Islam vs Ahmadiyya – Live on Iqra TV

Another world first – our Muslim brother Akber Chaudhry interviewed by Iqra TV and debating “Anwar Mirza”, a Qadiani Ahmadi. The Qadiani was given much more time than the Muslim and the result should be judged by the viewers.

Please note: The director picks out Akber Chaudhry when the presenter is introducing Anwar Mirza. The Qadiani is the gentleman wearing the typical Qadiani hat. The first person picked out by the director is brother Akber.

Let the discussion begin!

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49 thoughts on “Islam vs Ahmadiyya – Live on Iqra TV

  1. I actually feel quite sorry for Mr Anwar Mirza. He seemed so helpless and genuinely wanted to defend the community.

    I didn’t take much of a liking towards the presenter though. His tone towards Mr Anwar Mirza was at times very harsh and abrupt. Given, the guy was annoying at times with his constant butt ins however he could have been spoken to with more understanding as his elder.

    On another note, he smashed the core of Ahmadiyyat. He didn’t have a clue what he was on about, kept changing the course of topic and let Akbar Chaudary inform the viewer about the Ahmadiyya religion instead of himself.
    What a joke. I wonder how much trouble he got in for this. Poor thing, he really thought he was doing them Jamaat a great service. Errrmmm…maybe not!

  2. Akbar raises few objections in his talk. Let’s analyze them and see his SHALLOW mind and thinking:

    1- Claimant of Mujaddidiyat should NOT claim, rather people should call him. I guess his understanding is that if Governor of a province or state when gets appointed by King or president, he should NOT acknowledge it rather wait for people to send him mercy petitions and other documents for his signatures. What if a false person claims to be a Governor or his few friends start calling him governor… shouldn’t king or president take action against such con artist, and punish him? Is Akbar going to accept any such con artist as his governor?

    2- He objects why HMGA was NOT informed Isaa AS has died when he was appointed Mujaddid. I wonder if he knows there are many other Mujjaddids before him who were not informed all their lives that Isaa AS has died.

    3- He seems to have objection why HMGA made different claims and at different times. He does not realize that HMGA made only one claim of appointment i.e. Mujaddid of 14th Islamic century. Claim of messenger, just like Rasul Allah SAWS is a lie fabricated against him. Claim of Mahdi is not an appointment claim.

    4- He objects why HMGA did not publish 50 volumes of Barahin-Ahmadiyya and only published 5 volumes. Akbar very conveniently forgets to mention HMGA published so much other material and books, he was involved in discussions etc and NEVER rested or wasted his time. He forgets to mention that how much of his time was wasted by his detractors and opponent Mullahs in India. Regarding money that was donated to him for Barahein-Ahmadiyya publication. All that money was used in publication of this book. And much more was used in preaching of Islam. Akbar hid the fact that when HMGA passed away his children and wife depended on Ahmadiyya Movement for their survival.
    HMGA did NOT keep any money for himself or his family.

    5- He hid the fact that HMGA books, many of them translated are available online on Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement websites. But he uses Qadianis website as punching bag.

    6- He talks about his problems with Qadiani jamaat, but attacks HMGA. Just the way atheists who have left Christianity had problems with Christian church and doctrines and instead attack Jesus. He is happy leaving Qadiani jamaat, but is hiding the fact that he is NOT leaving qadiani belief of Isaa AS death. He knows if he makes mistake of telling his belief, he will kicked back by his “new” religion followers.

    7- Just like any opponent of Rasul Allah SAWS who are unable to appreciate his mission, start making false allegations on his character, Akbar did the same with HMGA.

    8- He stated the doctrines of Qadiani jamaat khalifa 2 and his brother and accused HMGA of making them. He accuses HMGA for prohibiting his movement people from praying behind other Muslims, whereas fact is that HMGA himself prayed behind other Muslims e.g. Jamia Mosque, Delhi. He accuses HMGA for prohibiting his movement people from marrying other Muslims, where as fact is that he attended marriage ceremonies and Nikah (marriage sermon) was conducted by Maulana Noor Ud Din when Ahmadi girl was married to non-Ahmadi Muslims, e.g. two sisters one got married to HMGA’s son Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and other to a non-Ahmadi.

    I wish this Iqra TV program invites Dr. Zahid Aziz to get Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement point of view.
    Here are links to 8 part videos of this program on you tube:

    • 1. Nobody else ever claimed ‘mujaddadiyat’ – reformer
      2. Sir Syed had aired this view in best-selling book for 11 years before
      3. Masih Maouood? Masil-e-Masih? Krishna? Buruzi and Zilli?
      4. Any list of 300 ‘braheen’? 1 was in vol 1-4. Where are 299?
      5. Full Braheen is not on Lahori site – Footnote 11 is 80% of the main book!
      6. I do not hide anything. My beliefs are public. My religion is Islam.
      7. Muhammadi Begum? False? Asking son to divorce? False?
      8. Anecdotes do not add up to doctrine. Delhi mosque visit was very very early on. Where’s honesty?
      9. Zahid Aziz is welcome to debate me on any media, written or spoken, in Urdu or in English – at any time.

  3. @Akber November 14, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    1. Nobody else ever claimed ‘mujaddadiyat’ – reformer

    Shahid, if you don’t know, it does NOT mean other Mujjaddids did not claim Mujjaddiyat. By your logic that Mamur-min-Allah should not claim of Mujjaddiyat, then even Rasul Allah SAWS should NOT have claimed of his appointment. Moreover, beside Rasul Allah SAWS, tell us where are claims of messenger hood of prophets before Rasul Allah SAWS??? Are you going to say that NO messenger before Rasul Allah SAWS made any claim of messenger hood???

    2. Sir Syed had aired this view in best-selling book for 11 years before

    Before Sir Syed MANY others claimed Isaa AS is dead. Still NO mujjaddid (per my knowledge) before HMGA aired his view that Jesus is dead. Why don’t you have problem with them???

    3. Masih Maouood? Masil-e-Masih? Krishna? Buruzi and Zilli?

    NONE of these are appointments. If you don’t have the basic knowledge of what is being Mamur-min-Allah claim and what is not, then YOU should EDUCATE yourself. Is it not your responsibility to educate yourself before making false statements???

    4. Any list of 300 ‘braheen’? 1 was in vol 1-4. Where are 299?

    You accused HMGA of taking money for 50 Braheen Ahmadiyya volumes, in other words “embezzling” that money. But you did NOT have MORAL courage and HONESTY that you could say, “HMGA spent even his own money in service of Islam, so much so that his children were on public assistance (i.e. from jamaat) for their survival upon his death”. Where is your honesty???

    5. Full Braheen is not on Lahori site – Footnote 11 is 80% of the main book!

    You claimed that HMGA books are hidden by those who accept him as true person. Giving the impression, as if they are ashamed of his books. Did you NOT know that so many books of HMGA are available on line??? Did you not lie??? Wait and keep checking InshAllah all of HMGA books will become available on line. I personally know Braheen Ahmadiyya HAS BEEN translated into English. It is going through proof reading, review etc. It will be InshAllah printed and made available on line. Why you did NOT say LAM has made many HMGA books and their translations available online and I hope they will make available rest of them too??? Where is your honesty???

    6. I do not hide anything. My beliefs are public. My religion is Islam.

    You NEVER told in TV program that what KALMA you recited to become Muslim, that you NEVER recited before??? You NEVER told that you do NOT believe in death of Jesus??? Where is your honesty and boldness???

    7. Muhammadi Begum? False? Asking son to divorce? False?

    If you lack understanding and conditions of prophecy of Mamur-min-Allah, then it is YOUR fault. It does NOT mean prophecy did not come true. To gain some understanding of prophecies regarding Muhammadi begum you could have read:
    Mirza Ahmad Beg Hoshiarpuri aur Us ke Damad Sultan Muhammad ke Muta’alliq Peshgoian Nihayat Shan Dar Tariqe Se Puri Huin:
    by Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri
    Why you did NOT read this book??? Is it because you can lie??? Does ignorance on YOUR part makes the prophecies regarding Muhammadi begum questionable??? Have you even read Chapter 22 of ‘Great Reformer’ (Mujaddid-e-Azam)???

    8. Anecdotes do not add up to doctrine. Delhi mosque visit was very very early on. Where’s honesty?

    If you had read HMGA statements regarding his claim even couple of days before he passed away, you would have known that he NEVER changed his “very very early” claim. So, does it matter if he did not offer prayer in mosque in Delhi the day before he passed away??? Do you know that when ever time for prayer came and he was with those who had not done his ba’it still he offered prayers with them in congregation???

    9. Zahid Aziz is welcome to debate me on any media, written or spoken, in Urdu or in English – at any time.

    You knew that LAM does NOT hold beliefs that Qadianis have, then why did you NOT inform the host that there is group of other followers of HMGA i.e. LAM who hold different beliefs than Qadianis and that they should be invited and that you would like to hold discussion with their member??? Where is your honesty??? Obviously you have contact with Iqra, as you were called by them, then what is stopping you from informing Iqra to invite LAM member, e.g. Dr. Zahid Aziz???

    • Frankly, I had some respect for the Lahoris that they do not play the Qadiani games, but I guess they are one step ahead and appear to be more of a cult.

      1. So, 13 mujaddids did not make any claim and they were ‘mamoors’ or not? Is the 14th mujaddid the mamoor, who has to claim first and then does not even show what he ‘reformed’? And that is all OK? So, MGA was ‘just a mujaddid’ but ‘special’? There is the fallacy of the Lahoris and that is why they will always lag behind their fellow Qadianis – at least the Qadianis are truthful about MGA.

      2. The particular view on Eesa (as) was well-known in Islam circles, Sir Syed had published it in his best-seller Tafseer-ul-Quran, and Sir Syed’s students and disciples were among MGA’s right hand men, and MGA had studied Sir Syed thoroughly and addressed him in his publications. So, if I go to university and learn about the Indus civilization, and then one day, claim that God ‘revealed’ it to me in a dream, and that I am the true discoverer of the Indus civilization as I was appointed by God to reveal this truth, what does that make me? A laughing-stock? The matter of Eesa’s (as) death is a historical and scientific theory. And MGA book contains an almost verbatim copy of Sir Syed’s Tafseer-ul-Quran. So, having been appointed, it is OK to be a plagiarist?

      3. So, are you saying that ‘maseel-maseeh’ and ‘maseeh-mauood’ were not the central claims of MGA? And that he did not focus on them throughout the 1890s? Wow! And that MGA did not claiim to be the re-incarnation of Krishna? and a zilli, buruzi prophet? When is a claim an ‘appointment’ and when is it not? So, if someone claims all these lofty titles without ‘appointment’ what does that make him? An imposter? He was appointed only ‘mujaddid’ yet he claimed a number of other preposterous claims? Why? And what does that make him?

      4. Braheen: MGA said that he had gathered 300 braheen that he was going to present in 50 volumes. He started with Burhan #1. Where is the list of the other 299. Obviously an author has a list of them, even if he did not find the time to write them out, or lost interest (as he says in an ad that he is going to discontinue this as God has other plans for him). So, all I am asking is where is the list of 300? Out of which 1 was published?

      ‘Acclaimed by Ulama’ is not a fact. The only ‘ulama’ listed on the Lahori site is Muhammad Hussain Batalvi, whom MGA cursed and belittled all his life. So do you want your cake and eat it too?

      5. The English translation on the Lahori site is misleading – it has a different title, it skips Vol 1 completely and then it picks and chooses, and gives its own title headings. It is an ‘abridged synopsis’ by another author, and not a translation by any stretch of the word.

      See full post on Braheen.

      6. The TV program was not about me, it was about the Qadiani who had requested to be on there. I was only given a chance to respond to him. My beliefs and thoughts will be published in book form soon insha Allah.

      7. The character of MGA in the Muhammadi Begum episode and in his ‘Promised Son’ series of failed prophecies is despicable by any human standard of morality. And so is your reply Calling a married woman your real wife who is married to you in heaven, and then saying that she will be widowed and come back to him, and she never did. It is beyond despicable and unprecedented in human spiritual history. A married woman is a ‘muhsanah’ in the Islamic tradition. And what is a marriage in heaven?

      8. MGA is on the record as stopping his followers from praying behind other Muslims and inter-marrying their daughters, and treating them as ahl-e-Kitab. When it came to rich people, MGA and his family always bends the rules. Anecdotes are not equal to published doctrine.

      9. Zahid Aziz is welcome to debate on any issue on any media at any time. We can have a video, written, whatever. I respect him (at least up to now) and am willing to discuss anything with him. The best things would be a written debate, moderated by three independent university professors of the social sciences.

      I expected better from the Lahoris.

  4. I also felt very sorry for the Qadiani, he could of been any number of my family members who have been brainwashed into believing lies and want to defend them at any cost.

    The telling point is where he states that he did not know all these questions would pop up and that he was ill prepared.

    This is why HQ forbids the cult followers from engaging in debates on the internet and TV etc, because the cult followers get exposed for not being aware of the very beliefs they are ardently trying to defend.

    How strange that the only defence members of the cult have to their LIARS prophecies are; we did not know you were going to ask this and we have not come prepared.

    How can you not know you are going to be asked about your LIAR’s prophecies.

    What kind of a Prophet had prophecies that his followers are unaware of?

    A false one off course.

    P.S. Let me make clear once again that this Qadiani’s beliefs do not represent the beliefs of the Cult at large for fear that they may get caught out.

    LOL you couldn’t make it up if you tried.

  5. I don’t think the Ahmadi mullah understood the format of the dialog. The speaker was asking questions, and they were both supposed to present their point of views, and then move on. Br. Akber was bringing points from his knowledge, but, the mullah would try to respond as if it was a debate. He also frequently went off topic.

    I wish he was better aware of the format…Maybe next time, in sha Allah. It would do better for them.

  6. The only difference a better debater would have made (i.e. islam976, peace4everynation, curious etc.) would be to string the interview out so that the essential truth could not be drawn out and exposed in time. Like a politician in fact. Or they would have resorted to ad hominem attacks if they felt they were losing. They do that a lot.

    I don’t believe that debating with Qadianis is the best form of da`wah; the worst prepared Qadianis don’t know their religion and the best aren’t interested in the truth. They are either hopelessly entrenched in their position or they know they are wrong and are too proud to shift.

    Better just to convey the message, one’s own experiences and then let Allah (SWT) give hidaayah insha’Allah. We have to accept that it’s likely that not everyone will get it.

    • It took me a LONG time to realize what you just said: Debate is Useless. People’s hearts do not change because of facts and evidences. I’ve been in a debate with an Ahmadi who literally had nothing to say by the end, but he refused to leave…

      It takes time and tarbiyya.

      • You are right brothers. If anyone has even an iota of common sense, they will realize that Ahmadiyyat is a false ideology established by MIRZA et. al and company under the pretext of ISLAM. It is not the ISLAM preached by Prophet Muhammad PBUH and practised by Millions of people around the World. The best example I can give is like a parasite that eats the parent tree and yet tries to cling to it. As far as the followers are concerned, I have noticed that a) They are extremely brainwashed and their so called murabbis are prejudiced b) They think that they are the only rightly guided peeople in this World (Nauzobillah) and all others are wrong and c) They blatantly lie and cheat to protect their interests and brainwash other nonmuslims. There is much more to say, but I leave it to Allah Subhanahuwatallah to either give them guidance or leave them astray (if they so want to be)

  7. I am still laughing about this video. Another qadiani dusted.

    I am chuckling about this very much. Thank you Akber.


  8. salam,

    what a nonsence is there any suni who can pray behind shia imaam ,
    if someone has problem with leadership he follows his ego without having any clue about religion.kirshan´s second advent is in hiduisam u can read their books and ask their bible and try to find some reasons of language which is used there by hazrat isa(p.b.u.h).

    • ahmad: But ur suposed to be love for all and hattered for none cult unlike muslims so, why do u not pray behind muslim Imams? 🙂

      • Maybe not all that much love for all but only hatered for all.
        You should change ur slogan and shouldnt carry car bumper stickers around to deceive people! 🙂

  9. kirshan´s second advent is in hiduisam u can read their books

    Which book, please give reference.

  10. Dear Rashid,

    I promise I will give you 10 arguments that will break all your logic and you will immediately leave Lahoriat and will become Muslim. Stay tuned.


    Yesterday, i posted my reply to Akbar Chaudhry above post:
    Akber November 15, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    It went into Moderation and then deleted. I am not allowed to post my replies. A copy of my reply is aviailable on forum

    i am not sure if moderator of this blog will post my replies to your “arguments”. so i don’t think there could be any fair debate between us. Moreover, i am focused on “Hero” of opponents of HMGA i.e. Akbar Chaudhry.

    Note from editor: Your reply was deleted after complaints, because it contained unacceptable language. If you refrain from making remarks about the children of other commenters, like your other posts, you will get through. You are on a moderation filter because you are in the habit of multiple postings and an overly-aggressive tone that makes a number of readers uncomfortable. Please also refrain from the use of all capitals.

  12. i am not sure if moderator of this blog will post my replies to your “arguments”. so i don’t think there could be any fair debate between us. Moreover, i am focused on “Hero” of opponents of HMGA i.e. Akbar Chaudhry.

    I would request Shahid to allow us a fair debate.
    After looking at my undeniable arguments, your focus will change from Akbar because you will be become Muslim (non-Lahori & non-Qadiani)

    Just wait a little – I am coming up with 10 irrefutable arguments.

    • I only get in the way when people get defamatory, vulgar or personal, or when they spam the blog. Proceed my brother, insha’Allah and may Allah (SWT) reward you for your efforts.

      • Thank you.

        I am actually in touch with a Wali and I will bring some more arguments, 10 against Hindus which will immediately let them become Muslim. Similarly, there are 10 against Christians, 10 against Jews. Whereas for followers of Mirza Sb now the total arguments are 20 – 10 specifically for Lahoris and 10 specifically for Qadianis.

        This is my promise – please wait.

  13. salam,
    Mr. newobserver i will bring u references.Try to find out definition of a Muslim other then made by Hazrat Mohammad(SW) ,if u want to trough us from Muslim´s circle do it we do´t need u certificate .there are 6 fundamental beliefs of a Muslim.
    1.belief in Allah
    2.belief in his messenger(if hazrat Mizar ghulam Ahmad qadiani(as) is true messenger then what would u say to Allah)
    3.belief in angles
    4.belief in his books
    5.belief in the day of judgment
    6.belief in fate.
    non muslims are doing arguments agaist the life of Hazrat Mohammad(sw),
    jewis people against Hazrat Isa´s life .
    and u ………………………………….?


  14. Let me present my arguments and you will automatically say your previous belief was incorrect and Mirza Ghulam was not a true person.

  15. Aslamo alaikum wrwb ya muslimeen.
    Ahmediyya slogan ”Love for all Hatred for None” is another false claim and a lie.
    Here is the real teaching of MGA to his followers against other mankind muslims and non muslims.

    Book: Hujjat Allah
    From page 215-217
    Those who believe in me, I want them to come to me and join my jamaat. I will protect them from all evil(dnt forget guys, according to the teachings of prophet Muhammad saws only Allah protects from all evil not even Rasoolullah saws ever claimed he will protect from any evil but MGA claimed he will do that)>> and those who don’t believe in me they are actually hiding the truth and want falsehood to prevail and want to put out the light of god for all the mankind.
    Furthermore he said: Leave them alone and don’t even say Asalaam o alaikum to them, don’t even pray for their dead, and don’t go to their funeral. And if u obtain power then don’t even hesitate to kill them, or to steal their belongings and their resources, call them with S.B names, and talk of them in humiliation.
    Be they destroyed Because they from themselves create matters and don’t fear God. May Gods curse be upon them and his angels and the pious men, they are the ugliest creation under the sky even though they call themselves Priests”
    May Allah save us muslims from the hands of kufaar be they qadianis or other. Ameen.

    • @daggaroftruth

      you have been given a twisted translation. mirza is not exhorting to his own disciples but narrating what maulvis do unto his disciples. please carefully check your quoted translation and avoid providing mirzais an opportunity to hurl accusations back at muslims. our quoted text or translation must be authentic. thanks.

      • I agree with @peacelover – further, it is always valuable to back up translations with page scans that provide surrounding context and give other translators the ability to pick out any errors. It is possible that the text was altered over a number of versions. If that is the case, then version history is even more important.

        Qadianism is demonstrably false; we do not need to resort to trickery to demonstrate its falsehood.

  16. MGA was a grand liar and his mullahs (murabbis) are trying to defend him by spreading even bigger lies. May God help us and protect us from their evil.

  17. dear broher and sisters! i am a ahmadi muslim. i cant insist u but just inform you pleas read about ahmadiya muslim comunity
    really GOD open your mind in many kinds of queastions
    about anti ahmadis. my humble request is pleas see all things in ahmadis and then decided who is true or false thakx
    regard: badar mehmood
    lahore pakistan

    • badar mehmood

      your message, though with good intentions, is anachronistic. in this blog and elsewhere you have the privilege of reading for yourself the original writings of mirza himself. obviously those who provide these scans from authentic writings of mirza have read the material. it is not that we are “anti” mirzai for the sake of it. all we are trying to do is to expose the real work of mirza. i’m sure many of his writings have never been read by you. so instead of making irrelevant appeals get onto this voyage of discovery and, without prejudice, read and reflect. Allah is the best Guide.

    • Badar Mehmood

      I have read Ahmadiyya literature, their point of views about Islam and the claims of MGA and Alhamdullilah my eyes were opened. Ahmadiyat is not Islam, period. It is a cult and at best can be described as another religion. But we know that they are using the name of Islam to misguide the masses. Therefore, we are educating people for the sake of Allah and his messenger so that on the day of judgement we can say that God we have delivered the message. The rest is upto you to realize the truth by educating yourself about the real face of this cult and the things that are hidden from you.

  18. Methodology adopted by the anti Ahmadi is absolutely the same adopted by Jews & Christians while referring the saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) as fabricated because their enmity with Islam does not allow them to ponder, understand & accept truth.

    Allah never guides those who did not ponder with empty mind & open heart and submit themselves completely to their Lord for understanding. But with regret I can say that their real guiders are Mullah whom they follow & use tactics to present MGA (as) writing as lies. This dirty practice is going on for the last 125 years but Ahmadiyyat has surrounded the corners of the world where as world is shrinking for mullah and their followers. But they always denies following Mullah as their true guider.

    Therefore, anti Ahmadi people are following the footsteps of their predecessors & affixing the seal of truth in Qur’an that all enemies of Prophet of Allah has adopted the same tactics which is described times & again In Qur’an..

    It is beyond the capacity for enemies of Ahmadiyyat to understand the spiritual treasurers of MGA (as)

    Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said the Messiah will distribute spiritual wealth but people will refuse to accept. So you people are affixing seal of truth on the saying of our beloved prophet (saw) by refusing to accept the spiritual wealth then how you can accept truth.

    The mullah explained this saying according to their wish that Messiah will distribute dollar pound rupees but people will be so rich at that time that they will refuse to accept.

    Alas! On Mullah’s knowledge & their followers.

  19. QUOTE-It is beyond the capacity for enemies of Ahmadiyyat to understand the spiritual treasurers of MGA (as)-UNQUOTE

    This is the final response by Mirzais – when they cannot give a logical argument – at the end they would say you don’t have capacity to understand Mirza Sb – you just need to follow it blindly. This is exactly the definition of a cult.

    • One of the things that I find intensely peculiar is all this “spiritual treasure” and “spiritual wealth” stuff. It’s essentially meaningless.

      Can someone tell me what basis “spiritual wealth” has in Islam?

  20. IJK Baluuch Quoted: Methodology adopted by the anti Ahmadi is absolutely the same adopted by Jews & Christians while referring the saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) as fabricated because their enmity with Islam does not allow them to ponder, understand & accept truth.

    You have not only proven that you are anti-muslim, but also anti Jews and Christians also. Ofcourse you are following in the footsteps of your grand mullah MIRZA GHULAM AHMED QADIANI who casued confusion among people and created divisions among religion. Those whom you call as Mullah are actually true scholars of Islam who are trying to bring you back to right path. You have strayed so far away that you cannot even see what is right and wrong anymore.

    You are like empty vessels that make too much noise, but not the real knowledge of Islam.

  21. if my post is not correct then please addmin remove it from the blog and i appologise for unintentional mistake.
    Thank you

  22. @ijkbaluuch

    you are free to relish your beliefs but you are not free to seek parallels between your religion and islam. there are none because you believe in an impostor, a thief of religious identity, a pretender, a perpetual liar, a plagiarizer, whose deity is called yalash with the angles named teechee teechee. your prophet who sought nothing but death of his opponents died a miserable death by epidemic cholera, something he was so fond of wishing for his opponents. the sneaky appearance of this impostor, propped up by his british colonial masters, was nothing new in islamic history. morons like him forget that muslims, in spite of their minor differences, have jealously guarded their identity throughout their glorious history of 1400 years. they have never, and will never, allow a parallel system of beliefs to take roots within islam. islam is final. its book is final. its prophet is final. finality, in its all-encompassing sense, defines islam. all previous thieves of religious identity have met a similar fate: complete rejection by muslims. how pedestrian is your knowledge of islam is that you failed to recognize islamic scholars – ulama – and equated your enemies with mulla. get educated first in the glorious history of islamic scholarship to qualify to engage in dialog with muslims. with such half-baked knowledge of islam you stand to enhance your criminal enmity against islam and muslims. we do not have the utter indecency to call you a haram zada after the practice of your doomed prophet nor do we have time to waste in writing 1000 laanat upon you and numbering each one of them, again in the tradition of your so-called prophet. the best course for you is to seek guidance instead of shamelessly causing hurt to 1.4 billion muslims of the world.

  23. I do agree wirth peacelover 100 percent, hell with mirza ghulam ahmed n his cult. He was an insult to humanity and his dirty existance is still hurting muslims all over the world. Peacelover, keep commenting, it increases atleast my knowledge.

  24. The Discrepancies of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani
    (In light of his own Writings)
    Mirza Ghulam Qadiani wrote:

    “It is obvious that a truthful, clever and open-hearted man does not make any lapses in his works. Yet, if he is mad, indisposed or hypocrite, who for the sake of flattery does agree with others, his writings becomes contradictory.”
    (Sat-Bachen, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 10, P. 142; Sat-Bachen, P. 26)

    “He is absolutely an indisposed man whose work is full of fallacies and trivial observations.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, P. 184)

    Is it fair for us to judge Mirza Ghulam in the light of his own writings? Please review the following brief samples of his discrepancies and decide for yourself if he was “mad, indisposed, or hypocrite”. Which one of his contradictory writings should we accept?

    * “I have claimed to be Maseel Maseeh, which stupid people thinks that it is The Promised Messiah … I have never claimed to be the Messiah ibne Maryam. Anyone who accuses me of it, he is absolutely a liar and fabricator. For the last eight years, I have been announcing that I am only Maseel Maseeh; By that I mean that certain spiritual properties and nature and habits and virtues of Jesus(AS) has been given to me as well by God Almighty.”
    (Izala-e-Auham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 3, P. 192)

    “I swear upon that God, who has sent me and lying on Him is the work of accursed one, He has sent me as The Promised Messiah.”
    (Majmoo’a-e-Ishtiharaat, Vol. 3, P. 435)
    * “Very true, Messiah (Jesus) died going to his native land Galeel.”
    (Azala-e-Auham, P. 197)

    “Messiah, very secretly, ran away toward Kashmir and died there.”
    (Kashti-e-Nuh, P. 53)
    * “Messiah’s (Jesus) miracle, the sparrows and their flight, are proved in the Holy Quran, but even then they retained their earthly status.”
    (Aina-e-Kamalat, P. 68)

    “And this should be remembered that those fowls and their flight are not proven in the Holy Quran.”
    (Azala-e-Auham, P. 28)
    * “Thus I respect that man (Jesus) whose name I have. Not only Maseeh, I even respect his four brothers because all five were the sons of same mother.”
    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 19, P. 18)

    “What was the character of Maseeh? A gluttonous, an alcoholic, neither a devout worshipper nor a hermit. Nor an adorer of truth, arrogant, self-conceited, claimant of divinity.”
    (Roohani Khazaen, Vol. 9, P. 387)
    * “All the knowledge that a Prophet possesses is taught by the angel Gabriel and the door of Gabriel’s descent to bring the revelations of prophethood is closed for ever.”
    (Izalat-ul-Auham, P. 761)

    “And Gabriel came to me and selected me and circled his finger and suggested that God would protect me from all enemies.”
    (Mawahib-ul-Rahman, P. 66)
    * “I fully subscribe to the doctrine that Muhammad is the last of the Prophets and that any claimant to prophethood after him is an impostor and a Kafir.”
    (Tabligh-i-Risalat, Vol. 2, P. 20; Poster dated Oct. 2, 1891)

    “I swear by God in whose hand lies my existence and say that it is He who has reputed me and called me a prophet and the Messiah.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Appendix, P. 68)
    * “The prophet and the messenger of God (Mirza Ghulam) lived in Qadian. That is why it was protected against the plague.”
    (Dafee-ul-Bla, P. 5)

    “Once the plague very vigorously broke out in Qadian.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, P. 232)
    * “I have never abused anyone.”
    (Moahiburahman, P. 18)

    “Those who oppose me are wild boars and their women are worst than bitches.”
    (Najmul-Huda, P.15)

    Are these the writings of a sane person or those of a mad, indisposed, or hypocrite individual?

    It was in fact Mirza’s habit to test the gullibility of his followers by making an outlandish claim. If too much resistance was offered and many were about to leave his movement, he would retract his claim temporarily and declare that the audience did not understand his true intent! At a later time, after his followers had been better prepared, he would advance his false claim again. Mirza Ghulam’s work is in fact convoluted with contradictory statements and retractions for this exact reason.

    The Qadiani missionaries often try to put Mirza’s contradictory statements to good use and, by mentioning only the quotes that benefits their argument, try to paint an appealing portrait of Mirza.

  25. I and many others still remember the schooldays. The last address of Muhammad(pbuh) is a fact and an itegral part of muslim belief. In which, holy prophet (pbuh) clearly says that Islam has completed now. 1300 years later a sick SOB rise from shit and claims the he is the last prophet. Doesn’t that boils your blood, I am so sorry but I have no problem saying that this ass hole and his followers are evil, as a member of the civilized society I can’t do it, but I wish I would have done the same with Qadianis what hitler have done to jews

    • That’s a really disgusting thing to say. You wouldn’t have this site from which to air your views then, would you? Because I was Qadiani, I left and became Muslim. Others did the same.

      In fact, your views are so off-base, that I’m wondering if you aren’t a paid agent of the jama’at. People in Ahmadiyya Awareness community have no need for views as extreme as yours. I urge you to re-consider your extremist position, especially given that many Ahmadis don’t even know what their beliefs are about!

    • I think your heart is in the right place; I am very disgusted by this cult and I do wish someone had stopped this crap in the 1800’s or whenever he was is a very big insult to Prophet Muhammad (s) after all the trails and difficulties he went through for Islam. Mirza was a fat disgusting man who was an agent for the British and a schemer to exploit ignorant poor Indian Muslims who barely knew anything about Islam. But as Muslims, we should always be higher in character than the Ahmadis or Jews. Would Prophet Muhammad(s) ever speak to someone like that? No, he would instead show the error in their ways. I would not lie, i do feel exactly like you, they make my blood boil; it is a disturbing cult! But you have to remember, Prophet Muhammad(s) did indeed warn us of 30 false prophets….Allah is always the best of planners! Don’t be threatened by these white worshiping Desis…Islam is the truth and the truth always purges falsehood!

  26. I think he is just angry, we have to teach people how to curb their enthusiasm. Crank is also juiced up, i love that dude, but we gotta spread the word to all people to tone it down just a bit.

  27. I’ve just found out that this is likely to have been fabricated. Until I hear better news, I’m withdrawing the new blog item.

  28. Homework for ahmediyya cult members! Best Bargain!! 🙂

    Here i have four prophecies of Mirza Ghulam which he claimed are in the holy Quran and Hadith.
    Can any member of his cult please find them for me from these two sources?
    Maybe if u do that i might become the member of your cult too.

    (1) Naturally, the prophecies of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, in which it was revealed, that the Promised Messiah will be persecuted by the Muslim scholars must come to pass. They will declare him an unbeliever.
    Ruhani khazain vol 17 pg 404
    (2) Not only Qur’an-e-Majid but also some books of the Torah mention this news that there will be a Plague at the time of the Promised Messiah.
    Roohani Khazian vol. 19 Kishti-e-Nuh, Page 5
    (3) During the time of the Promised Messiah, several hundereds of thousands of people denounced Islam and accepted Christianity. Both of these incidences are written in the Qur’an, mentioned as prophecy.
    Roohani Khazain Vol. 21 Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, page 286
    (4) Thus saying fo the All-Knowing, All-Wise Allah, in Qur’an that in 1857, my book will be lifted up in the heavens, which means that Muslims will not abide by it. Roohani Khazian, Vol. 3 Azala Auham, Page 490

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