The Tenure of My Prophetic Mission

This prophecy ties in with one of my previous blogs relating to the age of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad though this entry focuses directly on a fixed period he prophesied his ministry would last.  To put it bluntly, he claims in the following quote that once he announces he is the ‘Promised Imam’, he will preach for an additional forty years from that day forward. Why forty years? Because the following hadith states that once Hazrat Isa (AS) returns, he will live for forty years, thus Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had to in some way attempt to fulfill this prophecy.

Sunan Abu Dawud
Book 37, Number 4310,
Narrated Abu Hurayrah:
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus (peace be upon him)… He will destroy the Antichrist and will live on the earth for forty years and then he will die. The Muslims will pray over him.”

The explanation of the above hadith by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is given below:

“This means that he will live to forty years from the day he becomes the recipient of revelation and proclaims to be the Promised Imam. Now, let it be clear, that I was commanded, through a specific revelation, to call the people to Allah, in the fortieth year of my life, and I was given the glad tidings that I will live up to eighty years or thereabout. In view of this revelation, the tenure of my prophetic mission will extend to forty years out of which ten full years have already passed.” (The Heavenly Sign – Page 27-28)

Before going any further, the front cover of the original book verifies that this statement was made in 1892 as does the English rendering:

“Nishan-e-Asmani first published in 1892…” (The Heavenly Sign – Foreword)

This means at the time he wrote this, in 1892, he was fifty years old, as he says he was appointed when he was forty years of age and ten years had passed at the time of writing this book. This is clear as he says “…I was commanded, through a specific revelation, to call the people to Allah, in the fortieth year of my life.” In union with this he says “…the tenure of my prophetic mission will extend to forty years out of which ten full years have already passed”.  This therefore means from the day he invites people, commencing at  the age of forty, he would have an additional forty years to live and since ten years of the prophesied forty have passed, he would be fifty years old in the year 1892 (thus he was sixty-nine when he died this reinforces ‘the age of my demise’ blog entry).

However, if ten years of his further forty year preaching period had passed in 1892, this would mean he had thirty remaining years to preach from 1892 onwards before he died, as prophesied in his quote and attempt to fulfill the hadith in ‘Sunan Abu Dawud’. Nevertheless, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died in the year 1908 thus consider the fact that in 1892, regardless of his age, he unambiguously states that he has an additional thirty years of preaching remaining before his demise. In spite of that, 1892 up until the year 1908 only covers sixteen years, not even close to the thirty year period he prophesied he had yet to cover. This cannot be refuted as mathematics, unlike words, cannot be twisted. Again let us be clear that he stated in 1892 that from the forty years of divinely commissioned preaching, “…ten years have passed”. The quote above verifies he said this in 1892 and the following quote is verification of the year he died.

“Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in February 1835 at Qadian, India and died at Lahore on May 26th 1908. (Tadhkirah, Page vii)

To reiterate, he states that once he reveals himself by virtue of inspiration, he  would have an additional forty further years of his divinely commissioned preaching tenure remaining, hence he would die at the age of eighty. He states in 1892, that he revealed himself by virtue of inspiration at the age of forty and that ten of the continuous forty preaching years had passed, thus in the year 1892 onwards, he has at least thirty years of continuous preaching remaining according to his prophecy. However he died in 1908 therefore the prophecy failed as the difference between 1908 and 1892 is sixteen years, not thirty. He therefore only preached for an additional sixteen years and had another prophesied fourteen years remaining in order for the prophecy to stand fulfilled, this never happened and ultimately the prophecy failed.The only way this prophecy would have been fulfilled is if he died in the year 1922 (1892 plus thirty years equals 1922).

May Allah continue to guide Ahmadis away from Ahmadiyya and to Islam.

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10 thoughts on “The Tenure of My Prophetic Mission

  1. Very nice piece of work! mashaAllah.
    There is a well known saying that, for an intelligent person one sign is enough. But Allah only guides those whom he wills. Some people take more time than others. InshaAllah we hope one day they will be guided. The day of judgement is real, and every soul will have to answer for their deeds. No one can blame that they were mislead by so and so persons. The proof is very clear and truth stands out from falsehood. Islam is haq ( the truth ) Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) is the last and final messenger from ALLAH s.w.t (GOD Almighty). Anyone who claims to be a prophet after him is a grand liar and outside the fold of Islam. A lot of people argue with us on this subject, but our intention is not to hurt their feelings but just to convey the message and the rest is in the hands of Allah. In turn we get a lot of abuse hurled at us and our scholars, but we bear with patience for Allah loves those who are patient.

  2. 1. I have a Review of Religions issue of 1914 wherein the arguments for the age of MGA are given. This is the first recorded instance where they tried to argue about his age.

    2. In the moslem sunrise, which was edited by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq from Chicago back in the 1920’s, it is written that MGA was born in 1836.

    3. In a book called “A Present to the Royal highness the prince of Wales” written in late 1921 by mahmud Ahmad, Mahmud Ahmad wrote that MGA was born in 1836. It seems that 1835 wasnt figured out until like the 1930’s. I was told once that there was some special research done by Mirza Bashir Ahmad that confirmed this birth year.

    4. Nice article Tahir. Keep up the good work!

    5. I cant recall any male from the lineage of MGA who has lived pass 80. I think that that all of the sons of MGA passed away in their 70″s.

    • even from 1835 MGA dont pass 74 mark

      and according to himself his YOB is 1839 or 40 I made a presentation on this topic.

      Bro Tahir has done amazing job cant get more clear than this ppl
      Ahmadis think about it please

  3. I watched the video Zia, subhaanAllah, good job, direct and to the point.

    Though I agree there are undoubtedly two failed prophecies here, I like to concentrate on his remaining years of preaching. We have all heard the excuse for his date of birth which to be honest is not fooling anyone but I’ve never heard an excuse for his extended forty year preaching prophecy which he only uses to try and twist the hadith that Hazrat Isa (AS) will “live on the earth for forty years”. I would love to know the opinion of ‘Luft’, ‘Straight Talker’, ‘Lord Knows’ and any other Ahmadis. All we ask is for you to utilise the intelligence you have been given and we pray you come back to Islam, inshaaAllah.

    • Falsehood has destroyed your reasoning.

      Islam is Islam.

      Ahmadiyya is kufr.

      Look, here is the name of the religion Allah gave to us in the Qur’an: Islam

      Now compare it with the word Mirza gave you for misguidance: Ahmadiyyat

      Note how the two are different.

      Now please, come back to your senses and come back to Islam.

    • I expected you to do this, this is why I said this specific post is about his tenure, not his age. For this blog entry I don’t care about the prophecy of his age in relation to his death. Look, I’ll make it simple for you.

      1892 – My tenure of prophethood will last for an additional 40 years of which 10 have passed.

      1908 – Death. Only twenty six of the prophecised 40 year tenure have passed.

      1922 – The prophecised additional 40 years would have been fulfilled had he died in this year.

      So please enlighten us all as to how he fulfilled this, this time the excuse of the solar/lunar calender will not help you. If you can not answer then I advise you to pray to Allah (SWT) for guidance. Come back to Islam and leave Ahmadiyyat.

    • I big surprise for you the Proofs from mirza Ghulam’s own writings that how PROPHECY FAILED

      Proof No.1

      Meri paidaish 1839 ya 1840 main sikhon key aakhari waqat main hui (Kitab al-bariyyah page 159)

      Proof No.2

      1857 main me 16 ya 17 baras ka tha

      (ROHANI KHAZAIN Vol-13 page 177)

      [1857-17 = 1840]

      Proof No. 3

      “meri umar qareban 35-36 baras ki ho gi jab hazrat walid sahib ka intaqal hua”

      (ROHANI KHAZAIN Vol-13 page 192)

      Hakim Ghulam Murtaza died on 20th August 1875

      (ROHANI KHAZAIN-18 Page 585)

      [1875-36 = 1839]

      Proof No.4

      “Masih maud farmaatay thay jab Sultan Ahmad paida hua uss waqt hamari umar sirf 16 saal ki thee”

      (seerat-ul-mahdi page-256)

      “Khan Bahadur Mirza Sultan Ahmad 1856 main paida huay”

      (seerat-ul-mahdi page-196-197)

      [1856-16 = 1840]

      Proof No.5
      4 November, 1905

      “Meri umar 67 saal hay” (infront of many ppl in Jalsa)

      (Lecture Ludhehana ROHANI KHAZAIN vol-20 page 293)


      Proof No. 6

      Mirza Ghulam himself said that his year of birth was 1839 in the short autobiography which he wrote in 1897 and which appeared in his book Al-Kitab al-Bariyya

    • So you see sincere seeker ur not so sincere you are ignoring the writings of Mirza Ghulam and going for the writings of prother people 🙂

      “Meri umar 67 saal hay” (infront of many ppl in Jalsa)
      (Lecture Ludhehana ROHANI KHAZAIN vol-20 page 293)


      and in haqiatul wahi he said it has to be between 76 and 86 and even from 1935 still he dont make to 76 🙂
      he only till 73 so u have to provide some new excuse to defend MGA

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