Mirza and Yalesh

 You may know that Yalesh (Yalaash) is the God of Mirza

 But the secret is that Yalesh was also working as a part-time postman for the Queen Victoria

 No body knows what Yalesh wishes, all what we know is that Mirza was the purpose of his God

 Mirza is like the Throne of his God, he is equal to the unity and the uniqueness of his God. His God preferred him over everything else. Why not! Mirza is the best messenger according to Yalesh. Mirza is like a son of his God

 But do not misunderstand Yalesh, Mirza is like the son of his God since he only became pure like a God

 Mirza is a moon compared to the sun, his God. Nonetheless, his God is also a moon compared to the sun, Mirza. No hard feeling, Mirza is from God, and God is from Mirza

 Yes, Mirza is from Yalesh, but Yalesh is also from Mirza. Why not ! Yalesh was hidden and needed someone to find him

 Yalesh was not only hidden, he also did not know where his Mirza is!

 But although he was usually hidden, sometimes Yalesh appeared to Mirza in a shape of a Human being!

 One day, the hidden Yalesh signed some papers for Mirza, but unfortunately, Yalesh mistakenly polluted the clothes of his Mirza

 However, there is no need to search for the hidden Yalesh; Mirza himself is a manifestation of his God; he is the Burooz of his God

 He is also the Spirit of Yalesh, his God

 He is also the hearing of Yalesh, his God

 In summary, Mirza is Yalesh and Yalesh is Mirza; Mirza is a God!

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5 thoughts on “Mirza and Yalesh

  1. MashaAllah – absolute genius. One of the greatest exposes of the anti-tawhid stance of Mirza in existence in the world today in the English language – and to think that English is not even your first language!

    Oh Ahmadis, will you not reflect?

  2. Dear Br. Fuad,

    Excelent work highlighting the blasphemies and shirk of Mirza sahib. I urg to Ahmedis to read Mirza sahib’s books and see for yourself what he has been upto.

    Br. Fuad has done a great job and now its upto you guys to see / explore the truth.

    Now you don’t have an excuse, you have been shown the truth. You are servents of Allah or servents of Mirza, choice is yours.

    May Allah tala show us all the right path .. ameen

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