A.K. Shaikh interviewed

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the quite legendary A.K. Shaikh in London today. I asked some of the questions that I know his viewers would like answers on and he responded in Urdu. Sadly, my Urdu is very basic, but I was able to pick up most of what the great man was talking about. He is an inspiration and his patience and steadfastness in the face of outrageous Ahmadiyya abuse serves as an example to us “youngsters”

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow, insha’Allah

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7 thoughts on “A.K. Shaikh interviewed

  1. Masha’Allah it was simply superb…

    Had heard a lot about Mr. A.K.Shaikh but it was really a treat to listen to such thorough and insightful thoughts.

    Jazak’Allah brother for sharing it. Anxiously waiting for the next part!

  2. Br. A. K Shaikh, thank you very much for the education and words of wisdom.

    May God bless you.

  3. Dear Shaikh sahib
    you and your team are doing great job and i do believe that soon this cult will getting shrink. we are with you , Almighty ALLAH is with you and lots of respected friends are with you.
    a fearless person with deep knowledge is Blessing of GOD. This cult is just like bad dream but when wake up then this bad dream will be ended.
    thanks and with good regards

  4. Salaam

    Hope all fine

    Just like to know when you will post 2nd video of Shaikh Sahib.

    Dear Shaikh sahib i know there is lot of corruption in London jamat. and 90% is because of no one is controlling Jamat.. no one interested to know that this money which jamat collect is from poor people and they spend without thinking

    Masroor and his family living on chanda money… Can i ask why much jamat give each month money as salary to masroor son. and what job he is doing and how he get this job… and how he came to london…

    No idea but we have right to ask these and hope masroor will or jamat will give answer on this.

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