Ahmadis Condemn Terrorism on Fox News

bismillah, alhumdu lillah wa Salaatu wa salaam ‘ala Rasool Allah

Recently, Fox News had an interview with Naseem Mahdi, Vice President of the Ahmadiyya community in the US, on his stance of terrorism. I want to personally praise Mr. Mahdi for his public condemnation of terrorism. This is one of the issues that Muslims and Ahmadis can unite over. The recent failed Time Square attack is yet another reminder that there are individuals who take irresponsible, unproductive and haraam actions in response to injustices in the Muslim world. I acknowledge that there are wrongs in the Muslim world, but murdering innocent people is never the answer.  These people not only destroy the lives of their victims, they harm their cause and soil the name of Islam.

Having said that, there are a big problems with this interview.

Ahmadis “Broke the Silence”?

Condemnation of terrorism is not some new phenomena that only the Ahmadis have taken part in. Condemnation of terrorism is so ubiquitous in the American-Muslim community that its a wonder people could say Muslims “don’t do enough”. Frankly, I do not know what more we can do. I cannot attend a conference, program, lecture, talk, or halaqa without someone speaking out against terrorism. All mainstream Islamic organizations have condemned terrorism. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list:

Condemnation is not just domestic, its international. Whether or not you agree with Shaykh Muhammad ibn Sālih al-‘Uthaymīn or Shaykh Bin Bāz, whose views are commonly labeled as “Wahabi”, they condemned Palestinian suicide bombings before it was even popular to do so. With all of that, its a wonder that Fox News could say that Mr. Mahdi has “broken the silence”, as if he is the first to ever do that.

CAIR is Not “Brave Enough”?

Perhaps the most frustrating part of the interview was the section on CAIR, which is the umbrella and advocacy organization of all Islamic organizations in the US. This organization literally runs an Anti-Terrorism Campaign that has been active for almost a decade. It has issued numerous Fatāwa against terrorism. Recently, prominent Muslim-American personalities including Jamal BadawiIhsan BagdyAltaf Husain, and Mohamed Magid released video messages condemning terrorism.

For Ahmadis, keep in mind that this is an organization that represents anyone who self-identifies himself as a Muslim. This mean that even if you are an open Ahmadi and you experience discrimination over your beard or hijab, their lawyers will help you.

To say that CAIR is not “brave enough” because they do not want to “offend the terrorists” is a cheap shot. It not only dismisses its years of efforts, it is extremely disrespectful and not from the character of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, who recognized the positives even in those whom he disagreed with. [See: Sulh al-Fudhūl] I see this as nothing more than an attempt by the Ahmadis to undermine the mainstream Muslim organizations in the US.

Who Represents the Muslims?

In 2008, MuslimMatters released an article on who represents Islam, commenting on the fact that news organizations rarely bring in mainstream Muslims. The few times that they do, the interviews are combative and argumentative. Instead, the media darlings are the likes of Irshad Manji, Tarek Fatah and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who most certainly do not represent mainstream Muslims. They always condemn the clearly-not-silent Muslim masses for being silent about extremism. We can add to that list a representative of the Ahmadi community who did exactly the same thing.

I want to close by once against genuinely praising Mr. Mahdi for his statements. While his statements about CAIR were reprehensible, but I think we can all agree on the general content of his message. Besides…when your average non-Muslim American sees this, they will associate that positive message with Islam, not Ahmadiyya. So, we win. 🙂

wa sallahu ‘ala saydina Muhammad wa ‘ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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80 thoughts on “Ahmadis Condemn Terrorism on Fox News

  1. Thing is right now along with westren media ahmadis also do generalization and try to portray all muslims are hate fill mullahs who want to kill non muslims.

    condemnation of terrorism has been done by muslim all around the world but we know focus is always on the bad small quantity.

    so all ahmadis try to do is show that all non ahmadis are bad and terrorist and they are nice. (which is not a Reality)

    IF muslim being terrorist was the reality then there wouldn’t have been a city like Rabwah in Pakistan. its like an easiest target but its still there, which clearly shows that muslims are not the terrorist and this campaing by media and Ahmadis is based upon nothing but a falsehood

    • this not a correct statment! Ahmadi Muslims were forced to change the name of the city which was established by the Ahmadiyya community! also there have been treats that bombs whould be planted in their Mosques, also many years ago a grenade was thrown into a Mosque killing some Ahmadi’s and hurting others so Rabwah is not safe at all!

      Kahlid bin Walid

  2. I see your point, I agree with your point, it is something both sides agree with HOWEVER I have no respect what so ever for a media ploy as they, at no point, make similar statements regarding the suffering of Muslims in Palestine. Yes I know this isn’t specifically about Palestine (and with what happen in New York and the attention it has got it is important to reemphasise the condemnation of terrorism) and I agree we should always condemn any form of terrorism (which includes Palestine) but this same organisation thinks Muslims deserve the treatment they get when they suffer the worst form of tyranny in what I can only describe as a prison, this too is terrorism yet they do not speak out against it unless uncle America condemns something Israeli related first and then and only then will they jump on the bandwagon. Maybe I am just pessimistic when it comes to Ahmadiyya relations with the media, I don’t know, but I respect the Christians I marched alongside in protests against Israel much more than any speech about condemning terrorism by an Ahmadi, it reeks of hypocrisy.

    • have ever been to Palestine! there is no doubt that our palestinians brothers and sisters are being mistreated and many have been martyred but I have been there many times and I am going again soon inshallah, and I can tell you there are many, many, young and old Palestinians who are fed up the Imam inciting hate and calling for the killing of the Jewish people.

      so please get your facts right first.

      Kahlid bin Walid ( oh by the alhamdulillah I have Arab blood in me )

      • O really!

        So you have been to Palestine…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I wonder why? to spy on them, on behalf of your paying masters……………????????? or to visit your cult headquarters and spying center???????? or is it just another lie?

        I know anyone with a sincere heart how they feel when they see the conditions over there and most certainly none of them blames the Imams. You do this because this is what Ahmadiyyat teaches you to hate these imams, because they are the ones who exposed your fraudulent cult.

        I know what your Ahmadi Mullahs say. They say that Palestinians are suffering because they did not believe in MGA ( the false prophet ). This is how they sympathise with their cause and God help us if these Ahmadi Mullahs have a chance they will give everything these Palestinians have to the other party and send them into exile.

        shame on your Ahmadi cult and its nonsensical Mullahs!

  3. haha, just now after Jummah they yet AGAIN condemned terrorism.

    its a good thing to do, but the fact that its *constant* is a bit on the annoying side.

    • Look at their niyyah. It can be inferred from the Mirzai books. Their niyyah is to malign Muslims through guilt by association, whilst advocating bootlicking as their preferred modus operandi towards anti-Muslim powers.

      • Just following the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw) you should try it some time, it might improve your Islam.

        Kahlid bin Walid

  4. Dear Brs & Sis.
    The Ahmadiyya Cult Leaders and Mullah’s have become very aggressive now as their fraudulent religion has been fully exposed.

    They are bent on revenge and hateful tactics. This is part and parcel of the package that they are working on to destroy future of Muslims in the West.

    You will see more new and new tactics come out from them. Be aware and protect yourself and your young ones from this evil mafia cult.

    • please: pray tell how our relgion which is ” Islam” fraudulent!!! and how have you exposed it.

      Kahlid bin Walid

      • Khalid

        Please read the books written by your grand Mullah MGA and ask a few basic questions to yourself honestly, and you will inshAllah see that Ahmadiyyat is not ISLAM period!

        The Murabbis of Ahmadiyya are hiding certain important facts from the cult members just so that they dont loose them and the money………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This is a family run business of MGA and nothing to do with ISLAM. Islam is pure religion and does not need any baggages such as Ahmadiyyat etc.

  5. If I am not mistaken this was the same guy who supported the illegal occupation of Iraq.

    So what credibility does he have now to talk about terrorism. He is not there to speak on behalf of Muslims but to speak against Muslims, because this is what Ahmadiyyat is all about, destroy Islam from within.

    For this evil cause he is using the media and public. This is a very cheap tactic. There is no other religious group out there who will go so low and play such dirty politics as is done by Ahmadi’s and their cult leaders.

    • Firstly try reading some of the articles written by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat on this subject, I was our Jamaat which also condemned the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq.

      We are not a cult we are ISLAM!!!!
      Kahlid bin Walid

      • No, you are not Islam, you are a cult. All of your co-cultees these days are given to writing “IslamAhmadiyyat”, which models exactly what you are, a parasitical entity on the body of Islam.

      • Oh really!

        Please dont tell me this nonsense, for I know what your jamaat says and does. A good example is like the teeths of an elephant one to show and the other to eat.

        How come your Mullah Mr. Naseem Mehdi supports it and even now the jamaat Mullahs and leaders are secretly (in reality) supporting it?

  6. Fox News = Utter republican white trash propaganda Rubbish. Just shows how ‘credible’ Ahmadis are to appear on such a disrespected, untrusted, biased and non credible News Station….lol

    • Hey! I’m a Conservative..well, except for the wars and excessive gov’t spending!!

      Right, you are correct. Ultimately, Fox News is a for-profit company, so their objective is to show what’s interesting or sensationalize it. Much of it is objectively false. Its less interesting to have Br. Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR come, who represents the vast majority of the Muslims, both Shi’a and Sunni (and probably even Ahmadis). Instead, they want to bring in an Ahmadi spokesman.

      But, I deeply find it troubling that he would say such things about CAIR. If Ahmadis knew CAIR, I guarantee you they would love it.

      • I’m conservative also, but i cannot support brainwashed christian fanatical monkeys like the republics at all!

      • You haven’t got used to Ahmadi mentality yet. They are brainwashed. You have to undo the brainwashing before they allow themselves to be open. At first, some seem sincere and decent, but then they turn evil, even the ones you think are decent. They’re not all like this, but many of them are. That’s what a cult does to people. When you understand this, and when you understand that many of them don’t even realise they’re in a cult, and are therefore blind to the cage on their reason, then you will know the real problem.

        Ahmadis don’t leave Ahmadiyya because even if you prove Ahmadiyya false, which we have done over and over until we’re blue in the face, even their leaders accepted they are not like Muslims, even the followers here inherently hate Muslims – they will not leave because they have nowhere else to go. They’ve been taught to fear and hate ordinary Muslims so much (terrorists! mullahs!) that many would rather become silently atheist. Others are simply too terrified to leave. Fear is the main motivator for people to stay in a cult, even if they aren’t totally brainwashed.

        Those who think independently and leave, they are treated as exceptions and as renegades, even if they were previously regarded as having exemplary character. That is also how a cult works.

        Remember this – just do your job – your job is to deliver the message. You will be rewarded for that. You cannot make them see the light. You cannot. It is not under your control. It is not even in the control of the Ahmadis, except those who genuinely, openly seek hidaayah. Then, and only then, if Allah wills, He in His Infinite Rahmah, might grant it.

        • sigh…go in any club in dubai an it’s packed with arabs drunk hitting on girls, or go on the streets of Morocco and seeing Muslims walking on the streets so drunk, or just watch Eurovision of half naked Turkish girls dancing…yes…we’re all just evil terrorists with fanatical mullahs!

          • Ah Ali you sound like a man of experience!!! now go to Rabwah, Qadian, and see if you can see the same thing, No you wil find living Islam.

            I have been to all places mentioned and would agree, but you can still find Mullahs and the others

            Kahlid bin Walid

        • Well lets see ” you sound like you are brain washed, I have yet to come across any non Ahmadi both scholars and people like you who have refuted the Islamic view of Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jamaat. That is why I became a true Muslim and found True Islam, because I became blue faced because nobody could answer the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat and indeed it was Almighty Allah (swt) who brought me to truth and true Islam. Alhamdulillah

          Kahlid Bin Walid

          • sigh, you have completely missed my point. and i do know a lot of ahmadis…and belive me both of our ideas of ‘true’ islam is completely different. Not to bash Christians, but ahmaids have the exact same mentality ‘anything goes’. The Ahmadis that i know are completely relaxed when it comes to Islamic law, and the problem is, think it’s 100% OK. I have never been to Qadian, but i really doubt your ‘claims’. Ahmadis drink, eat non halaal meat, party etc and think it’s perfectly OK…once you think MGA is a prophet nothing is wrong..I’ve heard that ‘Islam in your heart’ excuse so many times from Ahmadiyya. It’s utterly pathetic.
            Your claim saying ‘i’m an experienced man’ is utterly disgusting…you completely ignore my point. My point is, Muslims are NOT a 1 dimensional facade your idiotic cult leaders make us out to be…not all our ‘mullahs’ are fanatical brain washers, not all Muslims are religious, not all Muslims are fanatics. This is just a utterly pathetic cheap shot to make you all cower in fear from noticing how we really are. To think all of us Muslims just follow whatever our ‘mullahs’ say it very ignorant. All of us at some point or another come up to our own conclusions on some things….it’s very hypocritical of Ahmadis criticizing Muslims, saying we do whatever our mullahs tell us to say. But what about you? You just follow whatever nonsense your leader says, no questions asked.

          • Khalid,

            How can one have a logical discussion with the Ahmadiyya cult leaders and their so caled Murabbis?

            Every time you discuss with them they keep changing their position and start dancing around the subject. For example, one day MGA is a prophet, the other day he becomes a mahdi, while some other day he is jesus a.s (nauzobillah) and on another day he could be something else………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            We have proved by Holy Quran and Hadith that Ahmadiyya is not Islam and MGA was a liar.

            In response your Ahmadi Mullahs twist the meanings of Holy Quran and change the meaning of Hadith to suit their own fancy theories.

            Then when they know that they are losing they start cursing and threatening in a vulgar manner.

            Is this the kind of people you follow and want us to debate with?

    • If you say so, you know what they say ” dont believe every thing you read” and that would include your ” Radical Statement)

      Kahlid bin Walid

  7. Shahid, look at your own Niyyah. You rabble rousers don’t know anything about the propaganda at play towards the Muslims in the US. Your hatred for the founder of AMC and towards some of its members is due PARTLY to your personal gripes with the organization. But what the Ahmadiyya Muslim leadership in the US did was to at least be heard unequivocally denouncing terrorism on a rightwing news network whose audience mainly comprise of Christian right wing conservatives who are misinformed and are ignorant and fear towards Islam. THAT is not bootlicking to “anti-Muslim powers” as you put it nor is it supporting US or for that matter UK policies around the world. Mr Mehdi said that we can disagree about certain issues but that does not mean that we should resort to violence? Now I hope that organizations like CAIR and others Muslim orgs in the US contact the mainstream news media and make their voices also heard. As for your claim that the AMC is trying to malign other Muslim organizations, that is just a reflection of your bigotry and nothing more. There are lots of material on both the Lahori Ahmadi Muslim and Ahmadi Muslim websites that defend Islam.

    • Vega many times muslims has condemned terrorist so its nothing new or not something which ahmadis do

      its just that ahmadis have joined in propaganda by western media against muslims where they just try to show that all muslims are terrorist

      • Zia can you read!!!! if please then read. We are not against all Muslims, but It was the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat that spoke out first when 9/11 happened when every other Imam kept quite, when 7/7 in UK happened again it was Hadrat Khalifatul Mashih V who condemned those terrorist acts while all the Muslm council’s kept quite.

        Kahlid Bin Walid

        • Masroor must have put down the donut and wine and asked someone to type something up really nice while he read his morning paper and had a smoke and a pancake..


        • Khalid,

          Please dont mislead people.

          Your jamaat only spoke out against 9/11 because you thought that some muslim group did it.

          Your jamaat thought it is a good opportunity to exploit the sentiments of the people when the iron is hot and make hay while the sun is shining.

          This is how the Ahmadi cult tries to seek sympathy from the West by showing your false crocodile tears.

          You know or ought to know that many muslims died in 9/11 and you are saying that we were not concerned or did not condemn it. Shame!

          where do you get your facts from obviously your cult is not helping you to learn the truth, leave alone the truth about 9/11.

    • Br. Shahid,

      What you have stated, word for word is the truth. May Allah s.w.t reward you for speaking up against falsehood and hypocricy of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

      Naseem Mahdi is the notorious person who was behind corruption, brainwashing, misleading and donating money to some politicians in Canada, for the purpose of advancing the evil agenda of Ahmadiyyat.

      He was eventually removed by the jamaat and now is sent to US to advance their missionary activities over there.

      Basically his appearance on Fox tv should not come as a surprize.

      In fact both secretly and openly this organization spreads hatred and poisons the environment, wherever they are. It is the same reason which we have stated many times over and over again, that this jamaat has the muslims as the number one target on its list. There are others on the list too, but muslims are on top.
      Why? because they have been proven wrong and been defeated many many times in an educated manner.

      It may be quite likely be that there are some innocent Ahmadi’s trapped in the cult and donot know this, but Nasim Mahdi is no innocent, and he is one of their most cunning Mullah’s who is hell bent upon causing damage to mainstream muslims intentionally.

      His appearance on TV shows that he has now become so aggressive and desperate now that he is no longer hidden and now he is openly targetting muslims and their mainstream organizations in public. They were hoping for something big to happen against muslims after this incident and when this did not happen he is out to cause trouble.

      In other words he is trying to cause trouble using the recent incident and ignite the passions of the Conservative Christians so that can do the damage to the largely peaceful muslim community who have nothing to do with terrorism and in this way you will see two major groups going against one another while the Ahmadiyya cult enjoys and benefits from this situation.

      I urge all muslims and non-muslims to be aware of the tactics of the Ahmadiyya cult. Please dont let them lead you astray. The cult is just trying to portray their false sympathies to you both to advance their evil agenda.

      Please, please and please be aware of this and donot let them manipulate you.

  8. I think its good that the cat is out of the bag , the more they are in media the better it is .Our Muslim scholars should pay attention to this Fitna on a serious manner.

    I think Mr. Mahdi is after the leadership of jamat or next Kahilfa role …

    • I agree – though if they want the attention of the West, the love of the West, because of their hatred of Muslims, they will get it. Not a problem to Muslims though. They just more clearly join the ranks of Quilliam, Taj Hargey, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali et al.

      • You remind me of the Sanhedrin council who put Isa (AS) on trial. TheCult.info is that council today with you at its head. You can’t debate theologically so you resort to deceptive Rhetoric and accusations about Ahmadi MUSLIMs. You think that you are racking brownie points for yourself by name calling and patting one another on the backs to see who can be the vilest. Did the Prophet do that even to his enemies? No. Just like those of the Sanhedrin who thought that they had the God given right to condemn a man of God, thats what you and people like you are doing today. God is not dead for us. He lives and communicates with us. If he is dead to you then that is for you and people like you to deal with. There is good and bad in all people. Ahmadi MUSLIMS are just like anyother people who have good and bad points. Some have had bad experiences living in Pakistan having to endure discrimination. To you it may be just an urban myth . But to label one group of MUSLIMS as non MUSLIMS and then say that they hate all MUSLIMS just shows your level of intelligence. I also belong to a Moderate Muslim group inthe US but I guess according to you, I must deep down hate all MUSLIMS and be secretly in love with the West and its ideology.

        Tell me Shahid do you have a love of the West? If not then go and join those whom you love. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

        • According to ur on Jammat u ppl lable non ahmadis to be Kafir and non muslim

          so please cut the double standards

        • @ vega…

          We have proven that the ahmadi sentiment towards muslims from at least 1914 to the 1930’s was very aggressive. We have proved this from the books of the mirza brothers. In the 1930’s Mahmud ahmad began to scale back on his aggressive attitude towards muslims just because of the situation with the Ahrars.

          We have further proven that ahmadiyyat is nothing more than a family business. They change beliefs as the circumstances change, see prophethood, the status of the rejectors of MGA, the intrepretation of the ismuhu ahmad verse, jihad, etc etc etc…

          Everything is proven, I fail to understand what your gripe is?

          Masroor’s khliafat is nothing more than the Khilafat of Yazid. Allah didnt choose Yazid, the same way Allah didnt chose your khalifas.


        • Vega,

          Honestly this ‘Sanhedrin council’ theory seems to apply more to the behaviour of your MGA and his Ahmadiyya cult leaders. This is what they have done, by trying to distort and supress the real teachings of ISLAM, by trying to hijack it, and then tried to crucify the followers by labelling them all as …………extremists, fanatics, etc.

          Whatever maybe the case never forget it was MGA who started all this and we are only responding to defend ourselves and our pure religion from being corrupted by MGA and his family run business / cult.

  9. Ps watch:



    27 November 2004
    Ahmadi Family Expelled From Jamaat

    According to an article published on Ahmedi.org, several members of a famous and very sincere Ahmadi family have been expelled from the Jamaat. The announcement was made and circulated to all the Jamaats in Canada on 12 November 2004. About 10 or 13 members of this family were expelled from the Jamaat, among them children some as young as toddlers. For reasons unknown Mirza Manzoor Ahmad was not amongst those who were expelled (probably he gives his chanda regularly).

    Mirza Manzoor Ahmad lives in Edmonton, Canada and belongs to a very devoted Ahmadi family. His elder brother Mirza Maqsood Ahmad had been the Ameer of Peshawar Jamaat and another brother was Ameer of Nawshera Jamaat.

    The reason for expulsion: Grand daughter of Mirza Manzoor Ahmad left the Jamaat and got married to a Muslim youth. The marriage function was boycotted by the whole family (presumably due to the pressure from Jamaat) In July this girl celebrated her marriage in Calgary, which was attended by her family as well as the family of her husband. As is the custom, girls sang marriage songs and danced in this gathering. Among those who danced were the sister of the bride, who also happens to be the daughter in law of Commander Aslam, secretary of notorious Nasim Mahdi, the Ameer of Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada. Several attendees of this gathering were expelled but neither Mirza Manzoor Ahmad nor the daughter in law of Commander Aslam were among them.

    Questions that were raised by Ahmedi.org are genuine and are reproduced here for readers:

    Why were all the attendees not expelled by the Jamaat?

    When Ahmadis insist that they are Muslims, then why should some followers of their Jamaat be punished for inter-marrying and inter-mixing with non-Ahmadi Muslims?

    Is this not the height of hatred that they hate someone simply because they do not believe in Mirza Ghulam, even though they believe in Allah, His Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAAW and Quran?

    Is Ahmadiyya Cult not engaged in spreading hatred by such attitude? Is this Jamaat not suppressing the basic human rights and stifling the emotions of their followers?

    This is the Jamaat whose slogan is ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’, how hollow it sounds!!!

  10. What a joke Ahmadiyyat has become!!!

    Do they have any morals and any standards of living.

    I blame the Murrabis and cult leaders for this faisco.

    They want to move up by putting others down. What do you thing of people like that?

    Their Murrabis are so crooked that this is what they write and give to Masroor and Masroor repeats the same:
    (1) That Muslims are suicide bombers and extremists (which is a total lie, may be a very tiny fraction have done that, but each case you have to analyse separately cannot paint everyone with same brush)
    (2) The West is indulging in wars (they are on the wrong path)
    (3) Now it is only the duty of Ahmadi’s to correct everybody (As if there is no one else in the World who believes in stopping this bloodshed)
    See this is how Ahmadi’s are being brainwashed by their cult.
    On a personal level when you interact with the cult leaders and mullahs it is quite evident that what they say is far from the truth. They actually want this conflict and wars to go on so that they can capitalize on this situation.
    On the religious subject this is what they Mullahs or Murabbis say:
    (1) Jews sufferred holocaust because they did not believe in Jesus (peace be upon him)
    (2) Muslims are suffering because they did not believe in the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ( the false Prophet ). Please note Muslims believe in all prophets of GOD Almighty including JESUS (peace be upon him) except Mirza Ghulam the false claimant who has been proven to be a liar and fraud.
    (3) Any natural disasters and calamities that come on muslims or their nations are declared shamelessly by Ahmadi Mullah’s that these are the result of not believing in MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD.

    Please, anyone with some common sense out there would you believe in this Ahmadiyya cult that spreads such rubbish. If you are an Ahmadi, would you not like to open your eyes and see how this cult has brainwashed you for money and misleads you away from the real Islam. Please ponder.

  11. Khalid

    You Quoted ::

    **because nobody could answer the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat and indeed it was Almighty Allah (swt) who brought me to truth and true Islam. Alhamdulillah**

    Now thats something we dont hear everyday 😀 Ahmadis have always been on the run my friend ! Your level of mentality tells that you have been quite heavily brain washed by your murrabis in your family owned business!

    Just do me a very simple favor bro , write to your * divine * leader to have a debate with any of our great scholars and when you get your response i would like you to post it over here. : ) .

  12. i think this debate is endless and My suggestion is that All Muslim think about the Allah and his mankind because First of All we are human being.
    Seconldy what Faisal shahzad did.it is not good for Muslims and pakistan We (Muslims) are in deep trouble at the moment and this is not the solution of this problem.
    Sucide is forbiden in Islam and all of you people knows.

    if we want to beat our enemy we should work hard.Knowledge and wisdom is the only way to beat them.

    “if you think aggresively then your out come is always useless” so be quit and sit down for moment and think about the whole human being and muslim nation not for yourself.

    In global Arena Almost 80% of oil reserves in hand of muslims but all is useless because all of the country who has this resoruce down their heads in front of their financial god.

    We all talk about islam and many of us never practice it.

    Think about that.

    • T A

      First your Ahmadiyya jamaat multiplies what Shahzad did over a thousand times in the media, and then you say that this is not good for muslims and pakistan.

      You cant suck and blow at the same time. Decide first what you want to do.

      You also say that (we as muslims) are in deep trouble ……..
      I say to you that this is a test from Allah s.w.t. to see who is faithful and you know what this is nothing new, we have been tested in the past and it will happen in future. So you dont worry you and your jamaat just keep doing what you are doing (inspite of people telling you the truth and inviting you to the truth) and see inshAllah what GOD almighty does.

      • Islam is Religion of Tolarence and peace.

        i think we should learn tolarence first then the outcome of the first leasson is peace.

        your reply is full of revange.

        • TA

          We can have all the tolerance in the World but facts have to be set straight. AHMADIYYAT is not ISLAM. It is a cult that uses the name of ISLAM when needed and abuses MUSLIMS when needed. In ISLAM there is no place for characters like MGA.That my first hand experience so far.

          • TA

            Further, we have seen how much tolerant and peacful person MGA was and how much tolerance and peace he has brought to the World by dividing the Ummah of RasoolAllah (s.a.w.s) and creating a group that causes fitna and fasad, and calls itself Ahmadiyyat.

          • Firstly Islam is not like a land which you own by money and claim that it is mine and no one else share the land.
            it is complete life style and also the religion for All Human being (Rahamtulal Alla Meen).

            Secondly the i suggest to study the history and where you found the different islamic sects from hundrad of years.

            Idealogy may differ.

            ISLAM is religion of Peace and everyone who follow the islam should love the human being first.

            What Shahzad do is not justifiable by saying that he done due to revange.

            It is duty of Country or Elected leader to raise question or fight with other country if other going to interpet and imposse war on the peoples of his country.

            leaf has valueable if it is stich with the tree and if it is follown done it is nothing (useless).

  13. we shoudnt be fooled by the Qadiany propagander machines against islam and musllims this isnt anything new just look at their cult leadeship history and u will find what they have done to destroy the muslim unity.

  14. TA

    Please don’t take us away from the main subject.

    Ahamadiyyat is not ISLAM period! so please stop wasting your time and giving me all kinds of mixed up statements. I know enough about Ahmadiyyat practically.

    What Shahzad has done is with him only. The problem is how long will you keep mentioning about it. We have told you many times that most muslims are peaceful and loyal to their countries. Please stop blaming others who are living peacefully, law abiding and taking care of their families. If you still can’t resist then seek help from a psychiatrist.

    What’s actually happening is you are listening too much to your cults rhetoric, that is blaming Shahzad’s actions on other muslims. That’s how your cult brainwashes you to stay away from real Islam?

    Yes, we agree that there are many sects within ISLAM and they all are within its boundaries. Whereas, Ahmadiyyat has crossed its boundaries by following so called new prophets like MGA, and twisting the interpretations of holy Quran and Hadith to suit your own fancy theories.

  15. Isnt it strange that the fox news channel where Naseem Mahdi shows up, starts off by saying 9/11, fort hood……….. etc all in the name of Islam……!!!

    I wonder who gave them this misleading statement.

    Nobody who did these things told that they were doing all these things in the name of Islam. It is a complete fabrication. Must be the influence of Mr. Mahdi and his elite cult….!!! with their hypocritical statement of “love for all hate for none” which they never follow anyways.

    This is something to be noted.

  16. I’ve noticed this Ahmadi belief all natural disasters that happen to Muslims is becasue we refuse to belive in that liar MGA…
    this clearly makes no sense simply because Muslims are not the only ones that are affected by natural disasters. So why are Christians, Hindus and the rest killed by natural disasters? Because they refuse to believe in MGA?
    AND by a side note..most likley 99.9% of Muslims don’t even know who is MGA…now why would they be punished in some man they don’t even knew existed? It may be amazing to Ahmadis, but there ARE Muslims outside the South Asian Punjabi world! Even South Asians don’t even know what Ahmadiyya is! None of my Muslim friends, religious and secular, have zero idea what it is….lol

    • Correction! We do not distribute sweets when natural disasters occur or anyone is afflicted with disaster.

      We are always shaken with the awe of Allah when these events occur, we seek His forgiveness and repent for our sins and weaknesses.

      We also get our teams ready and deliver much needed medical and humanitarian aid regardless of race, religion or creed i.e. to HUMANITY. We make special financial and other sacrifices to help humanity. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

      You will have to either admit that disasters are just coincidences, which put you in the group of those who have no belief in Allah, or you would have to admit that these disasters occur as a sign and warning for MANKIND(not Muslims only). The Quran is full of these warning as signs of the displeasure of Allah.

      About your 99.9% comment. These are pipe dreams my friend. You should tune into MTA and hear for urself how many people actually watch this channel worldwide. As you know we Ahmadi’s are very zealous in getting th message of Islam out, so if you imagine every Ahmadi man and woman (and child) delivering the message to an average 10 people every month. Your calculation end up in the recycle bin 🙂 Besides, this and other site that are up are an indication that folks know more than you think they do about Ahmadiyyat otherwise what are you worried about??

      • Mahmood,

        There are a lot of Muslims & non-Musllims organizations out there providing relief efforts. What your org. does is try to make a big deal out of it, offer money & asylum to the ignorant people so that they become Ahmadi’s (which is not true ISLAM) We have first hand experience how your so called Murabbis, slander those muslims who are suffering due to wars or other calamities as a punishment from GOD due to not beiliveing in MGA. What you are saying is quite different than the realtiy that we see……!!!

        • Further,

          When the pictures or video’s from the so called relief efforts by Ahmadiyya come back home then the members are shouting praises so that they can collect more Chanda…..!!!

      • oh my lord..what a load of utter rubbish. So if i go to say Egypt, and bring up MGA in a convo, what are the chances they know about him? How about in Kuala Lampur..Cape Town..Sarajevo…Kazan? There ARE other towns apart from Lahore, Mumbai, Islamabad and Punjab! MTA? I’ve watched about 10 mins of that boring channel…just your leader talking his normal rubbish and boring talk shows i’m sure nobody really is interested in. And once again, all brown faces. When i see a REAL muslim channel..i see black, arab, brown, indonesian, balkan faces!

  17. I have one major problems with all of the (Non-Ahmadi’s) Sunni and that is All of those Non-Ahmadi are so full of hate, that to this day they have been brainwashed to beleive only Muslims can get to heaven over on the other shore, basicall y if you are not a Muslim you cant get in, they have monoplized the Islam, and hijacked it using Mauduain philosophy, which preaches terrorism, and is backed by the Jamat Islamia. This philosophy which preaches that the Holy Porphet Mohammed (PBUH) would hold the Quran in one hand and a sword in the other.
    This is why the Muslims have been led astray, this Mauduain Philosophy is now inherent in all the Non-Ahmadi’s.

    It can also be said very clearly only Non-Ahmadi’s have been involved in 911, and all other terrorist acts commited in the world
    today by so called Muslims (Non-Ahmadi’s).

      • sorr I cant buy that, the orignal sounds much, much better.
        So the orignal message is not lost let me repeat it to you
        “Love For All, Hatred for none” , that one staement in a nutshell is much better.
        Have you taken any classes in USA did you know that Ahmadiyaa in the books is mentioned as the Modern Islam, and is very much accepted in USA.
        Doesn’t Allah work in mysterious ways?

        • This is nonsense. “Love for All, Hatred for None” is just a thought-stoppping slogan, empty of meaning, full of vacuousness, against Islam and not adhered to by Mirzologists, nor preached by Mirza Al-kazzab either. How deluded do you wish to remain?

        • naiemsa,

          So now are relying on the test of authenticity of “Ahmadiyyat” as so called “modern Islam” because it is mentioned in some books that were presumably accepted by someone in the USA?

          Please stop these childish arguments. Once again it is your Murabbis who have brought you to this condition. Totally brainwashed…………………!!!!!!!

    • naiemsa

      Nothing of what you said either makes sense or is even close to any truth.

      It seems you need to see a psychiatrist.

      • Of course it does not make sense, because the truth is only relative to what you want to beleive!

        • Naiemsa,

          I agree this is what we are trying to tell you all the time,
          that there is truth out there, but the ignorance of Ahmadi Murrabis and cult leaders has led you astray.

          Please come to the right path.

          By now you have been given enough proof in black and white as to how MGA falsely proclaimed prophethood and caused a division from ISLAM known as Ahmadiyyat.

          More than hundred years have passed since his death. You remain as small group and isolated from the rest of the Ummah. Please think about it. Muslims are not as it is being portrayed by the Ahmadi cult. We are responding to your cults actions on us and also with patience trying to bring you to the right path of ISLAM.

          This is the best we can do and leave the rest to ALLAH s.w.t. to give you guidance.

          Please dont shoot the messengers who are conveying the true message try to understanding it with patience and open mind.

          InshALLAH you will see that there is only one ISLAM which is the right and true path to salvation and success in the hereafter.

  18. Now I see the light, just like Prophet Jesus was rejected by the Jews, the Muslims are rejecting Hazrat Mirza Gluham Ahmad.
    History repeats it’s self again, and the blind are still blind.

    • Isa (as) was a Messenger of Allah. Rasulullah (saw) was the Seal of the Prophets. Mirza Qadiani was a lying impostor who bowed to colonialist rapaciousness and made subservience to imperial aggression a foundation of his new found cult. There are no similarities.

    • naiesma,

      Yes, we know that Jews did not believe in Jesus (pbuh).

      But you see that has nothing to do with Muslims not beilieving in MGA. I dont know why your Murabbis keep preaching and tying the two things together as if there is some relationship. This is wrong!

      There are a few important reasons. Firstly, all Muslims (Sunni, Shia, ….etc) believe that no more Prophets would come after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) except for second coming of Jesus (pbuh). The religion chain of Prophethood ends with Muhammad (pbuh). The deen is complete and Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet and messenger for all mankind.

      Regardless of whoever claims Prophethood after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) whether MGA, Bahaullah, Musailma, ……….etc. it is irrelevant to us because our faith is firm and very clear. We cannot accept this and we consider them to be imposters.

      At this stage I donot want to get into the life and character of those individuals who claimed false prophethood, as it will be very time consuming. But you can do an introspection of the Ahmadiyya religion and teachings of MGA with an open mind and InshAllah you will see that there is only one ISLAM, one GOD (ALLAH s.w.t) and one holy QURAN and no such thing as AHMADIYYAT in ISLAM that is founded by MGA. At best we can say it is a separate religion which contradicts very much with the true teachings of ISLAM.

      Ultimately to each his own.

      If that’s your choice then so be it. But if you want to pay heed to our good advise you have a choice too. If you care about the life in hereafter and donot want to risk it then you better educate yourself. I have noticed that a lot of Ahmadi’s have not done an independant study of their religion. They just rely on their Murabbis and it is sad that they have mislead you so much.

  19. the so called jamaat ahmadiyya has no copyright over the name ahmad or its derivatives such as ahmadi ahmadiat or ahmadiyya. this is a name of prophet moihammad which they have stolen and bestowed the same on mirza.
    the qadiani propaganda machine is working overtime to fool everyone. there is no official persecution of qadianis in pakistan. the laws relating to qadianis are only to control their identity theft and using islamic symbols.

    • So called Ahmadi or Qadiani cult leaders are working day and night to propagate their cult. But in reality they are only fooling themselves and on the day of judgement Allah s.w.t will take account of all their actions.

  20. Ali:
    “oh my bad…in ur little fanatsy world Ahmadiyya is 200 milion right? lol”

    Ali, have you done your research? your just stating things tht seem funny to you, without logic or reason.

    And when Ahmadi’s do charity work, you can’t just see it as a good thing. It can only be in order to convert people? lol. who told you?
    And if our members who give their time for Humanity First come back and collect chanda to carry on this cause, is this really something to laugh about?
    Think about it….you’re laughing at a good cause….forget the fact that its Ahamdi’s doing it…..you’re laughing at people helping others, and then collecting chanda to carry on helping others. Please explain…..with logic and reason and proof to back up claims, please.

    • Let me give you some starting point. The Christians are about 2.8 billions – and 80% of them are concentrated in less than 20% of the countries. Same is the case with Muslims. Hindus are 800 million and more than 90% is concentrated in just one country.

      Now think of the top countries where the majority of 160 or 200 millions of Ahmadis is concentrated. And give the top country with your wild guess as to how many Ahmadis could be there out of the 200 million. I will then give you concrete evidence to prove your number.

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