The Plague – Episode Four

The forth episode is regarding the remedy of the plague. This is not the ‘divine’ medicine that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad received from ‘Yalesh’ but the opportunity he saw to take advantage of the suffering of people.

“But, instead of showing any sign of repentance, they continued to abuse me and published announcements full of foul language against me. The result is the plague you are witnessing now…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 94)

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“The message that God revealed to me for removing this disease is that people should wholeheartedly accept me as the Promised Messiah.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 95)

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“The plague has visited the world because the Promised Messiah, who is from God, has not only been rejected, but has also been tormented. Plots have been hatched to kill him, and he has been called a disbeliever and Dajjal…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 96/97)

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There are many more examples where he reiterates and emphasises this point. For clarity, his claim is that the plague has occurred because people have rejected and reviled him and the only remedy to prevent and eliminate this disease is to accept him or in the least to desist from abusing and using foul language against him.

However, in accordance with the above limitations, the plague should be continuing to this day. The abuse has not stopped and did not stop even up to the day he died and a very small percentage accepted his claim. The following quotes from his own books detail that he was still being abused even after making his requests and ‘remedy’.

“…they mock at the one who has been sent by Him for the reform of mankind. This mocking and abuse have exceeded all bounds…. (…1905).” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 507)

The following quote has been taken from Haqiqut-ul-Wahi which was written on 15th May 1907. He continues to talk about the abuse directed towards him, bear in mind that he died a year later.

“Maulavi Ghulam Dastgir of Kasur had similarly crossed all limits in hurling abuses at me. He had procured from Mecca edicts of disbelief against me and would invoke curses upon me day in and day out. ‘The curse of Allah be upon the liars’ was his routine invocation…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 163/164)

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Yet more evidence from the same book evidencing further abuse:

“About me it said: ‘This man is selfish, self-conceived, depraved and a sinner; that is why he sees dirty and unholy dreams…Mirza of Qadian is an immoral fame seeker, and a glutton…A wretched, one who shirks work to earn a living, and a past master at cunning, deception and lying…We will surely expose his shenanigans, and we do hope to succeed in our plans…Mirza is an impostor and a liar. Members of the Mirza’i community are evil-doers and rogues.’ In short, every single issue of their paper has been full of filthy abuse. (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 207)

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This abuse obviously didn’t stop even after his death and as a matter of fact, the more that people learned or heard about his claim, the more he was labeled Dajjal (The Anti-Christ) and cursed. How can he then claim that in the least, if he is not to be accepted, the abuse should stop and the plague would then disappear? It is fair to say that the majority of people only knew of him after his demise especially in the age of television and the internet and along with this came more abuse. Therefore in accordance with his claim, the plague should not have stopped. The subsequent remedy he puts forth is accepting him as the Messiah sent by God, however this did not happen. Observe the exaggerated claim he has made below in the year 1904 in Sialkot.

“…some people came to their senses and, in a short time, about two hundred thousand people pledged allegiance at my hand and this process is ongoing.” (Lecture Sialkot, Page 57)

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He has made, what would seem like an unverifiable claim above. However in 1918, an author by name of H.A. Walter wrote a book entitled ‘The Religious Life of India – The Ahmadiya Movement’. In this book the author consults the census of 1911 which specifically details the amount of adherents to the movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The author too states that in 1900 the members of the community were, at their own request, entered under the name ‘Ahmadiyya’ in the official census list of the Government of India, as a distinct Muhammadan sect. For this reason the figures representing the sect in the census of 1911 cannot be said to be erroneous. A scan of the book which consults the census and lists the total members is given below:

“…the Government of India Census of 1911 where, in the section on the Panjab (Vol. XIV, Part 2), the statistics of the movement are given as follows: Males, 10,116; Females, 8,579; total, 18,695… Dr. H. D. Griswold stated that in his opinion 50,000 would be a liberal estimate of the numerical strength of the Ahmadiya movement at that time. Allowing for a considerable increase in the six years that have since elapsed, it is safe to say that at the very most there are not more than 70,000 followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at the present time.” (The Ahmadiya Movement, Page 112)

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The report written in 1918, citing the census of 1911, numbers the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at a meagre 18,695. Compare this to the statement he made in 1904 claiming that 200,000 people had pledged their allegiance to him. This not only proves that he lied but falsifies his claim about the plague. He stated that the single remedy for cessation of the plague would be to accept him as the Promised Messiah. Undoubtedly, this did not happen as by the year 1912 he only had 18,695 adherents. The author then generously states that an estimate for 1918 would be no more than 70,000 and this is in comparison to a figure of 500,000 given in 1908 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as can be seen on the second line of the link above on page 112. This therefore proves he is a liar and establishes his failed remedy in that the only way the plague will withdraw is if he is accepted. Additionally, the 2001 Pakistan Government statistics have Ahmadis as 0.22% of the population.

96.28% of the Pakistani population are Muslims, 1.85% Hindus, 1.59% Christians, and 0.22% Ahmadis (Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division, No. SD. PER.E (53)/99-449, Islamabad, 16 July 2001). (Thematic Chronology of Mass Violence in Pakistan, 1947-2007 by Lionel Baixas, Tuesday 24 June 2008, Page 16)

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“…there is absolutely no remedy against it except that His Messiah be accepted wholeheartedly and in all sincerity. This is a sure remedy. But a lesser remedy is that people must refrain from rejecting him, and must hold their tongues from uttering profanities against him, and must realize his true status.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 100)

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If this was the only remedy then why has the plague ceased? He is being reviled more now than during his lifetime, this proves yet another phony prophecy. Many people know of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in this day and age in comparison to his own time. Many people who hear of his claim label him as a forerunner to the Anti-Christ and one of the false claimants to prophethood as foretold by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and as a result, curse him.

“…plague raced north and west through to the rural parts of the Bombay Presidency and on into the Punjab…The third plague pandemic… disappeared by the 1940s…” (Plague Ports, Page 51)

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May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

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