Mirza Ghulam, the Last Messenger

This post is a continuation of work being done by TheCult.info team on Mirza’s claim of being the last messenger.

Mirza is the REAL Khatam-un-Nabiyyen

Mirza is the Real Khatam-un-Nabiyeen 


((You should know that Khatamiyyat [finality] was given to Muhammad (SAAW) from the beginning; then  it was given to the one [Mirza Ghulam] who was taught by Mohammad’s spirit and made his shadow. Thus blessed is the one who taught and blessed is the one who learned. Therefore the REAL Khatamiyyat was intended for the sixth millennium)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba Ilhamiyya, page 310








Mirza is the Last Messenger



((Allah wanted to end the matter and to complete the building [of Islam] through the LAST BRICK. Oh you who witness, I am that LAST BRICK)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 178













((In contrary to what some ignorant and sinner people think, you must know that the Promised Messiah who is mentioned in the book of Allah [Quran] is NOT Isa ibn Maryam of the bible who had served the religion of Mousa; BUT the Promised Messiah is the last Khalifa from this Ummah similar to  Isa who was also – for Mousa’s chain – the last brick and Khatam-ul-Mursaleen [last prophet] )) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 309











((I have been sent at the end of Muhammad’s chain, exactly like the Messiah who had been also sent at the end of Mousa’s chain, so the two chains became identical)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 124











((I have been given the name of Isa the Messiah because the Khilafat of the best messenger [Muhammad] has been ended by me, similar to Isa who ended the Khilafat of Mousa)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 324














((The chain of our prophet [Muhammad] had started with a prophet [Muhammad “saaw”] who was like Mousa, and ended with the one who is similar to Isa in order to fulfill the promise of Allah. This is a sign for those who ponder. It was mandatory to make the two chains equal: their beginnings are the same, and their ends are the same)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 329











 ((How could both chains [Muhammad’s chain and Mousa’s chain] be similar to each other without sending a Messiah like that Messiah of Mousa’s chain at the END of the chain of the holy prophet [Muhammad SAAW] )) – RK, vol 18, Ijaz-ul-Masih, page 189











((It was mandatory that Muhammad’s chain should be ended by a Khalifa like Isa who ended Mousa’s chain, so this chain [Muhammad’s chain] becomes identical to the first chain [Mousa’s chain] )) – RK, vol 16, Khutba Ilhamiyya, page 92








Mirza is the REAL Khatam! Was the first Khatam fake! Astaghfirullah!

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16 thoughts on “Mirza Ghulam, the Last Messenger

  1. Astaghfirullah! Br. Fuad, this is solid evidence that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did indeed place huge importance on the Seal of Prophethood and tried to steal that noble mantle for himself.

    Great research work as always akhi. How many times have you single-handedly demolished the theology of Mr. Mirza? He took the religion of Islam and tried to cheapen and adulterate it. How disgusting.

    I invite Qadianis to reject the falsehood of a fake prophet and to return to the fold of the ummah of the one and only khataman-nabiyyeen, Muhammad (saw)

    • There is no need for invitation, for Ahmadis are already in the true ummah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

      How filthily do you talk? How does the above mean that Prophet Mirza Gulam Ahmad (AS) is the last prophet? But it does mean that he has fullfilled the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) about the latter days.

  2. Khutbah Ilhamiyya was received in a speech in 1900, the lahoris have the english translation on their website.

    The problem is this, both lahoris and qadianis believe that before NOV 1901, all claims to prophethood by mirza kazzab were really only claims to muhadasiyyat. Khutbah Ilhamiyyah was published in 1902.

    The ahmadis can argue that this is just metaphoric talk. Even though that is a weak argument.

    Mirza Kazzab also claimed to be greater than the Holy Prophet(saw) in this same book.

  3. No prophet ever had an inspiration while giving a speech. This is acute-sorcery.

    Mirza was just bat-shit crazy. I also think that Noorudin fathered all the children of Mirza kazzab. The mirza was impotent. He didnt have sex for like 25 years. I bet his genetals didnt even work. Norrudin laid in bed with the wife of mirza kazzab.

  4. ‘The Amman Message’ endorses Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement as MUSLIM.

    Kingdom of Jordan’s official forum ‘The Amman Message’ endorses Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement as MUSLIM.

    This endorsement will InshAllah help in decreasing resistance and opposition faced by Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement (LAM) in propagation and defense of Islam, from Muslims, especially Mulla Muslims. Allah-O-Akbar.

    Check the official website of ‘The Amman Message’ and endorsement of LAM:

    LAM as OFFICIAL SIGNATORY. See number 16:

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    According to Ilham of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) sahib, Allah SWT will EXONERATE him from all the FALSE accusation. These false accusations are made by Qadianis and Mulla opponents of HMGA.

  5. I am surprised how can a low life thug like mirza could say such things and all we could do is just read this filth. I say we should start a revolution and finish this cult by mubahilas and confrences around the world. I am ready to take first step is there anybody else?

    wow i know that LAIR Mirza was truly deluded and mad how can he claim that he was the LAST messenger when the Quran clearly mentions that Mohammad [saw] is the LAST seal of the prophet [Q 33.40] its mind boggling these lunatics [Qadianies] still follow him and say he was a subordinate prophet ??

  7. @ Shahi: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (AS) is the shadow of The Holy Prophet (SAW)
    Non-Ahmadi’s main claim is that Ghulam Ahmad AS cannot be true, because he claims to be a prophet where Muhammad SAW is the seal of prophets. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad AS never claimed to be the prophet, but the Messiah the world was waiting for; the individual who will reinforce the teachings of The Holy Prophet SAW, and the Holy Qur’an.
    Ignorant individuals believe that Christ will fall from heavens; this is impossible. God has the power to do what he wishes, however he will not go against his laws of nature, and bring someone back to life after he has already passed away.

    • And if it is proven to you that Mirza Ghulam and your Ahmadiyya movement claimed he was a prophet, what will you do then? And why no answer to the premise of the post, that Mirza claimed to be the Last Messenger? You call other people ignorant, whilst being totally ignorant of your own beliefs.

    • 1900 marked a change in attitude of MGA! This is what I struggled to understand for so many years. Khutba Ilhamiyah was a revealed sermon (allegedly). In this sermon, MGA claimed to be Muhammad very strongly, this is where MGA crossed the line.

      MGA did claim to be a NABI, there is no doubt about that! He just hid it very well.

      When MGA died, maulvi sanuallah called MGA a false prophet based on the fact that he only lived 6 years after claiming prophethood. Even Sanuallah noticed that MGA did in fact claim to be a prophet! I can provide a reference if needed.

  8. @ Dear Muslim Brothers

    Im going to post a comment from the ahmadiyya community who refuses to come to thecult to answer this article * Mirza the last messenger *

    I posted this article with a *bounce back* link to thecult.Its on facebook ::


    However this is the comment of that ahmadi user ::

    ** you have quoted some sources where The Promised Messiah states he is who this world has been waiting for. This is EXACTLY what ahmadis believe.

    There is a common misconception where people assume that because the Promised Messiah has stated he is the last prophet, he’s contradicting The Holy Prophet SAW.

    This is not true; The Promised Messiah is the Imam and Messiah, and yes technically, he is a prophet, but this does not mean hes bringing his own religion into this world. As foretold in the Holy Qur’an, as well as by The Holy Prophet SAW, there is to be a Messiah who comes and sustains humanity.

    This is exactly who the Promised Messiah claims to be, he loves the Holy Prophet SAW, and is simply restating the message of Islam, during a time period where Islam is wrongly exemplified in this world. He has shown us that Jihad will only be fought by the pen, not the sword.

    He also states that Isa Bin Maryam (Jesus Christ) will not return again, and as I have stated in another post, this is true. Jesus was a human who had lived his life, fulfilled what Allah had asked him to, and returned to him, never to come back again. Instead, another Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as) was to come, to sustain humanity during a difficult time in this world.

    We must get this into our heads; it is not possible for a human to return after death, even though GOD has the ability to do whatever he pleases, he will not because this will go against his laws (laws of physics, nature, etc.) so we know that he will never bring back a dead individual, no exceptions, not even for Christ. **

    i wanted to post this comment over here so that the writer of this article ( Br Fuad ) could also have a look at it and all the other cult users. Any replies/references would be very much appreciated.


    • Brother, this is such a simplistic and misguided message, so full of rubbish and holes. It’s like a kid saying “Of course 1+1 = 3 and you are stupid for not believing otherwise”. You are asking smart people with limited time to answer a non-question. That’s kind of disrespectful of their time when the basic knowledge is so lacking.

      However, I’m sure an understanding and caring person will try and answer, but as you have seen, when the Mirzais can’t and won’t answer even the basic questions, what’s the point? You say this is from the Ahmadiyya Community, but it isn’t, is it? It’s from one misguided girl on a Facebook message board!

      I would suggest that you get this person to start with the ABC of Islam – as regards the Finality of Prophethood, I’d advise you to get your friend to read Farhan’s excellent book on the subject “With Love to the Ahmadis of the World”

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