Ahmadiyya – A New Religion

The team behind TheCult.info has been working very hard behind the scenes to secure some hitherto buried nuggets of Ahmadiyya history, unrevealed in English until now.

Recently, we made a startling discovery. The image says it all. And shortly, we will make available the full source of the book from which this audacious claim was made.

How did our ancestors fall for this man?

The Last Messenger?

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15 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya – A New Religion

  1. I would like to see the reference.

    Also, Ahmadis do not give any importance to the temporal finality of prophethood in the first place, hence the implication that somehow this is a “startling” discovery is absurd.

  2. @findings: As alluded to in the post, we’ll reveal the source soon, insha’Allah.

    @islam976: Either it is important or it is not. If it is unimportant, your scrabbling around for the reference is telling, because you are making it important. And if it is important, then your statement about Ahmadis not giving any importance to the “temporal finality of prophethood” is false.

  3. The reference is important to judge your honesty. As it is often the case, 99% of anti ahmadiyya proofs are usually out of context quotes and twisted interpretations of straight forward statements.

    And yes, this is a non-issue as far as the actual “discovery” is concerned.

  4. Muslims are not afraid of the truth and do not have a religion that requires acrobatic contortions to understand. It is your parallel nation that hides the truth and suppresses free speech. When English translations of your prophet’s work exists, why have you not made them available? Your 99% figure is a lie in itself, so be careful whose honesty you question, or just like your prophet, you will be found out.

    Leaving aside your hasbara tactics, either this quote is important or it is not. If it’s not important, why are you worried?

  5. Khutbah Ilhamiyya was received in a speech in 1900, the lahoris have the english translation on their website.

    The problem is this, both lahoris and qadianis believe that before NOV 1901, all claims to prophethood by mirza kazzab were really only claims to muhadasiyyat. Khutbah Ilhamiyyah was published in 1902.

    The ahmadis can argue that this is just metaphoric talk. Even though that is a weak argument.

    Mirza Kazzab also claimed to be greater than the Holy Prophet(saw) in this same book.

  6. Tahir; what source are you asking for? the references are many.

    Please advise, and I will lead you to the proper source.

  7. ^ My mistake for not being clear. I am still waiting to see the source for the screen shot provided by brother Shahid which states the ‘last’ messenger.

  8. Brother, drop me an email. I am being very careful for reasons that will become clear after discussion. In fact, I would if possible, prefer to talk on the phone. You have my email address, if you can, please drop me an email and we can discuss further. I can assure you that the source is cast-iron and hitherto suppressed by the Ahmadiyya. Not surprising, it makes them look very bad indeed.

  9. I would just like to comment that 99% of quotes from sites critical of Ahmadism are indeed correct. I noticed this after independent review of them.

    The problem is, Ahmadis do not permit the translations of most of their books, so the falsehood of their false prophet is locked away in Urdu- away from the eyes of critical Western Ahmadis.

    • Yes, maybe the quotes may be correct although not all the times, but most(99.9%) of the time they are taken out of context in order to prove a point which is often unrelated to what the actual point is being made. Now this is sad and injustice, not only to the viewers who begin to believe, but also themselves.

  10. I totally agree with farhan. I myself am a western ahmadi, the writings of the mirza were hidden from me.

    I was told to read:
    1. jesus in india
    2. philosophy of the teachings of Islam
    3. the will

    these were the books that were promoted in my time, I was never told to study sahih bukhari, or muslim.

    thats a shame!!!!

  11. The reference is ROR May 1915 edition i have produced the entire article over on the forum. Mahmud Ahmad also advises all ahmadis to steer clear of muslims. Mahmud wanted to isolate the ahmadis and suck their wallets dry!

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