Mirza Ghulam, The Brave Prophet!

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ) claimed that he had received the following revelation from his God:

((The British Empire will last for eight years; thereafter there will be weakness, disturbance and decline)).

MGAQ did not publish this revelation in his books, however he had communicated it to some of his followers. The following narrations of this alleged revelation are mentioned in Seerat-ul-Mahdi and the “holy” Qadiani book, Tadhkirah:

  • Hafiz Hamid ‘Ali narrated to that Hadrat Sahib [the Promised Messiah] received the revelation: “The British Empire will last for eight years, thereafter there will be the days of weakness, and decline”.
  • Miyan ‘Abdullah of Sannour narrates that he remembers the following wording of the revelation: “The British Empire will last for seven years, thereafter will be disruption and decline
  • Sahibzadah Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘manira narrates that he has heard this revelation as following: “The power of the British will last for eight years, thereafter there will be the days of weakness, and decline
  • Tadhkirah, edition 2009, page 1018. (Click Here)

The second Qadiani Khalifah, Mirza Mahmoud, also confirmed this alleged revelation; however he tried to defend it by claiming that MGAQ had received it in year 1892, and that the eight years had ended with the death of Queen Victoria on January 22, 1901.

((Hadrat Amirul-Mo’minin Khalifatul Masih II related in a Friday sermon: During the reign of Queen Victoria, God Almighty informed the Promised Messiah:

The British Empire will last for eight years; thereafter there will be weakness, disturbance and decline

These eight years ended with the death of Queen Victoria)) – Tadhkirah, Edition 2009, page 1017 (Click Here)

It is interesting to note that the Qadianis did not only accept Mirza Mahmoud’s laughable interpretation of this claimed revelation, but  they also claimed that it is a proof that their self-declared prophet was a brave man. If he was not a brave man, he would not convey to his followers that the days of the British Empire had been numbered. The following is written in the  official Ahmadiyya website alislam.org:

((On one occasion he received a revelation in Persian to the effect that the British Empire would last only for eight years and that thereafter a period of weakness and disorder and decline would set in. He communicated this revelation only to some members of his Movement. When Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Sahib of Batala, who was always in search for something on the basis of which he might be able to establish that the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, was disloyal to and a rebel against the British Government, learnt of this revelation from a member of the Movement, he at once wrote an article justifying his assertion that he was a rebel who desired to bring about the end of the British Government and Empire.

In any case, is it not surprising that a person who, according to his opponents, had been put up by the British Government should convey to his followers that the days of that Government had been numbered? Had he been put up by the British he would have propagated in support of the strength and permanence of the Government rather than make a prophecy that the Government would not last for much longer)) – Truth about Ahmadiyya, Chapter 2, Ahmadiyyat and the British (Click Here)

So, according to Qadianis, MGAQ was a brave and a truthful prophet! He had conveyed this revelation against the wish of the British Government. Really? Let us read what MGAQ had written about this revelation in December, 1898:

((Muhammad Hussein imputes to me the publication of prophecy that the British rule would see its fall and destruction within eight years. As to this charge I would say nothing but pray God to bring about the ruin of the calumniator. I never published such a prophecy.

The government may consult my writings. All my books are present in front of the government.  I respectfully request that the Government should demand from this person about the book or letter or advertisement in which I have published such a revelation.  And I expect that the present Government will remain aware of this deception of his, that this person may not come up with a plan — in support of his false statement —  that out of my Jamaat and group, he should find some who, because of religious differences, harbour heart-felt enmity towards me and will provide false statements as evidence to be conveyed to the government.  I do not mingle or meet with this person or others of his thinking that I would have ever said something verbally to them.  Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations and the respected elders of my Jamaat are witnesses to this.  In short, I respectfully request that our high government should demand from this person about this intelligence report that is against the facts.  Captain Douglas Sahib, former Deputy Commissioner of District Gurdaspur, in the case of Dr. Martin Clark that was instituted against me, has written that this person holds enmity against me and therefore does not at all refrain from lying)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 14, p 216, Kashf-ul-Ghita, page 29 (Click Here).

Absurd! So, in front of his British masters, MGAQ had completely denied the receipt of such brave and fearless Yalaashi revelation.

Thanks to brother AkberC for the translation from Urdu to English. I would like also to thank brother Shahid Kamal who had sent me a scanned image of a Qadiani translation as well (Click Here).

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37 thoughts on “Mirza Ghulam, The Brave Prophet!

  1. Nice catch again

    I hope ahmadis will realize that what kind of person and jammat they are following.

    and that they will leave it and will come to ISLAM Inshallah

  2. Publication of prophecy and having mentioned it to close companions are two different things. Batavi had alleged that such a prophecy was published. Promised Messiah (as) denied that no such prophecy was published. Batavi could not claim that he had heard it from Promised Messiah (as) himself as Promised Messiah (as) did not meet with him.

    Promised Messiah (as) also mentioned that whatever he wished to be expressed, he publishes it in his books and pamphlets.

    The reason for not publishing the prophecy was clear. i.e, not to cause doubts about the stability of government in the minds of the readers. The prophecy came true and the British gradually lost their grip on India by 1930s resorting to round table conferences to resolve things.

    • @ Lutf
      It is there in front of your eyes Lutf, MGAQ had denied receiving this revelation when he claimed that he always publish all his thoughts and revelations. He said ((Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations and the respected elders of my Jamaat are witnesses to this)).

      I am not surprised that these so-called “respected elders” of your Jamaat didn’t comment on his shameful lie. Indeed they were as brave as their profit-prophet.
      And LOL@ your (the British gradually lost their grip on India by 1930s). Of course this proves that the British Empire had lasted till year 1900!

      A wise friend had concluded it nicely in the past when he said: “If I told you Mirza raped donkeys, I am sure you would find a way of defending that too”.

      • Fuad.. I have read the passage in urdu.. and I understand it clearly..

        Also, your wise friend and you can enjoy your coversations in private.. why express such vile thoughts in public?

        • Apologies if you were offended by my friend’s opinion. I hope it would give you some relief to know that it was just a metaphor.

          Good that you have read the text in Urdu. I hope that you can now answer the simple questions:

          Didn’t MGAQ claim that he had already published all his previous revelations? Didn’t he say ((Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations)) ? Yes/No

    • Admin: decline and destruction are not the discussion. The point of the post is why MGA denied it so vehemently when he received such a revelation, and whether it was bravery as imputed by the Ahmadis?

      waoo , faud i am fan of you .
      the way u bring the things i really get amused.

      now let me make on thing clear .
      the revelation was , that there shall be decline of the british in 8 years . it was not said that there will be the destruction of british empire within 8 year.
      this is what muhammad hussain sahib alleged that hhazrat Messiah Maood (as) have said that
      *** the British rule would see its fall and destruction within eight years****

      however prophecy did not said that british empire will get destroyed in 8 years ,

      and that was a total lie. that was a total deception .

      the revelation was of decline in 8 year not destruction in 8 year.

      • it could be your thought admin , but what i am seeing is clear.

        mulvi hussain , as apparent from the writing of the promised Messiah (as) talked about the destruction of the British empire , which was a total lie and deception .

        prophecy just talked about the decline ., when hussain mentioned destruction instead of decline then , for sure, he tell a lie and distorted the truth.
        this is a fact to which hazrat Messiah Maood (as) referred .

        also sometime prophet do not tell the revelation openly
        , so u cannot even allege this as well.

        see this ayyat

        3 When the Prophet disclosed a matter in confidence to one of his consorts, and she then divulged it (to another), and Allah made it known to him, he confirmed part thereof and repudiated a part. Then when he told her thereof, she said, “Who told thee this? “He said, “He told me Who knows and is well-acquainted (with all things).”
        al tahrim

        now answer Mr faud ?

        • @khalid nawaz

          1- Please take your own interpretations elsewhere; nobody here cares about them. The wording of the prophecy itself says that (The British Empire will last for eight years). Nevertheless your official website confirmed the prophecy says that the Government would not last for much longer. I am quoting again from alislam.org:

          ((Had he been put up by the British he would have propagated in support of the strength and permanence of the Government rather than make a prophecy that the Government would not last for much longer)).

          2- Just to save your very brave Mirza, you claim that our Holy Prophet (SAAW) did not inform all the revelations! Seriously don’t you guys have any shame!

          The verse 66:3 talks about a personal piece of information between a husband and his wife. It doesn’t talk about any “secret” prophecy or any “secret” revelation.

          3- You didn’t address MGAQ’s lie. He claimed in his disgraceful defense that he had already published all his previous revelations. He said:

          ((Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations and the respected elders of my Jamaat are witnesses to this)).

          • 1) this particular points shows me that how much intellectual powers u have
            the prophecy was

            The British Empire will last for eight years; thereafter there will be weakness, disturbance and decline

            the second part clearly shows that British Empire was nto supposed to destroyed after 8 years. but his present state was to remain intact for 8 years and after it a gradual decline and weakness was to come.

            if britsish were to be destroyed within 8 years then there was no need to say that after it there will be a decline and weakness.
            when u cannot understand such a simple thing then what the need of talking to u any more. I thought there are just famous rationalist and zia who cannot understand simple things . i was wrong .

            2) well that is my Holy Prophet (saw)too , keep in mind .

            now My dear with that ayyat i have proved that it is not necessary that Prophet keep telling every thing to the whole world .

            when it have been proven then u so called long article have failed totally in proving hazrat Messiah Maood (as) wrong.

            however, if u need some more examples then do not worry i can show it too.

            just a little question , when GOD allowed hazrat Muhammad (saw) to migrate to madina , then was that revelation conveyed to every kuffar e mecca or not ?

            this very question will show all the reality and then we all shall learn that who is deceiving who ?


            Again the same thing , when hazrat Messiah Maood (as) did not publish that revelation and that revelation did not talked about the destruction of Bristish Empire but was to show that after 8 year a gradual decline will cause british empire to shrink back .
            Then , it was a lie of mulvi hussain sahib to write that promised messiah is telling that British will get destroyed with in 8 years. the real revelation did not have such thing in it .

  3. Admin: you missed the topic of the post: MGA was having a revelation yet denying about it, and then Qadianis show him as brave. Please read the post again.

    Any Moron knows that the British empire has been on the decline since about the time mentioned by the Promised messiah(as). Anyone with the slightest knowledge of history can understand that Britain slowly declined and lost its grip on the colonies it held, from India, to Africa to the middle east. Britain used to be a great naval power as well, but is it today? Britain was effectively been replaced by the US as a global power. Does Britain occuoy any country today? I believe the US does…even though Britain participates as a partner.

    Revelations from Allah are the most truthful for those who understand!

  4. Admin: MGA’s father was in Ranjit Singh’s army, killing Muslims

    About your comment re bravery, you folk time and again paint a clear correlation between yourselves and disbelievers that to this day criticize the Prophet(saw) for not being brave in the face of the the Kuffar of Mecca and capitulating.

    Shame on the disbelievers!

    Its is rather shameful that you deride a ruler that was more just than Ranjit singh who murdered Muslim men and raped Muslim women without any recourse for the Muslim population!

    Its is doubly shameful that some of your live in that very country and take advantage of it! Hypocrisy has its limits!

    • Obviously, you dont know jack about politics, history and religion.

      Even white people are contentious objectors. Ever heard of Cassius Clay Aka Muhammad Ali? He was in the Nation of Islam (NOI), these were the guys who used your Quran and created their own version of Islam. They didnt buy what you guys were selling. It was weak…They hated the “white man” while and you guys supported the “white man”. They took the Qurans from Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and ran with them. To this day they dont have their own english translation of the Quran.

      Anyways, Muhammad Ali was drafted for the army, this happened as he was in the prime of his boxing career! He refused to go based on religion. Once he said, “viet-cong never called me ni****”. Vietcong was another name for Vietnamase and this famous boxer refused to go there and kill them. White people were enraged, this happened at the height of the civil rights movement. In Muhammad Ali’s estimation, the fact that he was muslim prevented him from supporting evil regimes.

      So why are we bound as muslims to evil governments?

  5. Brilliant. What I don’t understand is why all the MGA believers are not commenting on the actual point… this has nothing to do with did the British Empire decline or did it not… The point Brother Fuad is making is simple… MGA denies his statement, what a brave man he was…

    • [admin: I’m sure it’s unintentional, but please note brother Fuad’s name – it is not Faud as you continually write.]

      point ignored by you and mr faud is that hazrat Messiah Maood (as) denied that he (as) have published the prophecy of destruction of british within 8 years.
      that was nto the case at all. no such prophecy exist

  6. Mr mahmood , the topic is not about some *prophecy* of MGA being proven , why did your brave Mirza denied his statement ?

    • thats wat every one is talking about that it is not about decline or destroyed but its about he refusing to receive such prophecy 🙂

      but ahmadis are not willing to talk on the point like what they do with MGA’s zero reason

  7. Seems like a common practise of MGA………does’nt it?

    Dont forget he claimed 3 different locations for so called places of burial of ISA a.s.

    Some of Mirzai followers are so brainwashed, they go to any extent to defend lies of MGA.

  8. @ khalid nawaz

    1. Please convince your official website first before trying to convince others. If you think they are stupid, I would then rest my case.

    ((a prophecy that the Government would not last for much longer)) these are their own words, remember?

    2. Regrettably you’d rather lie but won’t admit a mistake. You have used the verse 66:3 in your previous comment to prove that ((prophet does not tell the revelation openly)), but when your misreading was exposed, you are now switching to ((it is not necessary that Prophet keep telling every thing to the whole world)).

    Apparently you are following the Sunnah of MGAQ! Wrong, it is really good for a man to be brave.

    3. Are you talking to Ghosts? Who did discuss the lie of the Moulv! Wake up Khalid, we are discussing here the lies of your MGAQ. Didn’t he claim that he had already published all his previous revelations? Didn’t he say ((Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations)) ? Yes/No

    • 1) why ? what the reason behind ?

      2) i did not lie. i first said that it is not necessary that prophet keep telling whatever god tells them to people , there are certain things which needs to be kept within the circle of the friends.

      examples i gave from quranic ayyat ,
      second , my misreading was not exposed at all. how can it be a misreading. i wanted to prove that prophet do not tell everything to people , and ayyat proved it . it is u who are ignoring and quran have proved ur assertion wrong.
      second , please keep remember that GOD almighty , when allowed hazat Muhammad (saw) to migrate to the madina, then hazrat Muhamamd (saw) did not told each and every KAFFIR that tonight i am going to leave mecca,
      this also proves that prophets need not tell every thing.

      am i right? what do u have answer to this point ?
      nothing .

      i am brave enough and clever enough to see what is going on.
      i admit that i cannot give u the real reason why hazrat Messiah maood (as) said that .

      it might have been forgotten by hazrat Messiah Maood (as). (yes prophet do sometime forget the revelation )

      as i said earlier, , might be hazrat Messiah maood (as) was saying that the he did not got the revelation which says “British will get destroyed in 8 years ”
      which is totally wrong as so such prophecy was made.

      3) unfortunately u cannot distinguish between a lie and a truth.
      so what can i can do , Mr fuad. However, with all my honesty i say it could not be a lie at all.
      a lie is something which u say against reality , deliberately and knowingly .
      however, if u have forgotten something OR if someone is denying just about the complete destruction of british , then it cannot be a lie at all.

      and i am sorry i am unable to understand what u wanna prove by this part
      ((Whatever I want to say, I publish in my books and advertisements, and these two are sufficient to know about my thoughts and my revelations))
      what is in it which is causing any trouble?

      yeah whatever hazrat Messiah Maood (as) wanna said , he said it via publishing it.
      however, if hazrat messiah maood (as) had chosen something not to publish it then what the problem ?

  9. On another note, MGA was fond of saying that he is duty-bound to convey what God allegedly reveals to him. So, he says, I don’t wan to use ‘nabi’ but God says I should. Well, when it came to hurting British feelings, he hides his ‘ilhaam’, but when it comes to hurting Muslim feelings, although he doesn’t want to claim ‘nabi’, he has to say it.

    Maybe a topic for another day.

  10. Basically MGA tried to hijack Islam. Now the so called murabbis and cult leaders are doing the same.

  11. mirzais belive that khutbae ilhamia a book written by mirza is asmani kalam, words of god. therefore they have in addition to quran more so called holy books. they also belive that braheen e ahmadiyya is partially words of allah,

    the quran is last revelation and therefore qadiani propaganda that they are muslims is an attempt to fool everyone.

    • Yes agree
      unless they are ready to differentiate between the words of GOD
      as they consider QURAN and Khutbah and other works of MGA to be from God

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  13. AA The Cult,

    Aren’t we a little obsessed with Ahmadiyyat?
    Rather than obsessing about what others are thinking and doing, maybe you should just try and be a good Muslim in the first place and everything will fit into place. A start would be to stop your brothers from blowing themselves up and giving every Muslim in the world a bad name.



    • See, it’s remarks like this that mark you out as brainless twerps. In fact, the BNP is more nuanced than you. Please come back when you’ve grown up.

    • @ mohsin..

      Here’s your starter kit. Learn about all the money that the mirza family has made over the last 100+ years. Then learn about the Quranic verses and hadith that your DAD (MGA) falsified as he was enroute to his riches.

      As an ex-ahmadis i feel like saving others who are trapped in this fraud of ahmadiyyat.

      ^thats why we exist in a nutshell…

    • @mohsin

      This is what your murabbis are teaching you right?

      Is this how “Love for all hatred for none” is practiced?

      Listen in every community there are good, bad and the ugly.

      Why do you guys always pick the few bad/ugly examples and blame it on the entire community.

      If someone starts doing the same to your community, I am sure there will be lots to write, don’t you agree?

    • Yes instead of blowing themselves they should focus on sexual love preached by Mirza. Enjoy a piece of his writing:

      had an extremely horrible disease that my erection used to completely subside when I used to lie down for sexual intercourse. Perhaps lack of sexual power was the reason behind this (erectile dysfunction). So this disease was fully cured. It looks like that this medicine is good for sexual power and thickens the seminal fluid as well. At least, I found these effects very prominent. (Maktoobat Vol 5 Part 2 Letter 10 Page 14)

      • I couldn’t blieve this was an actual revalation but it actually is! His erectile disfunction? Seriously? And they also ‘defend’ this by saying Allah put him thru this ‘trial’.
        This is obviously not any work of a real Prophet! Shameful!

  14. Just wanted to point some (obvious?) things out:

    1. I cannot find anywhere a PUBLISHED copy of this prophecy.

    2. MGA denied PUBLISHING the prophecy.

    3. If MGA himself never published it, then everything else at that point is here-say.

    I think we need to find something better to go after than this, as all discussions about the “original” prophecy are pointless as it doesn’t exist. Only recollections of what was said and all accounts are somewhat different.

    If someone can put up the original prophecy, then that would be a big help in clearing things up.


  15. @newobserver and @Alif

    It does not suit Muslims to lie or misrepresent the truth (http://quran.com/3/61 3:61), I think when something is the truth it needs no misrepresentation and can stand on itself. I looked up the reference to the “sexual love” that you refer to and was disappointed to find that you did not speak the whole truth, here is what I have learned:

    1. Maktoobat is persian for correspondence, letters, writings etc.

    2. In this case I found the book on the ahmadiyya website and the reference you provided does not mention anything about a “revelation” or prophecy but rather is a communication between MGA and Hakim Maulvi Nuruddin as correspondence between patient and doctor.

    I don’t know how to attach or upload stuff here, but if someone is interested I can send this page to them since I have the PDF open at the moment.

    I don’t think there is a need to put any kind of spin on the truth, simply present it to the readers and pray that Allah guide them and you to the truth always.


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