Calgary company sues world’s largest Qadiani Temple

From the Calgary Herald on Friday the 19th:

A Calgary-based company has sued the country’s largest mosque for nearly $4 million in allegedly unpaid bills related to a contract to construct the northeast religious facility.

EllisDon Construction Services Inc. filed the statement of claim earlier this month in an attempt to recover $3,962,671 it claims it is owed, plus $1 million in “damages for interference with contractual and economic relations.”

The construction company says it entered into a written contract in June 2006 to build the 45,000-square foot Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, completed in late August this year, and that the contract was breached.

Naseer Ahmad, an employee or agent of Ahmadiyya also named as a defendant, is alleged to have interfered with EllisDon’s contractual and economic interests with an an intent to damage its reputation.

EllisDon alleges he “encouraged subcontractors to reduce their billings on the project and to make up the reductions on other projects; issued instructions directly to subcontractors to carry out additional work then refused to pay for the work; advised contractors that delays in payments arose from the contractor’s incompetence or misconduct; and attempted to pursuade the project consultant to rescind approvals and certificates of payments that had already been issued.

If not paid the amount owing, says the claim, a builders’ lien must be placed on the mosque and property and it should be sold to pay off EllisDon.

A spokesperson for Ahmadiyya, based in Toronto, did not immediately return phonecalls on Friday.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. No statement of defence has been filed.

When I was a Qadiani, I used to hear of a lot of fraud, mismanagement, nepotism and skullduggery surrounding the building of Qadiani places of worship, so this comes as no surprise, if true.

More can be found here and here.

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10 thoughts on “Calgary company sues world’s largest Qadiani Temple

  1. Rather saying something about the lawsuit, I would like your attention to the word Temple. This article written by some Mr. Shahid is based on bias. This guy is writing a mosque as a Temple. Secondly, lien or lawsuit doesnot make any difference unless the things are proved. I can register a lien on anyones home and file a lawsuit. So wait and do not try to cash this chance as My faith is that Allah will once again give victory to Jamaat e Ahmadiyya against bias people. Inshallah.

  2. tum log yeh kya kar rahae ho merae TEMPLE kee payments nahi kee abhi tuk ayashi mein urra rahe hoo sab paise khuda tum mirzais ko ghark kare
    kafir kafir mirzai kafir.

  3. I cannot understand how God will give victory to the Jamaat Ahamadiyya which was founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahamad!
    Anyone to studies his life, books written by him and his character will find that he was mentally sick person, full of contradictions and lies, vulgar in his speech, made many false claims of being a messiah of many religions. For example, he claimed to be second coming of Jesus (pbuh) Nauzobillah. When people asked him how can you claim that you are Jesus (Son of Mary, pbuh) when your mothers name is Chirag Bibi. This is how he falsly misguided that first God made him Mary, and then he became pregnant and remianed so for 9 months, then again God turned him into Jesus (God forbid). I pity those who follow a grand liar like Mirza Ghulam Ahamad and his Ahmadiyya Religion which is nothing but a family run business and a mafia type cult.

    • Similarly, the early arabs did not understand how Islam was going to thrive under an illiterate arab, the Holy Prophet of Islam, who knew little and was in no way any type of chief but a simple human being who only and i stress the word ONLY trusted Allah fully. What more do you need.

      Thus, if the above is understood and accepted, the rest you said holds no weight or relevance about the character of the Prophet Mirza Gulam Ahmad (AS).

      Firstly the allegations above are mostly false, secondly he claimed to be Prophet Jesus (AS) in a metaphorical sense, i.e. in character and the environmet he will/had to face.

      At the end:
      ‘Mariam’ you are basically repeating what the pre-islamic arabs used to say about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  4. Qadiani are not Muslims and this is a community center not the mosque. I know naseer and other qadianies, these guys are apostates .

    • LET ALLAH JUDGE! Who are you to decide!

      They do collect donations from the community from those who are willing to give. What is wrong with that. Ahmadis do follow the 5 pillars including the ZAKAT.

      Cheating- what nonsense. What evidence do you have.

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