7 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak

  1. Hair Mubarak!

    Arent Ahmadis celebrating Eid tomorrow on wednesday? Dont Ahmadis always celebrate Eid on a different schedule than Muslims?

    • brother its an Insult to say the Ahmadiyas celebrate Eid coz they are not even considerd in the fold of Islam so where is their so called Eid ?
      maybe we can call it their jalsa or something …
      i think this is the propper name for it !!

  2. I know iam a bit late but just like to say happy EID MUBARAK to all the brothers here on the Cult.info for their great work and special EID salam to brother Shahid Kamal keep up the great work brother may Allah bless u inshAllah
    wasalam 😉

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