Chanda Salat

The recent blogs on chanda and many facebook discussions have prompted this entry as Ahmadis seem to have problems grasping the understanding of obligatory. Thus, before insha’Allah commencing with my example of “chanda salat” in light of the justification Ahmadis use for “chanda aam”, here is the dictionary definition of “obligatory”:

1. required as a matter of obligation; mandatory: A reply is desirable but not obligatory.
2. incumbent or compulsory (usually fol. by on  or upon ): duties obligatory on all.
3. imposing moral or legal obligation; binding: an obligatory promise.
4. creating or recording an obligation, as a document.

2.  necessary, imperative.

2.  voluntary.

The Arabic transliteration for obligatory is “fardh” or “farz” in Urdu, this is the bare minimum expected from every Muslim.  I am not going to write about all that is obligatory and all that is not obligatory in Islam; this is not the purpose of this entry.

Upon discussing “chanda aam” and its obligatory nature with Ahmadis, I was hit with ayahs from the Holy Qu’ran regarding charity as justification for “chanda aam”, for example:

[31:4] Those who establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity, and have (in their hearts) the assurance of the Hereafter.

There are many other examples of charity in the Holy Qu’ran and we need not list them all. This is basically the Ahmadi argument; it says in the Holy Qu’ran to give charity thus we are not doing anything wrong. Are you suggesting that giving charity is a bad thing? Are you saying giving charity will not benefit me in the after-life? And other similar questions along those lines, whether rhetorical or not. Regardless of the answer to those questions; Ahmadis ignore the fundamental aspect which Muslims are arguing against.

This is where the example of “chanda salat” is being used, for the sake of making an Ahmadi understand. Now let’s all (please remember I am using an example of how Ahmadis use ayahs in the Holy Qu’ran referring to charity in order to justify “chanda aam”) start a prayer which should be prayed regularly at twelve midnight and we will call it “chanda salat”. Will you observe this prayer as an obligation? Why not? It says in the Holy Qu’ran:

[2:45] Nay, seek (Allah’s) help with patient perseverance and prayer: It is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit,-

I can give you many more examples from the Holy Qu’ran. Is prayer a bad thing? Are you suggesting I should not pray to Allah (SWT)? Are you saying praying regularly at twelve midnight will not benefit me in the after-life? Maybe you should read the Holy Qu’ran:

[20:130] Therefore be patient with what they say, and celebrate (constantly) the praises of thy Lord, before the rising of the sun, and before its setting; yea, celebrate them for part of the hours of the night, and at the sides of the day: that thou mayest have (spiritual) joy.

[4:103] When ye pass (Congregational) prayers, celebrate Allah’s praises, standing, sitting down, or lying down on your sides; but when ye are free from danger, set up Regular Prayers: For such prayers are enjoined on believers at stated times.

Clearly the Holy Qu’ran says “celebrate them for part of the hours of the night” and that we should “set up regular prayers”, thus the twelve midnight “chanda salat” prayer is obligatory upon you. This would thus be the sixth prayer which is obligatory right? Now what would be the response of a Muslim regarding “chanda salat”?

This prayer is an innovation; Allah (SWT) and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) only enjoined five obligatory prayers upon us thus the sixth prayer, no matter how beneficial it may be, will be rejected outright without any consideration whatsoever. Would Ahmadis agree with my assessment? 

Sahih Bukhari
Volume 1, Book 2, Number 45:
Narrated Talha bin ‘Ubaidullah:
A man from Najd with unkempt hair came to Allah’s Apostle and we heard his loud voice but could not understand what he was saying, till he came near and then we came to know that he was asking about Islam. Allah’s Apostle said, “You have to offer prayers perfectly five times in a day and night (24 hours).” The man asked, “Is there any more (praying)?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, but if you want to offer the Nawafil prayers (you can).” Allah’s Apostle further said to him: “You have to observe fasts during the month of Ramadan.” The man asked, “Is there any more fasting?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, but if you want to observe the Nawafil fasts (you can.)” Then Allah’s Apostle further said to him, “You have to pay the Zakat (obligatory charity).” The man asked, “Is there any thing other than the Zakat for me to pay?” Allah’s Apostle replied, “No, unless you want to give alms of your own.” And then that man retreated saying, “By Allah! I will neither do less nor more than this.” Allah’s Apostle said, “If what he said is true, then he will be successful (i.e. he will be granted Paradise).”

  • The hadith in Sahih Bukhari (Volume 1, Book 2, Number 45) states five prayers are obligatory on us, thus why should we adopt a sixth? Of course any prayers performed outside these five are optional; some of course recommended. However they are not obligatory, the five prayers are the bare minimum and they are mandatory, unlike “chanda salat”. Would Ahmadis agree? 
  • The hadith in Sahih Bukhari (Volume 1, Book 2, Number 45) states one charity is obligatory on us, thus why should we adopt a second? Of course any charity set-up outside of this one charity is optional, even recommended. However it would not be obligatory, the one sole charity (zakat) is the bare minimum and it is mandatory, unlike “chanda aam”. Would Ahmadis agree?

Why is the acid test for “chanda salat” under the first bullet point not applied to “chanda aam” in the second bullet point? Seriously think about this Ahmadis, either both the bullet points are answered “yes” or they are answered “no”. It cannot be that one is “yes” and the other is “no”, this would be a logical flaw. The principle in both of them is identical. If one still claims that “chanda aam” is obligatory then s/he has not understood the concept of “chanda salaat” and I would ask you read the example again.

I and the other 1.5 billion Muslims around the world request you leave Ahmadiyya and return to Islam. This is your after-life we are talking about. You have put your faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and we Muslims have put our faith in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his way, his life, his example. We are simply asking you to follow his (SAW) way.

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49 thoughts on “Chanda Salat

  1. Tahir Hussain bahijan, it will better for understanding of we muslims that you explicitly mention that by your use of word ‘Ahmadi’ you mean Qadiani-Ahmadi.
    Because the other Ahmadis i.e. Lahori-Ahmadi neither practice nor believe in what you have written.

  2. Payment or non-Payment of chanda does not make a person Ahmadi or non-Ahmadi.
    We are in a constant state of Jihad, and extraordinary times need extraordinary measures. This is the Sunanh of RusoolAllah (saw) and we follow on the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his companions.

    • You’re missing the point.

      1) Ahmadiyya is not Islam anyway.
      2) Even if it were, you wouldn’t be allowed to make things compulsory
      3) Once you make new matters compulsory, you have created an innovation in the religion.

      Why can you not address the “obligatory” argument? You’re clearly an intelligent man, hell-bent it appears on using that intelligence to keep you from the truth. Do you ever realise just how dissonant you sound Lutf? (Serious question)

      • Ahmadiyya Jamaat is an organization. Any organization has some rules. Paying Chanda (you may call it subscription fee) is one of the rules. And I have said before, payment or not-payment of chanda is unrelated to your nominal faith. You can be ahmadi, but not a part of the Jamaat.

        So obligatory argument doesn’t hold any water..

        • So in your cult, one can be a Muslim and a kaafir at the same time (which is what you call over a billion Muslims) and you can be an Ahmadi, but not in the jamaat at the same time. That’s hilarious. You buy this?

          So is Ahmadiyya a religion or a members-only club?

        • Luft
          I though it was a religion.
          can u tell us can a person be ahmadi (so called true Muslim) without being the part of ur jammat

    • Luft it was not just some organization tax but u organization claim to be represent a religion and according to ur jammat any one who is not part of ur organization is not following true religion this is what ur 2 leader mirza mahmud said:

      If any member refuses to pay the Chanda he will no longer remain a member of Jama‘at. This is so clear and fair that no one can logically refute it and, in such conditions, all the responsibility for achieving the budget lies on the Jama‘ats. At most it can be said that they did not know of it, but who else was to know if they didn’t….
      If he does not pay the amount he owes, and is presented before Allah, he will be ordered to go and make his payment in the HELL

      so u see if person does not pay Chanda then tat means he is not following the so called true religion
      unless u say that person can be a ahmadi outside ur jammat

    • Lutf@
      We are in a constant state of Jihad, and extraordinary times need extraordinary measures. This is the Sunanh of RusoolAllah (saw) and we follow on the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his companions.

      Jihad against who? What extraordinary times? It was Mirza Ghulam who had a history of mental illness and created all kinds of problems, to serve his masters. Even now the cult members have not stopped their dirty tactics. They leave no stone unturned in their jealousy, hatred towards muslims and those who have rightly left the cult. You even use non-muslims and especially the politicians to brainwash them and turn them against ordinary muslims. At least stop using the name of our noble Prophet RasulAllah (saws) and his companions, for your unholy, unworthy and pious fraud.

  3. QURAN does not mention any Obligatory Chandas
    it only mentions Zakat.

    Nor Quran mention any al wasiyat system like Ahmadies have that u give Chanda and property to get the grave

    these all are addition which are not part of Islam and are proof of the Cult like nature of this Ahmadiyya Jammat

  4. O dear Chanda salat LOL ?
    i wonder what other Chanda nonsence they will come up with next maybe a Chanda for not attending the Jalsa Salana they hold every year and fine them or Chanda for not paying the monthly Chanda … LOL what next ??


    It appears that the motto: “family owned and operated since 1889” is missing from the general annals of what it means to be an Ahmadi. I pray that one day this currency-laden company gives up hope and finds other means to make an honest dollar, i hope they stop stealing from the punjabis that have sprouted into over 80 countries worldwide.

    They take money from the rich and give them respect and promotions in return, in turn offering them admission into a superstructure that is repugnant in terms of vicousness and cast. Ahmadiyyat is and was nothing more than a country club of the well-to-do punjabis who love to serve another punjabi man and his off-spring, irregardless of stupidity and charisma. And if there is one of them who comes along, who has more wisdom than a 7-year old but has flare and can persuade a few million punjabis that Qadian is similiar to Mecca.

  6. i would like to write again the following things regarding this allegation that ahmadiyyat have introduced a new compulsory chanda system in contrast with the ZAKAT .

    1) First of all chanda aam was not started in the lief time of hazrat Messiah Maood (as) at the ratio of 16 % .
    2) It was in the time of the hazrat Mirza Basheer u deen Mahomood (rz) the 2nd head of jamat e ahmadiyya , when the chanda aam was fixed at 16% .
    3) Chanda aam is compulsory only in the sense that every ahmadi is expected to pay at this ratio

    4) because it was the decision of the majlis e shuraa to take chanda at the ration of 16% therefore it cannot be alleged becoming a part of ahmadiyyat .Brother Lutf said right that it is an organizational level chanada.

    5) Unlike the zakat ( with which chanda aam is being compared ) the ratio of this chanda aam can be changed for someone if he seeks permission from Khalifatul Messiah

    Now i would like to present this question answer session of my 4th caliph to corroborate what i have said.

    financial sacrifice of jamate ahmadiyya and its base

    Now coming towards the Mr hussain .

    My husain raised the following point.

    1) we cannot justify the chanda aam by quoting the verses of the holy quran which says to make financial sacrifices ( i wonder why we cannot ? )
    2) he then used the example ( used by Mr farhan earlier ) that if i start praying regulary @12 am and justify it from the quranic ayyat and make it obligatory then will it be good or bad.
    3) because On muslims only 5 prayers are obligatory Hence making the 6th prayer obligatory will coincide with the islam and will be equivalent to bid’ah

    But all these points including the past post of Mr farhan regaring

    chanda as bid’ah
    are totally wrong.

    As mentioned in the question answer session of hazrat Khalifatul messiah (rz)
    very clearly that is

    “we call it compulsory , compulsory in a sense that we expect every ahmadi to pay otherwise there is no compulsion . if some one does not pay , all right . you cannot call him non ahmadi because he did not pay because if he believe in hazrat messiah maood (as) and imam mahdi then he is off course an ahmadi. ”

    Had the chanda aam be the integral part of jamate ahmadi ( which is off course not . we say it compulsory only in a sense that every one should strive hard and should give it so that needs of the islam could be fulfilled ) no one , including the khalifatul messiah had the right to change it.

    having make it clear and very clear that chanda aam is not as compulsory as the zakat as the 5 prayers every allegation of Mr hussain goes wrong.

    if i make it compulsory on me to offer a prayer @12am regularly , if i make it compulsory on my other frindes to offer prayer with me regularly but i make clear on them that this is a NAFAL prayer not as obligatory as the other 5 prayers but i stress on them to pray it regulary with out fail.

    whats wrong in it.

    it will become wrong when you say that 1400 years ago there was 5 prayers and now there are 6 prayers , GOD will send you in hell if you do nto offer it.

    if Mr hussain does not know then it is time to tell him that as the part of 100 years celebration of Ahmaiyya khilafat , it was made imperative on all the ahmadies to offer one (or two ) nawafal regularly every day and fast one time in a month.

    does this introduced a new set of prayer and fast . Not .

    after this video proof …..

    financial sacrifice of jamate ahmadiyya and its base

    all the lofty claims regarding the ahmadiyya chanda aam have proven false.

      • yeah…you sound like Masroor? How do you find time to blog? And those speeches…gosh, who writes them? You should try to read them before the speech and improvise. And most speakers are taught to look at the crowd when they speak…on planet Earth at least.

        Masroor…why is that you cant give a speech in English? Werent you in Ghana for like 10 years? Do you know that English is the official language there? I dont think anyone comprehends Urdu in Ghana, unless of course you sent them from Rabwah.

    • Khalid did u miss this:

      If any member refuses to pay the Chanda he will no longer remain a member of Jama‘at. This is so clear and fair that no one can logically refute it and, in such conditions, all the responsibility for achieving the budget lies on the Jama‘ats. At most it can be said that they did not know of it, but who else was to know if they didn’t….
      If he does not pay the amount he owes, and is presented before Allah, he will be ordered to go and make his payment in the HELL

      this clearly shows its not just organizational but Religious
      also according to u organization is part of ur religion there cant be ahmadi outside ur jammat 🙂

  7. Failure of acid test

    as mentioned earlier that the words of the khalifat ul messiah were clear saying that obligatory chanada aam in not as obligatory like the 5 prayers and zakat

    we call it compulsory , compulsory in a sense that we expect every ahmadi to pay otherwise there is no compulsion . if some one does not pay , all right . you cannot call him non ahmadi because he did not pay because if he believe in hazrat messiah maood (as) and imam mahdi then he is off course an ahmadi. ”

    Hence the acid test have proven totally wrong.
    in both cases the 6th prayer will remain optional if i tell clearly that not offering the 6th prayers will not cause your expulsion from ahmadiyyat but we expect you to honor it like the obligatory prayer
    and chanda aam is also of the same optional category as well. though it is stressed on all the ahmadies that they should pay but if some one opt not to pay then the words of the khalifa tul messiah are very clear that is

    if some one does not pay , all right . you cannot call him non ahmadi because he did not pay because if he believe in hazrat messiah maood (as) and imam mahdi then he is off course an ahmadi.

    now if chanda aam were as obligatory as zakat and 5 prayers then you can never say this

    one who denies of paying zakat , is not performing the elementary part of islam and making him sinful.
    but one who is not paying chanda aam , is only denying himself of a great opportunity to become dear to the GOD . but he can expect the paradise off course on the bare minimum .

    • This is from ur website:

      Khalid did u miss this:

      “””If any member refuses to pay the Chanda he will no longer remain a member of Jama‘at. This is so clear and fair that no one can logically refute it and, in such conditions, all the responsibility for achieving the budget lies on the Jama‘ats. At most it can be said that they did not know of it, but who else was to know if they didn’t….
      If he does not pay the amount he owes, and is presented before Allah, he will be ordered to go and make his payment in the HELL”””

      this clearly shows its not just organizational but Religious
      also according to u organization is part of ur religion there cant be ahmadi outside ur jammat 🙂

  8. It appears that Ahmadis are hard-pressed to re-define words of any language. First it was Muta-wafeeka, then it was Rafaa, then it was Khatam, then it was Akhira. And now it is an english word: compulsory.

    What you need to do is change the word to “Voluntary”. Then the mix-up or allegations would go away. The truth of the matter is that Mahmud Ahmad shoved these charities down the throat of even the poorest Ahmadi. In turn…he used this money to buy land and educate his own children. When will you wake up? When will you realize that the Mirza family doesnt care about the average Ahmadi? When will you realize that MGAQ was accused of misappropration of funds just 12 hours before his death…and that by the most qualified and intelligent Ahmadi in his camp.

    Give up the rhetoric! You are only lying to yourself and to your children. Ask Masroor to publish the rankings of Chanda Aam in one of his magazines. I bet you any of the african countries will show up at like 30th. Isnt Ahmadiyyat in 7000 countries?

    You people claim that in Benin there are over 3 million Ahmadis. The funny thing is that they dont give you any money. Masroor takes the money from the USA and Europe and invests it to BUY CONVERTS in Benin and other African countries. Sorta like the white man did 100 years ago when they were stealing gold out of Ghana. And I just did the research…Ghana didnt have 1 christian 200 years ago. Now its 70% christian. Islam is dying….and then the Ahmadis showed up.

    How you like them apples?

  9. As the video i have presented here is much more old then this blog so no one can blame me for changing the meaning at all . There is no change of meaning,but as the truth has shattered your theory so you can say whatever comes in your mind .

    My point is very simple and let me make it clear that if someone thinks that if some ahmadi does not pay chanda aam then he is sent out of jamat then it is a lie and nothing else .

    • @ khalid

      Nobody ever said that if an Ahmadi doesnt pay chanda he will kicked out of the jamaat. This is a false accusation by you. We are saying that you call it COMPULSORY. By calling it compulsory you send a shockwave into the brains of the average Ahmadi to the effect that if you dont pay you are less of a momin and will not be allowed into the administration of the business…(cough cough) religion. This terminology is a scare-tactic. This terminology produces people who are scared and bullied and leads the average Ahmadi to give money even though he has little or nothing in his bank account. This terminology compels middle to lower class Ahmadis to take food out of the mouth of their children and give it to the Mirza family so they can misappropriate it.

      And…..if an Ahmadi doesnt pay…he wont be able to even vote for office holders. Can you imagine if the US govt. disallowed those who collect welfare and are NOT PAYING TAX to vote? Can you imagine what would happen?

      And…the nizaam doesnt tell Ahmadis before the election in terms of who can or can’t vote. They wait…when the election is about to start they give the names of those who CANNOT VOTE, thus embarrasing them in-front of everyone.

      And….those that pay the most are given the highest positions of authority. I remember vividly how as an Ahmadi we would judge people based on their financial contributions and not their overall spiritual character.

      And…nobody even asks about Zakaat. Masroor gives yearly khutbas on waq-fe-jadid and tehrik-e-jadid, but he never gives full lectures on Zakaat. Will Masroor ever give a listing of the highest ranking jamaats in terms of Zaakaat?

      Remember I was an ahmadi from birth to about age 25.

  10. After having read the essay by Khalid Nawaz, he is saying that Chanda Aam is compulsory in the “sense that we expect every ahmadi to pay otherwise there is no compulsion”. So in other words it is compulsory and voluntary at the same time? This is your argument? Thank you for clearing that up Khalid. It’s not the rate we have a problem with, it is the obligatory nature. But I must thank you for reinforcing why this bog was written, you have once again shown that you do not understand the meaning of obligatory.


    • If you do not want to let the words sink in ur mind then what can i do .
      the video is very clear and have proven your recent effort totally wrong . You wanted to show the world that chanda aam is as obligatory as zakat . But it is not . What else i need to prove further .
      An ahmadi enter in jamate ahmadiyya after believing the hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad (as) as the messiah and imam mahdi . He beleives in the khilafat .
      Khilafat is a devine instituation , just like hazarat muhammad (saw ) asked money for various other things in addition to the zakat . Khilafa of the ahmadiyyat ,considering the needs of islam have asked for greater monitory sacrifices .
      And we are giving it happily . Any objection ?
      Youare the ines who cannot even understand the meaning of the TAWAFi , so can i expect you will be able to understand what i have said .
      No , never.
      The fact is Chand aam is not as obligatory As zakat . The fact is you have failed miserably .

        • Dear mr shahid ,
          as evident from the video hazoor made it clear that it was the decision of the majlise shoora that every ahmadi would pay the 1/16 of his income for the needs of the islam and ahmadiyyat .
          It is now binding over us to say the chanda . If i do not give this verdict an honor then what i am doing in this jamat .

          And when i believe that we are on right path (and hope you know i am in this jamat because i read about the ahmadiyyat and truely believe that it is indeed the true islam )
          and God stand by us then it is compulsory for me to follow those guidelines which are enforced on us via our khalipha .
          For an true ahmadi this is not even the issue .
          It is the issue for thecult member because they want to raise objection . Like the parasites they cannot live without doing this .
          Though the issue have been resolved and need not be answered again .
          Its not bid’ah because islam allows that if good things are introduced then the one who starts this good custom will get blessing of the God . Its obligatory nature is only that majlis e shura proposed and got authenticity from the caliph .
          They accept every ahmadi to give it . He someone ahmadi does not want to give it then why he want to be it ahmadiyya jamat . But i never heard that some one was thrown out because of not paying the chanda .
          I personally knew such persons who does not give chanda aam or they does not show the real income . But they were never thrown out of jamat . This is again a propaganda .

          • If an Ahmadi, makes good money, yet refuses to pay Chanda Aam…what will be his fate? You also mentioned that an Ahmadi is EXPECTED TO PAY. Then Farhan and all other are correct. Its like you guys expect other people to pray that 6th salaat everyday, and if they dont, they become sinners.

      • After reading everything that the Ahmadis wrote and reflecting on the matter here some additional final thoughts.

        1. If an Ahmadi is making good money and has the means to pay Chanda Aam and/or any of the other charities inside the structure of Ahmadiyyat and STILL REFUSES to pay, well in that case he will be thrown out of Jamaat Ahmadiya.

        1.a. If a member doesnt have the means to pay, he can write a letter to Masroor Ahmad in which he asks for a pardon. Masroor will probably GRANT the pardon, but the member will be dis-allowed from joining the management team of Ahmadiyyat.

        3. Nonetheless, Ahmadiyyat will not survive without financial contributions from the members. Since they know this, they use a scare-tactic when collecting funds. They call it COMPULSORY even though they know it is not. They essentially scare Ahmadis into paying money.

        4. Ahmadis rarely pay Zakaat! Masroor should give us a rankings sheet of Ahmadiyya countries that pay zakaat, I bet there are none. 25 years as an Ahmadi, I never paid Zakaat.

        In the end…this religion was built on financing a family. The members got a feeling that they actually gave to Allah, when they were really only helping a family eat.

  11. Sin? Off course it is. When my khilafa,the chosen one, have said that we should pay chanda aam for the sake of islam then not paying the chanda is a grave sin .just becuase fullfilling the commands of the caliph is the duty of every ahmadi.
    One who thinks that he can safely igonre the commands of the caliph then he is wrong ,totally wrong . This is the answer for mr xia as well .

    • then it is wajib and is analogous with tahir’s 6th namaz example. what’s the problem?

  12. Your Caliph doesn’t know a thing about Islam then. There is no need for an amendment in the already perfect Islamic laws. Sacrifice as much as you want. We do not have any objection to it, making it a forceful sacrifice remains an objection in the mind of any sane Muslim.

    Imagine if you remove that obligation , I wonder how many ahmadis would love to pay chanda on their own. I bet none of them would care to throw a penny away from their pockets.

    /\ Ahmadiyya Jammat would collapse without chanda actually…

    Zakat on the other hand is clear and pure in its terms and its value is visible in front of every Muslim in the Holy Quran and in the authentic Hadith books.

    Obligatory chanda has no place in Islam.

    • Lofty claims . But let me tell you that zakat have much less ratio but all so called pure muslim even do not pay it as well . `confirm it from some one who is in bank of pakistan that how the billions of rupees are taken out before the first of ramazan .
      And as it has been shown that it is the lie that chanda aam is as obligatory as Zakat . After it if people like you say the same thing again and again then it tell me lot about your mental level .

  13. Your all forefathers died of seeing the dream mr basit . That ahmadiyat would collapse . It has not and it will not .
    Its now a foolish dream that you see that ahmadiyat will collapse .
    There is god standing for our protection .
    Whats your worth in front of him .

  14. Khalid, thank you again for completely overlooking my point. If your caliph said you must pray the twelve midnight chanda salaat and it is the sixth obligatory prayer, would you happily introduce this custom in to your life? Don’t give me waffle like Ahmadis do and as you have been doing throughout this blog, answer the question. Either you will or you will not then provide justification for either answer.

  15. Dear hussain when i believe my caliph a true caliph and promissed messiah a divine reformer and have divine signs with for his truth the i will not give a secind thought to what he has cimmanded me . I must first confirm the truth of the promissed messiah after wards i need not be concerned with the details .

    Now i had never bothered myselfwith the question you have raised .
    Buy now i dealt with the question only because of mr shahid ,mr farhan and you.
    Becuase we all agree that giving monitory sacrifices is not bad and islam actually supports the chanda .
    The only bone of contention was that why we made chanda compulsory becuase in islam only zakat is compulsory .

    And this question have been answered . When my caliph have categorically told that this finance system was intruduced by majlis e shuar and was enforced after the approval of caliph of that time for the sake of islam.

    Though this is called compulsory but indeednthis is not as compulsory as zakat is . If sime one reject zakat he will become non muslim . But this is not the case with the chanda Aam.
    The example of the 6th prayer cannot be used because 6th prayer in ur exAmple is made like the other 5 prayer but having made it clear that 6th paryer is not as obligatory as the other 5 prayers but even then i expect my friends to offer it withiut fail will not be against islamic teAching

    • I’m sorry but your logic is all over the place. You say Chanda is compulsory but it is voluntary at the same time. This does not add up. It is either obligatory or it is not. To be an Ahmadi you must be part of the Ahmadiyya Jammat. This is a fact. If you are not part of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat then you cannot be an Ahmadi because you are rejecting the representative of God thus you are going against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as he says the chain of khilafat will remain unbroken till the Day of Judgment. It is also a fact as far as Ahmadiyya interpretation is concerned, everyone outside the Jamaat are non-believers. Again this is a fact for Ahmadis. Now consider that according to your own books and your own official website, if you do not pay Chanda then you are kicked out of the Jamaat and you will pay in hell for it (brother Zia has provided the full quote earlier). Thus if you do not pay Chanda then you become a non-believer as you are no longer part of the Jamaat and you must be part of the Jamaat to be an Ahmadi. I don’t see how you’re arguing otherwise. Well actually I do, because what you said after this sums it up. You have basically said that if a sixth mandatory prayer was introduced by your Khalifah “then i expect my friends to offer it withiut fail”. Your basic argument is that you will follow Ahmadiyya BLINDLY no matter how it contradicts Islam because you will find someway of justifying it. With that, we have concluded this debate with you Khalid. May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam.

      • well lets conclude the debate with these last words from myself

        1) chanda aam have not made obligatory as the zakat
        2) it is indeed the voluntary chanda as clearly told by 4th caliph of ahmadiyyat , but we expect our jamat to treat it as the compulsory
        3) making it clear that its a voluntary chanda but we expect every ahmadi to pay it , does not introduce a new system in islam and is not against the Islamic teaching .

        concluded ….

        • Final thoughts

          It appears that the Mirza family found yet another part of Islam that they could lie about and change. Not only do they play with this word, they also play with words of the Quran.

          This appears to be the modus operandi of the Ahmadis. I just recently read Fisher’s work in terms of Amadiyyat in Africa and Fisher provides a financial report for the year of 1967. Zakaat is hardly paid, whereas Chanda Aam soars far above all other donations.

          If only you called your religion something other than Islam….we would have no quarrel whatsoever. Since you called it Islam and made billions of it…. that has sparked the engine of “Ahmadiyya Awareness”.

          Allah will not be happy when the Mirza’s come to his court!

  16. Sorry for too much speeling mistake as i am writing it frim mobile . Please excuse me for so many errors

  17. who wants ahmadiyya to be collapsed ? Not a Muslim at least…

    My point is ; the ahmadiyya jammat mostly stands on financial needs, your level of preaching or doing * tabligh * is nothing as compared to the * daw’ah * of the Muslims.Moreover, it is your dreamland which makes you think you are conquering the world, its the opposite look for you Mr Khalid.

    I dare you to stop paying chanda and urge other ahmadis to do so as well and then get an overview of the situation of your jammat. Do you accept ? Of course you would never because assumptions are more important for you than facts…

    Mind asking Mirza Masroor about Zakat ( a pillar of Islam ) than chanda ?

  18. Why should i and other ahmadies stop paying chanda ?
    your this argument resemble like the argument of shitan . He said the samething to the hazrat adam (as) that you are not allowed to eAt from this tree so that you dont get everlasting lief . Just eat from tree .
    Did hazrat adam(as) made a good decision of following the advice of shittan.
    No , not at all .
    So do not generate such speculations . You donot know about religion much just you become emotional.
    My dear, every work in this world require physical and monetary sacrifices.
    You cannot deny it .
    Islam in the start if on one side needed the men to fight for the sake of islam then on the other side it needed money for finance .
    Do you know that how for one GHAZWA , hazrat abu bakar (rz) brought all what he got and hazrat ummar (rz) brought half of what he had .

    Why they did so ? Becuase this world have been built such that you do need both money And physical sacrifices .
    We are uaing both in the way of the god .
    You need not worry about our sacrifices

    • You have not answered a single question as posed in the above article.

      Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) and Hazrat Umar (ra) did jihad with their property and their persons. And they saw the money being spent. Muslims paid Zakaat and the money went to the poor.

      Ahmadis gave money and it went into the bank account of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. One family got rich from the punjab.

      Slap yourself for comparing the fraud of MGAQ to our beloved Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) and Hazrat Umar (ra).

  19. Any prophet of God who spent money in the way of God or asked for financial sacrifices never made it a compulsion for people. Can you show me one single example from the Quran or Hadith where any prophet of Allah SWT asked people to pay a fixed amount of * sacrifice * in the way of God ?

    If sacrifices are to be made, they are to be given with an open heart and soul. That is what exactly I’m telling you; do you really think people would love to pay some money from their pockets if it wasn’t mandatory for them and they would not even be knowing where their money is being used ?

    Money in your case is not given in the sense of * sacrifice *, it has to be given because people wish to stay in your cult and in its activities. Is this your true Islam ?

    Problem is not present in the sacrifice. Its present in the CONDITION of that sacrifice.

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