The Effective Approach

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليمٌ كثيرٌ

When I initially began my Da’wah efforts to the Ahmadis, I was under the impression that evidence and reasoned logic were sufficient to convince anyone of the truth. But, throughout my discussions with many ex-Ahmadis who embraced Islam, I realized that while the evidence was certainly a part of their conversion experience, the biggest factor was visiting a thriving Muslim community and seeing the reality of our general community, leadership and scholars.

Does Reason Work?
In the past, I have shown many arguments on the failures of Ahmadiyya and the superiority of Islam. Open-minded Ahmadis have told me the arguments have made them question. But, not-so-open-minded Ahmadis will posit a response no matter how ludicrous it is. For example, with the help of Brother Shahid, we demonstrated clear-cut grammatical errors in Mirza Ghulam’s alleged English revelations. When unable to find a technicality to justify his clearly grammatically incorrect English, defenders of Ahmadiyya resorted to:

Is perfect grammar a REQUIREMENT of truthfulness? 🙂 And no matter how hard you try, you can never break this argument! 🙂
-SultanulQalam Canada

This is not a response, this is an acknowledgement of error. (And it goes against this verse) Had we observed faulty English in the likes of Baha’iullah, no Ahmadi defender would have objected to rejecting him. But, because the claimant happens to be Mirza Ghulam, the close-minded will employ Sophistry and give any possible response to vindicate a clearly erroneous position.

So does reason work? Yes, many are convinced by the reason and logic that Islam offers over Ahmadiyya. This has proven to be fruitful for many. But, I also defer to what Imam al-Ghazali wrote in his Deliverance from Error:

Anyone who believes that the unveiling of truth is the fruit of well-ordered arguments belittles the immensity of divine mercy.

The Effective Approach
Ahmadis are told that the Muslims are astray, without any leadership, utterly divided into countless sects, led by “jahil mullahs” and essentially inviable.

But, when they actually visit a masjid, a different picture sinks in. As Farhan Qureshi says in the video about his conversation, he expected to see “bearded mullah terrorists”, but instead was amazed at the thriving community he witnessed. Another convert to Islam from Ahmadiyya told me when he visited the Muslims in Ramadan, the connection to Allah that he experienced was far superior to anything he saw in Ahmadiyya.

There are countless other stories on the same pattern. Ahmadis convert to Islam when they see our communities. They question, “if the Muslims are not as bad as we are taught, in fact quite the opposite, what then was the purpose of the Ahmadiyya community to begin with”?

Do reason and logic have a role? Most certainly yes! But, from my perspective it does not seem to be the dominant reason. Islam is not a religion that is conveyed from books and well-formed arguments. Even the Qur’an required the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم to explain it and guide with it. Islam is conveyed from Heart to Heart.

Thus, a better approach might be to show the Ahmadis our community. To invite them to our masjids. To send them our literature that has nothing to do with Ahmadiyya (which is pretty much all of it anyways). To genuinely befriend them, offer them help when needed, treated well, and be their personal invitation into Muslim community. And, if the only access we have to them is through an internet medium, have them listen to our Sheyookh over YouTube.

Based on my experience, this seems to be a very effective approach. As in all things, there are two main difficulties ahead:
A) Are we able to humble ourselves and be patient enough to slowly wean Ahmadis towards Islam? Or are our intentions so corrupt that we only seek to argue, insult and ridicule, thus further driving them away from the Truth? This means no more negative comments directed at them. Even those comments that expose their faults must be done so with kindness and humility.
B) Violence and persecution against them. Those who attacked their centers in Pakistan did nothing but commit one of the worst sins: murder of innocent life. And, they helped instill a siege mentality whereby ordinary Ahmadis are emotionally attached to the religion even if they recognize it as a misguidance.

In our dealings with Ahmadis, let us not follow the Sunnah of Mirza Ghulam, who resorted to cursing and insults. Let us follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم who guided the most wretched kufaar to the greatest religion.

May Allah continue to guide the Ahmadis to Islam.

و صلى الله عليه و على آله و سلم تسليمٌ

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10 thoughts on “The Effective Approach

  1. Thank alot for the advice.

    May ALLAH guide Ahmadies away from ahmadism and bring them towards Islam

    • @ khalid…

      I worshipped at an ahmadi mosque for a long time. What does that have to do with the topic? The point that Farhan is making is that your khalifas and murrabis create an atmosphere that scares ahmadis. It scares them so much that they dont even make friends with other muslims not to mention visiting of thier mosques.

      I was one such ahmadi. After visiting muslim mosques I am happy to say that the differences are astounding. In the ahmadis mosque there are only pakistani people here in the USA. Whereas the muslim mosques have a wide variety of races and creeds.

      @ farhan

      Your attitude is awesome and I pray to allah that one day i can share the same attitude and resolve. The problem with the ahmadis is that they worship their khalifas, they worship a particular family as well. This level of phsychosis is very hard to break through. Similarily mormons are hard-pressed with their faith, they stick to it no matter what.

      ^Thats the situation. Im sure that Muhammad (saw) had also met some people who were engulfed by the same level of ‘pir-worship’. We have proved them wrong argument for argument, yet they still dont disband their movement. All we can do is continue to work.

  2. I must admit, my methods of dealing with these ahmadis have not been 100% correct, sometimes i get mad and sometimes I use methods that are questionable in my pursuits of knowledge. This is how i combat them. I have gained valuable info through my methods.

    Its a game of cat and mouse.

    • Same here. I too have faltered.

      Speaking of which, I thought I got rid of the comments for this post…?

  3. I honestly feel as if I have the right to use any means neccesary in my quest to get info and knowledge from them. We destroyed them on Piggot, we pointed out hidden books that were in english, MGAQ lusted after married women. They became political at one point…etc etc..these are very dangerous people in my estimation.

    Their founder played games with Islam. He twisted the Quran and Hadith. He used traditions from Kanzul-ummul to prove points. And he was allowed to this by the brits. The brits gave him the authorization to do whatever he wanted. In a white mans world that would work. But in a muslim country that will never happen.

    Remember, it was the brits who helped break-up the Mughal Empire and then they placed a minority group, i.e. the Sikhs in power. They used a minority group to destroy Islam in India. Then the white man stepped in and took over. And MGAQ and his forefathers helped these white men and supported them in their wars for natural resources. But he told us to refrain from JIHAD, as if JIHAD was this terrible announcement that persecuted the masses. He didnt care that white man was killing people for money and natural resources, that was OK, in the book of MGAQ, but JIHAD was just terrible.

    The more I read about ahmadism the more I am disgusted by the snitching and deceit of the mirza family.

    Based on the data above, i feel as if I have a scope that allows me to use whatever means necessary to investigate these people. I have no regrets….

  4. I agree with brother Farhan , one thing I want to add is we need to ask our Sheik’s to officially invite Ahmadies to conventions or even just for a friendly vist . We all should write letters to our scholars to do that. We need to show them that Islam is not what they saw in Pakistan only , they need to see what’s outside Pakistan scholars are doing and saying.

    • plus scholars have to apologize for/retract their statements they make about ahmadiyya which are kinda false. after scholars realize they’re mistakes, tehy probably don’t feel the need to apologize because ahmadis are a non-issue but ahmadis feed off of these little mistakes of the ulema. to them it overshadows all the good the ulema do.

      • We agree that making false statements is not helpful, but let’s face it, we are all grown ups and we really should know right from wrong. A cursory examination of the life and character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad set against the backdrop of colonial occupation reveals him as a patent fraud. The minor slip-ups which I’d really appreciate if you’d point out, for example, newobserver of has a long-standing open invitation to all Ahmadis to correct any of his translations, these are a small issue that can easily be set aside when looking at the larger picture. Ahmadis who would rather not think focus on the smaller errors, whilst cultishly ignoring the larger ones staring them in the face.

  5. What is tha bigger pciture? the larger one? Are you saying his writing mistakes are small issue?

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