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To commenters, can I please draw your attention to the rules.

To Mirzai commenters, please refrain from hasbara and the same tired and rebutted canards. Life is short. We know you plan on keeping us engaged in useless debate so that we take our eye off the ball, but we simply won’t allow that here. If you want examples of good Mirzai commenters, look at the shorter comments of khalid nawaz and most of the comments by Lutf. The administrators will delete any rule that contains hasbara or the same tired canards. We keep a record of all comments deleted, so if you ever want to pull us up on this, you will be wasting your time.

And to all commenters, please keep the tone civil. Don’t be abusive to one another. Many thanks for helping to keep this blog a clean environment for discussion of the Ahmadiyya cult.

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15 thoughts on “Notice to commenters

    • No Mahmood, we don’t have time for spam and no patience for Kool-Aid-drinking cult victims who spout pointless rhetoric. If you have anything useful to say, you’re welcome. Look at the other Mirzais who go about here relatively untouched for examples and stop deceiving yourself.

  1. Also Mahmood,
    Ahmadi cult and truth dont seem to go together. Otherwise you will not be telling so many lies to hide those of MGA

  2. Thats all what they can do when they are out of excuses.looks like mahmood got his wings back.face it my friend , this wont do you any good.

  3. “We know you plan on keeping us engaged in useless debate so that we take our eye off the ball”

    —deleted by admin —

    • Masroor aint tryna debate with anybody!! Did u forget that?

      Masroor is focused on the MONEY…

  4. Mohsin

    “”Who was talking about debating with you uneducated thickos, if anything listening to us will only give you headaches, and we are not bothered by you “Muslims” are you are pretty irrelevant on the world stage, we are spreading our word where it matters and actually has some influence on the world stage, yes you stuoid people.. in the west.. Europe and US.. while you keep on spreading your backward ways in pinduland… aka.. pakistan,…. bangladesh….s. arabia…. hahahahahaha/// poor pindus i pity you.////””

    And i thought you were a follower of * Love For All Hatred For None * ? LOL! Don’t you get it ? You are just too good to expose your hatred that thumps inside you all the time ! Do you have anything useful to say my friend ? Tell me my friend where is that truth of yours on the basis of what you call your religion as * the true Islam * ? Your hatred towards the Muslims has no bounds. And that was such a childish comment to make i must say. Please stop deceiving yourself already and come back to Islam , your argumentation has been destroyed again and again yet you don’t really care to look into yourself !

    And yeah you are spreading your word where you can easily brain wash innocent people , we can see that in places like Africa , using the name of Islam for yourselves to deceive such innocent people.Do you know that you are like assistants of Christians ? Your missionaries target the same locations as the Christians do !

    Have some pity on yourself and go ask yourself why your prophetic books have not been translated into English ! Maybe you are too much brain washed to think about such stuff ! You have to realize that your leader doesn’t really want you to read and research on your own cult ! Don’t be a slave of your own cult ! Go and have a thorough research first and then talk about your *true Islam* and stop giving some forced Chanda to your family owned business!

    May Allah Guide You To What Was Stolen From You Hundred Years Ago !

    • “why your prophetic books have not been translated into English” Sorry, what books are you on about? We have translated the Qu’ran into 120 languages or so… but of course that is not what you are interested about. Are you maybe talking about some urdu books, most probably produced and printed in Pakistan, where you can get anything done for 100 rupees???

      Funny thing is one of the most corrupt countries in this world was the first to ban Ahmadis…. ust shows you how credible this ban was. In the world stage Pakistan is a non-country.. and failed state… do what you want… Pakistan is destroying itself.

  5. Yes, our missionaries target africa, and other such places. But we are based in western coutries too.
    So is it us that are rong for spreading the message in those countries? or are the people who dont spread the message there, not doing their jobs fully?

  6. Also, if you knew half the costs that go into the mosques ive seen built, and the jalsa’s i also take part in, you’d think again before trying to say “Masroor is focused on the MONEY…”
    Your opinions about your beliefs, and why you believe Ahmadi’s believe the wrong thing, with reason and logic, i respect.
    But calling Ahmadiyyat a business, and suggesting our leaders are money hungry, when you don’t even know half the story, is ignorant and offensive and clearly out of frustration.

  7. “Do you know that you are like assistants of Christians ? ”

    Right, us Ahmadis are not waiting for Jesus to return… I wonder who is the Christian bootlicker.

  8. Mohsin

    Perhaps you don’t even know about your own Prophetic books ? Its not about where those books are published and where they are sold and for how much ! Can’t you be a bit more mature ? The ahmadiyya * power base * today is in the west ! Do you know that some or may be
    whole of your books were once translated into English i-e way before 1974 ? Your so called leaders of the * true islam * had to suppress all those pamphlets so that people in the west ( where Ahmadiyya basically is rooted today! ) could keep away from their own books because obviously they didn’t want the insaneness of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be exposed to the westerners ! Tell me how many people in the west or in the east actually read those books ? For the west its not really possible because majority of those innocent people can’t read or write urdu ! Secondly those books are so boring that none would actually love to pick them up and read as a * novel * ! Now with their MTA they are making people like you highly brain washed because whatever they say is what you believe in without even having a decent research on ! I would suggest you check out the blog entry * lost books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad * ! Go get the facts first before you jump around here with your conclusions !

    And please grow up , don’t bring up your translations of the Quran , thats nothing extra ordinary ! Muslims have translated the Quran way before your jammat came into existence ! So please stop counting the same excuses on your finger tips ! As a matter of fact do you know that your jammat has changed the Quran and the Hadith , more like saying * played with it to suite their own standards ! * there is ample proof of that as well my friend ! As a muslim i humbly believe that your small family owned business has nothing to do with islam ! Your MGA brang height of irrespect to islam and that is all present in his own books if only you have the courage to read out the references yourself!

    And was i talking about the return of Jesus PBUH when i talked about christians ? What exactly is your obsession with Isa (AS) ? The point that i was making my friend is that the main target of christians are muslims ! And i honestly have to agree the christian argumentation is a lot better than your lame excuses and hatred towards islam ! Wherever the christians are attacking the muslims ; you their humble bootlickers are doing the same ! Your missionaries are using the name of Islam in places like africa where people lack food , shelter and water! They are an easy target for fitnas against islam like yours ! Go read the forum entry by br fuad under the thread * i condemn those attacks in lahore * and see for yourself what did your jammat actually made up to deceive innocent people ! Moreover read out more of the blog entries and prove your truthfulness if you can ! Running around here with your emotions and assumptions won’t do you any good ! Have some fear of Allah SWT because nobody lives forever !

  9. About your comment on Pakistan , few days ago an ahmadi talked about destruction of Lahore after the attacks . So basically everyone can imagine the hatred of these so called * love for everyone * ! You just love it when innocent people die right ? Ofcourse you do ! Thats what your murabis teach you ! Thats what Mirza Tahir * the man of God * talked about !

    May Allah SWT save muslims from this fitna !
    Amin !

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