100 Red Buses

I was amused to see the Mirzologists resort to advertising to push their support for illegal, imperialist wars in the run-in to the general election. It’s probably no accident that just a week after the transparently straw-man outfit “Islam4UK” got banned for talking about wanting to demonstrate against a war of occupation, that Shahid Malik MP, a man who would sooner pronounce an oath of fealty to Gordon Brown than the shahadah, should be backing a campaign by the Ahmadiyya that would make even “Muslims for Secular Democracy” blush.

Indeed, Shahid Malik, with whom it embarrasses me to share my first name, said

“[the community]…can be proud of their commitment in championing the themes of ‘loyalty, freedom, equality, respect’ and ‘peace’ – themes which help build stronger, more cohesive communities.”

If Shahid Malik thinks that the Mirzologists want anything to do with the Muslim community, he’s utterly misguided. As a trivial example, I’ll mention that an Ahmadi recently walked unquestioned into the mosque and questioned me openly( and was treated with courtesy) at Tooting Islamic Centre, where I gave a talk recently, but that any Muslim trying to get into Baitul Futuh, their centre in Morden, will get questioned remorselessly by their security guards and evicted if he wants to have a discussion armed with any of the facts about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, their founder who was fond of calling his opponents “bastards” and “progeny of harlots”. Not the kind of thing that was ever conducive to good community relations, I think you’ll agree. In fact, a friend of mine who was Ahmadi visited the Baitul-Futuh, his own place of worship at the time, and he was questioned rudely. He walked out and walked into Islam. Alhamdulillah!

As a less trivial example, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya, cast out the whole of the Ummah from Islam, declaring them hellbound and satanic, whilst stealing the labels of Islam for himself and his cronies. Again, hardly conducive to good community relations. Malik is going to find it very hard to get support from his Muslim constituents in future. (Good luck with the handful of Ahmadi votes, Shahid. I hope it was worth it!)

And so it appears that the widely discredited Quilliam Foundation is gradually being eased out of the current administration’s affections as the “House Paki” du jour by the Ahmadiyya. Except that the Government has misjudged again. The Ahmadiyya does not represent Muslims at all. The Ahmadiyya is no more than 2M worldwide as opposed to the Muslims, who number in excess of 1.5 billion, growing faster than any other religion today. The Mirzology membership figures go up and down an order of magnitude from one week to the next without explanation. Their true membership in the UK is no more than 40,000, a figure which hasn’t changed significantly since the 1980s, casting doubt onto their claim that they are the most “dynamic” denomination, and it’s a figure that pales into insignificance next to the 1.6M+ Muslims of the UK. Mirzologists are useful to the government only as lapdogs, a pattern that the Ahmadiyya has followed since their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed to be Jesus’ second coming. Indeed, Masroor said in their bus pass message yesterday:

“A true Muslim can never raise his voice in hatred against his fellow citizens, nor for that matter against the ruling authority or government of the time…he should remain loyal and fully abide by the laws of the land of which he is a subject.”

Other than the fact that a Muslim cannot be a Muslim if (s)he believes in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, this is just waffle without meaning. Mirzologists regularly raise their voices in hatred against Muslims. Of course that won’t bother Shahid Malik and it certainly won’t bother the Labour Government, because that’s what they have been trying to achieve themselves for the last few years, starting with Jack Straw’s comments on the niqab. And speaking truth to power is Islamic. Although the Mirzologists are happy to show ample disrespect towards Pakistan, they are the perfect “House Paki” for toeing the party line on the misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and every other Muslim country we invade and destroy.

Any time there is a non-incident, like Islam4UK talking about a legal march that everybody knew wouldn’t happen, the Mirzologists are first to jump on the “that’s not Islam” bandwagon, but whenever Muslims are murdered around the world, the Mirzologists are silent. Silent that is except on various forums and in their houses, where they express utter delight that the Muslims are getting what was coming to them.

Meanwhile, Brits of all persuasions, Muslim or not, brown or not, are united against oppression, and voice their opinions loudly. The Mirzologists are mute. Why? Because their vision of loyalty is not loyalty to an ideal of democracy or freedom of speech, but loyalty to power.

Muslims speak truth to power by direct command of the prophet who said:

“The best jihad is to speak the truth in the face of a tyrant.”

This is what Muslims do. This is what the best of the British do. This isn’t what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad taught and so it isn’t part of the Ahmadiyya ethos. I’ve never known of Ahmadis being encouraged to engage in a peaceful protest about war, whether it be the famous march against the Iraq debacle, or the recent onslaught against the innocent civilian population of Gaza. Indeed, when I’ve asked a scholarly Ahmadi about this, he affirmed that Palestinian kids die because they didn’t accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Promised Christ. I kid you not.

Dissent against tyranny is the way Muslims roll.

It’s the way decent people in this country and in other countries roll. It’s lending your voice to the oppressed, which the prophets have done since time immemorial. The hucksters, like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, were busy bootlicking Queen Victoria while her forces raped India and bled her dry. But never mind that, eh? Let’s get a message out on some buses about what good “house pakis” we are!

Other than the sheer cringe factor in seeing a non-Muslim entity like the Mirzologists of the Ahmadiyya tout themselves as Muslims on a double decker, there is also the preponderance of thought-stopping slogans to contend with.

“Loyalty, Freedom & Peace”

Loyalty? Of course Muslims are loyal. I wrote about that in 2006 in a widely read piece. (Warning, those were the days I used very bad language in my writing. I stopped over a year ago, but if you can tolerate filthy language, it’s still a very good piece about the loyalty of Muslims, demonstrated empirically by the University of Lancaster. And no, I doubt they spoke to the Mirzologists.)

Freedom? Not for their members.

Peace? Not towards dissidents or people who leave the oppressive, repressive cult that doesn’t allow free speech to its members.

I’m reminded of Orwell:

Treachery is Loyalty
Oppression is Freedom
Tumult is Peace

Their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wasn’t a pleasant man. He was certainly treacherous towards Muslims. There is even some evidence that he was hypocritical in his stance about his British rulers.

He was certainly oppressive, conducting a vicious advertising campaign against a married woman, prophesying death for her family members and husband and eventual marriage to him, publishing “revelations” of seeing her naked, all of which only stopped when he got a taste of his own medicine. One wonders why his “god” stopped talking to him then.

And he certainly caused tumult, effectively destroying community relations between his cult members and Hindus and Christians, especially after a Hindu leader, Pandit Lekh Ram got mysteriously murdered after a Mirza prophecy and when Abdullah Atham, a Christian convert from Islam, went into hiding to avoid the likely outcome of another of Mirza’s death threats. Mirza was eventually given a gag order and forced to stop predicting the deaths of his opponents. His “god” had been prevented from revealing death for people. How interesting.

Our attention is then turned towards their hippy slogan of “Love for All, Hatred for None”. As has been proven over and over, their hatred shows no bounds. Their membership uses hateful language towards all Muslims. They gloated about the Pakistan earthquake, saying that no Mirzologist died, and that Pakistan and Kashmir had been punished for killing some Mirzologists a few days earlier. They said that the tsunami in Indonesia, which killed hundreds of thousands, was because that country rejected the second coming of Jesus Christ; you’ve guessed it, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the man the Mirzologists claim is Jesus.

Yet another messiah claimant to add to the long line of fruit cakes and impostors that Jesus and Muhammad (peace and prayers be on them both) warned us about.

I don’t really have a problem with the advert or its contents, other than the fact that the Ahmadiyya doesn’t speak for Islam, as according to universal Muslim consensus, Mirzology is a cult that lies outside Islam. What I have a problem with is the Ahmadiyya hypocrisy. They should lay bare their true teachings and practices, warts and all – show the world the repressive and hateful cult that they are. Or at least change their slogan to one that is truly reflective of their values:

Love for All (imperialists)

Hatred for None (bar Muslims and many of their own members)

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172 thoughts on “100 Red Buses

  1. peaclover,
    your claim that ahmdies are responsible for (insult Muslim feelings), i think you don’t read hadith and Holy Quran where it is mentioned that ummah will follow the footstep of Jews, this is not mentioned by Ahmdiyyah, Now will you blaim Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) for this?
    Holy Prophet told that before Last Hour, no one will left on true Islam, now what about this?
    Muslims were devided into sects befor Ahmadiyya, who is responsible?
    Muslims killing Muslims on the name of Jihad, who is responsible,
    Muslims like to give fatwa-e-kufar about other sects, who is responsible?
    what mullan doing with in Islam that is respect of Islam? that is not blasphemy,
    if Jamat Ahmadiyya give the message of peace that is blasphemy.
    how liar you are, are you blind? cant see the truth,
    are you coward cant face the truth?

    If you will close your eyes, the truth will not change?

  2. @thetruth (what a misnomer for a mirzai!)

    the mirzai cult is an enemy of islam and muslims. they hate muslims and conspire against them. they have zero credibility to quote from quran and hadith. muslims do not need bunch of traitors like mirzais to solve their problems. they are more than capable of forging ahaed. islam is more than 1400 years old; mirzaism is just 100. mirzais should mind their own business in the name of mirza kazzab and their god yalash. they have got no business poking their nose in islamic affairs.

  3. @peacelover,
    ‘i can tell it in your face that legal action would be there. i’m nobody to decide but as a muslim, who cares for the unity of the ummah, my vote is for legal action against anyone, including mirzais of all colors and hues, who desecrate islamic icons;’

    you cannot vote , if you are nobody to decide….

    why dont you come clear where this legal challenge will come from? ..if not the MCB, as brother Shahid mentioned was the umbrella group for Muslims. , then who? how long will you wait?

    where can i find this ‘ummah’. if i wanted to write to them , what is their address?

    • If you want to find the ummah, look to any Muslim. If you want misguidance, look at your writing and the writings of your founder. Please do continue writing like this; the likes of you show your hatred and mockery of the Islam of Rasulullah (saw) very openly and this makes you easy to identify. In so doing, you align yourselves with the enemies of Islam and you enjoy it.

      I can imagine your mockery being used towards Palestinian prisoners tortured in Israeli dungeons. They use the same kind of mocking filth.

  4. element

    your last post removed the benefit of the doubt of rudimentary intelligence in you. ethics of the web prevents a befitting rebuttal to your mockery of the muslim UMMAH. the veneer of your animosity against muslims, as taught by kazzab-e azam, ghulam-e victoria qadiani, stands fully exposed. shame upon you for lying that you were an ex mirzai. you are mirzai to the hilt.

    you better be left trembling in fear of the legal action that will come to mirzais sooner than later. be immensely grateful to the muslim UMMAH that they have been extremely lenient towards your transgressions.

  5. @shahid,

    my questions, albeit light-hearted, are fair.

    Sure… the ummah you are looking for, for unity , are in Muslims ….like peacelover? yourself? … Please.!

    As for my ‘mockery’??….it has hardly been anything but pointing out the sheer number of contradictions being offered my way.

    But i like your way of playing the Palestinian card….you really had to pull that one out of the bag! wow, … but understandable too…it is late in the day.

    • Your mockery is noticed by Allah (SWT). You share the same mocking tone with all of the enemies of Islam. Your rhetoric and gas fools nobody bar yourself. Wait. We too are waiting. Plan your bus campaigns with help from Yalash. You will soon realise that it is Allah (SWT) alone who is the best of planners.

  6. @ Peacelover (…?)

    ‘ you better be left trembling in fear of the legal action that will come to mirzais sooner than later. be immensely grateful to the muslim UMMAH that they have been extremely lenient towards your transgressions.’

    So now its back on?. good for you.

    peacelover, earlier brother Shahid advised me when seeking the ummah; ‘…..find it by looking at any Muslim’. is this the same ummah that has read what i have written and passed judgement on it? according to you…..they must have..

    you might to clarify if your ummah is a tangible entity or not.

    confused, but not in the least scared.

  7. yes, it is 1.5 billion shahid and peacelover that form the tangible UMMAH spread across muslim 57 countries. their unflinching unity is their faith in the beloved and blessed prophet as THE LAST. of course, the despicable disciples of mirza kazzab do not belong to that UMMAH. their masquerade if off and so is their ugly enmity for muslims.

  8. Shahid
    if you are all new on this earth then no problem but if you have any information about history of religions or prophets, then you should know that liar prophet always killed or dead with a punishment of Almighty Allah, after more then one century if you are thinking that Allah swt will know finish this Jamat, why?,
    if this was the will of Allah Almighty, why these successes are given to this jam’at?, why every khalifa get blessings of Allah swt in his life?, why all the enemy of jamat died and no body know them but jamat is there?, why almighty Allah doing this injustice with Muslim ummah, sending punishments for them, and blessings for Ahmadiyya Muslims,
    This is human nature that they reject prophets of Allah swt, so you are human beings, don’t think yourself gods, that you know unseen,
    When people rejected prophet Shu‘aib(as) , he replied

    [11:93] He said, ‘O my people, is my tribe mightier with you than Allah? And you have cast Him behind your backs as neglected. Surely, my Lord encompasses all that you do.

    [11:94] ‘And O my people, act as best you can, I too am acting. You will soon know on whom lights a punishment that will disgrace him, and who it is that is a liar. And wait; surely, I wait with you.’

    Here Holy Quran told a law for prophets, that time will decide who will get punishment of Allah swt, and who will get blessings of Almighty Allah. And past 120 years are witness that who get punishment and who get rewords from Allah swt, their was one man and now there are millions, each one is sending peace and blessings for Him(as), what kind of punishment is this if He(as) was a liar.

    But in last 120 years non Ahmdi Muslims get many punishments and disgrace in this period, Muslims killing Muslims, disasters came to Muslims countries,
    Mullan umar, Osama and sadam are the heroes of Muslims in these days, and there heroes have label of extremist and terrorist in the world and also responsible equally with America for creation of fitnah, and they are all agent of America, do you know your heroes and agent of America, how much hypocrite you are?

    But if you see Ahamdi Muslims have blessings of Almighty Allah and getting every day,

    is my tribe mightier with you than Allah?
    whom lights a punishment that will disgrace him?
    is my tribe mightier with you than Allah?
    whom lights a punishment that will disgrace him?
    is my tribe mightier with you than Allah?
    whom lights a punishment that will disgrace him?

      • there founder was killed and get death penalty punishment. this is a very good evidence for there lies,
        2nd, if you compare Ahamdiyya with Bhai in any way, there is no comparison,
        And founder of bhai claim to be the God as well,

        • the comparison is the similar message however, the relevant similarity is the progress. they’re growing which to you is a sign of truth. a final year jamia student, top of his class even admitted that there are many successful organizations around the world but the spread of ahmadiyyah is miraculous because it fulfills the prophecy, “i shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth.”

          btw, bahaullah lived more than 23 years after his first revelation but that was just according to wikipedia.

  9. @thetruth (what a misnomer for a mirzai!)

    shooting in all directions will not get you anywhere. insularity to history and cultures is not a gateway to truth. shed the cloak of mirzalogy (my dear brother shahid is credited with this term 🙂 ) and you’ll discover the beautiful world of islam. don’t take my word. read a good book of sira. still better, read ibn ishaq/ibn hishsham. get a grip on the blessed life of our beloved prophet, whom the quran calls rahmat-al lil aalameen. now read those pamphlets of mirza kazzab where he claims to be the sum manifestation of all the prophets. if an iota of discernment is left in you after decades of mirzai brainwashing you’ll dump the so-called “sultan-ul qalam” for islam. but if you are in a state akin to the quranic description, soommun, bukmun, umyun, then we can only pray to Allah for you as we do for ourselves for the enhancement of our iman.

    • peacelover
      don’t believe your self knowing unseen, Almighty Allah told in the Holy Book that He swt will not reveal unseen to any non prophets,
      If you have any verse or Hadith, that support you believes and reject Ahmadiyya believe, please provide it. Otherwise your opinions are nothing for any one. Alhamdu-lillah we have an imam mahdi(as), He(as) was told about unseen, because He (as) was a subordinate prophet,
      But you have your misguided Mullan,
      I ask you if Muslim ummah is on the right path then why imam mahdi is coming, answer is only imam mahdi can bring back true Islam not mullan, so he was prophesied 1400 years earlier,
      If Muslim ummah is on right path, then why Holy Prophet (saw) told that my ummah will follow the footsteps of Jews, if I take you meaning then (naozbillah) Holy Prophet(saw) told wrong, He (as) don’t know that Holy Quran is there, hadith is there and books of auliya-ullah are there, how Muslim ummah can misguided,
      He(saw) new that thousands of prophet came for Jews but they remain misguided, so these books can not guide some one until some one come for sky,
      Jews put their books on their back, same like Muslims doing,
      Have you ever find Holy Prophet abusing , but abusing is favorite hobby of Muslims in these days.

      • This is amongst the stupidest messages I’ve read in a while. As far as abuse is concerned, Mirza uttered abuse endlessly. His business was serving the British Empire of the day and abusing those who took exception to his wild claims and outrageous obeisance.

        • So ,brother Shahid,
          Prove all his claims are ‘wild’… you have your tasks cut out.

          How many muslim organisation /individuals are serving the Western Governments in recent past and now..? it is this world of muslims you are inviting Ahmadis to revert to, right?

      • good for you. you got someone from the sky. hold on that birdie before it slips under the earth. sayonara.

      • Didnt Allah reveal to the BEE?? Do I even have to quote that?

        What about maryam? What about the mother of Moses??

        Have you ever read anything on Islam??


          • Yes brother, the three comments in the chain above, including mine, yours and rationalists, are all addressed to the same post by “the(inversion of the)truth.”

        • [3:180] Allah would not leave the believers as you are, until He separated the wicked from the good. Nor would Allah reveal to you the unseen. But Allah chooses of His Messengers whom He pleases. Believe, therefore, in Allah and His Messengers. If you believe and be righteous, you shall have a great reward.

          • @thetruth (what an oxymoron!)

            do not quote from the quran. quote from the mirzai “revealed book”, tadhkirah.

  10. shahid

    it is all your fault 😉 you should have made rudimentary knowledge of islamic history, other religions, and the english language prerequisite for contributing to this blog. now with the free reign given we have mirzai morons like “thetruth” staring at us. i’ve lost all appetite. i bet you too feel miserable.

    • @peacelover, some of these people are beyond help. Spending a few decades in a lunatic asylum getting intensive psychiatric treatment might help them. A little. 🙂

  11. 1.
    For blog and experience
    Abu-jehal have good experience the character of Holy Propeht(saw), bcoz he live in Makah.
    When abu-jehal died, he believe that he done very well, to rejected Islam, he fight against the Holy Prophet(saw), he was not doing this in doubt, but he believed that he is right and Holy Prophet (saw) (naozbillah) could not a true prophet. Same like you believe that promised messiah (as) is wrong,
    You believe that we don’t practice “love for all hatred for none” why because you never did this in you life and you think this is impossible,
    If you ask from any community other then non-ahmadi Muslims, those who knew about Ahmadiyyah they will conform this,
    But why non-ahmadi muslim don’t believe this, because they forgot to love mankind.
    Their believe in these days is not to love any one other then Muslims, they never love non Muslims, according to them those who rejected Islam they are hell bound and they are not able for love,
    Even they believe that Allah swt is Rabbul-allameen, not Rubb-ul – Muslimeen.
    Even they believe that our beloved Holy Prophet (saw) is Rehmat-ul-illumeen, not Rehmat-ul-illmuslimeen.
    But unfortunately they believe, that don’t to be loyal to any non Muslim govt, because they are non Muslims,
    When they live their lives in hate of non Muslims, so when they don’t find any non Muslim then they use their same habit of hate for other Muslims sects, when they unable to fight against non Muslims, they start fight against Muslims, what you understand about Ahamdiyyah, actually you have described yourself, like some time a liar think that every one is liar, when a thief think that every one is thief,

  12. 2.
    As an ahmadi I never hate any one but I may don’t like any one’s believe or character, but as a mankind I love every body,
    I have this habit bcoz I learn this from Ahmadiyya faith, I live and grow up in this faith, but I am sure you don’t believe like this, because you are told that only love with Muslims not non Muslims,
    even if they are kind or not, if they are good are bad, even you believe a non Muslim could not good or kind, to hatred non Muslims is their faith,

    You said that Ahamdi believe earthquake are the punishments of Almighty Allah, I ask you, is this not from Allah swt, in past when Allah swt want to destroy any village, He(swt) destroyed by earthquakes, floods or other ways, and if same one comes now then is it blessings of Allah swt,
    Surly, this is the punishment of Allah swt,

    [17:16] ………….….. We never punish until We have sent a Messenger.
    20:135] And if We had destroyed them with a punishment before it they would have surely said, ‘Our Lord, wherefore didst Thou not send to us a Messenger that we might have followed Thy commandments before we were humbled and disgraced?’
    [28:60] And thy Lord would never destroy the towns until He has raised in the mother town thereof a Messenger, reciting unto them Our Signs; nor would We destroy the towns unless the people thereof are wrongdoers.
    [17:78] …………………….. and thou wilt not find any change in Our way.

    When disasters came in the past, villages destroyed with their kids, Almighty Allah can kill any one.
    Your mean to say is that earthquakes came with out will of Almighty Allah?
    And if this is according to His(swt) will, then you can’t say these are His blessings,

    Q. What do say , if Imam Mahdi (as) will come in feature and if Muslims will reject him, will Almighty Allah swt send blessings or disasters?

  13. 3.
    Will Imam Mahdi(as) like their rejections?,
    you know Satan believe in unity of Allah swt but he just rejected one of His(swt) khalifa(Adam as), and he was rejected just for this, and what you believe that even Muslim will reject His(swt) imam mahdi(khalifa) and Almighty Allah will not punish them,
    I know you believe is different, because you believe in force, that Imam Mahdi will in force Islam, or He will kill them all who will reject, but this is not the teachings of Islam,

    [16:94] And if Allah had enforced His will, He would surely have made you all one people; but He lets go astray him who wishes it, and guides him who wishes it; and you shall surely be questioned concerning that which you have been doing.

    One thing about Islam4uk, this is our mission to spread the Islam in Allover the world but not in the way that hurt them, we don’t want to spread Islam in papers, or in buildings, or on bodies, but we want to spread Islam in the heart of the people, and that is only possible with love, loyalty and peace but if we will appreciate the way other Muslims want by sharia law, that is not the Islamic way,
    When Almighty Allah would like to in force Islam, then just His(swt) will is enough to in force it, but this is not the teachings of Islam.
    Read these verses

    [61:3 Oh ye who believe! Why do you say what you do not do?
    61:4] Most hateful is it in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do
    You like to in force shariya law in Britain but if charities will say to in force charities law in Muslim country will you vote for this. Never?
    Best way is to win the hearts through love, loyalty, and peace. Which you don’t like, because you are for and away from the path.

  14. @thetruth (what an oxymoron!)

    mirzai slogan “love for all hatred for none” is a new invention. it was floated by the third dead head mirza nasir. why? what were you practicing before this slogan? following mirza kazzab in his death threats to his opponents? why is there ikhraj if a mirzai girl marries a muslim? if you really practice love, marry off all the mirzai maidens to muslim boys. come on. don’t try to fool the world with your empty slogan. and, by the way, stop wasting precious bandwidth on your diatribes against muslims.

    • @peacelover,

      We have established that you do not know how the motto arose and why.
      Do you have anything against ‘thetruth’ expressing his views…. i thought that was the ‘freedom’ he would be benefiting from as part of reverting.

      • You’re a joker. There has been plenty of anti-Muslim, pro-Mirzology activity on this blog, on my videos and on the forum. Yet Mirzology has no forum of its own – it tried it for a month after our constant challenges about its cultish methods of free-speech repression, then had to close it down once its own followers had a couple of difficult questions, never mind never addressing the filthy output of Mirza al-kazzab.

        So don’t mock here about freedom, it’s insulting.

        • @Shahid,
          So what you’re suggesting is your ‘freedom’ is a lesser of two evils? better to be mocked in this forum then not have a forum at all.

          Any observer can see how just how some commentators, to this post alone,have been ‘put-down’ with patronising comments and mild mocking… that they have opted not to reply back.

          I think the Ahmadi approach is better not to have a forum which disintegrates into personal insults and mocking, and where respect for each others views cannot be maintained.

          There is , as you clearly know, alot of Q&As in different languages, which tackle issues raised on this site and more, via their satellite channel., even live shows… but you would know that better then most, as you were an Ahmadi.

          So, perhaps my comments on freedom, when put into perspective, are not so insulting after all,

    • love for all hatred for none’
      is not a new creation but it is true teaching of Islam, which unfortunately other Muslims forgot in these days, All the prophet came with this msg but those who rejected them they deny this message,
      read these plz
      [41:35] And good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he between whom and thyself was enmity will become as though he were a warm friend.
      [41:36] But none is granted it save those who are steadfast; and none is granted it save those who possess a large share of good.

      and read also plz
      [60:8] It may be that Allah will bring about love between you and those of them with whom you are now at enmity; and Allah is All-Powerful; and Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.
      [60:9] Allah forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them; surely Allah loves those who are equitable.

      surely these verses are not according to your wishes and surly you don’t like to practice these verses.

      • Is this Masroor Ahmad? The 5th khalifa? You sure sound like him!

        Are you on drugs? Is this your normal behavorial pattern?

        You just dont answer questions at all, i dont think you have the ability to discuss anything on a more than 5th grade level.

        Why dont you acknowledge that this “Love for all” motto was created by mirza Nasir Ahmad in an attempt to change the mannerisms of ahmadiyyat.

        The mubahila that Mirza Tahir issued towards Zia ul Haq, was that out of love?????

        You should spend your time perusing coloring books or tracing the english alphabet.


        • after reading those verses, you don’t understand that love for all is teaching from Almighty Allah from Adam (as) tell Holy Prophet (saw), why not you explain verse above for me if you are against this teaching?

          About Zia ul haq, I think you don’t understand about love for all,

          Listen, I love my father, my brother, my children, if any among them become a murderer, then my natural love for then will never finish, but I will punish them for there crime but not because of hate,
          I love my body parts, if my hand get cancer, its not mean that my love for my hands will finish, but may be I will agree to cut my hand, so that could not damage my other body parts,

          Love to mankind is the teaching of All religion, but how you can understand bcoz you don’t have any understanding of teaching of Almighty Allah.

          About 5th khalifa(ahtba) why he don’t prefer to answer, 1. Most of the questions your kind of people ask there answers already have been given already, this is useless to answer again and again for same question,
          2. This is not the job of Khalifa to have debits with nonbelievers, His mission is to built up spirituality in his jamat, to built up relation in between Almighty Allah and his Jamat, and alhamdulillah He (atbha) is doing this 100 % .

          Now you can compare who have understanding of level 5 or 6

          • You and your co-religionists are simply liars. You don’t “love” all. Your filthy language and the gutter-style preaching of your founder doesn’t come from love. It comes from hate. Then you lie about loving other people when your hatred drips off the page. So you become liars and hypocrites on top of haters. There is nobody here from Mirzology capable of well-reasoned academic discourse, because reason is not part of Mirzology, only misguidance is. Do us all a favour and stop insulting our intelligence.

  15. @shahid
    What promised messiah(as) wrote about non Ahamdies that is not in hate as a mankind, this is exactly what all the prophet did in past, again and again I need to give examples for literal understanding people, if my son will misguided, I some time used very strike words to advice him,
    Same is for promised messiah(as), He(as) is the father for all mankind like all prophets, so He(as) have this permission to advice them with love or with strike words,
    I believe that almighty Allah love all human beings but some time He(swt) punishes some people to bring them back on right path, but He(swt) don’t hate any one, if He(swt) will hate any one how that person can live on this earth, He is Rabul-alameen.
    But how you can understand these simple simple things, bcoz you are described in Holy Quran (deaf, dumb and blind), this is above you understanding.

  16. @ Shahid
    ‘ You and your co-religionists are simply liars. You don’t “love” all. Your filthy language …[ did anyone catch ‘thetruth’ using filthy language? think not] and the gutter-style preaching of your founder doesn’t come from love. It comes from hate. …[ really, i think that does not come across in the writings/ comments from Ahmadis on this forum, quite the opposite] ….Then you lie about loving other people when your hatred drips off the page. [ ohhh, poetic] So you become liars and hypocrites on top of haters. [ yes,,… mate, that’s going to win them over to your cause , keep it up]. There is nobody here from Mirzology capable of well-reasoned academic discourse, [ lol, sure well-reasoned intellectuals do not want the mocking and patronisation that comes with every response…you cant keep them on the site long enough]. …because reason is not part of Mirzology, only misguidance is …[Think about this..as ‘ology’ means the ‘study of’ So, to be a Mirzologist, you need to be someone ‘who’ studies ‘Mirz’ or ‘Mirza’. ….But that would make you and the rest of the Anti -Ahmadi brigade ‘Mirzologist’ too, if you’re spending so much time , more than most Ahmadis reading their books, in the same boat. Now that’s well reasoned ]. ………Do us all a favour and stop insulting our intelligence.’ [No comment]

    • Why are you still here then? Is it to continue to fire cheap shots and mock? What have you added here? Anything at all?

      There are ordinary Ahmadis who want to discuss. We’ve always had time for them. Many of them have left the cult of Mirzology and reverted to Islam. Your conjecture about people not reading smacks of pure desperation. Hundreds of people read the blog and forum every single day. Many of them are Ahmadis. Despite the best efforts of Ahmadiyya, many have reverted. Nothing you say changes that.

      You’re not here to discuss. You’re here to debate, to disparage and to deflect. When you have something of value to contribute, I’ll engage with you again., until then, you’re simply not worth my time.

  17. @true islam (just say islam)

    go teach some manners and proper language to mirza kazzab qadiani who cursed and mocked prophets as well as muslims. he was the most ill-behaved person of the millennium. under court orders he was restrained from issuing death threats and using foul language. if you are a newly trapped german, go read some of his books and then come back. it was mirza kazzab who committed the “gunah” of calling those kafir who refused his claim to pseudo “prophethood.” do some homework first before jumping the gun on others. and be grateful you mirzais have the freedom on this forum to say what you like, including curses and ridicule upon muslims.

  18. did your “prophet” ever show any respect for any human being? he is guilty of showing disrespect even to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). you can simply shut up and fold. muslim world has unanimously rejected your “prophet” and you mirzais. don’t try to gate-crash. you are UNwanted by muslims. go live under the british “protection” for that is your religion as taught to you by mirza kazzab qadiani under orders from god yalash while mirza was menstruating, ultimately dying of epidemic cholera. he gave his life for your ungrateful mirzais. enjoy the british charity under false claims for asylum.

  19. Brother/Sister… have you considered the utter disrespect your “prophet” spewed for Hazrat Isa (AS). Even if we concur and conclude that he was referring to the Christian Jesus, he completely disrespected him in every manner imaginable. Then later in his life your “prophet” says “…to insult and abuse the Prophets and Messengers of different countries and peoples is such a deadly poison which not only destroys the body but also kills the soul”, therefore according his own standards your “prophet” destroyed his soul. All I ask is for you to study his life and claims.

    • if you’ll read some part of His(as) writing, and you try to chang its meanings then you can say the same, but He(as) mentioned respectfully the name of Isa(as), but He(as) only explain the yassuh(god of charistions), according to their own bible, that have nothing with prophet Isa(as),
      if you believe that Isa(as) is god then i will agree with you but PM(as) only explain about their god according to their bible. not from him self. if you think he mentioned any thing out of bible plz refer me?

      • @speaktruth (you never)

        stop using the common mirzai tactics: insulting the intelligence of common readers. a vast majority of muslims are wise enough to read and underestand the diatribes of mirza kazzab qadiani against all other prophets. mirza kazzab never wrote in a decent style and yet his god yalash bestowed upon him the pompous title of sultan-ul qalam. what a cruel joke. mirza kazzab may have stolen stories from injil and unsuccessfully tried to confuse the reader with isa and yasu but his commentary incriminates him.

        • plz dont follow the footsteps of nonbelievers, they always blam Holy Prophet (saw) for this, that He(saw) had copied some stories of bible,
          compare your wording with nonbelievers, all the righteous face the same apposition, (jahilya), they put same elligations, and you are one of them,

      • Why don’t you read for yourself instead of repeating arguments off alislam? Please tell me where the Bible says Jesus plagarised from the Talmud and passed it off as his own work?

        “This thing is of shame that the sermon on the mount teachings, which are the essence of the Bible, Jesus wrote it by plagiarizing from the Talmud and then showed as if it is his own teaching… when this theft was caught the Christians were ashamed… You (Jesus) are weak in knowledge and actions that is why you followed Satan once.” (Anjam-e-Atham Page 290)

        How about your prophet says “…Jesus used to drink alcohol, perhaps because of some disease or an old habit.” Now tell me if he was pointing something out for the sake of exposing the Bible (which ironically he often uses to justify his claim) then why does he try to justify it by saying “…perhaps because of some disease or an old habit.” Why does he say the burden of the sins of Christians is on Jesus? Even though the Holy Qu’ran says “Nor can a bearer of burdens bear another’s burdens…” (35:18)

        Where does the Bible say Jesus suffered from epilepsy? Where does the Holy Qu’ran or the Gospels say Hazrat Isa (AS) (and yes he says alay-salaam after his name) the least successful in the work of reform? Where does the Bible says Jesus’ three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes? Where does the Bible say that Jesus’ four brothers and two sisters were his real brothers and sisters? i.e. the offspring of Joseph and Mary, meaning just like Jesus himself.

        Please wake up and reflect on his writings. I assume you were born in to Ahmadiyya which is why you find it hard to go against it. Our purpose is purely to convey the message, guidance is only with Allah (SWT). We are not exposing Ahmadiyya for our health or for bragging rights. We simply ask for you to study Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, reflect on his life and claims.

  20. Get ready to see a lot more ahmadi advertising. This is just the first of many half-baked attempts to market the cult. Apparently, the next step is to knock on three million doors.

    ”The Ahmadiyya community, sparked by a survey that found a quarter of the population regarded Islam as the ‘worst religion on earth’, also plans to knock on 3 million doors in a campaign to prove otherwise.”


    • sure, mirzais can engage in this exercise but with little fruition. 100 years of polemics with christians has not seen more than 100 conversions! this too will go down the drain. there are far greater, more powerful and more meaningful attempts at work to project islamic teachings.

  21. first read this on Bradford telegraph, then heard today on BBCB when the kaafir mentioned ‘787’ and I clicked on. Even the presenter knew this cult is non Islamic!

  22. Then what are you guys doing in western countries? sitting here and abusing and eating away social security benefits. Atleast we are spreading the message of peace which is really needed in this world.

    ps before Mr Shahid you reply to me with your usual hateful remarks about The Promised Messiah(as), i must tell you that your fake drama about being converted to ‘Islam’ does not fool me. I know your reality and who you really are.

    • The eurpoeans sucked the entire world of almost all of its natural resources, from 1500 to present. Nowadays they have the middle surrounded, afghanistan, iraq, just name a few. It just so happens that the biggest deposit of oil is to be found under the feet of Islam….I wonder why they are here???

      So why are you critisizing us for living here and getting money??? I call it payback!!! In the USA, I tell people that this entire continent is STOLEN LAND. The killed everyone and confiscated their land. We are here on business.

      Do you think that the USA was spreading peace when they dropped the atom bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki?? I think not!!

      This peace that you speak about is a facade, its really a family business! Ahamdiyat wishes that all the muslims were dead. The goal of ahamdiyyat is global domination!

      ^thats the sad truth.

  23. Hi Izkov,

    I personally know Shahid and so do thousands of people, including thousands of Ahmadis. His identity is open, and you should probably ask your local president or Ameer.

    However, you are hiding behind a fake ID, accusing a world-known figure of being ‘fake’. How big does that make you? Feel ashamed? If yes, then you are probably rational. If not, then a cultee.

    I did not need to reply to such nonsense but I believe every Ahmadi should be shown the mirror of their irrational cultish behaviour at least once. 50% immediately apologise, and 50% become even more belligerent.

  24. I started to read your blog but lost interest very soon, because of how irrelevant and ignorant you appear to me. Just one comment though (I may have had more to add but I had to stop reading half way because thats how boring and repetitive you come off).. maybe the reason you and yours are questioned (politely, i’ve had the same experience myself and have no complaints) is because the antagonism, opposition, name-calling and hatred you find coming from you ‘Muslims’ towards the Ahmadis isn’t reciprocated in the least by the Ahmadis towards you – since you are not threatened and neither bullied, there’s no reason for you to question Ahmadis walking in and out of your mosques. Unfortunately, Ahmadis have rarely had the pleasure of witnessing such civility from you, so security measures are only a natural result.

    What amuses me so much is that even if you are right and Ahmadiyyat is false, don’t you have anything better to do with your own time than to dedicate your entire existence to opposing something? Maybe if you yourself knew you were right, you may have. But these insecurities are only a natural part of sub-consciously realizing your own weakness of faith. I’ve rarely come upon ‘Sunni-bashing blogs’ by Ahmadis, maybe thats because we have better things to do with our time or simply because we are more secure in our own faith.

    • Ahmad….

      I am an ex-ahamdi, the reason we are devoting a portion of our time to combat ahamdiyyat is because we dont want other people to donate to a family business….

      You need to ask yourself as to why the last 4 khalifas all came from the same family.

      Then you need to ask youself as to why the election results and voters and the names of the nominees arent released.

      Then you need to ask yourself as to why the election is a closed door situation.

      Then you need to ask yourself as to why the ahmadiyya budget and contributions is hidden from public view…

      Then you will understand..

      • Because they donot want to tell you where they are getting money and support from for their illegitimate pious fraud!

    • Ahmad
      You are asking us why we are spending time on this issue……and you have said “I’ve rarely come upon ‘Sunni-bashing blogs’ by Ahmadis, maybe thats because we have better things to do with our time or simply because we are more secure in our own faith”

      Why are you assuming that all those opposing your false religion of AHMADIYYAT are Sunni Muslims? All Muslims Sunnis, Shias etc., believe that MIRZA Ghulam was a false Prophet and a liar about whom Prophet Muhammad and Jesus (Pbut) warned us ahead of time.

      No Christian believes that MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD QADIANI was a second coming of JESUS.

      No Hindu believes that MIRZA GHULAM was Krishna (Hindu God). Infact any sane person cannot believe so many lies and false claims of MIRZA.

      Also where do you get this notion that the Ahmadiyya Cult has no malice towards Mulsims or their countries. Since its inception this so called AHMADIYYA cult has been plotting secretly, openly, against all Muslims and their countries and falsely using the name of ISLAM for their fraud.

      Open your eyes please this is no more than a MIRZA family business for Chanda and Political gains (power).

      Also let me tell you that Muslims are more generous than you can imagine. Only after a careful study of AHMADIYYAT they declared that this is not ISLAM but covert plot to destroy ISLAM from within. Even now they donot wish bad for Ahmadi’s all they are trying to do is open your eyes with facts of MIRZA’s lies and deception, so that you can be guided to the right path of ISLAM. Any words of disrespect from Muslims are as a result of what your Cult has done to them all these years and never forget that it was MIRZA and his followers who started this and not the MUSLIMS. We are just responding to what has been done to us.

      The Ahmadi Khalifas, their Cult leaders, Mullahs etc. are all wishing bad things for all Muslims and their countries, therefore as soon as something bad happens like an earthquake in Pakistan, they shamelessly say that this is because they dont believe in MIRZA. Do you think GOD is so cheap like the MIRZAI followers?

  25. @Rationalist
    brother i agree with u there the Qadiany/Ahmadies is a Family run business. they are tightly controlled by Mirzas descendants thats why they will never elect a outsider as their Caliph.

    coz the Family will lose their assets and their wealth and the money that comes in regular Chanda alms will disapear from their hands so they are carefull not to let others have a share of their wealth.

    i wish the Qadianies will see that their religion is nothing but a Family run business and its nothing but disguise in the form of islam may Allah giude them to islam

  26. Br. Rationalist,
    Right on! I must commend your true portrayal of Ahmadiyyat and the background of events.

  27. Izkov
    ISLAM, JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY are Abrahamic faiths and preach the same teachings of oneness of GOD. Now some of their adherents may differ, however that does not change the truthfullness of the religions when they were revealed. On the contrary what does AHMADIYYAT teaches only makes sense to you and nobody else. The metally confused and contradictory teachings of MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD the founder of AHMADIYYAT who used to curse people of other faith, wish death for them are no good example to anyone either in the EAST or WEST.

    The crazy and bad things about JESUS Christ (peace be upon him) and his mother MARY (peace be upon them) written by MIRZA GHULAM the founder of AHMADIYYAT are well hidden from the WEST so that you can continue to fool people here to get support for this CULT and its PIOUS FRAUD and you falsely use the name of ISLAM for this dirty purpose. Shame on this CULT and its MULLAHS. Now we should be asking you why you are doing this and who do you think you are fooling and what the hell are you doing here think about it.

  28. I agree wholeheatedly with Shahid’s article. It brings forward some facts and removes all doubts from anybody’d mind.

    My dear brothers who are sincere and worried about life in hereafter which starts when we are 6 ft. below in the grave, remember the death of MIRZA how he died miserably and without being able to utter anything or repent. Would you put your life in the hands of a person like this who may very well have a difficult time answering his own faults and lies in front of GOD Almighty.

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