Coming Soon: Interview with A.K. Shaikh

Today, I had the honour of interviewing the legendary A.K. Shaikh, founder of the groundbreaking – we will be posting the interview soon, it’s video that’s well worth waiting for.

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6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Interview with A.K. Shaikh

  1. Brother shahid ahmad kamal i want to see you on Iqra t.v or some other channel again 🙂 specially sitting face to face with mirza masroor 🙂

    • Insha’Allah brother.

      It is not so important that I sit with Mr. Masroor, though I’m sure it would make for an interesting conversation. What is important is that we continue to give the message to Ahmadis and that we help to inform Muslims about the fitna of Ahmadiyya, to safeguard our eeman.

      Nevertheless, watch this space, plans are being made, insha’Allah

  2. AOA!

    brother thats great to read about A.K Sheikh interview as i m a great fan of him 🙂

    Best Wishes

  3. AOK Brother Shahid,

    Its really nice to hear that we can see A.K. Shaikh again since qadianees have hijacked his videos from youtube, isn’t it possible that he can start again his videos here….?

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