Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism

How do Ahmadis feel about their Ameer being associated with the demeaning representation of women and with shirk?

Have a look at the team section at http://www.mumbojumboworld.com and see for yourself. Then look at the entry for the charity on the Charities Commission website and note that the website highlighted in the video is the correct one – and that the main signing trustee in the reports is none other than Rafiq “Raf” Hayat.

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12 thoughts on “Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism

  1. Thank you for this! And a BIG thank you to your contact who made you and therefore, normal Ahmadis aware, of this shameless man! I think he needs to step down- he does not qualify for even a water duty man at Jalsa, let alone Ameer of the so called ‘SAVED SECT OF ISLAM’.

  2. I bet this wiped that crusty grin right off his smug, sour face! He must have been on cloud 9 when Channel 4 broadcast in his favor (I say HIS because we all know who is the political/media driving force of AMA UK) and then he saw this!! He really looks like ever the hypocrite. It explains why he never really came across as religious, focused on community matters and never really delved into theology. I guess its because he don’t really care for religion, God or Islam..nada. He cares for money, publicity and crying wolf at every given opportunity. Come on Hayat…stand down already. You are nothing more than a bully, attempted hacker and a money making machine. You do not deserve the title of Ameer. Mind, this proves that there is no place in today’s day and age for an Ameer and again, proves Ahmadiyya is not Islamic. Amir means commander, and how can you command your members to ‘behave’ and be ‘examples for mankind and Islam’ when you yourself have a pointless, blasphemous cartoon/joke on your very ow business site?!


  3. These so called Ameer’s and leaders are living on Chanda and fooling people. They are very cunning and deceiving personalities.

  4. Worst Creature Qadiani Ameer Under The Sky!

    Just last week I was talking to a brother and I said to him that I honestly believe that Raifq Hayat & Mirza Masroor are athiests…. Looks like I was right!

  5. Astaghfirullah. What kind of a Khalifa makes such a person an Ameer? This proves beyond doubt that the Jamaat leadership is not islamic at all.

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  7. Salaam.
    Ahmadiyya is a Mumbo Jumbo World based on nonsense ryhme, if in any doubt please refer to Lewis Carrol “Jabberwocky”.

  8. Oh My God speaking of “NO EVIDENCE”! (Like always)
    What the hell??? This website says Raf Hayat about a couple of times and all the Anti-Ahmadis swallowed that crap.

    Do you lot even know that there could be tonnes of Rafiq Hayats in this world? LOL!
    Jokers make me laugh

    Ahmadiyya all the way! You lot jealous because we have khilafat.
    So keep hating – it wont get you anywhere!

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