Khatim vs. Khatam in the Holy Quran

This is a small research project that I conducted based on a hunch. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad claimed that the word Khatim had different meanings than Khatam based on the pronunciation of the word. I had a hunch that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was incorrect, I just couldn’t believe that Allah would allow a small vowel to change the meaning of a verse so much. If it had a small difference than I would not have suspected anything. But, Mahmud Ahmad wrote that the difference was major. Mahmud asserted that the word Khatim meant LAST. This paper proves that mahmud Ahmad was totally incorrect and that Allah used the word Khatim in terms of a seal.

Ahmadis claim that they use the Quran over all other sources of knowledge in terms of Islam. I conducted a study that is based on the Quran. The methodology was simple, I went to and and searched the occurrences of the word seal/sealed/sealing and copied them down and began researching the context and pronunciation.

The very first instance where Allah uses the word K-T-M chronologically is in Chapter 42 and 45. It is uncertain as to which of these chapters were revealed first. Chapters 40-47 all begin with HA-MIM, they were all revealed very early on at mecca. In 42:24, Allah uses the word Khatim as he speaks to Muhammad (saw) and tells him that Allah could seal his (Muhammad’s (saw)) heart to protect it from the disbelievers. The 5-volume commentary by Malik Ghulam Fareed acknowledges that Allah used the word Khatim to describe the sealing of the heart of Muhammad (saw) to protect it and make it devoid of all mercy. This was a protective and unbreakable seal that was designed to protect the heart of Muhammad (saw). Khatim does not mean last in this case.

In Chapter 45:23, Allah uses the word Khatam to describe the sealing up of the hearts/ears/eyes of the disbelievers. Allah says: “who will guide them after Allah has condemned them?”

For the 3rd and 4th instance please refer to 83:25 and 26, in these successive verses Allah discusses the sealing of a drink that will be served in the hereafter. Allah promises to Muslims that the chosen ones will be seated on couches in a state of bliss and will be served the best drink which will be sealed to protect its taste, and it will be sealed with musk to protect its pureness. The words here are pronounced MUKHTOOM (25) and KHI-TA-MU (26). Even though these words are pronounced differently they still carry the same meanings as khatim or khatam.

Next is 36:65, wherein Allah again speaks of the Khatim that will be set on the mouths of the Kafirs on the day of judgement as they stand trial in the court of allah. This khatim will stop the disbelievers from speaking. Khatim cannot mean LAST in this case.

The 6th instance is in 6:46, this is where Allah speaks to the Kafirs yet again and warns them that he could take away their vision and hearing and Khatam their heart, then Allah says, “who could bring it back to you?”

The 7th instance is occurs after hijra, this is 2:6, where Allah again admonishes the Kafirs and says that their hearts have a khatam on them. Allah says “khatamallahu their hearts”.

The final instance of the use of the word KTM in the Quran is the famous 33:40. We have to use the same definition that was established in the previous 7 instances. Allah tells Muslims that Muhammad (saw) does not have any sons, but he is the KHATAM of the prophets. He is the sealer of the prophets.

The words seal/sealed/sealing occur in the Quran an additional 11 times. But, the letters KHA-TA-MEEM weren’t used exclusively by ALLAH when describing the sealing off of something. There is another Arabic word that translates into the english word seal/sealed/sealing. That word also has variations. It uses the root of TA-BA or T-B, with 2 variations. YUT-BA and NUT-BA are the variations. The English equivalent would be Y-T-B or N-T-B.
In conclusion, it didn’t matter how KTM is pronounced, it always has the same meanings. Even when the sound was changed, for example khatim, or MUKTUM or KHI-TA-MU, Allah nonetheless used the letters K-T-M when joined to mean the sealing off of something. It seems that Mahmud Ahmad tried to pull a fast one on his followers. Obviously, Mahmud Ahmad lied about the meanings of khatim and khatam. Hopefully, this article proves to the reader that these words are interchangeable and mean the exact same thing. I hope Ahmadis read this and realize the truth. I hope Ahmadis understand that I am not a major scholar, I only conducted a simple research project and printed my results. May Allah guide the Ahmadis to Islam.

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50 thoughts on “Khatim vs. Khatam in the Holy Quran

  1. [admin: When citing hadith, please use a full reference]
    If there was no difference between the two recitations, then why Ibn Abbas (ra) stressed upon using the fat’h on Taa?

  2. Obviously the reason was not of interpretation, but of pronunciation. Maybe it sounds better if pronounced a certain way. FYI: the tradition that you quote goes against the Quran. Doesnt that mean something to you?

    When the scientists and scholars opened the pyramids and began atempting to interpret the hyroglyphs they found the rosette stone. The rosetta stone allowed scientist to interpret the writings of the ancient egyptians.

    Why are you denying the research results? They are purely Quranic. By your own rules you would have to reject this statement by Ibn Abbas.

    • You will find that there were no arguments over qira’t of Quran among the Sahaba. Infact, Ibn Abbas (ra) insisted on a certain pronounciation due to his understanding of the phrase Khatamun Nabiyyeen. You may also note that Ibn Abbas (ra) is consider the father of mufassireen by scholars.

      • That is incorrect. Some of the Sahaba were also unaware of the different recitation styles, and the Prophet SAAWS explained it to them. He SAAWS taught different Sahaba different styles.

        Ibn Abbas (RA) may have preferred Khaatam with the Fatha. Apparently Imam ‘Ali (AS) did too. But that simply does not negate the other styles. They are all legitimate as they all came from the Prophet SAAWS.

        This is an area that most Ahmadis (and even most Muslims) are not aware of. However, a brief study of any book on Ulum al-Qur’an will clarify this issue for you.

      • I think it is funny that when you need to authenticate and glorify Ibn Abbas you find ways to do so. But what about the totality of what Ibn Abbas brought to the table of islamic thought process?

        This is where the fraud of ahmadiyyat is realized. You only use Ibn Abbas where he helps your cause. You dont use his Tafsir in totality. Ibn abbas’ tafsir disagrees with ahmadiyyat on many points, from prophethood to the life and death of Esa (as). Mansukh, satanic verses, miraaj, etc etc etc.

        I think ahmadis should be ashamed to even call themselves insaan or human. You people hide the the true nature of your reference points. Which proves that you are dishonest. Mahmud Ahmad was an uncle tom and his dad was an even bigger traitor, in fact the fore-fathers of Mahmud Ahmad were the biggest traitors in the history of the indian subcontinent and probably the world.

        Didnt mahmud also misrepresent Ibn Arabi? Why dont you have your MSQ or Majlis Sultanul Qalam team check into that? Are the references as quoted by Farhan true? If they are then MSQ will have to publish their results.

        I wrote a research paper based on your highest authority, i.e. the Quran. I proved that khatim and khatam are interchangeable. Thats it! Thats the end of the story. Why do you even need to consult hadith on this matter? I used your own standards to prove that Mahmud was lying when he wrote that khatim meant last. Khatim never meant last in any shape or form. Doesnt the research prove that?

        Mahmud was basically a liar. I proved one instance of his deception. Farhan proved about 20+. Why are you still ahmadi?

        • Ibn Abbass(RA) believe in return of ISA(AS) and his ascension to heavens they dont accept him on that.

          and as Farhan explain if Ibn Abbass (RA) preferred some qirat it does not mean other qirats are wrong 🙂

  3. You have made a fundemental mistake here and its a big shame for someone who claims to understand basic arabic. The word used for the verse khaataman nabien is “khaatam” with a long aliph as aposed to just “Khatam” meaning that which is sealed up. So vowel points and guerat aside this is very clear long aliph and no long aliph so the conanation is different. In arabic the more added on th the root word the wider the conontation Khatim meaning last, khatam meaning something sealed up and khaatam (long aliph) meaning the pinical or greatist. Yes Muhammad (saw) is the last prophet who has completed religion for all time. But the reality is that he said that in the future humanity will need a prophet. Wheather it is Isa or Mirza peace be upon them both this means that within the meaning of ther word khaatam there is door open for “a” prophet to come i.e. someone with nabuet. Old or new isa or mirza but the reality is that the word “khaatam” allowes this to happen from within its meaning. So I say clearly that lexicon of lane, ragheb ect they are unanimus on this meaning.

    • What do the lexicons say about Khaatam? They all confirm what rationalist said, namely meaning the last one, including that of lane. Check the following link:
      the first dictionaries listed above are the same dictionaries Farid referenced in his work. Not a single one of them agrees with the Ahmadi interpretation of khātam. The definitions best, most perfect, embellishment, or ornament simply have no basis whatsoever in any of the lexicons Farid claims to have referenced. This brings into question the intellectual integrity of his dictionary.

      One can see above that the word خاتم has always held the meaning of end, final, seal, or conclusion. This is the linguistic meaning of the word and how it has always been traditionally understood. The definitions best, most perfect, embellishment, or ornament simply have no basis whatsoever in any of the lexicons Farid claims to have referenced.

      So what are you talking about?

      • Why not go to the source? if Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah, and his Jamaat, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are evil and liars and outsdie of the pale of Islam, then it should become quite evident from their own website – so why don’t you include their website as a source for people to browse for themselves to see what an ignorant and evil bunch of people these are – their site has tons of info written by them – a group of liars cannot publsih so much material without the falsity of their claims becoming self-evident – so i encourage all those who wish to find the truth about this community to visit their website which is:

        • You are obviously so full of yourself that you haven’t noticed that when citing the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, we refer back to time and time again. Then again, perhaps you should ask why your anti-Muslim organisation has hidden the translated writings of Mirza, only for Muslims to reveal those writings on this site?

          BTW, it was the falsehood in Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s treatise on the finality of prophethood that caused one of the deepest fractures in my belief in Ahmadiyya. So feel free to refer people to your site. It is very useful to see how laughable some of the content is.

    • Yusuf
      ISA IBN Maryam(AS) is/was already a prophet so he come under Khatam or Khatim as well

      but MGA cannot

    • No new prophet can be assigned by Allah. That does not mean that an old prophet CANT return to avenge his attempted crucifixtion.

      Muhammad (saw) had no sons that survived to maturity, thus ending the line of prophets, thats what 33:40 means. I would even venture to say that when Esa (as) returns he will not have any sons either. Thats just a guess. He may have daughters, but NO sons.

  4. Truth is clear and there is no room in Islam for a new prophet to come. There are enough Hadith to back up the meaning of the Holy Quran.

    Mirzai followers do everything to defend the false claim of prophethood by MGA, including to try to twist the meaning of the holy Quran.

    It is a shame indeed!

  5. I am quite sure that Mahmud Ahmad and Noorudin had a much better understanding of arabic than me. I am quite sure that these people read the Quran much more than I could ever read it.

    My heart is really saddened by the height of deception and fraud that these two people exhibited when asserting that khatim and khatam had different meanings. I cant believe that these people would lie on the Quran just for money.

    This study should in itself be sufficient to show any ahmadi that Ahmadiyyat was created based on the lies and fraud of MGA, then later his sons extended it and adjusted it in terms of the political climate of India.

    I feel sorry for my dad and all others who are still in ahmadiyyat. I fell sad that their lives were totally pointless and baseless. I am deeply hurt that they were robbed of all of their money.

    My relatives were scammed by a bunch of guys who lied about all of their reference points…I am truly hurt…

    • Here is some more data:

      Mirza Mahmud’s ideas that khatim means last and khatam means seal originated from Noorudin.

      check this out

      “Then in the Holy Quran the Holy Prophet sa is called Khatamun Nabiyyin (Seal of the Prophets) and not Khatimun
      Nabiyyin (the last of the Prophets). The Holy Quran affirms that the Jews were after slaying the Prophets. Does this mean all Prophets, or some of
      them?– Hayat-e-Nur pp.300, 301.

  6. Interesting, because whenever you ask Mirzais about Arabic and its pronounciation they stress how it was not important for a non-Arab to pronounce the words properly, as Allah swt already knows what we intend to say. So now their gurus base their interpretation upon the difference of pronounciation…I have come to the conclusion that Mirzais always CONTRADICT themselves, they just say what suits their needs.

  7. it seems odd that you stopped your ‘research’ at the word seal – in other words, the natural, logical progression of your ‘method’ should have led you to apply this method to the word ‘last’ as this word is the other-half of the equation where the controversy over the term ‘khatam-an-nabiyeen’ is concerned – this article is inadequate for a number of reasons, but to start you must apply your reseach method to the word ‘last’ and add those results to this list – i hope to see your updated article soon

    • 1. Why are you asking me to look up the word “akher”?

      2. This study was conducted on 3 letters of the arabic language, their frequency and usage.

  8. you also seem to miss the simple point that the same word can have different meanings in different contexts – just as different words can carry same or similar meanings – you seem to care little about any such differentiation

    also, whereas the whole point of your research is to find a way to label Mirza Ahmad and Nooruddin as liars – their whole point in their research was to shed light on what the word Khatam – in the context of the phrase ‘khatam-an-nabiyeen’ meant

    it is difficult to be convinced by someone who is conducting research not to get to the truth of the matter but simply so his research will enable him to label somone else a liar – how can you trust yourself to get to the truth behind the meaning and use of this word, when your motivation behind it was to simply show that Mirza Ahmad is a liar?

    • 1. Did you just say that arabic words have different meanings based on the context?

      1.a. Muslims say that mutawafeeka as used in terms of ESA (as) has an extra added meaning which doesnt mean death, instead it means a temporary stoppage.

      1.b. Ahmadis contend that every time the root WAFAA or TAWAFFI are used the meanings are the same.

      1.c. Muslims agree, some arabic words carry extra meanings.

      2. If you correct, then waffaa or tawafi can mean something other than death.

      3. This research proves that K-T-M in arabic always meant the same thing, irregardless of vowels. Muslims contend that khatam in 33:40 carries extra meanings, in terms of best, greatest, chief etc etc, but that doesnt negate the initial definition. The initial definition remains intact, and chief, best greatest are attachments. Similarily mutawafeeka in terms of ESA (as) does mean the revocation of life on earth but the context proves that special circumstances are as work, a good example is a temporary work stoppage.

      4. Noorudin and Mahmud Ahmad have been proved as liars and miscreants. They should have produced the research that I produced.

      • Dear Search,

        You have given link to a page which had dozens of links. Which of the links proves that the quotes we present from books of Mirza are false and distorted? To help you I quote just one below:

        Holy prophet pbuh has informed again and again that no prophet will come after me and hadith la nabiyya ba’adi is so famous that no one can doubt its authenticity and Quran whose each and every word is final testifies it through its ayah و لکن رسول اللہ و خاتم النبین that in fact prophet hood has ended on our prophet (pbuh). (Kitab-ul-Barriya, pg 217-218, 1898)

        Tell us what is false and distorted in this quote. Give an answer – don’t give useless links.

      • Please instead of using pocket book and ur website use ur own brain and go to orignal sources the scholars books that ur jammat quote go read them from better sources than Alsialm 🙂 and the falsehood of ur jammat will become visible to u

  9. you quickly label the First and Second Khalifas of the age as liars because they have interpreted the phrase in question in a manner that you claim has no basis in the history of Islam and/or the Arabic language-

    for the discerning readers who would like to see just a tad bit of honesty and impartiality concerning the issue – i always find that wikipedia is a good place to start your search:

    • search all the way read about Shah wali ullah , Maulana Qasim Nanotwi Ibn Abrabi beliefs from some better source other than ahmadi website or Wikipedia

      and u will see that wat ur jammat try to say is absolute lies

      like here is one shahwali ullah statement that i would like to quote:

      hazrat Waliullah(R)’s opinion on verse 33:40:

      “Muhammad(PUBH) is not the father of any man among you, rather he is the Messenger of Allah and he is the seal on prophets, meaning after him there shall be no prophet.”
      Fathur-Rahman, Tafseer on verse33:40

      no law bearing or law bearing mention by him

      also he said:
      I declare that, after the death of the holy prophet(SAW),
      prophethood has ended.”
      Hujjatullah-ul-Balegah, Vol. 2, Page 506

      and KHATIM does mean literally last

    • You are a uniquely brazen community with a sense of self-importance out of all proportion with your value. You have brought nothing to the world but division, lies and controversy.

      That awful article gives your minute, empire-serving cult almost equal billing with Islam, whilst erroneously including your lying and esoteric rag-tag bunch of Punjabis within it.

      And that is fairly typical of the Mirzai propaganda assault on Islam. Just like the tiny group of Zionists whose primary purpose is to spout hasbara as a defence mechanism for the machinations of their colonialist, racist ideology, the Ahmadiyya’s primary, parasitic purpose is to piggyback off the Islamophobia movement to give their cult some air time.

      Good luck with that one.

    • They are liars because they didnt research properly nor did they honorably show their respective research.

      There is a procedure when making an argument. Noorudin and Mahmud Ahmad presented thier ideas on khatim, but they didnt prove it with decisive research.

      Khatim was used in the Quran twice in the context of a covering. Thus proving that Khatim does not mean LAST. It means the same thing as khatam.

  10. go read the better source search all the way rather than wikipedia

    go read the books of these ppl Shahwali ullah ibn arabi and that deoband leader that ahmadis try to quote and ur jammat lies will get clear

    and thing is ur khalifah’s said that Khataim is not even used which is a lie and has been proven now

    and kahatim does means LAST 🙂

    • I am the author of that page. I don’t see how you got that I do not believe it is not for all matters til al-Qiyamah. Please explain in detail. Do you understand how it definitely invalidates the belief in new prophets after Muhammad SAAWS?

    • there is another very nice new book named “Maslah Khatam-e-Nabuwat aur Saalf Salheen” by Mulana Muhammad Nafaey

      and we all know about Mutfi Shafi usmani wonderful book of finality of Prophethood

      and also Farhan’s book with love to ahmadies of the world

      clearly refutes ahmadi position and expose their lies

      • Let me repeat again – Mirza himself refutes these Mirzais, quote already given:

        “Holy prophet pbuh has informed again and again that no prophet will come after me and hadith la nabiyya ba’adi is so famous that no one can doubt its authenticity and Quran whose each and every word is final testifies it through its ayah و لکن رسول اللہ و خاتم النبین that in fact prophet hood has ended on our prophet (pbuh). (Kitab-ul-Barriya, pg 217-218, 1898)”

        After this evidence from book of Mirza – all the debate by Mirzais is nothing more than rubbish.

      • doesn’t the Quran exhort Muslims to argue with kafirs in a way that is best – with ‘good exhortation’ or soemthing to that effect?

      • Im not rude or mocking…i stated facts…Noorudin and later Mahmud did not do the proper research that was required to prove this argument…..The research that i did was what was needed to learn about the arabic letters K-T-M…

        Did Abu Bakr know about this islam-ahmadiyya thing? Abu Bakr was a muslim, and so am I!

      • Please focus on this:

        “36:65, wherein Allah again speaks of the Khatim that will be set on the mouths of the Kafirs on the day of judgement as they stand trial in the court of allah. This khatim will stop the disbelievers from speaking. Khatim cannot mean LAST in this case.”

        In this case you cannot use the word LAST, it just doesnt fit! Nor can you use the word stamp. The best word for khatam/khatim/mukhtum or whatever variation exists is “a protective covering that will not break”. —this definition fits in every single verse where KTM occurs as joined together…

        I wrote the rosetta stone of KTM, admire my work and stand back as continue to destroy ahmadiyya theology.

      • where was Sunni islam at the start of Islam? where was Shia Islam? where was Wahabi, Barelwi, Salafi, Sufi, Twelver, Ismaili, Deobandi, Jamat-e-Islami, Kharijites and all the other sects at the start of Islam…so what’s your point?

        • None of these are sects. All the labels refer to Muslims. And we all have the same prophet. You have your own prophet and your own religion. You are Mirzais. Hateful, angry, mocking, cursing Mirzais.

          You cannot define your cult as Muslim. You have to attach this virus called “Ahmadiyyat” to it. Why not just call yourselves Muslims? You can’t do that. Islam was complete 1400 years ago. You have a cult that is outside of Islam.

          Leave it. Come back to Islam.

          • @ Sultan

            Well…refute the points…I am waiting…I would lvoe to see this…

          • You could be like the mormons…thats quite alright…a percentage of the world population is crazy…thats life…

            Show me from the Quran where Khatim means last…it never happened budddy…my research shows that these two words and interchangeable..

        • Where were the lahoris??? What about green ahmadiyyat? What about those ahmadis in Mauritiuis that broke away??

          Your memory is suspect…

        • We dont have new Prophet or new rules
          so we follow same QURAN and Sunnah that prophet (PUBH) gave.

          so u cant compare ur religion with these groups

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