula.


    I read the books and realized…. (and through some weird coincidence, the objectionable excerpts that they quote are available on anti-ahmadiyya websites)
    Certain ahmadis are not good people…. (and Sunni/Wahabi/Salafis are perfect citizens?)
    Chanda is such a burden..(a tell tale sign of a hypocrite)..

    Then they will advance to the next stage:

    They will start finding new objections in Ahmadiyya literature.. (i.e., lame discoveries which only shows their ignorance about their faith (both before and after)

    Then they will advance to the next stage:

    They will be hooked on to everything about Jamaat Ahmadiyya. Their days and nights will be spent obsessing over small news items, rumours and trivial matters. Clutching at the straws for the rest of their lives.

    Yeah, best of luck..

    And if you are sensible.. you will take more time to understand the purpose of your life. Whatever made you leave the Jamaat, do go and pursue that reason/lifestyle/ideology.. I am very sure that it is not theological..

    anyway. best of luck to whoever it is.. I am sure your version of Islam suits them best.

    • You’re right. This obsession with Jam’aat Ahmadiyya, particularly by those who choose to leave on their accord, borders on obsessive-compulsive disorder. Doesn’t make sense for people who want nothing to do with the “cult” to talk about it constantly.

      When you remove yourselves from truth, you will never ever find peace of heart. Turmoil will remain your fate.

      • @ K
        u keep blindly following person like MASROOR may be that gives u peace of heart but why that cant be understood 🙂

        so think and start learning stop the blind following of this cult


    Another one is saved from clutches of the satanic qadiani cult!!!
    Brother Shahid do pass on my congratulations and best wishes to the brother and do tell him that whatever may happen with the cult, what ever boycotts they hold against him,
    2 MILLION Muslims have opened their arms to welcome him and thats just in the UK!

    We are here for Him Insha’Allah, we are his new family!

    BTW Lutf sounds like his ‘chaddi’ is on fire!! How evil are people like him and it’s always the same story from his kind ‘they got kicked out’ well if he did which I am sure he didnt we couldnt careless because Alhumdulillah he is saved from ending up as the neighbour of Mirza Qadiani in jahunum!

    • It’s sour grapes bro. My friend wasn’t kicked out, nothing could be more hilarious, neither were any of the people who have reverted that I know of, and neither was I as everyone knows. The Ahmadiyya is the jama`at of lies and more and more people are coming to that realisation. Let Lutf cry and moan and writhe. He must still be smarting from seeing his Amir putting his name to shirk and sexism. Abu Sufyan took his time to join the Muslims too you know.

  4. From an outsiders perspective, I’ve seen a consistent factor amongst ex-Ahmadis who embrace Islam: Visiting a good Muslim community and listening to a talk during a non-Jumu’a time.

    Even those who go with the intention of starting arguments with DA MULLAHS!!11!! get profoundly affected.

    And ultimately it is Allah who guides…

  5. Allahu Akbar!!

    Good news! We welcome our new brother. May Allah (swt) bless and protect him.

  6. Allah hu Akbar

    May ALLAH makes his Iman firm and makes him source of inspiration for many

    I agree with brother farhan that once they start interacting with good knowledgeable Muslim many realize that what they are following is not right so they come to Islam

    coz they find muslims totally different from what they have been preached and Islam different from what jammat claims it to be.

    stay strong brother you will have to face difficulties (like brother Shahid, Farhan Akbar etc had to face when they left this cult)

  7. AsalamOAlkium Muslim brothers and sisters. I come in peace and I am an Ahmadi!

    What I find difficult to comprehend on this website is if you guys hate this so called ‘cult’ so much why have you lot literally made it your day job to talk about this Jam’at so excessively as if you actually have no other life (I dont mean that in a horrible way) ? Any other person would become sick just hearing about them!

    Also its been a practise to Allah to punish those people that attribute a lie towards him. If the Promised Messiah AS is fake why don’t we leave him to Allah and let him decide his fate and the fate of this Jam’at? I get you people will prehaps say ‘ But they are using Islam in a bad way so its our duty to stop them’

    – True to an extent, if this is the case also make it your duty to stop the spread of Christainity which is even worse that our ‘heretical beliefs’!! I dont see any campaign by yourselfs against them? Why is this? or against the Jews? or against other Islamic sects that believe there is no day of judgement or Prophet Muhammad(saw) was not a prophet (Nazoubillah)

    The honest truth is from what I can see, with must Ahmadis that revert to become Sunni or whatever, is that, as Luft sb has said, they are never strong in their faith to begin with. They find someone has mistreated them for whatever reason and that reason may be the fault of that officebearer. They then go abit crazy and find you guys. They then become obsessed with Jamat literature etc.

    My only advice to you would be, if you guys are the champions of Islam – fair enough, you have you entitled right to claim what ever you want, but go round trying to spread Islam to ppl other than just ‘Ahmaids’

    • @ahmad
      Thanks for the reply:
      I just want to tell thatt there is nothing wrong with discussing and refuting this religion rest we leave it to ALLAH to guide them.

      like same question can be asked to you why ur jammat have missionaires? if it is truthful it will automatically spread. so basically sorry to say ur question/suggestion is not valid

      Remember ur jammat which is totally based upon comparative religion and thats what has been taught to ahmadies.

      so u should ask this question to your self regarding same thing.

      althought I also try to counter christians as well now everything person cant do everything,

      here at this website we just give message rest its upto that person and ALLAH that he get the guidance.
      so I request you as well to read he blog and forum and get involved in good discussion

    • Waalaykum as salaam Ahmad,

      There plenty of Muslims who debate with Christians and other sects. Us few have chosen to tackle Ahmadiyya. For some of us, including me, it comes naturally since we are reverts and wish other Ahmadis to see the falsehood of this cult and come back to Islam. Other just have taken an interest in it for whatever reasons. But it is due to them that ex-Ahmadis like me were able to see the truth. Otherwise I would have never known about the heretical beliefs of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad because the Jamaat does not tell you about that.

      And it is a typical assumption by Ahmadis like you that people who leave Ahmadiyya were weak in deen or they had some kind of dispute that’s why they left or were kicked out. You guys just cannot stand that people might leave Ahmadiyya because they see the flawed theology of your religion. I for example did not have any such dispute with anyone, all I did was read MGAs books (not all of them but what I read was enough…).

  8. Ahmad, Sunnis or ‘whatever’ are simply doing what you would call ‘Tabligh’, known in orthodox ISLAM as Dawah!
    A lot of those on this site are in actual ex-Ahmadis or ‘undercover’ exes and they, like me, feel the need to tell the truth! What is so wrong in wanting to raise awareness? You make us seem like some obsessive nutjobs with literally nothing better to do..well you are wrong! I for one, feel the need to talk about it because I am an ‘Ahmadi’, and have realised it is nothing more than a cult and I think the world should be aware of it and also, cautious around Ahmadis. NO I don’t mean cautious as in crossing the other side of the road and what not, I mean, do not be fooled by their pretence!

    Lutf and K- you are a disgusting example of this cult and shame on you both!! How dare you mock the brother, and how dare you make assumptions that he was ‘kicked out’. He wasn’t kicked out, and even if he was, is it OK to kick him out??? You have proved this crap goes on, while your colleagues on the forum deny any such ‘expulsion’ takes place! Go tell your precious MP Susan Kramer that he was ‘thrown out’ and see what she makes of it! Actually, why do you not get your Lordly BT to tell everyone in the Lords that his community ‘throw people out’. You are a very poor advertisement for your Jamaat. Sick.

    If you were ‘true ‘Muslims’ you would be devastated by losing a brother, absolutely devastated! You would publicly invite him back, wishing him prayers and fortune and explaining why he should come back. What kind of filth are you?? No wonder so many people are turning away from this community- look at the crap we are leaving behind! Sorry then again, your own sadistic leader Masroor said ‘we do not need the dead branches’..sure..what a loving Khalifa wanting to bring the world under the banner of Prophet Mohammed’s Islam. He should be doing everything in his nature to bring people together, desperately trying to show them the right way. Instead he is glad to see the back of them. Any wonder the brother has turned to Islam and left the terror show that is the Cult of Ahamdiyya.

    You literally MAKE ME SICK! Shame on you all.

      • The reason why I am so committed to spreading the word on Ahmadiyyat is simple: They are stealing money from my relatives. —thats just one reason by the way.

        Secondly, this is nothing more than a punjabee country club. Its not a religion its a CLUB. They take ur money and give you Jalsa’s so that your families can meet other ahmadis. And thus remain pacified.

        Thirdly, there was a punjabee family that was soooo lazy that they tricked other punjabees to donate to their money to their business/religion, the mirzas never wanted to work. These people never did manual labor, they never worked for anything..they were given everything from a punjabee spoon.

        As far as the doctrine is concerned. I just uncovered data from Tabari that totally crushes Ahmadiyya doctrine. But the thing is…Ahmadis dont even care.

        Ahamdis dont even know that their DAD (MGAQ) used books like Dar-e-Qutni and Kanzul-ummul to promote his financial desires.

        My advice to all the DUMB ahmadis who blog here: read the books fo your father…you will learn that he was two sentences away from a straight jacket!

    • I agree completely with sister Findings.

      I have made it my day job to be here personally because of the very fact that I am an ahmadi and I am very questioning of this jamaat right now. What I is see that these people are doing a sterling job bringing forward information. Have you seen the amount of time they really do give up to bring forward some of the arguements that are ‘against’ the sometimes wacky words of the literature by the ahmadi leadership, which in your heart of hearts you’ll admit.

      I mean sometimes I marvel at the time they spend in sourcing ahadith and writings from the promised messiahs own books. The best part of the a post for me is the actual reference ie. this is from braheen e ahmadiyya or this is hadith number whatever. This makes any doubts as to context or content of the actual post for someone to go and actually get the book or click online or whatever.

      It really does make you think. When you have people like khalid nawaz and lutf on here, they also really know their stuff and you can see their responses aswell. Very learned non ahmadis against very learned ahmadis. The balance in my opinion is very good. It’s not like say an amateur like me just saying “oh cause during the holy prohpet’s (sw) time it was like this also” cause I dont really know that much tbh. It’s a great balance of both sides. Thats why THEY ie. khalid nawaz , Lutf etc also make it THEIR day job to reply to stuff.

      As for why the non ahmadis make it THEIR day job well that is because they are very passionate about it and fair do’s to them. It makes their life tick along . Some people are mad about motorbikes. Some are mad about football. Anything wrong with that ? absolutely not, infact as I have stated above its of benefit to me at the very least in my personal quest …..

      In other words, it’s all good.


      • Also I think its ahmadiyyah religion that is based upon Comperative Religion
        and thats what they teach their scholars, children and every one.
        so it they who are obsessed with comparative religion way way more than Muslims

      • I just don’t get why they behave the way they do, then claim to be the real Islam. They are full of hate, laugh and sneer when someone leaves and then mock everyone for discussing Ahmadiyyat. If it wasn’t for these guys, then ‘those’ guys would have nowhere to hark on about Ahmadiyya being right.

  9. @Findings

    The amount of hate in your comment isnt good for anyone despite your ill-conceived feelings for the Jam’at.

    I am sticking by my comment, that you people have nothing better to do than just to sit on your computers or what not, discussing about ahmadiyyat. What I do not understand and prehaps never will is if you are free from this ‘veil cult’ yes spread awareness but to hark on about it 24/7 is quite another thing. Everyone other comment on this forum is by you or 3-4 others.

    Infact I am glad in a way people like you are leaving the Jam’at. The Jam’at is a god fearing community not some areana for nut jobs to misguide others. I wish you all the best in the future.

    • 24/7? Really? Now I know you don’t mean that literally but even in the sense of the expression you are way off. Have you just been reading the forum for the past week? Sister Findings has contributed in bursts but you wouldn’t know this because you’ve obviously seen a page or two full of topics and jumped to conclusions. Why don’t you ask your Jamaa’t to open up a forum? Aw yea they tried that, it was by invitation only to keep it all kosher and then when Muslims did manage to register, they closed the forum down and said they’ll be back in a week… It’s been almost a year!

      P.S. Your comment about your happy people have left your Jamaa’t just says it all!

      May Allah (SWT) guide Ahmadis to Islam.

  10. Are you for real? You brought ‘peace’ yeah? Nice try meathead!

    Well there you have it-straight out of the horses mouth! Great tablighi effort on your part! Do you not want us back- to rejoin the promised sect? Do you not think we need to be part of this God fearing sect for our own well being and for the Akhira? Why are you not upset you have lost people? Why are you rejoicing in it? I tell you why..coz the only ‘god’ you believe in is the mumbojumbo one on your ameer’s website! And you tell me you are God fearing when you follow someone like him?

    2 words:


  11. Lutf, K and Ahmad, when someone leaves the Jamaat why do you feel it’s a good thing. You should ask yourselves “Where and why has the Jamaat failed in order for them to take such a big step and disassociate from family and social circles and start all over again”. If you guys had humanity in your hearts you would actually feel saddened by such an action. Yet your attitude is arrogant and moreover it’s not Islamic. You guys feel the need to ridicule and dismiss such people as if they are not worthy and their actions are not legitimate actions. If that person was your child and they made the decision to leave would you be so quick to say good riddance or would you try and help your child. The Nizaam is the root cause of a lot of these people leaving however you are probably in denial of the failures of the Nizaam.

    Funny isn’t it how none of you guys can defend the current leader of your Nizaam – Raf
    Hayat and his mumbojumboworld. The fact that your silent on this matter says it all!! Don’t bother now you had your chance.

    • Brilliantly put! There was me all het up by their attitude, and you come along and smooth sail a concise and perfect response! I need to take note! Thank you!!

    • Root cause of problems (as i mentioned in a post censored a couple of days ago) is Ego.. Nizaam is made up of human beings who are expected to listen and obey. One needs to understand that Islam means “obedience”, to God, God’s Messenger(saw) and the Ulil Amr.

      Those people who can not suppress their arrogance can never stay part of the Jamaat. I know that some people begrudgingly carry on, but my honset advice to them is.. reconsider your position. If you can’t obey, then no one is forcing you to stay.

      And this myth about social boycotts is again a product of damaged egoes. If you choose to leave and do not cause disturbance in Ahmadi mosques and within your extended families, no one in their right mind will (and should) try to put any pressure on you.

      But when it comes to the matters of faith, if you have chosen to stay out of Jamaat, then don’t expect to be invited to Jalsas and Ijtemas. And yes, you have also lost your right to interfere in Jamaat activities. So don’t expect your family or friends to keep you “in the loop”.

      As for mubojamboworld… That is a business set up by a number of individuals.. What makes you believe that it was the Ahmadi member of the business who set up the website or provided any ideas for it?

      Now that you are in “true” Islam, you must understand that you are exptected not to have too much suspicions about people. But your version of Islam is based on “waswasa” (as someone in four lions put it).

      • Lutf, your style is deteriorating and becoming increasingly shrill. More and more people are joining us by the day. As I write another has joined us. Alhamdulillah. These are good people Lutf. You should join us too. It’s about time my friend. Come back to Islam. It’s your birthright. Stop fighting it.

  12. dude you are really creating waves mashallah
    may Allah bless you,#keep up the good work.

    ahmadis have some standard tecniques when dealing with muslim da’ees
    1. swear at them and abuse them
    2. use fake ids and infiltrate
    3. try to pretend they are reasonable and ask us to ‘stop this silly dawah business’ and leave it to Allah to decide

    yet they are spreading their tentacles everywhere and thats okay????

      I know of someone who claims they are a ex-Qadiani (I wont mention their name) and that is exactly what that person has done to me.

      1. made fake id’s on youtube and insulted me
      2. they have been trying to infiltrate an Islamic organisation in the UK untill I caught that person and warned the committee to keep them away because that person kept asking for information on where other ex-Qadianis live and what are the next steps in dealing with Qadianis. For the last few months I have been harassed by messages on facebook, youtube & text. They were trying to really wind me up and even sent me a message ‘Come to my house and Kill ME’
      3. from the first day I met that person that’s all they said, ‘We should leave the qadianis alone, let them live how they like, don’t say nothing about their religion and only if they say something about ours then we should react’
      Everyone knows how they abuse Islam!
      OMG I can’t believe what you have said you are truly a blessing in disguise and have 100% confirmed my doubts! Jazakha’Allah

  13. JazakAllah Bro Shahid and all others who are working day and night so that the followers of Ahmadiyya cult realize their mistake and come back to Islam. I pray to Allah s.w.t. to shower his mercy and blessing upon each and every one of you. It is you and those who are coming to Islam about whom Allah s.w.t mentioned that you are the best of nations that has been created, (why because) you invite people to the good and forbid from doing what is wrong.

  14. Masha’Allah brother Shahid Kamal may Allah SWT continue to bless you and may he protect you from the evil eye that lurks. Subhan’Allah our Lord is so merciful, those who you have invited to the HAQQ will benefit you everytime they perform an act of worship and for each good deed you will also attain a portion!

    Anyone that they invite to the HAQQ will also benefit you,
    Sadaqah Jahriyah <– you won't find that in the Qadiani Chanda list!!!

  15. I just read the article above and the comments that follow. I am a newly reverted muslim, i left Ahmadiyya some days ago and I have never felt this much joy in my life. All what is said about the jamaat is true, they cannot answer questions posed to them and try to silence any voice that tries to speak anything against their beliefs. And I disagree with ahmadis who say our iman is weak that is why we leave the jammat, yes our iman in a blind faith is weak but our iman in Allah, the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is strong beyond their comprehension. I will end with a prayer that may Allah help you all in spreading the truth of Islam and saving more souls from the cluthches of Ahmadiyya, which is in truth, a money-making business. Ameen.

      • Thanks brother Shahid for welcoming me. You are already doing a fantastic job by providing us correct infromation and yes i will make it a point to ask any questions I have, so far any that i had have been answered in your blog and forums.Keep up the good work!

    • Subhan’Allah, we have another brother/sister in Islam today. Welcome, and like brother Shahid said, if there is anything we can do, we are here. May Allah (SWT) bless you and bring other Ahmadis back to Islam through you, insha’Allah.

      • It feels great to be part of a community where Allah is praised when someone joins, All praise belongs to Allah who helped me find the truth. Thank you for your kind gesture. I am a sister by the way, and praying for others to also see the light of Islam.

    • We follow Allah and Muhammad (saw). We dont need Mirza the con artist. We dont need Mirza aka Bernie Madoff.

      Do you know that your fake messiah chased married women? Do you know that Abdul Kareem died mysteriously and suddenly. Do you know that the 4th son of MGAQ died a tragic death.

      There appears to be lots on death in your organization, lots of unexpected death that is. I wonder who caused it?

      Shahid has exposed your cult. I know that hurts you.

    • Ahmadiyyat did nothing create a missionary factory and charged people for training. The Muslims in the USA are not trained missionaries. They are Muslims who know and understand their Deen and have been elected to lead based on their knowledge.

      It is Ahmadiyyat who worship their Khalifa and local missionaries.

  16. @TruthUnveiled

    -I just read Your post regarding the tactics of followers of Mirza (how they ´try to infiltrate) and I may have to tell You , that many things do appear to make sense now.
    -and I know of others whom also have been harassed etc. Alhamdulillah
    I was relieving reading Your post,
    Jazak ALLAHu khairan

    N.B. ALLAHu AKBAR on the hearing of the new Brother in Islam.

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