Qadiani leader calls Ground Zero mosque an affront to “human decency”

Two weeks ago, the Assistant National Director of Interfaith Relations for the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya came out in opposition to the proposed Islamic center in downtown Manhattan (“the Ground Zero mosque”). In a column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Qasim Rashid argues that the mosque is an affront to “human decency” and offends the memory of the 9/11 victims.

Ironically, this is the same argument that has been used by right wing extremists who have threatened violence against the mosque for similar reasons. He also claims, without citing any sources, that the Saudi government is funding the mosque; again, fomenting hysteria about Saudi plots to take over America is a common tactic of neo-conservative Islamophobes.

With New York being home to over 800,000 Muslims, the fear-mongering in response to the Ground Zero mosque at times borders on absurdity. This is how Clyde Haberman of the New York Times summed up the controversy: “The center, which could rise as many as 15 stories and has the blessing of local officials from the mayor on down, makes some people uneasy. The reasons are understandable, if not entirely admirable. Some opponents, mostly political conservatives, have exploited the discomfort with statements that are inflammatory or misleading, or both.”

Naseem Mahdi, one of the foremost Qadiani clerics in the United States, recently claimed that his group represented “one of the leading movements” aimed at “bringing Muslims out of the dark ages.” Again, the resemblance to radical neo-conservative dogma is striking. For it was none other than Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defense secretary under Pres. Bush, who said “We need an Islamic reformation” and then proceeded to lead the invasion of Iraq.

More to the point, such remarks lead one to question how the Qadiani leadership reconciles their laudable doctrine of “Love for all, Hatred for None” with their apparent support of intolerance and bigotry towards Muslims in America.

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15 thoughts on “Qadiani leader calls Ground Zero mosque an affront to “human decency”

  1. masha’Allah – great spot.

    First, welcome to the blog brother, I hope insha’Allah this will be the first of many articles by you. Certainly, you’ve got off to quite a start. In several talks, I’ve established casual links between Ahmadiyya and the most virulent of Islamophobes. This is not a casual link, it’s a cast-iron link and exposes the ugly anti-Islamic face of Ahmadiyya.

    Ordinary Ahmadis will have to ask themselves if they want the love of the Islamophobes or the akhirah.

    Oh and by the way:

  2. It is obvious that Republicans and whites from rural areas hate Muslims. They hate that any mosque is being built in the USA, nonetheless NY. Naseem Mahdi had basically sided with the Republicans when he made those statements on FOXNEWS a few months back.

    I am a democrat. It burns republicans that there is a black man that is their president. It burns republicans that any non-white is even in congress. Republicans hate Islam with a passion.

    Naseem Mahdi caused the death of almost 100 innocent people by supporting the Republican regime. The Taliban were listening. Im sure that they keep tabs on all news from the USA. This was probably the underlying reason that they attacked ahmadis.

    • Hey now! Not all Republicans are bad! 🙂

      I think you are specifically referring to the negative elements of the party which are increasingly extreme and vocal. But, that is the very wing the Ahmadi leadership is siding with!

  3. The main problem here is the lack of reconciliation. It is absolutely understandable that someone might feel uncomfortable with the Cordoba Initiative’s project. I recognize that. But, is the response legitimate? A better approach is to acknowledge concerns, and work towards dissipating them through social dialogue and discourse. And that’s EXACTLY the stated objective of the Cordoba Initiative.

    It is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم not to hide problems under the carpet, but to bring them to the forefront of society, sometimes even in the Jumu’a Khutba, and tackle them head-on. And we see throughout history that it has ONLY been through this approach that positive change has been accomplished.

    Rashid’s approach is essentially running away from the problem. Even if I was to look at this from the Ahmadi perspective (which I frequently try to do) I cannot understand why someone who actually believed that Ahmadiyya was the ‘True Islam’ would be so antagonistic to the principles of this project or other organizations like CAIR.

    On a personal note, having lived for two years in Richmond, home of the Times-Dispatch, I can attest that the outlet is known for such regressive attitudes.

    • I work less than 3 miles from the Pentagon and my office building has Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine officers roaming around. Because I am currently transitioning locations, I do not have an office, so my team works in a conference room.

      When it comes time to pray, I don’t say “Ground zero was 3 miles away, its insensitive to pray here.” No! I literally pray right in front of everyone. Sure I was nervous at first, but you have to man-up and do it. I make sure my work is good, help out those in need, work over-time when needed, smile and perform the required Salah (Namaz).

      THAT’S the approach, not running away from one’s problem.

  4. @farhan

    I agree with you fully akhi. Not all Republicans are bad. I have met and observed some bad ones.

    Rashid asserts in his article that any mosque in the USA should be funded by americans. He talks about outside funding as if it is stupid or something that ignorant people do. He forgets that the Al-fazl mosque in London was funded by ahmadi women in India. These ahmadi women gave up their jewelry so that this mosque could be built. He seems to have forgot about this entire story.

    That was just the first error that I noticed in his diatribe. Secondarily, he argues that Muslims shouldnt do things that injure the feelings of other religions. He forgets that the Muslims of the planet Earth are hurt emotionally with the claims of the Ahmadiyya Movement, specifically in terms of the continuation of prophethood.

    If Rashid considers hurting the feelings of other religions as against Islamic principles then why does he disagree with the constitution of Pakistan as it tries to compensate the Muslims for the injurious beliefs of the Ahmadis? The pakistani govt, in an attempt to save the honor of Islam and in an attempt to stop mass rioting, they have declared Ahmadis as Kafirs. They did this to preserve order, they did this to compensate the Muslims and instill them with forbearance and tolerance towards those who poke at the heart of Islam.

  5. They will do anything to please the anti Muslim people just to get their support and to give bad image to Muslims

  6. What a disgusting attempt by Ahmadi’s. I know plenty of Ahmadi women (according to their mosque) who are eager to marry Christian men over Muslim men. When I asked one of the females about this, she said something to the effect of, oh no we can marry Muslims. I pointed out that Muslim women cannot marry Christians or Jews or anyone else except a Muslim. She was forced to agree that marrying a Christian is out of the question. Funny, innit? They are willing to twist the Quran to allow them to marry non-Muslims, but cannot come to grips that the Quran has commanded Muslim women to marry Muslim men. Or rather, us kafir-muslim men, right?

    Their hatred and disgusting world view is exactly that of a cult. MashaAllah for the article and may Allah curse MGA into the pits of hell and rid the world of this disgusting believes that he (la’natuallah) created.

  7. well this is the typical Qadiny arguments against the Muslims they are the true represatative of the true islam and we Muslims are backward and need to be brought to the 21st centuary and why are the Qadianies against the building of a Mosque in the ground zero or are they playing the slave to the west here again ?

  8. Typical Mirzai’z always looking for a way to criticize Muslims then they claim they promote “peace, love & loyalty”
    This Qasim dude acts so big on youtube, I asked him a simple Question on facebook and he didnt even have the courage to answer back..

  9. Another thing, I posted this article on facebook and a Muslim brother from New York gave this reply:
    “Bro the Muslim community been dere for about 25 yrs dey don’t mention dis in the paper and ppl have been praying in that building b4 all this media hype. They also fail to mention over 300 Muslims died on 9/11 they expect us to feel guilty over the crap those idiots did dat day. Wat they hate is Islam itself but the truth wil prevail inshallah ”

    So that building has been used for 25 years by muslims!!!!!

    • Yes, that’s right. It’s already being used as an overflow mosque. Has been for ages. The bigger picture is this – the Ahmadiyya have aligned themselves with right-wing bigots and the ADL – that tells us all we want to know about what the Ahmadiyya stands for.

  10. On May 20th, Imam Faisal issued a press conference wherein he condemned terrorism.

    here it is:

    1. He says that members of his mosque were also killed on 9-11.
    2. He says that members of his mosque gave water to fire-fighters.

    The video was awesome!!!!!

  11. Im sorry….I forgot to add that he is the main person involved in the “Times Square” mosque controversy. He is the main organizer and driving force behind the building of the mosque.

    He’s actually a cool, calm and collected guy. So far at least….I was impressed!

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