The Last Avatar

In one of the many claims made by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, he declares himself the ‘Hindu avatar‘ awaited by the adherents of Hindusim. However, there seems to be an inconsistency in his claim. This particular contradiction highlights his understanding or as some may more accurately argue, deception, of the word ‘last’. He made the following claim in the year 1900.

“There is a prophecy in Hindu scriptures that in the latter days an Avatar would appear, who will possess the qualities of Krishna and will be his reflection. It has been conveyed to me that I am that person”. (Tadhkirah, 2009 Edition – Page 486)

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was adamant that he was the awaited avatar for the Hindus. Many Ahmadiyya arranged events hold up banners reading, ‘Krishna has arrived’ a misconception in itself, pushing forth the belief that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came to guide the Hindus as stated below in 1904.

“…my advent in the present age is not for the reformation of the Muslims alone, but I have come to reform the people of all the three religions: Muslims, Christians and Hindus. Just as God has appointed me the Promised Messiah for the Muslims and Christians, so am I the Avatar for the Hindus”. (Lecture Sialkot, Page – 38/39)

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However, if he was the awaited avatar for the religion of Hinduism as he claims then how do Ahmadis reconcile this with the following statement?

“…Nanak undoubtedly came as a blessing to the Hindus. He was, as it were, the last Avatar of the Hindu religion”. (A Message Of Peace, Page – 6)

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Guru Nanak was born in the year 1469CE, approximately 370 years before Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He died in the year 1539CE at the age of 69 and is the founder of Sikhism. The above translation is taken from the Lahori branch of Ahmadiyya, the Qadiani branch have translated the above as “the last bearer of a message from God for Hinduism” which in effect has the same undertone as declaring Guru Nanak the last avatar for the Hindu religion. The Qadiani translation is some what of a mystery as the Urdu transliteration (thanks to brother Zia Ahmad) reads “...aur yoon shamjo whoa Hindu mazhab ka akhri avatar tha. Jis nay is nafrat ko dur karna chaha tha jo Islam kay mutalq Hindion kay dilon mein thee(Roohani Khazain, Paigham-i-Sulh, Volume 23, Page 446) which quite clearly translates as “…he was like last avatar of Hinduism”. It is quite strange that the Qadiani branch have translated this differently leaving out the word ‘avatar’ altogether. This book, as stated in the introduction of both versions, is the last written work of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

If Guru Nanak is the “last bearer of a message from God for Hinduism” and thus “the last avatar of the Hindu religion” then where does that leave Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? Prior to declaring Guru Nanak the last avatar of the Hindu religion, he himself declared that he was the avatar for the Hindus. It is almost as if the word ‘last’ has lost all meaning in Ahmadiyya. You cannot help but contrast how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the early stages of his life believed as all Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last of the Prophets but then went on to declare that he is a Prophet himself abolishing his earlier belief and destroying all meaning of the word ‘last’ as he does in a less cunning manner with this claim. The Hindu religion is awaiting the return of their tenth and last avatar (who is in actual fact referred to as ‘Kalki‘ not ‘Krishna‘, a completely different entity) and if as per Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Guru Nanak is that ‘last avatar‘ then he diminishes his own claim of being the awaited Hindu avatar himself.

The blind argument that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared Guru Nanak to be the last avatar prior to claiming that he himself was an avatar is effortlessly refuted. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed he was an avatar in 1900 prior to declaring Guru Nanak the last avatar in 1908. The movement constantly produces oxymoron’s which a majority of their followers know nothing about, this is just another example. In conclusion, the question remains, who is the last avatar? Is it Mirza Ghulam Ahmad or is it Guru Nanak? Either answer would contradict the belief of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad yet in Ahmadiyya the answer can only be one of the two.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

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67 thoughts on “The Last Avatar

  1. I’m afraid that the most intelligent response I can give to the above article, other than thanking brother Tahir for once again exposing the fallacy of Mirza, would read something like the following:

    ZOMG! PWNED!!!!!!

    Seriously, as far as the Ahmadiyya cult is concerned, it is all over bar the shouting. And we have given up with shouting matches, all that remains is for Ahmadis to rejoin their former brothers and sisters in Islam, where they will be welcomed with open arms, insha’Allah

    • I’ll be damned if an Ghoulam Ahmadi doesn’t say, “It was metaphorical when MGA said it, so he didn’t REALLY mean it.”

      Right. Metaphorical, just like when he (la3natullahu 3alay) said he was the last prophet and the messiah, right? 😉

      awesome article

      • Alas for My servants! there comes not a messenger to them but they mock at him. (Holy Quran 36:30)

        • You are right one should not mock the messengers.

          However, here we are not discussing a messenger but a liar. So please correct your record.

          His lies are exposed in this article, so please tell what is wrong in the article. At the end of the day we have to call a liar ‘a liar’. Though as Muslims we don’t behave like Mirzais and don’t call such people Bastards, Husbands of Bitches, Sons of Prostitutes, etc.

          • If he was a liar he would have been destroyed according to the Holy Quran. But he was successful and was a recipient of special divine help. Name an instance where an enemy could least harm him?

          • Your arguments are not new, and they have been soundly rebutted in many places. This is not the place for your off-topic argumentation, Please join the forum for that.

          • If you have anything to discuss that is pertinent to the thread, let us know, otherwise future off-topic messages will be summarily deleted.

          • Oh gosh…another qadiani that thinks he’s smart….Go and re-boot a computer or something, philosophy may not be your strong point.

            The point is that MGAQ didnt have good character. He impersonated a prophet, namely Esa (as) then Muhammad (saw). I would have slapped him for those comments alone, not to mention all the other stuff that he did.

          • The white man protected MGAQ, just like the white man saved Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Its the same process. Your own people dont like you based on your political ambitions. Your own people call you traitors and liars and are sensitive when you associate yourselves with muslims.

            In the 1930’s when the Ahrars wanted to have a jalsa in Qadian, the white man forbid them to do so. The whites have saved the qadianis many times over.

            Then, when Mahmud’s political career went south, white people promoted Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan. They did this as a favor to keep Mahmud Ahmad in the loop in terms of the political climate of India.

        • Anzi do u know how many people claimed to be messengers after Prophet (PUBH)?

          none was accepted truthful and rejected

          • yes, none was accepted truthful and rejected according to the verses in Holy Quran Al-Haqqah(69:454-48). But Mirza sahib claimed to be the recipient of the Divine revelation and persisted till the end.

          • Anzi

            remaning persistent done make him truthful.
            coz finality of Prophethood makes him fake autoamtically.

            you can also visit the forum where u can find many proof about Mirza Ghulam being fake like Rashid Khalifah, Elijham Muhammad etc.

          • Bahaullah didn’t satisfy the Divine prophecies and promises contained in the Holy Scriptures and Hadith.

          • Do you mean the text of Kan-zul-ummul? Or do you mean the tafir of sir syed? Or do you mean the book by Nicholas Notovitch where he wrote that Jesus Christ travelled to Kashmir between the ages of 13-30?

            You see, MGAQ was a great liar and plagurizer, he stole ideas from many people over and then created his business.

            MGAQ never had any original work. He had many diseases. He was a sick and twisted old man.

            And just think…your grand wizard visited the shroud of Turin and liked the colors. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. And the tree was stolen..get the picture?

      • I think it is simple. Just as Holy Prophet was last prophet for major portion of Mirza’s life – then he suddenly became Muhammad himself, نعوذباللہ, Mirzais can say it is one and the same thing. Mirza himself was guru nanak re-incarnate – so he is the last Avtar.
        نسلیں ہیں میری بے شمار

        • But they, the Hindus, are supposedly awaiting the return of Krishna according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who says he fulfils this by returning in the guise of Krishna thus making him the last avatar. So how he is Guru Nanak as the last avatar, I don’t know. I mean I know what you are saying, any excuse is acceptable for them but for someone searching for the truth, it is yet another eye opener. P.S. They also say Guru Nanak was “the last bearer of a message from God for Hinduism” thus how can MGA then bring them a message too? There is no logic in any argument they produce. And on another note, this belief of Krishna which is false according to Hinduism is in the Ahmadiyya sense the endorsement of rejecting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It provides legitimacy to the Hindu rejection of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the second manifestation of Krishna as he claims and that is in fact whom the Hindu’s are awaiting then it is an unconditional prerequisite that the Hindu’s reject the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and wait for the second coming of Krishna otherwise they will not be Hindu. The Hindu scripture therefore does not tell them to recognise anyone between the original Krishna and his second manifestation, though they are actually awating the advent of their tenth avatar Kalki, not Krishna as the Ahmadiyya movement believe. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad however supports that this belief exists and is therefore putting the stamp of legitimacy on the Hindu rejection of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

          • The point regarding Krishna is so strong – I don’t how any sane person can deny it. But as we say, if they were not blind, how could they have been Mirzai.

  2. Ponder over this verse of Holy Quran (36:20) “And from the farthest part of the town there came a man running. He said ‘O my people, follow the Messengers,”

      • It is the Promised Messiah(Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian) who, for the first time, revealed to the world the Quranic truth that Founders of all the great religions of the world were Divine Messengers as the words “he said, ‘O my people, follow the Messengers,” point out’.

        • He was also the person to show the world how dumb an indian man could be.

          In 1891 he said that he was Esa (as)…he said that he had been Esa (as) since 1880, he just didnt understand what his god told him.

          Then in 1901 he claimed to be prophet, and he gave the same answer. He said that his GOD had been telling him that he was a prophet circa 1880, MGAQ claimed thta he misunderstood, he claimed that he had clung to the prevailing views of the muslim ummah.

          • @Rationalist.
            You may not understand. It was because of his humility and humbleness that he didn’t tell the world initially not misunderstanding as you stated.
            And from your comment “He said that his GOD had been telling him that he was a prophet circa 1880” – that’s wrong. He claimed to be a reformer of the 14th century in 1880’s per divine revelation.

          • Let’s stick to the topic. Come to (there’s a link to the forum at the top of the blog) and register. Looking forward to discussion.

        • Anzi he just try to please all religion so that he get followers from those religion
          thats about it.

          • @Zia.
            How could a christian get pleased when he hears Jesus(as) died a natural death by escaping the cross.

          • Anzi I am talking about ur comment about all other religion

            like Mirza gave from Guru nanak, Zoroastrian, buddhism, hinduism, and for christianity he himself claimed to be Misl-e-massih.

            so while trying to point out mistake at the same time he try to market himself for these religion but trying to linking them to GOD.

            remember Christianity according to muslim faith was already from God so for other religion he had to link them and please them and then make the claim
            see for ur self thats exactly what he did

          • So think please and see all ur doing is blindly following Mirza Ghulam and now his sons, you dont have any arguments based upon QURAN or Hadith.

            the standards that u set dont even exist.

            You have not posted a single comment on topic even.

            please join forum so that we can discuss things in details Inshallah.

  3. @Shahid.
    “Your arguments are not new, and they have been soundly rebutted in many places”
    My quotes and arguments from a plain verse of the Noble Quran. Noone can refute it brother.

    • Two points, one short, one long.

      A) You have not addressed the points in the article. Is it safe to say you acknowledge that Mirza failed there? If so, I advice you to leave Ahmadiyya and embrace Islam.

      B) No, the argument you cited is weak. The verses saying that if ‘you’ lied against Allah you would be destroyed is in reference to the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم, not any Tom, Dick or Hairy. It is a proof that the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم neither held nothing back, nor invented a lie against Allah, because if he did, HE would have been destroyed by Allah. (And its also a proof of Islam, because what kind of false prophet would threaten himself?)

      Also, there have been countless false prophets, including Baha’i’Ullah, Elijah Muhammad, Talay al-Azdi, Musaylimah, Sajjah, and even some *within* the Ahmadi-faith. Shouldn’t they also be immediately destroyed by Allah? Why hasn’t this happened? Because, the verse you cited was in reference to the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, not a general statement to all humanity.

      Some Ahmadis argue that a false prophet cannot survive for 23 years, because the Prophet SAAWS lived for 23-years after claiming prophethood. How they concluded that 23-years became a litmus test, I don’t know. But, its worth mentioning that Mirza Ghulam didn’t survive too long after claiming he was a prophet, only a few years. That’s when his health started deteriorating and he died the way he did. (We seek refuge in Allah from such a fate).

      Anzi, I advice you look up the reason why this verse was revealed and the surrounding ahadith to get an understanding. That will help you see why this argument is false.

      In this holy month of Ramadan, May Allah guide Ahmadis to Islam.

      • @Farhan
        I found this article childish and unworthy to comment. Its better to open up the heart to receive guidance. I used to read a lot of Ant Islamic articles by christians. I don’t find much difference from those. I was sunni before accepting Ahmadiyyat, so I’m
        pretty aware of what is the difference. When I came to know about Ahmadiyyat, only the history of the Messengers and
        the verses of Holy Quran which admonishes people from rejecting them were there in my mind.
        So I kept praying to Allah without any prejudice and He guided me to the light. why should I throw it away. Never will I do that InshAllah.

        By the way please try to know the fate and end of some of the false prophets mentioned above.
        May Allah guide you all to the truth!

        • You base your belief on QURAN?

          please tell me where in QURAN mirza Ghulam is mentioned or any other messiah is mentioned?

          • Even though Hadrat Mirza Ghulam’s name is not explicitly mentioned, the signs mentioned in the
            Holy Quran related to his time (the Promised Reformer) has ben fulfilled. Bible also has references to his coming.
            I can provide many verses from Holy Quran if you are interested.

          • Obviously, your knowledge of Ahmadiyyat is extremely limited.

            From 1914 to 1922, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad claimed that MGAQ was the true purpose of the Ismuhu Ahmad verse which occurs in the Quran. Mahmud stated that the Muhammad (saw) was a secondary of this verse (nauzobillah).

            Later, in 1922, he began to reverse statements like this one.

            You need to step your research game up. I have researched Ahmadiyyat intensly for about 5 years or so.

          • @Ahmad.
            If every minutest details of the coming prophet had been mentioned literally then what is the value of faith? There wouldn’t have been no disbelievers at all on this earth. I got a similar question from a christian friend –
            why prophet Muhammed’s(sa) name was not mentioned in Gospels or Old testaments. They take the prophecies in scriptures so literally that no prophet satisfying their perception can ever come.
            Non Ahmadi muslims also took the prophecies so literally that they rejected the Imam of the age about
            whose advent Holy Prophet(sa) prophesied. They are still awaiting Isa(as) from the sky while he died a natural death which The Holy Quran provides testimony.

          • Sorry Anzi but you didnt back it up with proofs.
            if you wana give proofs you can join the forum.

            I said neither MGA’s name is mentioned
            nor another messiah is mentioned in QURAN

            so not even a hint of Mirza ghulam mentioned in QURAN

            and coming to signs if you just gona say that he fulfilled everything Metaphorically then wats the use of mentioning the signs even?
            Any one can claim that he/she fulfilled the signs metaphorically
            do u know how many people claimed to be Messiah, Or Mahdi, or prophet? does that mean we accept them all? NO

        • May Allah bring you back from accepting a false prophet or other false prophets, as some Ahmadi-sects belief. This is a Fitnah we Muslims have been spared.

      • @Farhan.
        1.”Also, there have been countless false prophets,….even some *within* the Ahmadi-faith”.
        Please let me know who claimed prophethood other than Mirza sahib *within* Ahmadi faith.

        2.”Because, the verse you cited was in reference to the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, not a general statement to all humanity.”
        Common sense doesn’t allow me to believe that. You say the punishment in the verse applicable only to
        Holy prophet(sa) and if someone else in humanity do that he would he wouldn’t receive the same punishment..(I seek refuge in Allah for that).

        • 2.
          Yes that verse was for Prophet (PUBH) and his truthfulness go read Tafsirs.

          If you gona say no it was anyone who telling lie in name of GOD, then there are so many people who did that and yet they didnt get killed.

          Elijah Muhammad, Gohar Shahi, Muhammad Janpuri, Muhammad Ahmad

          do u believe them all to be truthful? NO
          Is QURAN wrong? NO

          so match these you have to go with what Farhan and scholars from past says.

  4. @Shahid
    “Ergo, that is why Mirza Ghulam is rejected and accursed.”
    1. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is rejected — Even our Holy Prophet(May Allah’s blessings be upon him) was accepted and rejected by many people initially and still half of the world rejects. So that is not a criterion for a true person.
    2. accursed – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not accursed. Allah blessed him and his progeny a lot. Allah caused his message has reached every corners of the earth per the prophecy of early 1880s. The Holy Quran is translated to numerous languages. Khilafat was re-established after his demise and still continuing and will continue InshAllah. Is this the sign of the accurse?

    I don’t know what forum are you referring to…but please let me know so I may contribute. We need to keep conversing.

    • 1. Anzi even Gohar Shahi, Rashid Khalifha, Muslimah kazzab were rejected
      does that make them truthful? NO

      2. Message of other religions are spreading as well even message of shrik does that mean ALLAh is supporting them and they are truthful? No

      so please think the arguments that ur giving are based upon emotions not proofs.

      you have to see the contradictions of MGA, his errors, Lies, failed prophecies, his wrong beliefs to decide rather than these emotional arguments.

      so please be honest with your self and see the truth

    • Like I said Anzi, this post is about The Last Avatar. If you have anything to say relating to the topic, feel free to say so. If not, there is a link to the forum at the top of the blog! Register there and we can discuss your rebutted and time-wasting points as long as you like. We are always happy to converse.

      • @Shahid.
        Many comments are out of topic in this page. Someone went on to say “The point is that MGAQ didnt have good character. ”
        why don’t you ask others also to stop commenting? why just me?

  5. @Rationalist.
    “The point is that MGAQ didnt have good character. “.
    Give the proof.
    Be mindful of what you talking about. He was a strict follower of holy Prophet(sa). He was praised by everyone for his character and service to Islam before God revealed him as the Promised reformer. Think, how a person who had very good character and doesn’t lie in regular human affairs can one day start lying in the name of God??
    Doesn’t the disbelievers of Mecca did this to Holy prophet(sa) when he announced about his prophethood though he was the most truthful person?
    Be careful!

    • Is this a serious question?

      Have you ever heard of the internet? Search the moral behavior of MGAQ, then search the moral behavior of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, then try to figure out why your 3rd khalifa got married at age 70+ to a 25 year old, then he died 6 months later. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was accused of illicit sexual behavior as early as 1907. MGAQ appointed an inquiry commission to investigate these allegations. Then, later on in life, he was accused of much more illict sexual behavior.

      MGAQ chased married women. Not to mention other strange behavior.

      And yes, there were false prophets in Ahmadiyyat.

      • @Rationalist.
        “Is this a serious question? ”
        Woe to people like you who makes false allegations against Holy people of God.

      • @Rationalist.
        “Have you ever heard of the internet? Search the moral behavior of MGAQ”
        When Internet became the ultimate source of truth???

      • @Rationalist
        brother i heard a similar story about Mirzas son Bashiruddin infact i heard he was a debauch and some of his illicit action are to explicit to mention here i just wonder how the blind followers of Mirza can just brush this under the carpet and pretend this never took place at all

        and whats even more disturbing is that how can a old man of 70+ old can marry a young girl around the age of 20+ old and it is considerd ok

        • The story on 1907, wherein MGAQ hired an indepedent commission to investigate the charges brought against his son have appeared in a LAM book.

          MGAQ didnt really hire an independent commission, he used Noorudin, Muhammad Ali and like two others to investigate Mahmud Ahmad. Mahmud was cleared of all wrong doing, im not surprised…there was even a rumor that the wife of MGAQ begged the commission to let her son go.

          The book where i read this is called Truth Triumphs by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi, its on the LAM website.

          Mahmud was the gangster of Qadian. I think i had started a thread somewhere entitled, “Fast times at Qadian highschool.”

  6. @Rationalist.
    “Mahmud stated that the Muhammad (saw) was a secondary of this verse (nauzobillah).”
    Provide reference.

    • Really??? Am I your research buddy now? Let me guess…the ahmadis that converted you never told u about this..They probably never told you that MGAQ didnt understand that he was a prophet for 21 years. You probably dont even know that MGAQ claimed prophethood in 1901, not 1891 as most ahmadis think…

      Anyhow, Shahid advised you to go to the forum with your questions.

      You can email me if you want private assistance in learning ahmadiyyat.

    • Regarding the prophecy Ismuhu Ahmad contained in the Holy Quran (Al-Saff, 61:6), my opinion is that the passage contains a double prophecy, relating to
      two persons, one a counter-type and the other his prototype. The counter-type of course is the Promised Messiahas, while the prototype is the Holy Prophetsa. The passage under reference speaks directly about the counter-type. A reference to the prototype of course comes in, but only indirectly inasmuch as the countertype of a Prophet necessarily presumes the existence of his original.
      (Mirza Mahmaud Truth About Split page 58)

      I think now you do Nauzobillah about Mirza Mahmud statement.
      or you just gona change the belief about verse of Quran to support Mirza Mahmud belief?

      Think please

  7. @ Anzi

    * when internet became the ultimate source of truth *

    Since your leader started twisted and playing with the Quran. Since your leaders started boosting about your numbers . Since your leaders started suppressing the truth from its followers. Since your books were written by your prophet 100+ years ago and still haven’t been translated . Since a fitnah against Islam started preaching in its * silent and hidden * way !

  8. @ Anzi

    ***Many comments are out of topic in this page. Someone went on to say “The point is that MGAQ didnt have good character. ”
    why don’t you ask others also to stop commenting? why just me? ***

    You started going off topic in the first place , we are trying to bring you back.You never actually touched the topic even from your first comment.We again urge you to refute the topic if you can rather than making it dispersed in different directions.

    If you have anything to say on the topic please continue conversing here.If you want to discuss any other topic of your choice please visit :

    > Register.
    > A thread has already been opened for you by the user rationalist.
    > Make as many other threads as you desire regarding any topic of your choice.
    > Prove us wrong and Prove yourself to be truthful.
    > I am personally looking forward to read your comments what actually made you revert to ahmadiat.

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