The Plague – Episode One

The issue of the plague and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is one which displays the egotistical nature of man as well the cunning psyche of a opportunist con man. I have thus decided one blog entry would be overwhelming as there are so many inconsistencies with this episode in the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I will therefore make some simple observations in each episode in no particular logical order. Thus let us begin, inshaAllah, with the following quote:

“Another prophecy was that the plague would rage as an epidemic at the time to such an extent that seven out of ten people would die. Now has this sign appeared or has it not?” (Lecture Ludhiana, Page 61)

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Is he talking about seven out of ten people in the world would die or seven out of ten people in India would die? Regardless, the following is written by Myron J. Echenberg:

“Between plague’s arrival in 1896 & 1921, an estimated 12 million Indians lost their lives, compared with 3 million in the rest of the world combined.” (Plague Ports, Page 51)

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Below are the figures for the population of India and the world in 1920-21:

“Population of India:
Year – 1921
Population – 251,321,213”
(Gandhian Perspectives On Population And Development by A.K. Sharma, Page 32)

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The above table states that the population of India in 1921 was 251.3 million. According to David Lucas below, the world population was approximately 2 billion in 1920.

“The population of the world was two billion (2,000,000,000) around 1920” (World Population Growth by David Lucas, Chapter 3, Page 1)

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The World
The world population in 1920 was 2 billion, thus if his prophecy of “seven out of ten people would die as a result of the plague” was accurate and duly fulfilled then accordingly, approximately, 1.4 billion people should have died worldwide as a result of the plague. However an estimated 15 million people died by 1921 throughout the world and thus his prophecy has failed if he indeed was referring to the whole world.

The population for India in 1921 was 251,321,213, thus if his prophecy of “seven out of ten people would die as a result of the plague” was accurate and duly fulfilled then accordingly, approximately 175,924,849 people should have died in India alone. However, an estimated 12 million people died as a result of the plague and thus his prophecy has failed on both counts, i.e. if he was referring to the entire world or if he was referring only to India. At this point I would like to remind you that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said:

“Another prophecy was that the plague would rage as an epidemic at the time to such an extent that seven out of ten people would die. Now has this sign appeared or has it not?” (Lecture Ludhiana, Page 61)

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The answer to his question is, “it has not” and therefore without a shadow of doubt, the prophecy of “seven out of ten” has failed.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

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9 thoughts on “The Plague – Episode One

  1. Awesome work Tahir!

    I wish I could prove that european colonialism planted this plague and may others. It seems that wherever the europeans went, a plague unsued. From Australia to Africa to the Americas….

  2. what a joke Mirza was it seems his God Yalash didnt know the world population figure of India or the whole world so he came up with a nonsensical prophecy to rid the world population with plague but only few millions died but rest of the human race survived what a joke Yalash is

    • It sounds like the Brits gave MGAQ the inside track on what their goals in India were. You see, the Brits wanted 70% of the population of Indians to just go away, MGAQ must have got the memo and published a prophecy containing the goals and aspirations of the Brits.

      This is very similiar to what they did in Australia, if you think that the aborigines just happened to die from some mystery plague then you need to re-do the 5th grade. It’s obvious that the Brits started that plague and stole Australia. Nowadays the Australian man’s skin is white, it is as if the aborgine never existed.

      Remember, the Brits shipped millions of Indians all around the world to work in European farms and other companies. Fiji is a big example of this. The Brits realized that population of India was a resource for them and they used it. They also sent men to Guyana, South Africa and Mauritius.

  3. What are you people trying to prove? to prove him wrong? even if he is proven wrong
    you are not right either. I used to say before in your blog that for the sake of argument
    let us agreed that he is not the true Imam Mahdi/Imam of the Age whose advent was
    fortold by The Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW). as I said, if that is the case, the true Imam Mahdi/Imam Of The Age is yet to come to resume THE TRUE LEADERSHIP IN ISLAM, now, if The True Imam (leader) is yet to come, therefore, how shall we classified the present so called leadership in Islam? are they not to be classified as fake
    and imposter as well? because being self-proclaimed leaders can never resume the true leadership, in order to resume the true leadership one has to be bold enough to
    tell the the world that he is from God, he has to be bold enough to declare that God has spoken and appointed him as the true Imam(leader). This is what the present
    so called muslim leaders can never accomplished or do, they no longer believe that
    God still speaks as He spoke before, they believe that God has ceased speaking(no more reavealition) their faith(EEMAN) no longer based on CONVICTION but instead
    based on CONJECTURE!! that is why you will find in their writing quite often they
    would said “I do research/ In my study/my research and so forth” as if they believe that all the knowledege and treasure in the Quraan could be gained by mere human mental strenght without the need to be revealed by God(Nazubillah).
    At the end of the day, whoever comes to claim that he is from God to be the true Imam Mahdi/Imam Of The Age after Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) would also be rejected. WAKE UP MY BROTHERS!! if THE TRUE IMAM (leader) could never comes, then the present so called Imam (leaders) cannot be true either.

    • Give it a rest BRO.

      Muslims are getting organized, slowly but surely. I expect the peaceful renaissance of Islam to begin in the West and vibrate the rest of the world. I have already observed the work of Imam Rauf (the manhattan masjid Imam).

      Islam is coming. We might not need Esa (As) or the Mahdi, or they might come after we reform ourselves.

      MGAQ was a fraud and a huckster. All he wanted was money and women. His son Mahmud had 7 wives and 20+ children, and he was filthy rich.

    • You want to talk about leaders? I rather be leaderless, rather to have some kind of cultish following your kilafah’s have…you pose them as if they are Idols and heroes…but they do nothing but suck your chanda money so they can drive the best BMW’s. What do your leaders do really? Think about it? Organize a yearly Jalsa Salana? Being GIGANTIC uncle toms? You all have leaders who DON’T EVEN KNOW ARABIC! Imagine that! You claim to be the ‘true’ Muslims yet your leader doesn’t even know the language of the Quran! Don’t you see how stupid it even sounds?
      Yeah we have no leaders, but at least the few honest Muslims there are today follow the best leader of all and that is Allah. You Ahmadis don’t even have real iman…you’re all just brainwashed by some stupid cult…brainwashing is not faith.

  4. So you agree the prophecy failed? If you want to divert the topic please use the forum, that is what it is there for… This exact same thing happened on the last blog I did about the last avatar. Please stick to the issue raised, if you would like to discuss other aspects then use the forum and we will happily discuss your concerns.

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