The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love books. I have always loved them. As a child, I would go to the children’s library alone and read for hours while other children were playing outside. For birthdays, I wanted books. I read voraciously. It’s a habit I have maintained. Although in times past my preference was for new books, when just the scent of a new book would delight me, more recently, I have developed a penchant for old books, second-hand books and rare books. It’s delightful to pick up a book on say, diabetes in hardback for one tenth of the new price, or an old novel by Kundera for less than a pound in an antique book-shop.

I recently came across a rather large collection of books in an unusual location. To my immense surprise, in that enormous pile, which I had browsed for over an hour, I found some text whose contents at first glance seemed almost familiar. The text was old, the book almost falling apart, but the sense of excitement was enormous. And that wasn’t the only book. There were more like it. I was almost giddy with excitement. This find was stunning and unexpected. I alerted my good friend AkberC and shared the news.

To cut a long story short, AkberC, who knows much more about the history of Ahmadiyya than I do, and in particular, has been in the mind of Mirza (and just about emerged sane after the harrowing experience), realised that I had hit a gold mine. We set to work on preserving the books, copying and digitising the rare old pieces.

That long effort of organising the various bits and pieces has resulted in something of a coup: The availability of some authentic, early and contemporaneous English translations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s pamphlets to the Ahmadis and Muslims openly, for the first time perhaps in almost a century, at the Q Archives Wiki

One has to ask, why if these books were available in English so long ago, have they been ignored, indeed, suppressed by the Ahmadiyya for so long? It’s simple. The Ahmadiyya is a cult. They don’t want people to know the reality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his true nature. Their ambition is to keep those who know about the truth of Mirza’s disgraceful character and his cult continually engaged in useless debates that will end up in wasted time. We at won’t fall for that. This is why we’re not bothered that Ahmadis don’t in general join in debate at the forum. The Ahmadis also know that more damage is being done to their cult through a lot of work on this blog. The exposure effort is now widespread, shared by a network of people and sites around the world, is getting organised and the cult is squirming.

The truth is simple and two-fold. The first reason these authentic books, already translated by the Ahmadiyya near the beginning of the movement have been suppressed is because the Ahmadiyya can make no progress in Muslim countries – and the movement doesn’t want to present the embarrassing face of Mirza in English to the West, for fear they won’t be taken seriously by Westerners and written off as a fringe heretical sub-strand of Islam. This is potentially their outcome in any case, their best efforts as presenting as Muslims notwithstanding.

And the second reason is that now that the “power base” of Ahmadiyya is in the West, they don’t want their own youngsters reading the laughable rubbish of Mirza, revealing him to be a spiky huckster, selling ineffectual, alcohol-based quack remedies for plague that got banned by the British Government and a paranoid, finger-pointing hypocrite with no gentlemanly qualities at all, trying to defend his reputation as an Empire ass-kisser, first class with honours. If they see that for themselves, the ones with smarts will up and leave. Many already are. I know quite a few of them.

Frankly, the Ahmadiyya knows that this myth they’ve built around their messiah, the one who conned his followers out of what little money they had and started a religion business that his son took to the next papal level, is going to get shattered if the translations of Mirza’s English books ever get out. Well here they are and let the myth-shattering begin in earnest.

First, there is the pamphlet “My Attitude Towards the British Government”. It is embarrassing to read this crawling, finger pointing, schoolboy nonsense. On the first page alone, Mirza in a tone that makes the discerning reader cringe, sets out his father’s services to the British Government during the Rising of 1857. That he describes himself as coming from a “respectable family of the Punjab” is frankly crawling. He chronicles his family’s loyalty and “submission” to an occupying regime in a manner that is obsequious at best.

He then spends the second page setting up a strawman for jihad, describing it in terms that the enemies of Islam used. Mirza was late to this party. Decades before his arrival, there were plenty of `ulama who had already successfully debated with the Christian missionaries and defended Islam against the worst of their onslaughts. Mirza did very little, despite the canards to the contrary, some of which have even been spread unwittingly by some Muslims. In fact, as we shall see later, he damaged community relations.

He goes on and on ascribing preposterous positions to Muslims, making them as bad as Christian missionaries in their attacks on Islam by page 3. It is not just maulvis who he describes as waiting for the “atrocious character” of the Mahdi, but their followers too. It is only his cult that is spared the most vulgar characteristics, oddly enough.

Read for yourself and tell us if this is the “messiah” you were expecting…

My personal favourite is “A Revealed Cure for the Bubonic Plague”. I ask any Ahmadi this. Go to a lab, ask to be infected with plague and take Mirza’s alcohol-laden quack remedy. See how far that gets you. What a shame!

This “medicine” was actually banned by the Government when they found out what was going on and removed from the shelves. Check the ingredients of the “Divine Treacle”, mostly alcohol and sold at a huckster’s price.

Is this the “messiah” you were expecting?

Another thing to bear in mind is just how short these “books” are. As brother peacelover pointed out, Mirza wasn’t as prolific as many people think. In fact, you could describe him, as brother peacelover did, as a pamphleteer.

On this site, as a result of the work of a few people, you have seen Mirza’s “forgotten” prophecy, detailed in his booklet “A Warning to a Pretender to Divinity”. The Mirzologists had hoped they’d buried this. Sadly for them, we uncovered it and exposed it. Why? Because we want Ahmadis to rejoin the faith that was stolen from them and their forefathers. We want them to come back to Islam.

And then there is the “Kashf-ul-Ghita”, addressed to the Queen and the British Government. Again, the writing is not worthy of a noble man, never mind a “messiah” or “prophet”. You will also find familiar themes, “my family was noble”, “my followers are high class”, “I love the British Government and order my followers to do the same”, “That Batalvi guy is bad, ignore him” and so on and so forth. Some of the contents of this leaflet were used by devastating effect by brother Fuad. This pamphlet is a disgrace. It portrays Mirza Ghulam as a boy being picked on in the playground. He can’t handle it, so he runs crying to the teacher.

Finally, there is “The Message” or “A Cry of Pain”. I’ll let Ahmed summarise:

A booklet ‘Mothers of the Believers’ was published, which hurt the feelings of Muslim (similar to the modern-day cartoons of the Holy Prophet). A Muslim group (Anjuman Himayat Islam) blamed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad‘s vicious polemics against the Hindus as the root cause. In this booklet, the author is at his self-praising best, claiming to posess 10 qualities that any ‘defender of Islam’ should have. A portion of the original Urdu book is in Arabic, and an appendix lists all the books in the private library of Hakeem Nooruddin which the author declares that he was ‘blessed’ to have access to.

Of course, the Anjuman Himayat Islam were right, it was indeed Mirza’s “work in the community”, namely his vicious and quite disgusting string of polemics against Christians, Hindus and indeed Muslims too that caused such profoundly hateful responses.

Why has it taken a couple of Muslims, reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam, to bring to the attention of the English-speaking world, several pamphlets translated into English from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s originals by the Ahmadyya themselves, some in his lifetime? When you ask yourself that question, you will arrive at a simple conclusion. Ahmadiyya is a cult and its founder was a huckster, a charlatan. More of his work now stands exposed to the English-reading world, no thanks to the Ahmadiyya, whose purpose is to avoid the character of the Fraud of Qadian.

There is more to come. Remember also, AkberC’s work in translating Mirza’s supposed “Magnum Opus” the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, a work that the Ahmadiyya has still not translated.

Yes Mr. Mirza, your message has been spread to the corners of the world, but not by you, not by Yalash, but by Muslims – and it isn’t going to help your cause one little bit.







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45 thoughts on “The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

  1. Awesome work guys! And to think I had been screaming for more books to read in english. I had told them that I was tired of reading Jesus in India and Philosophy of the Teachings of islam, but they told me to learn urdu.

    This business of ahmadiyyat was perfected by Mahmud Ahmad. Did any books ever get translated into english under his watch? Probably not.

  2. Are you saying that the contents of these pamphlets do not exist in the existing collection on

    • If there are other books available in english by MGA why are they not readily available? That is the question. Ahmadis have shown a propensity to not want MGA’s books in english.

      Even your break-away group, you know the LAM, even they have translated more books into english than you clowns.

      The answer is simple, after 1914, it became Mahmud’s business or Mahmuds religion. Mahmud didnt want MGA’s books into english because ahmadiyyat was not getting converts in english speaking countries. Mahmud focused on Africa. The gold coast to be more specific.

      • And it’s funny how they don’t allow requests for translations outside of the cult. They only allow in-house translations but if there is such a back log then why not put out the already translated stuff like the type found by brother Shahid? Aw yea, its damaging that’s why.

  3. Good post. Ahmadiyya, what a shameful cult you are. It was bad enough you tried to hide ‘Seeratul Mahdi’ but hiding the works of your ‘Messiah’ is a new low, what else do we expect from a cult? I wonder what damage limitation exercise you will use? They were forever lost and never preserved? Of course. Funny how your controversial editions of ‘Review of Religions’ are missing from your site too. This blog sums up this cult. I wonder what other writings are out there… May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam.

    • The LAM have scanned and uploaded The Review of Religions from 1902-1914 up until the split happened. For some off reason they dont have 1906. 1906 contains some referencing material in terms of Muhammad ali and the prophethood of MGA.

      The qadianis dont even care about these issues. They dont even want The Review to be re-read.

      I have in my possession the Review of Religions for 1914/1915, wherein MGA is called the Final messenger and arguments for his age are made, and ahmadis are told to steer clear of Muslims, and Mahmud is called the Musleh Maud.

      Funny stuff right?

        • Muhammad Ali was the editor for the ROR from 1902 to march of 1914. In 1909 he actually stepped down from the editorship to work on translating the Quran into english, Sher Ali became the temporary editor. Nonetheless in the early portion of 1914 Ali returned to add an asterisks to the word prophet.

          Anyhow, the LAM dont post anything after March 1914 because they dont feel that their beliefs are presented theirin.

          The qadianis just dont care, they arent making any money off of it so why should they work at it. I remember reading an article on that was entitled, “its all aboout the money stupid”. That article did alot for me.

  4. Lutf bro,

    These are books published in English by MGA with MGA as the author. They are not content translations of any known booklets in Urdu as they are abridged/revised/edited versions for an English audience. And all under the author’s name and during his lifetime.

    The question is : why were they lost. Especially when the Ahmadiyya has not been able to do translations for 110+ years, why do these authentic versions penned and published by the ‘Messiah’ himself not valuable for your ‘spreading the message’ to English-speaking people and your newer generations?

    Although it may be hard, please read the question before replying.

    • Here I may point out that the Qadianis have tried to translate some of the selective stuff. However, their translation is as deceptive as their faith. I will give just one basic example to clarify how cunning these people are. There is a convoluted writing of Mirza “Aik Ghalti Ka Izala”. The word “Ghalti” غلطی means “mistake” or “error” etc. Everyone who speaks Urdu knows. The ones who don’t know can go to Google Translate and paste the word غلطی there and see. So it means Mirza made a mistake and now he wants to correct it. So the translation “Correction of a Mistake”. But the translation they did was “The Removal of a Misunderstanding”.

      So one can understand how filthy can a person go – say no to lie and deception and return back to Islam.

      • Mr akbar , can u make something clear ?
        ur above post gives the illusion that hazrat Messiah Maood (as) himself wrote the books in english , which is wrong, totally wrong.

        is it what u wanna say ? or something else , please elaborate.

        • Listen up turbo….

          MGA gives the impression that these books were written by himself. The reason is that nowhere in the book is it written that these books are a translation. Obviously, Ali translated these books into english for your DAD, either that or MGA dictated this data verbally to Ali.

          Later on in 1914, Mahmud double-crossed Ali and got rid of him. –thats hilarious by the way.

  5. These were distributed at the time for the British authorities. I don’t see why these should be in published again. I am sure that all these pamphlets and many many more are archived in Rabwah and Qadian.

    • They werent just published for the british authorities. They are the thoughts of a prophet (in your brain only). Why woudl you not want the thoughts of your prophets readily available for american ahmadis?

      In fact, english is the most widely spoken language in the world, why would you not find english books of your DAD and get them re-published? Or at least scanned and posted on

      • Please indicate atleast one instance from the pamphlets which can not be found on the published books on

        • You’re all over the place my friend. You do some running around for once. After all, it’s your cult, your soul. We’ve published these pamphlets. You provide the link on where you have published these pamphlets.

          • No, you answer our questions please and stop playing your disingenuous and childish games of petty semantics. You’re flustered and it shows.

          • For me the question should arise if you can show that these pamphlets were hiding some secrets and Jamaat was willingly suppressing them. As you don’t have any such claim, I don’t see the need to answer anything.

            It seems that you stumbled across these pamphlets and had to sensationalize the find..

            I also look for historic documents about Jamaat and have a obtained some books in recent years. Also, I have visited the British library and found a number of rare books, pamphlets published in those days. I found a french journal from 1907 which contained a detailed article about the Ahmadiyya movement.

            Also, recently I have provided you a link to a website which has archived alot of christian literature of that era.

            All these papers, books and pamphlets, including the ones you have found do not provide anything new. some have added to my knowledge of the opponents and critics of the Jamaat, but I have found the Jamaat related material to be consistent with what the official books state.

          • You should move to Australia and tell the 10 indigenous natives that are still alive that you support the white man in his worldy pursuits.

            Then, tell Masroor to visit a Native American Reservation in the USA and explain to those natives that you support the white man in america. And that those natives dont even deserve to be allocated a state. The brits thought that the jews deserved a state, but not the native americans…

            Ahmadiyyat is laaaame…

          • We have been to Australia and told the aboriginal peoples that they did not need christianity to “fit in”.. Their tradional faith gives ample proof that God spoke to them 40000 years ago.

            White man in America was persecuting the blacks, until the Ahmadiyya mission guided the black man to stand up for equality and leave the faith that white man imposed on him..

            learn your facts..

          • That is just sad. So…the white man took their land and raped their women and then they send in the ahmadis to convert them to a peaceful religion so that they can screwed further…

            ^that is a sad state of affairs..

            I’m sure you folks did the same thing in the Gold Coast.

          • Here are some factoids about Australia…

            1. A gold rush began in Australia in the early 1850s, and the Eureka Stockade rebellion against mining licence fees in 1854 was an early expression of civil disobedience. Between 1855 and 1890, the six colonies individually gained responsible government, managing most of their own affairs while remaining part of the British Empire.

            2. On 1 January 1901, federation of the colonies was achieved after a decade of planning, consultation, and voting. The Commonwealth of Australia was established and it became a dominion of the British Empire in 1907.

            MGA knew about the atrocities that the white man was committing..but he still told ahmadis to obey the oppressor.

            What an idiot!

          • I don’t know if you know it or not. Mirza claims that the Queen Victoria was a just ruler. Her rule was made possible because of Mercy of God. Not only in India but in other countries, too. She was so just that God was compelled by her piousness to send His mercies to this world. And the reason Mirza was made a fake prophet was actually the piousness of the Queen Victoria. Nauzubillah.

          • Your not serious…..

            MGA supported the british in the 1800’s as they raped Australia! Do you comprehend that? Do you understand that? A non-white couldnt even migrate to Australia after gold was found their in the mid-1800’s. Have you even heard of the Gold rush in australia in the 1800’s?

            Didnt you tell those people to honor the brits? Didnt you tell those people to be loyal to the brits? Didnt you tell those people to pay homage to the Queen?

            I advise the aborigines to fight for at least half of Australia. The brits should secede at least half of Australia, they dont use the middle area anyways, then 100 years from now all white men should leave that continent and move back to Europe. Im not asking for an armed resistence, i am asking for non-violent resistence. The white man made others move…now its there time to get to steppin…

            Either that or the brits should educate all aborgines for FREE, the queen of england should foot the bill. She has made trillions off of their land. She owes them…..I have some choice words for that female…

            Did you say that the ahmadis helped the black man during the civil rights struggle? Were you born stupid or this an acquired syndrome? Mufti Muhammad Sadiq didnt do anything to help the black man. The black must have read your daddy’s (MGA) views and spit on his books, then he used Ali’s Quran to create his own version of Islam….

          • What is the new discovery? I just read Kashf-al-ghita:

            1. MGA is a snitch! He is basically telling his MOM (the queen) that batalvi is disingenious and calling him a liar. MGA is telling the govt officials that Batalvi doesnt really support the white man. Batalvi is a fake, he plans to fight the christians when the mahdi appears.

            2. MGA is saying that he is loyal to the white man whereas Batalvi is planning to double-cross the white man as soon as a favorable situation presents itself.

            3. But I thought that ahamdis always said that Batalvi was kissing british ass? Obviously, Batalvi was a good muslim. He was lying to the white man and claiming that he supported them, whereas this was a lie. I LIKE BATALVI.

            4. MGA re-affirms that his allegiance is not with the indian muslim/hindu/sikh, instead the loyalty of MGA is with the whites who were at the time raping the Earth.

            Sorry LUTF, sorry Masroor…you lose again…

        • The books that were found are not available on What are you talking about? They arent even mentioned in any shape of form on any website that is associated with the business of Ahmadiyyat.

          DUMB DUMB

    • Luft

      thing is these are not words of some normal person these are writings of person u consider prophet so why they shouldnt be published to tell ppl about the history of MGA

  6. The reason is very simple. They have made a book named Tadkhirah where they have added English translation. This has become a big problem for them. For instance, you type “nude” in Adobe Find and you will get few extremely filthy and shameful writings of Mirza. The Urdu writings are not searchable so not that harmful. Plus most modern Ahmadis who have propensity to leave the cult cannot read Urdu.
    For those who can read Urdu – it is a pity that the books of Mirza are so convoluted and dry that it is difficult to concentrate and read even a few pages in one sitting. So Mirza escapes any brainy mind and most Ahmadis survive with a blind belief.

    Thanks God there are now places like Ahmadiya Wiki and that give authentic translations and many born Ahamdis have got an opportunity to read the filth of Mirza. Though it does not have a match to if a person could read Arya Dharam in Urdu and read porno stories and obscene poetry by Mirza in complete.

  7. I don’t if you know it or not. Mirza claims that the Queen Victoria was a just ruler. Her rule was made possible because of Mercy of God. Not only in India but in other countries, too. She was so just that God was compelled by her piousness to send His mercies to this world. And the reason Mirza was made a fake prophet was actually the piousness of the Queen Victoria. Nauzubillah.

    • We don’t have to do anything to make you “fall”. You are doing that all by yourselves and Allah (SWT) has no need of anyone.

      Mirzology is inherently falsehood.

        • Lol, u lot cannot even interpretate the Quran properly, u think that you are going to get 70 virgins in heaven. Thats what HMGAA came to do – reform Islam, correct missguidance and to stop the irrelevent things that were added as part of our religion.

          • Mirza was an opportunist and pretty much a scumbag. You are a typical Mirzai, utterly deluded and brainwashed.

            By the way, the word is “interpret”. The irony of you getting this word wrong is probably lost on you too.

            Mirza came to serve the British, that’s all. He was a brown-noser extraordinaire.

          • Mirza polluted Islam. Read his English books, which we brought back, and tell us if it sounds like the writing of a prophet or a moaning loser to you.

          • I got a word wrong big whoop, im only 13.
            And the Ahmadiyya Motto is ‘ Love for all hatered for none.’ We dont commit terrorism if we don’t like some one. What’s wrong with the brittish, they have a dirty culture these days, that does not mean that we should hate them… If you live in britain, u need to respect it’s laws.

          • If you’re 13 you should show some respect for your elders. Or isn’t Ahmadiyya about that? As for spelling, I often find that if you want to abuse people you know nothing about, better to get your facts and your spellings all correct.

            It’s “hatred” btw, not “hatered”

            Muslims don’t commit terrorism either. Are you really going to believe your Ahmadi elders when they tell you that over a billion and a half Muslims are all terrorists? Don’t you realise that thinking that way is hatred?

            What’s the point In having a slogan if you don’t even follow it?

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